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PuUll>th*(l Wt»ekly aL 354 West 46th Street, New York, N. Y., by Varleiy, Inc. Annual fltibacription, |10,. SIntflrt. copies 25 ce.nta:, 
Knteteii as tie Loiid -claaa matter December 22, 190!>, at the Post Officd at New Ytirk, N Y., unrt^Jr tUa act of Marulv 3, 187?.' 


VOL. 139 NO. 4 



U. S. BmiONS 

Outside of the Hotels, GOf . a Red 
Elephant for PlnUy Show Buaness 

Cuff 0 Pix With Meals 

Philadelphia. July 2. 

The Republican National Conven- 
tion, that was expected to bring a 
$1 000,000 bonanza to the Philly 
amusement industry, laid a huge egg 
as far as the theatre and night spots 
are concerned. 

Whether the estin-^ated 50,000 out- 
of-town visitors were nursing their 
nickels, or whether they were too 
busy with Convention activities to 
lake in any of the gay spots, the 
happy tunes that w?re played on 
Pish registers during the Democratic 
Coiweiition of four years ago were 
not repeated last week. 

Iti fact even business from their 
rei;ular patrons dropped olT, theatre 
men reported, because many Phila- 
dolphians went to Convention Hall 
t ) watch the sessions, a!id thousands 
Witched the Mun^ners parade and 
thtj huge page3t\t on the Schuylkill 
River that were put on by the city 
to entertain the visil»)rs. The two 
events were reported to have at- 
tracted crowds of 500,000 each. 

To add to the woes of nitery men, 
the Convention was it\ session every 
iii^ht until late, with each meeting 
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Toledo, July 2. 

Local sandwich shop (Tick-Tock 
Milk Bar), on the same block as the 
Pantheon theatre, is advertising sum- 
mer bargains in meals which include 
a free ticket for the Pantheon. 

For 58c the patron gets an evening 
dinner and the free ticket, and after 
8 p.m., for 29c, the patron gets a 
sandwich and beverage and free 
ticket. The oaklies are good any time 
except Sunday. 

C. 6. Cochran Regrets 
B way and Piccadifly 
Asunder Due to War 

Sunnydale, Surry, Eng. 
Editor, Variety: 

It'i useless to tell you at\ything 
about the war because long before 
this can reach you the radio and the 
newspapers will give you all the 
information. Nevertheless from let- 
ters I've seen from New York 
there's an exaggerated idea about 
the privations of civilians. It is true 
certain things are rationed but 
there's no perceptible ditlerence in 

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'Who, Me?' Greets Star 
Biding for $15 in B'klyn 

Vaudeville has sunk to such lows 
t^JHt run-of-the-mill acts are now 
Ij^ing heralded as 'guest stars' \\\ 
Loew's metropolitan New York nabes 
playing stage shows only one night 
a week. 

l/.>st Wednesday night, a two-act 
(not named for obvious reasons) was 
^^i^^i«nated sucl\ prominence at 
f-oew's Premier, Brooklyn, unbe- 
knownst to them. They were s»and- 
in the -wings listening to the 
J"c. go into a terrific pufT of the 
guest .stars' and, when he fuiished, 
they looked around for the 'person- 
ality.' There was a considerable 
«iaf^e wait before Ihcy realized that 
they were it. 

The billing was flattering, but not 

the salary— around $15 for the 


War pictures dealing directly with 
any phase of the pre.scnt European 
war are definitely taboo with New 
York home offices Executives be- 
lieve audiences are surfeited with 
war films and producers on the Coast 
have been advised that the present 
streamlined warfare will nullify any 
specific angle incorporated in a pro- 
duction presently in work. Excep- 
tion, of course, to this attitude are 
pioductions stressing American pre- 
paredness or need for military de- 

Attempts to deal with the present 
European conflict, while still in 
progress, havb proved costly. Sev- 
eral studios piWently have such pro- 
ductions in work and these have 
necessitated story and title shifts 
and other revamps, so that the fin- 
ished vehicle will not be out of line 
with actual conditions abroad. An- 
other thing which has persuaded 
executives to ditch war films is a 
growing belief in some quarters that 
the war may be over before many 
such productions can be released. 

Suggested changes away from war 
themes have been made not only 
because so many subjects dealing 

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After Winter-Spring Curtail* 
mentSy Film Production 
Being Speeded Under En^ 
couragement of Anti-Trust' 
Settlement — Prospect of 
Giant Shipping and tndus^ 
trial Program for Army, 
Navy and Air Force Gives 
B.O. Optimistic Note 


Hollywood, July 2. 
Reacting to two major happen- 
ing.s — the probability of a consent 
decree settletnent of the U. S. Gov- 
ernment anti-trust suit against the 
major film companies, and the flow 
of new billions, appropriated by 
Congress for the national defense 

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'Daughter of Regiment/ 
Old Time Opera, Mei's 
Revival for Lily Pons 

The Metropolitan Opera Co. will 
revive Donizetti's comic two-act 
opera, 'Daughter of the Regiment/ 
for Lily Pons this fall. News oi the 
revival has been kept a closely 
guarded secret, as the Met had hoped 
to spring the revival as a surprise. 

The opera was written in 1840 and 
served as a starrer for such per- 
sonalities as Jenny Lind and Adeiina 
Patti in the 19th century. 


Americans own island 'axis/ Ci4ba 
and Hawaii, today rate tops in^nitery; 
vogues. From the bacardi Jsle, the 
congarhumba inusic is ^sweeping Ihe 
land, and the Ha waiian rnusic vogiie, 
long standard, is increasingly pbpU- 
lar.^ . ' 

. Its general efT-ect ort music, > oaf ^ 
decor, nitery modes and; manners .a r 6 
such that, if the. rest of the; vrpf Id 
were reasonably norrhal> it would 
undoubtedly sweep beyohd XJ. 


London, July 2. 

Fihns as media for commercial 
advertising arc coming into their 
own. Foreign radio being no lon^**r 
available for commercial exploita- 
tion, due to the war, this form of 
advertising is taking its place. 

Formerly, picture circuits were not 
desirous of this form of advertising, 
claiming their patrons objected, but 
v\ilh business off, theatre owners are 
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Ralph Ingersoll, publisher of PM, 
the new N. Y. daily, was so pleased 
with the idea of a pop song, titled 
'6 P.M.', having been 'inspired' by 
hus paper, that he is paying the 
songsmiths, Ted Mossman and 
(Gladys Shelley, a supplementary 
royalty. Chappell publishes. 

The PM song adds to the sundry 
titles like 'Life Goes to a Party,* 
'College Humor' and others 'in- 
spired' by periodicals. Even Va- 
RiKTY has had a couple — 'Variety 
Stomp' and 'Variety Is the Spi.ce of 
Life' (both Robbins Music)— dedi- 
cated to it. 

Grant's 150G to Red Cross 

Schenectady, N. Y., juty 2, 
Atlantic District convention of the 
Missouri Lutheran Synod, mejetiiig 
at Zion Church, Schenectady, after 
discussing radio, motion pictures, 
comic strips, magazines and other 
media, voted for appointment of a 
committee to make a thorough, 
analytical study of the problem* Its 
report will be submitted at tHennial 
convention in 1942. Durfng d^^Jate, 
'Gang Busters' was criticized as one 
of air 'crime' programs which had a 
harmful effect. However, neither 
this nor any other broadcasting fea- 
ture was mentioned in resolutipn. 

A leading clerical delegate to con- 
vention, when questioned about res- 
olution, stated radio has maintaiiied 
'a comparatively high level' and, js 
the 'cleanest' of entertainments listed. 
He said, however^ that ievel is be^ 
ing dragged down, particularly' biy 
'borderline jokes' on comedy pro- 
grams. 'This tendency toward sug* 
gestivencs.s has recently been rather 
noticeable/ minister added.. 

: Alfred LUht. an 

Who^vbtoke , a rule pf loiig sUndinji;;: 

to rriake their radio debut abput ji 

month a^Q ;on a Hed Cross ; benefit' 

broadcast, are consiSeHng. a 
of Cprrymercial radio Their 
purpose would be; to pbtam a -iiu- 
tibhil audierice f or Robert E. Sher- 
wooiS's a htVNazi; dr ai^^^ 1 
Be' Night/: irpm which th6y 
would broadcast 

They did;; a; ^it irom the play oh a - 
recent Red Cro^s program and: are 
currently appeaH^^ iri the origjinal 
stage |- pr oductipri at the Alvin; N.Y. 

With author Slier wood, the Luivta 
are ' anxibu^ to spread the . playr»' 
.messag;e .to as wide an .aUdience alii 
possible aud, for that reaisbh, plah 
to: take it oh y tdur ,irt the fail, re^ 
gardiess of hpVf Ijusiiiess^ 
In K With the. same ideia/; 

Sherwobd has given them the right . 
to do .the drama , oh the air^ and they 
have; already coiltact^^ 
aiid. agerieie^. Several . dates hay.3 
been .suggested ,ahd; they are. nosv' . 
nriulUhg propbsiitiohs.'^^^^/ ^ ^ ^b;; 

iiitentipri apparentlj^ is to dip th« 
Sherwood ■rhaterial ; on . ajf marijr : 

(Cbritiniued On page 45) 

If Techiiidans 




-Fiim producers -ar^^^ ■ 

th^ possibility bf general sijmnionses:v^ 

to Army and Navy reserves for .ex- . 
tended tr*aining periods. Stiidi^^ iire 
f uil of techniciaiis subject to call for 
mijitary duty, "partiicularly; ii^ the 
spuhd recording departnients, w^ 
85% pf the perspnheX hold reserve 
.cpm^rnissibhs..: . ; ' yy-., 

prders ■ for ibtigv seryibe would; : 
<jripple! studio product ibii; ■ ; • 


Hollywood^ July 2. 

Cary Grant is turning over to ijhe 
Red Cross and British Relief around 
$150,000 he receives from Metro for 
co-starring with Katharine Hepburn 
in 'Philadelphia Story.' 

U. S. Treasury Department has 
okayed the charity arrangement. 

Hollywood, July 2. , 
Germany threatens to monoppjize 
the South American pictijre market 
as soon as peace is declared, ac- 
cording to Dr. Manuel A. Fresco, 

governor of the Province of Buehps 
AireSj here on a visit to the studibSr 
Unless the U, S. makes reciprocal 
trade agreements with its, southern 
neighbors, he asserted, there wilt bc- 
a generai dumping of Gerrhap gbodJj 
on that contiaetU. 

u"- - > ''::^-'^^ -'Sofla^:..'July :;2,.-7 

. • ; Because Bulf^ia.i^ia ' x^j a ^ neutral . n'a;.. 

tiop, which both .sides .h-sive sdught 

to 'sigrt oh the dotted line^ , 

treated to a lot of amusement whic^^^^^^^^ • 

appears op the prbpaganda liud 
of the warring Cpiiintries. :, ' 

The Berlin Philharmph ic OrcjKes * 
ti^a has given several cpnce ; 
the Frehch retaliated' with a, trpui)'e;: . 
fri^rh the. Opera Cpmique;' It is , re^ 
jpprted that the B^ 
at; beirt^ sept ; -wOrft:^ but- ■ OFrehch 
Stars;^so^: the Nazis won vthat i^ 

Laie^it .epidemic has^ b^^ 
gahda ifllitis, ; the; Nails scarihg /thai 
little' hatiori with a versipn of Polish 
atrocities while; the A^ spu^ht tai 
reassure ;natiye,s with; filnfvs ^oh the 
nfiight.ot'their -imi^i- ■ f ■ 


We<tne6«lay, jii ly 3, 1 

■ FGllgWihg the aclfon^ the' Repiib- 
.Jican convention in nomiriating -Wen'- 
clell: U. "Willkie. for presidents ijiie 
has;' been' a boom jn thie 'I-Tolol-You>; 
So dliib. arpynd 

and advertising drcles, Althovigh the' 
J-helpeidi-him clairris: are' phoney in. 
Korhe cases; it do<6s happen that quite 
. jjifevi? per-sdnages in brpadcas^ 
its environs have been close ,to ! W.iil- 
hi^ h^refpioi-e and have, contributed 
io his .amazing. skyrOc.Keiing ; to -emi-. 

Willkie. owes a good deal, it j's con- 
cedeti, to the NBG prograrii, 'Tb^yn 
Hail of the Air.V' That would include 
John Royal and Qeorge. V. Dehhy. 
thiS ' wasi one-o the lirs'tV sounding 
boards through which oh several oc- 
casions the. utilities exec caniie to na- 
tional 'attention. It helped, too; for 
"Willkie to appear on Canada ; Dry's 
■"Informatioh, PTeasie' prograrn, ah -ihr 
vitati he accepted while Toni 
Dewey and Seriatpf Taft sidiestepped 
fiiitiilar; bids out of 'f ea r of the pps- 

j;ibl9 recoil of rnakihg a poori>impies- 

; siPn oh the public; .. 

Chet LaRbche,: of Yoiihg 5t-. Rubi- 
cam, • is also, reported to :haye . been 
.'close to: -the nominee, . While Bruce 
Barton, of .B.B & P'^^^^^ was so close 
he; seconded the ribrninatibn ■ oh ■the 

. fipOf of . the . coriveri tipiiv , : I? ubl i "iher 
., (Continued on ."page IW . ^ 

Maybiei a Cookie 

; ■ Tony .' Tut.lle, six^year-old: son . ' 

of Day Tiiltie, co-operator, with . 
: . Richard . S.kiriner of the . West-. 
; ; Chester . playhpiise, . Kiscp,. 
Ti., mSiAit Yi^^ stagte. debut this " 
week ■ ."iopaze.' Bint . these are ' 
, toiigh eV*ri' fOr the mop- 
pets, ;as thie .youngster learned ..' 
pveif the weekend, . . 
: Feeling pretty im.pprtant the , 
kid was discussihg sa^^^ mat-, 
ters. with Skinner. . 'Sorne child 
' actors . are paid; pretty high, ..; 
■ ' ''t.Vthey.?'- hievobserved;'-;^'''!^^ 
wbndeit how mu6^ I'll |et for : 
acting.' His' twin-siister .Molly, 
being a girl,, was . realistic. She v 
• answered, 'Ybiir daddy runs "the 
theatre^ : you .aren't; suppdsed'^^; to, ■ ' 
;get anything:' : ' 

To Bring Her 5-Year-Old 
Ibiigbter to II; S. Sitfeh^ 

.Na« invasioh of Low Cbuntries 
has jtist aboiit. finished London legit; 
fiocprdirig. tp» Jessica Tandy, Br|tish 
nctress, who arrived in- Ne\y York 
.Monday (1). She -said- only four legit 
prpductions were struggling along in 
the . West End, : tiry ing tO cpmpete. 
.■with news ;broad.cas{s ifbr dramatic 
power and audience pull. 

'People can't fear themselves a-way 
froni their radio to igo to;the thealrfe 
'wbbn events are happening Avhich- 
.jpight change the: .'course Of ' their 
"Whole .lives," shie -.said. . ^ 'Then, .too, 
few people in .-England nowadays 
have , money . enPugh to . afford the 
price of legit tickets, when they have 
lio. idea of what their economic fu- 
ture^Willbe like.* 

Miss Tandy left John Gielgud's 
"King Lear* prpductiOn to. bring .her 
fivt-year-dld . daughter tO ■.America' 
safely. Cohipany .included Fay 
Ccmpldn, ;Cathleeh Nesbitt, . Lewis 
Caisson, . >iicO las Hannen, Stephen 
Haggard ' and Jack.- Hawkins, Miss 
Tandy's husband.- Latter ; has. left 
fjhovir to' enlist in the army. Harley 
Gianville-Barker ..came from -Paris 
xetirement td: diiect the prbductiori. 
Which is still running at the Old Vic. 

Show did ■ exceedingly well ."until 
start, of. blitz, she said. .'It takes a 
tragedy .like 'King Lear* to make 
people forget the real triagedy that's 
happening ail around them. In times 
Jikc: these the thieatregoer > needs, 
something to sinik his teeth, into,' the 
actress declared; She's here to do a 
jjipw in the fall,:jprpbably;f^^^ 
nrd Madden. • > , / 


. Forthcoming ; 'Qde ;tQ Gershwin,' 
which :Ted ' Mossman: compiosed fOr 
RObbins. Miisic publi.caiipnj is a tOne- 
poem depicting ' Gershwin's IKe span; 
Wilhdu't' ih .any ,wi.<e rnedleyingf any 
of . the . late: ippmposer's ' music. ' The. 
family dkaycd • the use of the; Gersh-' 

■}win tag.".,. ■.;'.■-,!,/;' •;';■-'/ 

Because all the Gershwin brothers 
-^ are three now, with Arthur, 
the ; youngest, , alsd writing vi tiines-^ 
have been sP clpsedly asspciated Avith 

: Max Drieyfus (Ghappell ), the latter 
was issurprised at .ividssmah giving this 
'Ode' to a; competitive .firm. Jack 
Robbihs - says,- 'That's the ndarest I'll 
evfer get' to ahything by George' ^ '<' 
i)uke Ell ihgton has recorded 'A 
Portrait of Bert .'Williams!, and 'Bp-' 

'jangles' .(hphdring' the contempora- 
neous. Bill Robinson ) as' his musical 
sal utes to two great colored show- 
folk. ■ ■ .". 

; ■ JlM.MV>,li ADRliAS ■■::<):;. 

Opening: at : the .Roxy theatre, 

.juiyV:4th. ■^''. -' yy/' 

Jiist; finished th irty wieeks' G eotge 
Biacfk's ."Little Dog Laughed,'' at the 
Palladium, LOndon,: ' "Have starred 
two : turns specially . . . One, ihe 
dancing, of Jimmy Hadreasy which 
is as good .iis , y du can hOpe ■. tb 
flnd^- Any- stiep from any;' land iS: 
within; his compass . ., . magnificent;" 
says "Punch." .\ , 

Dir.: Sam .Raurh. : Jesse Kaye^ 

i)rop$ Nieriioeller Film ■ 
Due to Montgomery Exit 

: London,, June: 19i 
,, With the Opening :;at, the. Carlton 
of ''Pastor Hair pomes the announcer 
ment that Robert Mpntgpmery's next 
scheduled pictui'e .for, >Metro:BritT 
ishi - has, been abandoned: . Called *I 
Had a Comrade.' it was to be based, 
as was ; 'Pastor Hall,' oh the ■.career 
of Piastor ; Nierhoeller. 
- Reason given for the shelving of 
the film is the joining up by Mont- 
gomery as an ambulance driver in 
France and his subsequent return-to 
;the U.^ S.- '■■, 

; Hollywdod; July 2. ' 
'All departmepts of . the ntotipn 
picture industry, executives, pror 
ducers, guilds and ; '. .ire. Work- 
ing tdgether. in a. niationwide . cani^ 
Jpaign "to raise: $500';Q00 ;for' the; Red 

Cross: . At a. , get-together meeting 
it was . decided. 16 unite all war re- 
lief activities under one comrhittee, 
headed by Samuel Goldwyn. ; 
' Chief source Of revenue, as ■ out- 
lined by .Kenneth Thomson j execu- 
ti've secretary of the Screen Actors 
Guild, will cPnsi.<;t of twd or more 
Red Cross benefit roadshows pOm- 
posed oiF .iiollyw^ood's top perform- 
ers. ■; List ' is ; . expected . tp include, 
Charles Chaplin, Eddie- Cantor, Joan 
Crawford, ; Edward . G. RPbinson,. 
Adplphe Menjou,; Joan Bennett -.and 
Pther nanries. ; Dozens of players 
have signec^ pledges to join the road 
units, . with the understanding that 
nobody will .cPllect anything itiore 
than, transportation and living ex- 

The .committee, . appointed hy 
(Continued on p.age 10) \ 


to Pilot Ambulances 

. ' :; Oguhquiiy :Me.; July ,2. I 

Richard ;R!auber and :• Bpiris: ;de 
, Vadetski, legit actprs, have vPluh- 
lepred- .io''r '. ; : ' amblilarice 
drivers, aiid .are, now awaiting pa.s- 
sage f rbm" New '• York ; td lingland, 
.Their' plans Vverie;. learned here last 
week, when Walter Hartwig, . director 
: of the . Ogiinquit ;playhouse, . spught 
' them for parts: in his productibh this. 

•week pf "ihe G uardsmari.' Both re- 
\, plied Vlhey -vyould- be Wnabre to ac-: 
cept the engagenrient, being- svabject 
to; imni«dia.te sailing. 

Both actpr.s werie members Of the 
Oguxiquit: eompany during previous 
seasPns. ' "■ : 

Fann^y^ fpr N. Y. Fair? 

Sialjy . ftan'd, who was ^the iSTO;-. 1 
midway 'attraction pf : Chicago : fjiir 
«hd who ,ran a Nude Ranch at .San 
Francisco last season; IpOms a.s. a late 
entry for the N. Y. Fair despite- bp- 
tpsltiph by Mayor F., H. LaGuardia; 

N. cHipf eAeCutive has stieadfast-, 
ly; refused; to, refreat from- this 'staiid. 

, . Just as--^Rodiesier' ^ hasUstole^^^ a 
ibud clap bf Benny's thunder, so has 
Jerry: Coldnna mpved ; in on Bob 
Hope. It was demonstrated at the 
LaG.uardia Airport XN. Y.) Thurs- • 
day, : Greatest buripsity arnbng the,^ 
lads behind .the .cduht'ers as well as 
visiting celeb-chaserS' was about the • 
ColOnna moustache. A city detective, 
sleuthing, dn "his ; own, initiative, 
;brpught in, a repprt'that .-the missive 
brush is no synthetic, phoney. ^^^H 
and Cxjlonria and their;s : were ,en 
route to; Bdstdn, , where .the act^^ is. 
bdbked fpr,^ Ayeek at the Metrbpoli-/ 
tan. . Just before, the party ' boairded 
their American;. plane some wag at a 
:-mike;falsettoed ,?Whb',s Yehudi? 
the qtiery exploded p.ut , of the..-64 
loudspeakers ail oyer the place. 
' Expose. 
Rea.spn David Selznick' always 
ti-avels : TWA is .that -he prefers the 
.mid-contihenl. speedy.' rPute, heMl say: 
'When asked. Real iieaspn, according 
tp fl..vers, is, thijt hie has :never, fdr- 
gdlten; 'the: ;:way .: Leland; H^iyward; 
TWA direcipr, and, Jack Zirnmernian. 
chiei' 'pilot of. .the' line,' raced .some 
badly nbeded serum frorn New York 
to the-Cpast 'vvJien the; producer was 
seripiisly ill a.; cptiple pf years ago; 
It.:; Was past midnigfit when ;New 
York 'gpt ..the hurry cflll f rom the 
Selznick ; sickbed. Zimmefrnari igot 
out of bod and grabbed the :control.'J 
of' the :21 -passenger transport plane 
that , had aboard only a tiny box of 
(Continued ph page .31) ; • 


I^Uis Verheinl, Freiich play Wrigh.t,. 
clippers in from. Europe today (Wed- 
■nesday) with his-, Ayifc, , and,; W'ill, be 
met by Irvin Marks, his, Paris reprer 
sentatiye, Whp" also evacuated f rom 
iFrance sprne.: W'eeks; ago.- : Marks has 
several; play ' d*alS;:oh; tajp; ipr ytt-i. 
heUiV:, including- ph> \yith, the- Shii^ 
berts.;'' ■; f: : } •" ■ ' ■';■ ■ : ''' 

,: Vernem . ■ tin , actpr-mariager-, 
plfiyW.right . -Nvho. Wrote Sarah Bernr 
hardt's ]<ts{. wo ;plays and , yvho mjar- 
ried Lysiane., Bernhardt, her dijughr 
tei;.. They Were divorced, the pres- 
ent Mrs.- ■Verneuilbeiiig; a second; 
wife:, -Mle. Heri^hai:dt; ; incidentally^ 
is also due in America in ;a monlh^ 
or' so;. .;: .■■"■■■. ■■'-. , ■ '-^ 

Qnirch Beef Shifts^^ 


: Gajg Goes Serious ■ 

; . •. Miahi.ii JxHy 2, 

■ . Practical, joke, which -.hack- 
flfed will .result" in appearance 
pf Irpne Rich at gigantic Red 
Gross; benefit :here July 5; : 

During, . recent: airing Miss 
Rich offereid; to fl)^ to any tity 

'and pick up in persbri : donations 
of |50Q Or more ifoi: Red Cross 
■war fund. \Lp,cal .prankster', dis-' 
patched Wire .to Miss Riich of^. 
fering, $5;00d; in narhe . oif ; Alex- 

; Bnd^er; Qrr; mayor, of ';Miam:i.' 
;rirst khowifedge pf aulhdir was 

. iTiade public when' MiSs 'Rich 
eohtacted Qrr by phone. Rather; 

•;than). welsh ;' ' ;; • bfrei-;; ■ rnayOr 
okayed an ;Irene Rich , parly and : 
.yaude shOxv iii Orahge, Bbwl, en- 

, tire proceeds going- to. Red GrpsSi 


.'••;. Memphis, . J.uly 2. 

Bill Marshall; maestro, nOw play- 
ing feature' part of a Fourth Horse- 
man ■ Warners' • 'Knxite RPckhe' 
flicker, Was unhorfied in local di- 
vorce, courts recently by. Beverly 
Bruce. Marshall, ; local heiress and 
Little Theatre star. Gal, seen on 
stage here in 'Stage Door' and lArms 
and the Man^' was given back her 
maiden name with absolute decree 
on '■: grounds of . abandonnient and 
non -support. • ' 

Marshall . took over ' Frank Dailey 
'Stop-and-Go' band and is npW suing 
Dailey for $80,000 .in ' niixup oyer 
bookings at the MeadOwbrdok,. Cedar 
Grove, N. J. Has about finished 
Work iri 'Knute Rdckne' and assigned 
to : 'Flowing 6 old' and *Mon^ and 
the' Woman'' aVhext twp Warner pix. 

Toronto, July 2. 

Uproar raised by the Lord's' Pj,y 
Alliance oyer the filnri indusiry'j pro- 
posed plan to raise !pi,P,()6,o6o cvt r- 
-night for the Dominion's 'Avar ;elj(;j-t 
caused ': temporary halt id the 
splendid gesture of the industry, l iit 
the matter has been presvjmably 
ironed o.ut to the satisf action: pi ,bhi,€« 
noses and patriots alike. 

Plan was to run a benefit perform- 
ance in every theatre across. Canada 
•dri Sunday night, Jiily 14; \vith the 
Hollywood prodxicer.4, through thtir 

Canadian distributors, supplying fea- 
ture films and pre-releases- grai is,. 
Holly wood stars mak irig personal :sp- 
pbaj-arices at; key theatres, and every- 
one in theatre personnel . donating 
their servicies. . 

George. G. Webber, gen eral secre- 
tary of the Lord's .Day ;Ailiance, pu^)- 
licly charged that ^uch a rrieansvot 
raising fUndis lor any purpose Was il- 
legal and in cdntraventioh ■ to the 
Lord's Day Act of .Canada, with the 
exception of Quebec •y^'hich is exempt 
froni this Federal provision, pres- 
ence of ; Webber with his prepared 
statement rnet With a cold recepiipn; 
ih; city, rooms and neWs services here, 
■ (Continued on page 36) 

lili Chatain Is House 
Giiest-Conyalescent Of 

Mrs. Emlyn Wyi^^ 
Twa Children in Canada 

Mrs. Emlyn Willi9mSi ;wife of the 
London actor, and their two chilr 
dren, are on their way to Canada 
and ,are expected Id; make their 
home in .the U. ,S, . for, the duration 
of the war. 

No Word has been; received- of 
their whereabouts for ; the last few. 
days, but they're due to land at 
Montreal some time last week. 


■ :; Lili Chatiiih^ well: known to. maiiy 
li. S. fi Im men i n Pari s, W ho Was. th e 
victim ;of: a peculiar plane accident 
Soitie (Eight .months ago, is; slill , cdn- 
:yalescing at Arthur LpeW's Glen 
Cove (L. I.) home, "This didnM come 
but Until the recent influx Of Tmh- 
ians to N. Y:, evacuated by ;lhe: \var,' 
.started iriquiring about Chat^iin, 

■ whose' firm, A ven'ir Publicity. ■\va ^l V 
'prominent French adrPub firm; 

[ He is ,a pal Of/LoewY and : Laiidy 
Lawrence, the Metro rep 'in 'France. 
ampng others. ; It Wais., •while-' if ;jh^ 
virest with Loew that an unu.Hial 

.j^altitxjde paused; something to snap in 
Cha tain's system which created his 
phy.sicar debility;. He was rufhtd 
to Santa Monica (Cal.) hospital and 
latterly has been LdewV hou."; 
guest, under expert nied ical at ttn- 
tion. . ■ ;■.••'' , . , 

; Peculiarity Pf Chatain's aocidint 
is that.he Was him.self an aviator i 
the World War. which presumalily 
had weakened him to the .'txtt-nt 
[that this, commercial flying mi.'-hiip 
1 created graver complications Ihi.n 
' wfoUld nOrnrially befiall. one, • ^ 

Met Opera Said to See Big One For 


• July 13. (Ne'w York to Rio de. Ja-: 
.ni:iro;^S.;:E^lPi€riDGnt (Brazil )>; / '\ 
June 28 (New York to Rip de Ja- 
neiro) Carmen Miranda,; (Saudsmith 
brother?^' Stunip ; and Stumpy, De- 
Angeld & Porter (Argentina). , : 
■ June 27. (Los Angeles tp- 'Mel- 
bourne) Kenny Brennan, Ade Duval 
iSt Co., Germain and Joe < Monterey). 

Decca and Victor haye been I5u.«;y 
Of late recording, classic and semi- 
classic selections;- for fall release. 
Among the ; recordings made by 
Decca is an album of three recprdis 
by Florence. George (Mrs. Everett 
Crosby ), . Paul -Gregory, baritone, and. 
Frank Fprrest tenor, of songs from 
'The N ew- Moon.' \ The albu m con-, 
tains • all the important solos and 
duets; accompan ltd by Harry Sos-' 
nik's orchestra. . ; 

Miss GeOrge is studying voice with 
Florence Easton, former Met so- 
prano, and : besides a possible musi- 
cal Oh;: Brdad way- in the fall, hopes 
to make the grade at the Met. Greg- 
ory^ who has been singing"'as .a bari- 
tone: fpr fivb years in; Italy has be- 
come, a tenor, and Met dfficials ai-e 
reported, enthusiastic over his ivdice.: 
He is endeavoring to acquire', a; 
repertoire, and may b<i the big iur-, 
prise the Met management will 'toss 
at the public this fall. : 

Other recordings made by ^ Victor, 
are an albfin of concert -songs by 
Gla(jys* iSwarihout. accpmbanied in 
niost pf them by; her pianist. Xesier 
Hodges, and duet from the 'Barber 
Of Seville' , and 'Rigoletlo'.' by ' Lily , 
Pons. and Giuseppe Dp Lucia. 

'sotiSE American WAY' ; 

Carmen Miranda headed a group, 
of show people sailing, for Various: 
'South American booking.^. $he'il be 
back on Broaciway in the fall, . 

• Others sailing ,iri(:luded ; Gaud.<milh. 
-Bros., , Stump and Stumpy and tie 
Angelo and Ppfter. 


Hdlly wood, July 2. 
: New package deal arranged by li e 
Feldman-Blum agency oifTerf r se- 
r;i;e.s of 'Tenth Ayenue' Lochinvar'' 
stories starring Billy Halop. Lead- 
ing boy character ' the yarns Is 
Baggsy O Day, a big-city rejplicr. cf 
Andy Hardy. 

Charles R. Marion, author ti jhe 
tales,, goes along With the , flt*T as 
screen writer. 


Jessica Tandy, Mrs. .Alexander 
Korda, Mr. and Mrs. Louit ,Verrieui]i 
Lady. Meridl ■ (Elsie de Wolie A ■ 

N. Y. to L A; 

Pat Ca.sey. " ■ 

Hoy t Haddock; . ; 

Moss Jiart. 
George S' Kaufman. 
Patsy Kelly. ■■..:■/'" 
Lowland vLeigh. 
Ben Lerner. 
Irving: Mansfield.. .'•.> 
Josieph Moskdwitz. 
Jacqueline Susahn. : 


Norman Ailey. 

Walter Batchelpr; 

Edgar Bergen. 

Ralph Blum. ':■ 

Dorr is Day. 

Monroe Greenvhal. ] '■ 

Leland; Hay ward. 

Ed Helwick. ■ 

Morris Helprih. ' 

Alfred Hitchcock. 

Maury Holland. . •; 

.Eric Linden. 

Pare Lorentz. 

Dick MaPk. • 

Haven MacQuarrie; . , 

Carmel Myer.s 

Otto PriSminger, . 
. M. J. SiegeL W.^ 

Anna Sten. ' 

John Swope. 

Peter Van St eedtn . ' 

Hariy yon Zclj. 

Wednesdayv Julyv 3; 1940 



\ Pittsburgh^ July 2. , 
; Born; ; Pittsburgh Movie : Gritics 
Circle on June 24. . . 
Died: June 26. [ ■ 

' iV was this way Joe Feld- 

jnan . aiid Jirnmy Totman; who think 
up ways to sell pictures for the Penh 
and thie Stanley theatres, had a bril- 
liant idea : 'ohe af terndon aboiit 10 
days ago. They had coming to the, 
tvyo theatres, respectively, 'Our' 
Towii* ahd 'Susain and God,' both' 

' stage . hits ' which had .. played , Pitts^ 

'feurgh with the original Broadway 
casts and hotiv considered class offer r 
Ingaf... : : ' 

So Feldnoan and Tptmah ap-: 
proached the town's five critids; Kail 
iKrug and Bill Lewis, of . the Sjun- 

; Tele; Kaip Mgnahah jind Dick. .For- 
tune, o£ . the jprijss, sind Harold W. 
Coiien, of the Post-Gazett6, w;ith a 

. plan! After all; weren't they inter- 
ested in the better things. :ih the -e^^^^^^ 
terlainmeht .industty and .wpuldii't 
• they ;be- willing^ lend their names 

(Gdntiiiued pn page 19) -/^ 


Gracie Prdips ^Qut 

. -Suit - irivplving the rights" 'to the 
Borvtc<»s of \Eiiclvard: Aihley, actor was 
filed Monday (1) in N. Y. suprenie 
court by', Select .Theatres Gorp,: (Shu- 
berts) against Aihley . and Warner 

. Bros. Pictures, •Ihe.,' charging^ breach" 

, of contract. A.ctioh seeks damages; 
of $100,000 'from the fllin cpmpany. 
Shubert firm asserts ^it - sighed a 

.. coritract' with Ainley :July 22, 1939, 
iqr one year f romV Oct. 1, 1939, to 
Sept. 30, 1940, y/ith options for if our 
years ' at $300 weekly. The . cpntraict 
guaranteed Ainlcy 25 weeks empldy- 
inent yearly. On. June \8, 1940, the 
pptioft :was plciced: up, after the ac-- 
tor had appeated in twp plays, 'For- 
eigners* and 'ilasy Virtue.? . Shuberts 
then started negotiations with Metro 
for Aihiey's employment, and set; up 
a deal for the. actor to receive $1,000 
weekly . . with : a : guarantee of . 40 
weeks' employment for a -year and 

■ options for three years, at tilts 'iii sal- 
ary fi^in •$1,256 to $2,500 weekly,: 

It is clairhed that Warhers, having 
full knowledge of the facts, stepped 
In .arid signed . Ainley for a- year at 
$600 'for the first 26 weeks and $650 

.ior the last 26. Ainley was due to 
b^gin his .Warners contract June 1. 
An injunction to .prevent WB from 

. carrying but their deali and $100,000 
damages are sought.: The-.c^m'plaint 
declares that Metro notified it that 
unless the controversy, is straight- 
ened out, it will be.force?[ to cancel 

- the proposed -contract for- Ainley's 

. ■eryices. . ^ ^ > ' 

Jessel Dialogist Oh 
'Roail Show* for Roach 

: / ; Hollywood, July 2. 
George Jessel is writing dialog for 
the Hal Roach pictiire, 'Road Show,' 
; and ihay remain 'on the lot as dialdg 
;«Jirec:l6'r. ^ 

'Roach personally;. : handles the 
production. ■ • '' 

V.^:■■^■.■■.^Tatsy■; Ketly.; ;West... ■-. ■^' 
; .Patsy . Kelly, ; vfhd has . been east 

: fiince .last. August on the radio, 
JPlanes, to the Coast : tomorrow 
(Thurs.) . tp:' appear In 'Road Show' 
■vvhich Hal Roach is producing. The 

. Charioteers .from ■ the ; 'Helzapoppin' 
show, who alsd are. to appear in the- 
picture, left yesterday CTues. ). 

ers, Hart Filmusical 

Holly wddd, July 2. . 
Richard. Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. 
Broadway tunesmiths, are due to re- 
port at RKO July 15 to. write mu- 
sical numbers for 'They Met in Ar- 
ge^line,' co-starring Maureen O'Hara 
«nd Alberto Vila. . 

I-pu Brock is producer, under;isu-- 
, Pc.i'Vision of Lee Marcus.; ' ^ 

. Hollywood,. July 2. ■ 

, :. Gracie Allen has callied off her . 
; president gag, leaving, a clear 
. field to Willkie and McNary. 
, 'I've had my fun;' said Gracie, 
, ' .'so now .. I'll leave politics to the 

politicos.' ■ . \\ ' 

. She has pledged to the I Red 
, Cross full proceeds from the 

sale of her book, 'How to Bei- 

come President.' 

ers Balks Sit Pickfair 
Summer; His Band 
Continues 6 More Wee^^ 

••^ Memphis, July -2. - 
, : Cancelling two- Week^' . notice pre 
viousiy given members of his band; 
at behest of Mary Pickford, Buddy 
Rdgers. has elected to continue with 
his. orchestria another six weeks. Ac- 
tx-ess* arrival for visit, with Buddy, 
here dh location at Peabody Hdtel, 
was sighai for iissuing .ndtic<ft that 
band would break up at end of en- 
gagement. Miss Pickford being anxi- 
ous to have h usband-maestro : return 
to Hollywood with her for summer. 
Reported she wishes td reopen Pick- 
fair; he doesn't. . : 
: Anj .vay, notice was Withdrawn at 
end ol ideal date and Rogers remains 
with band 'through Dallas engage- 
ment Opening July 25. After that 
understood Johnny Morris^- now- fea- 
tured, .will take pver . arid Vamp 'til 
Buddy's, return. 

Pickford-Rogers combiho attracted 
ho end of favorable comment locally 
by .Wholehearted, manner pf pitching 
into Red Gross war relief drive. Gaye 
one \ : luncheon alpne. that netted 
$1,000. Rogers passed hat daily and 
Mary appeared at . several benefit 
functions. Generally : credited with 
directly boosting local take $3,000, 
possibly twice that much, more in- 

Wall a. Msn't Faiicy^ 
Fitais ■ Ribs on Brokers 

Picture; P r o^^ uc ie r s Havi^ 
Schedulie:; : Lined U p . : Al- 
ready Its Size Will Pe- 
pend on PeVelopments 


; Warner, Bros.; Which was the only 
iilm coihpany active in . legit prd- 
duction last season, will agaiii iflg- 
ure . on Broadway , stairting early in 
the fall. . Firrn participated in dr 
wholly backed half a dozen shows 
cdvering a. wide: range, Includihg' the 
hii iiiusicai ?Tdp- Many- Girls' ..arid 
concluding in the spring -with 
,'Romeo and : Juliet,' starring Vivian 
Leigh and Laurence Olivier, one of 
the most costly Shakesp.earian, ;pr6-: 
. (Continued on page 46) ; 

Wants No 'B' Release Stigma 


. . Regina, Sask., July 2,- .. 
. ^ Ross Hainilton^: Ganada^s lead- 
ing female.. impersonator and the 
famed -'Marjorie' of the 'Dum- 
. bells,'! is; in the- arrny again. He 
signed up in Tpvonto the other 
, day With- the ,! Canadian Army 
. Medical Corps, : :. . 
^ He : gave ■ his occupation as 
'actress.' • 

N. Y.C. Admen Ask If 

; Movement . among New York 
brokerage houses to halt alleged, 
disparaging remarks about Wall 
Stre'et on the screen gain,ed impetus 
last week when N. Y. Curb Exchange 
directors complained about a scene 
in 'Johnny Apollo.' Squawk directed 

Xo the iMptipn Picture Prpducers & 
Distributors Assn. was predicated on 
the contention that an undue slap 
was leveled at tlie financial district. 
How«eVer, after a. group of Curb di- 
rectors viewed the film at: a private 
screening they agreed that there wais 
little actually to complain about, 
contraiy to advance reports dn the 
picture, •• -., 

Resentnrient against picture prd- 
ducers speaking" about Wall Street 
in belittling or flippant terms has 
grown, in the last two years, es- 
pecially '■ since : volume pf ; business 
had dropped off drastically.. 'Johnny 
Apollo' was singled out because Curb 
people /at -first had be6n> tpldv that the 
production painted brokers in a bad 
light. Despite a more • less ap- 
probatioriary attitude taken on the 
iilrri after seeing it, .exchange people 
may seek future aid frorh the Hays 
office. )■■'; ., ';;■:-";■-■ 
. Protest: from .the Street empha- 
sizes that it hurts the legitimate busi- 
ness : .a ctivi ty- of " banking houses, 
brpkers,~eti?.- ; Hays . d/Tice ,rjebuttaled 
that care is •exercised hot to blast 
any .particular group or prPfcssion. 

Frisco Fair's Rodeo 

San Francisco, July 2. 
. World's Fair Rodeo will .be held 
at the San :FranciscO . exposition, 
Aui?. 31 to Sept. 2. 

Cowboy show . will ■' be spon.sored : 
by the Sati Mateo Sheriff's Posse. ' 

■ Honolulu, July 2:\: 
With the Royal Hawaiian band 
playing 'Love in Bloom,' Jack Benny, 
accornpanied ' . by • Mary Livingston 
Benny and Jpan, . and Myrt and Babe 

Bltim (latter the sister pf Mrs. 
Benny), ■ arrived ; here . June • 26. 
Crowd estimated at 25,000 jammed 
the gaUei-ies and . street levels, of 
three.' piers .; and :. ad j acent blocks. 
Benny's- reception topiped Marie 
Dressler's ' record, previously the 
greatest here. 

• Benny made iai personal ; appear- 
ance at the Waikiki theatre, con- 
vulsing ah. audience .that seldom 
gets a. stage show. 

With the. comedian heading a 
gigantic July 4 parade for thie Red 
Cross, thousands will flock to Hono- 
lulu frpm outside the islands for a 
glimpse of. the star. • 


Hollywood, July 2. 
• Alfred Hitchcdck- closied - a deal to 
direct two pictures for the 1940-41 
progfam at RKO. First is ; 'Mr. and 
Mrs. Smith,' slated to roll in Septem- 
ber. Second is- 'Befofe the iFaict.*' 

Deal was made by agreement with 
Da:vid p. Selznick, who. has Hitch- 
cock undei' cpntract. . 


iDouri Okays Jackie (Copper's $800,000 
.. Par Deal 

' '■ Lo; Angeles, ' July 2, . 
Jackie Cooper draws $800,000 frpm 
Paramount in the next eight years, 
under • a new minor's contract apr 
proved by Judge Emmett Wilson, in 
superipir .court. . ActQr.dpcs not .be- 
come .a voter for three . 
> Contract- calls for . four' pictures 
annually. ■., \ - ^ ■ 

Al Pearce Suit Fades 


( : In making Idng term coiitrart* 
w i th tal ent: hew to .. comm ercial net- 
work broadcasting, the- Lord. & 
Thomas agency insists pn inscrlin tj a 
clause which gives the agency coii- 
Irol oyer the artist's future Work in 
pytures. The agency's rieasoi-i. foi'- 
'tj-iis jactipri -is that .it wants to pre- 
vent the: mike performer from doing 
anything . that might hiirt him in 
radio. . As a result of this stricture 
all film' scripts must be submitted to ; 
the agency for approval; 
; phe thing that Lord . it Thdmas 
wants' to make isur^ . Of iij that th.(i\ 
ai-ti.^t's: film work doesn't take him . 
ouf iOf' the characterizatiph that he. 
has develope,d on tiie air> Also that- 
the part and the general prOductioh 
value of the picture doesn't stigma- 
tize him as of 'B' : calibre, or worse. 

. . -William Morris agency ,is still 
faking the rounds of the adyertisv 
ing .trade -with 'the new offer of ■ a 
Metro studio show. 

One agency. Lord & Thoma.% ' has 
indicated that, it Would like to pre- 
sent, the setup - to '.; client if 'The 
Hardy; Family' were in^ Metro 
at one time asked,$l5,000 per pro- 
gram alone for -an air version- of 
the 'Hardy' series. • 


Although, he ; . declared. .. himseif 
through . with legit producing last 
year, Jed. Harris, is due back- on 
Brpadway next fall.. Script which -is 
repdrted luring h im back is .'Wait 
For Heaven,' by Harry Segall.. Au- 
thor was represented on Broadway 
before with a drama called 'Lost 
:IIprizons' (not .the book pf /similar 
title ). It -wa.<? produced by La uren ce 
Rivers (Rowland Stebbins ) in 1934, 
but proved a costly failure; :' 

Harris went to the Coast last fall, 
but was npt reported active around 
the studios. He closed his office: in 
New York, saying that production 
costs were too high. That was after 
his presentation Of Thornton Wilder's 
'Our Town,* recently released in film 
form, which won the Pulitzer prize. 
Although no settings -were used in 
.'Town,' its operating nut ' Was high 
because of the number of people in 
the cast. : --; 


Dorothy Thompson Set 
For f red Mayer Co-Op 

Dorothy Thcimpsbn goes co-opera- 
.tive pn the NBC-blUe this: fail, . She,. 
starting Sept. 29, for a group of re- 
gipnal products. - ■ ' 

Fred Mayer,; who . 1 in ed . up a nurn- 
ber of grocery distribs in various 
part$ of the. country last ; season for- 
the underwriting of 'I Want a Di- 
vorce' is- handling tW? Thorn psoh co- 
operative. /iStpcktop-.West^^^ 
Of .CiriC;inhatl,; Will be the agency 
tedord. : ■ . ; " ' • ■ ■: 

Los - Ahgelcs;.. JUly--2. • ■ 

■ Six^year-pld' acUori : by-; FahcUon 
8c. Marco tp. recover . $4,-19'(3 from Al 
Pearce Wious dismissed- 'in superior 
court on the defd.ndant'.s. application.' i 

■ Suit filed in 1934;: cdntendcd:. that j 
F&M had advanced : money' . tp 
Ptarce,- but, the ca.s6. had been dor- ■ 
mant since: that -time. 


. Jerry Morris, wife" of ' William 
-Morris;,- Jr.,.' is rnafiagor of the 
theatra in: the World of: Fashion' at ' 
the .World's Fair. House, which is. 
a 299-seater, was formerly cpiVducted ' 
by Alice- Hughes, .ncw.sp.aper-.byl'iner; i 
Mr.<;. Morris is staging a now :type of 
fashion show, audience participalion 
being ai feature. . 

World' of Fashion is one of the 
Fair's - hew . buildings : this scia.soiv!; " 
Sir uctu re, which i.* nea v.; the Try Imi , 
was built last year, bu t the. liuer ior ; 
was. .complelely remodolcdl ' :'. ' i 

United States; Senator' Burton 
Wheeler of Mpntana ^speaking (vi 
transcription) on the 'Radio New.s- 
reel' prdgrarn V over . WMC A. New- 
York, last Thursday (27) at 8:30 p^m, 
-took a; ppinted poke at -, Waller 
WirichelL To quote the senator: ... 
• 'I have never collaborated with' 
John L. Lewis iaith reference to a 
.third party. I have no knowledge 
0/ what his. views are: Thestate^ 
vient. was made by Walter Win-- 
chell over the radio to the effect 
that I and John Lewis had col- 
laborated, or words to that effect, . 
and that I was. going to organize 
a third party. 

'Of course, Mr, Winchell has . 
been, advocating for some time 
that we in this country immedi' . 
ately join the Allies and help them 
not only in materials, but that we 
actually get into the war. That, 
to. me, is clearly wrong, and a man 
loho advocates it ought to be put 
Off the air.' 

Trad* Mark lioelBtored ' 
PuMlNlied Weekly by VARIKTY, Iiic 

T^d^llverman. President 
i r>4 Wcat 4Cth Street. New York. N. T 

Annual. . .... .$10 .Porolen. , . , . , .|J i 

SIiiKlo Coplea. i. .... . ..S,"! Crtril.i 

Vol. 139 


No. 4 


Band Reviews ; . . . . , , 

Chatter ..... . .'.' 

15 Years Ago. . . . . , 

Film Booking Gha rt : . 

Film Reviews. . , ;■' , ', 
• Forum . . . . . ... 

House Reviews; . , 

Inside—Legit . ; . . . , '. 

Inside— Music . . . 

Inside— Radio 

International New;; . . 

Literati .;■.'.-.. . ;..'.'.'.,./. , 

Legitimate ;...>. . ... , . 
; Music ■- -.; , 
■New Acts. ... . . 

Night' Glubis... . '. . . 

Night Club Reviews. . 

Obituary .... .. . . .' . . . 

Outdoors . . , ■ . ■ 

Pictures ...... .--',.•'• •.-•' 

Radio ... ... . . i. . . . > . • • • . 

Radio Reviews. .. . . . . 

■ vaudeville - , v- . . : 

TTlTlETV ItAOlO 1)1 

-.V ( l''u bliHHo<l in .S V. a 

■ ' tj. "pcf- ron'y 



. ... . . 3S 


.... 45 

.'.,-..- 2 0 


..; . . 37 

.; 26 

,..15 . 
...42' ■■ 

. 3.3 


; .> 38 


, . ' 4. . 
;,.'. 21. '. 
., .32 

;.. 38 

I'y) . . 



$ 1 0 . fii - ynar—t 1 i fcirf^.i ch -.. 
(l'ul)UHlircl-'ln Iff)H.\ v,i)..f.i bf 
■ Dally: Variety, > . 

Takes Another 10% Kte 

Montreal, July 2. 

Wartime taxahb^^^ in Gaiiada iaices 
ianother 10% bite out of U/ S. fllrn 
rentalis with imposition of the new 
tax applying to ail imipcirts eiifcept 
Ihose comihe under the British prief r 
ereritial tariff; It's a tax'which Arrieri'- 
bah distribs will likely have to shoi:!il- 
der as there does not seeiti to be any 
likelihood of. passing the ^^^^^^^ 
cxhibs at the present-tipie., . 

Addied^to the 1 1 % . diff er>nc^ in ex - 
Change, value oiE. Canadian funds, U. S,: 
film" distribs will; be taking a cut of 
21% on usu4l -rentals..' In case pf . the. 
exchange differences Ainericah film 
interests do h6t ' iose^^ a^^^ the;li% 
discpunt sihce all of -.the majoi's; 
maihtain;pffices,here aijid pay off on 
this side in eariadian money. Some 
of the: majors, from, accounts,, are 
leaving a -large; poTtipn , of •their 
rentals, here for investment in gov- 
ernment bondsi probably ; until such 
time as Canadian . cbiii. approabhe.s 

Par Bqildiiig Vp 'Rangers' 

. Hollywood, July 2. 
Paramount Is .spehdiriig. $60,000 on. 
additions to '. 'Texas Rangers Ride 
Again' ari(i planriing tp release it as 
i an A production.. 

' Originally it wa? slated as thie 
final B on the %rold Hurley/ pro-^ 
.(Juction 'slated .'.•;.•-" ■'';';.■■ 

Not Enough in 

HollyWood, july:L2.;:. 

Alfred A; Gohn, longtime /screen 
writer for inajpf' studios, : haS been , 
appointed' :to the IjOs Ahgcles ::poHce 
commission, of which ^ he probably^ 
Will become, ichairiman.': 

He quit films several year.s ago; to. 
accept a presidential; appointment as 
Cpllectbi? oii; the- Port of Xos: Ahgeleis. 



. 1937, and withdrawn 

parity, pgssibly , f or -the duratiori of .trpni .circulation just a year ..ago. 

. Following two . test engagements,- 
RKO-I)ishey : is laying, plans to r.e- 
i-elerj:e .'Slio.w -White' is. part- of. . a 
complete uhit that /will also incUtdc. 
four ' Disney shotts. - liSiiow White" 
was originally releaised in^ December, 
" cbriipletely 

the war. .This .procedure was fol- 
lowed during the last . war also. 

- 1 0 %. import tax, .however , 
is a direct charger which cannot be 
offset in any v/ay; . U. S. distribs ex- 
porting filrn to Canada will pay 10^. 
the. disclared' invbice Value of all 

, pictures. ; It's an item that may "run 

. into, several hundred thousand dol- 
lars a yeair. Tax apiplies to iall. mer-: 
chandisie • brought - into Canada,, not 
to celluloid ilone.\ Pictures made in 
£ngland>.,:Gbmirig. in under the Brit-. 

. ish preferential tariff, w;ill appar- 
■'enily ; be- exempt.;. .., '.■ 

■ For thie; rest, wartime unc0^^^^ 
have cut, deeply, into pibture house 
'grosses, across Ciahada mostly due tp 
the fact- that the p'ublic jias' other: 
rnatters on its mind. As'the coiripul- 
. spry, military traininjg:. schedules are 
cliarified iand the public becomes ac^ 
custprtled to new incomS. and other, 
taxe.s,' it. is believed that show busi- 
ness; will recover, its' normal pace! 

;So far shpw^ is reacting 

much in the sarrie way as during the 
cpn fiict a quarter 6t ;a.; century agp; 
At- the'butbreak of waTj,: grosses rose 
approciabiy, . Right how b.usiness : is 
oft. . With all .! available; working 
powpr being mobilized in one $phere 
or another, circulation of funds. i.s 
expected . tO ; Jncrease, as * the last 
war. with renewed .jingle of coin at. 
the. boxoiTice .bound to follow. 

British Film 
In Cianada Chiefly Talk 

. The Park, .Meadville, Pa.:, a sipgle- 
feziture-iowiij was chosen, as the first 
tester, junV 20-21. . . Tes^ also in a 
double-feature town, the Kingston,, 
Kingston, n! Y:;» was set with 'You 
Can't Fool Your Wife', as the other 
feature. Take on three days ending 
Saturday (29) was $1,090, best house 
has ever done on a last half. 

The four shorts making up the 
show with 'Sn6\w White' are. 'Three 
Little Pigs,' 'Ugly Duckling,' 'Ferdi^ 
nand the- Bull'.; and "Donald's ;Lucky 
pay.' ■-. \- : ■ V ' - ■ . : 

M.P. Reief Doled Out 

Proposed production of pictures by 
British film companies; in Canada is 
currently regarded as in a nebulous 
stage. Considered possible that a 
few quickies may be turned oiit 
either in Vancouver or Montreal, but 
establishment of British film produc- 
tion On a permanent bisis in Canada 
is mostly in the talk stage for the 
present. ' ' ■ 

Meanwhile, Maureen O'SuUivah 
motored in tP Montreal from Ottawa 
last week to appear in a short, pro- 
■ "duced at Associated "Screen News 
lab. exploiting the Canadian film - 
dustry's -$1,000,000 ' war bond : cam- 
paigiy Lt.- Jphn- Farrow, Hollywood 
direclbr, now heading-. Canadian 
: ' Naval Information, accompained the 
.V ; frau (Miss O'Suljivain iand supervised. 
: production. Her short tells of the 
Monday night shows across the Do- 
minion . tp which admission Will, be 
oblf">'-fl only by purchase of . war 
stamps. - ' 

■: : Meeting of picture people held in 
Monlreal -last . week.. Is reported - to 
have Vrevcp.led . ^lans for <brinsirig' 
stars from. Holly wood at regular: in-, 
tervais to launch appeals for pur-. 
. chase of : war bonds. Unde'rstobd, 
that theatre owners also are in/vest- 
ing in securities of this kind..- v- ; ' 

. To dr.te there has beien no talk of 
freezing ' U; -S. film rental coin : in 
: C'^nrdn' beoruse of war needs nnd j 
• there is little likelihood of sutIi an ; 
eventuality. : ;.■':'.;■ 

; Hollywood. July 2. 
■ Motion Picture i Relief Fund spent 
$279,000 to ease the burdens of the 
ill and needy in the picture ..indus- 
try d ur i rig : 1 939* according to the of- 
ficial report- ; of . George Bagnall, 
treasurer. Revenues for the first five 
"pibnths- of 1940 . .werie, increased by 
$1Q,000 'over the same period: last 
year, but the expenses juinped Jl^S, 
000, diie to reduced activities in the 
studios. •■• 

; Jean . Hersholt, president, reported 
that construction of a hbnie for ih- 
digerits will bfe stJ|rted ; this year if 
the Gulf Oil radio program con 
tiriues. To date, the show has. ac 
cpunted for nearly $500,000. - ? 
j . Besides ! reelecting ^ iH e r s h 6-1 1 , 
I Georgie ; Bagniall was named treas- 
[ ti.rer; Wilma Bashor, executive secr 
retary ; Ewell D. Moore, counsel, and 
Ralph- Block, R-alph.: Morgan ;and 
Lucile Gleason, vice presidents. . ■: 
. New trustees are Charles Brackett, 
Lucile Gleason, Lucie Ward, Chairles 
Rosher. John Baiderstori, Spr Lesser, 
Ralph Morgan. Conrad Nagel, B&sil 
RSithbone arid Morgan Wallace. 

■■'V; ..London, July 2. 
Furious pace maintained by the 
Nazi military machine, in its drive, 
through Flanders cost British and 
American' a.tTiliate.- neWsreel outfits 
close to $75,0pp in lost or. smashed 
•oquipirierit, check last week revealed. 
However, so ,far 'rcppiti;inidicat$. all 
cam'eiiameri ; caiii.e ' through . safely, 
either boihg back • here or trac^^^^^ 

Attack on Boulogne caused the 
deslriictipn of - a vast, .q.uantity of 
newsreel; equipment and cameras, 
with Universal, Pathe Gazette, Gau- 
moht^Briti'shV Pariimpunt-British^^ a^ 
British M,pviet6ne suffering almost 
equally : heavily, Universal ■ photpg-. 
rapher in France ^is isaid tP have .lPst 
his whole outfit valued at nearly $6,- 
000. Paihe crew in hdrthcrn -France 
gbt out only a few hours before 
Boulogne fell. ■ ■ . ' :/ 

Paramount*? :. British company, 
which had two cameramen with the 
B.E,F; in Flanders; is listed as hay- 
ing nearly $12,000 loss to equipment, 
mostly; damaged or captured at Bou- 
logne. Maurice Ford still is func- 
tioning with the 'troops. ' British 
Mbyietbrie is reputed to have suf- 
fered. $14,000 damage to. hewsrieel 
material and apparatus caused by air 
bpmbiiigs iaids at Boulogrie, with the 
loss of a Movietone soiind. yan not 
estimatje.d. ; Latter was being used 
by Gauinoht-British, which .lists all 
photographers back safely from 
France biit more than $32,000 worth 
of equipment completely Ipst. 

Leslie Murray . and Sid .. Bonnet* 
two cameif ameri operating ;Syith ' the 
British navy, last were- .reported : in 
Nairvilt and uhablie to: ebntact tori- ; 
don. ■ '■ .'■ . 

Hollywood, July 2. 
Marie Ouspenskaya went before 
the camera yesterday (Mori.) in a 
partial; rewrite of RKO's 'Dance, 
Girl, Dance,' io re-play the unlih- 
ished role acted by the late .Maurice 
Moscpyitsch. [ V.:v'\V'^':-. 

Changes in the script caused the 
recall of Mary Carlisle, Emriia Durin 
and ■ Lola . Jensen '■■ for .substitute 
scenes. ' ; ' 

BANK'S $10,000 CLAIM 

Referee Peter B. Olney, Jr:, 'in 
N. Y. federal court on Friday (28) 
tossed riut a $10,000 claim of the 
National. City Bank the 
Grand . National estate. The bank 
has another claiim against GN for . 
$25,000, of which $18,000 has been, 
paid. The dismissed cliiirii Avas b^sed 
bh ai loan to the coriipany, -aniSSe^ 
cured through a lien on automobiles 
arid a third lieri' on ; studio property. 

The GU. attorney, Joseph Darinen- 
berg, argued successfully that under 
California law a lien on .automobile!? ■ 
must be filed With the county clerk 
iand the auto fegistrar^ which , the 
bank neglected , tp do. The bank 
also failed to file its lieri on studio 
property until after the compariy. had 
filed, its' petitioh of bankruptcy. . 

Danhenberg stated that . figures on 
GN's grosses through Mohawk Pic-; 
tures Corp., \yhich . bought its pic- 
tures, wfere riot • available through 
him, but that the films were doing 
Well. GN is to receive 30% of the 
gross up to $100,000 and 507c in '.- 
cess of that amount. 

Pittsburgh, July 2. 
. Six forriier employes of Harry 
Dav is, one-time head of biggest the- 
atre circuit in Pittsburgh and pio- 
neer with his brother-in-law, John 
P. Harris, in nickelodeon Industry, 
were renrieiribered in will of well- 
known showman, who died here In . 
Januaiiry. James G. Balmer, lormeir 
cashier for Davis arid, nbW general 
manager of Harris .Amus. Co;, was 
given a cash bequest of $5,000, and - 
Frank S; Holland, Alfred A. Kerk- 
kan, J. Ellis Shipman and Clyde 
Ariyelink - we^ each. 
A :(ioditil left a bequest of $10,000 to 
H. Li. Kurtz, who used to be Dayis* •. 
financial, secretary, but' Kurtz is now 
dead, and his widow; is in Califorriia. 
• Dayis?: estate- (exclusive. of; insur-- ' 
ance,. however, only ariipimted to 
$ll,000i at time of ; his death, ; insuf- 
ficient to take, care of cash bequests 
of $25,000. Insurance pblicies total- 
ing $400,000 were Mt to his widow, 
Mrs. Edith Davis. 
■ At,|he; time .of • hhrtetirem fi'om 
show : business in 1927, .Dayis was a 
millionaire : .^everal, ti mes .-.oyer' but 
he was stricken with paralytic 
stroke late that .-year and, most of 
his : estate was invested in annuities 
payable; during, his lifetiin*.. It was 
incoriie from these pblicies - which 
was used to pay the heavy expenses 
of; his' long: illness. "The -shbWnriari 
remained a. hopeless invalid :virjtTl lxis 
death, on Jan. 2 at the age of 79. . 

■ New Yonk offices have been un- 
able to check on further damage 
done to newsreel outfits opet-a ting in 
or .near Paris, either independently 
or with the French. - .Howeyer,; Paris 
newsreel . crews . and U. iS. .reels 
moved to Bordeaux: when the French 
government did, and aire reported to 
have followed their riiairi Paris pic- 
ture company offices, wherever they 
went after that. ' ' : ■' 

Austrian Film Smuggler 
In Jam at Laredo, Texas 

. Laredo, Texas, July 2. ' 

Ernest Weise, an- .• Austrian j - was 

found guilty here in Federal court 
of smuggling films into the United 
States on Thursday (28). He was 
sentenced to the time he had already 
spent :; . jail, " He - had been held 
since His arrest at :.the.;Iriternati^ 
Bridge in May. -.- . -\ ^ 

• The Austrian's films ; allegiedly 
were German and Polish military 
scienesv'. - -Weise - testified ''. they had 
.been lakeri .frbrii Lbs Angeles to 
Mex icp for lectu re purposes .arid , 
were -being brought back to this 
country, when he was. arrested, ' ... ■ 
. The immigratiori departriient';: is 
holding Weise for further inve$tiga- 
tiori.: . :-. - : ' -.' 

Fibn's Net at $800,000 

.': Los Angeles. July 2. 

Harry Gould's piracy suit against 
RKO, involving : the picture, "IGunga 
Din,'- was settled privately arid disi- 
missed: by Judge Paul J. McCormick 
iri U. S., pistrict' Court;, The aniount 
of settlemerit was not .disclosed. . 

Gould had charged .the studio with 
lifting the picture from a story writ- 
ten by his, client, Alf Goulding. . Tes- 
timony in the two-day trial indicated 
that the filrii had cost about $1,900,000 
and has grbssed ar.ourid $2,700,000 to 

Pownstate lil. Exbibs 
Form Protective Ass'n 

Peoriai, III., July 2. 

United Theatre Owners of Illinois 
was established here last week in A 
general , meeting attended by . almost 
100 . downstate Illinois exhibitors. 
This organiz.atiori plans to include all 
exhibitors,' both independent and cir- . 
cuit, with houses in. II linpis, exclud- 
ing Chicago proper. Some 200 thea- 
tres have already been enrolled In 
the IJTOI, including indie houses and 
the Balaban ' Katz-Greal. jStates 

• Purpose of the new outfit is to 
. deal: cpllectively .with problems af- 
iectirig ail lexhibitbrs, but will not 
concern itself ; with those between 
prpducers and. exhibitors or among 
exhibitor.s. This excludes discussions 
of such problems as double features, 
l^CjBly,. :clear£ince, etc., which have 
been made the province of ;such. or- 
ganizations, as Allied, and the .Motion '> 
Picture Theatre Owners;x>f America; 

: Exhibitors' group .will primarily 
combat anti-indiistry legislation at 
Springfield, the state capital. First 
Rennblic Smug: ; in Backlof of 11 ' of the problems due to come Up is 



The U; S. fjled suitj.hursday (27) 
in N, ;Yv. federal cpu^t against 
"coin P'errj', better known as Stepin 
Fetchit, seeking damages of $469, 
claiming -tiiat the colored comedian 
gave false- and fraudulent declara- 
tions on four suits which he pur- 
chased in Canada. , It is claimed 
Fetchit entered the U. : S ■ at Detroit 
Jan, 28, 1940, and declared only one 
.$95 • suit, to which he ' was entitled 
an exemption. 

\ "The Gbvernmeht claims that . thre^ 
other suits at the same price wene 
.pjurchased and . given to Barrie 
O'Danieis, Benjamin Ashburri and 
Jack ; W; McClenfJon, who were, en-- 
titled tb exenriptions on one suit each. 
On Feb. 20, 1940. all three ; suits were 
giyeri to. Fetchit in 'Chicago, the U. S; ■ 
avers,- The fbrfeitrire'value of $377 
and the duty valtie of $92 is sought. 


reminger s 

' Hollywood, July 2. 
Otto Premin-^er, ; whp' has been 
here for about: a-vweek conferring 
with Howard J. Green: and Lynri 
Starlinf*, planed to New Ybrk Mon- 
day (1). ■■::.•• y: 

. -;• He plans, to put their play, 'Land 
O' Colton,' a cbnriedy on Holly y/ood, 

^.4n... reheairsar in- N.Y. early ' next 
mortthi, . , ' ■■ ■■ 

Future: or U;JSypix. in BaUcaus. . . ... . ; . , 

' Metrp to finance 5 iridic pix in /England. ... .. .-\ 

\:Miniriiizes/So^- AmeriGari\biz.r, . ■ 

Ci^osby-Krajft ./renewal: , ... ... , .-; .:. ,.'(.-. /. ; . . 

DuMont (Par) televisipri's .stock .right... ;■. ■< ■ : •:• • 

.Radio reviews: - Leslie How ' Alleh'. 

ASCAP's income analysis, v.,-, . ... . : . . , 
. ASCiAP reconciled to 'Metro loss. 1 . • . . .. 

Artie SHaw tiff .'. : '. . . . . , :.:.., '. : ■. - . 
. AGVA indebtedness ; at $59,000; ■/ . V .; . .... . . 

:: .Page 15 
.'. .Page 15 
. ; .Page .15 
. . .Pag-2 i4 
. . .Page 31 
, . .Page 32 
. . .Page .33 
..; .Page; 33 
. -.' . Page 37 
. ;. Page' 39 

Hollywbod, July 2. 

Republic production i.s sitting on 
the golden iseat, with seven features 
and four westerns completed for a 

backlog, the highest number in the I executive secretar.y 

the. proposed 3% tax on gross the- 
atre receipts In Illinoi.s. ; 

Edgar G. Zpofri of Pontiac has 
been elected president and William 
Crouch, former trade paper reporter. 
Chicago, . has. been appointed 
(Dffices will be 

cpmpahy's history, 

""Features- reijdy for Teleas.e are 
"Three Faces West,' 'The Girl From 
(3bd's Country/ 'Wagons Westward.' 
'Scatterbrairi,' . : 'Grand Ole (Dpry,' 
■Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot' and 'Should 
Wives.. Work.' Completed" sage- 
brushers are 'Carplina. Moon,' 'The 
Ranger and the Lady,' 

e.stablished immediately in Spring- 
field. - ■' V . —- — — . 

'5th Column Sqiiad' Film 
y Stalled Until Decision 

. Justice Felix Benvenga has re- 
'Okl^ahoma .sGi^ved:decisipri on ah application for 

Renegades' and 'The Tulsa Kid.' 


• \: - Hollywood, July 2. 

'. Priscilla Lane was resjtored. to- thi 
Warners payroll after a three-month 
suspensiPn because of her refusal to 
play iti. 'Moriey and the Woman'. 
'Four ; Mothers' is her. next assign 

a . temporary injunction against 
Film; Alliance of the U. S.; Inc., and 
MidtOwn Theatres Corp.' prpppsed 
exhibition of, 'Fifth Column Squad' 
at the • Riailto. . N. : Y.. After indi- 
cating that; he was go jireasied with 
other matters that a decisipn might 
take several weeks,; the judge re- 
quested that no exhibition of. the 
film be made until he, decides the. 
issues irivblyed, ; Ernest Hemingwayl 
Benjairiih F., Glaier :and tlVe. T 
Giriid, inc.,; charge, iniringem^^ 

ment, starting nejct week, with Wil-; { their 'Fifth - Column' play \ in ''■ this Keigley as director; 

■N.;, Y., supreme : cou.rt: suit. 

:i'he picture was diie to open jiine 
28. b.ut exhibitibri haS; now been set 
. back to July .4, . arid\i>rpbably- 
deferred further," the judge 
hands down a depisioh ; ' the ' . 
lerim. . ■■': ;.-.. . .. ■ ,■':;■ : ■ - ■ 
; . The plaintiffs 'assert, that- appror. 
prialtibri of- their - title .will .ruin .Hhe 


Following announcement of 56 
shorts fbr the •■lQ40-4i scasf)ri, Para- 
riiount has closed a deal for ythe pror. 
ductipn of .six Piie-reer no .sub-, 
jects at present called Puppctopns. 

Neil F. Agnevy : is . seeking another- value of their play,: whi;^^^^^ e.sti- 
titlc for the shorts. \ . .: majed to, be: .wprth $150,000. An 

-. Animated puppets .ire u.-'sd in.«tead imppsing. list of affidavits .were filed 
of. drawl.nj?^, novcliy' form pf in conjunction with the suit, de- 
pffesentatipn ■develpped .fof- :Coriimei - ;clRf ih6 that for film sales purposes 
cial purposes. ; . .:Ehg:land b.y-. George , .the tiU^^^^ if a' 

'■ Pal' - . Now. in Hollywood; Pal an.d- ■.picture with a .similar title wa,s ex-;' 
Stanley jNcat will prp.duce the new -hibited: first. A' pcrmaricrit inj toe- 
scries.::'- -. . - f lion is sought- V '. -:.' 

W^dhesd^y, July 3r 1940 


ing Along 


. tpriieys tepreS^iitihg. the pepart- 
>rietit :of: justice aind counsel ifor' the 
teight iiiacling flim companies are conr 
tiiiuing daily (with time ' but 'for 
iamiiier week-ends) for the' purpose 
bf eiidihg . the Government's anli- 

•trust suit by a cbnsient decree/ it is 
lleclared that nothing definitei hs»s 
beeW i'eached as to the datie such a 

. deciee, if and . wheri v approved by 

Jfudge Henry . W. : Goddard/, in the 

'Federal court (Jj. Y,). shall become 
effective. Best information- is that' 
$6ine parts of the order,, with - 
ipect to certain res^^ may be; 

; tffebtive^^^' r juixjn the 

(touft's . signature. Oh ; the . pthe^ 
haiid, tiie; creation of . an indiistry 
arbitratibn. Structure,; to administer 
ivec clearances, excess filiti buying 

. and uiifair trade practices Svill re- 
quire some; Thbnthis tp perfect. 
:, or . the several . divisions of ; the 
work. . which - has been distributed 
am ohg . s uh-committeiBS, the . arbitra- 
tioti pi'bvisions.:. are being mbi'e 
apc'edily drafted than some other sec- 
ttoiis. of tiie proposed deciree. . This is 
because the legal principles of arbi- 
tratibn. are -established in" a Federal 
ipta tute and in every state, excepting, 
bkla.homa and North . Dalcota. - Also, 
ihe industry^ itseK twice has had ex- 
tensive experience with arbitration; 
flrstv as administered by the film 
bbai'ds, and mbre recently. in 1934-35,. 
Under NRA. In hbth previous : ih- 
j^taiices; . the system was -given the 
k o. by the U; S. Supreme Court. 

Nothing approaching : an : official 
«tat<jment as to the progress of the 
Current coiif erencies has been f orth- 
tbming except .for an optimistic view 
pf the cbrifabs as projected by J: 
Stephen ■ i)byl(B; spieclal assistant; at- 
iorney general, when he appeared 

" fjefoie Judge G'oddard on Monday 
jl) and requested further postpone-, 
ment of the trial fbr bne >ye^lt. He 


'The Goyernment; with the consent 
«f the .defendants, now" seiefcs an 
idditiooal week's ad jbUrnment, Tliie 
parties are .continuihjg .the conyersa- 
l^iqns in iiii attempt to worlc out. a 
. getflement. ; Suijrcommittees have 
met aiimost every day and cohsiderr, 
able . progress has been, rnade, .^ The 
members have submitted : concrete 
proposals with respeqt to; specific sub- 
Jie'cts to the main committees. ' and 
something definite may be rei>o,rted 
v-'iooiiv* ■ ■■ ., ' 

Judge Goddard . said be believed it 
Very desirable tb continue the ■ a.t'- 
' tempts to reach an „ accord, arid 
granted .\h'e. requested' adjournment.. 

'Arbitration Ass'n Formula 
. Tlie proposed formula for arbitra- 
llbtt ordi.sputes arising between com- 
i-peiUiAie-theatres, arid -between, thea--- 
XContihued bn .page 20) 


. / • Holly wood, Jiiliy. 2, : 
Leo McCarey is . joining Howard 
-Hughes' outfit as p'^oducerTdirector 
of two pictures. ■.■ 

Under ihie deal McCiarey^^^ 
•ry and percentage. Howard HawicS, 
; recently aligried with HUg^ ;giviilg 
hitn two tbt>fligh.t directbrs; V 

■ Hollywood, July: 2. 
f ,• Alexander korda^ in vades^ Mexico 
.nojtt autumn tb shoot, 'Tiie .Cbh - 
.QUerpr.* a tale of Miexico's inyasibn 
by Hernando Cbrtez. . . ' ' 

Picture, :to : be filmed by, .Tech- 
.;nic,otor,.-:Vi'ill star Mei-le. Obefon.: - 

Up to Goddairid 

ftepprts \ the trade thiat- any:;.. 

change , jn. tiie . natibhai .. Admin- . 
. iStration, which wpuid. result :ih , 

• hew . alignments a^^^^ the : D^part- 
^ merit pf Justice/: might affect . ■ 
. the . Gbverfl^m^^ the ,, 

■ anti-trust action, alreiady started ~ 

... iigainst; eight , -majors, ;ahd ■ .; ' 
: :me.rous. individu4i. executiy^^^ in . 
the .filth industry,, have been 
(quickly .sqiielched by attbrheys. . 
. Triiali •which began pri June 3, . ■ 
. arid since June .7 has been ad-. 
. ;jburried pending consent decree 
' corifereiices; has lifted the; ju- 
. i;isdittipn as to policy arid but- ■ 
' come from ' the Ju'stice • .Depa^tr■ 
ment into the i'ederal . cOurti. 
. It.rerh'ains f^^^ 

•tb decide the future'^ course of 
• the action, lawyers- dedare. : The . , 
; court, .which has granted further 
' ^djourriment. Until next Wedries- . 

■ '. day :(10 ), is being kept ■ intir 
niately. infprrned as to . progress . 
of- decree conferences. 

Universars 3d Quarter 
Statement Due at End 


- Universal's rhorithly meetinig of di- 
i*ec tors, elated for tomorrow (Thurs- 
day), was held .yesterday (Tuesday) 

afternoon because the regular session; 
fell on July. 4. Routine business and 
foreign rnarket developments' were 
handled at the meeting. 

. Third quai'teiv stateriient is not due 
out until, late this month, but earrt- 
infts are feported holding up in face 
of heavy special amortization reserve 
Writeoffs. . Cbmpany continues to 
.write off $8,000 weekly as special 
amortization because of actual and 
anticipated losses in th^ foreigri field. 

Understood that U's assets now are 
runnihg on a ratio of 6 to 1 as com- 
pared ' to current liabilities, dbm- 
pany showed $1,173,002 for the first 
half of the present fiscal year after 
deducting $208,000 for tliis special 
ambrtization reserve An the first 26. 
weeks of the fiscal 12-mbnth period. 
IRebrgariization plan: has been de- 
layed:' by the war and the break in: 
Wall .Street stock prices. ^ ^ : : 


. S.aeiigbr, Theatres Corp. is plan- 
nirig a bond issue of $2,450;000 of first 
■4V:; % /.iiiterest. . bbligatioris.,; although 
no definite date has: been set for 
OiX'ning sale of. the . liens. 

. New. issue of bonds would' be 
handled : by,: Nusloch, Baudean . & 
Smith. . . . ; 


■ J; Chcever-CQwdin. chairman^ ~of 
:Universal's board, ;flat_fob.tedly; 
tha t ' prod ti ctibri costs can. ' "and. ' are 
going to be reduced for the forth- 
'coriiing. season, although not at the 
expense of quality riece.'?.sarily. , 

He 'doc; not think that the day. of 
tlie ;$li000,000 or even $2,000,000 pro- 
duction ,is.gqne forever but 'I think 
it depends oil the individual cbm- 
pariy. as ■ Ko . whether $1,000,000 : or 
$1,500,000 pictures should be made. 
Each company knows approximately 
what can be realized from a large 
pybductiori under ,';prbsei\l econpiriic 
conditions.; and can gauge budgets 

It ■ too early to tell with any 
degree ■ of .-ccrtairity, what the dis- 
;tl-ibutjbri. situation will, be in Europo, 
epwdiri. 'Stated. Hea.dqiiarters' for: 
Universal . cti;r:rcntli/^are at Bordeaux. 
•Prediction as to •vvhat . Restrictions pr 
monetary . control ;'wo.uld :be used in 
Frari.ce or elsewhere, under Gorman 
control, can't be made. ; 

Par Locks Up 17 

Gonseht ' Decreets Vagaries, 

Coupled Wit|i G^ 

(Certainties, St al e m a t e s 
: New Seasbn ■SeUing--^pis- 

tjribs : and ; Exhibs Dbn't 
; KiidSy; Whiett ;tp j£xpe^^ 
■ How to Act Thereon 


• Hollywood, 'July 2.. 
; : Paramount' enters July . in high 
gear, with. 17 features'- ready ' for re- 
lease, foul- before the lenses and five 
more on the startihg:'linci ' 

Five slated for July : starts : are 
•touchdbwn,* 'Vil'ginia,^ 'The Shep- 
h(«rd of- the Hi 11 s,'' 'D.O.A.! and T.pve 
Tliy Neighbor.' .'' ' 

. . Stressing 'tiie' urgency for ; a . quick 
consent <3ecree under the: Goyerri- 
inent - suit ;• against the majors, dis- 
tributor , and: exhibitor sources fear 
that delay In this direction,, coupled 
;with: greater uncertairities than the 
industry ever faced> may lead to the 
most conf Used ; selling-buying :seasoh 
in history. -Last: yeari - in mierchain- 
dising the currbrit (1939-40) prbduct, 
deals ■were very slbw ' in- being cbri- 
cluded, but this season snow rnay be 
falling . before the country : ' sold 
for 1940-11. 

While, on. the one hand, selling is 
slbw in getting started, on the other 
feelers would indicate that there is 
going to be an unprecedented 
amount bf wrangling ■ before con- 
tracts are . finally in, sighed and filed ■ 
away; .IDistrib.utbrs: are gbing to be 
more determiried than ever before to 
■get better terms, and exhibitors with 
'Whom the matter has been discussed 
proriiise that they will be eqUally as 
determiried not tb pay more. In- 
stead, buyer sources say that in most 
cases, because last year's deals did. 
not stack up so well, better deals are 
going toSse deinanded ori the 1940-41 
product. ;'v:-/' ;. ^'-r 

With those cbmEanies which sold 
hig^h, . but delivered low, it is ex- 
pected there will be plenty of wrang- 
ling over ,'39.-40 adjustments with 
distribs; in the main, again probably 
unwilling to make the adjustments. 
Each year' a ceir tain number pf ad- 
justments and special agreements are 
made at the. tailend of the season as 
a condition - upori. selling the account 
fOr the coming year. Very: often a 
distrib, who has fallen dovyn sorne- 
what, br .- th e '■ account has . had bad 
luck ■with the pictureSi will perrnit 
the .exhibitpr to cancel out films he 
hasn?t picked, up ■ are being rer 
leased toward the end of the season. 

That, no doubt, will continue: a 
practice, but this 'year: it is doubtful, 
that the. distribs will be as lenient 
as in the past According . to diSr. 
tributor information, it. is probable 
. that term deals that ^lire' carryovers 
for 1940-41 will have to be rewritten 
br adjusted. This may be riiore pro^ 
npunced-this^fiumrher- and-fall with 
accounts having franchises. " 'That's 
•always the trouble -witb , term "deals,' 
.one distrib; spokesman stated. ' 

No More Anticipating 

The most likely , reverse for the 
current sales season is ;the ■writing 
of any deials beyond tiie -46-41, 'prpd- 
•'uct. A: largb number , •were closed 
last summel'., 'sbrne : f br :thi-ee years, 
■which :. means these will . not : expire 
until the • '41-42 product; has been 
played. out . under them.i 
. .. Some . disiribi,itbrs started • selling; 
accounts prior, tb, -.Bales..'!c6n.vehlions, 
in 'c'ertainVc.ases :getting cbriiriii^ 
on the .'40-41 product •beXbre it wais 
entirely ..set up, bl.t at prifesent in the ; 
face of 'iricreased ;wi1r anxiety, ;riew 
f axatibri,. con.«ent; dbubt.s. etc., 
very litle buyin;;? acti-VMly;.is rep,orted. 
.Some exhibitors.-: 'say VtlVey,^.:^ 
even, .been •approached' hyv.the saicJSr 
men as yet, w h i Ic cer tai n, i) liye r's are - 
coming into Now York; or . branch 
pbint.s' t'Otmerely. got the ■terms '.now,. 

The . big' chniti.s arc slower ' 
sidering deals opening • ncgblid- : 
t i on s\ th a n th p. srri a 1 1 c r. ■ i tf d e pe hde'.ii ts ,. . 
] although the .latter ';,afb ,al.«:o, ..spcm''- 
' jngiy 'in no rvislV to :.'=;i'!;n,; tip ''with any 
ebmpariy.; ■Di.sti-ibt^itbf's,. oh- the .b.thcr ; 
hand, 'ar'e not. proccpdirtg in. blit?'.- 
kri'eg fashion, ;eithcr., . although in 
spite . bf the m'any uncertainties .of 
the mbmcnt,. they point out they 
can't sit idly by and drop .selling en- 
tirely to "wait :tO see what . happens, 

pistribK .; . : .as anxious .; a.? 'exhi;b.^ 
to know ;'what •I'l'ie-.c.oriclu.slons Uridbr. 
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'Brig Young' Catches Up With. Pests 
. aiid Pic 'Washes Up 

' Hollywood,; July 2. , 
.'Brighariii 'Young' trbUpe finally 
caught up" with- a swarrii of : cVicikets 
in Neyada and is back in the studio 
with prpspects of finishing. :the: picr: 
ture . this ; .week, - inside • the 75-day 
shooting schedule. Search for. the 
irisecV swarm, wbich a vital 

part - in the. .story Of thb Morraons, 
had; been holding up production. 

' Pictui:6 is slated fbr release late, in 
•August or early in • September as a 
roadshbw attraction. 

Loss May Force Mono 
To Shift EQ^^^^^^^ 

. After oflficialiy .denying the report 
that a move to the Coast yiras cpn- 
templated, ■'the financial; men con^ 
cerned with the future revenue of' 
Monogram this ■week admitted that 
the executive offices may be removed 
to- the Coast. .. This would; install W. 
Ray Jbhriston, president, right on top 
of production, and leave only . the 
foreign department and T. P. Loach, 
treasurer, in N. Y. ^'^ 

' Monogram's foreign .business has 
suffered because of the !EurPpean 
war, ■with thje home office staff .. cut 
to' virtually two.. Estimated that 
foreign iriconie ran as high as 30% 
of all revenue. 

It's been; known in the ieast for 
some time that firiancial. backing fbr 
Monogram irt the f utUire would dbr 
pend largely on economies made in 
production, as yvell as; in horiie office' 
arid distribution overhead. If shift 
to. the Coast is finally made. Mono 
probably wpuld maintain only ofr 
fices at its eastern - exchange. Stated 
this week that floor space of Mono 
:iri the RKO Bldg, costs the compariy 
$14,0Q6 annually, regarded as .way 
but pf line considering present oper- 
ating p.rofit. 


' ■ Ma jo r- ■ company V ' top " . executives 
hud.dled. Monday (1 ) .at the. Hays. of- 
fice principally to wbrk oUt a for- 
mula for national defense pictures. -;,; 

Not revealed how this will be ac- 
complished;; what steps will be 
taken , in carrying out the : Govern-, 
merits' preparedness program. 

: Committee bf publicity and adver- 
tising heads of affiliated and iride- 
pendent theatre :;Gircuits - ha-s been 
appointed .to cooperate. . with the 
industry's piaris; -in aid of . the Gov-; 
ernment's' national defense prograrii. 
-•- Meeting held Mon. (i) in the of- 
fice of . George- Scbaefer, ' president 
of RKQ. was. attended' by .Harry 
Maiidcl,. representing RKO theatres: 
'Aubrey SGhonck,; ofvNatiori.a.l' (Fox) 
Thcatreis;: Oscar A! DoOb, of Loew- •■. 
llari-y Goldberg,.- Warner Bros!, . and 
Harry Brandt. ;.-;: . ' , ■<■/ ,. 

. Dbob was made chairman of the 
committee, . niemben^hip of . which 
■will .be..'exten■ded^to;;inGlud.e .. pubU 
ity managers of all circuits in the 
country, ■'' ' • -;^ • -; 

'The entire loreigri^' i^ 
the exception of Canada, which is re- 
garded as part of doriiestic sales, 
threatens to bbcome a thirig of the 
past in fact, sO far as all future plan- 
ning is" cbncerned. . This predicliori p . : 
made in certain distributor and .the-'. ' 
atre bperating circles because ; of 
what war and other drawbacks of 
various nations have caused. 

: Even before Hitler, IMUssolini and . 
Stalin began to carve up the eastern ■■ 
hemispherejit was bjecoming iricreasr- ; 
ingiy difficult to maintain the .proper , 
tradhiig;. balance; - in filr^ and more 
thap. a;.yeair ago, it is pointed out, the 
:American producdrs . ■\vere: beginnirig . : 
to' tailor pictures With less of an eye 
on foreigri -.fields. ; Now it may be' -i 
forgotten that the foreign market 
ever existed. What may cbme from 
the British market (Australia; South 
Africa, ■ etc. ) would be that much ; 
gravy. ; 

: The. possibilities iri the belief of . 
observers, bbth iri sales and theatre 
operation, is that the film compariie^ ; 
within less th^n a year will corii- .;-: 
pletely sWiriig to the making of pic- 
tures that are strictly for American 
and Ciariadian. consuniptibhi With ; 
this; turn coming, opinion is that the 
whole . productibri- scheme; will ba 
solely to make film for the domestic 
riiarket, without -expectation or. "per- 
haps- even' any concern to figure on . 
trade from abroad. Other manufac- 
turers, in fact virtually in ; all lines, 
are geared to make their profits in 
this country, while iii . some fields 
American businesses do not bother ' 
at all about exporting. . ; \; ; 

Fewer Films 

■'■ In line with the conclusion that thie 
picture producer-distribUtors ; should 
make film only for American and 
Canadian sales, it is firmly believed 
that all corripanies .will make fewer 
■pictures arid - reduce costs in -. lin« • 
with the pbtentialities for profit of- 
fered by the doriiestic market, with- 
out . any regard whatever to what 
could cbme frbm abroad ' if salpa 
abroad are to be continued, ;This 
could mean the tbtal dissblution , of 
foreign departments. They are main- 
tairipd at considerable expense, takf; 
irig: in the; home-office personnel as ' 
well as the forces in various parts of 
the world. 

This expense has mounted, if any- 
thing, while iini recent years, prior t6 
World War 11, foreign markets here 
and there were being lost or being 
badly reduced, such Germany, 
Austria. Czechoslovakia, Italy. Spain ... 
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Hollywood, July 2: 
. In -- line with the studio's plan to 
build a staff ; of producer-directors, ; 
Parariiourit lis parting this week: with; 
producers Dale Van Every and 
St'Uart-Walker. . . ;-•,;-.;: 

Latter, has been with studio eicjht 
years; .Van Every.; started':' writer 
three years ago. ,■;/■■ ,.. :-■■; 

Jack Forrester After 
. ,. RKO Production UDtt 

Hays W^st Next Week 

: - Will Hay's, who ; attended thb 
G:p.P, CQtlventjon' ' ..Philadelphia 
last week, will :stay.- in New York for 
about 10 days before going to the 
Coa.'^t on' :his annual .sUmmcr. visit. \ 
Hays- .does riot plan to', return e^st 
until some time in' September just j 
before the quarterly meeting of the.; 
Motion . Picture Producei's 8c ,i)is- j 
tribiitbr'S A.ssn. .■ T'.:. - . ^ . ' ':•'! 

• Jack Forrester,; French film, - pro- 
ducer; h.oW, -in New . Yorky ^is italkinft. 
a film production unit with RKO. ., 
'■Richard W. Patterson, Jr., board 
eliairman of: RKO, di.scussed it iri ,.a.': 
prelimina'ry ; -way-;'; with! Forrester,' 
who will now huddle with GeOrge J. 
Schaefcr, "cDifipariy pr.ez.' '• - , ;: 

Lubitsch's RKO bicker 

. .Hollywood, July 2. 
. .:RKO ; • , v dickeripg With- - . Ernst 
liubi.tsch; to produce, and direct two ' 
feature. • ^: . ■ ■•,;■ '■•.. V • ■.■■'';■ ■ 

,' Deal would . not . conflict Withv his'; 
Uniled Artists commitment. 


Wednes<lkyi Jiily 3, 1940; 

Sludia Contracts 

. • \ lyashirigtonV July ■ 
.Top pay i'QT, any executive in 1939 
vvas the ,4?88,3ei9.45;' which XiouiS B. 
Mayer rebeived from . Loew's, ' Inc. 
The., Metro 5exec^ had ■ -a . relatively 
modest salary, .phly. $147,250, but his 
bonus of $541/119.45 him . ihdis- 
piitably -.ait 'lh'C^ head -of tlie li§t; 


'.; Ladr6sse,;.Wis.^ 'july ■ 
Anti-tr.i|st' case of iii'e;: LaC.rpsse 
Theatres . Co. . against. : PardrppUrit,' 

Figure ^tiU\- iar rbelow .- what;^^^ ' F'^^^^'^.^: ,;^^^'^^?V 

tised lo receive , in the good- old days, 
jalthbiigl^ it does .not include any r6-. 
ceipts irbm dividends, stock trains- 
■lactidns,: etc. •. ■. \. 

■ Irene, Dunne Was .tops among the 
players, witK . $«5,222, • inclijding.- ih- 
cpiT)e.;frorn'b6th RJCO and Universal;. 

: Supiiiemental ; . riepPr^t . cphtairied 
more info about jeattirtid 'players; 
than execs. But it stiil shows the 
ihcome of various off ice-fepldei's who 
drew ovier :$75,dOQ, . Full list released 
Sunday H.Sp) follows;: .>. ^ i 

. Loew's, Ihc.-^Libnel Barry niore-; 
$136,584; Freddie Bartholbmew, $118,- 
1 f ; Wallaic^ Beery; ^366,000; David 

worth-: Theatres, of .Wiscbhisin, -Min-r 
rtesota Ahius. Co. (Par),; and. Eddie 
Rubeins." conies ' -up before judge 
Patric Stone ■'■pf : the .Uv. S. ;distribt.; 
court bf Western Wisconsin . jpistrict 
bn July 12,.. with Robert Hess as at-, 
tbrhey for ipilaihtiff: 

This . suit is. predicati^d uppn . the. 
■Shernian and- Clayton Act and. seiks 
rjscovery of damages, and qthiei; relief 
■for' the .LaCrosse theatres! in :ina:t- 
teirs pf . availability; ; bf. ■ 'pr^ 
clearance, etc. 
. Attprfiey ' . Heisj ; particularly' ' , at 
this -time,, is .ittempting to . obtain 
court cbbpera'tion to ^^rocure proper 

: Hollywood, July 2, 
Bradburv Fbot<s inked new writing 
cohtragt .aV Metro! , . 
'.: .WaltvPisney aj^^^ ap- 
.^proval ojf • a rriihbr . pact -with AniV 
" GiUijs. . ■^/'■■■'/.y- : 

. .William. C^ -drjeNV a player 
ticket /ajt'rGblumhia., ■ ■'■^ ^; j ■ 

Metrd: . handed Russell .Rouse a 
junior, writing -deal; ■ 
•. .S.: Sylvan Simon renew^.. as : di- 
rector, at Metro.!' ,. . .y z^'''-. 
. Jea'ii Rbuverol iftked , scripting 
ticket;at- M^trpJ..- ... \-y--^- 
;! Geqrge Campau signied; ]Lp an acting 
deal-:at;;Warners;-. ^' ' ; 
■ 2.bth-Pox. lifted' its cam op- 
tion on! J; Peverell !Mafley». \ 

Ben Carter drew aii actor contract 
at 2ath-Fox. : ■}■ 

$i91 585-^1: t " 3i''^f'r $87 : | •^^'I'^siiions from a number - of peiv 
• f ' .. ■ ■' ' " ! sphis inyolyeid in . the Suit", indicatr 

; 0(6,500; • 


'«;^i^,.v'• /-^Arlington^ ■.!Bi:^i:f 

..J ,0r), . $184,833; Edwatd' \j'.iOdorQ\% 
$:/8iQQ0; J: J:: eohri; $90,000; ;Cliaua^^ 
Golbert, $125,000; j. W. . Cohsidine, 
Jr^, -$i22,iB66; Jack; Conway, ;$182,000; 
Joan ;CraWfbrd, $305,384; Gebrge 
;Cukorv $125,883; Jack Gummings, 
.$79,7i50;! Melvyri.:! Douglas- 
Sam - Eckman, jr., . $122j410; Nelson 
Eddy, 146,416; : Victor :F]iBming,; $156;- 
000; Sidney Frahldin, ,$169,000;: Jules, 
Furthttiaii, $S5,266; . Clark Gable; 
>272,000; Greta . .Gairbb, $270,000; 
Cedrit Gibbons, :$79;916; Ben Goetz, 
$76,525; vF^rhand Gravet, $12l,i242; 
Ben Hecht, $159,996; . txicieh Hub- 
bard, '$95,625; B; H.^Hyrfian, $104,750;! 
' SaTttwKatz; %$156,000; ■ Vincent Law- 
rence, $91,333; Robert ! Z. . Leohard, 
$I90;08i3; Mervyn LeRoy, $300,000; Al 
Lichtnian, $1,60,550; Louis D. Lightoh/. 
$156,166; A. M. LoeW, $183,377; Anita 
Ijposi $87,5001 ]VIyrna !Lbjv !$140,6e6; 
Ernst Lubitsch, $93,d69; John -^Lee 
Mahin,! ^86,833;.' Joseph' MankieWitcz, 
$156,000;. e; J. Mannix, $249,481; Louis 

B. Mayer, $6iB8,369; Robeirt iVIbnt: 
gornery, $209,750; Frank Morgan, 
$182,895; Jeahette MacDonald, $125,- 
000;: William; A. McG^^^ $76,250;. 
Eleanor Powell,: $85,59iB; Harry Rapf;. 
$137,339; tedward G; Rbbjinsoii, $100,- 
000; W. E.; Rbdgtiris;: $77,333; J. Wal- 

. ter Ruben, $91,000;. J; Robert Rubin, 
$218,423; Nicholas M: Schenck, $275,- 
673; Norma Shearer, $300,000; Louis 

' K. Sidney, $78,000; . Lawrerice .Stall- 
ings, $79,208; Jame.s Stewart, $75,291; 
Herbert Stothart, ! $78,000; Hunt 
Strpniberg; $328,817; Margaret Sulla- 
vari, ,$78,000; Norman Ta,urog, $l56,- 
€00; Benjamin Thau, $136,878; Rich- 
ard Thprpe,' $87v458; Franchot::.T.bne, 
$94,416; Spencer ,tra:cy,v^ 
W. S. Van Dyke, $216,750; King 
Vidor, $137,666; L. W.eingarten; $170,- 
272; Sam Wood^ .. $93,425; ' Jlobert 
young, $148,916. 
Marcus Loew Bookirig Agency— 

C. C. Moskowitz, $92,937. 
DarmouT, Inc.— Jack Holt; $103,- 

461. • . ■ 

Walt iDisney. Productions— Walter 
E, Disney, $104,111; Leopold Sto- 
kowski, $80,000. " r . ! 

-David L. Loew Prpductioris,_Inc.;— 
~ Joe:'Ey;Brow:ri,;$i65,db0, . 

Hal - Roach •• .Studiosr -Inc.T-^Oliver- 
Hardy, $116,850; Hal E. Roach; . $106,- 
000. , ::..-..-o 

. Columbia . Pictures— Jean Arthur,- 
$136,666; Samuel J. Briskin; $106,000; 
: Sidney . . Buchman, ! $92, 750; Frank 
Capra. $294,166; Harry Cohn, $ltl5,- 
500; Walter Connolly, $82,500; Gary 
Grant, $181,250;, Al Hall, $83,750; 
. HbWard Hawk ; $112,500; Katharine 
Hepburn. $75;0b0r ,Williaiii Perlberg, 
$92,750; Everett Riskih, $92,750; Jack 
• Cbhn, $100,120. •■ ' v-:;. ... ;..- . -. 

: Consolidated Filni Industries4- 
Herbert J. Yates, $75,200. • . : : ■.. '■!. 
: ' RKO-^Fred Astaire, $266,«37; .Pan- 
dro Berman, .. $213,773;' Milton 
Berle, .$B2,499; ! Charles- Boyer, '?84;- 
277; Richard ;Dix, ;. $85,015; ■ Irene. 
, Dunne, $255,222; Douglas' Fairbanks, 
Jr.,- $194,270;, CaVy Gr^ant,- $159,375; 
Gregory La Cava, $100iOOO; Leo Mq- 
Carey. $77,500; .Ghicb Marx, $83,333; 
Grbucho Marjc, .$83;333; Harpb Marx; 
.$83,333; George O'Brien. $$5,000; Joe 
penner, $90,500; Ginger Rogers, $208.- 
; 767; Barbara ; .Stanwyck, $117,291; 
George : Stevens; $1 30,416; Katharine 
• Hepiburn, $120,160; Ned ■:bepiriet;:$86,- 

921. :' '3;--'.;'.:;:-. ' ' :-. :'■; 

20th Century-Fbx — George: and 
. Gertrude Temple, $102,166. . ■ 
. JUhiyers. l-T^.Ghi'rles Winninger, $82,- 
000; JEdgar Bergen, $90,416; Rowland 
V. Lee; $104,375; W. C. Fields, $115,- 
000;- Henry .! Ko.sler, $118,916';.., Joe: 
-Pasternak-, : $119,875; Victor McLag- 
ieri, $123,333; Charles Boyer, $130,- 

.B :v;' : ^"^d. J*^^^'^ bfficial plea that the de; 

^' ' ' fendants have been attempting to 

delay and hinder the ijlaintiff from: 
proceeding to ■ actual , trial '! though' 
the case itself has been' on! record 
: since July 18, 1938. • : '/ ■ 

Erpi Sues to Recover 

Los: Aingeles, July 2. 
Electrical Research 'Products; Jnc.,: 
filed suit in superior court against 
Educat.forial ; Studios and, others tb 
recover $250,000 trust deed, signed 
in. 1931 by E;. W. Hammons as pres- 
ident of Educational. ■ 
: Others named in the- action are 
Security-First National Bank, West- 
ern Service Studios: (formerly' Edu- 
cational ) arid Fine Arts ^Prbducing 
&■ Distributing Corp. 

Erpi Patents Upheld 

; U. is. Circuit . Court of Appeals;' 
Philadelphia, has affirmed the lower 
court decision ^yh^ch held filectrical 
Research Products sound patents did 
hbt - infringe on British Acoustic' 
Films, Ltd., -and. that b'bth patents in! 
question were invalid.^ ' " ' 

-British '• AcoUstic Films. !: Ltd., 
brought! its action: against ERPI 'in 
JanUarji^, 1938, being tried in the dis- 
trict court at Wilmington. Del. Judge 
Nields' decision ruled for ERPI. 

20th Extends Brower 

Hollywood, July 2; 

Director at :2Qth-Fox for Tive .:years, 
Otto Brower. draws' ariother fiye.-year 
term! Aug. 25 when his current pact 
expires.. . ..■■'--..•.■■,'■.;'•:■■■•".,! 

Brower has piloted 20 features and 
handled secbhd /units • dozen 
more at Westwood. . 

..: .Iridianaipolis, July 2; 
;; :A suit-ior $876,600 was filed Mori- 
day (1) against the. operatoxs of Cir^ 
cle; Indiana arid •LoeW's theatres by 
Charles m; Olsen, owner of the Lyric, • 
and . priricipal Officer: iri the Apollo 
Amus. Co., operators of the how 
shuttered Apollo theiaitre!; • The -isuif 
charges that during the period of the 
lease . held by the Fourth ; Ave.: arid 
the Greater Indiianapolis Airius; Co. 
that choice pictures . !were played at 
the: Cirbie arid: Indiana theatres iri 
an attempt to destroy the reputation 
of the Apollo. Lbcw*s;:Inc;; is charged 
with ; cbilusion,.. > The • Apollo Amus. 
Co.: charges that when the lease ex-;.:^ 
pired :and the; theatre. s reverted to. 
pisen, other distributors refused to 
enter into any contract wHh the 
house. .:!■; ■ . • ■' : ■ 

• ; Warrier Bros.;- Vitagraph and. 2pthr: 
Fox are $peciafically riamed^^^ 
ing in . collusion with . Fourth Ave.- 
and Greater Indianapolis Anius, 
Suit a Isb included Metro, RKO; Co-- 
lumbia, Paramount, United Artists 
and Univiersal; 

Special Sessions Of 
States Augur Possibly 
Added Taxes 00 Amus; 

RKO's New P.R. Office 

Although eight states met in- reg,- 
ular legislative session this year, big- 
gest threat to the ; filhi business now: 
rests with the special sessions which 
v/ill top the regular meetings. •! Each 
succeeding.- special • m 
legislators carries ...a : distinct, threat 
.to the . industry : . because - riumerbus 
s^tes :are confrbnted;.^^ 
oi getting additional revenue, and 
amusements . always ..'have, loomed as 
an easy plum; 

y- Five states already have held spe- 
cial /sessions: ^nd . adjpurried-lMrali- 
fbrnia, !ijbuisiana, ' Nebraska, Illinois 
and Perinsyivariia. California, which 
always has a batch, of involved meas- 
ures, goes back into session next Dec; 

New territorial office for : RKO's j ^ because, the solons presently are, 
foreign department at San Juan; j inerely recessed.' New special con- 
Puerto Rico, with Ned S. ' Seckler. in ' '^-'^^^ •^^^'"^^^ for Pennsylvania last 
charger -will ' not ; be- opened- unfil-!-^"''®' ^'^^ :.--•--.-—■— •■ ■■■ r . 
sept. 1. ■ ■ I .The, industry thus far_ has fared 

Seckler had been home oflibe «p- 1 f^'^ well ;at WTiaridsCof stat^^^ 
m Havana and: IS now 
ting details: 

P. R. set- 

islatiye::bodies, 'not being singled out 
above other businesses for addiflSnal 
taxes. But the necessity 'of addi- 
tional stiates., calling special meet-: 
ings,: looms for: the final months this 
year.: ..;^.-. ':■ ■■•[: : •.;.■ ,: ; :^ ; : ,..■;-'■.'-:'.• :' 
Gonsideration: may be resumed at . 
a special session oh Louisiana's cii*.- 
cuit tax bill, which sets up assess- 
ment on exhibitors ! pWhing two ,or 
mbre theatres iri . one; ;Cbm.ftiuriity. 
Legislatibn has .gbne ; Ihrbugh the 
house and now is before the. senaite. 
^. . , ^ Tax V Applies only' !;b^ 

000; Edna Mae , (Deanna) .Durbmi third, fourth, etc., theatres to those 


Hqliywood, July 2. 
Metro picked Frank 'Bbrzage! to 
pilot 'Flight Command,' the next 
IRobert Taylor starrer. . 
.. Producer ' . J. Walter Ruben. .: 

000; Basil Rathbone, $140,833;: Sing 
Crosby, $150,000; Irene Dunne, $.150, 

$174,916; John M.: Stahl, $196,000. 

Vitagraph. Inc.— S. C; Einfeld, $84,- 
OO.P; GradWell L. Sears,. $84,000; X 

Warner ;Bybs..;C.ii'cuit. Mariagein^ri.t 
Corp;-— Joseph Bernhard, $110,000. 

Warner / Bros; , Picture's— ^Sam ' E. 
.Bilorris, $"78,000; Lloyd :Biacon, $179,-: 
125; Sam Bischoff, $104,250; Henry 
Blanke, $86,500; George Brenit, $99,- 

:cbmirig under the limits of ■ t!he cir';. 
cult tax' measure, no fee being 
charged on. the first house. ' 

Missouri is set to. call a special 
meeting of. the ilegislatUre this month 
to appropriate funds for: belief pur- 
poses dui-ing the remainder of 1940. 
.. : Regular sessions wiere held . this 
year by .Kentucky, Louisiiana; ■ Mis- . 

208;: James Cagney,' $243;000; ; Michael ^ sissippi, : New ; Jersey \New York 
Curtiz, $171,000; Bette Davis, $143,-1 Rhode. Island, South. Carolina and 
;"458; ElW'Ol'Fljrrin-,:$I81,333j--Le-d Forb-' ' -.Vlrglpia.. 
stein, ;$78,000;.,'Br.1an:; FQy, $109,916; 

Edmund Gouldrng,.;:$168,916; Willi airi 
keighley, $d9i000; Anatol Litvak, 
$117,857; Robert . Lord, $134,450; ' Pat 
O'Brien, $140,333; Claude R^ins, $98,- 
0C3; Casey .Robinson, $85,666; Max 
Steiner, $78;000;. H. B. Wallis, $260,- 

" Lift Charged 

.000; H. , M. Warner, $156,000; J. L. 
Warner; $156,000; . Albert ■ Warner,' 

•: ; . Los Angiele-s, July 2. 

■ Hans Re.hfisch,: . German play- 
wright, 'filed suit for $.750,000 against 
Warners, charging, plagiari^sm. 

;'Writer- clairils pibtUre,. 'The.Life of. 
Emile Zola,' ^was-lifted from his stage 
j:^drama, 'Die Affaire Dreyfus'. ' : 

Small Prod. Tapers Off 

Honjr\yood, July 2. 
. Production by the; Edward Small 
outfit halts for an indefinite period 
after completion of 'Kit Carson' and 
The Son of Monte Gristo,' the last 
two of this year's : schedule .Ibr 
linitcd Artists release. 

'The Gorsican Brothers,' the only 
Smiall comimitriient On the 1940-41 
prograim for tlAy is still, without a 
•starting . date. ;• -.'/'::.,'''' 

Local 143. lA (St. L), 
: Ends Rec ei versbip (i 
With Posies for All 

; : ;--!;.-:^ :"•■■ St. Louis,. July X : 

Circuit Judge / Ernest F. Oakley! 
last week terniinated /the /reeeiver-: 
ship of lATSE,. Local No. 143, which;: 
according to / report filed ' in. the 
tribunal, has $12,025 in cash, arid 
bonds And stocks valued at $61,000, 
on .-haridi. - : Expenditures; during! the 
.receivership /totaled $3,174. Included 
were :- purchase .'of bonds, $22,058; 
salaries of officelrs," $1 1 ;276; / benefit: 
payments to unemployed operators;; 
$8,965; plckeling expenses, $1,620. . 

Robert A. Roessel, attorney for the 
group of Operators who . succeeded 
in their fight for the pernianent 
ouster of John P. . Nick . arid Clyde A. 
Weston if rom executive posits in the 
:local,! was paid: $30,000 by . thie:. mem- 
bershipi../ ■:'/Prariic ... p; ■ Aschemeyer, 
counsel for/ the receivers,: .\vas: paid 
$12,000, both payments being rnade 
directly by the; Union •'.without court 
action. ' James - A./ McKeo wn; one bf 
the; cp-receivers; received a : $5;O0O 
fee! for his services after he had 
filed a claim for $14,000. William 
M; Brandt,, secretary of the. Central, 
■rrades; arid Labor, .Unibn; the other 
receiyer, d(fecliried any; gratuity for 
his services, " arid the :/central body 
boosted his salary. -;.;-..'., \ 

■ ..In . terminating / the / receivership, 
Judge. Qakiey Was iaVish in his ;d'jsi; 
tributibn : bf posies to the entire 
Union . riiember.ship; theVreceivers and 
all . attorneys involved/ i n the case, 
remarking they had done ' swell : 
job in reforming the br.ganization. 
As a 'gesture of -good, will, after: its 
sweeping victory for a . new three- 
year wage sca;ie arid, obtaining' the 
disriiissal of - two damage suits ag- 
gregating $275^000 . agiins.t /it,. ^"Locfll 
No. 143 paid for a/ large ad that 
appeared in the daily rags! The 
heavily bordered aid. in heavy type 
rineasured five volumris wide and 
five inches deep. It read: 'To the 
Public: - . Motion Picture Operaiors* 
.Union No. 143. wishes, to thank , its 
friends . and Sympathizers for their 
moral" .support. We are happy ' to 
announce '.the/ settlement!. pfvourxe,- 
/cent- Goritrbveirsy With Fanchon &. 
Marco !? and St;; Lou i s A muse 'm en t ' 
• Co, Your good ■will . arid! future 
patronage . will be/ appreciated by 
both management and employees. A 
good movie will contribute :to your 
.peace of mind' and; happiness.' 
' Nick, under' the direction of 
George E. Browne, prez of lATSE, 
•tobk oyer control of Local No. 143! 
in 1935 and his regime, marked by! 
bickerings with the exhibs, . .ended, 
last month when he !. and ! Weston 
lost their jobs by order of Judge 
Oakley. In April. Nick tossed in the 
sponge as first .y.p! o.f the .interna- 
tional body, giving illness as thte 
reason; Last :trionth Westori, wHom 
Nick installed' as business: agent for 
Local No. 143, -was knbcked off when 
he sought to succeed hirifiself as. sec- 
retary Of the .Ninth District of the 
Alliance, which coyers Missouri and 
.eight other middle western states; 

I. J. 


..-;•■:. Detroit, July 2. 
: . Close to $500,000 iri new theatre 
construction here has been launched 
by;. I. X- I*ondon, ' circuit owrie.r, and 
his son, Burton, who plan three new 
houses. They have bought 120-fbbt 
lot . across ;frbm ;;their Lincoln, hrid 
^y^l ; construct a i,200iseater. bri the 
site.. This will Operate, ori a big bill, 
all-day policy (10 a, m. to; 2 a; .riS.) 
• with .a 15c. admission. ' 
'.-•- A hall a ;mile West of this loca^ 
tion the dircuit will.put lip ^ai l,4.'50-: 
seater ready eairly. in 19f 1; Trie, 
largest unit in the exparisibn program., 
is .the' ltex, : iprm by J. 

B. Mitchell ,and taken oVer by the 
Londons Jiirie 30. Present house will 
be razed with ai new 1,400-seater, 
which will include a bowling alley 
going up at a cost of 


:/ ; New A. C. Hoiise ■• !.- ! .^ 
Atlantic City, July; 2. 
Ciriema, elaborate new Atljintic 
avenue film house, .was fbrriiaJjy 
opened ; Saturday night ! (29) with 
much' cereriiony and • speeches by 
Mayor Tom Taggart and other city 
bfflcials. New. house is last word in 
modern equiprii,eht, decorations arid; 
lavish cbriifbrts. , . /'- ;• - 

: Ejcterior is' in colorful ivory glass 
with : UriiQMe . marquee, ■ lighted by 
fluorescent glbw. Marquee is .shaped 
in half-qirculair design, the first of; 
its kind in the east Theatre . is Under 
direction of ; Harry I; Waxmari, ; Avho . 
.jalso has the Astor and Holly wbod on- 
same street. Sy Waxman, ' who for- 
merly managed the Astor, :will boss ; 
new house. 

lijkeri Frofic 

: Hollywood, July. 2. - ; 
; Leon Schlesinger ;gave his eritire 
staff of 200 two. weeks vacatibri; shut- 
tering the cartbori plant Until July 

15, ^ .-'-'. , \ .; . //; -■"■• •■; :■'- 
' Studio's 1939-40 prograrh of 42 car- 
toons for Warners was'; finished ! a 
month! ahead of time, and 20 of next 
season's schedule/ , ■■' '•; various 
stageis of inking. ' . !..; -■./■././ 


. . '- . !'.; .■. Hollywobd, :July 2. ■ 
! .'Heriry C; Potter ! gets the .dire.ctoir- 
iOb on "rhe'Ariierican Vagabbhd,! the 
story bf O, Henry's carieer; for Na- 
..tibna) .Pictures •.(■Boris /Morros); ^ . 
•: .• Currently ' Potter is'.readying/ 'Sec- 
ond Chorus' fbi: the same company; 
Filming starts July. 22. • 

New" Theatres Around St; Lob' 

- St. Louis,; July 2. .; 
; . Marchesi!Bros.>!Amboy, 111., lighted 
new -house in Amboy. 

-'Sam and Louis ; SOsria; v^ady:jng 
new 400-5eater;,in Mexic.b; Mo, Sam 
operates ; ; house in Manhattan, 
Kan., arid Louis owns . in Mb'- 
berly. Mo; '., ': ■;•■.',!•■ ' 
:■' B.; F, 'Shafer, Lacbn,.. 111.- /build-- 
irig the New Shafer, Lacon; 420-/ 
seater opening skedded for early Au- 
gust. - ,!/--'; /;!■ . ■/ ■■... ;:■■:..■■ ..• 

't. J.. price returris as. Jnariager^ of 
the Hbme, Oblong, 111. which re- 
cently / underwent!' extensive ; :.fac« 
lifting. ■• /. . !.:;■.. . ■■/.'' ' 

. The DeGraw, Brookfield, / Mo., 
owned by Fbx Ozark Amus. Co., 
Kansas: City, will be cbmpietely : 
modeled. . ^••^!;-.- '■ . .- ■ ' ■■•.:,.- '^ !.- 

; Walter J. Bushholtz has new- 300- 
seater for New Haiyen, Mo, . 
. . F. W. Anderson plans for/new 500- 
seater iri .Morris, 111., !by Sept. ^ 1. . 

Abe Werbner, : Lewisitown,' in;, 
will build new hoUse in Lewisto.wn 
tb supplement the: Princess,: same 
to.wn, which he also owris arid op- 

Emil and Charles Carpenter. Silvia,: 
III., -who operate the . Majestic and. 
Strand In East Moline, 111.; will spend 
$35,000 for riew SOOTseater in Silvia; 
A third brother, Joseph, will operate 
the new house. 


^^^^^ » 

/ • Joe Moskowitz "West 

... Joe Moskowitz left Monday '(l ) 
for. Hollywood. 

. : He ; will confer with 20th-Fox 
studio, heads on stories and talent; \ 

Metro and the Loew theatre^ are 
experimenting :with the single billing 
bf , 'New^; Moori' in towns which ai e 
under dUals, . and duiring the : past 
week among dates in wriich the pic- 
ture opened sold are Akron. Cblum- :■ 
bus, Indianapblis, KanMS City, Louis- 
ville,. Prbviderice, Rochester - and 
Syracuse. ' > . .: ; ! 

Other' circuits and independents 
,.are also corisidering ■ s : m ilar exh'ib i - 
tion of/ 'Moon' where the towns are 
In.the twin bill category. ; 

Hiilaed Her Sicilian? 

..-! tos Angeles, July 2. 
Rosini Sobeck,! composer^ filed suit 
in U. S.. distriet court for $1,000: 
against Decea Records, charging; , 
fringment of cojiyright: :! ;: 

Plaintiff claims her ditty; 'Sweet 
-Sieiliari Maid,'/ was. rbcorded and; dj >; 
..tributed as * 

'RING' ;iiN LEONARD ■■ r.. 
. ■: Hollywood, Jiily . 2. 

^ Robert; Z. Leonard gets -the :direct- 
ing! jpb on the Myrna Loy starrer, 
'Third Finger, Left Hand.' at Metro, 
slated; to start, iri. two weeks: . 

'Finger,' a- light comedy, has . been , 
pu.shed ahead of 'Ziegfeld Gil).' 
which Leonard /will also pilot 

Wednesday, Juljr ^t 1940 


Indications in th6 trade this week were that the entire tax struc^^^ 
would be gone over by Gongress wheri; it meets next jainuary, with 
the, theatre ticket, taxation setu^ to be inciiided. Film business^ then 
will strive to get 10% flat admission on aU tickets frpin i(k; u^ 
The. majority of distributors and ^^^^^ is th(B 

only way to'lwld;up thep^^ 

'■■ Another thing which will be ; advocated, whe>ri the tax alignment 
comes up' f 6r revisipri. will be a plea that all exemptions be eliihihatied, 
although : cohgressmeh thus far have indicated they Were afriaiU tp 
mehtipn Churches or schools ^^s^^^ They will do this by flatly 

lifting any exemptidhs, with ho roehtion of any class or group! 


.'■ . . ■• Omaha, July 2. 
Oniaha .thieatres are meeting the 
new tax situatidh in different Waiys. 
The Tri-Stsites outfit (Orpheum and 
. Omaha) are adding Sc'to th^ rilatinee 
pr ices ahd a'strai'ght 10%^^ or Ac to' the 
night prices. It was explained that 
the df ternopihi tSx ~wiU m the: Grdv- 
ernnifent retiuirements witti 3c and 
the pther 2c will be for the expenses 
.Incurred by :the theatre in prdviding 
a handling setupi. ' 

The 20 neighbdi-hood; theatres, in- 
cluding the Goldberg and the Epstein 
groups, and the independents, Will- 
add a straight 10%, to the admission; 
and - let it go ; at that. 
' The Brandeis, Mprt Singer's house^; 
Is simply sticking pnvthe taSc to tlie 
'admission price. 

. Alt dperatprs agreed that, the 
houses ipduld hot alfprd tp absorb the 
tax a£ has been done, at Various times 
■previpusiyi/ ■ ' 

So far, rip squawks from the pub- 

■^lic;.:-.^ ;vv^-- 

thidaite& Jii^ Passing 
Tax on to the Public 

: : In the vast inajority of casesi, the- 
. atres, chairi;' and independent, are re- 
ma inirig. at the, same scales as in the 
past/ With the 10% tax pasised on to 
the public. Within five days of being 
forced to lay plans for the cpllec- 
tipn of the tax, which went into ef- 
; feet July 1 (Monday), theatre pper- 
ators were quick to consider the ad- 
visability .of being xareful not: tP 
create public res'entmeht by increas- 
ing admissions even ■ a couple ; of 
cents. Tax law passed last .Wediies- 
day (26); r 

Meetings^ were held among the 
niajPr chains for agreement on polr 
icy and alsp by independent exhibr 

. itorV associations, with, the- prepoiir. 
deraht opinion being that it would be 

at the b.p. thrpugh the expediency 

- of the 10%^;ax starting at 21e; It also . 
Was the general agreernent that the- 
atres now charging. 25c would not 
drop to 2bc, which is tax-free, al- 

:■ though; in chain circle^^ 
that sprne hou^s may bring 25c kid 
: prices -down to the 20c ceiling. This 
is being pondered and may be placed 
into effect by the .coming Weekend; 
With kids now out of Schodi ifor the 
summer- ^~V' r v".. 

It is believed some .independents 
may reduce a nickel M get to 20c, 
but pointed out that in . such cases 
the questipiii of •clearance, eriteifs ihto 
the itiatter since the 30c exhib up 
front will be getting 33(:, and more 

; than that where thiere is a state tax 
; to also be added. 

^Vood. Discusses ^Problem ; ■ 
;. . Pete Wood, ;,exhibitdr leader: of th^ 

: , Indepiendent Theatre Owners : of 
: Ohio, ; who was in New York last 

: ;Week .and discussed the tax: problem; 
jyrth major heads, pointed up the en- 
larged difTerence that Wpuld be ere- ■ 

. ^ted if one cxhib cut^ his scale and 
t^hfr other fellow, ahead of him on 
.film./. doesn't. :^ This - is. •particularly 
jrMe in Ohio, where a stbte tax is 

' being collected now on' ail aditiiij- 

'Wood has recommended . to the 
members of the ITO of • Ohio, that no 
]"eatre should attempt to absorb the: 
.,taxi but reported in other parts of 
Ji^e country that trade associations" 
naye sugges^a; that;perhaps itAvbuld 
fContinuied on !pag6 19V . 

this ' in Release 

;li03 ;Anigeles, July i. . 
. Warners will issu6 'Ali 
Heayeri Tod! on general ,, . ef- 
fective 'July : 

Rpadshdw tryout here ahd iri a 
few other spots .Convinced; Wi3 exeCs 
that: picture failed to measure up to 
rpadshdw calibre at advancied prices, 
but OK on. the regjular runs. . ' 


Minneapolis,. July 2. ' 

All theatres here— Parahipunt, Sin- 
ger .and independents — are passing 
the . new ; admissioh. teixea along to 
the. public. Inasmuch^ as vast ma- 
jority charge 25C and more, the new 
taxes are .proving of vital 'concern.- 
. The 25c neighborhood spots, going 
to 28c,: including tax, will urge that 
they be given an additional week's 
ctearahce over the 20c spdts Which 
are unaffected. Most of the ex-: 
changes here appear fayprabl* to 
such a clearance increase. 

For the present matinee prices— 
15c at houses charging 28c at night- 
will liot be chianged. Thiere is a be- 
lief .among many of the exhfbitdrs 
that these prices 'should .be advanced 
at: least-a-nickei - because,- they 
the spread : between matinee and 
night admissions will be too great 
and because conditions call for a 
boost. ■ ■ 


yeterah T h e a t r e vManager 
.Impatient with Price-J«r 
glihje- — -Fayor» Cut* Rather 
Than ^- >6sts fior j5on»e:Fil' 

"'it'iiLIC ILL-WILL 

Toin ' Gorman,' vet theatre rnan,: 
hpW head :df . the Chicago division' of 
ftko theatres, . currently ;ih;i~ New: 
:Vprk for home; .office powwows bri 
the neW . 10%; tax -structure; is put- . 
spoken in hi.ij.bolief that not., only 
shoutd ,sho\vi . ■ • ; 'forget any .delu- 
. : ■.dniission scales, 
e tp revise them ^ 
a points to' .War- ' 

Warners' Talent Roster 

; Holly wood, July . 2;' 
Nie.W contract list at War.ners dis^ 62 stairs .and featured pia'y^ 
drawing r<?gulair. salaries. 
: Burbanfc lot. also has 44 writers, 17 
directors -arid . eight dialog directors 
on its roster. : 

sions a 
but it 

preparatory to'- ' organising the 
ofTice help .and bookers of . .all . the 
;cduhtry's exchanges,: the - Americah: 
Federation of Officie. ; ' Enripldyees, 
which valready his a ' contract with 
jlTniversal ' . New . YPrk. has: held 
several, meetinjis -dui-ing the; past; twP 
\veek.i', with -(Jistributdr ■ •''represCnta- 
'tiveSv . . ■•■ ■•.■.■'•' ••.■'■'';. 

: .:The Min.|6n - ; qohtiniiing:' negptia; 
tio.ti.s' and . repbrt.'x . that-- satisfactory 
.pr'b.gres.<; . I.'? being: made.. tPw.ard. first 
setUng . .up , contractis to cover ^the 
;Al.bany (^f. Y:) br,nnche<;. Gdhsider- 
able- preliminary organizing has.heeri: 
•gpiiig .-.oil in Albany for / several 
friphths-. n.ow. .In- the /ev^ organ- 
izing tine cx.ciian'ges o£ all lhe:;dis-. 
ti-l.butpi^s : there,- . th e : AFOE ;. plans 
■rttoviiig! btv to bther. 'bra'hch centers..: 
' Following certification by Wash-- 
ingtPn as Ihe accredited bargaining' 
agciit 'for ... office^ help , in '. the ex-' 
charigcs. - . the- . union, : Local .10290, 
.affiiiated with . the ; Americjan Federa- 
tion . of Labor, incepted: negotiations 
with? Warner Bros^.in 1^1. Y.- but ndt 

iniersi' . 'vhis, and Heaven 

Too,'. ' .- . . played at ' upped 
prices , :.. of his .houses, and 

adds thv-'t possibly even a 'Gone yfith 
thd. : Wii; opening cold todays 
cduldn't get; away ; with the ; 75c arid. 
fl.lO scale idea that 'Heaven' has. 
tried td emiilate. . , . 

At regular priceSf lHeavenV some- 
thing else again. But (iprman says, 
■I just-tPld the other ItlCO managers 
and theatre pebple that it's as falla- 
cidus an idea tP juggle, admissiph 
prices as . it would be for a Clothier 
to charge $75 for a well-fittirig suit 
one day, and a month later the same 
customer comes back and ypu try td 
charge him. the same 75- bucks for a 
;pair of pveralis, 

'It's no different With- pictures.. 
And. if a Ipusy B picture cornes 
along,, it's; Comparable to the overalls 
and prices shouldi he' cut' Oh the 
other hand; for niuality films, ihain- 
taiin ydur' 75c scale. But don't try, to 
boost it suddenly to $1.10 when an 
extraordinarily good picture should 
hit ypu once every - six months. By 
:the. same token, you'd have td ciit 
downwards every other week, prac- 
tically, td readjust prices with some 
of the popr. quality product.' 

Though there is division of thought 
on the matter,, and basically the 
theory is regarded as sound, that a 
good picture should get a higher ad- 
mission than a poor one, the ma- 
jority opinion in the trade is, there's 
danger in creating public ill-will if . 
this became practice. One top dis- 
tributor official even expressed; the 
opinion that the: public shouldn't be 
expected to pay more than the estab- 
lished' scale of the theatres;r-: 

. The .average exhibitor takes a. 
similar view when it comes. to. rentals: 
which dictate the manner : in Which 
his theatre must be -operated, the! 
price that he must get, etc; - His com.-; 
plaint is ■ that the] ': distributors are : 
getting : higher rentals : than they.- 
shoutd on the flops,; so why should 
more be demanded whehoa sock :is to 
be : played? This; iis the ■ squawk on 
percentage pictures and the split; 
figures set for the top pictures,' with .; 
the, exhib; believing that ' he should, 
be ; permi tted to; earn -m'pire on. the ; 
hits than he does- to make: up for the .] 
■dogs' that have been played,, and ,dn ' 
Which, in mo.^t Cases, •; adjusttnehts 
haVe to be fought for. ' ■:; ! ' 

: Theatre public in Canadian ; key 
cities prefei-s single ' features, Va- 
RiEty's poll shpws, 70% , beirig[ for 
solo bills and 30% for duals. As 
in previous U. S. findings, the ex- 
hibitors in Canada also hope for 
singles ;to . return but see ; small 
chance of accomplishing - it under 
present setup,,. Others, are outspoken 
in' favor of .dualing *simply because 
theit patrons seemingly prefer two 
features. CThis winds up the sur- 
vey on dualing]. 

Thias, , J. . B. . 3arron, manager of 
Grand> Caigary, says ■ he favors 
double . features and thinks his pa- 
trons dp^ Pete Egan, manager of 
Palace, Famous : Players • circuit 
house, same city,, is strongly for 
duals, pointing, to a poll of his c.iis- 
tptners which showed 65% in favor 
of them and ..their continuance. 

However, in Regina, the. exhibs 
lean towards , eliminating duals., . H. 
A. Bercdwich, manager of Rex, 
there. States: 'Double features are a 
necessity only, to a great majority 
of theatre-goihg. public who becarite, 
accustomed. .. to ; entertainment in 
double doses during depressiori years 
and Who still demand that fare; . As 
long as the exhibitor is forced tp 
buy 60% of his product which is 
only suitable; fbr second . features 
there will be duals. Since there is 
a derhahd for two pictures, this, gives 
film a chance to slough them off,' He 
believed the x)niy way to eliminate 
double bills would be for the pro - 
(Continued on page 16) :. 



With other.s. : Pis'cus'slons : witji ; VV^B; 
relate hot the Ni Y. ox^ 
of thejCQmpany but its :h6me office 
arid warehouse as .well. ;: 

. "The AFOE has a contract with TCfj 
cdverihg its hpme pflice; and branch 
in;; Nv Y. Which runs, --.until- :-next , 
February. It yiiicludos bookers iti its 
membership, which accounts for the 
arbitratipn .of the :Case invplying the 
dismifjsal . in Aprii of Sam 'Phillips,. 
U's vhead ;booker. 

■ Two arbiter.s for U- and twp:fqr tl'ie 
union haviriji been unable to rc;ach a 
decision,;' a fifth, .neutraV. afbitra;tpr- 1 
has boen appointed by; the' cqUrts:,^^ 
that a majority opinion can be ob- 
tained; A' formal, hcarinif of the. five 
ar-Jjiters Will, probably be held within 
a week. ' 

--• ■Chicago,;; July; ?. .■ 
; Hearing^ new applicationvfor 
writ of habeas corpus for Willie Bi- 
off , • Coast exec ;6f ; the International 
Alliartce ■ : of Theatrical Stage Em- 
ployees, :.. was . .pdstponed .liast Week 
by Chicago; Justice John Prystalski, 
of th^; Criminal Court. ::•;< 

: Biolf has .been in the Bridewell 
since April 15 Serving . oiit . a six-^ 
inipnth sentence oh charges of pander-' 
ing for which^he Was - sentenced in 

;j922v- :; ; ^v-. ',-■;. '.-■ ;' 

■';.';;:■;■ ■'.. :Missed: 'the. Boat •■'7' ',; \.'-:/ 
> ^ • ^ ; ;;:Sprihgfield, 111., July :2: '-'^ 
Robert . Phillips,;, chief clerk^ o 
illinois Pardon ; aind Parole Bparfi, 
.stated this week; that William Bioff 
has : lost all chaiice to obtain re-' 
lja.sp : from a 22-year-old pahdertng 
cohyiption .tliro;ugh.;clenicncy'. 

. .Phiil ips - xsa id ■ Bioff "s-appljcatioh-r'.fpr'' 
clennbricy ha;d been . continued- until 
Oct, 7; because of. the^ prisoner's 'fail- 
ure, to ■ bprppjete - technical requ 
ments . for ■.the.- petition, -. ;Bibff ..■is, 
schcdiiled ' for ;; September release 
after/. returhing;;'tb jail; ih April- to 
finish the old slk. months': .senteriGe',. 
Phillipi?-^ said the application coUld 
have;.been docketed for hearing VJuly 
9, iC -BiofT'fuiniled legal require.- 1 
ment.-) for" three weeks of newspaper '. 
adverli.'iinK atid nptificalipn 6£ prin.; / 
cipals.'in' the ca;s .'. .'V ; ;- .-. '. -; ( 

;;.':' ;^.- ■ : . Hpllywood, JulJ^ :'2;,; 
/Central Casting strike passed iritp: 
the third week with producers and 
the ; American;; Federation bf ' Office 
Employees - ; far apart pn wages, 
hours and .working conditions; af tet 
almost; daily sessiphs. • Major im* 
passe, is the questibn of Overtime for 
casting :.. directors. : Elma' ; -Goodwin, 
AFOE head, ; said that if no agree- 
ment is re^iched tdday she: would" 
order . all studios picketed ; tomor-. 
row. (Wednesday). Pat , Sdmerset, 
Screen ' . Actors Guild ■ /exec, : /said 
picket lines - would be recbgnized- by ' 
actors if all. entrances are covered. 

Prcxy . Ralph Morgan, of SAG, 
has... .circularized members . With 
plea 'for niore loyal/ty and less, gos- 
sip. / If you can't prove it . shut; up* 
was.- gist .of hjs /cdmmuriique. ' 
. SAG leaders: are- aroused '-y; re- 
ports that one of its. execs aided in 
the . preparation- . . blacklisting 119 
•preferred'; extras; ■ which ' cate- 
gorically denied. ■ ,.:..,;^atipn of ' I. b; kofhblum as 
executive secretary of the -American 
Guild of Variety Artists was accept-- 
ed by the board Monday (1 ) night. 
He remains as counsel for the L: A. 
chapteir aftei"' receiving a cPnfidencW 
ypte and thanks, pf the board fPr his 
organization /.wpi-ic.- K o r n b 1 u m * s 
withdrawal, is in : line with retrench- 
ment piolicy..' :■ 

The IATSE was made defendant in 
a $250,000 damage suit filed in Su^: 
perior court by 10 expelled members 
growing out oi lA scrap with United 
Studio Technicians Giiild and latter's 
subsequent dissolution. , Alliance is 
charged with 'guilt of oppression; 
fraud, malice and wrongful acts, and 
Conspiracy to deprive them of liveli- 
hocwl.'.: '/ ^; . 

I. Robert . Broder, counsel for 
Artists Representatives Assdciatioh 
of New York, is reporting favorable 
reaictiori in all cities visited / on a 
move to give his; organization'; na-; 
tional status. Meetings here are con- 
cerned with bringing Coast agents 
and film ijpDkers into the group. 
Meetings liaye been- called fpr both 
Chicago and Frisco, fpllpWing 
Brodtr's visit, looking to' early action 
on proposed linking of organizatipii. 
: DroppinDr 3,000 Extras 
Approximately 2,000; extras are 
scheduled; to be dropped by the 
Screen-Actors Guild Aug. 1 under a 
neW ruling which eliminates one-day 
Work permits arid provides for the 
suspension; of players who fall 90 
days behind in dues. New pruning 
order was announced a> beirig. in 
line with policy of the .SAG tp/elim- 
Jnate. -ocxasipnaL-.-extMa-f rPm -indus-^ 
try; and provide niore. jobs for regu- 
lai?s Who depend :upori the "picture" 
business for a livelihood. 

In.anridpncirig the new move, Ken- 
neth Thpriisorii/ SAG executive scc- 
reta'ryv stated: . 

■Our . preserit .■adjustment, andl 
leniency policy is clearly incpnsist-r 
ent With bur expressed interitipn of 
reducing the number of casual extra 
players: in the industry. By revising' 
that : / Iiblicy now /: and / substituting 
much /mote 'stringent rules We ban : 
bring about. a: sharp .decrease in our" ' 
Glass B ■ rnembership, - Thiis : pur 
problem; of : spreading iwbTk -will be 
Cut.*; -'' .;•■,;"■ .:■.■ ; ' ■A-':?''::- -^ ■■ 

Simultaneousiy, the : SAG an-.; 
riouhced: that extra calls into Cen- 
tral Casting Corp. • for: jobs will .be . 
liriiited/ tp' pne in each 1 5-niiriute pe- . 
ripd^ arid stated; that t'he .Guild Will / 
not; permit unfair discrimination ; 
against ; aiiy / hiember . .or group pf: 
players.. -.-\'r-his -' ;anrioUrice^ Was; 
interpreted .'to mean .that ban on 119 . 
t«p'-mbniBy- extras; at Central . Casting,/ 
sk We'll : ?)'': ban ; on . extras .With rela- , 
ti v;es . eh' -toy ed" iri Ceri tt'al Bureau, 
Will- be.; ;iniiriatcdi; ;■ 

Fbllfi,. ing a conference between a 
ebmm''vtee: .- representing - the 119 
cxtriV/ancl/a- coniriiitlee appointed by. 
the .vjAG boarcl pf directors, the , fpl- 
Ip ../I'ig annoUricemeht Was; issued: by . 
th-': board: V 

J'he ScVpeii Ablprs: CJuild board of . . 
,reC.tors Aever has .and hever wiU/ 
■ oiin tenaricb any , unfair discrimina''' • 

; • : (Cot'liP'^.f^W , '.vn psH-iP .20) . 

WeMesday, July a, 19i0 


.Lbs' Ahgelej?, July. 2. 
(Best, fexpiii^tipn 
i. After: getting ayfay: io a:-^go'pd start 
.. currently, .a number of .the A 
bogged down over the W.eekerid. and 
hit. .disappointing low figures.; .: Only 
■ ^pictures Abiding: strong: ; 'Ghost 
B^eikers^ ^aiid /My Favorite: Wife.V' . ■] 
Holdovei-s include 'Brother Orchid,' 
at the Warner :DbwntQ\vri :and Holly- 
wood, and 'Lost Horizon,' at the Ha- 
iwaiK ' 'My ' Favorite. Wife' ^opened 
-auspiciously at the ■ RKO ■■ and Pan- 
tage's.' >Wind' is again at the United 
Artists, where, earlier, in year it hung 
iip very profitable grosses. Lbng- 
run holdovers include '=a;11 This, and 
Heaven foo,' at .Carthay, and .'Our. 
•ToWn,' ait Four Star, both doing sat- 
isfactory. ,.v.^ . ^ 

F-WG exploitatibh staff worked 
overtime- to arouse interest :ih 'New 
Moon' and efforts are being, reflected 
at the bbxbff ice. ; Fashion ;show was 
staged by. Hollywood: Guild, at the 
Victor Hugo restaurant that, drew 
heavily. Other stunts included 20, 
000 street. hei:alds, Jumbo telegrams, 
records, tieups. with beauty shops; 
sporting goods, ; jewelriy:, department 
iand music stores, florists, pipe shops, 
statione.ig^hd saddleiry stores, cafes, 
etc. • 'Two traveling : trucks ..also 
helped ballyhoo/; 

Estimates lor This Week . 
Car'thiy CJircle (F-jWC) (1,518; 83 
l.lOr 1.65) -'Heaven. Too*^ (WB) (3rd 
wk.). Getting- only weak, biz 'cur- 
rently, after second .stanza brought 
.pkay..$9,0(j0... ' ; ■■■ 

Chinese .(Girauman-F-WG) . (2,024; 
30^40-55-75 ) 'New Moon' ;(M-G i 
and 'Phantom TlaidersM(M-G) dual. 
Shbuld.hit good $12,000, aided by est- 
celleht exploitation. ; Last week, six 
days, • 'Earthbound' (20th) j and '40 
Mothers' (M-G) , brutal. $4,000, 

Downtown (WB) <1,800; 30-40-55r. 
65)— 'Brbthbr Orchid' (WB) and 
'Sandy Lady'- (U) dual (2d \yk.). 
Weak $4,000 on six-day h.o., after 
. grinding^ out good $8,400 on first 
seven days. . ; 

Four Star (UA-F-WC) (900; 30-40- 
55 )_'bur Town' (UA) (2d wk). 
Poor $3,200 after first week's $4,800, 
■ as -predicted. 
. Hawaii (GSiS) (1,100; 30-40-55^75) 
^'Lost Horizon' (Gol) and 'Tomboy' 
(Mono) (2d wk). ' Rieissue strong 
and^ drawing hiany. new customers, 
Should .easily hit $3,200, after first 
■week's big $4,500; . ■ 

Hollywood (WB) (2,756; 30-40-65) 
--'Brother OrchidV(WB) and.lSandy 
Lady' ^(U) (2d wk). .Looks, like 
$4,500 on six day?, after big $8i800 
first week; 

Pantageis: (Pan) (2,812; 30-40r55)— 
•Favbrite Wife' (RKO ) and 'Ski 
patrol* (U). . Opened about, bri par 
with: 'Awful Truth' and should wind 
up with terrific $16,000. Last week, 
'Irene' (RKO ); second week, lind 
•Babies Sale' (Col), good $4,900. . 

Paramount (Par) (3,595; 30-40-55^ 
75).— 'GfhoSt Breakers' (Par) and 
stage show. CJbmbination of Paulette 
Goddard arid: Bob Hope on. screen 
arid Matty 'iVIalneck ork hsadirig 
stage show, pulling for big $20,000, 
insuring holdovei:. Last week, 'Sa^ 
.fari' (Par) and vaude, around $18,' 
000 on nine days. : 
RKO (RKO) ^2^872; . 30-40-55)- 
_^iFavo_rite Wife'. (JtTK(>) arieT'Enemy 
Agerif" (U ).. Plenty" of Tiilar'ily anff^ 
excellent exploitation heaidirig this 
one for' bic $14,000. Last week. 
•Irene' (RKO) X2d wk) and 'Pass- 
ilort Alcatraz' , (Gol), very ^ood 

State (LOew's-F-WC) (2,4l4;: 30 
40-55-75 )^'New. Moon' .(M-G) arid 
. 'Phantom Raiders' (MrCi); Should 
have easy ; tiriie. -reaching $14,700 
which is big -in light of recent takes 
Last week, hew low established- on 
six days of 'Earthbbarid'. f 20th). and 
•40 Mothers* . rM-G).. brutal $4,800: 

United Artists (UA-F-WG) (2,100 
83-1.10-1.65)— 'Wind' (M-G) (repeat 
~run);. jnany customers are 
.still, willinEt to pay .advanced prices 
for 'Wind* arid . retiarri 'erigagemeri 
looks di.sappointirig. LaStVweek (30 
40-5.5), 'Four Sons' (20th ) and: -'Su- 
sin (5od*. (M-G). . weak. $2,900.' , 
. . Wilshirie •(i*-W(:)v (2:296; 30-40-55 
-f-'Earthbouhd* (20th) ai^d 'Four 
Sons'. (iZOth). ■': Mbveover of 'Earth 
bound' arid holdover of Tour Sons' 
• riot :prbyjrij^: i.dtayr.. coiribinatiori ant 
'best.; in sieht meaigre $2,300. .Last 
■week, .'F'bur Sons' (20th> and 'Susari 
God' .XMrG ); okay $5,300. ■ ~ 

Scribe Sues Raidff / 

. ; ,:': Lbs. Angelesi : July 2, 
: ; Gregory Ratoff is defendant in a 
breach .of' contract suit brought by 
yriiliairii Bowers in . Superior cbur 
deniiariding $4,536. ' , : ; 

. Bowers charges he .was- hired for 
one year to write screeri; material, foir 
Ratoff; la^ Apfil at $110 a week,, but; 
Was lopped off the payrbirMay 31. :■. 

Broadway & 

Estiiniated Total Gross , ^ ~ 
• . This' Wee*.. , , .: . .:: , ■ . . v$227,7J90: ' 
. •'. (Based on 11 .thcafrcs) , ; ■ ,' 
drotal Gross Same Week 
: :List .Yiear .;.$!42ji,O06-- 
' (Based 0tt II thcotfes) 

, w , \ • ; Buffalo,. July v2,, ;. 

Buffalo :b.ovs are : staging , .sub- 
staritiaV comeback currently, with 
continued: cool weathei: playirig a 
majbr tri the bulge. - New passT 
port requireritients for (Canadian visi- 
tors is barring much' of the extria 
business which ibrmerly ;cariie here 
Dbminibn Day (1) and July 4, . but 
takings for the curi'ent frame, arfe 
strongly*; on the up . side riorie the 
legSr ■'■.■> .,.': ■•■•'...■ ■;: '■" yy.- ■.- 
. ■Tax increases all arbund be'ginnirig 
this, week are not , noticeably affect-; 
irig ;the,.markersrso far'.: 

Estimates'f or This Wee^^^^ 

Buffalo (Shea) (3,^00; 35-40-60)— 
'Mortial : Stbrrii' .. (M-G)* ■ . Despite 
sbriibre ' huiB, showing : real trigging 
power; ; Nice $15,000. Last week* 
•Ghost Breakers' (Par ), ptirichy $13,- 
400. ; 

Greskt takes . (^hea) (3,o60; 35-55) 
—'Sailor's Lady' (20th) and 'Queen 
of. Mob' '(Par ). ; Riding tbward gbbd 
$8(000. Last week, 'Our Town' (UA) 
and- 'Ganibling Seas' ( WB ); fine $10,- 

itipp (Shea) (2,100; 20-45.)--'GhOst. 
breakers' (Pari and 'Ton-id Zone' 
(WB) (2d run). Moveover- and sec- 
ond-run' hitting fast clip at $iB,50d. 
Last Week, 'Way Flesh' (Pai-) arid 
Tear Gas'. (WB), mild $5,400. •-.' 

Lafayette (Haymari) (3,300; 30-40) 
!— 'Horizon*. (Col) and 'Awful Truth' 
(Cbl) (2d ruri). After limpirig along 
for cpuple bf months with indifferent 
duals', hbuse with this Sedond-run 
bill will bang . but amazing $9,000. 
Last week, 'Ski. Patrol' (U) arid 'La- 
Conga Nights' (U), lagged along at 
under $4,500: ' 

20th Century (Dipsori-Basil) (3'Ob'O; 
30-40 ) — 'Divorcement' . (RKO ). and 
'Pop Pays" (RKO) (8 days); Very 
thin, takingis at $5,000. Last wtek, 
'Women. War' :fRep) and ;'Grandpa 
Town' (Rep) (5 da:^s); pibbr $4,000. 

Seattle, July 2. 
The. Paramount arid Palomar,. close 
together alphabetically, are closest 
together this week in grosses;. 
I 'Our . Town' . is . the reason at the 
former;' vaude at the latter. ; 

Estimates for This Week ;.- ;-,;' 
Blue Mouse (Hjartirick-Evergreen) 
(850; 27-37-42 )-^'Four Sons' (20th), 
moveover from Orpheum, and 'La, 
Conga Nights' (U), ditto from Fifth 
Avenue. Looking for only $1,500. 
weak. Last week 'Favorite Wife'- 
(RKO ) (seventh week ) okay con- 
sidering long, run at $1,700,-;. 

Coliseum . (HamncK - Evergreen) 
(1.90b; 21-32) -^'Cyclops' (Par) arid 
'4() Mothers' (M-G), second run* plus 
LouiS-Godoy 'fight. Looks , slow, at 
$1,800.- Last week 'Johnny. Apollo' 
(20th y- and 'Viva Cisco Kid '(20th) 
. (2d run), quiet $1,700. . " . - 
Fiftli Avenue (Hamrick-Evergreeri) 
(2,349; 27-37-42)— 'Mortal Storm? and 
•Pop Pays' (RKO ). Indicate: good 
.$5,200. : Last , week 'Waterloo Bridge' 
(M-G) and. 'Lai Conga' (U), second 
week, slow $3,100. : :; ' -. r,, 

Liberty ( J-vH) - (1.650; 21^32-42)— 
'Turnabout' (UA). Headed for .$4.- 
.lOO, good, and h.b.'s. Last week 
•Lone Wolf Lady' (Col) and 'Saps 
Sea" (UA) , $3,400, slow. . : .^^ : : 

Music Box (Hamrick-Evergreen ) 
(850; 27-37-42 )-r-'Ghost Breakers' 
(Par) and,, -'Biscuit Eater' (Pai^). 
Moved from Paramount. Lbbkirig to 
good $2,200. Last week 'Safari' KPar) 
arid 'Adventuress' (20th), mild $1,900. 

Orphieum (Hamrick Evergreen ) 
(2,600; ' 27-37.-42) ^ 'Lucky CJisco' 
( 20th) and 'Queen Mob!- (Par). Ex- : 
pect only $2,500. terrible. Last week 
'Four Sons '(20th) and 'Anything but 
Love* (U). $4.100; fair. .; 

Palomar (Sterling) (1.350; 21-32- 
42)— 'Gangs .Chicago'.: ; (Rep) arid 
Berni Vici's ^Comedie Francaise' 
unit;- Latter pulling hist $6)000,' Last 
week 'Flight Angels' . ( WB)- and 'King 
Lumber j acks' . (WB), plus vaude, $4,- 
200. gbod, . • 

Paramount (Hamrick - Evergreen) 
(3.039: 27-37-42)— Our Town' (UA') 
and 'Girl 313' (20th). Getting $5,800. 
good. . Last week 'Ghost Breakers' 
(Par) and 'Biscuit Eater' (Par ), sec-, 
ond week, fair $3,700. ; . - 

Roosevelt (Sterling) (800: 21-32)— 
'Benny Rides' (Par) arid 'Farmer's 
Daughter' (Par) (2d. run). See.$2,- 
200, good.. ' Last week : 'Husbands' 
(Col) and 'Dark -Command' (Rep) 
(secorid run), slbw $1,500. 

Winter Garden (Sterling); (800; 16- 
32-^'Strange Cargo' (M-G) and 
'Alias Deacon' (U) (second run). In- 
dicate okay $2,000. Last week 'Irene' 
(RKO) and 'Divorcement' (RKO), 
second, run, $1,900, okay. 

No Laugns in 

Estimated Total Gross 
This Week, . . vv . ; $1,408,400 ; 

(Based 07i 26 ci(ie.s, 169 thea- 
tres, chieSly firH f^^^^ 

N. Y.) . ■ ■■■ 

Total Gross Same Week 

Lafit Year. . . . .-v. . . . $1,267,500 ' 

(Based on 26 cities, 154 iheatfes) 

GHOST, $8,000. 


B.O. in Denver; 
'New Moon' Nice $11,300 

Denver, July 2. 
Business in the . first-runs is. as 
good as can be expected this time 
of year- — - - - : : ■ — r: 

'New Moon* and 'Florian,* at Or 
pheiim. are coppirig "the big ; money, 
and 'Ghost Breakers,' at Denham, is 
very satisfactory in second week 
. . Estimates for This Week : 

Aladdin (Fox ) (1,400; 25-40 ) — 
'Doctor Wife' (Col), after week at 
Denver. Fair $3,000. Last week. 
'Torrid Zone' (WB), after week at 
Denver, fair $3,500 

Broadway (Fox) (1.040; 25-35-40) 
T-'Mortal - Storm' (M-G) arid 'Gan't 
Fool Wife' (M-G); after week at Or- 
pheum. Fair $2,0001 Last week, 
'Susan* (M-G) and 'Curtain Call' 
(RKO ), : fair $2,500^ after' week at 
:> .Denham (Cbckrill) (1,750; 25-35- 
40)--'Ghost::Breakers' (Par) (2d wk ) 
Fair $6,000. Last . week, . plenty 
strong $12;000, . . .' ' " - ■ " 

Denver (Pox) ■ (2,525; 25-35-40) 
'Four Sons' (20th ) and 'Sandy Lady' 
(U). . Fair $7,500. Last week, 'Doc- 
tor Wife' (Col ) and '21 Days' (Col), 
good $9,000. - . -. : 

. Orpheum (RKO) : (2,600; 25-35-40) 
•—'New Mbbn' (M-G) and 'Florian' 
(M-G). Nice $11,300. Last week 
'Miortal Storm' . (M-G) and 'Can't 
Fool Wife*: (RKO)',. nTg. $8;700. , 
- Paramount (Fox) (2.200 ; 25-40)— 
•Turnabout' (UA) and 'Wagons West- 
ward' (Rep).. Fair $3,500. Last: week. 
'Lucky Cisco' Kid' (20th) and 'Ad- 
venturess' (20th), ditto. - . 

Rialfo (Fox) (878; 25-40).— 'Torrid 
Zone' (WB), after week at each Den- 
ver and ; Aladdin, and 'Fugitive Jus- 
tice' (WB). Fair $1,700. Last week.' 

Cleveland, July .2. 

State arid Hipp have a moriopoly 
bn all the current biz. former being 
especially gobd with*. 'New . Mbbri,*. 
Hipp doesn't , have a Csdcko; in 'Four 
Sons,' but is batting above.. average. 

'Anne Windy Poplars' is merely a 
fiUerrinner for Palace, which is sav-. 
ing its bullets for next week's vaude 
toplined by Red Skelton and Hattie 

Estimates for This Week 

Allen (RKO) (3,000; 30-35^42-55)— 
'Brother Orchid' (WB).v Moveover 
is satisfactbry at $3,000, lots better, 
in fabtj than iflock of- iirst-run-B's- 
house is trying to wash off. Last 
week, ".'Chain's" Cruise'"' (20th"), was 
torpedoed, with only $500 in four 
days, with 'Earthbound' (20th) grab- 
bing ordinary $1,200 in three days. ; 

Alhambra (Printz) (1,200; 10-20- 
35)— 'La Conga Nights' (U) . and 
'Dark Coritimand' (Rep) (2d run). 
Excellent $2,300 in sight. Last week, 
'Gangs Chicago' (Rep) and 'Ski 
Patrol' (U), okay $1,000 tCT three 
days. ■'. ■■-'- "■ ' ■'■ - 

Circle (Marmorstein) (1,900; 15-35) 

— Midnight'. (Par) and 'St. Louis 
Blues' (Par) (reissues). Spot.fluctu 
ating so much in policy that nothing 
more, than $2,100: seerns likely. Last 
week, 'Beyond . Tomorrow' (RKO) 
and 'Slightly Honorable' (UA) (2d 
run), $2,000, mild. 

Hipp (Warner) (3,700; 30-35-42- 
55)— 'Four -Sons'; (20th). War films 

- not ^sb; popular here, but getting nice 
$10,500. Last week, 'Brother Orchid' 
(WB); a little weak, $9,000. V 

Palace (RKO) (3;200; 30-35^42-55) 
^'Anne Windy . Popiilars' (RKO) 
On 'tlie red side, $6>000. .Being cut to 
six days to move up opening ; of 
vaude to July 4th. Last week, '21 
Days' (Gol), $7,000,. fairish. 
' State (Loew's) (3.450; .30-35-42-55) 
—•.New " Mbon* (M-G). Considering 
miserably rainy; spell, -tune-shoW's 
pull ; is Surprisirig.- ■ Biggest Friday 
open irig since 'Rebecca' and growing 
so smartly- that big $16,000 looks 
siii-e. • iast ; week, .'(jrhost Breakers' 
(Par), good $13,000. A '/,■ ,. 

Stillman (Loew's) .(1;972; '30:35-42- 
55)— 'Ghosl-Brenkers* ( Par ). V- Con- 

Louisville, J(uly 2. , 
■ Film row^g oiitlook currently is 
running the gamut from good to 
poor. . ■ • . ;;■:.. . -■■ „;-;■ 

. Summer opera at Iroquois Amphl'- 
theatre, : with a capacity : of 3,500, is 
putting, a dent in theatre b.o.,: ;while; 
night baseball, marking- up a Friday 
night (26) attendance, of .12.0()0, plus, 
numerous amateur Softball games 
are all making the : giing ;; rather 
rough for . exhibitox's in the down- 
town, area.. \ . 

Kentucky. Sw itb w . Bros.;, down- 
town subsequent, which-, has;: been 
closed since J.une. 10 for alterations, 
^3 scheduled to. open today (Tues- 
day). Enlarged .niain floor will give 
house an increase of 400 seats. . . ; 
Estimates for This Week! ... 
Brown (LdeWs-Fourth Avenue) 
(1.000: 15-30-40)— •Turnabout'. (UA) 
and '21 Days' (Cbl) . . N. s; h. on 
moveover from Loew's State. Light 
$1,500; Last week, -*Mortal Storhi' 
(M-G) and 'Phantom Raider'. (M-G). 
thin $1,600. ■■ \- ' 

Loew's State (Loew's) (3.100; 15- 
50-40)— 'New Moon- (M-G). Jeanetie 
MacDonald and Nelson. Eddy ; musi- 
cal helo^v expectations. Probable 
factors in the slow pace rriay be live 
talent • operettas ; at Iroquois, draw- 
ing heavily on musically-minded pa- 
trons:: Indications • are for' fair $6,- 
500. Last 'week. 'Turnabout* (M-G) 
arid '21 Days': (Gol), good $8,000. 

Mary Anderson (Lib.son) (ItOOO; 
1.5-30-40)— 'Gambling High Seas' 
(WB) and .'Fugitive Justicie' (WB)/ 
Will probably tally $2,500; mild. 
Last week, 'Brother Orchid* (WB), 
second week, fairish $2,700: . ' ■ , 
Rialto (Fourth Avenue) (3,400; 15- 
30-40)— 'Ghost Breakers' (Par) and 
Queen Mob' (Par); Setting a^ lively . 
pace. Looks like very good $8,000, week, 'Safari' (Par) aiid 'Bis- 
cuit Eater' (Par), riiedium $6,000. . 

Straliid (Fourth . Avenue) ( 1,400; 
15-30-40)— 'Sailor's Lady' (20th) and 
•Lucky Cisco Kid' (20th). Hardly 
potent enough to proinise better thari 
li;?htweight $2,500. Last week,' 'All 
Flesh' (Par) and "Love, Honor' (U), 
mild $2,600. ■ • ' 

Philadelphia, July 2. .• 
Free attraictions on the Ben.'iaiviin'.. 
Franklin Parkway and the Sch u.vl- 
kill river, staged by the city in hoiior 
of the visiting G.O.P. delegate.s on 
the tag end of last week, piit -a- crimp 
into downtown ..b.o.'s, Mbrie. than- 
500,000 people watched, the Murii- 
mers* Parade and the "SchUYlUill 
Regatta draw off many pottnti a 1 
theatre patrons. 

Lack of comedy pix is al.<!0 a. (ac- 
tor in keeping b.b.?s. dbwn; Orily' . 
laugh provoker— almost a. in 
these tirnes— ^is the holdover. : second 
run 'My Favorite Wife,' at Kelt h>\ ; 

Four new films make their bow - in 
this sesh and all are netting below 
par grosses. They are 'Four . Sons,' 
at Fox; 'Biscuit Eiter,' at Kai-I t on ; 
'Our Town/ at. Stanley, . and 'I Was. 
an . Adventuress,' at Stanton. 'Bis- 
cuit Eater* and . 'Our Town' are. par- . 
ticularly weak. 

: Estimates for This Week 

Arcadia (Sablosky) (600; 32-42-57) 
—•Waterloo Bridge' (M-G) (2d run). 
Snagging profitable $3,900. La.«;t 
week, 'Typhoon' (Par), v mediode. 
$3,500 for nine days. . ; 

Boyd (WB) (2,560; 32-42-57-68 V— 
'Susan* (M-G) (2d WJt). Dual i^e^h ; 
for' Crawford-March starrer dipping 
to poor $8,900. Opening turn hiefty : 
$15,000. 'New Moon' opens to('ay 
(Tues.). •-■ •■■ • - 

• Earle (WB) : (2,350; .75rl.l4) — 
'Heaven Too' (WB) (3d wk): Wind- 
ing up its stiy. at r<jadshoW prices 
with fair $12,000 for third rourid. 
Second . week's -.take .. was > $15,100. ' 
'Safari' (Par) opens - Friday (5). 
Prices, go back to. normal with 68c . ' 
top; : ■ ■ ■ 

. Fox (WB) -(2,423; 32-42-57-68) — 
'Four.SonsV (20th). War theine poor 
money-maker. N.s.h. $12,300. Last 
week, 'Brother Orchid' (WB) grabbed 
nice $14,900. 

Karlton (WB) (1^066; 32^42-57-68) 
—'Biscuit Eater* (Par). Dog dr;.ma 
no soap here. Pulled after fire davs 
with a poor $2,100. 'Brother Orchid' 
(WB)..dpene(i yesterday (Mon.). 

Keith's (1,970; 32-42-57-(S8 ) .-^ 'Fa- 
vorite Wife*. (RKO) (2d riiri) (2d: 
wk). Proves John. Q. Public: wants 
laughs. iSockb $4,500 after fifth week 
in midcity. First Week of second 
ruri here brought terrific $6,800. 
• . Stanley (WB ) (2,916: 32-42-57- 68 ) 
—-'Our ToWn* (UA). drama 
netting poor $11;000, .despite praise 
by crix. • Last week, 'Mortal Storm* 
(M-(ir), likewise no worldbeater with 
$9,200 for second term. 

Stanton (WB) (1,457; 32-42-57) — . 
•Adventuress*: (20th). Just fair $4,I06. 
Last week. 'Lillian Russell* (20th )* 
bright $4,400 for second week of > ub- 
sequent run showing. 

'Over Moon' (UA). after week- at l tinning good work here at $4,500 
each Denver and Aladdin, and 'On j Last week, 'Mortal . Storm' (M-G) 
Spot* (Monp), siame. • . ' . ' -' h.o., fine:. $6,000. 

'NEW MOON' OK $7,500 


- : - -- — — ■ Mem phi s— July-2. 
'New Moon' is setting a nice pace 
at- Loew's ; Palace; any • MacDonald- 
Eddy opus being a natural in these 
parts. 'Florian' iis proving, a . frail 
draw at the Warner. 'His Girl Fri 
day,' at New Malco, should come 
close enough to 'New Mbon'. to sat 
i.sfy. -'Front Page' "switch got nice 
campaign and rave 'notices all round, 
■. Estimates for This Week 

Loew's ^tate (Loew's) •'2,600; 10- 
33-44 )— 'Kildare's Case' (M-CJ), four 
days; 'Girl : 31.3' ■ (M-G), two days 
House will be lucky to nab $3,500 
Last week, 'Susan' : (M-G), $6,000, 

good. \:.:': 

■ Warner (Warner) (2,300; 10-33-44) 
-'Florian' (M-G). Austrjari.hoss rb 
mahce in for biad beating; maybe 
down tb $2,50.0. Last week.. '40 
Mothers' (M-G) split, with 'Gram- 
bling Seas' (WB). $3,500, weakish. 
... New Malco (Lightman) (2,800; 10- 
33-44)— 'Girl Friday' (Gol ), Steady 
patronage may plug this one ialong 
to good $6,000. Last week,' ;'Dark 
Command' (Rep), $4,300. .■ 

Loew's Palace (Loew) (2,200; 10- 
33t44)— 'New , Moon' (M-G). . New 
version of operetta good for $7. .500. 
Last week, 'Divorcement' (RKO) 
.^plit with 'Earthbound'. (20th), $2,000, 
terrible. . : 

Strand (Lightman) (1,000; - i0;:22- 
33)— 'Shooting High' (20th), three 
days; 'Husbands' (CM) (2d rim), two 
days; 'Can't Give But Lbve' ( D ), two 

Looks like good $2,) 00. . La.«;t 
week, 'Those' Were Days' (Par)- and 
'Lion Has Wings'. (UA), three days: 
'Queen Mob' (Pair)', two day,<; *01d 
Missouri' (Rep); two days, $1,800, 
okay, ' . ;;•;.- . 

- .; • : ;■:.■ Detroit. July 5- 
Grosses are holding up here ,tc 
good summer average, with the plage 
shows continuing to flag best b.o. 

Again this week the Fox, with 
Sammy Kaye's orch, is accounting 
for the healthiest grab. It follows a 
week of Glenn Miller, who built 
Steadily, despite huge free air shows 
which took care of: 15,000 Miller fi.ns, 

Estimates for This Week 

"AcUms' (Balahan) ■ (lV700; 30-40)— ' 
.'Gangs. Chicago* (Rep) . arid. 'Wagons. 
Westward' (Rep). Poor $4,500. Lflst 
week 'Mad Men Europe* (Gol) and 
•Girls Road* (Col) , okay $5,500. 

Fox (Fox-Michigan) (5,000; 30-40- 
55)— 'Earthbound' (20th) arid Sammy 
Kajte's band on stage. Heading for 
good $24,000. Last week 'Sandy : 
Lady* (U)' and Glenn. Miller orch,. 
fine $35,000. 

Michifran (United Detroit) (4,000; 
30-40-55)— 'Susan' (M-G). and 'Phan- 
tom Raiders' (M-G). Steady biz 
promises good $13,500. , week 
'Favorite. Wife* (RKO) arid "Those 
■Days* (Par), choice $14,000. . ■ 
V PalinSrState (United ■ Detroit) (3v- 
000; 30-40-55)^'Biscuit Eater' . (Par) 
arid 'Favorite Wife* (RKO ) (2d rtm ). 
Latter picture . moved over from 
Michigan, and bill looks for good 
$9,000. • Last week 'Brother Orchid' 
; (WB) . and 'Irene' (RKO) , combina- 
tion of first-runs from Michigan and 
United Artists, all; right at $7,000.; ^ 
. United Artists (United Detroit) (2,- 
000: 30-40-55 )-T^'Mortar Storm' (M-G ) 
and 'Opened Mistake' (Par) .i2d wk):-.' 
This pair held over for sin e.s1im;;lf;d 
$7,000, after good .$ 1 1,000 v.- ( t k, ; 

Brisson^s Remake 

-V- ;V.' -.. Hollywood, J.til.v 2. . 
■ Garl'Bris'ifjn is.en'roTite ■from;!: . 
don to Canada, where he will vcpcjit 
his starring role .ini Assbe,iate. Br.'i.i.''h 
remake of "The Manxman/. 
;, Later he may go. tb. N'ew '.Vovli 'f',':r 
stage , appeararices, and Ihi^re-'-; a. 
chance . he riiay star.iin :his L(u'i''<-» 
revue, 'Wonder Bar of 1940.' : 

Wednesday^ Julf S^ J9i{^ 


Chicago, July 2. 

There is" a . leveling' of - activity 
. around all the^ theatres and it is the 
, rare attraction ihese days' that , hap- 
pens to whirl the Avicket at a real 
pace. Sbraething has happeiietd in 
the exploitation and; exhibition field 
to remove a certain exicitement from 
th6 selling of pictures. Entire ex- 
hibition scheme has become drab 
;iand uninteresting, and. this .dullness; 
is rieflected in the boxoffice feattion. 

Best ihark of the loop is agtiin .be- 
ing turned in by th^;4,000-seat Chi- 
cago, which is . riding - into coin on 
'Safari' and a highrcost itage show, 
George. Whitens 'Sdaridals.' 
; • Oriental reduces prices with - the 
current weeJc,^ ' slicnig. . the morhihg 
and afternbbh to 30c and 40c„ as 
agaiiist previous 3Sc and, 55c. but re- 
tains v the 65c.; eveinirig, mark; This 
• last ;figure. is deihanded by the; filni 
companies for flrst--TUni product here. 
'House is marking iip a good session. 
:. currently, primarily: on the stage apr 
. pearahce of the 'Larry Clinton band. 

Two-new ventriifes in the fifild .are 
•Mortal Storm' and Turnabout,' both 
of which- look: foi" comfortable 
: :;grosses at the Rooseyelt and ; Apollo; 
, :.' ■ jEstlinatc's' fqr''..ini.l8.''W^ ' 

Apollo <B&K) (l,2O0i; 35-55-65-75) 
—•Turnabout' (UA). Geiiirig word- 
o£-mbuth buildup and figures for 
: $8,000. Last week, 'Waterloo'. (M-G). 
finished third ; loop stanza to okay 

■$5,2oo:^:- .. 

Chicago (BScK) (4,000; 35-55-75)-- 
•Safari' , (Par) aiid George White 
•Scandals' unit on stage. Healthy 

.(enough: session in the. offing jat in- 
dicated ^37,000. Last weekk 'Ghost 
Breakers' (Par), fair $30;100. . , 
Garrlck (B&K) (900; 36-55-65-75) 

< --'Ghost Breakers^ (Par).: Switched 
here' from Chicago and looks for 

..$4,500, so^so.; Last week, 'Four Sons' 
(20th>; mild $3,800. >- 

. Oriental (iohes) (3,200; .30-40^65) 
T-Winne Poplars' (RKO) arid 'Larry 
Clinton band on stage. Heading to 
satisfactoty: $19,000. Last weel;, 
'Favorite Wife': (RKO) plus Bill 

: Bardo band on stage; good $18,600. 

Koosevelt (B&K) (1,200; 35-55-65- 
.75)r^*M6rtal- Storm' (M-G); War 

V implications, iii this one .getting con- 
siderablie interest and looking ahead 
to $10,000, best in some time. Last 
'Torrid' :(WB), $6,300, fair for 

jecond loop ride. 
;.Si»t«-Lake (B&K) (2,706; 25-40)— 
•Two Girls' (M-G) and Cab Callo- 
way band on stage. Good $16,000; 
liast week, Mai j or Bowes uiiit on 
stage built 'Flight Angels' (M-G) to 
bright $17,800. 

United Artists (B&K:) (IjOO; 35- 
55-65-75)— 'Susan' (M-G), (2d wk.). 
Holding to $6,500, good, following 
take of $10^700 last week. 

Woods (Essaness) (1(200; 75-$l .10- 
$1.50) -^'Gone' (M-G)' (23rd wk ). 
^ Closing week notice has been tiaken 
down following two attempts to 
end fun, but each . 'Final Week' 
sign has, meSnt serisatibnal, 
. zooming last Weelc to mighty $17,- 
' 000. 

Orchid' (WB) .(2d run). Passable 
$4,000. List week, : '21 Days' (Col), 
same; figure. 
: Palace (Loew) (2,242; 39-55)— > 
'New Moon' (M-G). MacDonald- 
Bddy offsetting terrific pannings for 
fine $18,000. Last week, 'Mortal 
Storm' (II-G) (2d wk), oke $8,000. 

ffew Moon' Gets Pans 
In Wadhi But Is Plenty 
RO. With $18,000 

■. V Washingtbri; July 2. 

Metro is leading towri this :Week 

: yith two big guns, one which drcW 
critics'; unanimous praise and othier 
universally , panned, ; 'New Moon,' 
which reviewers attempted to 
slaughter^ is out in front at Palace, 
pulling heavily despite knocks. : 'Su- 
san and, God,' which papers went for 
Solidly,, is a ;; second at Capitol^ 
big Loew's yauder. ^ 
. Above , paii- is too- much 
tipn fbr 'Man Who Talked Too Much; 
which is,wallo:wing:in the duinps at 
the. Earle, WB vauder. ; Rest are 
holdovers, ^My Favbrite Wife", lead- 

; ing the repeaters with strong third 
stanza at Keith's. 

; jEstimates for This Week ^ 

Capitol . (Loew) (3,434; 28-39-44-66) 
r- Susan? (M-G) and vaude. Rave.s 
ipr pic and Sheila Barrett on stage' 
holding house to. solid $17,500; Last 
vreek, 'Flqrian' (M-CJ) can thank 
^g'gjj^Q^^^kerrBbnnie Baker .for sock- 

(Lbew)' (1,234; ,2^-44)— 
Edison.Man' (M-G) (2d run). Back 
QQwntpwn after, nice wieek at Capi-: 
101 and: will see fair $4,000. Last 
. week, 'LiUiah. Rlussell' (20th) (2d 
run), nice $5,000. 

.Eatle (WB) (2^216; 28-39-44-66)r-^ 
Man Talked Miich' (WB) arid vaude. 
yppositioh is leaving this only the 
won't total over sickly : 
*11.500. Last week, 'Ghost Bres^kers' 
^^^LA"** vaude, g^^ 
: Keith's . (RKO) . (1.830; 39r55)^ 
Favorite Wife' (RKO) . (3d : wk ). 

3S?$iSio(K*'°"^' ^^"^^^ 

Wet (WB) (1,600; 28-44)— 'Brother, 

.';- / Omahai July 2. ,;' 
A^h] effective publicity campaign 
and . good ■ advance; sale went for 
nothing Thursday (27) ■ when 'All 
"This; .and. HeayerinToo' bpehed at the 
Brandeis inVthe midst of . one of the 
worst rain and Windstorms of the 
yeai'. Several, hundred tickets were 
never . picked iip, but encouraging 
note is that holders called to have 
ssnts transferred tb other nights. 
: 'Brother Orchid' and 'Way of All 
Flesh' are. okay at the Orriaha. The 
Orpheum's . 'Safari' and 'Alias the 
jOeacon' : arev.dittb; ; 

Estimates for This Week 

Brandeis; (Mort Singer) : (1.500; 
55-75-51.10 ) — 'Heaven Too' (WB). 
Hurt by storm,, but $7,500 okay. Last 
week (10-2.5-35-40). 'Seven Gables' 
(U) and 'Black Friday' (U), very 
<»bod $6,100. ;;,.:.; 

Orpheum (Tristates) (3,000; 10-25- 
40)— 'Safari' . (Par) and -Alias Dea- 
con' (U). : Close to $10»000, good. 
Last ; week; 'Kildare's Case' (M-G) 
and 'FlPrian' (M:.G), $8,000, just fair.- 

Omaha (Tristates) (2,000; 10-25- 
40)— 'Brother Orchid' (WB) and 
'V/ay' (Par). Good $9.-000. 
Last . week, 'Waterloo' (M-G) and 
'Kirie . Lumberjacks' .(WB), nice 
r8,500. . 

Town (Gbldberg) (1;250; 10-20-25) 
— .'Lightnfng Strikes West' (Cap), 
'Death Goes North' (Monp) and 'In- 
visible Man Returns'' (U), tripler 
splitting- in three-change week with; 
'Prairie Justice' (U) and 'Curtain 
Call' (RKO), Wednesday only, and 
'Straight Shooter' (Cap), 'It All 
Came True' (WB) and 'Angel From 
Texas' (WB), tripler. Good $2,000. 
Last week. 'Free Blonde 21' (20th), 
'Carson Ride.s Agiain' (Cap) and. 
'Primrose Path* (RKO). tripler, split 
with 'Meet Again' (WB) and 
'Grandpa Town' (Mono), fair $1,800. 

State (Goldberg); (900; 10-20-25)— 
'Dr. Wife' (Col) and 'All Came True' 
(WB); .split with' 'Chickadee' (U) 
and 'Mice and Men' (UA). So-so 
.$1,800. Last week, 'Rebecca* (UA), 
over- $2,000 on an exclusive second 
run. ■■ 

Avenue '- Military • Dundee (Gold- 
berg ) (950-600-801) )H'A11 True' ( WB ) 
and; 'Irene' (RKO). split with 'Mice 
Men' (UA) and 'Invisible Man Re- 
turns' (U). . Fair $1,100. Last Week, 
'Chickadee' (U) and 'Dr. Wife' (Col), 
5plit with 'Man_9 Lives^JCol), 'Mak- 
IrTirEyes' '(U) and' .'Chumps Oxford'' 
(ITA).. under. $900.. . ■ .. J 

$20,000 TO TOP B'KLYN 

Brooklyn. July 2. 
: Top grossers are 'Waterlob Bridge* 
and 'Black Friday.' at Loew's Metro- 
politan; RKO Albee. with 'My Fa- 
vorite Wife.' is sec;)hd. . .." 

Fabian Paramount'.s second week 
of ; 'Brother , (Drdiid'- 'arid 'Way of All 
Flesh' is n. g. ' ;; - -;■ . -'. 

.f Estimates for This Week : 

"-^ A I'bee : (3.274 ; . 25-35-50 )— 'Favorite 
Wife',. (RKO) and 'Info Please' 
and March of Time. Will get okay 
$18,000. Last week. .'Russell' (20th) 
(2d wk ) . and 'Courageous Christian' 
(20th) mild $14,000; 

Fox- (4,089;. 25-35-50) — 'Safari' 
(Par) and 'Gangs: Chicago- (Rep). 
Okay $16,500: Last week. 'Mad Men 
Europe' , tCol) and 'Crooked Road' 
(Rep ), nice $15,500. . . 

Met / (3.618; 25-35-50)— 'Waterloo 
Bridge' (M-G) arid 'Black Friday' 
( U ). Topping town with nifty $20,- 
OOO: Last week. 'My Son' (UA) dis- 
appointing $1*7,000. 

Paramount (4,126: 25-35-50)— 
'Brother Orchid' (WB) and 'All 
iFlesh' (Par) (2d wk). So-so $14,- 
50(3. Last, week; .swell $23,000; : ; . ; , 

Strand (2,870; 25-35-40)— 'Passport 
Alcatraz'. (Col ) and 'Ski PatroV (U). 
Mild $4,000. ; Last week, 'Island 
Doomed Men' (Col) and 'Old Mis-, 
souri' : ( Rep), uneveiititui $4,000. - 

Runs on Broadway 

(Subject to Change) 

: Week of July 4 , , 

^ Astor— 'Gone With the Wind' 
(M-G) (29th wk). 

.Capitol— 'Mortal Storm' (M-^G) 
- (3d wk). . 

Criterion— Wagons Westward' 
(Rep) (6). 

{Reviewed in Vahietv, ^ttn? 26) 

Globe — 'Fugitivei from Justice' 
(WB) (6): ■ 

Music Hall — 'All ' This, 'and 
Heaven Too'.(WB). ,- 
(Reviewed in Vahiety, June 12) 

. ; PaJace— 'Murder the Air' 
(WB), . r 

, Paramount— 'Ghost ; Breakers' 
(Par) (3). .-■■,:V: 
(Reviewed in Variety, Jtine 12) 

Roky— -'Private Affairs' (U). 
( Aet>iewed In Variety; June , 12) ; 

Strand— Man Who Talked Too 
Much' (WB) (2d wk); 

Week of July 11 
Astor— 'Gone With the Wind' 
(M-G) (30th wk). 
, Capitol 'Susan . and God' 


(Reviewed in Variety, Junie 5) 
Music , Hall— 'Ail This, arid 
-Heaven Too' (WB) (2d wk). , 

Paramonnt^^Ghost Breakers' ; 
(Par) (2d wk). 
^ Roxy— 'Maryland' (20th) (12). 
(Reviewed in Current Issue) 
Strand— 'My Love Came Back' 
(WB) (12). 

(Reviewed in VariIbty, June 26) 

- Cincinnati, July 2. 

Two of . the three ; fresh . releases 
currently are clicking merrily arid 
hoisting total general biz close to 
$10,000 , over last week and for a 
nifty summer mark. 'New Moon/ 
•at Palace, is the brightest b.o. shiner, 
yet only a couple notches in front of 
'Ghost Breakers,' at Palace. Lyric 
has a mildie in '21, Days Together.' 

Federal defense tax upped normal 
35r42-cent scale of major stands tb 
■39-47 cents. : 

Estimates for "Thi^ Week 
Albee (RKO) (3.300; 39-47)— 'New 
Moon' (M-G); Hot $15,000., Last 
week, 'Our Town' (UA), nice $11,- 

000. ■■■■ "- - 

Capitol (RKO) (2,000; 39-47 )-r'Our 
Town' (UA). Moveoyer from Albee, 
for second week. Poor $3,000. Last 
week, 'Mortal Storm' (M-G) (2d 
run), slow $3,800. > 

Family (RKO) (1,000; . 15-28) 
'Saint Over' (RKO) and 'Passport to 
Alcatraz! ' (Col), split with 'Last 
Alarm'. (Mono) arid. 'Murder in Air' 
VB). Swell $2,100. Same last 
Week on 'Bad Man' (U) and 'On 
Spot' (Mono), divided with: 'Hidden 
Gold' (Par); and 'Torpedo Raiders' 

Keith's (Libson) (1.500; 39-47)^ 
•Brother Orchid' (WB). Trans- 
f erred from Pailace. Okay $4,000 
Last week, 'Earthboilnd' (20th), six 
days, sorry $2,000. 

Lyrle (RKO.) (1.400; 39-47)— '21 
Days' (Col). Mild $4;000. \ Last 
week. 'Florian' (M-G) and 'Sandy 
Lady' (20th), n. s. g. $3,000. 

Pallace (RKO ) (2,600; 39-47)— 
'Ghost. , Breakers* (Par). Dandy 
$13,000. Last week,. 'Brother Oirchid' 
(WB). okay $9.500; , ■ ' 

Holiday Crimps Mont*l ; 

Tour Sons' Fair $4,800 

Montreal, July 2. 
Brace of holdovers airid Dortiinidn 
Day holiday (1), with- long Wcek- 
erid vacation; is cutting into grosses 
currently, • Not: $5,000 gross in 
sight for -ori-y-^ipuse. 

- - Estimates for This Week i ' 
Palace (Ct) (2,700; 25-45-55)— 
Four Soils' (20th ). -pacing for fair 
$4,800. .. Last week, .'Brother Orchid' 
(WB). fair $4,500. 

Capitol (CT) (2,700; 25-45-55 )— '21 
Days' (Col ) and, 'Blondie Budget', 
(CpDi' Best in sight, is $3,500, poor.; 
Last ,,week, 'Untamed' (Pair) and 
Biscuit , Eater' (Par), poor $3,Q00; 

Loew's (CT) (2,800; 30-40-60)— 
Susan' (M-G) (2d wk).- Fair $3,500 
after good $6,000 last \veek. , 

Princess (CT) (2,300; 25-34-50)— 
■ Adventuress' (20th) and 'Shootin* 
High' (20th). Mediocre $2,500. Last 
week. .'Saturday's Children' (WB) 
and 'King 'Lumberjacks? (WB), good, 
enough $3,200, 

: Orpheum' (Irid): flilOO; 25-40-50)— 
'Million B. C (UA) V2d wk). So-so 
$1,500, follpwirig- middling $2,500 last 
week. ■ • ■ ;-.;.-■ . 

Ciiieraa : de Paris , (Frarice-Film) 
(600; 25-50)— 'Paradis Perdu.' Point- 
ing to good enough' $1,200. ;Last 
.week, third repeat of 'Menaces,' 
poor $800. , \' . 

St.'. Denis (France-Film' ;(2;i300; ■ 25- 
34)-r'Espoir' arid 'Valse Eternelle.'- 
Look for ' .fair ; $3,900. - - Last week, 
'Maria Chapdelaine' and: 'Je n'ai pas 
tue Lincoln,' fair $2,700.; 

Business on Broadway is nothing 
to write home about but a siibstan- 
tial. lift is expected from the Fourth 
tomorrow (Thursday) at increased 
holiday prices. The day marks 
the end of current weeks in soriie 
theatres, the beginning of ni^W 
weeks Iri others. Par, however, piits 
in its new show today (Wednesday), 
'Ghost Breakers' and Orrin Tucker- 
Bonnie Baker. ■';■ .■■.;, 

, Nice, Weather over the we^end; 
which attracted over 300,000 to the 
Fair, brought a decided calm to 
Broadway. The July 4 holiday will 
mean a four-day weekend for a lot 
of visitors'. , While;, natives always- 
scram on holidays and this time 
many will be away for; the four days, 
the. influx from out-Of-town will no 
doubt more than offset the exodus. 
New pictures this week are ap-' 
parently riot what the piiblie warits. 
'Man Who Talked Too ,Mach>' with 
support from the Bob CrosBy band, 
leads but it isn't Setting a fast pace. 
With : the holiday bfinging up the 
seventh day, the. gross may be 
arbjmd $33,000, pretty good but not 
strong. :■ 

The. big. sufferer is 'Sailor's Lady,' 
which will get the Roxy only 
$15,000 on six days, ending tonight 
(Wednesday). Theatre moves up its 
opening day, regularly Friday, so 
, that 'Private Affairs' may tee off on* 
. the holiday tomorrow. 'Lady' was 
forced into .the Roxy because; noth- 
ing else Was available and the 
$15,000 take is the lowest in several 
years.; ; .; •;; . 

'Tom Browri's School Days* is very 
much on the blue side at the Music 
Hall. It won't get to $65,000. House 
opens 'All This, and Heaven Too' to- 
morrow (Thursday) but is not upping 
its scales, as desiired by Warners and 
agreed to elsewhere. 

Holdover of "Mortal Storm' is suf- 
ficiently good enough at $28,000 or so 
to be retained a third week, begin- 
ning tomorrow (Thursday), estab- 
lished change: day here. Heavy drariik 
of Nazi Germany is receiving good 
word-of-mouth. So far as audience 
reaction is coricerried, there has been 
a very sniall amourit of hissing and 
tha:t htis; come from supposedly pro- 
Nazi elements but. mostly under the; 
breath, Much applausis is rioted by 
the theatre, during the. picture when 
the angle is anti-Nazi, and on the 
finish. ; :.,- -; „, ,; j 

.paramount wound up its ; two 
weeks with 'Safari' and Eddie 
( 'Rochester') Ariderson, McFarland 
Twins Red Skelton, et al, last night 
(Tuesday), grossing $28,000, which is 
oke. .Added to the first week's 
$38,500, a comfortable profit is shown. 

State is back on its feet again after 
•two brutal weeks with Horace Heidt. 
Has 'My Son,' with Ray Kinriey and 
George Givot on the stage. Pros- 
pects , are bright to hit around 

:■ Theatres began charging the 10% 
Federal tax on all tickets Monday 
(1); Established scales reriiain as- 
they are, with the tax added on. 
Managers .report that the public is 
paying the tax willingly and there 
has been no special confusion in 
handling it on short notice. 

Onjy very routine exploitation flg- 
ured this wefek. ' ■ : ' ,','';. 

Estimates for This Week 
Astor (1,012; 75-85-$1.10-$1.65-$2.20 ) 

jr^.Qrie.' ..IM-lG) 'i29th_w£ek).^ J::akel 
went up last week (28th) to $8,600. 
Prior (27th) lap Was $7,800. : ■ 

Capitol (4.520; 25-40-55-75-$1.10- 
$1.25) — 'Mortal Storm' (M-G) (2d 
wk). Not a- sensation at the b.o. biit 
holding firmly, $28,000 this week 
(2d). First wais over $35,000, gcrod. 
Goes third stanza. 

. , Criterion (l,662;:25-.40r55)— 'Queen . 
of Mob' (Par). Away well and with 
the holiday should hit $8,000. Last 
week,; 'Phantom Raiders' (M-G), 
$8,500. '.,. }:■ :.:.:: .■, ::.:;:,.• :■.■,;:■ \ ;-;,'- ■ 
Globe (1,700; 25-35-55 )— 'Lost Hori- 
zon': (Col) (reissue). . Oldie is getting 
some business though; not startling 
at $6,500. Last week,. 'Cisco Kid' 
(20th) only $4,000, poor. : ; , 

Palace (I JOO; 25^35-55) — 'Torrid 
Zone' (WB) (2d run) and 'Sandy Is 
Lady' (U) . 1st run ). dualed. This 
pair will get about $7j300. 'iTiild. Last 
week, 'Saturday's Children' (WB) 
and 'Dark Coriimarid' (Rep), ' both 
2d rui), $7,200. 

Paramount (3,664; ^ 25-35-55-83-99) 
—'Ghost Breakers', (Par.) arid Orrin 
Tucker, with Bonnie : Baker, on 
stage, opens' today (Wed.). 'Safari' 
(Par), with : the aid of Eddie 
('Rochester') Anderson. McFarlartd 
Twins, Red Skelton and Judy Starr, 
emerged with a satisfactory amourit 
of black. $38,500 the first week. 
$28,000 the second. .. " ' 

Radio City Music Hall (5.980; 40- 
60-84-99-$l,65.)-^'Tom Brown's School 
Days'^(RKO). A weak,, sister, under 
$65,000. Last week, second for 'Our 
Town.' $72,000, pretty good arid not 
far behind the first seven days' take 
bf $80,000. ,. 

Rialto (750; 25-40-55)— 'Murders In 
Rue Morgue' (U) and 'Man Who Re- 

claimed His Head' (U), reissues. 
Horror dual, looks a light $5,300. 
Last week, 'Hot Steel' (U) ind 
Louls-Godoy flght films, $5,800. . 

Roxy (5,836; 25-40r55-75)— 'Sailor's 
Lady' <20th) and stage show. It's 
very bad here this week, only $15,- 
000 oh six days, red aind the poorest 
the house has. done in several years. 
Last week oii holdover of 'Doctor 
Takes Wife* (Col). $28,000, not good, 
but only $4,500 under what the pic- 
ture got the first seven days. 'Pri- 
vate AffairsV (U) opens day ahead of 
schedule tomorrow (Thurs.). : 
: State (3,450; 35-55-75)— ^My Son* 
(UA) (2d run) and, ori stage, Ray 
Kinney, George Giyot, others. A 
merrier tune is beine played by the 
turnstiles this Week, indicatioris . 
pointtog to about $23,000, good. Hor-, 
ace Heidt on second week here with 
'Buck Benny' (2d run) as the picture, 
under $15,000, plenty of crimson. 

Strand (2,767; 25-50-55-75-85-99)— 
'Man Who Talked Too Much' (WB) 
and Bob Crosby. Not fancy, but 
pretty good these days, around $33,- 
000, and will hold over; The third 
(final) Week of •Brother Orchid' 
(WB ) and the Jimmy Dorsey-Maxie 
Rosenbloom combination, built in.' 
the stretch to $25,000. This coriipared 
with $28,000 the second week.; . 


,, Boston, July 2. 
;; (Best Exploitation: ; Met) 

Overshadowing everything in. town . 
is the personal appearance of Bob 
Hope and his radio troupe at the 
Met, playing with 'Ghost Breakers.' 
Although - the hbliday ■ biz is any- : 
body's guess, the exploitation, has 
been framed as a New England; cam- - 
paign arid a strong draw is expected 
"from, the hinterland. 

'Favorite Wife' is okay on: a hold- 
over at the Keith Memorial and 
looks possible for -a third week. 

Hope flew iri di day ahead bf hji 
Met ppening and provided the, ejc- 
ploitatibn crew with some swell na- 
tural breaks. These included a press 
party which netted plenty of rieWs- . 
paper interviews. In addition, Hope- 
Was , interviewed several times On : 
local radio spots and he and Colonna 
stepped in on a sports quiz program 
broadcast all over New England. 
Commercial tieups : with his spon- 
sor's product were plentiful and two ' 
local department stores also came 
i n ; on a fash ion tieup. Newspapers 
went for daily arid Sunday features; 
and outdoor billing in advance was 
extra hefty. , 

Estimates for This Week . 
. Boston (RKO) (3.200; 15-20-35-40) 
--'Divorcement' (RKO) and 'Not 
Tough' (U), dual. Okay $6,000. Last 
week. 'Leopard Men' (Select) arid 
'Half Sinner' (U), double, same. 
:-Fenway^ (M&R)^tl7332; 25'-35^^0=.^- 
55 )— 'Quieen Mob' (Par) and 'Women 
War' (Rep).-^ So-so $3,500 indicated. 
La-st week, 'Adventuress' (20th) and 
'Anything Love' (U), $4,000. 

Keith Memorlar (RKO) (2.907: 25- 
35-40-55) — 'Favorite Wife'- if RKO) 
arid 'Sandy Lady' (U) (2d wk). Aim- 
ing at satisfactory $14,000. Initial 
week, peppy. $26,000. .- . ; ..,:.. ..... ■ \.. 

Metropolitan (M&P) (4.367; 35-5.5- 
yS)-— 'Ghost Breakers' (Par) and 
Bob Hope and troupe on stage. Has 
chance of hitting a smash $55,000. 
Biggest opening iri' many a year on ; 
Friday (28), with, five shows Friday 
and Suriday. and six shows' rest of- the 
week. Last week. 'Four Sons' (20th) 
and 'Murder Air' (WB), dual, $11,- 

700. . .■■■;■;;:•■;';•••.-■ '^;. 

Orpheum (Loew) (2.900; 25-35-40- 
.55)-^'Doctor Wife' (Col) and 'Mule 
Team' (M-G). Medium ' $16,000, " 
Last week, 'Mortal Storm' (M-G) : 
and 'Phantom Raider' (M-G), sec- . 
end week, $15,000. 

Paramount (M&P). (1,797; 25-35- 
40-55 )—'Woriien War' (Rep T and 
'Queen Mob' (Par). Weak $5,000. 
-Last .week; !Adverituress' (20th) and 
'Anything Love' (U). $5,500, slow. 

Scollay (M&P (2,538; 25-35-40-50) : 
—'Brother Orchid' (WB) and 'Our 
Town' (UA) (both 2d run). ' May , 
hit $4,000. fair. Last week, 'Torrid' 
(WB) (continued run froni Par and 
Fenway) and 'House Bp)' (UA) (2d . 
run ), $4,500. , - 

State (Loew) (3.600* 23-38-40-8B> 

-^Mule Team' (M-G) and 'DoetOf 
Wife': (Col). Mild $11,000. Last 
week. 'Mortal Storm' (M-G) and 
'Phantom Raiders' (M-G)i :Soeond 
week, $11.500. , . ; ' ' '■',■/ ■. ■ ■ ; ■ .: 



lacDonald-Eddy $16, 

. Sah Francisco, July.2. 
Business continues decidedlv mild- 
iJespit'e the llth anhiverslirjr show at 
I3ie Fox, highly-exDloited. 'HoW to 
Undress' iinit ; pliifJ. 'C3razy Show' • ^t 
Golden^ Gale. :!AU This, and Heavert 
■■■ Too,' at, the Warfield. ' Lattei; IS roll- 
ing thrice daily With two uhi'esei^ 
inats at 75c toji. and night show, re-: 
' served iat $1.10 top. ;,, ' ,. \l • . 
Last week, four days [oi .Louis- 
Godoy fight -film added . nothing to 
third^final Week .of 'My .Fayonte 
Wife' at the Golden Gate. .^One .Mil;-. 
lioh .BiC,,' now.'in secolid week at 
United Artists, Will go ai third; 
. : Estimaies fbr This Week 

Fox ■ (F^.We) (5,000; 3b-40)-^''New 
TWoort^ (M~G);;ahd 'Gambling High 
Seas'- VWiB). Plugged as llth Arihi- 
verssry ,'Week.' ,Should get . okay-^ 
$16,000. Last week 'Mortal. ;Stbrm'. 
, ( M-G) and .'Captain .Is Lady'' .CM-G ), 
$14,000; comfortable. ■ 

Golden GAtSUBKO) (2,850; 35-55) 
—'Pop Always Pays^. (RKO) plu? 
♦Crazy Show' and . 'How to. Undiress 
Sylth Finesse' units on stage. L?iughs 
and sex hot luring' 'em> with- gloomy 
$12,500 best in ' sight." Last weiek- 
Ta vorite Wife' (RKO ) (3d wk ) and 
vaude, finished at . $13,500, 

Orpheuta CF&M) <2,440; 30-40X— 
'Private Affairs' .(U) and. "Anything^ 
' but Love! (U). Unhappy $6,500. Last 
•weiik 'jgot So .Tough' (U) and 'Wolf 
Meets.Ljidy' (Cbl), fair $8,200. 

. Paramount (F-VfC) (2,740; 30-40) ^ . 

'Safari' • (Par) - and . 'Adventuress'- 
• (20th); Forecastis nice $14,000. Last 

week . .(.2d). ;■ 'Orchid: (WB) and 
. 'These Were Days' (Par), fair $.9,000; 

. Si. Francis; (F-WG) CI ^TO; 3Ci^4.0)-^ 
'Ghost Breakers' (Par) and 'Lucky, 
Cisco Kid' . (20th). 
Fox. . $5,000 expected, average; . 

United Artists (Cohen) (1,200; .35- 
55-75 )-.-'Milli6h B.C;' (UA) and 'Saps 
iat Sea' (UA) (2d Wk). Big $8,500 
expected and will hold third week. 
t:;\-t week, cheerful $12,000. - 

WarfieldJCF- WO (2,680; 55-75. 
$l.lQ)^'Heaven :'Too' . (WB). Road-. 
showvOff to a good start, with Rachel 
Field, author— attending opening. 
Last week (30-40), 'F^our Sons'. (20th) 
.and 'Murder- Cruise^ (20th), popr 

(20th) >nd '^ueen 'Mob' (ParVidir 

■ jo f)00' ' ■■ 

' Mayfair tPat-ker-Evevgi-e^ 
-36-35-40 ) 'Turn'abbuf (UA) '. and 
'Fugitive . Justice' (WB). . Moveoyer 
from Broadway, in f Qur diiys; aver- 
age $1,200; 'Untarned'. (Par) opens 
today iTuesday ); La^t. week. 'Brother 
Ovchid' t WB ) ■ and 'Safari' (Par), 
third staii3tav.$li8()0..: ;: . :;^^ 

Oiplietini (Orpheum Co.) (1,800; 
15^25 - 35 )-^'2l Days' (Col) and 'Stuht. 
Pilot" <Mon6). with yaude. ' Getting 
fair $3,50d; Last "week. ; 'Hot ■ Steel', 
. ( U ) and 'Gangs Chicago' (Rep ), with . 
vaadie,, $3,800, . ; ■ . - . . v. . - . : 
Paramount (Hamnck-Evefgreen) 
(3.000; 30-35-40) — 'Favorite Wife;' 
(RKOy arid 'Lone Wolf Lady' (Col). 
(3d wk). Still good at $3,300. Sec- 
ond Week. . strong $4,500. 

Uhit«d Artists (Parkeir) ( 1,000; >3Q- 
35.40)_'Movtal . Storm' (M-G) . and 
'Gamblirig Seas' (WB). Lopksi.only 
lair at $4,!)00. Last we.fek. : 'Susanr 
(M-0)' and 'Murder. Air'- (WB),; 11 
days, fair $4i900.: . V-.: 

•Lwcky Ciisco Kid* (20th ) find 'On 
Own' (20th). Pairings make total of 
10 days, four to the 'Blue Bird' half. 
Getting around >'?3,700, fair. Last 
week, 'Parole Fixer' (Par) and 'Stat 
iDiist' (20th), average $1,900. y./ 

Stuart (Paranibunt-Cooper) (1,884; 
10-25-40)— 'Four Sons' (20th). Opened 
Sunday '(30) and weak. May get 
$2,400, ; poor.: Oiit after :flye days, 
Lasi week, 'Mule Team'.. (M-G), 
$3,700, pretty goo,(J. 

Varsity : (Noble - Federer) (I,()17; 
10-2(j-25 )-^'Reh6' (RKO ) and 'Cur- 
taih Call' (RKO ). So-so- $I,70D. 
Last week, 'Murder Air' (WB ) . and. 
'Forgotten Oirls' (Rep), poor. $1,100. 

• Pittsburgh, July 2 

'Only- ; two ' new -. pix , . arpund this 
week and they're both doing okay 
'Mbi-tal, Storm,' at-Stariley, is proving 
.a pleasant surpriseSh View pJE pa^t 
. performarices reciBntiy of depressing 
Moveover from themes. . On :the other hand,. 'Ghost 
Breakiers,' . a:t Penn, Is siiarirtg; those 
devoted strictly to, the . lighter 'side! 
and - knocking, dpwn healthy take; 
Both of 'em are , running ; heck and 
heck, in- fact, and look like hbld- 
;ovei's.- . ' ■. ' ■, '■ 

With product scarce,,Alvin hag,;re- 
issUed 'Thanks a Million! oil a dualer- 
with 'Lucky Cisco , Kid,- but will be 
lucky- to get even ' a passih.s; . grade. 
At Warner; , 'My Favorite, Wife' is 
sticking for; - third downtown Aveek 
and still . drawing favorable coin, 
while • at Ritz, 'Siiisan and God,' on 
mpyeoyer .from Statvley, • is : lipping 
that spot conisiderably over recent 
.grosses:; ; .. ■.' r; • ■ ' 

. iE;s(imates for This "Week 

: Alvin : (Harris) , (l;850; 25-35-50)— 

'Thanks a -MiUion'. (20th) ifReissue) 

■ : \j ' , , ' I and 'Liicky Cisco Kid' :(20tH)- vFred 
.All W % ■ Allen being-played up in ads fot the 

■•All -niis. and .He^^^^ poor. .. Last 

Jng. high . at Majestic and piving spot y.^^gj^, <Blondie. Budget' (Col) and 
one^of best we^^^^^^^ (20>h),^urtder that, 

slat?' iJ'falri^S^ ' """."l : Penn ;(toew*S-imT (3,300: 25:35-50> 
None of the main-stemmers are ab- ! VGhost Breakers' (Par).. B.6b: Hope- 
^orbing the V new Federal.: admissions. i Paulette Goddard chiller . gettmg 
tax, which went irito effect Monday {.okay $.14.000.. - .That, figure - means 
(1). Local managers- feel that: ih/t Warner will get 'Breakers' for^.sec- 
View of the public approval of the i ohd Aveek. Last week, 'Our- Town' 


V. , Indianapolis, July;?. 
With Pnly .' three wickets Open in 
the dowhtc)wn sector., coins is., thih 
when compared to When, five houses 
were in; operation. However, Lodw's 
is turning in onie of- the best weeks 
of thp season with. 'New Moon;'. Cir- 
cle is iabout par With. .'Four Sons', 
dualled with 'Girl in .313.' Lyrn: is 
in the . black with 'Cisco Kid' and 
Nick vBoila's- - * Jubilee Follies' v on 

It might be supposied that the.$10,r. 
OCiO usually, split betwieen the nowi-.: 
shuttered Indiana and ApoUp would 
go to the. surviving houses, but thie 
tallies doh*t show it.. . Pres''Tlptioh is. 
that -cbih. is going to . summed amtise- 
ment spots. -'^ ■ . / " 

Estimates for This Week , 
: Circle (Katz-Dolle) (2;400; 25-30- 
40)— 'Four Sons'- (20th); and 'Girl 
313' (20th); Par at $7,000. Last week 
'Ghost Breakers' (Par ) arid 'Biscuit 
Eater' (Par),. nifty $9,200. - 

Loew's (LOew's) (2,6()0; 25-30-40) 
-rr'New Moon' (M-G). Getting turn- 
bver ' breaks to/ very nice $10,200. 
Last week 'Turnabout' - (UA) and 
'Florian' (M-G), under average with 
$6,600. . . . .. • 

LVric (Lyric) (^.900; 25-30-40)— 
'Lucky Giscb. Kid' (20th). and 'Jubilee 
Follies' on stage; . Just in the black 
at $8.500.. Last week 'Conga Nights'. 
(U) arid 'Broadway Passing Show' on 
stage, red $7;200. 

Government's rearmament prbgram 
public -will be glad to help, pay the 
bill,. ' 

Estimates for This .Week • 
Carlton (Fay-Loew) (1.400; 28-39- 
50 )— 'Susan'. ( M-G ) and 'Beyond To- 
morrow' (RKO) (2d. run): Holding 
own fairly, well and looks like okay 
$2,200. Last week 'Mortal -Storm' 
(M-G ) and 'Over Moon* . (UA) (2d 

riin). swell $3,500. 

Fay's (Indie) (2.000; 15-28)— 'Car- 
Bbn City: Kid' (Riep) and. 'Last Alarm' 
(Mono). Juve attractions doing 
meager $2i500. Last week ^LUcky 
Cisco Kid' ■ '(26th) arid' 'This - Oath' 
(Ind), so-so $?,000. 

(UA), disappointhierit' at $8,Q00 in 
spite of -gen'eral rave.- 
Rlii (WB). (800; 25-35-50)— 'Susan' 
;(M»G).,: BirPught here, after getting 
nice- week at Stanley. Should haive 
no trouble knocking, down aroUnd 
$2.400,;which is all right herie. Last 
week; Loiiis-Godoy fight pix, stuck 
iri day after 'Courasfeous Christian' 
(RKO) and .'Gambling High Seas' 

( WB ) opened, saved tWi n nei: f rom 
doings complete nose-dive. Around 
$2,000. • • 

Stanley (WB) (3.600: 25-35-50)— 
'Mortal Storm' (M-G ). Town in past 
nn 1 sn^-so Hi uuu j has been IvrkeWarm, even, apathetic 

_.Sel?ie tffi-i2,2()fti:.28.^^ 
'Heaven Too': (WB). Heitiest attracrt^e^J":^'^;fV.reag^^^^ .which 
iion-in. some time . and :guaranteeirii :J?^^« ,:a„h^^^ 

house knockout $10,000. Last week i [^{p}' - ^'^P^^'^^?^*^^ -/l^V-^nn- * 
•Saturday's ; ChildrenV.: :(WB) ., and -st'" Avound up okay.^^^^^^^^^ ,. 

'Sandy Lady' (U), slow $5.000; .^""^^^ -y^^ :,!Mr^ V^l^Vi 

Stati. (Loew) . (.3,200: 28-39-50)^ i Javorite^ Wife:. (RKO) . First, film 
; 'New Moon' ■: (M-G).: Good $li;000, ! Jong tinre^^tp stick here ipf sec 
Last week 'Susan' CM-G) .and 'Be- 12"° week after being ni^ over 
yohd Toitiorrow' (RKO), strong I [I'ofn ^1"'^- Current session will 
$1.3.^00 . - — 

Strand (Indie) (2,000: 28-39-50 )-; 
. 'AU' (Par) ahd- 'C -andpa to 
Town' (Rep), plus ■four-day appear- 
ance of Duke Daly's orch on stage. 
Only, lairish $5<000;. : Last week 
'Ghost -Breakers' (Par) ■ and .'Light 
Wtesferh Stai-s' (Par)* big. $8,000. .; 

!::bet.ten $6,000, .great.; Last week.- al-; $8,000 for top h.b.. . figure . in 

'Storm/ $4,900, 

4G, Both Fair in Port. 

: Portland, Ore.. July 2. 
- Nobody's , doing too well, or, too 
poorly. - 'Our /Town,' at .Broadway, 
is getting by, 
• . 'Untamed' world ; pireems. today 
(Tuesday) at the ■ Mayfair. With 
Patricia Morrison, . John Howard. 
Susan Hay ward and Ellen Drew up 
from Hollywood for personals at two 

Estimates for This Week 
, Broadway (Parker) (2,000; 30-35- 
40)f^'Our Town' (UA) . and 'Phan- 
toni Raiders' (M-G). Fair $4,000, 
Last week. 'Turnabout' (UA) and 
'Fugitive • from Justice' (WB), good 
$4,700 and moved to Mayfair. 
- Liberty ( H a m r i c k - Evergreen ) 
<2.000; 30-35-40) — 'Ghost Br(?akers' 
(Par ) . and 'Biscuit Eater* (Par ) 

Best Bet in Lincoln 

Liricbh-i. Neb.,. July '2. 
■ 'My Favorite Wife ' is the b. o. . f a ve,-. 
being in the top. money- bracket. 
It arrived a day . early (25), when 
'Susan and God' couldn't stagger 
. o.ver : the An ish I'm e, on -its ■ wi^ek; 
'Wife' is slated for eight daj'S, .. ! 
Estimates for Tliis Week 
Col oriial . . ( Monroe - Noble -Federer ) 
(750: 10-15) 'Code Cactus' (Vic) and 
'Secret 4'. (Mono), split with. 'Cpn- 
victed Woman' (Cdl) and 'Texas 
Stagecoach' . (Col). , Light $700. 
Last week, 'Outside Limit' (Col) and 
'Flying U' (U). split with 'Living 
Love' (RKO) and .'Bombs London' 
(FA), jaoor $700. 

Li n e b J n .v. (ParariioUnt - Cooper) 
(1.503: . 10-25-35-40 )— 'Favorite : Wife' 
(RKO). .Heading for $5,000, excel- 
lent, on nine .dayis; : week, 
'Siisan God' (M-G ), six days, $3,100, 
not very, good; ; ■ • - . . 

N:e b r as k a (Paraniouht-Cboper) 
(1.236: 10-20.25)—'Blue Bird' (20th) 

Baltimore, July 2. 

There's a slight b.o. lift here. .Best 
doings being thalked up by 'Ne-w 
Moon.' at LoeW's Century, after ex- 
tra strong, advance ballyhoo, and 
oversized national ads. Also fairly 
good is 'Brother Orchid,' at the 
Stanley, ' ;-. 

Rest of town is holding only, mod- 
erate pace, at best. ; 

Estimates for This Week 
' Century (Loew's-UA) (3,000; 15- 
25-40)— 'New Moon' (M-G). Mac- 
Donald-Eddy leading the parade in 
healthy fashion with okay $12,000. 
Last week, 'Our Town' ,(UA), got 
.some favorable press- reaction, but 
only moderate b.o. at $6,800. 

Hippodrome (Rappaport) • (2,205; 
15-25-35-40-55-6.6). ^=^Th05e . . Were 
Days' (Par) plus Al Donahue's orch. 
Getting only ,$10,000, poor; - Last 
week, 'Bill Divorcement' (RKO) 
and Harry James orch; mild $10,800, 

Keith's (Schanberger) (2,406; .15- 
25-35-40)^'Over Moon' (U). Rather 
halting at indicated- $4,000. Last 
week, 'Safari' (Par), 10 days, $5,- 

600, '■':Jy ;..'..;.:.:'-;- :■ \ ;.'.-. -;. 

New (Mechanic) (1.581; 15-25-35- 
55)-T:^'Sailor's Lady' -(20thV.. • Uriex- 
citing at $3,500. . Last week; -Forty 
Mothers' (M-G), fair $4,100. . 

Stanley (WB) (3,280; '15-25-35-40- 
55)— 'Brother^ Orchid' (WB). Hold- 
ing rather' steadily at $8,000. Last 
Week. 'Flight .Angels' (WB),' -g. 
$5,300. ■ 

Mpk Goes for La# 

Wedhesday, July 3, 1940 

Red Cross Drive 

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Goldwyn. to coordinate all war re- 
lief v?prk in the industry, will he 
regulatecS flriancially by its treasurer, 

A. J, Cook, prexy of the California 
Bankers- Association. . Other mem- 
bers airie jock Lawrence,, executive 
secretary; Bert .Allen'berg, Fred 
Beetson; Frank Capra, Harry Cphn, 
Carl G. Cooper, ■ Interriatibhal : AIU7 
ance of Theatrical Stage Empioyes; 
Wait -DiSneyi Reeves Espy, Y. Frank 
Freeman, Sheridan Gibney, 3. W. 
Gillette. American Federation Mysi-; 
ciahs; William Gbetz, Will Hays, I. 

B. Kornblum. Theatre Authority; 
SqI Lesser, E, J, Mannix, Leslie 
Mason, Screen Publicists Guild;. 
Louis B. Mayer, J. R, McDpnough, 
Ralph Morgan, Steve B, Newman, 
lATSE; -:Hai: Roach, Joseph M, 
Schenck, David 0. Selinick, M. J. 
Siege], Charles P, Skouras, Kenneth 
Thonison, J, • K. Wallace, musicians; 
Walter Wanger, H. M. Warner, Jack 
L. Warner, Cliff Work, Alfred 
Wright ' and Dairy 1 F. Zaniick, 

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Good $5,000. Last, week, i'Fpur Sons' and 'Granny GUn'' (WB), split with 

Roy Howard .p|rOvided the yacht for 
the nominee's return trip. [. Willkie 
was, and is, as . a matter : of fact, ex- 
traorciinarily well acqiiainted, with 
the big ^men of the publishirig, ad- 
vertising, broadcasting, . banking^ 
brokerage and industrial .: upper 
crust in Manhattari. He has ; long 
.assjerted . hiriisel f as a personality 
in the - inner cbu ncils ; of ■ the pjp- 
position to the Newr Deal and is 
possibly better acquainted in the 
American.' World than any 
presidential candidate in history. He 
has been a professional spokesman 
f ot big biz for 20 years. 

Kansas: City,- July' 2. 
■ 'All This, arid Heaven, Top,' at Qr^ 
pheum at $1:10 top; is turning in 
steady returns, but not realizing the 
capacity possibilities of ,the house. 
First week will be gratifying, how- 
ever, and film is set; fpi: extended 
riin. ... . ■■ ' 

• Midland is breaking a precedent 
with 'New Moon' §howirig on a sin- 
gle feature basis. Double feature 
policy here broken only couple .of 
times : in past year. arid. 'Moon' is 
ringing up best figure iiouse has had 
in weeks and weeks. 

. Estimates for This Week 
\ Esquir'e ' arid Uptown (Fox Mid- 
west) (820 and 2.043; 10-25-40)— 
'Flight Angels' (WB). An unusual 
attraction in ^ these Fox. houses, as 
Warner product . usually split be- 
tween OrpheUm and Newihan. Fair 
$6,800, . Last week, 'Four Sons' 
(20th), under expectations at $6,400. 

Midland (Loe>'s) C4.lOl^ 10-25r40) 
—'New Moon' (M-G). Getting 
strongest play of anything in months; 
Big $12,000. Last/week. 'Turnabout' 
(UA). arid '21 Days' (Col ), fairish 

Newman (Paramount) (1,900; 10- 
25-40 )— 'Ghost Breakers' (Par) (2d 
wk.). Holding up to average of sec- 
ond Week film'.s, $5,700, after open- 
ing week's $8,600. 

. Orpheum ,(RKO) (1.500;; 55-75- 
$1.12) — 'Heaven Too' (WB). Mati- 
nees continuous, at 75c top and single 
evening ■. periormance with reserved 
seats. Business sturdy, but not ca- 
pacity,, at $13,000. Certain to stay 
for extended run. 

Tower (Joffee) (2,110; ,10-25)— 
.'Girl 313' (20th) with vaude headed 
by Evelyn Brent. Business' holding 
up to pleasaint $6,800.. Last week, 
'Gaiichp Serenade' (Rep) with Major 
Bowes' ams on stage, above, average 

• . Minneajpolis, July 2^ 
Bob Hope is the fair-haired box- 
office boy this week. In 
quehce, 'The Ghost Breaker* stands 
out like a valedictorian among cur?- 
rent contenders and puts, the Stale 
far out in front, Otherwise, it's 
pretty much the same bid gloomy 
story. . • . - y:^ 

As 'The Ghost. Breaker 'attests, the 
paying public apparently is in 
Of ; laughs.: As 'The Mortal Storm' 
attests, in a different direction, the 
customers are eschewing tragedy 
even when . it's . masterfully, done.- 
(iritics, Avfeht overboard with piaise; 
but Orpheum turnstiles aren't click- 
ing. Aside frorii 'Ghosts' , thS only 
standout is reissue, of 'Hell's Angels,' 
which is doing a hangup business at 
sure-seater Esquiire,: ; 

Estiinates for This Weeic 
; Aster (Par-Singer) (900; 15-25)- . 
'Chan's Cruise' (20th) and 'Fugiti-ve 
Justice' ( WB ), ^ dual first-runs. In 
for six. days and* looks for pretty 
good $1,600. Last wieek, 'Alias Dea- 
con' (U ) and 'Girl 313' (20th), dual 
flrst-ruhs, split with 'Can't Fool Wife' 
(RKO) and 'Saint Over' (RKO), fair 
$1,400,., . . 

Century (ParrSinger) (1,600; 25- 
35-40 ) -^'Waterloo Bridge' (M-G ). 
Moved here after sik mild dayS' at 
State. Not snowing riiuch , sti-ipngth . 
and Is fexpebted to bow out in :six 
days for July 4 newcomer. Light 
$2,500 indicated. Last week; 'Earth- 
bound' .(20th)r \$l|90a in six days, 
poor, . .:■ . 

. Esquire (GiUman) (290; 25)— 
'Hell's Angels' (Astor) (reissue); Re- 
vitalizing boxoffice: here. Best busi- 
ness here in thonths at big $1,500. 
Last week, 'My Way' (U) .(3d wk), 
$400 in four day.s, okay. 

Gopher (Par-Singer) (998; 25)— 
'Those Were Days' (Par); , Light 
$1,500 for five .days. ' Last . wieek, 
'Cheers Irish' (WB), $2,200. mild, 
, Orpheum (Par^Singer ) (2.800; 25- 
35-40)-T-'Mo.rtal Storm! (M-G). Raves 
from reviewers for this one and 
wprd-of-mbuth . is highly favorable, 
too, but the. rribre serious stuff ap- 
parently frightens too many a-vvay; 
Six days will be about all and wUl 
do well to- eclipse fair. $5,000. .Last 
week, 'Brother Orchid' (WB), $5,400, 

: State (Par-Singer) (2.300; 2,5-35-40) 
—'Ghost Breaker' (Par). Bob Hope 
looks like big . $9,500. . Last week, 
'Waterloo Bridge' (M-G), $5,200 in 
six days, light, 

. Uptown (Par) (1.100; 25-35)— 'Edi- 
aori Man' (M-G), split with 'Favorite;, 
Wife' (RKO). Fitst neighborhood 
.showings. . En route to good $2,000. 
Last week, 'Benny Rides' (Par) split . 
with. 'Edison . Man' (M-G), " $1,600, 
mild< .' ■ ■ 

World (Par-Singer-Steffes) (350; 
P.5-35)— 'Over Moon' (UA) (2d wk). 
Will depart after four days of sec- 
ond' -week. . Light $500 indicated. 
'Biscuit Eater' . (Par), opens today 
( Tuesday ). Last week, $1 ,400, . fair ■ 


The Esquire^ Oakland 

Oakland, July 2. 
Despite general alarm sounded for 
fire apparatus, fiariies attributed to 
smoWering. cigar^t in Ipgcs partiailly 
destroyed the Esquire theatre early 
.Firiday . .(28) ;ri)prniri* House had 
heeri empty; several h ours before fire 
started. Balcony and loges; -gutted-, 
with iserious damage from water. 
'Man With Nine Lives'; and 'Island of 
Dobriied Men,' current bill, moved 
over' to Trariklin, uribccupied theat^ 
owned .by .WB circuit.. ' , 
;,■ Damage; • is partly - .-by .' - 
surarice. With work .of r.econstructioii 
to stdrt immediately. .Originally 
called the American, and one of first 
■picture theatres in Oaklartd, it was 
remiodeled for $50,000 year wheri 
Abe Blumenfeld secured, the Warner 
contract over . the . . Skoura^ chain. 
.Esquire is owned by Blumenfeld and 
Clarence Laws. 

Speed Up the Grab 

7 . - Hollywood, July 2.. 
: ; Wai:neri i.s.: rushing work on ^City 
for Conqiiest' to have Ann Sheridan 
ready for 'Honeymoon for Three,' 
slated to start July 8. / 

George Brent has the male lead in 

'40-41 Selling 

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a consent decree, if coming, will call 
for and in what manner it- will affect 
selling. , Thie problem is trying.: to 
decide whether the whole country 
should be sold right away, if that Is 
possible,»,or whether saks should be 
intentionally slowed up. A conusent 
decree will presumably mean can- 
cellation of any contracts that, are 
in,:_OE-attachment : of -rider-Si--to-r7pr€ 
seat agreements. It all depends on 
what may . be' agreed, upon', undier a 
settlement. of the Government suit. 

Any selling that has been com- 
pleted will.have to be done all oyer 
again, under different condition.s, if 
ai consent decree provicles for selling :. 
in small . blocks, screenings before 
buying, vital, changes in. clearance, 
etc. - Arbitration .njachinery is iah-. 
other angle. ,' 

Exhlbs Puzzled . 

A few exhibitors have expressed 
the opinion that perhaps they 
wrong in not going ahead to. close all 
deals for ;-40-4l product riEquired be- 
cause a wairtime boom ; might b« 
coming, "It is .bielifeved firmly in 
some exhib. quarters that there will 
be a booriii particularly in tpwn.i 
profiting highly, from . 'defense,: and. 
war measures, but whether it would 
be, smart; to get the cJeals set before • 
that . cpmes. ' or riot, is the '.faiiming 
question. ' ■ ■'- ' .■) ■::'■ ',' 

:. .Should, business : Jricrca,se through •. 
war, higher prices, upped employ- 
ment,; etc;, . the . distributor'' Would 
have a stronger argument on his side 
for Steeper rentals-, in that event;-^ 
arid eyeri/if there is no . bodm-^the 
buyers fear, the distribs are not- only 
going;: to .fight, to the! last ditch for 
higher terms but are also jgoing to 
haul the split figures down where 
deals are written on percentage. 
There may also be more intensive 
fighting so .far a.s preferred dating 
and clearance is concerned. 

PIAfiiETY WtMlnes<lay, July 3, 1940 

WodnesJay, July 3, 19A0 


Vict-PresUenf in Charge of Production 


Extcutivi Producer 

The Associate Producer's 
for Warner Bros, 


The Directors 
for Warner Bros. 



Wetlrtcsday, July 3. 1940 


'(|)l'IUST U.C-K'. 















ecause 6, 








The material here presented U an indication of the motion pictures which, allow* 
in^ for the exigencies of production, we contemplate for the season 1940*4], 




















(I St. Mdrtla'ii riRc*. TrafnlK^ir Stiiiar* 


. With, the Nazi sphere of inHuertce 
■also inbreasingly: threatenirig . • the 

■ Balkan, countries, America 

tors are Avatchirig closely to see ■ what 
restrictions^ censorship arid freezing 
of money . will be placed on U. S. 
product in that territory,- In the; 
meantime, ' mot* : normal . communis 
cation has be6h ^stablisheid with Eu- 
ropca n gieneral iria^nagers while siey> 
ei'al cpmpanies ' have received; word 
that business has been Testored^^^ i 
IHoUand arid may be shortly in Bel- 
■■ gium;; :;• ■' ' *. ■ ■ 

. No: compariy oflficials would ven- 
ture to predict; just what would be 
: the status of distribution, how soon 
..It ; would approach normal; and 
whether they" w^ ;be .able to get 
remittances ieven if theatre business 
/went along. as lisual within the next. 

■ few months, ; , . ' 

. Major, cbmphhies. . are' corifrohted; 
- with two. ; factors .in attempting, to 1 
.appraise the situation at this early 
date; . (1) the 'war is not over; (2) 
"it /dilTicult to tell , what the. eco- 
rioriiic conditions in .Europe will be 
for that matter, iii the UiS., in 
, the next six months. 

RKO has received word that busi- 
ness now is on a 'hprmal basis in 
Holland though there is no informa- 
tion regarding remittances of rentals. 
Reginald ArmOur, Eurppean.mahaser, 
Is. at Lisbon, Portugal, temporarily 
company headquarters . for the 
Europe area4 Money is coming 
through from Sweden, but it is dif- 
ficult to get prints into, that couiitry 
and also t^inlairid. Shipments . have 
been made via Russia and also 
through Italy.and Germany for these 
nations. : . : -y \ 

Xanffe Cables. Par . 

Paramount has finally TeGeived a 
eablc from Fred W. Langc, , European 
chief,.whp said that headquarters 
Europe liad been set up at Barce- 
lona. Spain. , He reached there after 
iin 'unbelievable . journey,' to quote 
his cable. ■:■ _ . 

While Lange Is In Barcelona he 
Will survey .the possibilities of 
, 'American production in .': Spain. 
There's little chance that Par head- 
quarters will riemaih at Barcelona 
J because ri.o distribution money is al- 
. lowed out of the country. An effort 
will be made to shift Aiidre Olseri, 

■ who has beien In Budapest, to The 
Hague so he can supervise Belgium 
and Holland. . W. L. Deblois-Leach, 
financial man for. the company at 
Bordeaux, now is safely ini London. 

Warner Bros, has also had word 
that operations have been resumed in 
liolland, letlet coming through re- 

—questing-additional-produbtr— Robert 
Schless, European ' manager, pres- 
. ehtly in N. Y. for home office hud- . 
dies' after attending the /domestic 
sales convention and huddling on the 
Coast,' plans leaviiig for Europe July 
18 on the Atlantic Clipper. No in- 
formation has come through from 
A., Saltiel, assistant manager, who' 
., still was Bordeaux when last 
hea I'd from. 

... . Columbia's, headquarters for, Eu- 
rope still are in Bordeaux; according, 
to a cable received this- weelc.- Tliere 
Is. ho- indicatioji that offices will be 
removed to Lisbpri.' Universal also. 
. is carrying on European operations 
from Bprdeaux. /'-.o. 
Meanwhile; foreign departments 
attempting to get the ultimate 
revenue from the Latin-American 
market and hoping that some addi • 
tional income will result when such 
foreign productions from Erance and 

: Germany . no longer are ' ' supply. 1 
Most foreign chiefs iare free in' ad- 1 
mitting that this market, ;\vhich has • 
been . carefully developed over 
period of years, holds put small hope 
of cpmpensatirig for iPsses'in Europe. 

RKO's Westebbe Safe 

.vMax We.stebbe, -RKO's manager. in 
Holland, whose whereabPuts had the 
homeoffice concerned for about three 
weeks, has been reported safe in 

slow mail was behind the late 
notification. . 

Londpn, Jiine. 18. : 
. Militant in an effort to combat the 
increasing . distress I' ' its ; player 
ranks; British Equity is pressing its 
case before the government labor 
bureau. ; ' •' .; " - V.' ' ' ■ ' V 

... Actor . prganizatipn. constantly . at 
the ear of the official department, 
drives home the problem , of : thpise 
artists seemingly in posscssioh of a 
iprig • summer engagement, but faced 
at the last minute with'cahcellatibn 
due to military seizure of piers arid 
strawhat operations. . ': ■ 

Another upset, confined rather to 
the profesh, is. the actOr who. regis- 
ters, imder the military' draft and; is; 
left With no. engagement because of 
the: impoissibility- to forecast actual 
date of call-up. Equity. has secured 
an. arrangement with the labor bu- 
reau for performers ill such predica- 
ments to- become available for' un- 
employment assistance. • Previously 
they were unentitled to this. ' 

aria s roreign 
By American Firms 

. Sofia, July 2. '. 
Despite the close Bulgairian asso- 
cia tipri with the Axis, arid . the lat- 
ter 's opposition to all things Ameri-r 
can, tJ. S, films, by their virtual Su- 
periority in quality, have overcome 
to some extent the Yank antipathy 
here. . . Though not a large, market, 
the Yanics have a corner ori: 50% of 
the film imports and the Bulgariari 
government allows for the .exporta- 
tion .of profits through Bulgarian im- 
porters in the U. S. [ 

■ Closest U, S. dompetitors dre the 
Nazis and the Soviets, both of Whom 
are held in : high ; f a'vpr by neutral 
Bulgaria and who find a ready mar- 
ket for their propaganda pix. After 
the totaiitarians' come the, French, 
'who sell about 15%. ■■ Remaining 5% 
is divided, artibng. the small nations. 
The ..Bulgarians'.; themselves .offer', no 
conipetish since they've unreeled 
only four pic ts in. their histbry. Last, 
'They .; Have., Been . Victorious'^' did 
big 'biz,.,;hp^vevcr, which may en- 
courage the natives to go into the 
field iriore ^ seriously. AU foreign 
filni.s. shown iri their native; lingos 
with, .. supei;-impose'd . . titles. ' Intake 
■doesn't -warrari't dubbing. 

Foreigin Manager of U. S. Co. 
Say* Urugyay anid Argeii- 
With Highest StaLnd^- 
ardli 6f Living, Have More 
■ liNon-Rea d e r i y Than Nd» 
Carolina, yWhose 14.9% 
I» Wor» t oiF Any State; 


■ High-.; rate of illiteracy in South. 
America is blamed by the foreign 
manager of one of the major U. S. 
filrti' cbmpairies . as .a^>p^ rea- 
son why producers , in the Uiiiled 
States ore singing in the dark 
in expecting to compensate for any 
large portiori: of European IpSs by 
increasing sales in S. A. Foreign 
exec refuses to have his name, used 
With the, .statement.' Latter 's .re- 
pudiation of. the South American 
market is cprisistent with that of Joe 
McConville,: Columbia Picts" foreign 
chief, - upon his . return of . a;-^L^ 
American survey . some time' a ^o;. ; : , 
- li is hopeless, former declares, to 
erect theatres or . make any other 
great ; effort to add to grosses .in a 
country . lik / Brazil, Avhere; large; 
part, of tlie population ; is-. ; iridiani 
Thfise people are primitives who will' 
riot be. potential filriiTgoers for sev- 
eral. generations,, although they are 
•naturally included ■ in the Statistics 
on population 'vvhich some ; distribs 
are viewing wiih . hope, he; said. . : 

Although accurate- . figures: on 
illiteracy difficult to obtain for 
•Sputh' America, it :is' believed ■ that 
even the countries .. with the ' highest 
standards;df. yriiguay arid, 
the Argentine,; have a considerably 
greater percentage bf non-readers 
than the state witli the worst; record 
i.n;-U. S., • :Nbrth ;^■:earbliha,.■^,14.^%, 
Many states in this country have 
illiteracy, records' of.. less than 1% i ; 
• Proves Point 

■ Study of similar ciWes in. South 
America and. the y.; S; :-vv^^ to 
prove his -point by the foreign mari-; 
a^er whO: advanced '. the illiteracy' 
theory. For One cpmparisori he used^ 
Barranquilla, Colpmbia, which has a 
popuiatibn of about 1 50,Q00, and any 
city; iri midwestern U. . S, with ap- 
proximately the same population. In 
Barranquilla, a survey showed, there, 
were only 10.000 potentjal film-goers 
and 3,000 who. actually patronized 
theatres. In the JJ. S. city there were 
35,000 potentials and 17,500 who at- 
tended- films regularly. 

Difficulty faced by U, S. films Is 
that the dialog is subtitled, voices 
being dubbed in in very few pic- 
tures. ■' . 
/Films 'with South American lo- 
cales, like. 'Down Argentine "Way," 
being made by 20th-Fox. and ; 'They 
Met in Argentina,' an RKO prprnise, 
are nriore risky for' the S; A./malicet' 
than ordinary 'U. S. fil'm.s, it is said. 
Natives allow scenarists ' rib license, 
laughing off the screen films which- 
they know by experience don't pic- 
ture the territory accurately, 

Scandia Revenue Frozen 

. Anieritan pictures - are stiU gett ing: 
a strong play in Denmark and Norr 
w4y but no revenue is being sent out 
of the. country: to distributors, ' 
; Understbbd that small remittances 
may be made ;by late fall 'and full 
payment is rnbt expected until tiie 
war is pver. .;' ■ y • — 


; ; Sydney, July 2; 

Cinesound, most active.' Australia; 
picture producer, has halted shootin 
ori 'Horiiebrew Fare,', ''arid prbbaib 
will stop all local pi-pductiori fpUbv 
iii g . the :• tigh teiiirig of th e Briti§' 
market and stoppage of any furthe 
coin backing from the ; Anzac gov 
ernment to ail home: producers',: ; 

Further repercussiori .'fr^ 
European war has. been ; the sudda 
caiicellatio'ri :pf "ihe proppsed nlerf 
betWe'eri Hbyts: and Grcaitcr Unip- 
Theatres circuit. ' It was proposed to 
have the . merger ready ^by July 1, 
but it's. been temporarily .abandoned 
following the; governmerit'.s • edict 
coiTlr oiling all locjil manpower and 
finances..;- ■ 
■ ^ Friendly arrangement hai? been 
made whereby Hoyls ; is . granting 
Greater Union - a certain ' supply of 
it.s film product, in Aiisiralia -until 
conditions improve. 



. ■ .Walter Gould, • • United ' Arlist.s'^ 
Latin America: ;, division ' manager.' _ 

. left last, Aveck by plane ...for :• I.'ie.'dco ' 
City on' the first, leg. of a ' tour o£ . 
his tevritbry: ' . ■ j 

He plans an extended trip. ; ' 

. ''.' ■. London, July 2. 

.; ^ C 1.1 in- eri t en t ertairiment ;.ta x on films. 
;yielding' $2d,000i000 arinUaliy, is to b^ 
doubled., tp enable the government 
to meet better its need for building 
up. the defense fund. ■ 
- • PoKiil.t.ant: .uppirig; of filrri. theatre 
prices will be confined to- the iower- 
price ..scaler-., hiyierto free Of tax. 

, • ■■ ■ London, June. 18. '. 
•Sam Eckinan, Jr., Metro's ; British 
chief, plans contihuance of Metro in- 
terest: in ;.British-niade product, fol-' 
lowing fold- . of M-G's Denham pro- 
duptibn unit; New deal; is for five 
films; of .major standard, to be made, 
here by independents with • M-.G. 
financing; . • ^ 

-'..Arrarigement has^come in; for .wide 
acclairii, supplying neede.d fillip to 
horiie .Ijfoduction Setup and taking 
care of the gap saw with the 
departure of Ben ..GOetz. production 
chief in England for M-G. 
' .Just .where Robert . Donat, M-.C 
contractee, will tie iri with the foitli- 
coming productibri .deal is riot indi- 
cated.; Pleiyer is now touring ShaiA'',s, 
'Devil's Disciple,' and has intimated 
his interest iri' three biher-leg i.t' vehi- 
cles for later staging.- ; 

■;■'. Merger Near a Year Agn . ■ 
Merger of Hoyts. and ' Greater 
Union; Theat^^^ 

bine urider the bperatihg; title of 
Gerieral Theatres Corpv, was nearly 
set more thari:;a year ago, but never 
:ratified: by- directors of. the Hoyts 
circuit; . S'ueh an arrangcmeht was 
prppps.ed because 'of long serie.s' ot 
complaints, by Greater :yri ion that all 
ace. American product had. been cpr- 
raied ijn Aussie territory by lloyts. 

Australian . government had allo- 
cated several hundred thou.sand dol- 
lars to Anzac film .producers to bol- 
ster native productipn; These are 
the advances that have been halted. 

Sail for Home Posts 

■ 'r:Wp .bf...ParaniQurit'. Latin :' Ainev- 
icari- representatives who have been 
huddling, in Ne\v .Yprk with John W. 
Hicks,.; J; R., Par\s; foreign . .ichiefi 
,chpVed off for their home, po.sto last 
week. .,. ■ ; ■ '■.'- ' 

"A. L. Ptatchetl, .CcnlrarAme 
inan,agc;r; who headquarters in.Mek-'. 
ico City, planed ;. for Cuba Sa t u r day 
(.29), where he plans stopping bver 
in order to check the new . Cuban 
anti-blockbooking bill • .recently 
.passed th'ei-c- .He wa.s. .delegated^ this 
mi.ssioii by ..the iiidustry. . J. D; 'Ra- j 
poport,' manager for Cuba, .left 'Fri- . 
day (28) by auto, planning to ferry ! 
acroiss from-'Miami to Havatia. ... I 
S-. K; Pierpoirit-.: Brazil m,'\nager;-l 
plans sailing July 13 for ' Rio de ' 

'Security Censorship^ 
By British Producers 

London; June 18. 
. Meeting last week of executives of ' 
the British Filrii Producers As.s^ be- 
wailed the decreasing scope of thei*'. 
operations as war spread cuts into 
overseas markets. After battling to 
open up a valuable field, exporters 
are faced with the prospect of i total 
loss on one side and' the vinereasing 
difficulties encountered in shipping 
product to countrie.s where business 
is still available^ Men lion was made 
Of a deal with Italy for 'Pygmalion' 
running to $18,000. What happened 
to it the exporters didn't need to say. 
Similar change has overcome busi- 
ness formerly achieved Holland, 
Belgium and Denmark. 

Clpse-tb-home beef -frbrri the ..pror 
ducers cpricerns the. government levy 
of $1 a reel on all films exported. 
Officially, it's termed . 'security cen- 
sorship.' To the producer group it's 
an irritation it will seek to have. re-, 
moved by : Coricentrating on govern- 
ment's ■ glad-hand to the . oyersea.s. 
d,ispatch pi British product. Stuff, is 
being built .up. more and more' as. 
the ■ firiest type: of . propaganda avail- 
able. . ' ' ■■ -■ 



-, The uncertairity that's accom- 
panied prospective legit openings in. 
London's 'West End, .' duV "to. .■ the 
threatened Nazi attack on England, 
has been a factpr in- prolonging tha 
London debut of . Clare Bootlie's 
'Margin : for Error,' according . ta 
cabled reports from London. Con- 
:scquently, the anti-Nazi • comedy, 
which recently ended a Broadway 
run, is due to tour the provinces for 
at least six wfeeks, at the end of 
vvhich it would be; determined mol'e 
definitely whether the show could be 
brought yin. . 

Joe '^Safchs is producing thie show 
in Britain, with Charles Allen,; New 
York agent, handling the negotia- 
tions between the former a nd Aid- 
rich & Myers, the : show's New York 

'Margin' preems in Birmingham 
Jdiy 8 for ■ brie -we'ek, 'with subse- 
quent weeks following in Manches- 
ter. Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow 
and Edinburgh. . These datss ar» 
cpriiparatiyely distant from the chan- 
nel coast, from wbich the Nazi at* 
tack is expected to be directed, 

Despite the Labor Ministry's ..rul-r 
ing in England . restricting crnnlby-! 
rilant of , alien performers there; 
Sachs, has-.: signed Hartley Power, 
American, for the part of the ; New 
"York policeman. ■ ;•■■/ : . '• , 

Many English players tried for the 
role,; but Power's acquairitance with 
New Vorkese, a pertinence of the 
ehar^icterizatiph, - won'\ out.- ' ■'■ Power 
has been" in' England for .. several 
years, origirially going, over vvith the^ 
ihow 'Broadway'. • ' J 

.; . London,; June 18. 

.. New subscription group formed to 
operate, here on cultural Standards i 
will inelude . an intimate i thealre :; 
among i,ts endeavors tagged The I 
Neighborlippd. Film playeivMichacl ■ 
Redgrave appears in - the first offer- ■ 
ing; '.Thunder Rock,' Robert Arrtroy';>. 
consternation piece which had a shnvi.: 
Broadway. stay last November. Ih-r- • 
bert .Mar.shall . (hot. the aotpK-> is prb-. 
ducing 'Rock.' V; . ' j 

. Play Is also to be publi.shed here, -i 


Carl : Brisson, the actor, no v/ « 
riaturilized Briton, has— or had un- 
til the' Nazi ;.takebver—niost of lii* 
lifc'-s.. -savings 'invested - " Danish- 
real estate. '.-' . ■ 

Mex's $8,000,00() Outlay . 

■ . ' ■■ . Mexico City, July 2.. 

CpriKtruction arid in.stallatiori .pt- 
.. .'iDcmas .iri Me.xicp since this, cpun.tty 
began pic production in 1930 reprfe- 
^.e'v^tj: ari investment oX around' 
$8,000,000, according tp fedehil gpv-- 
evrim'ent figures. 


"Weiliiestlajr, July 3, 1940 

IJ.S. Billions 

.Continue^ from page. I; 

' Chicago, July 2. ; 
BiU Bacheri new program supet- 
> foi' WGN, has completed, plans 
■ !or a sp^dal radio preview . of the 
. VTom BroWn's St^^ Days', picture 

. iri a tie-up with RKO studios. . • 
Program will be broadcast oh July 
; with WGN- talent chief Noel Gefc- 
; ~ ■ son having set :deals for Sir Cedric 
:'■ 'jaardwiclte,; Freddie- Bartholomew 
.Jjind Jimmy Lydon; Of :the picture 
■^st to cbm^ in to theiir. roles, on the 
'.lir show. .;. ■ 
; ' It is the ;se!cortd of a series .of these 
. ' ipreview . programs' ■ which' Bacher 
nhd Gerson, vvith the biackihg.Qf Colv^ 
' st/.:R. McCormick, are getting for the 
:.ff'eN-Mutualride<. First; was 'Irene,'- 
V vhich brought in, A^^a Neagle . and 
3urgess Meredith for th^ radioza tiori 
:")f the flicker. , . r^-- ■ -.: 

. ■ 4;;. '^ VBuffalo; " July Si* ;■ 
- Local 'shea PiibHx houses are 
bearirig down hcayily oh lie tips. Af- 
rangcriieht with Canada Dry: for the. 
Buffalo includes the. Install atibn of 
a yacht: bar; \yith. f ree giiiger ale give- 
a\yays to patrons- during the siim- 
■mer.,^ - ". ■ ■ - ;• 

Tieup for the - Shea;, nabe houses 
with .Niagara FrontiiEr Ele.etrical 
, As'sn .. V/ ill .result • in presentation ;oC 
short skits - on the. stages . and> give- 
aways of electrical ^jpliances as cbn- 
test prizes. 


■ '\-''- ' 

For Sph^s > 

J.Coiitiiiued from page 7. 

i;f'' Premiere , of 'Ramparts ; We ; .Watch! V 
yjfi; .Washington,. .July .12^ was set .this-.j- 
ii'week. . Washington • : was ■ picked , 
jsplo, spot . for initial showing be-.; 
./i^iause Congress still will be in . sea- 1 

x^r^pn, ) ■ ■■ . .- _ . •■ . 

Feature, the [ first turned but - by 
.>';he IVTarch of Tirh^, was hurried for 
/distributipn beciiuse of the present : 
vNaitiohai Prepare^^ : campaign, ) 
( Producers beiieYing. the. subjact fits i; 
' u y Well with, this drive to \ bolster ■ 
t^niliiary.. preparations. : Roy E. Lar- 1 
i'len,: pir.esident.'Of Time. Inc.,. and co- 
^.coimder of • 'March, of Time' reel, as | 
tjiJiriBll as William . Geer, his assistant, i 
vJiiaye ' assisted tioiiis. de /Rbchemoht, [ 
|broducer. in r^ceiit, weeks in putting ■ 
0ie- final touches oh the productidn. . ■ I 
I Picture, which has 73 speaking ' 
proles, is : not , a dratnatization Of 
^sWagor Gfeorge Fielding EHot's book, 
. tionly the' title.- of this work being I 
iusied,, Aboiit 300,000 feet .-of liiegative i 
•^eire shot in turning oiit the feature 
jjWhich required abbiit 18 /months to 
ifjcomplete' Actual work on the pro- 
udiicti.on scenes was not started until 
|last . September at ; New London, 
^|GOnn., but previously ' much back- 
aground material including clips from 
^(J. Si . Signal Corps had been ob- 
■ |laihed. ■ ■ 


I Hypo; 4G RO in Fr^co 

I San Francisco, July % . 

I A $4,000 premiere in a 40d-seat 
';^;J)ouse is the record claimed by Her-, 
ifibert Rosener for opening ojf 'The 
Baker's Wife/ French picture, at 
.ICiay Friday (28).' - With Elsa Max- 
Swell as sponsor and, proceeds going, 
.^to Allied War Relief,' ultra crowd 
|paid $5 to $20 a seat, -Festivities in: 
|ciuded previews of two Maxwell 
'i; shorts, 'A; Lady an:' the Lug* (WB) 
'\and ,'Riding into Society* (WB|). 
1} La ■ Maxwell drew entirely nev/ 
I cirowd to arty house, including many 
ijblueblbods hitherto unaware of its 
|.eXistence.-. ., 

ducers to stop hiakihgv 'fillers' thus 
enabling the exhibitor to give a good 
enough shOAV to. round , out a. good 
.two-hbiir prdgram. '-. 

•Must Clean House' 
.;, Bill. Novak, . manager • of Regirta's. 
biggest house, the Capitol (Famous ; 
i^layers), says that vexh'ibitors.. must 
clean ; house . and rid themselves cf 
.double : bills ..if • they intend ; stayihg 
in business. ," His theatre .- runs ; a sini ; 
gie : feature pblicy> , ' 

Wirinipieg exhibitors do ' not like 
db.uble features but see small chance 
-for halting theni. : Cyl. Quhn, .Than-, 
ager of -the Metropiolitan; there; be- 
libves there is small .chahde of .elimi- 
hating them . because, any agreement 
among, exhibitors,- to halt' dueling. 
Would be spoiled by some exhib get- 
ting out; of ...line... E^die -Ne.wmah; 
maniager of the; Lyceuni; ,top house of 
the Western Theatre circuit, holds 
miich .'the same views but points put 
that even if major companies "agreed 
to' cut . prpductioh \ there probably 
always the 'quickie* pro- 
ducer, who would load,: the market 
with i hferidr product, and always be 
exhibitors, to buy . such rnaterial. 
Then the > customer, still trying to 
get something exti:a for . his money, 
would turn to the housb. dualing, ac- 
cording to Newman, and the whole 
business would start over again— 
briefly; the vicious circle. 

; Rotsky's Big if* 

, IJjp in Montreai,: George Rbtsky,^ 
managing director .of Consblidated 
Theatres, Ltd.," which leases five ' Far 
rtious Players h buses, says, 'I favor 
single bills if . the picture, is good 
enough: But that is a , big. 'if ' be- 
cause .quite often the single feature 
is /npt strong enough to be the solo 
picture. They are lai necessity bnly 
in the case product is ribt of a qual- 
ity to support single showing— that 
qualification .makes them .a. neces- 
sity under present cbhditioris.'; 

3. M,, Franklin, head d^ Franklin 
& Herschorri 'circuit, in IJJiew Brims- 
wick, favors continuing double fea- 
tures, but says that the secohd fea^^ 
ture Js what custoniers ask about, 
and believes they can be eliminated 
only .When producers concentrate on 
Class A productions. Most houses 
jin, F. & H. chain run two features 
.; plus news, comedy short or educa- 
tional arid sometimes a serial. 

Houston, July 2. 
^ } More than 12.000 childrbh Were en^ 
:, • tertained. hy Will Hbrwitz,;: Hdusfon 
: ,)/ theatre pperator» "Thursday :.* (i27) at 
'i his 211st annual: vacation party at the 
ijlris theatre; .\ ■•■; ':..;■ ' 

\ i ; Children- : were r g'vbri v friee bus 
r |transpdrtation to and irom the thea- 
J I tre by means: of coupons attached to 
itheat re ads in the locisil newspapiers, 
|Jn addition to free admission to' see a 
:< western,/ short reels and: :a, <:hapter' 
I of a serial. Bags pit. peanuts, were 
• fi distrihuted to each child. : The party 
':,iili9s .bieen: an annual affair since the 
: ;|| Iris was Ppened 21 years .ago. Hor- 
.'.{ v/itz also, operates the Texan, Ijp- 
;^.toWn and/Ritz/th^atres,; : ^ 
.'■, .■'"■■'■■■■" "■ — — '.' ' '■ 

I jWC* Droi)« Studio New* 

4\ HoUywbod, July 2, ' 

f;! Shelylnfe of Ivietro iStudio News is 
further .-step; In the tightening of 
if. the Culver City plant's., publicity- 
, . iloward :Diie^ Howaird Stricklihg 
•nd Frank -WhitbiBck havb , been 
huddling .over. ^ plan' to spend, the 
„ DUlk ,of the coiiipahy.'s exploitation 
;J 'cpprppriation: in the magazines; 
.'j dailies and trade papers. 


• - V - Hollywood, July 2, 

20th-Fo.x derailed -'Charlie Chan 
in Wash ingtpn' for 'Charlie Chan in 
New York.'- 

: 'The Great McGinty' is the release 
'title for 'Down Went McGinty' at 

'A Dispatch , from Reuters' 'is xe-. 
lease tag on 'The Man Firom Fleet 

.'You'll Find Out* is' the new handle 
Qh thb.Kay Kyser picture, 'The Old 
Prof essor,' .ait RKO, . . . ' : ' 
-■ 'Lprd . .. Epping .Out, West' Was 
chainged to , 'Mexican Spitfire Out 
West,' at RKO. , ' 

'Tiampered Evidence' becamel 'The 
Great Swindle' at .Colunibi^. 

■ 'Lady in Love - new tag/ b/i .'Stunt 
Man' at RKO. 

Friarik dapra ; sWitched from 'Life 
of John Dbe' to 'Meet Jbhn-Db6.' ; : 

: 'Diamond Frontier' is release title 
oh .'Modern Mbhte Cristo* at Uni- 
-versal/ - ■ ';.' /' :-. 

, 'The Impostbr' was changed to 
:'The.Girl From Havjana' at Republic. 

'The Lady in Question' * . third 
title fbr ,'It Happened in Paris,' for- 
merly 'Gribbuille,' $t: Columbia. . 

. . 'Oklahoma: Outlaws' became 'Okla- 
honip RenegadesV at Republic. 

'Dance Hall*, is hew handle on 
'Giant S.wing' at 20th-Fox. ; ; 
. :'.Three Faces \Vest* is" the final tag 
for . ^'Refugee,' .• formerly : 'Doctors 
Don't Tell,' at Republic. 

prbjgrarn^studibs' within the week 
have : quickened -their . production 
skeds with the prospect pf 50 ^Ifps 
in sirhUltaneous filrning. 

Word: frbni eastern distribution of- 
fices, -guardedly conveyed, to studio 
execs,~ is that' the consent ' decree 
banning of .blockbpolcing .Ayill; not 
become eiffective iirttil the- selling 
ieasbri for! the 1941-42 product, a 
year; hence. The go-ahead Signal 
has been flashed oh present: plans 
and stage space,: in the largeir lots, 
is filling rapidly" as starting dates 
for ciahiera Work are ' being mpyed 
forward..;. "The .revived actjvity ,; is 
the lirst good news' which the filrh; 
colony ; and;: its thpvisands. of Ayprk- 
ers hsis heard : in hiany months.; 
Through winter and sprihi|,; curtail-, 
rnent. was the imiyersal order. Hdlly;-.- 
Wobd is going back tp: work. : • : 

Frpm :New , 'V'brk: alsb .comes - 
courajgement - in the shape/pf better 
bbxpffice ' returns' whibh; - bre ''" - 
ticipated in the ■ coastal cities and 
maiiufacturjiig-centers as sbPn as the 
Navy-Army- expansion . gets .under- 
way.-. Cpngr'ifssipriail , apprbpriatibiis 
for armament, .. shipbuildingv : can-: 
.■tpiiment preparation .-and aitplfine 
buildirig aiready .have /passed the 
$7,000,000,000 . mark,* With- indications : 
of bdditiona] - funds , soon. . Although 
a.:huge slice of these gigantic : appfo- 
priatibns .Will go to' the. raw 'product 
field,- uhdrearned -totials will, be paiid 
put- in wages— and Wages, mearf gen- 
er £ri spending; Bur veys ,• reyeal that 
film , theatres • come into a; share, of 
whatever coin is in : circiilatibh; . •, 
Hdw'Tliey -iiive--Up.;'^' ',;. ,:.■'■ 

.BKOf with seyeii ' pictures: in the" 
shooting process, -has anilounced^ thiit 
lO. more - will . be made this month 
W'hich " repi;esents the; biggest sunfir 
rher irush in the company's, history. 
PariainPtint, which was , six months 
ahead on jpart of its production dur- 
ing the current year, started slow- 
ing down, in February on orders f ro^h 
the home office which did not want 
to tie .up too much cbin.- Par- then 
ran - along fbr a considerable' period 
with: only one and tWo pictuires -sin 
production at a time. However, prb- 
ductioh picked up since May -1 and 
studio now ; hiks a .backlog, pf 17 
against an all-time high of 26 in 
Januairy. Currently . Paramount has 
four pictures shooting, and fiye nxore 
to go this morith.. 

Columbia, has seven in work which 
include: 'Arizona' . ^yhich still lias 
three weeks to. go. ■ .Col. starts one 
pictuire' next week and will average 
one start per week thrpugh the sum- 
mer, this being the normal schedule. 

Metrp was considerably ahead of 
its schedule " around Jan.' 1 ; and 
slowed down from February to May. 
Currently, the studio is shooting fiVe 
pictures and attempting to average 
seven in production at a time for the 
balance ^bf- the year;; 

TweritiethrFox : was . ahead bf 
^schedule : ; iearly , in ' the. year but 
slpwed down in the last five months. 
Plan for the hew. season is to allow 
a siafety cushion on all featiires be- 
tween the cutting robm and release : 
dates sb as not to- tie xip huge sums 
in a heavy backlog: Currently the 
company has . three pictures ih work 
aind plans stiarting six more this 
month >yhich is abbut- normal. 

Warner Bros, has four in work 
and will- have six within anothei: 
two Weeks, which is about the nor- 
mal schedule. /While; Warners has 
carried the heiaviest backlog of any 
outfit,, excepting :Paramouht,'. .in the 
past few years, the company is pro- 
ceetlihg cautjpusly . in the next few; 
months, . keeping :suflicierit produc- 
tion pn hand and avoiding anjf- huge 

pile-up. ■,;■;;;: \ ': 

.Univeirsal,: always has argued -that 
production is a liquid business arid 
that large backlogs are dangerous 
in addition .to tieing up too much 
coin.' , Sincb the^ Nate . BlumjDe.rg- 
raanageraent. took over,' .Universal 
: has been able tb. get doWn to its own 
idea .of schedules. . Its plan lias been 
tb: allow a : 45-'day: chshion between; 
the. cpm'pletioh: of a. jpieture and the 
release . datie. Conipany how has: six 
in work; which is the humber 'permit- 
j ting the ; rnost efficient pperatiori at 

I "the studio. ;■' :..;-';■.■ ;- ■ ;..''--"•':. 

j: Republic , now has .-onliy ; bhe in 
I .Work; and ;has been' ineeting release 
j dates.- Tyithbut piling, up' a backlog 
even though; now 'starting bh; nbw 
season product. '■■}:■. 

:Mpriogram is meeting release dates 
but has lip bacitlog. .' Curi^ently has. 
three in wbrk. ■ ' 
' ;Mpst of United :Artists product for 
the: current year "is virtually fin- 
ished :vor:- in , work. This : will bt^ 
enough to keep release dates until 
alrriost Ffebruary. In ; work; lipW iire 
two Eddie Snrtall prbductions, 'Son 
of- Monte; Cristb' : and .'Kit Carson,'; 
with^ the later finishing this Week. . : 

;■ ; San;: July 2, ■ 
Johh O'Connor, general manager 
bf RKO theatres in l^ew Ybrk, arid 
C. W. koerner, bf L. A; office, . in; 
toWn (25:6) for inspection of Ipcal 
properties. , . ;: ' -- .- 

Everything compai"ativelyv quiet on 
filni row. except: for Avpr^ vre- 
mbdeling Parahiount', headCiuarters. 
Start . operating ; from; temporary: 
qtiarters; pending; refurbishirig' with 
gala homecoming in early fall. 

Casihb: theatre dark and btick to 
,bahk ;fpjf dispbsal.^ . ; • v / . 

judell/ St, Louis, No Payoff 

-: St; Lbuis, July 2. ■'■-■ 
'Thie' office manager , of: the- .local 
exchange for, J. Bi Judell, Inc.. ; is 
inspecting film arid,;the, cel- 
luloid, :since iast.i week,: when IWo 
employees were 'directed by the' 
Film Exchange Employees' Union to 
toss up their jbhs because of non-. 
paymient . of wage^ for eight w,'eeks, 
Harry O'Brien, shipping; clerk, has 
i $200 coining to' him; and Maniie 
I Mitchell, irispectbr- -has; a claim for : 
|:$208. Several. ;. Weeks ago in the 
I pourt of justice of the peace Frank 
C. Bledsoe, O'Bri.eri: obtained a de- 
fault -judgment for $125. and Mi.'ss 
Mitchell for;. $130! against .thp; cbm- 
pany -for. wages ;due., ;,. •: 

Becaiise - ho ;"attachmeht: can be i 
served until 10 ;days ' after iiidgment 
has ;b^ert obtained/ O'Brien and Miss 
Mitchell kept bn ; the jbb. until di- 
rected: to quit.. Promiises have/been 
made to them: that, the back , dough 
Will be paid as soon as, finances 
can be straightened out; ; ' 

; ;.:eai;I J. P6lvino Bankrupt 

-'';-':'- .-- ' Buffalo. July 2. . 

.:. Carl J. PolvihQ,; bf Cuba, N. Y.,:. 
who operiated. the Phelps theatre,, 
Phblps, N. Y;, has filed in ^bank- 
ruptcy. ^Polviho gives . his occupa-; 
tioh .as a laborer, listing liabilities, 
of $3,000 and hp a.s.sets. , . : . 
. Chariges in the local RKO . office' 
following' the upping -Of ^Elnrier Lux j 
to branch manager include transfbr 
bf Jack Chiriell froni Rochester to 
Buffalo city salesihah, and Norniah 
$per from Syracuse to Rochester. . 

District office of. Warrier: theatres 
divisibn. shifted frbhi: Jamestown to 
Elmira by Ralph Crabill,; district 

Minna. Rosen,' whb.:recently ac- 
quired, ownership of the Artistic, has 
joined local Republic :exchange. .as 
bpoker, replacing Al 

Mayfair, Syracuse, taken over by: 
Jack Karp, . also operating' the 
Cameo there/ iand reopened; Hiarold 
A. Manheim managing.: 
. Williiani .Brinimer, formerly with 
Paramount and Republic exchanges, 
noW with Universal, Omaha. ■ 
. Morris Slotnick, Waterville; is hos-. 
pitalized. . ■• ' • • 

Cinema, foreign film; center here; ■ 
. Jerry Wechsler laitest addition to 
WB-FN, sales > stiafl here. ' He : suc- 
beeds Bob Lynch, resigned, and will 
cover .the, northern area. Wechslet 
a.<!Sobiated . recently, with fenBland' 
Theatre Enterprises and, some years 
ago operated an indie exchange lo- 

^caI]y,.■. /■ ,;■,;: ;-■-,; ; ••,./;■.- ■ 

: '-MpClain's;^SIiiik(eup:' ;' 
/. Linbpln,, I^b ,' J^^ 

M, E. McCiain, general manager of - 
Central ; States Theiatres in Nebi-aska, 
.shook up his staiff. a-bit this week.. 
To : replace Carl ; Rose, fbrmerly ' . iri 
York, Neb., he took j(T.' e; - Lofgren 
from the Nebrasfca, J/ H.' Cooper 
house here. . -Rose was. sent tb the 
Ibwa end bf GST, at Chariton. Mc- 
Clain's other Nebraska managers in- 
clude Bing Ingram,; Fremont; Dick 
Phillips, Norfolk; Heni:y, ' jSalthuri, 
Columbus: . Johnny MatthbWs, Al- 
bion; E. Schoenthal, Holdrege; and 
Maynard Nelsdn, Nprfolki. Neb.; 

Maih bffices of the Nebraska "Thea - 
t'res/ In.c... L.;; L, .: Dent's: 'Westland 
theatres ally here, h.a've been moved 
Irpm the' Variety tb the Liberty, by. 
general mdnageir Howard Fedjerer. 

Of three Nebraksa : theatres : de- 
stroyed by fire last Wihter^ tWo are 
bping rebuilt and . will- open this 
month-r-the . Empress,; Kearney, and 
the Pace,. Gordon,.. Neb/ 
Pace/. Gordon, Neb. : / 

;;>';Ray/,|fa:ll's':';P.A. -.iChores' ' 

Ray L; JJall, former bdi tor of 
Pathe News and producer bf shorts/ 
has; joined the Grand Central thea- 
Ire,: N. Y., rjewsreel house, in charge 
of prfess relations. : .; . : ■ 
, He :wjll function :ih the .:saihc; ca- 
pacity also oVer . the riewsreeler. -that 
i.s under cohstruction ^at ' the. new 
Airlines terminal, neai- to the Grand 
Central. -' : --.-:; "-./ -: 

.'John A. DoWning, hpme oftice 
rep for RKO, :shift.s. to". Boston to be- 
come manager of the cbmpariy's ex- 
change.. there/- - ^•;;.;■■.•/ 

Paul Short Breveted 

• Paul Short, divisional : rnanager 
for .National Screen Service , with 
headquarters in Dallas, recently 
made a life, member of Tent No. IT 
of the. Variety Clubs of America by 
R.' J. . O'Donnell, first assisbni jia-r 
tional ..Chief Barker and Ch ief Bark- 
er, of Tent Nb. 17, for his efforts in 
staging the celebrations attendant to 
the National . Corivention of Variety 
Clubs of America, .held ih Dallas 
April 20. 

. RIax Roih to WB Buffalo/ 

Max: Rbth,; former salesman of 
.Warner. Bros, in Chicagb, weiek 
-was named branch manager: in B.uf- 
falb,; according 'to ;announcemeht by 
Roy : Haines, .eastern " and Canadian 
sales manager. Roth takes the po- 
sition left vcant. by the promotion of 
Charles Rich from Buffalo to CleVe- 
land.yns branch manager recently. 

. Bbwers Shifts Hoiises '. 
Wheeling, W. Va., July 2. 
With the; closing :of the Virginia 
here ior the summer, William Bow- 
ers, manager, shifted . tb the Capitol. 
Robert Roberts named manager bf 
the Victoria. .:- ■ ; • 

; Much ChillVAIso at B.p. 

Detroit, July 2; 

More than $100,000 worth , of re- 
f r igeratipn systems , are being . In- 
stalled in seven theatres here.;Thbse 
puttihg in cooling dievices are the 
Wayrie, Harper. Ace, Atlas; Calvin, 
Van Dyke and Dawn. 

Detroit is having its coolest sum- 
mer in years. Recprd breaking lows. 

Tallmian io Elmira 

. . Albany, N.. Y^ July 2. : 
, William . Tallman, af?sistant. at 
Strand, , Warner Bros, ace Albany 
house, prPmoted to hianage the 
Regent, Elmira, succeeding Mel Cbn- 
haim, recently shifted to Albany- as 
manager Of thie Ritz, vice Robert 
Rosenthal^ resigned: ^ Andy Rpy is ' 
manager of the Strand/ 
- William F; • Murray, bookpr " for 
Grand -l^ational in Albany and Buf- 
falo until company fblded, man- 
aging . new Auto-vision theatre . jn 
E^st Greehbush. Owen Holmes. ^ a , 
fornier . Springfield (Mass; ) 'pro- 
jectipiiist, operates the dri vi2-jn. 

Mervis' Bros. /Addition' 

Pittsburgh; July 2." . 
Ropsievelt acquired ■ from Mark 
Browar; . by Mervis . Bros,, effective 
July. 1. ; House, is dekixer ir). 
Pittsburg's Harlem district.' Mer- 
vises..bwh/:four. other. locatiohs">. in 
this district arid -, will- shortly br^ak 
ground ■ for -•anbther; in A.spinwail 
Date Of, sale miarked : BrbWar's - 33d 
anhiversary,- :' - exhibitipri. '■: having 
entered the business in 1907 as .co- 
pWnier with' late Nate Friedbbxg of a 
nickelodeon. , : ■ - 

. RKO exchange chief Herb' Green- 
blatt -has just anhpuhcpd the ap- 
pointment of : Carl Peppercorn as of- 
fice. :manager, subceedihg Dave iSjl-- 
verman, . upped to sales berth .left 
vacant by resignation 'recently of 
Ed - Lebby.: Other . chariges at iRKO 
include spotting:,- of-; Dick Lange as. 
■city salesman, . replacing Jack .Gra- 
ham, reisigned,. and nariiing of 1. .T: 
Sweeney to take over Lange's West 
Virginia territory,:; :" . ■ ■ 

x'^^.^Jlf Cavallo;; ohe-time : manager; 
Of /WB . Liberty; iii-. 'New- Keri,cington, 
named, manager of Alpiine ; circuit's 
newest boiise,vihe Girard/ jn- West 
Vi;e.W; Ho replaces Joe Mazzei; who 
•quit berth recently after two Weeks 
tp .return tP his' ol^' po.«t at : Art- 


Philadelphia, July 2. 
IWatinee biz Stanley-Warner, 
nabes has been hypoed by a cook- 
ing school stunt conducted in 24 'key 
spots in: conjunction With the Philly 
Record and the Philadelphia Electric 

CO; ■//',\:;/., ■•/■-.'■;.:■-;•:.. ^ ' ': . V " 

Experts from the newspaper and . 
the ;;utili;t;y appear at. ' different each: af terhooh tb'gi ve cobking 
and household- hints. .• Prizes donated 
by rnanufadturers and dealers of ap- . 
pliances are distributed , to lucky 
number holders.- ;' 
. "^h.*^ events receive plenty pf .space 
in the Record . and have resulted in 
-gopd< b.p. in the midst of the iisual 
sUmiTier slump./; .„ . ■■^ 

psa Johttsbn*^ Pie 
With ^Married Adventure' 

. Osb Jbhrison is tp rnake a per.sonal 
appearance ; tbuc bf ■ the ;:cburitry . in- 
cionriectipn and cpncUrrehtly • with 
release of ' ;her . picture, 'I Married' 
Advehlure,';;: which -Coluriibia places ; 
pri general release July 24. She Will 
play ' with the . picture -on each eri-" 
gagemeht, but is beirig' bnpkedVsepa- 
;rately; by Cldrk H^ Getts; her .concert : 
manager. ' \. . - . ■ 

; While, no ^dates' are yet: set, Mrs. 
Jphnson: will appear, ih. most of the. 
keys," With NeW Ybrk probable as the 
stai'lcr./ House 'film . is tOvplay in 
N.. Y.: has not yet been contracted. It 
will be the first, time the explorer- 
p.rpduger has ri^ade ;any -^p.a.'s since 
she and- the; late Martiii Jbhnspn 
tfiured; the Foi :houses some years 








s- - 


s * 





, 1 


In the hills of Hollywood; 


the Reporter cheeris u|l arid theers 

happy phrases : Pdrdnioiirtt's smartness shod be appldiided 
^.vthe/re $^^^^ 

ho proUeni pictu nothing heqvyr 
comedy, f^Banythmg d^sighecl 

plenty of miisic 

to give the people 

In the tall corn of lowq/ the tri-^^^ 
nite reaction agqihst heqvy^^^^^^d^^ 

Pqrani bunt's prosperous parade of pdiiiless, problem-less pictures 

boosts the box-offices, ds thousands cheer 



forward toff HE ORE AT McGINTY 

cmcf dozens mdrft of Pardmouh^^ 













1. . , . .. 

i;! ■ ■ •■ (TECHNICOLOR) 
=^ ' ■ : Hollywood; June 29. 

.V.irtlh Crntvry-Fgx t»l<»aB« of Getic MiirHey 
. 'Kluctlon, KenturO!^ W'nlter. Brctinan. Fny 

. : Inter. Krendh Jojoc, Jrihn rjiyne-, Chavlos. 
i/lsxlesi -Hat tie :McD«iilel, ' MarJorle 
•j'i^vor...' Dlrc-tittd :by. lltni'v. Ivliift. Orig- 

. il 8<:'rperi|)lay Uy KtH(?l HIU »mJ . .Tack: 
V'idrewfi: . cHtnern, OtovBe: Flarrips;: tecHn1>. 

.''rov iissoOlntc* Hay Kcti'iiahun; odUqiv 
'Vi'Uara HcIjCiui. i^r^vleweil Rt i;rauiiiun'H 
- MtiPBC;. Jntie L'8.. -'l(l...- HiinnlTik (iini*. .00 

' ''lllunl .'ilewart . , , , . . . .'VV:il(ef ■llj'fnntin 

■ hrlotte |)nnilcl<i : . ; . . ,j''ivy :ualnicr 

■• ■jiinv. .^ . . . . . ., ; . ■.. , ; i ■ ... , Urofjil.a Joyce 

. .'e Dan'tle.lJ ; .... .-. . * . .yilolin- liayniv 

\''Jt- I'ljier, ,', . . . i .C"hiii le,» :nuB(;lo.s 

. V ttte. . ... . ... . : . ... L llntlle .Mc.nanlol 

.;'/>rftle' f oniUn . , i Marjonc AVbavcr 

■ ■)?ncep liariiid.l . . . . ; . .-. . vSlrttiey Blaclsmer.: 
•-..■idrach. . . . n^h- Cavter- 

"«f.v:C. . . ;■. . . . .. . ; , . . ; . ;.. lOrnest AVMtman 

' >\ckins\Ti. :'. ..-.I-'aul -.Harvey 

• /rn Jfeltori;.. . . /. . .ttober.t Xowery.. 
'•:;.1ife.. .'. .... ... . ; . .■. . .... ."Spencer ■■ Chnrters 

. . .Stanley. ./Vmlrews'. 
. .. .-. I':ivll.lo .AliVcraon ■ 
; : . ...Krunk .I'lioin'an' 

.•■.Cliff riaj-Jt 

. . , . ;..C.Jrac.c Ifayle ^ 

■:,;hh A'lilMoti ; . : . ; -.iVlUiajn Uayl'ison j 

■•iJverenil BUtei-s.:. . . ... . ... . . :Clar.eric.e Muse.; 

■ 'omi . .,'.....>.. ... , . ..Miulnnhr f!ul-to-"\V:in 

.•> nnnfielil ( )..;'/. , .Bobby Aridei'.son 

A* DanfielO til) , ..... . Dickie Jbiiesi 

'.•'nd.i So^.. . ■ . , . Putsy-..i:ou. Barber. 

■ •••)t-Ie . Henry . . ; . .'. ;(Sebrco iiced 

■I'ldB. ... .-. . ...ZacH . WllUJimB. 

•^ack, ... . . .barVy .Tones 

. . ......... ... ;iili(lred .Gover 

jolh'ev Moiens. . . . .. ... ; ;Thail(1cuH ..Tones 

.■''lybellfe . , .1.; . . . V ... .■ Ar.le. Lee Ilranche 

?j;,bther 1 iti-Uoy .'. : . . ,.; . . .Cllntoi). no.soniomi 
' ;■ iirt Clerf? .\ . . .. , . . . . .GUdOen Jamea 
-rialrnian. . . . . . Edwnrd. Fielding 

tCMatylahd' is a: companion picture 
?iv i'Kentuckj^,' . turned , out by. 20thvl 
;;t?x a year ago.. Like its predecessor, j, 
•:*slijght and familiar plot is Wovfen J 
••Hdiirid the.bitee.dihg and trginlh.^ of 
; ,!qroughbred tiorses. . In .-'Kfehtucky,' 
'E was raeeirS foi: the turf while h^re 
;jiie jjarn .revolves, around Hunters 
JO'iiinted for ' the jumps :and..steepl.e- 
"'iiiase. . Light on itiarq^tie.e., names anifl 
; »!eak' in : -plot' structure/- /picture is 
r Cted to prQgr.ani rating by. itk Tech- 
.^Jciolor,. whicih accentUaties the. qiiali-*. 
^Ijbs , of numerous exterior parioranrias 
i^iot in Marylzind. .Picture -.will rbll 
' .'irough the general tuns for nominal 

;'f'z. ■ .' ■• S •./••■■v' ^- ■■ 

?f Story is little /mbrie. than'va formula 
-Ipt on which to. hang incidents sec- 
/■•haaiy' to . the traihihg and racing <)f 
jJUntersi It/unw-indis at a ^leisurely 
IiM; .tb build up to the expected race 
^rthe - .Maryland 1 Hunt .Club'. clas.siic.; 
^ itandput Sequence is enactment, of a. 
<*?^gtp revival meeting which .catches^ 
^rtterition for its spontaneity arid en^ 
'-ausiashi of the group of ^ colored 
::ilayer.s ; ihvoived. . The. Marylahd- 
: .li'tint race is more thrilling 'a.s :a' dis- 
Viiay of the:' capiabilities .of; ;both 
;4>;5orses ^nd riders: than as a cliinactic 
•?*n!sh -to the picture.. - : .• ; , 
M When Fay Bainter's ; husband .is. 
jelled - during a fox hiint, she . dis- 
;.ioses of her; stables, arid staiff, deter-r 
^^iined : her sdri .sheill . never, ride a 
':|brse, The boy is sent to Eurbpe fdr 
;-tCho61ing, but on his return joins up 
Myith . the old trainer ride in the. 
^lunt classic. on a horse Which .turns' 
fjiiit to. .be a foal of: a thoroughbred 
t,|rderbd destr-oyed by his mother. 
J ears previously.. . There's a'minor 
? ,ash of romance ' bet.weieh , the bby 
i |rtd the trainer's iVanddaugh'ter; 
t fumerous incidents . of -l^egrb life 
round the ihainsion and stables; :airid 
f jiUch horsey footage,, which, is cli- 
5; (laxed by the big "race.. 
;S Miss . Bainter, is ; the headstrong 
iSnistres.s of Brbadlawn who gives up 
•K)Ve of hbrses to prevent . her son 
-iiroih riding; Waiter Brennan is the 
!f<ld trainer; .sefving to maintain in- 
Jerest in the proceedings with a fine 
sfierformahce despite ?crjpt shortcom- 
ings.. Brenda Joyce and Jbhn :Payne 
fre adequate for the love ihtbrest, 
l&hile Charlie Buggies: is too : in- 
frequently^ seen. : Colored . Ben Car- 
|(,er,, stable groom, Vcatches major at- 
iientioh with a standout character- 
((zatibri which has- been built . for 
'li;bmedy purposes: . Hattie McDariiel, 
kflarjorie Weaver and Sidney Black- 
|ner head the supportiiig cast. 
'.Henry King's direction points up 
he training and racing angles to 
jobd advantage, but fails to bver- 
;6me the weakness of : a. static and 
[amiliar plot sti-ucture: The Techrii- 
KJlor photography is best fbr the ex- 
eribr settings, whicji do riiuch to 
enhance the-picture's values. But the 
interiors display , a hew arid strange 
fighting technique; which ■ tend to 
.Tiialce .audiences conscious bf the 
^"olbr in both faces and settines. ' ~ 
'-■ •• ."iValt-.i. 

Wednesday, July 3, 1940 

?!irtouncer. . . , , , , 
^?te^s.i...... .... 

>'fterlnnvui ...... 


mucli-pubUcized .giarhor debutante. 
Packed . with amusing .situa,tlons and 
plenty of laugh entertainment, 'Andy 
Hardy, Meets Debutante* will carry 
through the key and subsequent runs 
to. continue the profitable biz ;of Its 
priedieijessorsV r • ■■ ^'^ 

The;, familiar ... members . of the' 
Hardy family . are again . present, 
with second, reappearance of Jud.v 
Garland in thb series indicatins. that 
she might: 'move in for regular • as- 
signriient . later, it ' the Rooney-Gar- 
Ifind duo inight ., be - required - to 
striehgthen: ..later iijsues:^ ; M Gar^ : 
land ..socks, over, . two -' .old tunes,; 
'Alone/' by; Nacib Herb -Brbwri and 
Arthur Freed, : .arid .'I'rii Nobody's : 
Baby/. by Benny .Davis, Milton^ A 
and: Lester Saritlyv -:: 
. Rooney'«; tpoubles start •when he. is 
hioQristiruGk by . pictures of thp cur- 
rbnt '-No, 1 glamor deb ; of vie big 
town,: ; and claims friendship with 
hei'^-tb . editors of .the-school ' paper. 
But; .when Judge . Hai'dy .< Stone) 
pR'clvs ;the .f airiily oft to ; New York 
.\yhen. ,he . has to protect the- endbw.r 
rrierit of the Ibcal brp.hanagfe, MickeyV 
debides he m.iist meet thie publicized; 
.deb arid ; ishow; the town^ . follcs up. 
While the judge istraighteris: out the 
■iegal prpbleniSy .Robney finds \the ap- 
proach' to a .glamor girl tough sledr' 
dingi - But he finiailly makes . the 
.gride througri . many trials; and with 
the aid of Miss Garlandj a ;chum of 
the deb: Rboney winds. Up with a 
fciss from Miss Garland in Neiw: Ybrk 
and one from the old home favorite, 
.;Arin RUtherfprd-^arid, an adolescent 
indecisiori ; oh Ho w ■ to; handle twb; to- 
rri;ances iat? one. time.; ■ ' 
^ Rboney enthusiastically ; : ' darshes 
through his ; maize of proplems, and 
adolescent , love aiff airs in firie style. 
Subdued' cprisideirably .iare his former 
ilaults bf;bverplayirig ,arid inuggirig-— r 
but there's still plenty of; effective-; 
ness in .his delirieation of the yburig 
Hardy .; character.:. Miss 'Garland is 
proriiinent and -loVely as the adoring 
girl:, friend. Iri. the big .city, while 
Diartai .Lewis- is ?in .eyeful: as the 
glampt deb:; Latter, in. a fe^v shots, 
displays a ;;perspnality and bhatm 
that- might: well tab her: e(s a; yoiing. 
edition of. iNbrriiai ■.Shearer.. The re- 
serriblance is striking.. 

.Lewis Stpne: continues tp. dominate 
the Hardy family as. the \kiridly 
judge; His SeVieral 'dissertations on' 
i Americanishi: ; and the liberties : eri- 
■ joyed iri; this cpuntry; hit ; the 'bUH'sV' 
eyie iin tih^eliness, and still are; riot 
tob preachy: to'-get off the direct path 
of the stbry» . : , 

Picture ; is^ studded with laughs, at 
the. discoriifortirig .ad'ventures of 
Rooriey in; the big cijty: ; His excur- 
sion to a swank night . club, and cli- 
inactic episode, when • he finds his 
bankroll: is; tbo small fbr the check, 
is a comedy highlight; ; 'Aridy Hardy 
Meets Debuntartte' is a /topnof cher bl 
the serie^i and as such, will .be timely; 
for the sun^^er bbxbff ices: Wait.: " 

Miniature' Reviews 

♦MarylandV (2pth XvHprse-breedi- 

;ing and; steeplechase yarrr. lifted 
to, ; ;prbgram ; rating •; by dandy ; . 

• Tbchnicplpr' 'exteribrs. ;• 

: 'Andy Hardy Meets Debutante^ 
'(-M-G ). •. Latest Hardy feature, 
■-substantial entertainment tp' hy- 
: : jjo suriimer biz: . ■ . . .. ^ 

• "The Mjui Who Talked Too 
Much* (WB). weak remake of 

•, . 'The ; Mputhpiece' (1932) ; stars ' ■ 
' George Brent : . and : Virginia ^ 
;.. Briicie: ■' 

; 'SailorV LadyV;(20th).:' Light;-. 
.: comedy ; eritettainment -•for- tH 

• leSser runs arid dual biUersi. ; 
,>;v- .'Queehoot the »fob' • (Par ), ' / J.^ : ' 

.Edgar Hoover.; gangster tHriller,. 
... }^yiih^ Blariche Yurka . arid J, Ciir- : 

rpl.'Naish;- sturdy dualer. > 
•Street of ; Memories' . (mh}: , 
' Famiiiair amnesia victirn fbrmijla; 
. : displayed in iriettectual dirama; ; 
C" Strictly fillei: , duals: V- : ; 

'R o c k y lirlourii^in : RangersV 

XRepi ) . . Three; JMesquiteers^ ■. ride. : ■ 
. range" again in -slick' westisrn ; 

thriller. ' ^-i- V ■ 

; *G r a n <a ; pie; Opry'; CRepi); 
; Pleasantly ; corny dualer: lor the. 

faniily time, fjeatiiririg 'Weayer. 
;'' Brps^ :and..''Elvii'y. . .;' :'■■.: ..■■■;;, ■ 

Lndy : Ii?irdy Meets > 


. • ; Hoilywbdd,' JUne. 28; 
Metro-rJoltlwyri-M.iyer riroanctJrin -iincl. rc- 
liease..' r"eafurp.« IjpwI.s- ."?tone;- Micicev Itno- 
'-rey. Cecell.l,. rnrkcr. Fnv .jtoT.livn; :TudS* 
j3arlnn<l, rurpctecl bv :-Geonrc b; 
. jjScrcenjjlny ijy ArinalPe '. -\VI)jlmoi'<» " 
arnoTia.s' .'■'Pller, l)'H.<!Prt on dinrni-lpr,'! r-rp.n jV.t 
:|by -Aurrtriirt RHu.vcrol;;chmpia, SlffriPv Wji;'.: 
Ijier, anrt r.hnrlps I.awtan; fillKir.-'fljirn.'d T-'. 
sKl-es*!.. Prevlewrd. . n l .- WppI \wn 1 . A'Dlape,. 
Munc .l.'7,. MO. - liunnlnK. {lme. .:H.'! .^IINS. ■■ 
ajml/fe Hardy. . , 
Mndv Hardy. ... . ;. 

; MflrJ«,ii Hrl-d.v. . .: . , 
iMrs. Hril-av;. . , ;.; 
iptfsy BnnTh......,.; 

Pttily Benedict . . . . , 

Drt!Jhhp Fdwier 

•BcSzy' .;......: 

iun't Milly, ;..;;. , . 

Ijr: Benedict.' 


Teftruc! ... i. ...... ., 

Hr. CnrrHlo. ..-...,::. 

Pranc'Js.. :::..,. 

. . ; .^Mlckpy.. rinoiipy 
.-. . . .■<'eciri.'i-.i!.irl?cr 

, . ; . ; . ., . l'>y TJfildeii 
. . .-.'i -■.Tudv. Garland. 
... ..•\nn':.nutherr.or(r 

. '. . . v.. :T^iniin. IjC,wi.»! 
'•(JporKP Rrcikptou 
, . ,Sar.i- lfAdPri. 
. , ;•■. . :.. irnrry'ryl'cr. 
, . iV iliTi cfin /.U li'liiird.'! 
. '. .Gp(ij'frp;ijps.>?ey 
:. ... .Gfady)! . BI;i1<.p 

. . . .... ...('.vv Kciiiljiil ^ 

. . . . C'jyile .\VJlIsoii,, 

Latest adventure 'Of Andy Hdfdy 
larries hiriifto New York fbf a whii^l 
n.'the big .town and. some: tangled^ 
idveritures when He tries to meet .-a i 

Th^ Man Whb Talked 
Too Much 

W.nrhpr Bros, releftac of Edmund Gr.-ilnq^cr 
production. . . .Stars George Brent nnd VJr- 

.plhla.^' Bruce;' fea.turcs Broiiila ."Morsli.ill, 
Bioh.nrd :■ Bartlielm^.-s's. . Wlllldnj; T.undtenfl: 
T3i reeled. -by Vincent -Sherman: .Rcrpehnlay 
l>y WjiMer .Delieon . «jid .Tom Beedv f rom 
play by;Frapk .T.; Collins; camera. .SldVHlck- 
nx:- editor.' .Thomas Pratt;. .Ttevioweil n't 
.'Strand.. N.-.' Y.,.- \vppk June ■■iO. I^uri- 
nlflff time., m MINS.: 
1. .Stephen- T-^orbeR.-:'. ... . . ;;. . : GpiivcW- Brcht 

..Joan-.-Bpfecl . ; . . ... i . ; . ... : ; :virelriVn.-Bi-Ui.p 

.(elm; Knrradj^. -..,;».,.;..:.. Hrcnda Mnrshali 
J. B. Kogcbie.,;. . .RJehrr*.l BnTthelmeps 
.Tohnnv Fn^he^<... . . ; . ;.. ,.. Willl;i.m. IvOndlp.'in 

giuc. McXutt. ... ... , ..;. :. , . ■. .Georse Tohlnfi 

TJIstrlct Attorney DIokspn. .\J6hh T^ftel 
J ony^ Rplrplla - . i . V, . , , . , . : Heiiry Armetta 
.Gerald Wll.oon.., . ... ..... . . , ;t)avld Brucp. 

B. . A;. .Smith . , ,.. , , . . . . ..: Gla rcnee Kolb 

Barton: . . . . . . , . , . . , . . . ; . ,l.oiiJ,i Jcaii Heydt 

J^K?*.''- • • • • •.• ••••:': ■ • -Marc . r.,ftwrehce 

JJlstrlct Attorney .;son. . .... ; .Ed .Stanley 

MrR.r lCnlpht ;:.....;.. .;,..:.,... .-.Kay ^Sutton 

BUI ......... .. . . .......... . Elliott Sull i van 

Bulch. ... . ; . . , . : ; . Dick ,Til^h- 
Myrtle. . . , . . . , . . . . ... . Phylll.<: •Hnmllton 

nrookft. ... . . . . . ; . • . : I . John nuigely. 

Federal .DIsilTlct :Allnrne.v -Grppn...... . : \ 

„■ .: . : ■ : "Willi ii hi -Forrest 

■noKcop.'s Secretary; .: . .. . ... . .Marls Wrixon 

dovernor's Secretary. ............ .Dana Dale Is a remake of 'The Mouth - 
' piece,' produced . by ; WB ' back :in 
1932 when anything in the way of 
a gangster film was usually big b.o. 
The story . Has b.eeri: . given only a 
.flight switch for . 1940, : plus . more 
iriiplaiisibilities, and it stacks iip now 
as a weafcie except in the limited 
number of action Houses. 
: Wari-eri .,V^illiarii;.and' Aline: Mac-' 
Mahon •were teaimed as lawyer and 
secretary in .. the . original; Gebrge: 
Brent and Vrsiinia- Bruce are in the 
vimriie. roles in- -this- /Version: /They 
are . also the .:film:s ; stars, but don't 
. indicate ;sUfficient.. riiarquee strength 

to/pvercome the prbductibn;s;g^ne 
debility. .; ■■.. ■;■.;: 

; Back, in : 1932 a .hopdluni's: lawyer 
story ..waiis sbriiething bf. a novelty . 
lor thd ■ sti ^en; besides, ridirig theri. 
on the .crest ; of the ; ponularitv bf : 
,Geiie Jowlpr's;.,. book,- . 'The Great 
Mp.uthpie:ce*: .;.(WUliarii -'. J: ; Fallon ). 
..Latter ■was -riever'- made a.s 'a- film.- 
:!4)ut uildpubt^dly. keyed a . Holly vvpbd 
cycle.; ; .:i\rowadays. ;hbweVer,.' a filrii 
of- this ; would, have, to ; be ' bf 
extraordinary.; strength to top '. the 
recerit dji^ima . in . th.e dail.V press: 
anent Dixie Davis* et ai; ■ 'The Man 
Who ..Talked Too Much;' in4|>ls , re- 
spect, f is, talking - only , cliches.. .: "The 
title is -also, a hindrance; the orig- 
inal WjOUid .Have been better. ■ . : 
: The.;; essehce. of -the ;.'.s'tbry 'lt.<elf ..bberi done artd;fedorie;to :a cri'sp 
111 pic.tuf es. ;■ It's : ;abbut ' the 
■ who suffers"' remorse When, as . an 
assistant , district attorney,; hie sends 
-an • innPeent kid tb:: the ; chair. . He' 
.quits as prosecutor; but goes Hungry 

in. ,his ;.own t)ractice.' until . gang 
leaciei';, \ Ricliard- Barthelni per- 
Siiades him ' to defend : the niob fpr 
very fancy cPin. This eriables Brent 
to pay off His bills;;, send his kid; 
brother, William Lundigan, tHrough' 
law :Sehobl, arid ppeh ari office; that 
looks : like Bert: Marden's ; Riviera 
riitery " Natiiraliy he is forced^ to 
pull plenty of crooked ■ tricks;. to piill 
the . mobsters oiit . bf thQ fire, . and 
this irks ' his . pttre^mirided , brother, 
who turns over to the FBI the neces- 
sary evidence to convict -Barthel* 
mess; Npw the. latter is^ irked, so 
he has His. mobsters frariie - the kid 
oh a murder^ rap.; Brent; sweats the 
rtjal . killer iritp. a .; corif essibn ■ saves 
his brother . iroin. ' the chair at the 
last minute, arid gets'.a few ;guri .slugs 
.frpnV;;Earth^lmess: in :rgturn.The 
finish shbws; hirii, recovering, in a 
hbspital hut Hie: still doesn't clinch 
with His faithful and beautiful sec, 
.■Virgiriia. .Bruce; 

. Film's, slight .rbriiantie anilt!, in 
fact, is ; centered orily. ;bn Lundigan 
and; ; Brenda ' Marshall, although 
there's a:; running hint .'^Heit . Miss 
Bruce ".holds ■'■ iripre; thari . a . steno's 
bpbk fpr Brent. . "The' switch from 
^ thie . original is Brent's : obvious t)ur- 
I ity So far as dames are :cbncerned, 
while ..Warren; Williani: . iri' 'Mouth- 
piece'.: set . a record; fbr . chasing. 
There's nothing distinguished abput^ 
the :perfornriances" . of Brent^ Miss. 
Bruce, or Lundigan; in fact,, thiey're 
stbreptyped-. Miss Marshall is seen 
only b.t'iefly and wide-eyed; 

However, the. filrri Has some . im:^ 
portance in again showing Barthel- 
rriess on a screen. The. ex-star is 
irii.''capt as .soft-siabken gang Chief, 
i. but his speaking ability : rates riibre 
land ; better chianceS. .Aribther pei-r 
I fbrrrier who shows" up well is:'George 
jjTobias, Who pfayed the screwy bal- 
let V master : in; /You Can't Take It 
With You' Ph -Brpadway. He^.s iri; 
the, role of- a comedy mugg- in this 
film and is eaisily the picture's ;standr 
put.:, Lpiiis Jean Heydt also as an 
exaggeratedly quiet; killer, is bnly 
sb-so, but Heriry .'Armetta, playing 
■ Armetta; .; prbvide.s , / few ;rieeded 
laughs. -Rest of the cast are •in; for 
rill nor ;bitis,; 

; DjireGtiori and; camera are average, 
but npt as much can; be said. for the 
dialog br the unbelievable : montage 
' of ; Ne\y. York newspapei^s .: h'eadliia- 
ing; the . rnpst riiinpr exploits of a 
.lawyen ^ ' :-SchQ, . 

rectlbris: biit in tHe;;main : cbncerns 
the rivalry between twb .gbbs for 
the hand of Nancy Kelly, .a gal who 
has inherited little Skipper: as a. 
Ward.. For purposes of farce, one of 
the sailors; . Jon Hall,' get.<? Himself 
riiislaken as the father of the - child; 
Best sequence for laughs occurs after 
the kid has beeri plarited : on Hall 'is 
ship : as it ; is aboUt to'- engage : in 
battle prsictlce. ; Dialog Has • pretty 
good punch. 

Jbari; Davi.s is in the cast but there, 
isn't enough; ' bf the comedienne. 
'Others 'in support : include ,'Larry 
Crabbe, Dana Aridr.ew.s, Maiy ; Nash,' 
Wally Vernon and Chai'les D. Brown. 

.■■ .■ ■.•■•;.;■••■■ Choir. :. 


. Parnmouht prtductlQii. and.'-'j-t'lea?' :: Fcri- 
t ii resj ; I(alt>h .' Bellaihy , ; :b lunctic' " Yii rk a ,. ' .T . 
(JaiTorNulsh, Jean CnKney. WUIIarii. llPDry, 
Paul Kelly, Richard: Dennlnu.' James .Seay. 
I')rrectcd 'by Jfames HoMti. -.. Screenplay liy 
. Horace MbCoy: anfl WlUliim : It.. I..lp>iiani 
.ba.scd oh J. EdRar iToftv.^r'a. b'dok,.- VPerj^onH 
In Htdltig'; ecjl^or. Art'iu'r Sohitiidli-camoni, 
.Thc6dor> ifiparkuhl; At Criterion. N; T.; 
week Jun(j 29, .'40. Running' titna. 61 .MIN.S. 
IjanKham-..-.- . . .- . , . .Ralph . Bellamy 
M.a."\Vebs.):er..-.:.,',; :; .; ; .. UJapdie-Yurka 
Gcorfte Frost..; ;':, . . ;.. .J. ..(^arrol Nnlsh 
Bthel Webstjer... . . . . .. ... ; .v. :Jenn CnKney; 

Bert Web.stcr ; > . .'. . : ;.. .... . WUlIrim: Henry 

Charlie. Webster. , .. . :;.: ; .Richard D^nniriB 
Tom AVebater. . .•; . , . . . ; . . . ; i-. . . ra\\\ Kelly 
Miia: St.uri!;l."«. : . :. . ;■:. .', . . ... . .uHedda Hoiiper 

■Eddie.' Webster; ... W .■;'.:; .tames, S'cny 
Warl'TiR..: . . : ■". ; . .'^ ; ; Jack ■ Criv.spn' 
■ Colt^rier. ....•:..,-.. ... ;.:. ..•. i-...BlUy Ollbcrt 

. Pan . ... : . . . . . . ... .... V : . . , . ; . . .John MHJnn 

-Rdrtiond?. . ; . .; .;.:. ; ,/-, .....; ;i'aul ;stanto'ii 

Billy ..Webster;:. . . ... . . . . . . : .'.'romnl.v '(^onlty- 

n.utlcr.'; . ; ;.. i . ; , . ; ;-; ;;.... .:.-..ChBrlesi Moore 

Auto-Chmji-Proprietiir. . .'. ;itu.}:niond II;.itibp 
-Niirse (Bcrt'.3',B(^by>.. :. .v.;. . . .. ;Mar.v Ti'eon 

'Doctor. . ;..■; .. .... . Ki-ank -.M.;- Tli<)nias: 

Policeman. ;.. . . .. . .; . . 

.Santa . ■.;.. .■(.; . .. 
Grlawoltl . , . . . ; 

Jim.".'.- ■ ■; . , . :: ...; 

Mrs.' Gretjnoueh. : , 
Jason .- :-;.. . . ; ". . 

Matrnp . ;.. . . ...v.-; :..:.-. 

Mr;. Miniitcn;-:,'V..,:.. 

Fnt.oc«ce chicr; 

Newaboy. . .\ .;.'.-. . . ;• 

, :;. ;.T3d ;c.!arj:an 
. :Howard:'Mit''hell 
, ;;.. . .Nell Ilamlltoii 
. , . .Ttpbe'rt R.van 
,'. . . . lipona;- I^obert.s 
; .'. , f'orrlBn.n 
; . V .ii'ura.- Trend wei r 
; < .'i . . . RoyV Gordon 
. i .:j)unc<i Flavin 
. .t>6rioy, Uupj) 


20tli^ C6hTury-Fox:.T)r<}duetlon and release.- 
: .S.lara Nanc,v. Ke.lly .and; Jon HaJI ; .. features 
■Joan .pSvl."!, ■ l')ann...4iidrews, Alary --Nash, 
I Jjirry.Crablie; ^Vi^^y'^'ernon; BruceUamp-. 
ton.^ Directed by Allah IJwan. .Story.^ Frank 
,1 Wead: adaptation. Fr<?d«»rlc,k HazUtt Bren- 
I nail, "Ijou' Bre,slp.^Y :and' OAvenv Francis; edl- 
.tor.. Fred' Allen; camera,: Krnest' Palmer. 
' .At Ro.ic.v, N-.- Y:, week ,Iune 2.V.r40. Ruri- 
I nlnff . tinier,: 6* 'SUNS; '.-; ;■■:.< ■ 

.."fiM.v Gllrwy. ;.'. .. . .-.;;.;.,:.,. .Nancy - Kelly- 

1 D.arin.v Malone". ; .... . . .-. , . . . . . ;;;.-.Ton Hall 

Jfyrllg.-... .-^ . . :.;.'.,■; . . . ; . . . ; . .Joun :Davls 

1 Scrappy VV;ll<^oir; .- . .•; : ,-: ; . ; . . . Dana .Ahdr'ewa 
[Mis.s rui-yl.s.-. . ■., .■. .-..;.;■.-■. :; : ,'. .Mary Nash 
r Rodnev.. ... ..;..•.;. ;; , ; : ... l.nrry Crablpe 

Gcorelne. ..:. . .:;.:;.;,'. ,lvat-harlric AUlrldKO- 
J .H\-i.lli,ei-.' Mc'Gann. ;-;../.'. Htirry .Shannon 

i Gooicr. . . . .;. . . :... ..W-nlly ■ Vfernon 

'Sltlpper' ; ; . ,'. , ; ; , .- ; . ■ ^. , . Briice lianipton 
.'<.'Bptai;ri Ropi.;':) :..>'...... ; ;". . i.('hi<i;les' I>.'Brown 

'Sailor's 'Lady' is /neither fish nor 
fowl but its . various elemerits.:; com 
bine .-to ptbduce - prograriimer .enter- 
tairimerit.that ;\v:ill be received '.with 
indulgence, ■ albeit : not; ''w;itH acclairri. 
Ricture ;i.S .more /comedy: than, ariy- 
thihg eLsfe'. 'but it •alsp ;has its' melb- 
dramatic arid rbmaritic • jrioments. 
The Roxy, .N.iY.; is too big an order 
'for 'Sailor's. Lady.' 'It's .a '.^B* ribt 
strong :eribugh to: mfeet the require- 
,hients of the ' larger .first runs» but 
Will ■ get by. OK , as a supporting 
.feature; oij duals. -.• ' ;■: - 
. J'he. NaV sei-ve.s as ■ background 
for the original lurried out by Frank: 
Wead. wliile-a' baby (Skipper); ohiy 
10 months' bid, provides ribvelty; Kid, 
Bruce . Hampton, -is 'i/ery cute and 
minds; extremely well . before the 
camera: ■' ■ .■'. ■ ■'. ■ . 

; PlPt ;and situalionjs turn in all di-; 

.; Paramount has taken.- another .'"case 
History frbm. the . files of J; Edgar 
Hoover, as . givieri in his .Terisoris in 
Hiding*; book, and; iriade : it into a 
rugged gangster thriller. Cast riiakes 
up; .for; abserice . pf ;: marquee natries 
in. the - array, of familiar screen per-- 
sbnalifies, picture ; :cbntaining', the 
lairgest; number of speaking part:*!: for 
this type; feature, in niPrifhs/. I^ro- 
ducfiori .is: excellent /.summer: ;farei 
and a robust entry otherwise on the : 
upper half ; bf a: .dual setup. ■; : ;. 

'Queen bf the Mob^ is Highly .rierii- 
iniscent- of the (Flbyd-Alviri "Karpis 
riiob /operations,., particularly bf the 
former in. the final scenfe where 'JVTa' 
and the sole remafning son. shoot ;it 
out with; .G-men. ; HoweVier, the fablii;, 
never definitely..; spots a particijlar 
gangster, rriain. thesis ha.ving to; do: 
with a snatch and tracing 'Hot- money 
by; the FBI. - Several brutar.killings 
arid the; cbritinued existence, bf; 'Ma' 
arid -her boys despite all G-mari op- 
^eratipns .'are harided a sugary coating 
in • several: ;episod v, and, of eburse, 
right at the; finiisH -vvhen the femniie 
garigster says, 'alright "G.-riian, you 
win:'; ....: .>;.;/"■ V-,- ; ■' ,..';- 

Despite this ; glbssirig: Over, :few 
.punches are ;pulled; as machiriatioris; 
of the riitHles.<! ..kindnapei's ,arid rob- 
bers are ..vividly-, ppirtraycd. . Open-' 
ing sequence Hishlights; a bank rob- 
bery . pri . Ghristmas eve. / Scripters 
:have rijng in the' holiday . eve. ariiile 
twice subsequently: at . cnrcial :mp-; 
ments of gang's career; - final cbm-; 
Jng .as .'Ma' and her brily . unbap- 
tured son prepare to welcoriie; rieigh- 
borhbod: youngsters at a Christirias 
tree. Blasting .of GTmen with toirimy 
guns Wipes out the .' ; arid 'forces 
.'Ma' to surrender./ :; 

Rlayscripters Horace . McCoy and 
William'.R. Lit>riTian. Have constructed 
other; ; .bright; .; episodes ■ for this 
gangster plot, -with director ; James. 
i.Hogan doing yepmari, wbrk-;shoViric 
tRe ppinte ;hohi'e despite a cumberr 
some .cast. Outstandirig is the; o'uri- 
hihg ;gu'ri flght near the plane abbut 
to: hop off with brie of captured sons: 
while ariother ' - is the slayirig of 
gangster Tom Webstcir. wHo wanted 
tP skip the country -with : the 'hot' 
money; / ; 

Blanche "iyrkaV a.-? 'Ma' Webster; 
whp ha,<5 three ; garigster son.s, is 
the/ focal character in the varied 
.career of the. band she. leads; Its 
a . trim ■ portrayal, calling for: a 
riiotherJy role; thence the; tough 
rilbbstfer - chiejf; ; arid;; also: a !society 
dame.' : Naish .again Ha.s a . typical 
gangster- part, ;and Paul ;Kelly, James 
"Seay arid Pichard Denriing:are ade- 
quate as/the; three mobster ' sons, 
William HeBry, ; the bne: upright; son. 
is overly sacchai-ine... Jean Gagriey.; 
sister of Jaimes; cast :as the lawyer's 
Wife; has'bnly-a miripr .role biit gives 
;hint pf gping: plaqes.: Ralph' Beilam-y 
;is the law; , while Jack ;Cjirsbri ■ is 
hi5 aide: .Support ;,reads; like the 
Par. talent roster. . BiH;y. Gilbert, in a 
slapsticky cbrii^dy ' bit; H^dda Hbp- 
per, Jphn .Mil.1ari, Raymond; Hattbh. 
.Ed. Gargan: Neil . Hamilton, 'Paul 
Stanton:; Tomrii-y ■ . Cohley.- . 'M 
Treen; ;Lebria Roberts, : Sonny: Bjupp 
arid :James Fla Viri; being incilid ed '. . ;-, 

■ ' '; -■ ■"•:•-■ .■■;/ ■-;.■ ■ /■.:-:.:;'■-■.. -Wenr:-;/;; 


Hbliywdod; June 26; 

20thpFox T«WiBe i>( Luiilen Hubbard pro- . 
duction; .:F««tun)s r^'nne Rolitrts; Guy- 
ICIbbee, John McQulre. Directed by Shepard 
TrauUij, . Orlplnnl acrqenplay by Ttoliert,' 
I^ees; aiid Fredet'lc i; Rlhiildo; camera, 
Chailo.'} Clarke; editor, NIcU- . da MngRlo.. 
Provlowed at Fox W'llvhl. e, ;iuiie '40. 
RunnInK time; .70 .MINS. 
OatlierlnO; Foster. . . . .- . . ... . , .'.T^yhne Robertn 

:llavry -Brent-. . ;-. . ,-. :.-. . ; .Giiy Tyllibeo ' 

: Jo«-. Maf.on. ;-. . , , , .iTiihn :M.i'Giiir« 

Mik* Sullivan . ..... . .. . . . . , , ; . . ,:ioa; :(.;n rKiin 

Mr.- Foster.-; .. . . . .-; ... . ■'; Moburt f'a\'imiiu(;h 

-ilr. (i rower. , i . . ; . ; . .'; , , . . , ,'. Jcroiiie.i'nwiin • 
Mr, Hnvena. . . . . . . . .,.,'. . . .ChMrlos - Waldi'itn 

Stixlent Marher.. ,: .•,/■. . , ;. Sterling :H(i|loway, 
Tommy . * , . -, .-'A '.: . . ....'icotly-.lie.rkp't t . 

Mfiry. Anil :.,■;;■. - . .•: .: . . .-;:. :. . Adele;Mnrner' 
Dr. -Tliornlonv, . . ;>lMerre Walking 

■' 'street: of ; Mero.oriies'. should pro- ' 
Vidie little more tHan playing time to 
.round out prbgrarii skbd of double.' , 
bill tequirenientB. ; Picture. fUnctiori-i- 
inig; as a . laboratory; .experirrtcnt' for;: 
;spnie new talent .on the studio; ro.ster, 
imsiiccessfuliy .tries; to piit over an 
.'arty' .and. VpsycHo logical preachfnerit 
of some k^nd br other while losing / 
sight ,of baisic audience reouirenients.: 
fbr entertairiiinent; purposes. .' 
• .This ii Lijpien Hubbard's; first pro-.; 
duction : effort: since joiriinc; the; 20th- 
Fo* staflf, \Shepard - Traube get .s his; 
first crack -at feature directing;- Rob- 
erf Lejes ;and. Frederic I, Rerialdb : 
turn, in their first screenplay: 'and the 
twbvleads ai-'e handed tcrnnother pair, 
of newcomers, ; Lynn.e ; Ilbberts arid ;; 
-JphnMcGU.ire.; '■■.,;.■ .-• 

Traube '.istrains : ripticeably: iri His ; 
directiori while tHe. scripters fail to 
mainfain necessary interest through. / 
the;, maze of . incidents; and material ; 
weldied . together in 4he yarn. . Miss / 
Roberts .arid . Mcduirc :■ ;mi;?ht hjU'e : 
.screen - pbssibilities; ; but ; have rip. 
chance npre . with the ; mateH and .. 
directio.n'-.proVided..:.' . -;■ . / ■:.•.; :' .,: : 

Story; sticks. -close: to .the . outdated ': 
arhnesia- fbrmula. McGuire i.s ,a rbv- - 
ing /vagrant seekirig; a job. He meets' 
iand fails; in Ipve: with Miss;.: RobertSj 
a waitress ih'a cheap Hopstaoler.teryi ' 
F.rbm ;th,e^ on it's a crossfire of get- ,. , 
tirig a. jbb and keeping the rbriiancie 
gpirigi until the boy gets a bum p on 
the head and wakes ud to reriiernber 
he's the son bf a 'wealthy ^midwestern : ; 
manufacturer. Iri ,' some, strange \ 
fashion his rbriiantic- intbrlude..<i With ~ ■ 
the girl^at first a cbniDliete blniik-^ ' - 
gradually inipress on ; His rriirid for ; • 
.the eventual happy ending. ; 

.Guy Kihbeie is most- prominent, in: " 
the; siippprtirig; cast, which includes / 
Ed .'Gargan,:. Hobart Cavdnaugh arid 
Stealing Hbllpway.; • ; / .Walt; ; 

Rocky Mountaiti Rangers ; 

- .:itei)utilic.: release ot: Harry. - GrCy pro.luc- ::.' • 
.>|-on. Features. .^Rob(»rt:..I.ilvln(C4<tbh; ,]l,-iy- ■; 
mond'-Hattrtn.. Duncan Rcna.ld,i) '(Th'rfe'' Mes- •■ ' 
(iulteers): . Directed, hy (JeorKe :8hcrniftn. / 
Oi-Jp,iii.Tl atory -by J. Renfcin- Chenfi.v. - . 
on , chnr.icters. created by WUUam I'olt -Mac- - ' 
Ponald; ;.<<creenplay liy-: Bnrr.v. . .Rhlpnian, .-- 
TOarle .Snell;:edttor, TjestPr.Orlebock; i«u,«ic, : - - 
(''y.l''"euc.i:;. camera. Jack :Mai-tn; .-:vt- ffrnlral - •' 
X. - Y.v week June. 20, .'40; diial. Ruhnliig . ,' 
linie; /S5 IMINS.-- 

Stofiy Brooke... . ". . . .;; . . . ..Tiobert I.ivtiig.sfoii 

Rn«ty Joslln;. .;. . i ...... ; . Raj mpiid Hatfon 

R.lco'. . .-. ..... ; . . . .: .- . nitni'an nctiiildo ' 

. T5dt-K :Mann'crs'; ..,...:,;. . . . ..U().<!cI1.t. 't'owhe 

Danlci rBurke. ,: . ...-. ,/; /. .-. ,,'iiiniiiy McKliri 

TCInff Brirtoni. . ; . iTierov Mason; - 

f'aptaln Taylor:.. . . ,;:. . . ;.-. .... I'jii fi'Mjilley 

.11m Barton... ..'.....:.:.... ..;.l.iennlH Moore . 

Mfinners... . .. -. ..... . '.-: ./ : .... : Joliii' St. ' T'olls ■. . 

^erKcaht . . ; . ;.: ; .. , :Rnlicri Blair 
John .....'.-.,;,....;. . .-. :. . . :-. ; . : ; .-, nnrr C' . .: 

■Harris. ..V. ;: .-,■,;;;;;.;... ..; .. . ....Jack -Jvli-k- ./■ 

.. Latest; cactus eouritry thriller for; 
Three Meisqiiiteers wUi further bbl-- 
ster ; their growing popularity with 
western fans; ; ;It has a plethora of 
.action and . neatly conceived plot, 
W.ith the,; hapEiy-go-lucky . .daredevils 
cashing, in on better than ciistbmary 
material. WiU: rate rHigh ' in this- 
•series, but running: tinic bstensihly 
gejfiirs it fbrdual setups- 

rYaifn Has Robert Livirigston; one of 
Mesquiteiers,'; doubling ;iri hero arid 
.villain, roles:: He's pictured as one 
of the. small grbiap striving, to bring 
law and order to' a. Panhandle: fron- 
tier toWn and; fakes being, the 'La- 
redo ; Kid* to break up a : band . ot 
guerillia cut-throats, : long terrors • of ; 
the regibh. Livincston also portrav.s 
the real 'Laredo Kid;' who's bumped 
ofF-in les.9 than one re«!l. 

Three Mesquiteers this time enlist 
in the service of the Texas Rarigei:.s, 
screen: vet Raymiond Hattbn stealing 
'scenes Whenever ' He Hps the: chance; 
. Besides IHe sWift tfemrio : main- 
tained/by the .production; there: ].<;; 
. well^staged; plunge f torn an .over- 
hanging; cliff onto a speedine^-sttigeT 
coach, and also a daring dive bv one 
of the .cowboys and His br.oric ffo'ma 
towering ledge^ into the water. ' 

Geprge .Sherman's dirisction is top- 
ni.eht; / ■ • J abk ■ Marta -s rib otpg-i ' 
.raphy;c.. '.. .-;.--. /- ; '■ , /Wcdr. • ' ; 


ei Assigned 

; - :;-; '/ Hpllyw^ , 

.Five :. writers .Were a.ssfigned.' :to 
scripting. ,jbbs- by ;;Albert j. Cohenj j 
sceriarib chief at. Bepublic. . ' 

llian Jarnes werit to: Work on 'Hit ' 
Parade.V Gertrude: Purcell on 'False 
Witness/ Lester, kbenfg on 'All Night ] 
Prp6rarii,V and. Betty : Burbridge and ■ 
.p.pnriie: Lee-bn a Gene. Autry starrer. | 

.vii-weii in rrojftctlon.'Rdnm. N'. 
^o; . Ru;hnTnj,'. .tlttic: •-««;. SllN.". 
r^I^^' '•■ ' • • • ^ ':;■'..;';.-. .-..V.r.enn, Weaver 
r wl.^'-' V': •;• ^■ •-^ -V ; ■ •'.'. ,'r .'I'rtnk Weiiver 
K > ly. i.v.,...v.;.,....;;,.,;.;;.;.iu'np AVpuVcr 
-,".''T ,';''"'^:^Veav.eri. . ,. ;-.:I,ol«< Rtin.McitY 
: H-ed BarTjefi . . . ; v ; .;. ;;;: ;.:/.;:.: ; Allan . >.in.6 .• 
^V lllia.m- Cj- Scully. . ...TTeniy .Kolld-r 
..i/tn.-b; /^l,t(o i.;.v,..,.;,..;.;-,Tohn ll'Mi'lloy: 
'^1? 7-^/ •^•'■'■v;' V - • riorWla W<vAVr . 

AI tor.ney G e . ,p r.i-l-; ;. . , •. ,.-,.;,.,.. i -i, rn el I ' T • r; i.t t ' 

Roy..A(;uff nnd;.,'<m!)ky M^ojJnta'n ,Bov!-~' wUH 

;■■ .; -' .■■ ■■ Rachi!) . . / ■■ . ■■ : " - . 

- Gcorpc Dewey, iray - : ■ ' 

corn stalks rise high in this 
hillbilly . comedy, but Ss -the usual- 
Republic budgeter. 'Grand Old Opry' 
suggests -suflicierit hoxofTice possibili- 


Wedu^dtiy, July 3, 1940 

Fpir^ Market 

^Continued from page 5_ 

and others. The South American 
market is so small .that it hardly pays 
to maintain exchanges and ship the 
film; This has always been trufe of 
S; A., even in the old silent days, it 
is stated. 

Kaiikers* Realistic : v 

View of Sitfiatioii 

Pressure .frorh , eastern : flhanclar 
hisiwigs ;td cdnlorm solely with do- 
mestic grosses, e^^^^ 
tioh strictly on 'the : basis of ahtiqi- 
pated return from the hew ; world 
market; hps bieieh intense, foreign 
film chiefs; for seyeii-al years. 
Visjioning exactly; what's happened to 
revenues, likewise agtee . with , •the 
fliiancial interests. . 
: The: way bankers .'figyre the situa- 
tibri it's- simply a.: mattw of making 
a $1,000,600 feature for $750,000; a 
$700,000. film for $500,000, etb. 
. 'Last; ;month ' Warner / Brps., in 
showing hgures; for the 26 weelcs 
, ending last Feb. 24, pointed out . the 

ering 1939 sialdi . 'The cbmpahy has 
continued its practice oi allocating 
85% of feature production cbst to 
U.S; and Canada (domestic) and 15% 
to foreign countries.' 'Par set aside 
$718,976 lasi year as reserve fbr fcon- 
tihgericies pliis .$l70i740 reserved for 
losses 6f foreign siabsids. .. 

•ITniyefsal, after .writing bfltipecial 
amortization reserve of $5,000 week- 
ly,; increased the amount to. $6,000 
per Week in" its half-year staterhent 
and : made it retroactive to the first 
.of 'the fiscal ye'iar. ; ..- This . fealistic 
tf e'at/aien t of ; revenues! was to • the 
of- Wall VStrieet becaus^^ 

showed in black and: white! just how 
niuch foreign losses had cut into .the 
net profttSi .Thus, :-the Universal 
Statement revealed . that this $8,000 
weekly Writeo.ff reduced net earn- 
ings for. the first : six months from 
$1,381,002 to $1,173,002. .'. 

Sim ilarly Columbia; Pictures Wrotle 
oft $300,000 special- reserve for .pbs-^ 
sible adjustments incident to war 

. Now that the /Coritinenfal niai'ket is admittedly *shot,' foreign film , • 
•execs in New York admit: that ; it'^ hardly been' Worth the effort, not 
- only recently but for the past five years! 

It's been a constant .source of .. burhed-up energy, with, little net 
economic, yield considiering the effort they feel. For one thing, mount-- :! 
ing restrictiohsj legislations and local financial embargoes' were cpn^ 
stantly harassing. ■-'••..:: ..,.'■ ' . '.'!" 

;. .^iit, to quote a foreign ; film exec just' back .froni .EuropeV where 
he had -charge of the entire Co"tiheiit: ; '. . . it wisn't .worth, it in this ■ 
respect. To begin With, you're an Anierican: and.. the^^ think you're: v 
crazy' in business dealingis. On the' other hand|: you're comp^elle 
trade .With Europeans pf Huhgarian, Czech, Frehch, Polish,: Syrian, - 
.Latin, -Russian and Geiinah e^ each with , a completely differ- 

ent perspective on life and. business; and . each wondering i-whiat it's all 
about. . Ybii burned ybiirselt out closing a deal, arid for what?' '. 

impossibility bl . ascerta'initig what 
could .be reaUzed; ifrorri ' the foreign' 
.rnarket and that changed conditions 
had been i-ecpghlzed in amortization 
Of film costs. Additionally, the com- . 
;pany wrote oft $3'76i,000 as reserve 
for contingeticies, ' charging it as a 
liability. •■■': ' \' 

That Wall Street is watching the 
iBhahcia:! status : of • film companies 
closely v^as seen recently wheii sev- 
eral big houses, in the Street, inters 
estied in Paramount securities,' stu- 
died the ^summary of world ebndi- 
tions outlined by .Barney .Bialabian to 
stockholders.' '•' Balaban . gave a true 
picture of the corhpany's inyestments 
' abroad and. the relation of foreign 
teyehues to the . total inicome of the 
corporation .from all sourceis. . 

Parainouht's annual statement coy- 

conditions in its • 91-month earnings 
report; Pespite,. this writeoff, com- 
:pany Nvas abie to. show, hiet profit of 
$341, 348 and to. . maintai n : a strong net 
quick asset position. : Staterhent that 
assets vyere being maintained bh ra-^: 
tip of a bo lit .in relation to', 
current liabilities was rated fiayor-; 
ably by financial analysts, 
■ . Financial stateme^ of . 20th-Fox, 
f or: 19.39. \vas regarded in Wall. Street 
as the comprehensive one ever 
Issued by . the company. It listed 
$877,d21 as liability for final rental 
Cieceived in advance, \vith foreign re-, 
mittances held in abeyance^ and also 
charged $400,000 fOr depreciation . of 
iforeign currency. - Fact that every 
phase of operation -was given minute 
scrutiny in the report also was 
viewed- favorably in. the Street 

Pitt Gritids 

^Continued from page- 3:! 

to an indorsement of these two flfms, 
pointing out that they had seen the 
originals and hadn't : found them 

Feldman and Totmaii had a select 
clientele they said they, desired to ' 
contact , the mailing list of .Symphony - 
and concert subscribers, :tind wanted 
to use th€!,. crix names, even, their sigr 
natures. Krug^ 'LeWis, Mbnahan, 
Lewis arid Cohen saw nothing wrong 
with this. They told Feldniah and 
Tbtniah to . go ahead!! So the WB 
publicists immediately organized the 
Pittsburgh jyiovie: Critics Circle and 
appointed Dorothy . Darling secre- 
tary. A day later, letters headed 
with; the name of the organization, 
arid penniBd by. Feldman and Totman,: 
Went to seveiral- thousand prospectiye 
up per- briacket ' custbmers over the 
names of the rie viewers and the com 

j Gazette Wanted to know, take the. 
j br^ead right out of their own mouths? 
I Here they Were lending; themselves 
to direct-mail; adyertising expe;ndi-.: 
tures Which should hay.e been Used 
for legitiinale, newspaper spiace. Not 
only that, but they Were also giving 
their opinioris! in adviance.-making it 
unnecessary for the film-going pub- 
lic to pay; 3c to read .'n print -what 
the boys thought about the new pix. 

Of bourse, the spanking was only 
verbal, but the critics Were warned 
not to let it happen Sgaih, or else. 
Feldman arid Totman at a late hour 
over the weekend were ' considering 
sending .announcements .to . their 
mailing list reading: .'You .have re- 
ceived your, first— and last— ciommur 
nicati.on from. ! the !PittsbUrgh Mbyie 
-Ci-ificrs Circle.' ■ ': 

magazine, Nathan was top limited in 
confining hiprj&elf to the drama. He 
continues, of course, contributing per 
contract to Esquire arid -King .Fea- 

Me0s Tax Situation 

C'outiivucii froui . - • ■ 

: .,! !:. • !vPhiladeilphia, July. !!2; - 
The strike Cor -lockout) of Local 
it, ! Amjericari Federatibn bf Musi- 
ciaris; against the Stanicfy7;Warner 
circiiit enters ; its! eighth riibnth .this 
;\veek : With : .the.--!Iocal receiving .a 
fresh bankroll to; cori!tiriue its fight 
against the chain. The hew money— 
!$2,50(]h— was voted to Local 77 by . the 
natiorial AFM : executive board, fpl- 
lowirtg. : the: recent COrivention! in; In-! 
dianapolis. ! 

. The. .Philly local ^ \yas heairteried 
"by .the elevation !Of: Jarries C. !pe- 
trillb. to ! the - preside ncy of the AFM. 
-With. 'I*etrillb iri'^t^ driver's seat,, 
the local: expects !riiore vigorous co- 
operation in the fight-to .force. Wai-- 
ners to rehire its; members dropped. 
Dec; .1, 1939, in a dispute bvejr .ternis 
of a. riew" . contract, ■ 
. A.' Rex; Riccardi, secretary of Lo- 
.^al . 77,. _said the! union Will i!nake ari 
eiffort : to arrange ! a meeting! .with 
S-W .execs! withiri ■■ the. next tWo 
Weeks. ; There have been no nego- 
tiations toward . settlement . of the 
dispute for nearly three months. /An 
attempt by a !Federal .conciliator to 
bririg> both sideSs together .l!ast May 
also fizzled. ■ ; 


. Sol .Lesser ajnd Ernst who 
arrived ,iri New York Monday (1), 
have concluded a deal with Para- 
ri:>ount for; the rights to an Original, 
■Divorces;' Which Was oWried by Par! 
The yarn, formed the basis for- a filtn 
Warner Bros; made in 1931 under an- 
other title WB subsequently! sold 

the .rights!to Par;- [■'■[■ 

Reported Lesser-Lubitsch producing 
coriibo has definite ideas as to proper 
type of stories to. offset current mood 
of war-jittery fans arid that the 
'Divorces' story' is "in line with, thbse 
ideas. ■ ' ' 

O'Hara Vice Nathan 

:\ NewsWeek'S business office - ideas 
supposedly also- figured in a desire 
to extend the scope of George Jean 
Nathan.'s department, reisulting in the 

munique urged Vhe' r^cij^iehts "tb see ' latter resigning; because he didn't 

'two movies of importance,' !.'OUr i feel like: Writing pn films and; other 
Town' and 'Susan and God.' At the 
same itiriie there, was a -vvbrd-,. too, 

be on the lookout for a pair o" other 
!; big, worthwhile films, 'All! TThis, and 
Heayen Too* and 'The Mortal Stoi m.' 
, The letters also went on; to say , 
that the Pittsburgh Movie ; Critics 
Circle had been formed with an idea 
to. informing .discriminating people 
from tiriie to time on the riierits of 

' amusement topics, Nathan stated he 
was essentially a dramatic critic, and 
esoteric,: erUdite Or whatever News- 
week chose to -call . h.iin, he'd stick 
to his. major job, • 

As a result. John O'Hara has been 
brought in by . managing editor Rex 
Smith • to takft . up Nathan's chore, 
startirig! With; the next issUe. -Latter 
has gone on a .cruise with soriie per 

a select group of Holly\vood pictures.;^ sonai- friends; !a 
and : that . similar . . coriimuniGations { between! films, legit. . the: circus and 
would reach them Whenever ' the fi I m anything clsd that, c.hoosi^s his. faricy 

on 'the way seemed- to 1^ 


Crix in the Middle 

crix themselves ;. okayed . the i ; 

■it. parallels ! the elasticity !that Jphn 
L'ard rier en j oy s' ■ .in ; the, sports , : cpy- 
cr'age on Newsweek..', ■.■ . . 

O'Hara,: in;; /between Hollywood 
: message, . .Which Was read to them -i writing ; and completion ; of ■ . 'Pal 
first, and thought nbUiing more about. p^seA ^on^ his 

it.- Tbat is., they, thought rib riibre! '"" " ^" """^ 

about it- until two days after the 

letters had been mailed and the boys 
found themselves right in the niiddle 
of a business office revolution. !-; . 
.: How could; Krug, LfeWis, Mpnahan. ! 
Fortune and Coheii, the ■ pursers : of 
the Sun-Tele, the Press and the Post- 

^ New;-. Yorker series '(score by Rod-, 
gers • arid : Hart), has already . taken 
up his NeWswee.k assigririient, .He is 
•rio ; novice! at this,, - having cbverefl. 
both pix atid legit for Time' arid the 
N, Y. Mbrhin|!Telegrat»h in former 
years. ■ . : : ' : ; ;■. 

Newsweek felt that, for. a national 

Holiywobd,. Jule 2. 

Paramourit ! purchased . 'Botany 
Bay,' by Charles Nordhoff and James 
Norman Hall. . 

Columbia bought 'Penny Serenade,' 
a mag serial by Martha Cheayens. 

John Stone acquired screen rights 
to Robert Crandall's novel, 'Scrappy.* 

Larry DarmOur purchased the Ed- 
gar Wallace noyel, .'The Green 
A.rcliGr * 

20th-Fox : bought 'The Light of 
Heart,' London stage play by Emlyn 

Film Reviews 

.Continued from page 18. 


ties on the fariiily time. There's 
eriough music.; bright comedy and 
singirig in the Ozark manner to over- 
shadow the old story of the rubes 
outwitting the city blades. 

This time the rubes are played by 
the Weayer Bros, and Elviry (June 
Weaver), who bring about the Ulti- 
mate eleic tiOn of . Leori . Weaver as 
governor after the usual difficulties 
encountered from-the crooked poli- 
ticians. ;'. '■-■■.'■. 

Weak story is considerably sub- 
ordinated to the antics of. the; hillbilly 
sirigirig-ihstrUmental units, !who, in 
addition to the featured trio, consist 
of Roy AcUff's Smoky Mountain Boys 
and Uncle Dave and his son Dorris, 
both frorii radio. George' DeWey 
Hay, radio's 'solemn ole judge.' Who 
originated the WSM (Nashville) 
'Grarid Ole Opry' radio Show 15 
yeai*s; ago, giyes the film sbriie! iri;bre ' 
'billy color. The ; latter three are ' 
jpresently on the program. '.! 

Weaver Bvos. and Elviry are the 
pic's outstanders with their Singirig 
and, instrUriie'ritation. but- the comedy 
that stems from! the -former has a 
particularly rustic appeal. Lois Ran- ; 
son, recent . Republic; 'discovery/! is 
a; cute trick.. vvho has less tb',do in 
this '.filrii than in recent others in 
which .she's appeared for Republic, 
Claire Carlcton. blonde., beaut from 
legit • is ' nifty- . a'dQi"nm.e!nt as .the. 
siren; .While Henry Kolker brings up ; 
the able support as the crooked pub 
Usher. ' .,!.-.. '.. ■ ■■ 

Frank McDonald's direction keeps 
the pace at times; .at others the j 
lags arc .' iritermihabic. ' . ; Music. .!' .! 
standard. ' ' ' i 

be a good idea to go to an even fig- 
ure like 30c,; which after payment of 
the tax WoUld result in a net of 27c 
instead o!f the 25c now obtained. tax- 
free; . • . ; ■"■!■. ' ' . ;!' ' ■■■■ 

Chain operators do riot believe 
that this is wise because of the pos- 
sibility the public may feel the! film 
business is taking advantage of an 
emergency war step; that is eating 
iritb-.the public pocketbook; in all 
other respects. A major chain; sou jrce 
also expresses the belief that per- 
haps it is better nOt to i iiVcrease -in ' 
order to maintain the present rate of 
attendance,: although the industry 
geherally.'has been hopirig for higher 
prices iri order to Enlarge, domestic 
returns. ...;.' ■ •■.' '., /, 

' - Biffgies Keep Scales ;-. v., j 

All ' the . producer-owned circuits,: 
Paramount, . Loew's, !\yarn'er. Bros.,' ' 
RKO' arid National Thoatres {i?'bx>, ! 
have agreed to; remain at the same 
scales, adding the 'tax. fbi: payment, 
•by the public, but indicated .that; 
later- von, . depending on conditioris, 
■ wa.r boom, etc.,! there may be ;uppirig. ■ 
On the other hand, the chains ' are 
not -cutting . any where.; ' Neither are : 
the more iriiportant; indies.' 

The Independent Theatre Owners 
of New York, embracing numeirous 
. leading indies in New York and ;surr 
roiindirig territory; held a meeting 
last week at which i t was, deCcrmiricd. 
•not to disturb scales. The! Brandt 
Bros., have already started running 
trailers in their theatres to educate 
the, ; public to the added ' admission 
. (tax) which! miist be paid, stressing 
a patriotic note and indicating the 
theatr!es are happy to act as collector 
for Uncle Sarii ! uAdei- the defense 
pi-eparjedriess campaign of the Gov- 
ernment Majors are considering a 
.siriiilar trailer to explairi the tax to 
the - public. % , 

Independent sources take the posir 
tion that while soirie bf their . num?' 
be may cut scales in the riea:-. future, 
if they . haven't ; already ■ (and there 
are those that did imrtiediately Mori- 
day), at least ; the ' majors can't . re- 
duce. Asking for higher rehtals and 
trying to keep .indies ;!frbm cutting 
admissions, it wbuid be a peculiar 
about-face if the majors themselves 
chiseled downward iri order to save 
on the tax, or, it is pointed 
out ; ■.. '. !! ■ ' ■; ' ,' 

Parariiount, which is made up of 
mariy partners who have the final 
say on operation and policy, has 
recpmniended to; all such partners 
that the preserit scales stick and thiait: 

the tax be added. !ltjs:ireceived as: 
ance from the .. ;irtner3 that this 
be done. ' -V- . ! 

Gettirig short ribtice on the ; 
theatres • . encountered: ;cpnsideK 
confusion in the quic!k !charigeO 
[- not having' tiriie to get new ticl 
printed;; -Gpyernmen perrtiitl 
t|ie picture!'houses to continue -v 
.the .bid. itickets -Which: carry the 
: starnp : Whon over 40c.: arid' it. is 
lievcd; they .Will be permitted to' 
UP their present ; stock on th 
tickets, meiantimo; ordering the nei 
sary ticket rolls. 
.: Wood , suggested to i he ' Ohio 
hibitbrs'-that a record b-i kept of 
closing nurifibers on all" lickets .at 
end of business-.Sunday (!30).' sb!l 
each theatre will be; in a;positibri 
ri^iake^he -proper iNepbrt; to thb F 
era.1 government ! when the!- i 
month ly audit on the ! neW . tax 
made.' -..' 

Allied Advocates No 
Absorption of the T 

.Allied states. Assri;! takes the pi 
tion on the new tax that absorpt 
by the theatres v/ould be ruinc 
with' the crisis particularly acute 
to the 25c iidmissions.! The; aisso< 
t.iori wired each Allied territory 
report action on the .tax; parti 
larly as to. the quarter price Scale 

lit •virtually all cases it Was 
formed that the exhibitors ! Wpi 
j pass the lax on; tb. the public. So 
territories have . decided .bn ■ us 
trailers while iri one known instar 
in New England, theatres aire tak 
group ads.. ... 

: The report from IridianiipoTis s 
other Indiana cities was" that All 
merribers would follow the Icgd 
the -affiliated first runs. Allied 1 
recommended to exhib groups t 
it carry on an intensive educatio 
campaign through trailers and ne- 
paper ads to impress the public i 
in paying- the new tax the public 
contributing directly; arid ,materi{ 
to the njttional defense.- • 

-.';.., ^ Pass ! Tax Along . . ' - . 

Los Angeles, July J 

. Virtually all-- theatres in this !a 
have agreed to pass! the tax alorif 
the theatre-going public and no 
single instance has been revea 
where theatres will attempt to 
sorb the tax. by reducing their 
niissi.on price, ■ 

jMIH lllllli(l»IIUnitirill'llllllillllMMI)MrlllHltri[(lllMM-||nilM<IMIimilHtlli^ lllllllfliHIIMIItlllMlltM.UMIlm(MIIMIi;iifi'(lllMl|IMIlillMH 

is - - . 

; '.iiitiiiiiiiiiii((iHiriiiititiiiiniiitin(niii(iiiiiiitiiri(itiiiiHniiiiiiriiitiiiiHit(lH|iitifii Hiiiti(twiiiiiiiiiiiiMfti(iiiHiiitwiititiiiiHljHfiiliiiiiiM(tiiiuiiiiHtiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(niiiiiiiiiii(iMni 

ftHimiiiiii lllilllllllllltliHIIHItllHIMMItiUUl.llilllllUlllilMIIIIIIIIMIIIIHIIllHMnillHMMlUiniHnHlMlilMIHUIIMIIItlllllll^ ililllllllf.llllltlllllllllllllillillliMillMlltl 


THE mm 

r.wr. \V u-lll not 1)8 sliowii cx«pt 
at advftnrrd iirU'03, ut 'least until '41 
. For R«s»rv«tiM|i Call CI 6-4M2 ; 


Twiet Daily'2:15. 9:15 p. m. 


f4i<tt TImefi Wvd. 
".UY SOX. 

. :In -reir.son. 
.Itn.v Kinney 
- uh«i; Orrli. . ; 
:0ritTK9 (ilvot 

Starts Thur., July 4 
Vivien T/elfrJi 

: Ko|>t. Tuylor 

; In rersoh. 

..T. C. Fllpsan 
Itotty Hntton 

g' Alr-Cthditlontd 


3rd Big Weeki p„,aw.f 


Murgiiret SiiUavan - damea Stewart 
Kobert : Yuunir - Frank Morjran 
A Metro-Cold wryn-Mayer inctare 


Bob Hope , 
- .Paulette" ; ■ 
;' Qoddard ' 
!-.-^;^' In 


In • Person , 

, orrIn 


And: His Ore. 
Bonnie Baker 

MidnltO' .screen :SlioWf)' 

Mebbe Lucky Changes 

' \ \ V Hollywood, July 2. : 
.. 'Luclcy Partners' resumed shooting 
at RKO after a halt of two weeks 
because of script; changes. . - 

Picture under Lewis .■Mile.'Stohc.'s 
direction co-stars !Ging'er Rogers and 
Ronald Colman.; .' . 




A >>w iVitriitir. Kro.s; -SiK'cewt 


BOB CROSBY and His Orch 

<ind.47tli St. O l.nHI^U Moll, to I ri 



Spe:ctacu|ar Sta^e ! Prpductionc 



T in/orjnatibn of theiitre iitii film eicharioe boofceri Variett presents o eomplete xhart of feature rtltaitt of 
^ • flU the Americon .<ii«^^^^ the... curTcnt . Quarterly pieriod. Date 6/ . 
revievis as aiven' in Varietv and the rvhmno . time . o/ prirvts are included;! •; 

COPYRIGHT, :1M0; -M'VA«^^ 
, in V«r>-R«riewei In VarJety^^;/^ ^^^^^^ • Ri Riilinln* Tiwt^ 

IM— MelqdraniA; CeComedy ; CDTrComedy-prania: W— tVeitern • p-r^DraiMB : RD— Roinantlo Prama ; SlU-»-^MuBicaI 


> tEA'SE 
















5/1 • 
4/ IT 
5/ 15 


■JRENE- .(RKOy . v: V ^ - . ^1M[U^ 

SO THIS IS LONDON (2dth) ' .1 C: 

20 MULE TEAM (M-G) ' D 



/IF I'HADMY:WAY^(1I)-- •..■• MU. 

Bill Elliott 

A. Neai;leiR, .MiUand-R. Ydiun^ ; 93 
R. Hare-Ai DraytoiiiG. Sanders 80^ 
W. Berry-t. Carnllo-M. Raiitbcau 83 
j. Benny rlipchester-E.. Drew 82 
D, Morgan-G. DickSon-J. Payne 55. 

B. Cfbsby-G. Jcaii^iE. Brehdel 93 




5/1 i WAS AN ADVENTURESS (20th) D 

5/22 SKI PATROL (U) D 

■5/Z2' ■ tDISONj -THE- MAN'.lM>G) ■ -■ D. 

5/15 ^-'GAUCHO .-.SERENADE: '(Rep) :.-: W:- 


. C- Ruggles-j. Logia'n-Ri Paiffe : fi5 , 
C. Witinihger>C. A. SmUh-B; Barnes 84 
E. Lowe-L. Hervey-H. Wilcoxbh . 62 
Zb'rinipiTR. G reciie-'E. vbh Strohelni.- 80. 
L. Desti-P. DOrn-K; Aflams ■ ■ ;, «4 
S/ Tracy-R; johnsorirLi Overman i04 

■G.' Autry^S.-Biirnettie-,; &6: 

'■ T; Ritl«r-R, Ates-P. Haddoh . 
J. Garfie)d-A. Shirley . 97 

6/12 RABIES FOR SALE (Col) . C 



5/1 TYPHOON (Par) , RD 


6/12 'ON THEIR OW>f (20th) C 

5/8 TURNABOUT (U A) ■•: .-.D-: 



5/22 GANGS OF CHICAGO (Rep) : ■ : M 

5/15 ALIAS THE DEACON (U) ' ^ . ■■•C- 


G.'Ford-R. Hudson • 65 
L. Turner-J. Blondell-G. Murphy . 72 
R. Taylor- V. Leigh- V. Field 103 
D. Lamour-R. Preston-L. Overman 70 
t. Ounne-C. Grafit-R. Scott 88 
S. Bylngtori-k. HowcU-G. Ernest 65 
J. Hubbard- A. Menjou-C. Laiidis 81 
P. Lorre-R. Hudson-C. Middleton 68 
Jack Rahdall-C. Curtis-r. Rochelle . 
L. Nolan-L.. Lane . 66 . 

B. Burns-M. Auer-P. Mor an ' .73 . 
y. Bruce-R. Bellamy-W. Morris , : 72 • 


6/26 ON THE SPOT (MoiibF . M' 

4/10 THE BISCUIT EATER (Par) ■.• '---'-^ CD 



5/22 LIL1.IAN RUSSELL (20th) RD 

5/15 OUR TOWN (UA) ■ • ' ' D 


C: Starrett-L Meredith 

. F. Darro-M. Kornman 62 

B. Lee-C. Hickman-H. Millard 82 

L.; Ball- J. Ellison-E. Dunn ' 65 
R. Liyingston-R; Hattbn-D. Renaldo 55 - 

A.' Faye-D. Ameche-H. Fonda . 127 ' 

W. Holden-M. Scott-F; Bainter 5)0 

. J. Cagney-A.. Sheridan ■-. 87 / 





6/19 GIRL IN 313 (20th) RD 




W. William-J. Muir-E. Blore 62 

W. Pidgeon-F. Rice-J. Schildkraut 70 

W. Holden-E. Stone-B. Granville 70 

M. O'Hara- A. Mehjou-F; Bainter 70 

F. Rice-K. Taylor-J. Valerie . 56 

H. Herbcrt-C. Moore-D. O'Keefe . 60 

J. M. Brown-B. Baker-F. Knight 58 
R. Reagan-L. Lys . 


6/5 ■ SUSAN AND GOD (M-G) 

5/22 4IIDDEN GOLD (Par) 



6/5 EARTHBOUND (20th) 

■• NO EXIT (U) 


• M. 

• C 



J. HoltrC. Callejo.-M. Rosenbloom 60 
J. Crawford-F. March-R. Hay Worth 115 


W. Boyd-R. Hayden-B. Wood 
C. >lQrrii|i-Ai LouiserB. Jones 
G. SandersrW. Barrie 
W. Baxter-A. LeedsnL. :Barl 
W. Ford-K. Adams 
E. G. RobinsonA. Sothern . 




5/22 . ■ ■ jSAFARI (Par) : • ' • • . RD 




5/29; FOUR SONS (20th) D 

. 6/22 " '. SANDY IS A LADY (U) ' : ' ' D 



A. DvOrak-L. Lane-H. Mack. : 

M. Sullavan- J. Stewart-F. Morgan 1.00 

M. Carroll-D. Fairbanks, Jr. 82 

Weaver Bros.-Elviry-L. Ranson . 68 

R. Rogers.-G. Hayies-B. Steele 

J. Irydon-F. 'Bartholomew : 88 

D. Ameche-M. B. Hughes- A. Curtis 88 

Baby Sandy-M. Auer-N. Grey 62 

R. Pryor-L. Fairbanks 

G. O'Brien-V. Vale-D. Hogan 59 


5/8 CHAN'S MURDER CRUISE (20th) . 


. LOVE, BABY ■ (U) ' 


CD V. Grey-B. BurkerC. Coburn 63 

P . No cast. 

C B. Hope-T. Goddard-R: Carlson 83 

C ; L. Errol-D. O'Keefe-A. Pearce 65 

M S. Toler-M. Weaver-L. Atwill 70 

D J. Downs-P. Moran-B. Crawford . 

P W. Morris- J. Wyman 

BLONDIE beware (Col) 
6/19 NEW MOON (M-G) 
•7/3 • - QUEEN OF THE MOB (Par) 
5/29 tUCKY CISCO KID (20th) 

. • c ■ 



P. Singleton- A. Lake-L. Sims : 
B.EIliott-1. Meredith-L.Walters 
D. Barry-J. Waldo-G. Cleveland 
J. MacDonald-N. Eddy-M. . Boland 
R. Bellamy-W. Henry-J. Cagney 
A.. Shirley-J. Elli^on-P. Khowles 


C. Rpmero-M. B. Hughes^rE. Venable 67 


.' Continued . from page. 7. 



5/29 WAY OF ALL FLESH (Par) D 


7/3 SAILOR'S LADY (20th) ' CD 

6/12 ■ PRIVATE AFFAIRS (U) "■ • CP 


E. Fellowes-D. Peterson 

M. Rooney-L. Stohe-J. Garland' 87 
T. Ritter-L Giiest » 

A. Tamirolf-G. George-W. Henry 82 

J::HershbltrE..Kennedy-P. Lovett 65 

N. Kelly. J. Hall- J. Payis 67 

H, Her bert-N. Kelly-R. Young 75 

G. Brent-V. Brucc-B. Marshall 76 








L. Stone-R. Young-W. G'argan . 

W, Boyd-R. Haydeh-B. Wood 61 

J. Canova-A. Mowbray-R. Donnelly 

R. Sterling- V. GIIniorc- J. Davis 7l 

R. Arlen-A. Devine 

O. de Ilaviland-E. Albert- J. Wyman «1 

C. BPyer-B. Davis . 140. 




7;'3 ■ MARYLANP (20th) . r ■ 




6, 28 UNTAMED (Par) . . 





■ M- 


■ W 

■ C 

:■ c 




: W •. 

■ M 

: .'M.. 



I) . 

■■ Cv.' 

T. Kelly-B. Jordan 

M. M. Jones-J. Moran 

Li Turner-J. Sheltbn-G. Lockhart 

G. Autry-S. Burnette-J. Storey 

G. Rayinprid-W. Barrie. 

W. BrcnnahrF. Bainter-B. Joyce 

J. M. BrownrF. Kniglit-Bi Blakcr 

W. Morris-R. Lane 


P. Singleton- A^ Lake • 

G. Oarson-L. Olivier-M. Bbiand 

East Side Kids 

R. Milland-P. Morison-A. Tamiroff 82 
G. O'Brien- V. Vale 

L. Tracy-L. Hayes-V. Vale \ 63 
: Dead Kids-N. Grey 

B. Ahernc-R. HayworthrG. Ford 

R. Penning- J. Cagiiey-R. Paige 
: P. Lorre-J. .McGuirc-M; Tallichet 

J. Barryjrtioi'c-M. B. Hughes 
• V. McLaglen-A. Nagle 

G: R9ft.A. Shcf idan 

tion.lh the fair arid .C^^^^ ob- 
taining of emplpyment. Tills policy 
applies Whether the unfair discrim- 
ination be directed, dgainst any in-y 
divid.unl or group, or whether it 
takes the f oriii of favorilisin ' be- 
half of any individual or group. 
. 'In reference to . the list of 119 
extra players, the Screen Actors 
Guild had no aiivahce knowlexlge of 
or ihy -part in the preparation , or in 
the alieged deletions, • if anyy from 
this list, nor ill the publication of this 

list. . ••' v;,;-:- ; 

Await Committee Report 

■The Screen .Attbrs Guild b^^^^ is; 
aware of thfe ecpriomic pvoblern .of 
the extra player who is attempting 
to 'earn hi.S^ living in an.overcrbwded- 
fleld. The board- also is aware that 
this problem may , have ;causecl .Cen-- 
;tr ai Casting 'to ■: prepare the list . . - 
telrf ed to in an ieffort:io spte^. wpi:k; 
However. th^ board b^^^^ 
only sound aipproach to the problem 
must dwait the. report . aiid' recbnn- 
mendations ! of the I?r'ofIucer.-C}uird 
Standing Committee, which for rnbl-e 
thaiv one year has- befen making a, 
detailed study ol extra work.! The. 
Standing Coirimittee , report is ex- 
pected; in the near future, and its 
ri»comrii€^ndations will call for aii un- 
derstandirig and cooperative effort 
on the part of air concerned iii the 
mptiph picture industry. ' 

*Ext'i"a players who.s^ fiames •.ap- 
peared on the. list of \ 11.9 have asked 
the .board fpr a, complet.e list of 
extras Who earned more than $700 
through Central Casting during the 
first five months of this year.' . The 
Guild does not maike public figures 
pn. earnings of its -me^biers,' .', ■ 

The fpUowing dbmmittee has beferi, 
appointed to represent the extras: 
Eric Alden; chairnian ; . Ed Mortimer,- 
;vice>:.chairman| Clayton Jones, 
tary.": ' Richard ■ . Bitgopd,' -Russell 
Heuslis, Joe Gilbert,; Capt. FredvC, 
Somers, Clark Mprgan, j Mary Jane 
Hpdge^^Piarry Temple.ton, Fred Rap- 
port;. Ronnie ; Rondell, Mike Lalley. 
The SAG board of directors is rep- 
resented, by Edward Arnold, Russell 
Hicks, Dorothy Tree, .Irving Pichel, 
Ed Stanley. '' : V: ''' V.' 

Central Casting, had directed that 
the 119 extras on- the. list be given 
j obs pnl y W' he n other qua 1 i fied play- 
ers Were iribt available. 

Herbert Soirrell has been . re- . 
elected business representative of the 
Moving .Picture - Painters Local 644^ 
receiving a 3 to 1 rnajpr ity over t.w'o 
opponents. Gene Price . .. r re- 
efected secretary by an- evbh larger, 
injiajority oyer three opponents. Jack 
.WarnPck . Was . selected fpr ; union 
tprosideht/ Lerby Trilling w 
vice-prexy; Fred West, - treasurer; , 
A'dolph CSrsten, trustee; George 
Stout, conductor, arid William Young; 

', Advertising, artists, who walked 
out ."at Universal last Week Avheri 
their demand for $2. an . hour, was 
turned down, agreed to return tP 
work' this; week and negotiate, d^ 
erices .\yith: Pat Casey when pro- 
ducer-la bpr contact returns to Coast 
this 'week, V.': 
William Caslle, business; represen-. 
tative of Studio Gorpenters Local, 
was announced as Democratic candi-- 
date for State Assembly in Aug. 27 

. .Screen Set Designers has submit- 
ted demands to Producers calling for 
a five-day week of 40 hour., and an 
increase ■ their minimunl- ■ wa'ge 
scale from $1.70 to $2.25 ali hour. 
.. A , general membership, meeting 
of Screen Publicists Guild has been 
called for .July 8 to vote on a pro- 
posal to merge With the New- York 
publicists. This will be- the first 
move in a prbgram to extend the 
SPG info a; national organization, 
with: local chapters throughout the' 
country. /The.. itudio flacks alio will 
vote on a.prpposal,;^tp hike their in- 
itiation' fee froni $1 to $100V :{ 
/ : Two Theatres Picketed . 
;Picket ; lirie.r; havei been thrown 
around the Million' Dollar and .Hip-' 
podronie theatres here in an effort 
to' force' the ina'nagenient tp sign con- 
' tracts with American Guild^of Va- 
riety Artists,.. Musicians, Stagehands;' 
Projectionists arid other allied crafts.^ 
.Several, acts were jjulled by AGVA, 
-While Musicians, and others, issued a 
ban against. their . members Working 
ill: the. ■hou.'^es-. -:' Drive ; i.s- being: .di- 
rected by the Amusement . Feder'a- 
tion;- a newly formed alliance of 
.;ianiu.5em.erit uriipn.s. and ailifedvcra^^^ 
•:U'hicH. include • bartdridci-.s Waiters, 

etc. ■■/.■:/]..■ . y'r '■■ ■i 'y- ': . . ■ ' 

Several- riTi;a.)'Gr studio.i are .'cVir- 
. rerilly negotiating with the; Screen 
Office Employes Guild to determine 
whether ■ aii -aiireemont ■ cini be 
reached pn ' an apprppri ale ; ' uiTit of 
clerical, ;-Wiih. the 'idea of a 
cdn.sent /^lection . .to. designa.te. a. bar- 

gaining .representative. .The SOEG 
now has a petition for certiflcatio 
pending before the National Labor 
Relations Board, but thie; .ljoard is 
anxious to work! out a cons.crit eleo-- 
tion and avoid a long heai'ing before 
a trial examiner. • 

J. W. Buzzell, secre ta ry -treasu rer 
of the; Central Labor Council, who is 
backing a drive by the . /Vmerican 
Federation of : Labor to tak . , ' the 
2,006' white-collar wbrkcirs, recently 
charged that organizers 'for the Con- 
gress of Industrial Organizatipris 
were aiding the SOEG. Thi-s was- 
clcnied by the SOEG, which an- 
nounced it intended tp ■ rema in j nd e- 
pe'ndent and had. rib intention; of af-. 
filiating with ■ any national labor 
group.,/ :■■■[■ ■: [,''■ ■■: ■' ••■:-..'- '\;V V-'^- 

. Continued from' page 5^ 

tres. and film exchanges; is. .''aid ■ 1o' 
follbwA clbsely the established rules 
as adriiinistered by the American 
Arbitration Association.. First step 
in such' procedure is that, the iiarties; 
to a contract . shall voluntarily and 
mutually agree iii writing to submit 
a matter to arbitration. Either; in 
the decree as finally written^ or in a: 
s'upplbment, thei proper wbrdirig;;: of . 
a clause, will be cited; . It is. likely to. 
be hia'de a part of every film license 
agreement. ,.;-' ■;.;/ .■. 

f There will be prpvisibiy for , the:, 
discrepancies existing in estiibliiihed 
state . laws governing arbitral ion, to ; 
give uniformity tp the^^fi^^^ 
proccdurie. Gurreiitiy,- the Federal ' 
statute (Which : in 

disputes ' iriyplvinti; ; $3,000 and up- 
ward) and the laws'of 13 stfites pro- 
vide for the enforcement of arbi- 
tratibri decisions by. the. court, The 
state^ included, iii this category nre 
Arizona;, California, . Cpnntcticut, 
L o u i s i a n a, ■ Massachusetts, New. 
Hampshire, New Jersey, NeW York, 
Ohip, Gregbn;. Pennsylyariia; Rhode . 
Island arid WiSCPnsin. Wide :d i ff er- : ; 
ences in procedures, and enforce- 
ment exist in the. 33 other .states. 
; As tp the typei - of disputes W hich . 
•are tp , be settled by arbitration, ■ 
there remairis . eorisiderable ' ' <Hs-. 
pute; among the co"nsent decree con- 
.f ei-ees. The Government attorneys 
are said to argue for liberality, 
whereas some of the defendant ■com- 
panies' counsel are seeking limita- 
tion . within clearly 'defined bounds^ 
The plan at the moriient provides for 
a.natipnaViappeals. board with local 
.bodies in each of . the . exchange 
centers. -'V 
Provisos '■' 
There ■ is agreement that disputes 
between .ifiii independent theatre and 
a chainrowned house. will be handled . 
without regard to the chain: rciatipn- 
ship, npr will any -decision afTecting 
prte xhain theatre become aiitoiriatic- 
ally. applicable against all houses of 
the same chain. The strength and 
most constructive, feature of urbi- 
tration, it has been declared by itg 
proponents, is. that its; administi'*- 
lioii will be. decentralized. 

In the committee which is strug- 
gling with the sales regulations, ;f - 
new : proposal has been under dis- 
cussion during the week. Som« 
distributors have , suggested an el- 
ternative to the five-picture block 
i?J?eme;. by an; optional agreement 
which would permit the. sielling -at 
one time of 10 pictures en bloc, 
giving the exhibitor the Unrestricted 
right tp cancel two pictures. . 

Fifst indication as to the indefmiie 
duration of the negotiation.s came 
last Wednesday (25) when Doyle told 
Judge Gpddard that the; actual 
phrasing of the decree would . re- 
quir e many weeks, even after the 
Government : and defendants agreed 
.on all; points. The court will leave 
for a two months' Vacation in Au- 
gust. The debree is not likely- to b* 
finished iri; draft before October; . 
: •.Assuming that it is wholly^ : 
ceptable to the court,. or that Judge 
Goddard may . i-equest certain ^cle-^ 
tions and alterations, some time will 
be necessary for study of the docu- 
ment.. This Will barry- the iriattet. 
. \vell into • the rla'te autumn, it is 
pointed put, and. some .vvbeks after 
.the - start ; of the 1940-41 exiiibitioiv; 
.season, for which. film' selling already ' 
is underway by. riiajor eoriTpan ics. . 

Best prognosis within the 1 rade is. 
that the full. effect of the decree will 
riot, be in force untirthe start of •Ihe': 
194 M2 .selling period, v 
.. : Actual prganization for . i1s\ nd- 
riiinistration, base.d on . pi-evi()u.s - fU 
forts through the film bbarci.s and 
the 02 NRA boards will Ijktly rfer 
iciuire at least three month;;, de- 
pendant upon the details finally 
worked out. '■ . /V 

Wednesdays July 3^ 1940 


«Adio 2r 


March . 
May • 

Total . 

Ja'nuai^. V. 
f eb'ruary 
March vv. . 



. 2,925.694 


; 3.330,027 • 



: l;l2i;495: 




.J^20,457,372 $16,952,973 $15,582,554 $14,803,256 


March V . . 
April . , . 

May ■■; • 
June V.;v; 

: Total . 

January i 
March . 
April ' , . . 

' May 

' June . . . 





$315,078 . 
; 228,186 

1938 ; 

$269;894 . 

. 1937 


$2,031*325 $1,624,235 $1,342,179 $l,164,6l6 


■ 1940 



:■ 3.297.992 

■ ■2,759,917 

•' *19S8 ■ 

; •1937 

2.261,344 : 

. .$19,326,846 $ 18,010.4 16 $ 15*514,628! $13,954,61 1 




1939 ■ 
815,585 : 

- n938 
; 990,930 



.. .. $5,233,030 $4,588,520 $5,509,044. $5,993,169 

♦DifTeren t system for allocating billings to the red and blue networks 
prevailed these years. ■■■ ] ' •.• 

Toll, taken ijri commercial program 
cancellations by the Republican con- 
vention was reflected more ; . the 
billings of CBS for June than they 
were in the ease of NBC. CBS agaiii 
registered a new monthly high with 
total billings of $3,642,100. NBC's 
Increase over June '39 figured. 7,7%, 

Columbiia did $3,i44,213, which is 
9.9% above last June's level, CBS's 
margins Over 1939 have been running 
between 24% and 35%. On the half 
year the web is 20.7% ahead. 

Of the NBC total for last month 
$2,919,405 wa.<{ credited to the red 
link and $722,695 to the blue nelr 
wbrlt. For the red it's a -tiit of 5.8% 
over the like month of last year, 
while the blue jumped 16.1%. 

Mutual's gross lor . this June was 
$299,478, or 31 .2% better than it was 
for June '39, On the first six months 
of the year Mutual is 25% to the 


Young & Rub (cam ' Sets Him : As 
Radio-iECesearcli LiMsoA; ^^ ; 

Joe Holmes has been taken off spot 
time buying at Youtig & Rublcam 
and given, the . newly created assign-, 
ment of contact between the radio 
and research departments. For the 
first time, there will be somebody 
with . the ro-^arch setup, directly who 
knows, the problems of the radio de- 
partment and whose practical field 
experience .will 'be of service in de- 
veloping . more of the sovi of informa- 
tion that, the . radio ■.. depa 
needs. ' 

As a result of the Holmes transfer 
Tom Larie has been taken out of pub- 
licity and put in the station relations 
department. . Frank Coulter, who 
comes from N. W. Ayer, is also an 
addition to that department. 

j. .' Liggett . .. & ^Myers, : . makers of 
i Chesterfield .cigarets, is.: auditioning 
..•for another program., through the 
■ Newell-Emmett agency. George Oge.l 

is doing the listening. : . 
j ; . Account : has the Glenn Miller 

series: on CBS and Fred Waring on 
! the NBC-red. 

ill Web's. History 
This Situation Has Pre^ 
vailed So Early in Summer 
-^Sellout Is liiclusiye df 
$atur day Night 

NEW 10:30 PUSH 

V For the first time in the history of 
NBC the red networlt's evening 
schedule from 8 to 10:30 was sold, out 
completely for the fall by July 1. 
That's for every night in the week, 
includihg. Saturday. Red's sales itaff 
now has a drive on, to sell the re- 
rtiaining 10:30 to 11 periods and tliree 
7; 30-8 segments, namely, "Tuesday, 

Wednesday and' Friday. ; ■ 
; Follbvying . .is the . red network's 
evening schedule for the fall: : 

■ 8:00- 8:30— chase & Sanborn (Ed- 
, gar Bergen). : 
: 8:30-= 9:00— 'One Man's Family.' 
9:00- 9:30— 'Manhattan Merry^Go- 

: Rbund.' ■ 
9:30-10:00— 'American Album.' 
- 10:00- l6:30--General Electric (Phil 
Spitalriy). ' ' ^ ^ 


8:00- 8:30— Bell Telephone. 

8:30- 9:00— 'Voice of. Firestone.' 

9:00- 9:30— Mars 'Doctor I. Q.' . 
- 9:30rlQ:00-^Brown &^ Williamson. 
iO:00-lO:30---'Ciarnatibh.' . 


'■ ,8:00- 8i30--Phiiip Morris. 

8:30- 9:00— Turns (Horace HeLdt's 

'Treasure Chest'). 
9:00- 9:30- Molle 'Battle of the 

9:30-10:00— 'Fibber McGee & 

Moiiy;' . :^: 

10:00rl0:30— Pepsodent (Bob Hope). 

. 8:00- 8:30— Woodbury (Hdllywood 
8:30- 9:00— Brown & Williamson 

(Plantation Party). 
9:00- 9:30— Ipana and Sal Hepatica 

(Eddie Cantor). 
9:30-10:00— Vitalis ('Mr. District 

, Attorney'). 
10:00-11:00- Lucky Strike (Kay 
Kyser). ; ■ • 
; 8:00- 8:30— Maxwell House ('Good: 
News'). • • ■ 
8:30-. 9:00— Jello Pudding CAI- 

drich Family'), 
9:00-10:00— Kraft (Bing Crosby). 
10:00-10:30- Sealtest (Rudy Vallee). 

■■■■ FRIDAY , 
8:00- 9:00-T^Cities Service. ■ 
9:00- 9:30— 'Waltz,. Time;' 
9:30-10:00— P&G Oxydol — (Start 


10:00-10:30—0 1 d G o I d (D o n 
: 8:00- 8:30— P&g; Drene, " • 
8:30- 9:00— Ivory ('.Truth 6r Con- 
sequences'). ". ■' 
• 9:00-10:00— Miles (Barn Dance). 
ld:Q(j-lO:30— Caniels CUncle Ezra'). 


It Isn't Jazzed 

Midyear Bohus 

e. Cleveland, July .2. 
. Employees of WGAR, Cljeve- 
land, and WJR, Detroit, have 
been given; midyear bonus of 
5% by George A. (Dick) Rich- 
ards, head of the two stations. 

Richards is also president of : 
KMPC, Beverly Hills. . . 

NBC's blue network sales promo- 
tion, staff is Working on a revised 
setup of volume and frequency dis- 
counts for the Pacific blue so that it 
will be competitively, priced \yith 
other local regionals; - particularly 
the Don Lee Network. . There is also 
a possibility of separate sales offices 
being opened for the blue in Chicago 
and in either Los Angeles or Sah 
Francisco; . ' 

Pacific: blue is i-gain mjaking a 
strong pitch to wean away the 'Jack 
Armstrong' series from Don Lee, 
starting with (;he fall.. / . .- - ",. 


:;, St. Louis, July 2. 

Ray V. • Hamilton, ; manager' of 
KXOK radio property . of the : St. 
Lpuis Star-iTinies, resigned, Saturday 
(29), to accept a similar post with 
the West Publishers of Houston, Tex. 
The West Co. has to- application 
pendingt with FCC for the purchase 
of a Texas station and is arranging 
for the bpeiration of three more with- 
in a yeah ■ ■ " ' 

Hamilton ck me to KXOK. in 1934 
and was instrumental in obtaining a 
permit thait Enabled the newspaper 
to enter the radio field.. He also ef- 
fected a tieup whereby KFRU, Co- 
lumbia, IVIp., became ai sister station', 
and also assisted in establishing the 
ultra high frequfehcy station, W9XOK, 
in the Continental ; Life bldg. here^ 
which is fed prograrns froin KXOK. 
It was Ham il ton who led the three- 
year fight for the newspaper 'owners 
that resulted recently in FCC grant- 
ing KXOK an increase to 5,000 watts 
on 630 kc. No successor has been 
named for the; vacant post. 


Forth Worth, July.2. 
Delta Airlines is using spot blurbs 
with WBAP-KGKO. 
. Airlines v. p;. is Leigh Parker, a 
former broadcaster once associated 
with .WJDX; Jackson, Miss. ' ; , . ■ . 


Bob Hawk, m.C., wHl be heard on 
two different progranis the samb ever 
hing. irt the ;NeW Ybrk^ j 
this Sunday (7). Besides his regular .;. 
Stand on 'Take It or. Leave It'- {^BS- ■ 

WABG) for Eversharp at 10-10 :. 10 V 
p.m. he will have the 'Name Three' 
Quiz which. Duhhill -cigaret has slid- I. 
dehly decided to- revive and run in > 
the 7-7:30 spot on WEAF, N. Y,,- only '• 
, lor : 13 weeks. Latter period will < 
again become Jack Benny's Oct. 6. I 
.. Hawk last week sighatui'ed a non- li 
cancellable eicterisidh of his contract \ 
with Eversharp until Dec 15, 1940.-t 
Both programs, are <»ut of the: Miltbii 
agency. . ^ • ' 

Repub'iicah , convention ^in Phila- 
delphia proved tiie toughest sock 
that the NBG and ■ Columbia ■ : ex- 
chequers have fever had to take', from 
a like event, ; Considering Ihe loss 
o.E : ti|Tie. revenue, rebates , for talent 
lib t used a nd ac tuil expenses . on the 
'sppt, ill. Philadelphia, the ' cost of 

covering the Republican show to 
NBC, CBS and ■■ Mutual .is expected;. 
when all the bills are in.and all the 
dcduction.s made, to .come. tb ibe-^ 
tweeri $275,000 and $285,00.0. And 
that- doesn't take in television, which' 
NBC-R.CA figures as $15,000 Otit 'of 
pocket for enijineering and other 

charges. Bell Laboratories waived' 
the billings, for the co-axial cable, 
. which; considering the 40;hours that- 
NBC television ha.d the convention 
6a . the air. could b.therw.use' ihaVe 
meant,, at least, an .additiphal $1S,06^ 
,'. Expenditures for commentiitors. 
■ehgineersi igeneral staff, ' etc;, were 
around $12,000 for NBC, $1.0,000 for 
CBS .' and $6,000 for Mutual. NBC 
estimates that it lost around $65,000 
ih. cancelled commercial time and 
out another $55,000 in the. way of 
reimbursment of commercial talent. 
NBC got its hardest- rap "Thursday 
night on the red link when it 
•■ had to eliminate half . of:' T Love a 
! Mystery'' (Flelschmann )', ' and . ' the 

'Good iVews/ Rudy Vallee and Bing 
(Crosby ;, a' matter of two houi's 
and a qua Its commercial sched- 
ules Were also clipped Tuesday night. 
:. Columbia's writeoff for time was: 
$90,000, while the reimbursements ;to 
commercial . talent • amounted to 
around $.35,000, v/ith the bulk of this 
going., to Major Rowes, The Thurs- 
day night losses- in .additibn:. to 
(Chrysler was . the .Glen n •' ' . Miller. 
- (Chesterfield) program and some rcr. 
broadcasts for the west. Besides the 
dropping of a ,row of contlmiercials 
Monday and Tuesday night, CBS got 
caught Monday matinee When Rep- 
resentative joe Martin unloaded the 
vkeynbte-'^dresa. •• ■ ' . ' ' 

: New Albany, Ind. 
Editor, VARiBTy: 

We note the ASCAP restricted list 
dated Jiine 20 puts on the shelf the : 
song 'I Am an American/, words and 
music by Marie T, Laing, published 
by Famous Music. ; 

Can it be that ASCAP is using its 
contract for subversive purposes and 
putting any song with a patriotia 
theme on the shelf ? : ; >,' / 

• 5?.' A. C\&XiT, 
General Manager. 
Station WGRC. 

.: ASC AP'g Explanation . 
John G. Paine, ASCAP chairman; 
stated that he received a similar let- , 
ter .from Steve Cisler-and. overlook-- 
ing the 'subversive'- point as. sar- 
casm, he haid in . an answering letter 
explained why ASC AP put 'I Am 
an American* bn the restricted list. 
Paine said that he wrote that the So- 
ciety regretted the .necessity for re- 
stRicting the liumber but it had been 
.ac<ced; by .Farnoiis .Music; sales a 
for the time, because of the- tendency 
among most orchestras to play such 
music in- jazz tempo and that the 
only Way the publisher and com- 
poser had for protecting against this 
abuse -was to put a condition .on the 
way it must be performed. In other . 
words, in the same form that. it. -was 
written ' and published. \ ASCAP, 
added Paine, will freely grant spe- 
cial permission for this number to 
any licensee asking, for it so long 
as this condition is agreed to. - 

Paine pointed out that 'God Bless 
Antierica' was not originally on the; 
Society's restricted list but was or- 
dered put there by Irving Berlin, 
Inc., after it had found that bands 
were j azzing it up. 

; Myron Kirk has . resig^ied from. 
Sherman K.. Ellis, Inc., effective July 
31. He joined the agency 14 months 
ago and has worked mostly : o.n new 
business, ' ; ■. 

. Kirk's previous; agency connection 
was Ruthrauff ' & Ryan as head .of 
the radio department. 

Witmer^ Kobak Visit Cues 
Red and Blue Salesmen 

Chicago, .July 2, 
Following confabs with Roy Wit- 
mer and Ed Kbbak who were in 
town last week, Sidney Strbtz, v. p. 
and general manager of the NBC 
Central Division, rearranged the 
sales set-up here to put Harry Kopf 
in as Central Division Sales Man- 
ager for the NBC-Red web and Paul 
McCluer as chief of the NBC-Blue 
Web sales in the central section. 
, James Neale becomes sales traffic 
head of the NBC-red here, with, thei 
sales staff cphsistirig of William Wed- 
dell, F. R. Boroff, E. M. Hoge and 
J. D. Galbraith. For the NBC-blue, 
the ;-sales traffic ' man will be; Floyd 
yanEtten' with, the .staff, composed 
bf Mei'iiitt Schbenfeld,' John McCqr- ■ 
mick and E. K. Hartcnbbwer. the 
last named shifting oyer from NBC. ' 
local sales staff here. :: 
• Strotz . indicates that there . will be- 
considerable, additions , to the sales 
personnel in this division, : ■ 

Set-up of separate, sales forces for 
NBC red and; blue in Chicago cOn» 
forms with similar set-ufis, -in NBC '; 
east arid west divisions and estab- 
lishes separate sales groups for red 
and blue .from . coast 'to coast. . . 

Lcith Stevens band renewed for 
the fall for :'Bi(j. Town' scries. Cur- 
rently doing -the ifprd summer show. 



Wbancsday, July 3; 1940 

ELECTS '40-41 

( Efforts of /.the . ^Anf^^ ; 
j-ion of Radio Artists tp negotiate a j 
. bontract .. \yilh . . the /.'transcription ! 
makers, netw.drks.ahd .agencies/ 
apparently been;, stymied. ..NurnbeV j 
.of confabs have ^been held witlv' the 
llranscribers' com,mittee, but. the two 


- ^. ^-ChitagOj-Juiy ^.^ . 
> Ad ve'rtisiiig Federiition of Ainerica, 
ill its 36tlr/ai)riual convention here 
rj'iasl \ve;el^/. elected ps i^ 
; dent Eloh " ; G. Borton,. advertising. 
I chief, for the .LriSalle^ Extensipri Uni- 
versity. F^aiilGa^^ public reia- 
tion s '. v.p.-ot General ; M^otbrsj- was sen t 
in •as.^ehairnVah .pf. the board; with 
May O. Gander Pyl elected siecretary,- 
aiid Janies .Welch .a.s tteaij.ure^^^^^ 

■Oi\ the vice-prcsLdeht list ;a're. Ray 
iviax.well,' Al|aiV/T^ Allen Rein-: . 
vhardt. arid. .Aubyh .dhinn. .. b 
include Merrill 

. Commei' brpadcastirig has; become » major indiistry but there's a . 

siatipn of hjgh;wattage doW'ii: . south •lhat.still; m^kes a policy of shying 

away, from the practice , of ' building tip mike personailities. 'If you . 

build 'eiti up, you' have to pay .'em iiipre,* argues .the. slatipn's manage- . 
"ment.-- - ; ■ V 

■ Qutsiders haVei: pointed, bvit to this . manftgerhent . th^ been com-/ 

mpnly proved -that Ibcal.Matipn personaUties are a/big-asset when' it 

comes tp sielling spbt time; but the stj»tibn op6j:atpr'^ 
••':back 'is,. 'Yes, biit l'd 3tiil:haVe/tp. i 

aranscrioers commmee, oui. ine iwo,| . ^i^'ihattah , (S.w.eeth^^^ Soap. Co. .^vieigs, uerpert. i).isK, 

Sgroups are now understood, tp. be phas decided to; retLirh. to spdt broad-; A|leiVPreyer, .f)or6thy .G.i'^ 
•completely :stalemaied; . More- meet- [/casting and iVs- Ibokirig'.arpurid^ for^^^O arid John K.-bttley,' v 

^completely .staVemated// More meet- {/casting „ .„ 

lings, may be-h^d. but iic^ agreemeiit.^ pp,;.^^^,^-^ 
•Jis anticipated, for several- weeks, .at !....,,. . . . . .. ■ ■ . 

%f minimum.'^ •■ - O.^ . ' ^ i ^^^^^^^^l^^^'V l^ '- 

' Union is meanwhile readying for | Prodiicts last net\vp;:k connection 

networks on- Its - '^'^'^^ ^^^ P^''?"''^*^''^^^ 


..'a tussle with th^ 

. Jsustaining oontFact; / Which ,: expires /^095ey^lt .Pri■.^^ 
■ JAug./12. "All. AFRA m€m:be^^ ' ••■ ■ ■/ •. 

•been instructed ;riot' to /sign any ... 
.»more management . eontracts /with i 
: Inetvvork arlist.bureaus, ..nbr to agree 
■/to extensions Of any/deals ^now in 
: '.effect. That .. is ' aimei^-aS:, the/bpen.^-^^' 
' move in th&:. AFRA /drive 'to; li-. I 

16 Mm* Films for Tele 

cense and regulate*^ aU agents. , Al.«o 

'/.■; '. . /' . Holly wbod^ July. 2!.- - 
Tdevjsio'n. Film Goi;p^^ 

.In general, the theme of the "con- 
ve.ntibn w;).. ■■ 'Ad vertisihgj, .and; the 
Anie.ric.o^n ' Wgy, bif Life.' ari.d nearly 
.all. Of . .the vavioiis. speakers brought' 
the currehi \yo.vld: woes.into..the.i.r ad-, 
f!re.<!ses. . .AFA passed . a rcpolutlon of r 
f ering, itis aid tqwatd.*! the defense of 
America,: and /pbinted put. the f actpr 
of - jidvertisirig / a: social .and' eco- 
nb'mic fprce ■iii, 'establiEhing. . -. free: 
people/ /''. '-/^ ■/ /, ,•', .. 

Art Linklettef Gains ^V^igrHt qii Ihtredifele, treadmiljl 

.,-■;;•■'./■;■, .-of piverise/Ra^iq, Aclivitie^: /;/;v/;\' V: '/ 

.;seen as. the -fiVst -maneiivir tp: eliW-v*^^'^-^- ^ ^"^^ 
. jiate the commissions -pri 'miriimum /foi:..DojV liee's W Dan. Milner 

/I sustaining coritracts, ; Which' NBC ' is prpdncinR in .stgridard widtli, b.e- 

■ !:succeeded in levyirig after an arbi-'l iri.g reduced half for. visip tvahs- 
•■.;trated dl.«!pute over intefpifetatioii. pfj^ 
'(the existing code, '.^^' ■ ,•■■'■ /. ' ■'.■■{ 
■| AFRA. is 'stiil neigotiatihg.'lfpr ,4 

■ j nouncer contracts ; $t^ W.QXR and . and 'Jeanne -Eyon 
.;jWHN,. New ■ York.;'h9vihg'.app^^^ 
..fheen stirnulated ih this direction by 
illhe. recent deal signed. l5y "^py. and 
Tthe American .Gommuriicatipris. 
■A Assn. Sug-gestipn. advanced 'in' ..some ' 
: I union circles wbiild; be .for- AFRA 

j'and AGA to cooperate .ih dealing 
i i"with the small statipns' thrbughbut"; 
',j the country. Figured!, likely that the J 
l^j.two could reach an 'agreement, giv- : 
(t ing, AFRA . jiirisdictiori over per- - 
■i{ formers and .AGA. the representatipn | . '.^RelS^ 
.' ; over techniciftns , and ail :^ other em^^-^^^^^ - •. 

ployees., ■ Each could 'thus bblster.j-. ''. '. / , ■'-■.-' ; -' '..■.'■• .• 

the other's organizing: efforts; ./Sev- Jdea^ Gliib. . . /Madeline -Gray:. 


Cruniit- Sanderson 

Sub for Phil Coolc On wAnC 

Ssin Frandscp, July 2. 
.The radip treadmill of .. too "niahy ; 

; /ilRSf 'RADIp m 10 YiA^^^; 

.//.; /;0'aklan;d./Gai;;':Juiy:.2' . _ 
..Gal.doW ; Paint .Co. lias / assumed ! 
.sponsor.shjp' Pf" KROW^er -of j 
: the: Aii^;.:/iTpbn;/Shot^'MiW-F../ '..First; 
J tinVe, ftrnl has usbd radio in 
. .Featured, iri the/bricfies .are- Wingy !■.' A^^ ' brbadcast,. KGO's 

Mahrrione/ Cliff Nazarrov Ann- Lee. i .Wpiiid on ^Parade, gp.cs 'to. Pipgrcs-.| 

a series 
in'g Almanac . 

that Phil C<, on vacation, start 
ing Monday (I X They ' 'are Frank 
Crimiit, arid Julia /S.andorsp 
Hp.vvard and Gcprge - .Shcitori, iTrvihg 
Kaufman and Uiicle Jonathan lOrlh 

HowardlShelton \ f^^ "fM." ^*u wreck ^perforniers. 

— '. At lea.«;t tlvat.s the to be drawn 

..Vrpm the' dxberierices,-' of Art Link- 
I letter/ local 27-year-old on^ 

BG. N. Y., has arranged, tp have^.^jj^-; enterpriser, w^^^ has built -his' 
cs of pirichh.ittcrs fpr.the Mon'i- < -^^.p^kly take to- ail average : of $700 
Llmanac durijlg the four weeks ; f^, the basis of a 16-18-hour daj"— 

and is grovying fat on the job. 

He. is how author a iid assistant 
producer . of the $325,000 . 'Cayarciade 
of. a JJatibn' at the Sari Francisco 
_ Exppi : for : Which, hb .. writes special 
:i prblogues:/6ri /every ; pccasibn. ... Be 

sive Optical isystcni. /.. '-■ 

They will -each dp a. .week ;and.j;prp.duces arid.emcees.;a^^ 

M.^.'. r^*.-.. ..>««'a'jk'4-. ..■■'>v A-V-'... i<innj>] '.D/\>Vt«V U7'«Wa . '^Z Tn^A'«i«'*«n«>s . . '.nl. . & . \ ■' 

come back for a repeat; week's stand 

Title ; 

'Adventures iri 





. 1 tne oiner s orgamzmg efforts;.. Be v- -. ^ ^ucr^uiy. , , 
/ era! AGA bflicialsi have tentatively Choose Up Sides . - 
.t\ approved 'the 'idea,' but AFRA execs ' , ;. . .' / ■■' 

__.-.-.-„, .. _ 

' are understood to shun such a deal . 'Flow Gently Sweet 
" ■ Rhythm' 

;.l on the ground "that AGA is ari ' a.f-. 
filiate of CIO and therefore taboo for 
the AFL-afliiiate AFRA; 

. /'/. .Drpma, Educational; . July fr. 
{Moving "frhm .--Mphdai// /^•^2;^ p.iiiS 
■■, . '. . . Juvenile , . . . . ; . ./..^ Started-. ; ; 

; . ..■Quit/:/;'/; ... . ;;'.;.Jlily ..S'.','/ 

(MoiiiiQ from ■ Sunda y', 5^5 : 30. . p.jn.). 

'■ ■■ Time of Broadcast 
.Moriday,- 10:30-11' p.- m 

. ."Satfirday. 10 • 30^11 a.?in . 
v.Ffiday, 8:30-8:55:p. m..,. 



; 'Forecast'. . ; ... /.../. 
; "Fun with the.. ! 

Revuers*' -. .'■.■ .v. 
. 'Human Adventure* 

/.'Human Nature in. 
Action/ .. . .'.■.';-. . 

; Kii"by-. Orch/ Max-.. / ' / ; 
■ ine Sullivan/. .•.. ;./Miisic.- 
; Guest Names. .... ; . ; Drama 

. Siamie 

..>... Variety . , . . , . . 
,.i ..: . Draina/-. /, /. .', ;■' 

(Moved frovi SatMrday,. 

./ Started. 
./July 15. 

. . Started/ 
V: Started . 

. Sunday, 5:30-6 p; m', . 
. Monday, 9-10 p. .in . . . 

.Tuesday, 9:30-10 p. m . ; 
■.-Saturday, .8:30-9 p. m . 



; .NBC Red 
, . . .GBS 

. !'; . . /: CBS 

i NBC Blue 
••. • i .CBS 

.Harold Las well . 

. Drama 

1} Gabriel Heatter has been ordered 
Sj by his doctor to take a rest. s6 he'll | '' Over - 
I- drop off his ' nightly pfogi'anris " for';' 'Ame^^^^ 

/'Youth Tells Its 

'Strictly . jB;.isihes.'5*'. .. , Peggy Gonklin.- 

(Moved from Friday, 10:30-10:45 p.m.) 

. Started . . . , .Suiiday,' l6:3040:45: p. m, /;NBC Red. 

Sj at least t-wP. weeks,' beginning Siin- - 

K day <7).'6ws' wili':-ccin* lu' .^1°^^* ''•^^•'^■•■•''•v>';^'?y®?*? 

I :'Listeners Playhouse'. Vdries 
■ 'This Our Arn.eriea'. . Varies 

Shirley Booth . , 
Guests /....I;; v.^' 


tinue. but with stand-in talent un 
til Hea tier's returii. Intention is to 
be back in two weeks, or/if ihe stays 
away longer, to remote from what- 
ever hideout he's vising, / Intention 
is to use at least, part of . the tWo 
weeks for a motor trip: to Maine.; . ' 

Commentator has - se'veri . ;bi:oad- 
ca-'iLs a week for four different spbnr 
,sor.<:. Kreml, Liberty ; mag," MnutulS 
candy and Modern Industrial bank. 

.'World Is Yours' 
'Rocky Gordon'. 

'Linda Dale'. ,.. 
Radio Guild. , . . 

'Invitation to 
Learning' . ,.. , 

; Varies 
. Varies • 

. . Varies 
. . Varies 

. . Coriiedy-Drams: : 
, .-. Aviat ipn Drama ; 

. ,/.Draina\:'.;^ ./!.'./ .\ 
Drama' . . . .. . . 

.'. .Drama .' ,■, . /. 

...Drama .'. 

Drama ■ / /. . ; .J; 

.... Drama- 

..... Drama . . . ; . . . 


■.Started. . 

. . Started . , 
. . Started. 
. : July 3 .. 
; : Started., 
. . Started. . 

.. Started. . 
. ; Started ; 

.; .Frlday,^ 8-8:3.t> p.: m^;^, 
. /Sunday, 12:3(1-1' p^m. 

. vNBG Blue 
. . . NBG Red 

(Moved froin Saturday, S: 30-9 p.m.) 

,., Monday, '7:15-7:30 p, m. :. . NBC Blue 
. . Satui-day,. 8:30-9 p; m . . ^ . . .NBC Red 
. .WednjBsday. 8-8:30 p. m. , . iNBC.Blue 
. . Sunday, 4:'30r5 p. in..; .. . . , . NBC Red 

...Monday-Friday,- 5-5; 15 p. in. (rer ; 
peat at &). .;. . . . .../., . . .jvjBC Blue 

. -MPn.'rFri., llrllilS a. rii. ... .NBC-Blue 

. Saturday, 8-8:30 . p. ip . . . ■. . .NBC Blue 

'So You. Think You 
. Know Music- . . 

. -■ ■ '- / ■ .' 

'SiiVging Bee' . . . 
'Man About Holly- 
. wood' ... 

. ... Stringfellow. Barr, .. / -■ 

Guests .........'..... . Educational . ... . Started . 

Howard Chamberlain 
Joins Ex-Aides at WLW ; 

Cincinnati, .July. 2. :.| 

Howard Chamberlain, program. / .} 
P'-oduction manager of KLZ/ Denr : | 
ver. for the pnst three years, joined ' \ 
WLW Moiiday (1) as assistant 1o ' 
George G. Biggar, program director, i 
Present members of the Crosley 
stcfJ, who were intrpdticed. to. radio .i 
by Chamberlain: on KLZ, are Eliz'ar : 
beth Bemis, news commiSntatori-Patil : 
Arnold-, baritone, and Lucille Nor- 
man, contralto. 

Also ncvv Oh the Crosley' staiff . are I ^ 
Four of 'a Kind. -Negi^b -vocal c.omfcK) ■ •■/' ' 
from Savannah, Ga. / They are 'Musicai Revue'. . . . . 
James and Eddie- Sapp, Adam Jack- ! ' ' ': ■ ■■" 
5on and Herbert Houston and were ' -Hour of Smiles'. . 
heard on small eastern stations of | 'Quiz jtids' ' 
late. -Quartet warbles hot tiineis- and']- ' - ' - -.'":"'*''.' ' ' ".' 
spirituals on WLW's Aft<ernbon Fbl- j -.^^ - . . '',. •.- - ' / - ./. . 
.Jies, thrice-wcckly show conducted ■ Musical. Americana 
■by Jimmy Leonard, . ..:.•.../.-- 

■ Ted Cbtt; Guests. ; .'. Quiz . ■ . . . .,., /. ; , Started.;: 
(Mored from Sundiiy, 2:35-3 p.ui.) 
. Welcome: Lewis: .. . ./. iQiiiz \ . ..^ .;../',..; July 6. /; 

George McCall-. . . . . . Film Digest. 


/ Sunday, i-4:30;- p.; m. .. : , 
• Mondiay, 8-8:30 p. m . , ; .', 

. .Saturdayi 10 :30-ll a, m. 
.Friday, 8r8:30 p. rii,., , . ! . 

. .CBS 

, CBS 


Title . 

'. 'S'u ni me r Pas t-i i.n e' . 

Talent ' 

.Tommy Dorsey .': 


.NBC: Red 

: NBC Red 

.NBC Red 
, NBG Red 

: .NBC Red 

(Following shows and schedule change already reported in previous issues of Variety are 

' here repeated in convenient form) / 


■ Type Date ' Time - 

Music. ... started , . ... .Tuesday, 10-10:30 p. ni , 

acijia Bob/Hop^, for Pepsodent)' : ■ 

. Meredith -WiUson .'. ..., Music /v/.,;-; Z.;,' .... ... Started. . . . .Tue.sday,-9:30-i0 p. hi 

- (Rcplactiig Ttb.bcr .Mdgee and MolJi;,' /or Johnson's floor ioax) -/. 
. A^bot^:^nd Costello^vCpmedy %., .. .'. v ,;v::Tpnight.:. ■■. .Wednesday. 9-9:3() p. m 
' varies; . . . . Juvenile ,'; ...v.: /. v. /Started. .../^Friday, 10:80^11 p.- m 

. (.Replacing Alec Templeton, for Alka-Seltzer) , '";■'" 

>«>r J . ■ ^-Raymond Paige. . . : Music/. •:. . /. ;-./.-.:. ; . Started^-; . ..Tuesday. 9-9:30 d m • • nrp 


Uncle Jim S Ques- ' • .; - .-. . ' .-:-;"■ .-•-;. - .: ■ .■ , -'...■ ■-- . ■ - - '^ 

tipn Bee'.;,...;, W,. . ;;..//. :;X}uii,^V^ 

:.■./,;...,. (RcptaeJn(/-fBiff:Toti;,i' «!.(/ i)ipvinp7romTi(esdav, 8-8:30 p.m., for Rinso) ' 
-" '■/.• v \ '-'.:.■.'';■■ '■■ :' Leith Stevens. Jes- -'- .■/./.'...' ,- r ' -;,/:'' ' -./';" -.'. 

...... . . .. . '.' .'';' - /sica Dragonette, . .-. . / ./-./; '^ ". '.:, '-'-''^-^ '"',■-./ V.--/-' '/-'/.-.- 

Scfiwimmer & Scott, agency lie re for •.■_':;, • / / James Newijl, -. / .'v. .•.■:' ■.•^'.O.' .-;'../--- .:..'-- '•/-' 

the big Ideal Evans Fur account j;, : Ford Summer Hour'. • Budd Hulick. ... ../Music; V/,. .Started/.;. .Sunday 9-10 p m • ' - • ri^c 

for a 52.week senes of mus^ ■ . ■ ., - , . - ; (Replacing regular ^^ord\S;w,,da.i/ -Hoitr, in:i-fl7,ie spot, /or Ford) ^/^^ y • "; /•> /-/^^S 

programs on . WMAQ,.; the NBG redl;,^- ' -. v /. ■. .. ; Sigmund Spaeth,' . '.' ' . ■ - ' ^' • ' ' • / ' ..iV ' :,--': 

station, beginnrngnext Monday: (8 >. , Fun in P/'.nf. . . .... . Guests ' -Quiz '.- / c'* A : ' e j- ^ v/.., " 

Win be a. l$.mimite. session lion--; ; . .-:'--/ '-^ ■ ^ (^at^a'iil^e^ ''^ 
day through Saturday at- 8:45 -a.m-. ! . ..- : . - ' . . ', • '"epiacnffif i'lJter Theatre, ni same spot, for hjteruqtional Slither) ./. : ,: - 

■with Norman' Rosis on the mike, j - • ' . - '■ ' ■ ''■'.' '■' ''-■■■'- . -. -■^':-;;'.;- - . '/':.■, '../; - -.■■; '-.■■■' / - ; ;'"// ^.".'-./o .,.;• / ■/■,/'•'--.•: '/- 
Agency has, also set deal ior a Sun- 
day 15-niiiiute shot on , the ^ same 
slatioi) for Norman RoSs for Evans 
.,' J'u'r itar(in.g July, 11 , . 

■Rbma .Wirie (interview , show) over 
38 Mutual statibns. Also handles a 
I daiice flobr quiz, 'Who's Dancing To- 
j .iiight 'frbm the StV .Francis hotel for ' 
I a ■ jewelry . account . and "Treasure 
jTime,' ; a half-lVour network variety 
j show, from thb. Fair. Then' there's 
his eoPk-bpolc qiiiz for a sausage. 
Iniaker oh . the Northern California 
■ network. He haridles most of the 
special events at. the Fair, does a 
night-club, skit, -A Day at ..the Radio,' 
makes: an average of' fpur talks per. 
.week before clubs and ; sandwiches 
miscellaneous conventions, - night' 
cliib and: other m.c., aiid writing 
dates in between, ; 

He gets in at Ibast two hours of 
championship speed handball; three 
limes a week, .. Therein lies the se- 
cret of his staying power. Linkletter 
neither drinks : nor smokes, allows 
nothing interfere with; his hand- 
ball and, most important .he belieVes, 
never misses his full quota of sleep. 
. Often pounds out scripts until 2 a.rh. 
but tops off with bed -for; full eight 
hours of ear-pbunding, ^nd. seldom 
night clubs 6xcept .on assignment. ; 

Odd sidelite is that -he started out 
to become ah executive but .switched 
to free lancing after glimpsing exec 
paychecks, which aren't so forte on 
the. Qoast. Seven years ago he was 
doing college : broadcasts in Sah. 
Diego, building himself to program 
manager of KGB there* Which won 
him/ assignment ias :radio director of 
the Sari Diego Exposition. From 
there he went to Dallas to handle 
ra:dio and then shifted to San Fran- 
cisco for the first expo here. For 
two years prior to its opening, he 
wrote,." directed and m.c!'d' every : 
show, promoting the fair, averaging 
17 to 25. a Week. . He laid out the 
radio system— and then when the 
fair opened, startled everyone by 
i-esighing. Each one of his five main . 
free-lance shows now pays hihi 'as 
much as or nVore than his single 
salary as Expo radio director, which 
he enjoys more than the titles going 
with. an executive;spot. ; ; 

liinyettbr ; nriaintains mobility by 
doing all his own research and writ- 
mg. and . hires m assistants .^ave a 
lecture manager.; He has paused to 
twice become a father. 

Evans Fur's WMAQ beal 

;Chicrago, July . 2. 
radio deal made - by the. 

Anton leader Pirecting 
'Society Girl^ for White 

.; Antph Leader,;f ormerly prod uction 
manager at WMCA/. New: York, has 
.joined the ;staff cff Roger White Pro- 
ductions as program directbr^ First 
assignment is, to; direct 'Sbci 
White-produced -dapime serial ■ for 
Corn Products, pver CBS. He'll also 
handle a nevr weekly 3G-minute se^ ^ 
lies planned by White fpr the fall. 
, . Ted Cptt; vvho formerly; diriected: 
■ Society .Girl,' is rib longer connected 
with the White office, but retains 
his 'So Ypu Think; You Know Mu.sic' 
on CBS in associatibii with White. 


■ General Foods- started this Week td 
sponsor the, Elmer. -Davis; news sum- 
.mavjes over. CBS at 8:55-9 p.m. MPh* 
:cllays, : Wednesdays and ; Thursdays^ 
Tuesday and Friday shots are now 
bankrolled by Gillette razor, with 
the Sunday edition, .sustaining. Gil- 

le.tte formerly -had the: Friday and 

Sunday shows, ^ 

; Maxon is .the agehpy fpr GHU't^ 

Wedhesilay; July 3, 1940 



American Tobacco. Co. lias post- 
iibued ekpirisipni of its Lucky Strike 
Ganipaign until it fln^s out what ef- 
fect thi. added. Vic Federal te^^ 
have on. the sale of this brand.. 
Lucky is adding the tax. ■ ; 

Miltoii Biow, agency on Philip, 
Morris, denied .last weeTc tKat the 
tax angl^ had soniething to do, with 
the cahceiliitioa igiven Johnny Green 
for oiie of . his. CBIS ^hpws.: Biow 
said that the . ^nove had been under 
consideratibh f or spmetirhe. since the 
, atcbunt was cpnteihplaiting putting 
pu a dramatic shPw this iall. Philip 
;Morris is absdrbing the %c tax. , 


Fruit y egretablie Market Dealers 

. Pittsburgh,' July 2. 
. J(>hnriy Davis; WWSW ahnpuncer, 
hias landed hims6ll. a neW. comirier-. 
cial. . It's 'IVfarket. Me a new 

W WSW accou Kt sponsordd : by : f iresh 
fruit aivd; Vegetable,, dealers' in the 
Pittsburgh : district.-- 

Quarter-hour show airs six. morn- 
ings weekly at:::6r45;^^\.;;: 


NB0 Red Arid? Blue F<;irced 
To Share Ideiiticat^pyb- 

; granis in ; Makesh 
r New AwF.M. Orders 
: pian<:^ Music Blackout 


WiiikesTBarre Station. Rules Out For- 




• StV.Lpuis, July^2. 
Toni', Roohey of the local Ruthra.u ft 
& Rya IV agency made tie up " last, 
week; with the Fairnriount Jockey 

■ Club, the only rac<i track in; this 'area, 
foc. its ^Hyde Park: Brewery account 
which sponsors all sports p.^og rams 
oyer: five' of the six inajbr , St, Louis 
stations, and 13 smaller :Stations in 

. Mi-'isoui'i and iilinbis. The stiint y/as 
na:rhing eacli of the eight riices on the 
card f oi* one of the sportscasteirs, ad- 
vance plugging Via the ether, and 
cuffo disti'ibutipn of ducats in, taiycrns 
handling, the, sponsor's prpduct. 

: The races . were named after Herb 
McCready, ,WEW; Alex Buchan, 
KKOk; J. Boy Stockton and Frank 
Eschen, KSb;. Neil Nprmah, WIL; 
France Latix, KMOX; Ray Schmidt, 
KXQK- Bill Durncy, WIL, arid Gabby 
SLreet. . KXOIC;, The gabbers; make 
awardis to the; winning Jocks of .each 
heat. ' ■ 

■The suds firni is rneantime , bank- 
roll iiig 36 spprts program.s Over the 
flve slatiohs six days weekly, 91 scorer 
board broadcasts, seven, days; week 
oyer , two stations; seven ba.sebatl 
gaines,. w.eekly> ancl ■ every spprts 
event of any note in this melropoli- 
tan district. . Also bankrolls :a~ . ' 
station 'daily baseball web originat- 
ing fi^bm, KXOK. 

■'Gapetovvri', ;June 4.' .■ 
.European war; which si^e^tracked 
the South African Broadcasting 
Corp.'i. cpntempiited $1,500,000 five- 
year scheme for . techlriical: develpp- 
meht,: has brought a- rush of ap- 
plications for ; receiver . 'licenses. 
Company's 1939 report shows thait 
there were 36,000 extra iiew licenses 
issued,, bringing "a total, of 249,000. . 
. Net license ;. tevenue was;: $1,775,- 
000, ja rise of $270,000 from the.pre- 
viofis ■ year. E.S:pense:s fpr plant and 
eqlilpment : Were i $135;000. salaries 
$640,000, broadcasting $660,000 and 
exciess bf , income , over exE>enditure 
was $255,000, ' 
, ,ln its report SABC ; gives itself a 
few p>i is on, the back, but neglects to 
mention^ listener squawks over bad 
receptipn, quality , of .p,i'bgrams; and 
the ^ unsatisfactofy new . 'diversity 
.station for over.sea3 ; reception. ■ 

Standard Takes Its Two ; 
Coast Shows to Don Lee 


.:San Francisco, July 2... ■ 
NBC's new . five-story headquar- 
ters, noon to be' c,on.structed at "Tay- 
lor and O'FarrelL streets, .wrill be a 
model pf^ syslematization.- All stu- 
dios will be ;gro'(.iped centrally on one 
floor. With ■ offices likewise on ■ .an- 
other and a third .devoted entirely 
to rehearsal, prodtictiori ,jahd refsr- 
•ence. Due to acute parking situation 
ill S:- F., Abasement' wili -inGlud^^^ 
for callers as . well as stalT, making 
NBC- the ..bay city's first' 'dfive-ih 
radio station. 

., KFRC (Mutual) is located over a 
garage, Do,n Lee being also distrib 
for Cad-LaSalle. 

Holly wopd, July 2. 
Standard Oil is moving its two 
Coast airshows to the Don Lee net- 
work after 13 successive years on, 

,nbc. : ■ 

,. Programs are Standard Symphony 
and Standard School of the Air. 
Former goes a full' hour weekly 
29 stations, and the school piece a 
half hour, on 32 stations. 

. CFAC, Caiffary, will carry all CBC 
and British Broadcasting Corpora- 
tion hews broadcasts released over 
the Canadian network. 

Both NBC and Columbia officials- 
were making strong efforts at : press 
time yesterday (T u e s d a y ) to 
straighteh out several affiliated local 
station, tangjes with the American 
Fedei-ation of Musicians before the 
pulling of aiil remote band broadr 
casts developed into a general musi- 
ciahs stirike. All parties were coti-: 
fideht. that the situation, was suf- 
ficiently: under ; control tp avpid its 
spread into a nationwide showdown 
and that the sources of the remote 
band 'strike.' KSTP. St. Paul, and 
WRVA, Richmond, would be . - 
duced ' :tp put their staff . Prchestras 
back to work; What makes it , par- 
ticularly tough for the networks is 
that they would" be faced with fights 
pn all fronts. As it ' they've got 
ASCAP and the an ti-moiibpoly drive 
W:ithin,'the FCC to contend with; 
" Jamies C. Petrillo, recently elected, 
president of the American Federa- 
tion of Musicians, .Ordered - the buf- 
side name bands, off Columbia's -sus-. 
taihing schedule Monday, ni.^ht (1). 
A similar ban had . been. issued in the 
Case of NBC Friday, (28). .Move re- 
sulted in the unusual circumstance 
of , NBC deeding duplicate, studio 
sustaining programs to the red and 
blue networks. Petrillo had been in 
office but five days when he struck 
against the controvers.v which had 
prevailed, between KSTP, NBC-red 
aff'iliate, and the St- Paul rnusicians 
uoibnv WRVA, .Richmond, CBS ■ af- 
filiate, has been engaged in a similar 
wrangle over employment with, the 
local. branch of the AFM, 

Blitz against NBC is: to- .iforCe^ t 
iron! nig but of the situation between 
the Minneapolis mu.sician's local and 
station .KSTP, Minneaporis-St; Paul, 
, wh ich c u rr eii tly are em b ro i led in a 
difference of opiaipn. over the num- 
ber of jnen which .should be ijsed on : 
the outlet's house staff. • KSTP ,.i.s an 
affiliate, bf the NBC- basic .Red'.het. 

Order to stay off NBC did not ap- 
ply, of course, to any AFM member 
employed as a staff nrian. by; NBC- or 
pn the staff of . any of its stations. It 
confined its effect to danceband re- 
motes. As a result house crews, 
supplemented by - ringing quartets 
(Continued on page 28) 

' 'Wilkes-Barre, July 2. 
. ; WbAX, Which sends it.s waves into 
homes in an V ,in which 60% of 
the. population is of foreign extr'ac- 
liph (largely Poles, Liths and Ital- 
ians), has adopted ;a policy of broad- 
casting exclusively in English. Man-', 
agetr Hall Seville said the step was 
taken 'du6 to the impPirtance of 'rad^ 
iri, : America's national ;de£ense,' :'The 
station has been appealing , 'to pa- 
triotic, list' ., , '-to, join .in.s'uppprtirig 
the policy, ^ / ' ■■■■ 

Listeners are told 'American sta- 
tions can , best serve ; oiar country in 
this hour by broadcasting in the. 
Common language! P£ . the United 
States.' . 

,' Montreal, July 2. 
Importation of U. S. radio receiv- 
ing sets by visiting Canadians is 
virtually brought to ah. end by the 
new, 'sumptuary' war i-evenue tax of 
iO% which is to be levied on radios, 
tubes, cameras and phpnpgraphs. . 
;;, American radio sets have been 
among the articles most widelyv 
purchased by; Canadians:, visiting 
across the bprder. > The, new tax 
brings the total cost iricrea-se . to, 31%. 
There is the 11% . dift'erence in ex- 
change, the -10% • 'sumptuary' .taic 
and the Ki^cr tax on all imports ex-, 
.cept -thp-se . coming in under the 
British' preferential ; tariff.' 

Washington, July 
• Dark sha dbw 6 f the war abr 
fell; on Panamanian broadcasting 
dush-y last week, with the Panai 
republic providing for a fixed dai 
operating schedule for all transnv 
ters in the locality. Lesson for U.l 
broadcasters was seen in the Exe<; 
live ; decree . to 'tighten .up .bn 'rad 
broadcasting: regulations with ti 
purpose of better guarding agaiil 
the disseminatiPri of false inforni 
lion.' One' individual has been a 
rested, for ' engaging in 'illee 
broadcasting.* according; to a repc 
received , by the Cornmerce Depai 
ment from its: attache at Panar 
City, A; B. Sowell. ; , 
: New lawrrequiTes stations ;tp mai 
tain a record of time on the air/ su 
ject matter Pf .programs "and hair 
and natipnalities of anhpuncej-s, S 
well reported. No messages 'of pi 
vate interest' permitted, except 
cases of -public calamities, such 
floods,' earthquakes, fires, etc. Ope 
ations of all transmitters to be und 
the direct supervision . pf the .Seer 
tary of Foreign Relations.and Coi 


NOW ON 44 Sf ATI^^ 

Austin, Tex., July 2. :; 
Flor.sheim Shoe Co., through Fred 

C. Mertens & As.sociate,s, have placed 

the i r transc j"i bed sc ries till cd . the . 

'Squared Circle' on station KNOW 

here to run through the summer. 

Series will aLso be heard on KFRO, 

Longview; KGN(^;, Arharillo; KIUN;' 

Pecos; KPAC, Port Arthur; KRLH. 

Midland, and KRRV, Sherman, in 

Texas. . , 

' To the originial four novy carrying 
the broadcasts, the statipns - to 

bC; added; will bring the, total to 44 


■ Chica.go. July 2 
Allen Campbell, general manag' 
of WXYZ, Detroit, vyas in town la 
week on several . negotiations f( 
WXYZ-produced programs; and 
iinderstopd readying to < f( 
sponsorship of '(IJreen Hornet' ar 
'Ned Jordan' pirogram.^ '■ hationall. 
Two agencies in Chi.cago- a].^ 
contacting Carnpbell for a possibl 
setup p.n 'Lone' Ranger.'. . 

' WXYZ is how busy giving, a builc 
up ride for "iWiiNv SO-minute .week] 
show ' tagged 'Challenge of tV 
"Yukon' with (Campbell, however, g' 
i ng , slow on any i mmed iale . na tibn; 
commercial spread of this show. 

Coast Sending Out 17 
Commercials on Chaii 

Al Zink, Sr^, production manager 
Pf WJfiiBR, Buffalo; is back at studios 
after a; session pf Etie County jury 
duty, ,', . ■ 

Chin Tonic Into Dixie 


• Chicago, July 2. ■ .: 
Kastor agency here has set for a 
flock of -five and 15-minute spot 
shows for Gi'pVe's Chili Tonic, cov- 
ering the South. 

Schedule i ' , 'Sunrise;. Serenade,' 
WFSA, . Montgomery, Ala.;- News,: 
WJRD, Tuscaloosa, Ala,; Rice :Brpth- 
ers : on KARK, Little Rock, Ark.; 
WWL, New Orleans; WMG, Memphis; 
WSivtB, : New . Orleans; KWKH, 
Shreveport; Barn Dance, WTAI^. 
Tallahassee;, Request progranis, WSB, 
Atlanta; Odie Thompson, KTUL, 
Tulsa; Zeke Clements, WiSM, Nash- 
ville; Sunshine Boys, KGKO, Ft, 
Worth; News, K'TRH, Houston. 

WKBW Steks 50 K^. 

Buffalo, July 2. 
Complying , with Havana treaty, 
Buffalo Broadcasting Corp. lasC week 
a.sked the FCG to step Upi WKBW's 
power from 5,0d0 to 50,000 watts. 
Company has taken steps to acquire 
106 acres. in nearby Hamburg as new 
transmitter site. * . -, 

X.'- Toronto, July 2. 

In an unique and constructive plan ; 
for • the general development and 
betterment of this country's radio 
industry, both as . regards the Cana-. 
<iian BrPadcasting iCorp.'s national 
network and the numerous inde-- 
pendent outlets, the , CBC yesterday 
; ( 2) launched a series of informative 
talks on the various, aspects of radio 
W hen Major G 1 ads tpiie Murray, CBC 
g.m.. teed off with discourse on 
'Broadcasting in •Wa^'.' v., 

Projected series of ,closed-circuit 
broadcasts will embrace ever; phase 
of the radio industry irt' Canada, ' 
cludinig ijrpgran) production, statipn 
nianaeemcnt, sound effects, • talk , 
vppipc: : T? Ik /i'>itflr;.\»>Hhe., a id xt^i 
technique of special events coverage. 
Tagged 'The Art and Business bf 
Broadcasting.' series will Comprise 
two phases: (1) a presentation cov- 
ering the broad picture of radio in 
Canada; (2) the dealing with various 
fields of broadcasting in comprehen- 
sive delaiil. 

The first phase will be heard pnc€f 
* week; for 13 weeks, commencing 

July 2; the second .will be pre,";ented 
twice weekly, .commencing Oct. 1. 
The preliminary series of 1.3 broad- 
casts ai-e .schiid.iiled • for Tuesday, 
10-10:30 a. m;, EDST. to the Ea.stern. 
CBC netwiorl!;; and tue.sdayi;;: 1:30-2 
p. m., EDST, to the VVe-stern CBC 
network. . '.'■■ 

-;. The series will not interfere with 
Ip.Ca I prog fa hi ■ broadcast i hg w ithin 
the specified pe riod ; . the ta Iks will 
be heard in closed-circuit broadcasts 
in the studios of the : various CBC; 
outlets wj th the personnel of : the 
CBC and.' the i rid ependeii t .s ta lions in 
each arefifc* present, -In the case of 
the Western CBC . hetvvork, the talks 
will have been recorded a week 
earlier at CBC's Toronto studios- ihd; 
the discs sent to ;b,e; bioadcas.t to: 
Western stations from CBC's Winhii 
peg studips. .The" reason for this, 
;bf course, is' the tihie-zb;ne; e^ 
whereby, in brder tp listen in on a 
10 a. m. broadcast emanating from 
Toronto, station per.sonnel in Winni- 
peg would have at the -itudio at 
7 9. m., and, Wcslwardl. correspond- 
ingly earlier; , . . 
-Following' is i list pf, ths flrsl 12 

broadcasts, with the West receiving 
these a week later: 

•' .I.iily '2^ : 'i^ron(1'".isl,ln)f ,ln W;ir'. \>y .AfaJ>>r, 
. OJii.iJ.->lo,iie Miif THy, ' wii. ■ i>C 'CHi ', ■ . ', 
; .1 Illy !>', ; 'U"<io Ti-ivnin.' Sliil'lons' liy Harry 
. SeilKis*lrk'. ' I'ltanaKJiii; Olri-cti.r. i»r, ('l';p.K, 'rij- 
, ri)nlo.' and ;i(CftH,lii4iit qT ilie Ci*'i.a>lli>i> .\,'<aO- 

Llaiioh ot Broudc-ys'lOrj. . ; ; ;■ ■ ' ■• 

. July' io, :/J•!•.•^.^■>1.hlh!fV^■iv1.•t .roiUriil' ,l')v: 
Ooi-tlpa Olive,, clilei edsinrev 'it- CliC,-. 
•roiiUi. ■ 

;.luly; 2.'{, . '.X; , , nifC.r'.. l:Wn(l!\rU,<*^ anA' 
.Some A.'*|»lri.rt!i,- ■ 'ro.uinl-liiiil.c j.dl.scua.sloij ' 
■jwef^n J.. Ji.-';iIfi(ir()i'il,';iii;uiai{:fM' nf (.'Uli. 
'J'6i:6nlo. -Biirl I.. Monre, couiiiierolul-'iiiunr' 
a!;<;r of CKIUJ, Ti)ri>|i(i». - 
. .July-. 30.. 'CifioJwIII— A • MHrlfi-lalilt; Cnrn- 
• ■■ hy .11. . X. ;.SIf>vi«, su(iervli9f)i- of 
relations for ('IK'.. , 
fi. . 'Clij.-ir Air \VlrcM.^Th(». -.Fiinrtlons 
Ti'iifttc .'ind Wrrc-lliirt .(.'omimDle.H'. by 
Jackson, ;jfui)erv(»Dr , of irafhi: lor 

\ Holly wood, .July 2. 
: : Although hard hit by summer wit 
drawals, the Coast will Send put 
fairly represeritatiye batch of pr 
grams during ihe dog days. Bo 
nets will account for 17 chain cor 
mercials, NBC taking the odd one c 
the split. . •; ' ' 

Columbia's contribution embrac 
Texaco. Al Pea ice, ..lean Hersho 
Gene Autry, Amps 'n' Andy. Hed< 
Hopper; 'Blondi'e' and iFletcher Wile 
NBC lists Kraft, 'One; Man's Famil: 
Kay Kyser, Doh. Ameche-Old Goi 
Burns and Allen,, Good News, Wooi 
bury Playhouse, ' Irei'ie Rich 
.Jphnson wax musical. 

: AiiK: 
or ih<5 
K. w. 


oC llie 

1J, 'TlniB 1,1 Monpy'-T^ft Funcllon.q' 
Advert l!«ln(5' Ajjency: j»y^ C. M. J'as.r. 
niottt -.ot "Ui« Ad verllsliig; Ajjeney, 
Torortlo. • •■ . " ■■ -■ ''.J 

XUff. 20, 'Furiftlon.? Af th«. Community 
;Pi-lvat6 Station" ■!»->' .M^ ;V. ..CIie.sliiut, . man-' 
ag:er of: CKCK*.:. Hamilton. - 
•. Auff. 27, ^ 'Take a •I'l'ltPf-Behlnd the 
.'Seined at ■ Admlnlslralion' '(detail;^, Ihcom* 
i»lcle). .: ; ■ 

. .Sept. ff, ^Functions of .the -Program- Der 
.•partriient,*; !>/. G, . A. I'a'Birarli assCstant. gen- 
eral, suuervl.ior .of prograinif for CtiC. ■ • 

SBi>tv 10, 'KaiHo la Nfv.-a' U.i-, K .A. Walr; 
aut»ervlsor of -Jnfovmailoii . fvw 'O'BC ■ 
-.; . SeiH. , 1.7. '.Off the . RecrM-.l— Tli<) .Siory 

;Tran.'»orli»tli>n'. :\ty .I>erritari .O, 
i UCA-Vlcloi. Tarunto. 

Swope Sold l>dOO Share 

.\ \ . . Washington,- July 2. 

, Sale, of" 1.000 shares (jol.umb 
Broadcasting. System. $2.50 par Cla 
A common stock by, Herbert Bayai 
Swope. was announced "Tuesday (21 
in the Securities Sc. Exchange Cor 
mission's summary of May transa 
tions. - ^ ;."■• ; ■ 

; At the sarhe time the Keewayd 
Corporation was listed as purchasir 
the same number of tickets. 

Swope's holdings, at the end 
May, quoted at 8,780 shares, whi 
Keewaydin held the 1,000 shar- 
picked Up as a 'partnership, truiit ( 
other intermediary'. 

Texas Pair jbin Muttial 

.Two hew stations have joined tli 
Mutual network a:J of June 26, The 
are KRIS, Corpus Christl, Texa 
j»nd KRGV, . Westlaco, Texas. 

Makes a total of II outlets to joi 
the' hetwork' in the* last few wefek 


We«lne6clay, July 3, 1940 


- Mcfr^is tb Com Source of ; 

All N^wi f or Broadcaiting M 

Kate Smith's ;tours(^ 
Extended ]qr(^^ 


Radiol In Tractors 

Toronto, July 2;^ 

• Sponsored; riews-cii$ts be. 
iantted in Caiiacja ;\vithin the short-: 
|st possib1e;;:.tijit)e' iahd . will ■ be Tie- 
y aCed .with a. neW and .'rripre . Satis-, 
lactory' jidlicij^ .thiat 'willvbe/reiccig-; 
hized' by all as atx irhproverrterit^ 
•ihe present sitiJatibn.' Such y/as the., 
^nttburicenient of Hori. C. p. Jiowe, 
Iviinisier .of Transport; within< ■whosie 
Wrisdictioh jadip -falls; folibwing 
.{Weekehd meeting .attended . by fepre-, 
fientatives of the Cahadiah pr^ss,: the 
IjCartadjan : firqadca^in^ '^Cot 

ihe jprivat^lyrowhed statioris.. \ 
i • The new pdlicy was .eyplved' "btit 
ihose attehding the meetihg^ were, 
«!worh -to silence: .as :tp/what^^f 
^ih)s will take, .. Howe said he him- 
.iiself wbuld- announce; the new pblicy 
^ibefore the. : House of .Cbmrnons; and 
vinientipived vthat,;; in ^^an- 
-^nouneements of; this nature, . lie; had 
; I'beeri scooped by my own ne^ws serv- 

■;ice.'; ■ :.. 

^; Hbwe; ' refused anir; reply tq . ;thfe ; 
•fquestiPri as to . whether or ;ript Transr 
•ip^dio News- Service and .iBritish 
i^Uriited Press \ had been • reinstated;- 

• Xicerises :of ; both '. Were cancelled 
early in JOhie as' ■ ^ war4im pre- 
cautionary measiire.' BUP. spbkies- 
jpen claim, .however, that they have 
a permit . for . broadcasting effective 
early in Jiily. •.. 

Walter Ti'on)psbn, press repre- 
sentatiye for the Canadian Natiprial 
Railways, ha.s beeh; commissioned by 
HoWe and the . CBC; board- of govr 
iernPrs ho prepare ^a: survey-report 
on newscasting in Canada. Th6>nP- 
i;| sDn; ' was previously ■ Chie£\; Press 
j| Censor and later Director of Pubr 

Would be permitted. ' Altbough he 
exiJected cPmpetUibn v^puld, be^^^l^ 
eled for ail ' niews^ services the 
bprninibn, Moore was of the Ppinipn. 
th?t put of . the . discussiphs^; w 
dome, a reeommeridation thiat spoh- 
sorship -be limited tp .jijarticipatirig 
.itiinute ahnouncements with., no one 
advertiser credited with 'b^ 
the listeners' the paiiiculaf ; news 
■period, ; ; .. ■ ' .■ ; / . ." 

Mpore^ stated " that, he was recph- 
ciled to vthe . elinjinatipn .of direct 
selling Of the news tp either - ClBC 
or privately owned . stations. All 
services would sell their news to a 
central channel- . set. up by -the GBC- 
and thi<! . unified' setyice,- would . not 
■ only . edit and distribiitfe it but . allp- 
cate th.e .amOng all the ^Canadian. 
Putl.ets- TTie. m the 
bpniiriibh \ goyerniirtent, ." through its 
radio superyising; setup,; soley^^^^ 
ity oyer the :ne\ys to be- broadcast; in 
Canada. . . " \y: 

GrcdbyrKraft Renewal 

' .Chicago, July ; 2.. 
^Ji Walter . ThPrnpspri. agency here 
has renewed . for another 52 weeks of 
NBC-red time for the Bing Crosby 
Krait Music Hall for the Kraft 
Cheese company. ; .: ..; 

New;;c6nti'act goes into, .effect as 
bl July -25, and takes in 79 but 
lets;--.- .: X.-;--: \.;.:-, 

Kate Smith's three-yeac cph tract 
With General FPodSr due. to expire 
in J vine, 1942, hias teen .'postponed' ; 
a y ear, automatically .extending it .to ; 
1943. ; Agreement to; that eflfept Nvas 
reached last Thursday, night; (27K by 
Clarence Eidredge, , the conrtpany's 
vice^prez^ and Ted CplUns,;ata■pa^ty- 
n^eet^ng of Geri(Brai;:FPods execs and 
nienibers of the Smith-ebllins br- 
ganization, ■ at^. the ' ; Biltmore:- hotel, 
N. . Y.~ Miss ;S>nith was presented 
with 'dipioma' . extending her; 
'cpurse* from' three yeari tp four: 
V Setup. for fhe;. Kate Smith series 
of. Friday Vnight shows will remam 
virtually the .same When it. returns 
Ja]te in September,- only chahge ; be- 
ing .Willie -HoW.ard in the comedy 
spot, instead; of AbibPtt. and Cps^^^ 
Latter pair wound 'up ;ph:,:the. series. 
Friday night (2$), when it; went off 
for the summer; They replace 'Fred; 
Allen ioT Bristpl-Myers. .. Howard 
Wais. -signed last week ior next sear 
son,. Xounjg & Bubicam is the agency- 
oh, the accpiAnt, but Cpli ins has full 
aivthbrity . on production, being ari- 
sweraible pnly . to General. Foods, 
Kate Smith daily i5-minute comment . 
series; , ;which> .continues" pyer ^ the- 

St. Louis, a^uly 2. 
That farmers have Installed ra^ 
dies on the igasoiine tractors and 
listen . to programs while plow- 
ing their fields, etc., was re- 
vealed last week Jn letteris re- 
ceived >y Charley Stobkey, CBS , 
farm repbrter originating pro- 
grains frbn^ KMbX, CBS butlet 
here. During the course of the 
weekly Country Journal prp- : 
.gram Stookey asked for lielteVs 
frpm ahyohife who was listening 
to the program via a radio bn > 
gasoline .tractor. . V . 

Harold Ypung, Sedgwick; Kan.; 
wrote that he was eultivating. 
corn When 'he h^ard the quest, 
and Spivey N. DobJiltle, Newton,; 

• Miss^* said - he , Was : cultivating ; 

■ sweet; pptatoes . to be manuf ac- 
tiired into starch.- V 

sum'mer, ' \ also included 
three-year- . contract, ; 



, Ijc Infprmailpn .until fprced to giye 
H'lip his duties because of iil-health, 
|i Said HbWe:: 'A geheral policy has 
'.[ been evolved which will naean that 
■ within reaspnably shprt; tim^, 
the shortest possible time, spbrispried . 
neWs on th'e .air ; will ;be a thing pf 
"the past. Thbre are : details to be:; 
wprked ont.; Whether; in the mean- - 
Hme the present ncWs . services will ; 
■be allowed to function,' I am not sure, 
I . rather think they- Will, althbugh 
I have hp defiriite . knbWledge. . It 
Would, 1 think, .lj^{i;smist^^^ for a 

. -^fiTelen Nugent^ coritralto, bi; WKRC, 
Cincinnati, -bias been spotted for 
.ibinor roles in :three operas - j.n the 
six-week .'seasoh.; of the .Cincy Sum- 
mer; Opera Asisbciation at this . Zpb. 

Qdaker Gats has bought a ' half 
hPui" on the NBC-red Ihrpugh- Ruth- 
raiiff & Ryan, with a fall ; starting 
date, It's, the Sunday 5:30;.6:: pi:.;m; 
period. i/-'. ■ 

Program has not been set. ; ' 


■ ; Muluall ran/into, a conflict P^ prp- 
grarrt titles yesterday. (Tuesday) With 
a rteW series it aniioonced as 'Wings 
Ov^r Arnerica,' slated to start Friday 
(5). out piE.:AyGNi Chicago., sis -a: surivr; 
m^r replacement for Tifth Row 
Center/ Show of the same name 
debuted June 23 on NBC red X WEAF) 
as a summer ..«!uStainer. .(Reviewed in 
this;issue of Vakiety,) Mutyal will 
;retitle its program, but the bey^ tab 
hasn't yet been .selected: 
: Mutual's series is. to' be ronianiic 
drama ahout a girl reporter and a 
radip- tommentatbr Who expose' 'fifth 
column' activities. Elissa .Lsindi and 
Phillips: Hblmes will co-star> Blair 
Wiailiser 'Will . write and ; prpduce. 
NBC's . 'Wings' - .offers : drahiatized 
events ; from the history -of ; U. S. 
aviation. It is scripted by Richard 
McDoriagh, , With technicat assistante 
i by Jim Ray. 



1 „ 
•J matter bf tWP or three, weeks; to 
i make; any. radica^ change in the. 

existing situatipri'. 
say that within 

But I think. I can 
the . next" month 

..j there will be a new, policy for news 
■| cn the. air, which I shall, annburice 
sibon as I can:' 

The Modus Operan di of BMI 


[Dheclpr, Public Relations Dept., 

IVor^ing of Resolution 

. Winnipeg, July 2. 
The resolution fpr a unified news 
service, as adopted read: 'It was re- 
solved that a committee be appoint- 
ed to study and draw up a plan un- 
der which the CBC would prepare 
«nd edit a unified national broadcast 
news service to be used by its sta- 
tions and to be the;, only .service 
available to all . private stations in 
Canada, at a cost to. be equitably 
apportioned among all broadcasting 
stations and that this national brbad- 
casting news be npt commercially 
sponsored: That the committee re-: 
port to this board upon the working 
of this plan, oh its cost and upon 
the approximate amount to be paid 
I by each subscribing private, station, 
I That until further notice stations be 
I granted permission to : (continue, 
!• broadcasting news as now supplied 
I by existing serviciEs, ."I^at in y^^ 
i the urgency 6f the problem from the 
I national . interest . there should be no' 
I- avoidable delay in preparing this re- 
I port and presenting it to the. board;' ' 
I The special committee set up was 
I cbmpbsed of J., Wilfred Godfrey; K. 
■ G., of Halifax; Al^n B, Flaunt,/ Ot- 
tawa;; Gladstone; Murray, general 
; rhanager pf !; the C.BG|vDri AuguStin 
. Pn'gnPn; assistant general; manager^ 
and either the dbairman Rene Mprin, 
or vice-chairnrian, N.'L. Nathanson, 
.'Their report; is expecleci to be; tabled 
at-- the next meeting ;; Of ; the CBC 
board in. Ottawa .Aug. 27. ■ 

Herberl; B^oore's Statement; 

'^Herbert. Moore, head of ;Tran'sra'- 
. dip, decliired , Monday (1) that his 
.serviee has .been given the green 
light by; the board of governors pf 
the Canadian - Broadcasti.hg Corjp., 
and that it was his. belief that ; a 
middle ground /y/iW be found where- 
by some form of; .sponsored, news 

Broadcast Music, Inc., has shouldered the job of 
providing broadcasting stations and radio, advertisers 
with a-,sUpply of. miisic; that; will, free them frorn de- 
pendence upon ASGAP' (Am.erican Society of Cpm* . 
posers. Authors and Publishers). When you consider 
that lip to the present time the musical fare of the 
micrpphbnes has been about 95% ASCAP, the task ot; : 
replacement and .substitution sounds gigantjc. 
, Already there are significant results to shpw. BMI . 
has acquired catalogues containing upwards of 5,PQ0 
copyrights; it is on a production schedule of 30 new . 
numbers a mpnth and beginnihg Jan. 1, 1941, its license 
will cover the music of another house which is pro- 
ducing' 40 : month. Compare these figiires with the 
results of , a' recent 'study, of 1938 radio program records 
which show that 2,500 selections accounted for 85% .of ' ; 
all performances while-. a mere 338 accounted for 42%, 
and you have something to make the; statistics-hbuhds : 
wag their heads. , 

BMI upset . some ideas long . accepted by Tin Pan 
Alley. Composers on the payrolls of the old -line pub- 
lishers haye;belieyed that few outside, their own. ranks 
could turn oiit prpfiessibrially acceptable tunes.. ^ It is~ 
said that one organiza'tiori which solicits, hew music ha.s 
been able . to get only. 50 acceptable numbers out of . 
25,0(10 siibniissions; and various expertis have estimated 
the average figure at one in a thousand. In BMI's first 
two and a half rnonths, the. editors reviewed about 
4,500 scripts and fbund that about- one in 100 was good ■ 

stuff. .. ; ..• : - ; ; - ' •-' •■■;.•..■■...;";,'■...■ 

: The difference lies in the way. BMI 'went after music. 
Most of; the writers-, who haye scoired so high a; ratio ;, 
of acceptable manuscripts are. far frplnri being green- ; 
horns. Thiey '. may be . making theiir first commercial 
appearance.s as composers uridier the BMl ; tradiemark, ; 
but they ' are experienced- musicians— many . of them ■ 
experienced prbfessibnals. There are iradiP. stage:, and 
night-club singers, members of dance .bands, arrangers, 
men who ha ye written successfully for various types of 
productibhs. : The sXirprising tally of sbch composers , 
who have suddenly begun to twinkle in. the BMT firina- 
ment bears put the contention that the competent 
American composers outside; of ASCAP outnumber 
thPse within, ' :, ' 

It was not by accident that: BMI. ywas. able to corral ; 
these composers. ;. BMl needed the;^ra w material of. 
songs and it went after, that raw material in- the. most .; 
likely : places, ; Result — an outworn tradition gone the 
way. .pf. ahti-macassars.' and m-pustache-^c . ; .; . ; 
■ Thie prime' pvtrppse. in ' the ;cireatipn bf Broadcast 
M.usic, Inc.; ;howeve^^ was; tp /serve t^^ 
and the real- proof of the BMI pudding cornes when 
ib.r'badcasters and- advertisers.,eat;it. Even, sales of the ; 
sheet ;nn|usic. that goes, to the retail stores depend upon / 
the orchestrations that go to the 300-odd radio stations 
for each new number published. , 
Every radio man knows that the program needs of « • 

' < Nashville, July 2. 

Naishville became the 'rustic city' 
many Easterners believe it is Vvhen 
worljj premiere of 'Grand Ole Opry ' ; 
hit town Friday night (June 28). 
The Republic picture, based ' on 
WSM's ; 15-year-old> four-hPui: V Sat- 
urday night shindig, played to near 
full house \at Patanibunt ! but big ;.. 
doings came before and after the 
showing. ; With ; hundreds of visitors ; 
ini city, the 'hill folk- -staged rham- 
mdth square dance ■ in . Memorial ' 
Sijuare, heart pf th^ city. A parade 
of , yictpriasj ; surreys, buggies ; ' and 
wagbns,;,all'with old time trimming.s, ; 
led the radio stars of picture to the 

in: the pictuT^- w Weaver Broth- : 
ers ' and Elylry, .are Judge George 
Hay, :originatbr ,of the WSM; radi 
show; , Roy Acuff; and his Smoky 
Mountain , Boys, Uncle Daye- Mapon . 
and Rachel,' a. banjo picking^ ;^ 
tain gal who, laid 'eni in ;thie; ais]( ; 

Sergeant Alyin- C. Yprk, moun- 
taineer world war- heroy aided iii. 
celebration, appearing on ; WSM's 
NBC-^-brqadcast from theatre lobby. 

Some 30 visiting news .and agency 
rneii ;were WSM guests. They: fol- 
low: Paul Kennedy, Cincinnati; .Bob [ 
Gray, M'^mphis; Ralph Sanders, 
Chattanooga; Frank Larkin; and 
Glenn ' McNeill, Knbxville;- (Seorge ; ; 
Kercher and E. A. W. Schulenburg, ' 
St. Louis; Qu.ehtin Brewer, Kansas. 
City; Joe Eaton, Lbuisville;' Hally 
Shiyeley, Harlow . Roberts, Jack' 
Laemmar, Jim.Thompson arid George 
Efurram, Cbicagb;; Harry Fralr, Bill. 
Cartwright, I. H. MacKenzie and ■ 
William Staab, Detroit; Ray Sim-; 
mons, , Jr., Cleyelahd; Hanque Ring- 
gold, John. Crandell, .Frank Cbrirad, 
Frank Silyernail, William Maillen- 
fret,- John Hymes, - Elizabeth Black, 
Margaret Wylie, Shfeldon ;; Hickox,; 
John Schultz. Eletcher Turner, Iii 
nea NelsPn and Jean Schalk, New 
York. ■/.;■. 


broadcasting station are; by no means limited to new 
popular songSi He has to haye *mpod' music^. inciden- 
tal fmusic, old traditional songs, standard, seimi-class-.; 
;ical, and classical music for a variety of lises from the 
musical 'bridges' in dramatic scripts to full-length pro- 
grams. Most . music of this sort is drawn from the 
publicVdomain-f-^thatJs, it;i music on which the basic 
copyright has expired; But the experienced radio man 
alsQ knoWs;that- for; his purposes this music exi.sts 
mostly irii the form of arrangements which have been 
copyrighted and ; of which the performing rights are 
controlled by ASCAP. 


• If broadcasters and radio advertisers are to subsist 
oh a BMI diet, what are;they going to do for . a U this 
mass of material? The effort to give it to them;sburtds 
lik^ the effort to move the mountain to Mohammed ; 

The BMI Research Department prepares lists of the 
pliblic domain' music that is most in demand and de- 
livers these lists to the Arranging Department. It also 
delivers copyright informatioh, requested from time to 
time by; . both. Editorial and Arranging Departments: 
The. work requires a highly specialized knowledge of 
musical copyrights, of course, and the department does 
not limit itself to checking copyrights and listing public 
domain music for the BMI organization. 

Within the BMI organ Izatloh itself, lisLs , from the 
Research Department as well, as accepted new manu^ 
scripts.frorn the. Editors are shot over to the Arranging 

; The department is divided into twrb .section.s— one for 
public domain music;, and one. for new, popular music. 
It is at present on ; , production schedule of 
25 numbers week. It is sp organized that the out- 
put bf public domain arrangement^ ican :be .st<Bpped up 
to 50 or 100 a Week , as .the head of the department 
, puts;it; to: the 'saturation point of the pririting presses.' 
.. It is npw: at work Pn a list of 150 selectioh.s which are 
; shown by a careful study of program records to have 
beeri the most frequently performed in recent years. 
'The list includes 'Believe Me. If All Those Endearing 
:; Young vCMiarms;' ;the Strauss waltzes, : 'Dixie,' 'Home 
.iSweet Home,' 'Dark Eyes' and similar numbers of e'n- 
d tiring pojiularity. .,;■■ ; 

;. Through the poptilai- music; section of the Arranging 
. Department brehpstratipns bf ; new BMI rhusic are. made 

,bh- assiig;nment by -the leadihg da^ ^ . 

; Of course it is a job tb dP this sprt of thing— a job 
that takes both musicianship and organizing ability. 
BMI's Arranging; Department; gives ;kteady employment 
to. '52 ; professional ; musicians— Unioti members— and 
temporary work to 15 Pr 20 more. The number is In- 
crea.sed from time to time. And these numbers, ' of 
course,' count of the clCr ical help. ' 

Niles; T^'abiriifEll, / NBC executive, 
V. p.; has turned out to be the riet:>- 
work's first.- all:ar.6und .salesman. He 
no .longer (Confineis himself to"^ peddN ; 
ing network but addresses letters tp 
clients and agencies asking for their 
transcription business and pff-the-air 
recordiiip r jcouhts. > 

Receipt of. such letters has cau.scd 
much talk among ad agencies. Gen- 
eral Comment has been to the effect 
that 'here'.s an operating head of a 
network who c> Tsiders nbthing too 
small in the way of . business for 
to go after,' The agencies are now 
waiting for; Trammell ^o put the 
.pitch On for the spot end. of NBC's 
owned and managed stations. 

Gene Wyatt to WBEN 

Buffalo, July 2. 
Gene . W.vatt ^las . resigried post of 
general manager of KITE, Kan,<!;).s 
City, to become WBEN commercial 
manager. He succeeds the late Clif- 
ford H. Taylor, who diied of heart at- 
tack on Florida tr-ip in iWarch, •; 
- Wyatt started in radio as staff mu- 
sician at AVFIW, HopkihsyiHe, Ky., 
on graduation from Tennessee State ; 
'Teachers; college arid has Worked his 
Way up; He's .31, which makes him 
one of nation'svyoungest radio cxeeu- 
tiye.s.j Previously he was, KITE'* 
businesi'manager; before joining, E^^ . 
ward Petry agency and returning to City outlet as geheral man- 
ager. ;,;. - .r/ •■■'■;: ';:\' .' V' ■ 

Hugh Aspinwall Off St. L. 

;- ' 'St.- Louis, July 2. 

. Hugh; Aspinwall, for seyen: months; 
a; .special' ;feature on KMOX's, iiaily 
a.m. 'dpunti'y Journal' prbgranrjj^ bJ'.s' 
tossed up the local stint and will 
continue his.' 'Chick; Martin' ( Purina. 
Mills) recording*! - in Chicago for. 
World Broadcasting.. • '. 

A.<:piriWall also is .skedded tb show 
up in Hbllyv.'ood, after a vacation, 1o 
play, a role an unnamed: talker 
tp- be produced by Columbia Picr 
tures, , ■ '■ ; - .- ,'-■;.". .■ 

.; Cliff ,iones,; special events man at 
WGR-WKBW, Buffalo, ; ; ; . running 
summer stock v theatre at. . Alhol 
i Springs, N; Y,, between rnike duties. ., 

^iln^saay, July 3, 1940 





CominUeion Keep* Ilepeat- 
irig 'WeVe Not Gensors'— ^ 
Sciuawkers of Recent JRec- 
ord Have Aimed at Lind- 
bergh. G a n n e t t^ Eyeii 
*Inforniationf Please* 


Washington, July 2. 

Plaintive squawk from the Fed- 
eral Commimications:. Commission 
regarding What it describied as 'pan 
mail' I'egistered Monday (1) in 
an apparently exhausted effort to put ' 
over the jd,ea that, the FCC has no 
aulhority to 'censor individual jpro- 
grams or perfbrmers, ■ 

I<ong list of complaints was inade 
public, with most of the alleged pan- 
ning' coniingJrbmGaliforhia^^ 

Before getting down to so-called, 
entertainmerit programs, Conrimish ; 
obsei-ved that 'air utterances* by nu- 
merdus public and political figures 
had dvaWn the <ath pf the! knob- 
iwiddlers. The list iiicluded: 

Col. Charle^ A. Lindbergh,- who 
has been making antirinterventionist 
speeches; Frank Ganhelti red-faced 
ex-contender for the Republican 
presidential nomination; , Hanford 
.McNider. former minister to Canada 
and another Republican hopeful ( un- 
til Philadelphia); Judge . John A. 
Matthews, Montana legalite,, 'and 
others.' . -v 

Commish tore into some of the 
commercial ■■■ regulars by asserting- 
Ihat California had screamed about 
H; V. Kaltcnborh's news interpre- 
tations (CBS); 'airy ;s:tatements' by 
Jack Benny; radio fare served by Bob 
Hope; Cab Cailoway's band and the 
'Dr. 1. Q.' ptogram. . 

'Because Burns and Allen did not 
please, a New Yorker, the Commish 
was . requested to have the team 
■barred from "the air.' Another Man- 
haltanite 'voices indignation at a 
Fred Allen wi.secrack,' the FCC. an- 
nounced; while fellow-citizens wei'e 
'irjked' by . Walter ^yirlchell, squawked 
about network presentaitions of 'Abe 
. Lincoln . in . Illinois,' snapped at the 
'This Amazihg America* program and 
snarled at 'Information Please.' 

Pennsylvanianis wete next on the 
list of con.'^cientious objectors. A 
keystone-.statier objected to 'Confi- 
dentially YoUrs' .(which he wanted to 
have, 'publicly censured.' 'National 
Farm and Home Hour' got rapped 
and two .Philadelphians, turned 
thumbs down on 'Stbjj Me If You've 
Heard This One,' and ^Great iplays.' 
Orie Oklahoman * would like - to see 
young ears closed' to the sobby mari- 
tal difficullieis of 'Stella . Dallas'; n 
Tehne.ssceah was 'aroused' by the 
'Court of Missing rieirSi' and a Con 
nectiGiitvYahkee yelped aboiit the 
'Green Hornet' series. 

'Numerous contest programs ' 
yite numerous letters* from indivir 
duals who Hh ink. they are entitled to 
prizes,, the Commish waiiled. 

'Incidentally, by way of timely 
. note, "several Chicago letters protest 
advertising fireworks over the radio,' 
the statement added. 

Fed-uppishriess of the GbvC'Tnment 
tiir-cops: with complaints from citi- 
zens was demonstrated by a two-page 
ttlease quptihg yelps; fr<>m various 
■ parts of the country. ' Purpose of the 
mimeographed papers, was to pub 
licize : the ' 4can't-do-anything- 
aboutrit attitude which the Commish 
^as rightfully ■ taken- . regarding 
squia wks from ind i viduals who evi- 
dently feel tha t their p.riejiiJdices and 
preferences must be tbrwarded. to 
Uncle Sam,; instead' of to the origihal- 
' irie stations. 

Radio Day at Club 

Fi[esho, Cal., July: . 

Broadcast /'of a ■ IS-minute variety, 
program, ia live; visual shiow and a 
talk oh ;, radio technique by Keith 
Collins, station manager, wais given 
recently by KM J,, local NBC red out- 
let, for the Fresno chapter-; of 
"Twenty -Thirty club. . Occasion . was. 
the club'5 luncheon meeting and Nyias 
held in, the; .station's studio. 
; Station had ^ previbu.sly- put on 
similar shows for the .Fresho 
Kiwanis club, the California News- 
jpaper Publishers associatibn : and the 
SQiith iSah Joaquin. Valley ' and 
Tliree-Jtl. units. Planned to continue 
the practice on" a; larget scale next 
fall and winter. . . 


Chicago, Juiy 2. 

Ralph Atlass is moving the WJJID- 
WINP. studios and offices . from the 
N. Wells street to Michigan avenue 
sometime in October. New quarters 
will contain four studios. 

WIND prinrtary studios Gary 
(Ind. ^, will continue as is. 

Mansfield,; O.— Hdward C. May, 
formerly GoodyeSr Tire, Akron, is 
now a salesman at WMAN, Marts- 
field, O. Harry Dennis, former en- 
gineer at WJW, Akron, and WHBC, 
Canton, also has joined the technical 
staff of WMAN. 

Dealers (With Own Ideas) Dominate 


Crown Cola will return Bob Rip- 
ley to CBS Friday, Sept. -6. The new, 
spot -will be 10 to 10:30 p.m. 

Practice ,01 this account going off 

the^ air ,:for the summer, when its 
product enjoys a peak miarket, ).s ex- 
plained by the circumstance that it's 
mostly in summer that Grown 
Cola's locar bottlers can afford to do 
their own advertising. When the 
latter pay for it they, prefer to; do 

it in their own way, while the bev- 
erage formula .owner goes on the 
in the cooler season to keep the 
name of the. product before the con- 
sumer. . 

New Orleans— "Van Patrick, Jor>; 
merly connected with KRMD, is new 
baseball announcer . at .WDSU, suc- 
ceeding Carl Fritz. Due to illness 
Fritz retired from handling baseball, 
but still: rerriains with station. 




A S M L A N D, ^^^^K 



Retail Sales 
Wholesale Sales 


Radio Homes (LawroMt Co.) 

■ ♦Eiiliinlnl by Saltj M»riai»»r,»»t 


Dire^jtlv ojiposite each other . on the banks of the 
Ohio are Ironloiij Ohio, and Ashland, KenfiicJty. 
They are twin cities also in the fact that both are 
buying center^ When brands advertised on WLW 
not only get preferred display ;at dealers, but "gel 
the call'- from twin city h<>iise»vives. 

In these twin cities and in the counties th«t 
make' tip their trading area;^, most radios stay at 
700 KC. It is no won der tha t local wholesalers and 
retailers ask of a new p>roduet, "Is it adver- 
tised on WLW?" 


RetaH Sales 
Whd&ale Sales 
Radio Hein^ .(Boyd Co.) 

* Eillntaliil bjr $>lti Man:|e*iciil 

29,100 (1930) 

' 8,696:' 






most ''Merchandise-Able*' 



New York Radio Branch of Natibhar Youth Admihis- 
if-aition Thrills Wh^ri 'Graduate- Get^^ oh Private 
; Payroll-^-^rain Opeiratbrs for UiS. Defense 

'«r *OjBE:RT/j,: LANDRY-;^ ^ 
Th« National - Youth AdmjtVistra-.' 
tiDu's Radio Wpi-kshop, located j»t 
Bioadway and? 53d street in New 
yiirk City, bpergites the .most uixique 
scixVol in broaidcasting. It observes 
stiict diiiciplihe ' the matter of 
hours and fulflUment of assighrnents, 
just like any public school. The 
scholastic tradition is carried further 
by Director Stanley L. Stevens in 
the issuance of report cards oh each 
efirpllcci studeiit. Whose general work 
is grJjded; pei'cen tage-wise and whos(; 
'attitude' is evalusited as being alert 
> dumb, ■lovable or- loaf able;. These 
report cards are tacked up; on the 
school bulletin board for all to see.' 
'. The academic comparisort holds up 
even further. , While there is rvb arr 
bUrary limit, a year or 18 mouths is 
the maximum period the Radio 
W<)vkshOp theoretically wants- s^ 
dents to remain in training. The 
/yirhole point of the school-like setup 
is thait the students must eventually 
get out ia: the: world. It's a case ot 
NYA wanting to help, biit not warit- 
ins. to provide ah indefinite parking 

lot for ypuntjsters who have to fexer- 
cise self-reliahce in the end. There's 
ti> be no figurative bijrning down of 
the schoblhpuse to get lazy Leo out 
of the third grade. ^ 

Where this NYA; school,, however, 
dithers frpiiv conyentiortal schopls is 
in this: the school pays itsi students! 
Opera ti ng u nder the Federal Security 
agency grant,' the Radio Workshop 
(only one of its kind in the- U. S. A. ) 
has. sdme '400 enrolled students (18 
to 24 years of age) who receive $22 
a riiohth. in return for y/hich thej' 
must put . ii\ 60 hpurs of Study arid 
.training at the Workshop, 

While the drilling is partly con- 
fined tp theory and is conducted oh 
a dassroom basis, broadcast- studio 
cPuditiPns/are duplicated and a prac 
tical outlet for the activity ot the 
Workshop and an ihspiratiori fPr the 
rehearsals; and Work are found in 
some four regularly scheduled pro-; 
grams weekly which are actually 
brpadcgst. Thre^ of these are on 
. WnYG, muhicipally owned station Of 
New; York,; One Is WINS, , N.; Y 
There are no union conjflicts. 

Ai is true of schools everyiyhere, 

art oflialntf lk« m*it popidar tmtinif placrt in CKiatgi for a4hvtiunif exmiitm. 

ther^ is a. bertain ampunt of pointing 
v/ith pfide./tP the NYA^^ Workshpp 
,'gi*a'duates^ who have gotten oh. pri- 
vate stat i on pSi y rol Is . or ■ b.ut-flahked 
the ; Magtnot line ; Pt an : adyertising 
agency's defended, frontier. Tlie 
alumnus whp get.>» a jpb iri comhjer- 
cial radio proves something; vef y imi 
portaht tP the morale arid the raison 
d'etre a i\d the perseveraince of NYA 
-r-namely;. that it can -be dpne. It: 
pi-pve.s that ; -the claissrobm motions 
are not empty, time-consuming jiio- 
. tiohs',: but steps that can, and som^r 
times dp, lead places. Director Stan- 
ley Sjteyens reflects the hatioha^l NYA 
administrator, Aubrey Williams, in 
talcing ;pride iiv tangible iob-achiev:* 
ing resulLi. .Tlie NYA is conscious 
of, arid attempts to arm, itself against, 
any and ail tirige of boondoggling. 

Recently a Workshop girl, Cecilia 
lEvaris, gpt\a role, in the 'Rise of .th^ 
Goldbergs,' day serial/ Another, 
;Mei:r|am i B.erktey,. joined KYW. 

. Robert ; iy ova k.^V'i script- Writer, 
stepped into NBC trpiiv NYA, iahd 
;has. since gone on to Young .& Rubi- 
cam;_, IVtiltoti Gurewitj!;' and Leslie 
Sploinon, of the , radio engineering 
liranchV, are With the Civil Aero- 
riautics Authority, and; Trppicail 
.Radio, respectively. ' ■; : 

: The nVa WPrkshPp loses many of 
its students ' in the . summertiriie. 
Nearly 65% of the dramatic ;enr6ll- 
ment. has seramriied for the cowbarn 
thespian temples: Stra.whats proviSe, " 
next to NYA itself, the' beist-TChance; 
of ah utiknown : getting a hearirig. 
And are, of, belter scoutfed by : 
prof eissiorial show biz. ; 

An important new. function P'f the 
NYA ypadio workshop is just now 
taking shape. • Although training in 
radip erigineering. has been, going 
forward for- twp years, it Is expected 
that a neW setup wiU soon provide 
facilities to train 'several thousand' 
radio operators for future availability 
to the United State.s* Army amd Navy. 
Morns Segal, Who has charge of this 
activity,; is already designing the 
layout: The ' proposed course will 
ground young men in eyery phase 
pf pperatipn, repair and complete 
understanding of defense raidio; 

Meantime the radio workshop has 
its ; activii;ies broken / into various 
groups, Ed Win McArthUr; .With Vit^; 
tpriO; Gi ' / assistant, has a 

syriiphony prchestr,i; of i09' musicians 
heard eyei-y Sunday at 5:30 p.m: over 
WNYC. Thei-e are various chamber 
music" groups of different siJie.s and 
characters att'iliated. Phil Napoieon, 
formerly of NBC, is the musical 
Qverlprd of three swing orchestras 
averaging IT persons each. Harry 
Noble is in,, cbaffie oC a vocal en-; 
semble of' 10. wh^<i Louvinia White 
supervises the all-Negrci choir of 48. 
A dramatic group Pf .30.-odd and a 
script-writing group of 20 are under 
the sway of JjT^rriian Sickei. A small 
radio press agent's school also oper- 
ates with about 10 apprentice pub- 
licists. Larry bupce runs this off- 

Why Sales Reps Are Slap-Hapy 

/ Station rep orgahizalipn got a call from an agency late Monday a [t» 
ernoon (1) asking it to Und but just what time signals arid weather 
reports its station in Bb-ston was carrying. The rep phoned the Bostort 

: outlet immediately and there arrived the next morning by special de- 
livery a complete schediiles the spots for all current timti ijig*. 
nals and weather reports. 

"The rep rushed to the inquiring agency with the data. Then came 
the awakening. The 'agericy WasnH ihtCT liuying anything. ,.it 

was only that the time buyer wanted to do bne 6t the account execs 
in the agency a favor. It seems that the latter had planned a' yachting 
trip over the- Fourth along Long Island Sound and he had expressed 
an interest in knoWing what station he could tune in for the tiine and 
weather reports. ■ ■■..;;.. 

Gate'. Taylor, radio advertising representative of Variety, is .<;erloijsly iii 
at Glendale Sanitorium. Glendale, Md. He was taken there under doc ttir's 
supervision last Sa tu rday (29)/ He has suffered a serious physica I break- 
dbwn and will be unable to work for a year or more. 

Taylor was seriously ill about a year ago when with Broa<lcasting nTa^^^^^ 
zinie. When leaving that publication, after eight years, hie- was hi red by 
Variety early in 1940 and has spent much pf his tjme since then ia travel 
His present : illness is a cpniplicalion, but in miidh more serious formi of a 
previous illness. - " ■ . . ■ 

; Variety urges friends of Taylbr's in the radio industry to Write iiim a't 
Glendale. v: ■ ■ : ' • 

:Because of the dispute over local musician employment outstanding be- 
tween WCKY and th«i Cincibnati musicians union Glenn Miller was barred 
by the American Federation of Musicians the week before last fiom clear- 
ing his Chesterfield broadcast through WCKYV cohtrplboard. Miller was 
in Cinbinnati at the time on a traveling date and WCKY is Columbia's local 
affiliated. , 

Miller not only had' tp feed his program direct to WABC, , N. Y., but he 
Was required to bring in broadciist technicians' from Daytoh; O. 

Grove's BrPmbrQuinine will again supplement its network show with 
transcription placements^ when it returns the 'Sherlock Holmes' series to 
the NBC-blue this fall. The off-the-mike recordings of each episode are 
rebroadcast on anpther station in the same market on a later night of the 
week. -'.;. 

Stack-Goble is the agency. 

The Weekly Excitement 

The workshop's big weekly cres- 
cendo is reached Fridays at 5 p.m. 
\vith the broadc.jst over WNYC of 
the 'NYA Varieties.' Everybody 
either is iri this show, or stops to 
hear, it. It's a completely student- 
produced ha If hour. It is monitored 
by student engineers, emceed by 
Roy Davis, a singing announcer and 
various student specialty people dot 
the -program. A few introductory 
words - frorii ..- Director Stevens, the 
stick- pf: Phil Napole^m aind the ges- 
ticulations : and stopwatch- watching 
of Norman Sickel ' ■'. the coritrbl 
booth are the. only professional in- 
fluences in a traffic jam of radio be- 
ginners.- -.There Is the same opcn- 
at-the-collar -lips-mPistening. anx- 
ious- tP-click sort of tier vpus tension 
witnessed iri sustaining studios any- 
where. One of two rooms glassed- 
off Ji"om the .studio Is jammed with 
friends and relatives, smiling big. 

When the broadcast I.s over there 
is, as ■ cthe professiPnal. studios 6f 
NBC and CBS, thai same tendency 
to sweep, up to Lillie Glutz and gush: 
'My deah, you were won-der-ful!' 

Wynant J. Williams, consultant for Travelers' Broadcasting Service 
(WTIC), Hartford, Conn., since, 19'25, and in his capacity as professor of 
communications at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, manager of its riadio 
station, WHAZ, has been promoted to head of institiiite's electrical engi- 
neering department. 

Date of the return of duPpnt's 'Cavalcade of America* to the air de- 
pends on the sort of period that NBC can make available. If the netWork 
offered what the account bPnsidered the right spot the program would be 
resumed almost immediately. 

OtherWi;?e the hiatus will .be exterided to Jatb iSeptember. 

. NBC Arti.sts Servicb. which is iri.on the ageriting of 'Information Please '; 
has as. yet received no bites, on the availability of the show after Nov 5 
Canada Dry has offered to make it $6,500 a week for two more years but 
Dan Golenpaul, who owns the rights, wants $8,500. 

Business^Digest's July issue has a rewrite of stories that appeared ie- ' 
cently m the special Variety insert, about Chicago^ author Irna PhilliRs. 

Buffalo— Fred Keller, local thes- 
pian, is a new. voice at WBNY, suc- 
cecding Ron Dunlavey who goes to 
WFBL, Syracuse. 

Toledo, p.— AI Miller has joined 
WTOL, Toledo, as . continuity 
writer. Played in this city 25 years 
•go at the olditart theatra. 

ace in the 


154 West 46th St. 
BRyont 9-8153 

54 W. Randolph St. 
Central 4401 

1708 No. Vine St. 

Hollywood 1141 

j^dncfiday* Jufe 3,r 19iQ 




Anonynibus Blast Against^ 

('Why Frequency Modula- 
tion?' is the caption on the fol- 
lowing bit of unique propa- 
ganda put. in the mails recently 
ffohi Birniingham,- A ; 

■'•;:;v::'/; (CO 

During the last few months the 
liewspaEters have been, publishing 
carefully prepared t)ropagahda in re- 
gard to the desirability of. changing 
commercial . broadcasting^ in- the 
United States from, its present system 
-^to a system referred to as Frequency 
'■ Algdulation, arid a few days ago tlie 
news was headlined in the papers 
that the Federal Communications 
Gommission has assigned; a gr pup of 
: frequencies for the conimerciai use 
of brpadcasting ; transmitters ■ usiiijg 
this new system which, the publictiy 
proclaimed, is the - best and very 
latest mfearis of transmitting speech 
arid music. Specifically, the engi- 
neering claims as outlined . in- this 
publicity are that; 

:. First, it is .highly desirable be- 
cause less static and inLerfcrence 
will be received if this system ia 

Second, it is capable of delivering 
t higher degree of fidelity. 

As to the first claim, relative to 
• static and i ntercfemce, present day 
high powered transmitter.s are so lo- 
cated to take care of . the thickly 
populated sections of the country to 
the extent that, judging from data 
released from any number of re- 
search bureaus, the actual percent- 
age of listeners who are obliged to 
take their broadcasting with .an 

amount of static, which could be. 
deemed disturbing, is ext.rernely 
smaiU—appi'bximately three perceiit— 
and that percentage only spasmodic- 
ally depending upon weather condi- 
tions during the warmer; months of 
the year. 

The second claim, that of higher 

fidelity. The benefits of this would 

supposedly, of course, have to be en- 
joyed by the public; that is, the peo-. 
pie o whin„'- the receiving' sets. That 
brings up the question, are they, suf- 
fer ing_at the present time' because of 
any lack ; of high' fidelity, and' if so; 
where is the lack? Now the lack .is 
certainly not in present day trans- 
mitters because the Federal Com- 
munications Commission has set up 
standards which oblige transmitters 
to maintain a degree of fidelity far 
beyond that of which any household 
receiving set is capable of repro- 
ducing. Therefore, fidelity limits 
rest in the household receiving sets 
and- actually, ■ . the loud speaker it;, 
self, becaust! o.f the fact that the cost 
,is the ecori. omica l limit .of trie averr 
.age family.. Notwithstanding, today's 
i medium priced receiving sets sat-: 
I isfy the demands of the average pub- 
lic. Those who desire greater fidel- 
ity' may have this by purchasing a 
set. which includes .a high- fidelity 
loud' speaker. The , loud speaker is. 
usually more costly, than the entire- 
receiving set. , In other words. : the 
high fidelity. RCA or Western' FAc^^ 
trie loud speaker alone costs ap- 
.proximately $75 when purchased by 
a brbadcastiiig station. ,. Commercial 
high fidelity receivers can be pur- 
. (Continued on page 31) 

Due to FCC's Previous Wal- 
loping of Networks, Latter 
Won't Say a Word Either 
Way on Prosi>ective Atti- 
tude Toward New^-Type 


One of the undefined and largely 
unpredictable questions of American 
broadcasting at this rnoment is the 
nature, and source of programs for 
frequency modulation bifoadcasting, 
F-M has already been marked but as 
a particular pet of the Federal Com- 
munications Commission. F-M has 
benefited iat the experise of television 
in the matter of wavelengths and the 
way has been cleared by the FCC 
for the wholesale granting of F-M 
licenses and for F-M's commercial- 
ization via advertising at the earliest, 
date prospecti vie licensees can meet 
Govern.meDt Conditions and the busi- 
ness requirements of radio adver- 
tiser. J- ■." .'. ■ - 

Diiring the iiievitable iiill period 
between going on :the air. with an 
F-M transmitter arid the commence- 
ment of .sponsor contributions to the 
costs, F-M stations will presumably 
need, or look to, outside sources of 
program material, : And that is 
where, in trade surmise, an > FCC- 
encouraged type of broadcast en- 
gineering may collide with es,ta:b- 
; (Continued on page 31) 

in* • 



Not Smart Tactics for Lcensees 


Milwaukee, July 2. 
Short sighted FsM operators, in an 
attempt to get into the F-M picture 
and yet hot spend any mpney will 
probably beg present networks for. 
the privilege of using present net- 
work programs as F-M material with 
the result • that they will- be giving 

their ;F-M ,sei:y ice" away to adver- 
tisers and when an F-M audience has 
been built up Will, in my opinion, 
find it extremely difCicult- to sell the 
service to those same advertisers. 

Those operators who are going 
into F-M seeing it as a new service 
to the ipublic will be courageous 
enough to originate programs and 
during the daytime will use their 
ingenuity to create programs, for 
that vast audience which now is not 
listening to soap box; dramas. There- 
by openinig. an immediate field to a 
large number of potential listener 
prospects. It will be more difficult 
to secure the attention of ti e eve- 
ning listeners as we aU know the 
tremendous popularity of : many of 
the network shows with which we 
will have to compete. [ However, 
again, the operator who. looks to the 
future will not be tempted to dupli- 
cate these programs but will go his 
own way. ' 

A year and . one-half ago nobody 
thought much of the quiz type, of 
show. Today it is outstandingly 
■popular. Beyond question there are 
other types of program.^, that can 
arid will be developed and there is 
no reason, why F-M cannot play an 
important part in the development 

of new types of attractive programs. 
Here at W9XAb we have taken the 
stand from the beginning that we 
will not relay regular WtmJ pro- - 
grams be they network or station 
originated, that F-M must stand on , 
its own feet and build its own audi- 
ence. ■ 

As a result we expect to deliver 
to the^ Milwaukee and Wisconsin 
listening audience an, additional pro- 
gram service to that which they now 
have available. What we said above 
about soap box dramas in the after- 
noon applies equally, well to the 
monotony of baseball broadcasts in 
the evening. 

As far as present networks ai" 
cbncerned .We; imagine that the own* 
ers and stockholders' of such net- 
works expect . that the personnel 
responsible for their success is thor- 
oughly capable of taking care of 
themselves. As far as the advertisers' 
are concerned, if ; we were One we 
would .at the earliest possible 
moment take jan active party in F-M 
thereby securing to myself the added 
attention value that always centers 
about the pioneer. 

Pink Collared Spieler 

; ■ Ha^rtford, . July ,2. 
Summer stock bug has bitten an- 
other radio announcer. This time 
it's Rary Barret, head mikemaUi at 

. Barret, a former vaudevillian and 
legiter, will play second lead in a 
new play, 'She Ate Her Cake,' at 
the. Stony Creek Playhouse, Stony 
Creek. Play skedded for week, of 
Monday (14). 


50,000 WATTS 



in power 


1.^ ! 




Wednesday, July 3, 194(r 

Series of children's isuritimer pro- 
jgrams, with Gertrude Mittelmanri, 
eohcert pianist and music instructor^. 
•iviU be ethered by WQXR, New 
York, in . association with the 
Board of Education Summer Play 
Schools, the Summer, Dempnstra- 
tipn Schobv of Teachers College , and 
similar groups. Series, tabbed 'Conrie 
Dance Through the Ages,' will be 
spotty .at 1 1 :l 5-1 1:45: a.m. Fr i day is , 
from July 12 to Aug. 16. : 
\ To music interjpreted by Miss 
Mittelmann art the piano or via . re- 
cordih^js, with oral explanation of. 
the diti'erient daiic^s, the various; cp- 
operatihi; pri;anizatibns will conduct 
participating dance . classes among 
listenihg . groups, . while, representa- 
tive gatherings of children: dance in 
the WQXR studio. For the first; 
program . the studio group . will be 
irpm the Ethical - Culture Summer 
Play school, with Mrs. Sadie Gas- 
sen, its dance director, giving^ the inr 
structidh to: listeners. . 


'Only tihne of His kind In AmeHva'' 


f Of the 1^2^,494 |>eopl<v 
wbo live and hiiy in the 
C K AC • Montreal Primary 
Listening Area, 65% speak 
French and 35% speak 

^ Tailor-made for the ric/t- 
esf singli^ market in Canada, 
CKAC's schedule is divided 
accordingly; 65% French^ 
35% English language pr6- 

• Mass cqveriage ' of a 
unique market through a 
single station. 

"Only One of Its Kind In America" 



'^Canada's Busiest Station*^ 
A CBS Affiliate 

McCbrmick's Slogan 

. ' ■ \Chlcag6; "July 2. ; 

Indicative ; of the spirit wl^ich 
infuses the WGN organization 
riby/ that Gol. ^l! R. McCprmick 
has takeii a perisonal interest in 
a drive to 'mkke: WGN /as im- 
portant, in the radio field as the 
Chicago Tribune; is in the heWs-: 
paper business' is the punchline 
now tagged onto every pilece of 
copy released by the . WGN- 
Mutual press stigiff. 

Tag blazons: V - 

•Watch WGN and Mutual!' 

University of Gincy Has 
Series of Shows on WLW 

. Cihcinhati, .July- i., 
In cooperation . with the University, 
of Gincinnati, WLW has inaiugurated 
a series of 12 half -hoik Sunday 
afternbon pirbgrarhs featuring the 
industrial capacities of Kentucky, se- 
lected as a typical midwestern state. 
.Prbgrams are non-commercial and. 
will originate f rbm . diflerent points.. 
Thiey will be superyis^id by. Ai:thur 
•Radkey, of the station's edUcatiohs^l 
department. . 

" Thb uUhiversity is providing tech- 
nicians, -announcers :and script 
writers. > 

Petrillo Hits 

Continued: trdm pasc^ z?, 

■ .~.Transamferican Broadcasting St 
Television Corp has sold.: another 
daiytime sierral, -Beyond "Theise Yal-: 
leys' to General ;Mills;. Also a serieis 

: of half -hour, musicb-script prograrhs 
to Chilian Nitrate, fertilizer; for use 
on stations in the farm areas in disc 

..fbrm. 'Valleys' starts on the NBG- July 22. , •. 

; .- P'Dayy Sh.eldoii & Cahaday is the 
■agency bn Chilian Nitirate; 


and most anything available, were 
hurriedly;: put to .work by NBC to 
filLin the time: , '! 

Around- New -York it was toughest 
week that the prbf essional rrien have 
had. to contend with ■ isirice 1937 
(when most of ■ the New York hotels, 
shut down /their remote;, wires ' be- 
cause : of Loc3l 86^'s $3 ; Ibroadcast 
tax). Scores of rertiote band periods 
were cancelled from -Monday through 
Thursday (24-27) .. by .the network; 
becaiise of broadcasting the Repub- 
licaii convention and ho sooner, \vas 
this cause of sbng-plug, casualties put 
of the way than Petrillo, brdered 
the, members Of . name bands to. - 
frain; from feeding .sustaining pro- 
grams to the NBC red and blue net.i' 

One professiohal' manager: related 
Monday (i) that of 24. plugs that he 
had placed . with leaders airing over 
CBS . and NBC ; during , last week ; 
there were actualiy only six -pei"- 
formances. Another told of figuring- 
on seven plugs over the past week- 
end and coming thrpu'jh with but 
one. : How hal:d the pluggers Avere 
hit by. the jcpmbination of events is. 
attested by the fact that the top tune 
in Variety's 'most played' compila- 
tion for the week ending Sunday 
(30) scored but 28 plugs.- The ac- 
cumulative plugs for these leaders 
have been ruhning in the 5.0's. 

Buffalo, July 2. 
Unable to ; get early: evening time 
on WBEN; Hormel Pi*oducts is buy>- 
ing two Buffalo outlets, for its NBC 
Burns and Allen show.; .WEBR gets 
the 7:30 p.m. shbw, and 10:30^ edition 
goes bn WBEN. ' 

: Sponsor is anxious ;. to . move into 
WBEN 7:30 spot as soon as present 
sponsor, CarHng Ales, exits. Carlihg 
is. e.f.- series. 

Politics Delays, iii Texas 

. Houston, July 2; .- : 
Pplitical speeches: iire being given 
precedence oyer cbmmercial pro- 
griams by radio stations during July, 
i "The new deorge Burns and Gracie 
j A.llen Hprmel program, as a result, 
will be denied to listeners oyer ra-: 
dio stations in the .southwest until 
.July 29; 

Pplitical speeches have been sched- 
uled at the hour the new Burns and 
Allen program would be available; 
until, after the Texas primary elec- 
tion }pn July 27. ■ 

U. S. Rep.: JOS. H. McGII.LVKA 

Safety Tunes on AVLW 

Cincinnati, July -2. 
• irvuig Gesar has granted WLW 
permission to Use his Songs of Safe- 
ty that were aired; on the . Rudy 
Valiee prograin several years since, 
j Tunes are being sung . by Lenore 
! Rinehart, of the Novelty Aces, in 
|. the Small Fry section of the WLW 
: Homemakers Review, iSaturday 
: morning half-hour show. , ■. 


t> nowmansnip 


In tlie 


Stanley Hubbard's Statement 

Mihneapblis, July 2;, 
Stanley Hubbard, KSTP inanager, 
in statement giving the station's 
side . of/ , the controversy, charged 
Twin City musicians' unibn heads 
with 'dictatorial tactics smacking ' of 
totalitarianismi' and declai-ed KSTP 
will not bow to siich methods. Hub- 
bard charges the union has inade rib 
; attempt to negotiate the differences; 

The strike, caused by KSTP's re- 
fusal to pay. a minimum pf $21,000 a 
year, for Twin City musicians 
\yhether or not their, services are 
utilfeed, has been in effect since 
June 8; NBC did not figure uiitil last 
week, however. ; After ; the .Cancel- 
lation of remote orchestra broad- 
casts, the station substituted variety 
show programs aiiid remained on the; 
air as: usual; 

Said; Hubbard: 'As far as; a quarrel 
with the union is cbncern.ed, KSTP 
is and always has been willing to 
sign a cbntract with the St. Paul and 
■Minneapplis locals, of A. E. Of .M. It 
is willing to agree tb a closed shop 
and to give employment to none but 
members of the union. . We will pay 
any reasonable wage, scale and will 
I agree to, any working conditions 
[ which the unions may prescribe" 
I The station nc'^er has and never will 
j refuse to negotiate. Th.ere ' is, . howr 
. ever,, a great difference between ne- 
gotiation and an ultimatum, and it is 
on this : point that KSTP and the 
musicians' unions aire not. agreed. 
During the; past few weeks .the union 
has made absolivtely no . attempt to 
hegptiate with Us. 



POPULAR Statiou 
Salt Laki City 


The; Situation in Richmond 

: - .Richmond,': Va.,V July- 2. - 
Strained relations between WRVA- 
and the local rnusicians. union has 
prevailed since last April when the 
station reduced its .expenditure's ; for 
studio musicians. The AFM branch. 
Local 123, set June 8 as the deadline 
for the signaturing of a written 
agreement guaranteeing the employ- 
ment of a defini te number o f • mu- 
sicians and when . WRVA failed to 
act the local ordered, . it^ members 
to have nbthihg to do 'with " the sta- 
tion's program.? and barred union 
orchestras in local dance spots to 
refrain from any WRVA remotes. 

When the AFM-radio .industry 
agreement on musician employment 
expired last January, WRVA, like 
Pther stations around the country; 
did not renew its obligations with 
AFM but informally maintained the 
status quo. .It continued to .expend 
as much as it formerly did for. local 
musicians Until the latter part of 
March w.hen . the .station elected tb. 
slash its musicians payroll. 

•»♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ > f » ♦ ♦ ♦ » ♦ » < ♦ »>»♦♦♦♦♦ f t » » ♦ ♦ » » » » ♦ < » ^ ♦ » t » ♦ 

From the Production Centres 


Jerry Lester does his initial appearance on! Pepsodent's Tommy Dpr.sey 
show (NbC-red) next Tuesday (9). The comic will get a couple mora 
guest shots during Aiigust, ^ . . WicklifT Crider, J. Walter Thompson's N. Y; 
radio p.a„ is mixing his vacation with a honeymoon. Marriage was last 
Saturday (29) and the bride's a powers mbdeJ. . . ,Ted Pearson got the p|u.g 
assignment on the Post Toasties end of the Elmer Davis daily news broiad- 
•casts on CBS. . . ^ Dorothy Loweir back from Cuba and her title part again 
written into sbript of 'Our Gal Sunday'; .. .Jirnmy Scribner, who, does all 
22 voices on 'Johnson Family' over Mutual, now back on his farm, at 
AmeUa,. Ohio, arid originating his broadcasts from WKRC, the network' 
outlet in Cincinnati. . . ; Percy Faith of Toronto, directing Garnatibn-'Cpii^ 
tented Houir' for the next three weeks, his first U. S. assi.5nmient ; . . .deal 
set by Columbia- Artists; . , .Teddy Bergman has at last deflniteiy taken 
the name of Alan Reed for keeps. . . .Eddie Andrews, leglter, neWcbmer 
to 'Amanda of Honeymoon HiH'. , . ,G. Richard Swift in charge of studio 
operations, at WASC; . ; ;he continues directing 'Morning Almanac'. 

Edward J. Fit2g[erald, Erwin-Wasey radio director, to Nova .Scotia for 
two weeks of Ashing . , . .Mark Wamow, Bea Wain, .Barry Wood' and Lyn 
Murray chorus all renewed for another 13 weeks (from July .27) for 'Hit 
Parade'. .'. .Boris arid Sergei Matusewitch,, Russian accordian-concertina 
team, doing Friday night series oyer. WQXR. " 

. , Eugene Jelesriik, yibi in ist. WiU appear Friday (5) on >IBC televi.sibn 
along with two fellow-artistes lately here from Europe,. Charlotte Clair 
and Edouard Futran. . ; .Gene Carr, . of WGAR, Cleveland, and . Lincoln 
Dellar, of KSFO, San Franciscb, among thosie in N, Y. last we«k; ;,;^^ 

Adelaide Bucheister, secretary of CJeorge Engels at NBC, married last 
week to Howard E. Qrr, . . .Mrs. Nat Singer, who issued thj blast last 
week at children's progranris, has been one of the grpup of club women 
dickering w.ith: the webs for past several years. . . .kidis liked best 'Informa- 
tion, Please'. . . .Leon Goldstein of WMCA going fishing for a fortnight. 

Francis Tonhazy has replaced Mpsa Havivi. as 'cellist in WQXR house 
orch, latter dropping oiit because of illness. . . .Frank Roehrenbeck, WHN 
station manager, flshihfj at Greenwood Lake for. two weeks :: . .Ray Lyon; 
WOR recording hbad, to make the address at the July 4 ceremony at 
Mpuhtalih Lakes, N. J.. . . stalk won't be broadcast, but he'll have it waxed. 


. Bob Burns taking six- week layoff; froni Kraft Music Hall tb be in 3hape- 
for the long summer head when Bing CrPsby absent^ himself.". ..LUd 
Gluskin framing a new summer musical f br CBS and iswiriging^ the. stick: 
for George McCall's 'Man AbOut Hollywood'. . . ;NBC taking its- first net- 
work prograrh from KFI in some time; Claude Sweeten 's 'America |yaltzes' 
with Lynn Martin as chanter. . . .Sahi Moore nioved in on Don Quinn's 
typewriter for the Johnson wax reliefer. Quinn will dabble in some fall 
scripts for Fibber and Molly while taking his respite ..; . A trip of. eights 
shows up on the Liix farewell. Program- ends, its eighth season on July 8 
for an eight-week saibbatical: Helen Hayes, who does at lea^t one Lux 
show a year, and Otto Kruger finale the season with -To the Ladieis';,. 
Bill Goodwin arid -Elvia Allman (Cobina) back froni Bob Hope tour of 
personals. Illness forced latter's return. . . ! Taking turns at the wheel for 
the jaunt to New York are Bob Longnecker and Harry Spears of CBS, 

and air chanteuse Jean O'Neill (Mrs. Spears) Leo Townsend soloing aa 

writer of Texaco summer series. . . .Woodbury Playhouse goes serial for 
the hot months, with. Forrest Barnes adapting Bill Sweet's 'Promoting' 
Priscilla- . for jim Ameche and Gale Page . . . .Charlie Lung replaced a 
Hindu actor oh; Ted; Sherdetinan's 'Monsieur le Capitaine' over NBC. The 
part calls for a Hindu. .. .Hal Styles; after getting jobs 'for thousands on 
'Help Thy Neighbor,' is now 'riepairing hearts' on KFWB. It's a takeoff, 
on 'Good Will Court.* He atso keeps -Neighbor' going. ... .Carroll Carroll, 
who writes all that Wordage for Bing Crosby and others ori Kraft, fit again 
after rest cure at Garmel. 


Tom Walsh added to 'Thunder Over Paradise,* as were Willard Water- 
man, Judith Allen and Carlton Brickert. ;. . Catherine McCune recouping 
frOm flu siege. .. .ElPise Kummer having, her molars revamppd following 
autb smackTup...'.Bill Green and Olan Soule doubling tb Thoda Cocrof.fs 
Coach House strawhat in OcbnomPwoc for production of 'Summer He^t/ 
directed by Art Pietersen. :;;. .Dick Todd east to patter some vocals for 
Bluejbird... .Frank Behrens now on the 'Right to Happiness* show. :; , 
Robert Zelems added to WIND spieler staff,. ...Riley Jackson back as m.c. 
pf WIND 'Night Watch' program after six-month leave Of absence. . . .Joe 
Mihal, former Purdue tackle, with WJJD announcing gang following ap- 
prenticeship at University station W BAA. 
— . V . ' ' — 4- 

's Campiis Recruit 

Detroit, July 2. : 
WJR, which has maintained a 
studio at the University of Michigan 
at Ann Arbor for the past 14 years, 
has named Dohn Chown not (Chi- 
nese), of student staff, as its annual 
selection to join station's profes- 
sional staff in Detroit. 

Station, which airs a daily campus 
program from Ann Arbor daily, 
equipped a studio with about $20,- 
000 worth of material 14 years ago. 
■ Robert B. Rains, : former IJ^troit 
They merelvhave "dio firm rep, has joined WJR's 
: handed us 2^imiSS&^^^^ with 
that we sign their contract without 

Kelly-Smith Co, and later vice- 
president bf Headley-Reed, Co. 

New Yoirk.— Hildegarde Goranson 
has joined Comptpn agency as re- 
search .• librarian, . replacing , Mrs; 
Grace Sumner. : 

RiEidio Ydice . personality 
:lo conduct transcribed allow 
a la Martin Block or Arthur 
Godfrey. Must liaye sales 
and proi2;rain appeal. 

Upstate New York sta- 
tion. Moderate starling i>ay 
with BWfiil future: for the 
riKht man. 

Address Box 640, Variety,' 
154 West 46th Street, New- 
York City. 


■ • ■ Ten I r';i I ( )|i id' 
OiiK ( US 



Deep Sea Effect 

iem liiade : its, ' flrst ■public, broadcast/ 
jjhs -ceremony,, on : Monday evening 
(1) from its new studio annex on 
gjst 52d 'street, :i^w ;Yoi:k: ..;ih a 
gaunt, pdkerrfaced : : tuilding; . pf 
(vlndowi^ss facade; rising six : stdrie^ 
[a, tlife- shell : of Hhe whilom^ ^Tuil- 
llatd Miisic ; School • hoiise^rtli^^ Avill 
.iltimately be seven new CBS studios 
and a -floor of offices all embody-, 
inu various innovations in . acpOstical 
flpslen :Tbe first of these, studios 
!S baptized by the Ted Cott-Lcon- 
arS teibling novelty: iHiit,;^^'Sd^ You 
rhink You Know Music?.' Ralph Ed- 
ward's Truth or Consequences', shqw 
shifts over, too, from the Barbizon 
Plaza Hotel studios it had been us- 
ing. • . \' 
: After the half hour . . broadcast, 
C R. Jacobs, CBS' construction 
manager, explained to the Manhat- 
tan daily and trade press radio edi- 
tors the acoustical signficance . of 
the series- of . wooden blades that 
occupy much of . the wall space; 
These blades are backed by . sound 
absorbing substances, . ihtt by 
)pening or closing them in relation 
0 the production . heeds of the pro- 
?ram (different , for niusic. and. di- 
aog, etc.) and "the number of per^ 
ioiis iii the studio the proper '.d iff 
lipn of- sound can be achreVed. , .No 
wo walls or surfaces Qf any of the 
lew studios are . parallel, a further 
:BS effort to achieve 'brilliant 
ound conditions,' 

With the blades, opehitig. and clbs- 
ng like so many gigantic pickled 
»ihe whale. fins^ the CBS studios are, 
0 that extent, .different from other 
adio studios in other places. No 
flatter ho.w new, it appears, radio 
tudips have '„■. '. habi t, . of : looking 
like. There invariably 'is a- bunch 
f guys behind a glaiVs/^vindbv^ mak- 
ng funny wig-wag signals to ... a 
unch of guys, outside. - . The chairs 
re invariably fragile affairs with 
luminunii legs that look like, they 
/oiild . collapse, but never dp. The 
.udience . is invariably primed to 
pplaud madly . at the slightest hint 
rem the cheer leader. Finally, .the 
low never fails to come .out on ' the 
ose with '23 seconds to spare for 
le oVation. • 

And afterwards th€ press depart- 

Smartly Handled 

In all, NBC and Columbia had 
the convention on the air for 11 
hours each,: while Mutual's pick- 

. up amounted toi a coupl^ more 
hours. Radio's coverage bf the 
event got it a uniformly corking 
press. ■ . Broadcasting, tan . the 

. comment, had confined itself to 
relaying the real highlights ahd- 
high points .of the proceedihg.?^cising. this :g^ judg- : 

" irient and restraint the; networks 
kept the thing from degenerating 
into the usual bdredo i. Jt had 
also protected itself from losing 
maximum audiences, not only for 

; commercial prpgranns, : but the . 

:Republican pickups themselves. 

One break that the Democrats 
won't get' at their Chicago con-' 
vention, which opens July 29, is 
television. There is no. coaxial 
cable for television running' bcr 
tween that city and. New York: 
Bell Laboratories did not charge 
NBC for the ..u'se of . the coaxial 
line between Philadelphia and 
New York. The telephone com" 
, pany decided to write this off. to 
experimental - expenses on . its 
ovirn. .' : :'r 

Nominee Faithful To 
Promise Made Earlier 

J : . ■',;Cincihhati,'.July-'2, - ■ 
. WLW's special coverage of the Re- 
publican national convention '] in- 
Philly last wieek w&s rewarded with 
a" major iscoop. . It was the first sta- 
tion to. air 'Wendell Lewis Willkie in 
an iiiterview. "The G. Q. P. standard 
bearer was miked Wednesday (26 ) 
frPih 6:45 to 7 p. m., at a time when 
his .'campaign took on . victpripus 
zip. Networks and other statiori were 
hot after 'Willkie for interviews at 
the time, but he filled the WL'W spot, 
which he pledged to FreH ; Thoiti ks, 
script writer, and Peter Grant, .ape 
news ■ commentator of the Crosley 
50,000 watter, at: the start of the cOn- 
ventioh. '. ' •■ 

(jecil Carmichael,. WLW: publicity 
chief and contact man, . escorted Will- 
kie his headquiarters in the 
Benjamin Franklin to the station's 
special studio in the same hotel for 
the broadcast. They lised a freight 
elevator : to avoid - delay. 


Joe Martin Was Very RadioiMinded 
In Giving the Time 

WGN Gesture to Indie WAAF 

ment (in this case Lou Ruppel) . in- 
variably- .takes .the- so-called work- 
ing press across the street for drinks 
on the house. 

Thie chairs have, niidnight blue 

Philadelphia, July 2. 

Radio was kingpin at the Repub- 
lican .National Convention which 
ended -Friday (29!). . Campaign nian- 
agers: for the yai-ibus .candidate."; 
checked closely pn the networks and 
local stiitions in order to know just 
exactly which programs their favo- 
rite sons would ' fpUovfi what their 
oppositioh ,wpurd be, etc. : ... . . 
• -it was even . reported . that when 
newsmen asked Congressman Joe 
Martin, 'chairrnan pf ; the conclave, 
what, time a scheduled speaker .would 
do his stuff, Martin answered like, a 
dyed-in-the-wool mike . Expert, : 'At 
11:29:30.' \-[:\ • '^-["i 
■ ■ Not only ' did the three rrtajor net- ' 
works cover the activities both in and, 
outside Convention hall like a. tent, 
but yirtually every local independent 
station had its own program. : in iad- 
dition, it the first politfcai: parley- 
ever to be televised. In a hall ad-: 
jpinihg :.Cphvehtion hall, RC A -NBC 
set iip CO television ■ sets to take care 
of persons unable to see the proceed- 
ings in the' -iflesh; The Pennsylvania' 
railroad opened a . lounge for press 
and'.radip; irieh •\vith:,'a televisioh .set, 
making it more popular : than the 
regular press section. Here drinks 
Were setved and the rooni air condi- 
tioned. ; The Convention hall itself 
was like a Turkish bath. : ■ _^ 

■WCAU\- stole a march :pn com- 
petitors:: by spotting , loud ' speakers 
outside of central-rcity hotels to. broad- 
cast the 'speeches '^nd .balloting at 
the cprivention.; 'n-ife . networks laiad 
made an agreement not to use loud- 
speakers in .order to avoid the noisy 
'Battle of Broad and. '\Valnut' of the 
Democratic parley' of 1936, when 
NBC and CBS put amplifiers op- 
posite corners. 

.' WPEN showed -what a small indie 
station cpuld do in oppositicin to 'the 
networks. The Bulovia-pwned: putlelj, 
had its oWn : booth on : the con vent ion. 
floor ahd 'piit in wires to the -heiad- 
quarters of every , major candidate. 
Spiels were handled by Nprrhan Jay, 
Lillian Slatei:, Arthur Simon, g.m. of 
the station, and [ Sybil Warner (Mrs. 
Simon). Most of the kiefy figures of 
the convention were nailed for intier- 
vicw^ oyer the station, WIP also 
followed such a routine. . > 

Chicago Tribune Station Ck\U It 'In Interest of Non« 
. Monopolistic Broadcasting' 

W^illkie's Gabbers 

. Presidential ' campaign - V rtian- 
•agers of Wendell L. Willkie, Re=" 
publican hbmihee,' are expecte 
to make much use of freelance 
announcers for stumpy speeches 
before clubs, tfiid pther:-gr 
The idea had already proved it- : 
self in Willkie's- drive for the 

His backers paid such : : 
nouncers $25 a talk, with the for- . : 
mer preparing the scripts and 
arranging for the groups to be : 


- : .. : Providence, July 1. 
]VIa3..Edney' Ridge, 
Station WBIG, - 
Greensboro, N.^C. 

Dear Major; . 

Your letter addressed to F.D, and 
just published in Variety calls for a 
dignified New England blast. 

F.D. sends out revised maps of 
Rhode Island annually. He wants 
the eastern counties of Massachusetts 
tacked on to. little. Rhody. And. we. 
have no quarrel with, him 6r his idea. 

: But When you try to inveigle one 
of our creative citizeiis to go to bat 
for you before the FCC simply be- 
cause you; want moire, pp^^ and:^ 
you say slanderously (I quote) in 
order that it can give satisfactory 
service to the citizens of ypur State 
(I unquote), you have overstepped, 
the ^bounds. You have not acted, sir, 
in .what ^ye consider the manner of 
a Southern gentleman. 
■ For WPRO 'covers the entire : State 
—lock, stock,' barrel arid Newport! 
More than that, with the addition 
pf . southeastern Massachusetts ,;tp 
Rhode Island as suggested by F.D,; 
we would STILL cover, the entire 
State. And, sir, we most certainly 
give satisfactory service! 

In, the alphabetical list of principal 
cities in the current; Almanac, the 
'.'.G.'s" consist, of Galveston and Grand 
Rapids— and , • .. 'alas ! : there , is . .;' no 
Greensboro. , ^. '■• 

If yPu have the right to be a small 
town, do: we riot have the right to 
be a small. Slate? ' ' . '■' ' 

Stephen P. ■WiUis,y - 
. . Gen'! Mgr., WPRO. 

Its Completion by Speaker 
Distasteful to Democrats 

The Deniocratic cpnyentipn in Chi- 
cago may take defensive steps tP pre- 
vent repetition : of one practice that 
occurred in Philadelphia last week 
at the GOP convention. While: the 
Blue, CBS and Mutual were broad- 
casting the actual' speech of the nesp- 
lutions cortirriittee chaiirman the NBC 
red network read a bulletin sum- 
marizing : the talk. 'This was okay 
as .a matter of ethics due to the rou- 
tine release caption 'at . time Of de- 

'' ■• :'.■■ . Chicago, July 2. 

Arrangemeiits hjscye been jiriade by 
WGN ' and Mut;aa'l , to feed WAAF, 
the Drovers Jpurnal station here, th« 
full iservice on the Democratic con- 
vention to be held in! ;the. Chicago 
Stadium beginning July 15; -: \' 
•: Special wire will take the conyeri- 
tion activities direct to WAAF which 
made- a frantic request for. this ser- 
vice to W.CJN. Chicago Tribune ' sta- 
tion steppied in with its assistance 
follPwiiigi-the .iriability WAAF to . 
obtain facilities -in the Convention 
hail; ' ' ^. •■....•:'■■ " 

..WGN states, that it is making this 

gesture of aid to ■ 'WAAF, iiidie- and 
ripn-network station, 'in . direct: :' ; 
tei-est of npn-rripnopolistic broad- 
castihg.' . . •. .:-^; : .' 

' WGN and Mutual have, arraiiged 
for mammoth coverage of the eon-, 
vention, with Chicago Tribune forces 
Vfdrkirig in :close collaboration with, 
the i-cgular WGN men. ; 

livery, - but the. Democrats may mark 
all mimeograph; : 

'For release en totp at time o/ de- 
livery or, iri pa.rfi,dNLY upon com- 
pletion of delivery' [ 



.t.ti V k i: •.* v • ' 

Fishell's 'Golf Clinic* 

Believed to. be the first program, 
of. ii i :'ki n a ^ : .. 'Golf : CI i rii c;' • weak ly 
15'-'rriihute . stanza - of cpn/ab ' about, 
by arid with the divot-dig.!,'cr.s, de-. 
b'uts . tQrhprrpw ini.?ht .^Thursc^ at, 
9 o'clock over WHN, :New .York. 
Diclv FishcU wili : handle::i't, . Using 
£am i liar •; links .. names : as gu es t ' inter - 
vieWeeis and holding bccia'sipnal- ' ifi uiz 
sessions. . . : . ' . 

Although golf, has a' player fol- 
lowing, -the ''only known programs 
oh. the spoi't have- been clcsc\rjptipi),s 
of tburriamehts ; arid v reports .' on 

Almost 2000 visitors a month at KMOX 
become new, closer friends of KMOX advertisers 

npHlNGS tovsee and places to go, when visiting 
X St. Louis, include farrfamed Municipal 
ippera, Forest Park and Zoo, Shaw's Gardens— 
and the KMOX studios. 

Uniformed guides welcome KMOX visitors. No 
charge is ever made for a thrilling half-hour 
"Adventure in Radio-Land" and, when our 
guests depart, vi e know they take along a resolve 
to listen more to the rnany good things on the air. 

9500 visitors canie to kmox since January 
alone . .Vdrawn cliicfly from a 100-mile radius of 
the station . . . men, ^vomen and children of the 
radio audience -r and: 1950 retailers and sales- 
men as special guests of the kmox Merchandis- 
ing Department. A visit to kmox makes them 
jnore conscious than ever of the power of this 
mighty voice of the rich Missouri valley. It's 
another KMOX "plus." 


Owned an d ppclalcd by Columbia Brbadcasting Sy s- 
lein.. Represented by R^lclio .Sales : New York, Chicago, 
? .Detroit, Chailolle, N.C.,. San Fiancisco, Los Angeies 





Market Shows Peclinea in All Catiegories of Locil 

Staitiori Revenue 

V: Network drop in New York ; ci(y 
Was : snvail compared with' . /oth^V 
cities; / WOR lost only; an hour of 
Mutual commercials, while ,W^GA 
added a . half-hour, oh 3 regiohal 
hbbkup. Local and natiohql spo up 
slightly. ■"-]' ■ ■^■■V .,' ' 

, WHN is now stressing its 1010 ire- 
quiehcy bh red and blue car cards in 
Fifth avehue brasses and New Haven 
trains, '/• '. 
; WMCA: Sharon Springs Board, of 
Trade, quajter-hpur^.; ATOcritah Tp- 
bacco Co., through Lord &, Thomas, 
13-week renewal of 2 Vs-min;: Lucky 
Strike discs. Hotel St. /GeOEge, par- 
tidlpatioh in 'Rise and Whine', Pall 
..Man cigarettes, through Yoiihg •&. 
Riibicam, renewal qt 46 pne-rhin. 
sppts: a week, Eic-Lax, through Jo- 
seph Katz, arinounceiroenis. .: 

WHN: Jacob . Ruppert Efrewery, 
thf oiigh Ruthrauff & Ryan, (juarter- 
hours. Pall Mali Cigartettes, through 
Young & Rubicam, announcements. 
Thomas System, thrpugh Frank R. 
Steel, one-min- spots, 52 - wto^ 
Regent Cigarettes, 130 announce- 
ments ■ ■tveekly. r 

: WNEW: CUshman's Sons Bakeries, 
thrpugh Samuel G. eroot, fiye/five- 
mini spots weekly, 'Music HaU'. A. 
Schulte, Inc., through . Charles Sform 
Co., five quarteir-hpurs aitid -.52 ; an- 
^nbunciBmerits- weekly. . 

W(5XR: Campbell Soup, through 
yrai'd Wheielpck, 19. anhduricements 
weekljr; ,10 yreeks. \ 

June. 29 Compared to Jiiuiti 22 

Network . Local National Total 
Units Unita Spot Units ' Units 
675 9,394 15,770 25,839 
705 9,418 16i057 26,180 
1.2% —0.2% —1.7% : —1:3% 


Detrbil LIUle Affected by <3^ 6. P. 
'..Cancellatlpnis ■ ■ : ;■■ 

Detroit, July 2. 
Covering Republican confab pushed. 
many commercials off petrpit stia-' 
tibns,, biit the natiprial spot bobm 
icontinues,;this week reaching all pre- 
vious figures in this index./ : > . 

June 29 compared to June iS2. 

■--WXYZ)-: ■ ■ " 
Network Local National Total 
Units Units Spot Units Units 
' 7,90a V li;i4i 4,885 : .23,931 
8,145 11,072 4,761 23,978 
—2.9% ■ -FO.6%- -j-2.6% -M).2% 

It's the Same in Hartford 

Hartford, July 2. . 
National spot and local business 
shows no signs, of going into a sunj- 
mcr tailspin, but network c.incella- 
tions carried the total units down 

5%. •,. : r "': 

June 29 Compared to. June 22 

Network Local National ; -Total 
Units Units Spot Units Units 

6,592 1,939 . 1,784 .: 10,315 
7,176 1;921 1,798 10,895 
—8% ■ .-+0.9% • -^.8% -^.3% 

10^ Drop Commemorates 


Salt Lake City, July 2. / ■ 
•'. Summer hit. Salt Lake Citjr. and 
local advertisers are dropping 'their 
schedules. * National spot stuff stay- 
ing on an even keel, helped some- 
what the past .week by Willkie an- 
. nounc^ments. 

KUTA: Prudeiitial Federal Sav- 
ings, through Harris, agency, 26 an- 
noiinceriients; Western Furniture 
Co.». 52 announcements. . Wolley's 
Roller Rink, 26 announcements. Utah 
Oil Co., through Gillham agency, 52 
one-niih. spots. Capitol Gleaners, 52 
announcements. . ■.' 

June 29 Compared to. June 22 
t ; (KDYL, KSL, KUTA) 
Network ' Local National Xptal 
Units Units Spot Units Units 
5,767 2,067 . 1,347 . 9,181 
6,571 2,331 1,336 10,238 
^12% —11% +9.8% —10.3% 

/A/ ^ 

^ Los Angelej, . July 2. 
Local biz continues forte, reaching 
the: second highest mark in the past 
five: months. Network and natipnal 
spot okay, too, cpnsidering amount of 
time cancelled : for carrying cbnven 
tion. ■ •• ; ■'' ' 

KNX reports pr; Pepper Bottling; 
through . Tracy-Locke-pawsOn, 15 
time signals weekly indef. Also 
Lindsay Olives, through Lord 81 
Thomas, 78 participations in Fletcher 
Wiley . combination, and United Bak- 
eries, through Leon Livingston, for 
16 time signals weekly; Forest Lawn 
Memorial Park, through : Pan B 
Miner, 13 five-min. programs; 

KHJ: Central Chevrolet, through 
Stodel Adv., 30 announcements; Glo 
Co, through Brisacher^Davis, 13 an 
npun cements. 

KFI: Bullocks, through Dana 
Jones, 90 announcements; Barkes 
Brps>, thrpugh Marion Kyle, 52 one 
mih. spots; Blecho Co., through Dan 
B. Miner, 13 participations in . 'Art 
Baker's Notebook.' 

KEC.%: . . Pepple's 'Committee tor 
Willkie, 13 half-min. transcriptions; 
Ex-Lax, through Joseph Katz, 150 
one-min. discs; Bekins Storage, 
through Brooks Adv., 260 participa 
tibns in 'Mid Morning Jambbriee'; 
Bimiiii Baths, through Philip Meany, 
26 announcements; Thrifty Drugs, 
thrpugh Milton Weinberg, 260 quar 
ter-hour newscasts; Seven Up Bot 
tling. through Glasser Adv., 52 spots. 

June 29 compared to June 22 

KNX) \; 

Network Local National Total 
Units Unitis Spot Units Units 
11.008 11,727 ' 1,731 24,466 
11,172 11,514 1,784 24.470 

—1.4% ■ +1.8% • ^2.9%, . —0.02% 



Increase of NatT Spot 

Noted in San Antooiot 
Market Totals Hold Up 

San Antonip, Jiily 2. 
Stations here recouped the nation- 
al spot losses of the past two weeks 
with a 10% gain. Local biz remains 
as is; 

KONO: Academy bf Musical Arts, 
three quartet'-hburs - 'Weekly. Owen 
Kilday, political talk.. , 

KABC: Texias Co;, through Bu- 
chanan, 13-week renewal of strip of 
quarter-hour. . newscasts . Texas 
State Network. Taylor Tabernacle, 
two announcements daily. Barte 
Bedding Co., announcements and 
:wo play-by-play double-header 
Daseball broadcast?, Carta Blancr 
Beer, daily announcements. Owen 
Kilday and Pierce Brooks, political 
talks. ■ "-'^ 

WpAI: Peter ?»aul. Inc., through 
?latt-Forbes, ^daily ahnpuncement. 
Lydisi. Pinkh^m, through. Efwin 
Wasey; daily bne-mirt. ET, 39 weeks. 
Milan Cafeteria, through McCabe 
agency, participation ' newscasts. 
First Federal Savings & Lpan, 
through Coulter, ^ Mueller & Grin- 
stead, two ' ftveimihi discs weekly. 
Erneist Thpmpson, political talks ovtir 
the Texas Quality Net, 
: June 29 Coinpared. to jniie 22 . - 


Network Local . National 'Total 
Units Units SpotUiiitq, Units 
4,994 7,391 ^ 2,341 • 14,726 
: 5,309 7,464 2,126 14.899 

—5.9% -^.9% +10.1% 



• Baltimore, July 2. 
. Continued calm hereabouts W^ith 
local, count only classification show- 
ing an improvement. 
:. WFBR: Dpan's Pills, through 
Street & Finney, three announce- 
ments wi^ekly. 

; WGBM: Bonwit-Lennon. local spe 
cialty shop, strip of a.m. newscasts'. 
Juiie 29 compared to, June 22 . 

Network Local National Total 

Units Units Spot Units Units 

7,555 5,247 2.166 14,968 

7,645 5,190 2.286 15,121 

—1.2% +.1%. — 5:2%.::.— i% 


Denver, July 2. 
With local business well above the 
past five-month average, Denver sta- 
tion managers look optimistically; to- 
ward a good summer. Reported new 
biz follows: — 

kOA: industrial Federal Savings 
& Loan Association, through McCann 
Eriekspn* 'Musical Clock, strip, 52 
weeks; Martin Bros., through Ray- 
mond Keane, 24 quarterrhpurs, 'For 
Women Only'; Amiter's, through Ray- 
mond Keane, 102 announcements; 
Dupler's : Art Furriers, thrpugh Ted 
Levy, . daily aiinpuncements, 52 
webks; : Joe Kavanaugh (tires), 
thrPugh Bob Betts, six bhe-mih. spojts 
weekly; Hollywood Bread, through 
Wobley,& Hunter, 14 announcements. 

KLZ: Dandi-Cane, Inc., 39 quar- 
ter-hours; Atlas Finance Corp, 
through Max Goldberg, 13 announce- 
ments; Campbell-Sells Baking Co., 
through Wooley ;& Hunter, 104 an- 
nouncements; . Dban's Pillsi , through 
Spot : Broadcasting, 158:: one-min. 
spots; Ejc-Lax; thrpugh Joseph Katz, 
250 brve-mih, discs;" Joseph Schwartz 
(jewelers), 104 announcements; Colo- 
rado Tent & Awning Co., 13 an- 
nouncements; Haskins Bros, (soap), 
through Presba, Fellers & Presba, 52 
fiVe-min. spots, twice weekly. 
• ; June 29 compared to June 22 

Network .'Local 
Units Units 
7,003 : 4,383 
7.173 4,401 

—2.5% —0.4%. 

National Total 

Spot Units Units 

1,334 12,720 

1,487 13,061 

— 10.i2% . -T-2.6% 

Cincy Quet Radio B, 0. 

Cincinnati, July 2. 

Quiet is the word for Cincinnati; 

WKRC: Albers Super Markets, 
through Frederic Ziv^ added 10 min- 
utes to announce winners of weekly 
half-hour tune quiz program. Stand- 
ard Oil bl Ohio, -thrbugh . McCann 
Ericksbn, added a 10-min. Sunday 
riewspast to the weekday' schedule. 
June 29 Compared to June 22 ; 


Network Local Natibnal Total 

Units Units Spot Units Units 

4,470 8,425 5,502 18,397 

4,650 8,407 5,706 17,763 

—3.1% +0.2% —3.5% —1.9% 

WELI's Fiirm Drama Barn 

New Haven, July 2. 
, WELI concentrating on straw hats 
this summer. Clinton Playhouse in 
tie-up . with Shartenberg's . store, 
Alexander Kirkland, director, and 
giiest stars coming down for com- 
bined p. a. and mike shot every 
Tuesday. Stony Creek and Montp- 
wese Players also listed regularly. 
. Paul Wagner reviews rural drama 
twice a week on WELI. , ; 




By Adelaide Marston , 

Dedicated td the vvomen of America. 
■ The story of a woman who must 
choose .between love and the. career 
of raising other' woman's children. 

WABC-CBS— 10:30-10:45 A.M. E.D.S.T. 
78 Stations Coast-to-Coast 

Direction BENTON & BOWLES, Inc. 
Management ED WOLF. RKO BUILDING. New York 

Seattle's 1% Skid 

. Seattle, July 2, 
Seattle stations carried heavy Cr 
O. P. convention schedules knd suf- 
fered in the pocketbook with a drop 
in netwPrk units. National spot and 
local stuff okay. 

JuiVe 29 Compared to June 22 
(KIRO, kOL, KRSC, KXA) '} 
Network Local National . Total 
Units Units Spot Units Units 
3,365 10,275 1,174 14,814 
4,61(1 10,231 1,129 15.970 
—37% • +0.4% ; +4% . :. —7% 

WGAR Host to Editors 

V V Cleveland, July 2. 

To: help solidify relationships be- 
tween newspapers and radio, WGAR 
will bring to Cleveland July 12 some 
20 editors .of country weeklies • from 
Northern Ohio to air a round-table 
discussion. ori.radib and press. Good- 
will gesture ties in with current Sat- 
urday noon show, 'News of Our 
Neighbors,' which consists of items 
sent to Ralph Wbrden, WGAR news 
editbry. by. country weekly editors. 
Prpgrafn ordinarily runs ,15 minutes, 
but will be extended to half hour on 
July 12. ' ^ 

Program of entertainment ihclud- 
ing Cleveland Indian ball game is on 
the docket for the editors. ■ 

Chicagp, July 2, 
: Chicago's radip business goes along 
about, the same, and little change 
would have been : noticed had it not 
befrn for / heavy network cancblla- 
tions : to carry the: convention prp- 

WBBM: Snider Packing Co., 
through Charles W. Hoyt, three 
quarter-hpur newscasts weekly, ; 

WGN: Behrus Watch Co., thtough 
J. D. Tarcher. three chain breaks 
daily, .; 52 weeks. Old Dominion 
RoPm, thrpugh. Hamilton agency, 
three arinouncements weekly. . '■ 

WMAQ: Peter Paul, Inc., through^ 
Platt-Forbes, three quarter-hour 
newscasts weekly, 52 wee'ks. 

.'■ June 29 Compared to June 22 


Network Local Nationiatl . Total 

Units Units Spot Units Units 

9,005 5,169 10,148 24,322 

9,355 5.190 10,139 24,684 

—3.7% . --0.4% +0.08% : —1.3% 

San Francisco Reports 

San Francisco, .July 2. 
Local and national spot business 
in San Francisco continues the 
steady climb upwards. It's , the 
eighth gain .in nine :>yeeks: for 'each 
category. • ' V' 

June 29 Compared to June 22 
Network . Local National Total 
Units Units Spot Units Units 
.8,2o3 3,976 2,092 14,273 
8.280 : 3.215 1.869 13,364 
—0.8% . +21% +12% . ■, +6.7% 

Des Moines' Siieht Wilt 

Des Moines,; July 2. : . 
Airing, .the; Ilepublican convention 
cost the three Deis Moines : stations 
plenty of coin, . witness the ., loss 
chalked up in network and national 
spot columns. Lpcal ; units, regained 
some of the previous week's heavy 

June 39 compared to June 21 


Network Local 

Units Units 

7,100 2,765 

7,470 .2,697 

—4.9% +2.5% —3.5% 

: National - . Total 

Spot Units Units 

4,727 14.592 

4.902 15,069 


Jerry Connelly, Cochrane, Alberta, 
rancher, formerly of radio station 
CJCJ, Calgary, is in hospital with a 
broken log. He was thrown by a 

Music for 


Composed and Condacted 




Kansas City Biz, Chart Down in All 
, Classifications 

■ :. Kansas City, July 2. 

. Normal summer ' trend to : lighter 
business which began asserting Jtself 
several .weeks ago, is fibvi -in ea rriest 
evidence with every station oift, 
e.specially in local. Entry of ; Alpeh 
Brau ihtP Kansas City market sty- 
mied larger drop in national spot. 
Beer account is using several sta- 
tions. KCMO reports Copper Razor 
Blades on 52-week renewal of news- 
easts. :, 

June 29 compared to Jiine 22 


is pleased to announce 
the appointment of 


(Formerly Production IVjahager of WMCA) 

raiti Director 




■ 6,405 
—<i.2% . ■ 


.: 6,476 

Spot Units 


7,179 . 
— 0.7%' 


Weduesaay. July 3; 1940: 



iQolonh^ Chatter 

Continued trom page. 2, 

;.nun wjien it took off l^^fpre dawnT 

..■.^Skywriters. • 
Virst passengers on the .Boeing 

iSpre 10 mag and paper aviation. 
^«riters who flew in. Friday .mPtning; 
C^^hirdV annual TWA-awards 
Teted and: fed at the Ad- 
fStismg Club, .thfe ;top -pme-Winnets 
liere Justin Bowersock, Kansas City 
ffi- Gaston JWterque.; Wall Street 
!|Suxi,at, and Wdyne Parrish, Ameri- 

!'^?vS^'**S. Beck, jii^esident ot 

; Wnded th<i plaques, and checks (from 
down' to $25). Best acceptance 
meech was Dorothy : Kaucher'g. She 
;1« a .lecturer at San Jose State Teach - 
es College, Galif.,yarid^lr«^^ 
writer. She recalled being in New 
York (froin hometown, .St;: Jbe's,- 
Mo ) 12 yearis- ago- Rubbernecking 
tfecause she could not find a job,, she 
InBD^ted the Ford tri-motor^^ 3^ 
pfeMi station. It thrilled her and 
steadied her nerve when khie had to 
.*ce I-told-you-so's . .at home when 
Bhe got back, broke/; :M 
of that occasion made her winning a 
plaque and cash aWard from TWA 
teiply joyous, iaid: gray-haired Miss 
Kaucher who added she was going 
.to make a brief stop; at St Joe's ien 
.'■rout^- to Sjan;Jbs6! • 

v.. 'RKputflt^ '>■.' 
. Seven RKO men and a March: of 
time; moneybags virtually mbnopo-^ 

'Ijztd the early aftetnoo^i Americah 
airliner fbr Buff ailo iaSt week. The j/ 
boppjed upstate to attend : a: testi- 
ihonial dinner at the Statler for 
Charlie Bdasherg, promoted frjom 
Buffalo manager to district manager 
jn charge of v Detibit, Cleveland, 
Indianapolis knd Cincinnati, and ;Ei- 
mer Lux, prorhptcid frorh salesman 

. 46 Mr. B's; ex-job, Jph|p Wood, 
treasurer of the M; of T., wa^^ g;oaded 
into buying a drink '. ; the Kitty 

. , Hawk Robrh at the a irpp rt before the 
takeoff;, the oth^irs ;pointed ; but that 

:a treasurer in ;the p;arty wis Small 

• ;use if; he jiidn't loGsjen : the; putse- 

/'iBtrings ;a trifle; V . . 
'Heading the octet was Ned £. Der^^ 

;^ pinet vice-pi-;esident, : ; and . pthers 
wert! ; A.: W. Smith;; sales ^ manager 
•who was toastmastier at: tlie dinner; 
iiarry . Michialson, ;, .short subjects 
fltdes manager: R; S. AVpiff, New York 
branch manager; Robert Mochrie, 
eastern sales, rnianager; A. A, Schu-' 
bart, manager of brarich pperatibns. 
and M- G. Poller, manager of tjie 

> play date deparlmeht. • 
KeSf ;... 

VVacationihg ; in Bermuda are .the 
Robert Rosses, " he' the actor-director, 
she .Margbla;.GiUmbr,e. \ They clip- 
pered. oiit : the • diiy V af ter Rosa's 
Jlaplewoody N. > J.V summer ., piay- 
: Iio.u§c opened; wUh Sinclair Lewis 
In; *Ah, ;Wilderness;.' . DuriJig . their 

WOR Mftves F-M Site 

WQR, New . York,.; Will move ..its 

i F-^M transmitter within the next few 

Ti/r- 1 J J -i, Au w^^. I dayis , to -444 Madison aviehue,. New 


i^^*^^ ^ ;been e^timatfedv but preliminary. teSts- 

— ^ ^^1: ^^^ ; wilL bs made lb determine whether 

n^S^£^»rf^r ^^-"'v^!r-^ a vertical; pr horizontal ahtenrta is to 
new fllm the vGoldwyn. studiO; .1 hp cpjppfpri- 
Lorentz had alighted at Washing- - ^^ -"^ 

ton, . h.bwev.eri . and. the 4threstater3 ' ^r.M transmitter is. now at: the same 
are still in the dair.k. .' ; ; . • " : spot . as the. , regular, transmitter, on 

, ' :. - i?iriieiv : j the rncs;-?!! land near the'mouth-bf 

■ :It's -high ' time; foi^ i^^ l^ bf the i^^'J*ahwa^/;riVei^ 
tim^s. When -the city was readyvto : 9^, -^^.,^ .^^ ^ 
open LaGuardia Field; along came . '^hift w^ll be .to send the P-M signal 
Arde Bulpva 'ariH . bef bre : long his? ^"^m *he ■ h ighest possible site, a? rt 
clocks , adorned- all the walls, behind : operates, on a. tundament^ly differ- 
tibket qbunters of all -the. airlines, ih ;[ent , pnpciple. .from /regular radio 
the' restaurants; down in . the bag- ti'mFtnission: • .-.;• ; .' . 

• - Only three., engineers wi.n . be -• 

F^M Ansiv^ 

Continu(i4:froni page iS7.;:_; 

gage rooms and but in the hangars. 
.One master clock .was going to see to 
it that about lOO clpckis were ; acr [ 
curate Withiti -a; second or two ifer : 
month. A hitch , develpijed.;. Now 
there are Lbngines at; the United Air 
Lines cpuntejp and ;Benrus is with 
TViTA. Major reaispn fbr the / switch 
was that the lines had radib, spots 
linking airline with clockmaker. and 
naturally didri't want tb; Ibbk Jfopl- 
ish by having the ..wrpng} clocks ^ 
;the: wails.. ■ r ■ -v. :' ' ' 


vblved in the shift. 


: chasedj but they .are high pricbd and 
■the d.esir-e has so far' been expressed. 
byr.not inore: than, fifteen percent ol 
radip. set purchasers,' arid the ; prac 
. lice of these users has been to ; im 

mediately . destroy the actual high 
William. T;; Hbff,^^ffibi ~fotbg\at , ndelity^^ of;;: tlie; set 'by; setting : the 
e airport arid ex -N^ .Y..; Daily News .i ."tone; cpritrol-' so that, they recbiye 


man, is .bursting put; ih. a rash of 
color. His; second kbdachrome. lay ^ 
but in the. Satevepost. is :due soon;; 
and others are; in the satcheli Do- ' 
irig a riew: series 'the other- day, he 
approached a; gijri, asked iif she would 
pose for a iribmient. : (He had lobked 
all oyer , for the iikeliest , prbspect.) 

an excess; pf-bass and low Irequerieieis 
rather than enjoy the high fidelity of 
which these .seta/ might be capable; 
-it ; therafbre ■ becomes apparent that 
the; public, is riot suffering through 
any lack' of high fidelUy thrpugh the 
present systern ^bf :brbadcastihg, . ; 

j - J - J u>* -, J ' Now comes' the question, ^ w^ 
She chuckled. .and- said, she wpuld, v^^^^fito > t+ r.Af fvi^- i* i^ 

and did. It wa^:Gecilia Meagher/ ! benefit? . It. is. not the - public, ..rt. is 

Harry: Gpnover ;studio model 
■; . . ; "Mex-' .: :■;;.;.■. 

. Shooting from any angle,., camera- 
meri gbt slick : pii. on .Olga Betan- 
court when she arrived last Mbriday 
from- Alexico: City. via. Eastern Air- 
Liihes. : blga, an plive-iskjnned .beauty. 
Was chosen by La Preriza to repre-. 

riot ; the: broadcaster, then it leaves 
only the manufacturers, which in- 
deed is ;a. dark hbrse pif;. a; different 
colpr.. Tp begin with, the engineers 
who. have, .iso. far,;, been the chief 
spokesmen fpr. the prpriiioters of fre-. 
quericy. system of transnriission testi-. 
fy that; in prdei* to giye anything like 
.the sarnie service being given thrpugh 

sent .Mexicp in ; the ..Pati-Am^rican ! ^ ^^^sent. system bf broadcasting. 
Coui^ of Beauty. :at.the::|:igin show^at J ^^tions : Would rhe re- 

th^Fair^durmg^tlte cpmm because, of the' distance 

Fotogs said the Jass ^^y :^9iogen^. ,^.^.^^^.^^^^^^ 

cally. .super. . _ y1 quericy modulation. . Sale 'of these 

. . .... . Gri|i . ' ^ ( trahsm^ 

A broad grin under; his mop of .red . ^ juicy;.iittle diet for the manufac 
hair was Don Budge's only reaction | tureirs, ; '■ The public can hear fre 

lished interests/ y Where 
are asking, Will the networks stand 
on F^M? Broadcasters are asking^ 
3Ut the networks .are not answering. 
Not after that drubbing the FCC 
gave them in the recerit monopbly 
report The webs indubitably have, 
pr sliprtly will have, fairly; clear . 
notions of hbw F-.M fits in, or;doesn'tj 
with ; network bperatibri; as , now 
known. But they'll probably emit ; 
not a single peep one way or the 
other. . ■ ■■ 

Under the FCC rules for the; Arm>; 
strohg-created type of transmiissiori; ; 
the locial.F-M station must..hereaft;er 
broadcast ■ three vhours: by day and 
three hpu.i:s by night, br six hpurs ' 
in every 24.. ; And brie, iiird this re-r 
quireirient is specifically .to be of 
Ibcai, ;.speclal, • S-tM. origin... In othet •: 
wp'rdis,.ho,t 'duplicated' (i.e. not.heard 
on an. amplitude frequency station, 
and, herice, -,nbt of network origin ). 
WTMJi; MiiWaukee, and WTIC. ; Hartr 
fbrd, have l)een meeting this require-- 
m'ent to .date . by- the use : of sirnaU.; 
Pharnber miisic ensembles;: , . : 

In the abserici^ ;of anybbdy ;a Pt; 
.willing tp spbak authpritatively for 
tjie netwbrks • these 1940 .questions 
arifr ' ;simply . for the .record: . Will 
the webs ; allow their ; affiliates 
tb; divert, to F-M auxiiiaries the susr 
taining: sei:vice received thifou.^h.the 
telephone lines? Will the ' A T; & T. ; 
sanctipri it? Will advertisers be will.T 
ing to pay exVa. for the. .diipilication 
over .F-M of programs originated in 
the ordihary viray? Will ';ie musicians : 
union. ;allpw the. allotmpnts bf their 
amplitude ; station contracts ', to^ be 
partly absPrbed pri F-M aiixiliaries? 

There aire expected, to be $biTie ;i 50 
new F-M licenses granted by the 
FCC in the first rush of applications. 
Tlie- construction iand operation ; of 
these ; stations will thus presumably . 
bring up these program service ques- 
tibris fori answering sbnijs -time* next, 
■winter/-: . ;,■.'■■;:■■■■.;.■; ;- ,-. -' 

to Martha Ray e's quip as, he boafded 
for Boston 'at . an American. A'i gatp. 
The guy the . girl called 'my . racket' 
said he wa.i going up ph; business for 
the spprtirig gbbds firm he works for,, 
and not. to play any ;tennis. . . Off tp 
Buffalp; • .went . Tommy Tucker , pn 
Mbnday^^ arid pifE tP Proyidence went 
Kathleen. Kennedy, daughter of . the 
Ambassador, .gaily, deriying rumprs 

quency mpdulatipn brpadcasts only 
by purchasirig . receiving sets -de- 
• signed tb; receive this type of ttansr 
missibn. or' one which is. capable; of 
receiving, bpth types of broadcasting, 
The present day receiver will hot 
give satisfactory pperation even with 
adapters for ;frequency : modulatibn 
:transm)ssipn. .;5o, if -it r'-.n be made 
tb appear, that: today's :broadcasting 

Of, an infiminent engagement. method i.s obsolete, and is going tb be 
Raiher slid silently into: tpwn in her I .j^gjjjgj,^^^ by; this, new system, it will 

chauffeUred; limbusine, after landing 

mean; a complete ' replacement of 

J^-' r h -^ of. the air transportation; industry; .plight reveals -that sortie iSOO 

iQ-day .stay on^ the ^ island^^Wiey | ^o^es t^^^ existence, the great 

.planned ,to. visit John Lewis., one of . _„i„tionc office irt New York frir ) iAVi*^- ^4 ,i.i,n,^ :v,o„o ,.,nri,ovi 

• :RGA has:;Cut dbwn its, television.. ■ 
coinplement; cpnsideraViy, thi-ee, di- 
rectprs ; 'arid six technicians .. being „ 
dropped,. S^yerar of, the ;- iatter, 
classified ais ; erigiiifeers, ;haye ;b^ 
re-assigried tp radip departments of 
NBC, Reaispns for. the revision are; . 
sutnmbr. siP\yness,- plus the indefinite :. 
pbstporiennieiit of cpmmercial , tele- . 
castirig on /orders ; frbm: the Feder^ ; 
Qpriimiihic.atipns Confimission. ^ .V: 

There ,wili;. be no. ' dramatic tele- 
Casts until aUtuiinrtV^ Thi^ ; weekv-the; 
brpadcasts are limited to ; three ; 
riety ; . "shlpWs and ;-- seyerai; ' . sjpprts;; 
e vcnti, :. -such- . . asi amateur; boxing, 
Racing telecasts, which Jwere made :" 
firoiri ; the yBeliinont . ' a A^juetiUCt 
tracks, will- probably; . also" .be made 
at Empire, where the races, switched 
this week, r---/' ] ; ' ' :■■„ 

Fpui*' directors; .retained ^i:e ;Eddie 
Spbol; Warrien 'Wade, Thbnias Riley . 
and ;Burke; Crotty, . ; Those out ; 
■Donald Davis, Edward; Padula .arid .; 
Reggie Hamriiefsteiri. ;■ 


froni a TWA Sky Chief.. ;. I present ; day ' receivirtg sets. , The 

. : ' : Moves :•'.;• , [ total run.s into a tren\endous figure. 
Robbie ;Robin.spn, i4-year veteran ; ' Examination of the- broadCastef's 


• * 11 • • t,.r.^ i lic relations; pffice iii New York fbr. I jprily' whom, have worked long 

^^'^r^;^f^^^^r^n^Sv' Robbie is about as well i Ind ^hard : pyer a period ; of yeait 

w ° ^^o^^^y-. ^known an.: airline man as Broadway ; to develop ^ a, franPhise which they 

,uer lasi snpw. . affprds, having handled trie reserva- , .thought justified tiiem. in creating; 

^. Error ... tions. for show: biz folk. for ;Some .time ' gh A'.yierican institution which was 

; Allan .Updegraff, Newsweek staff • past ; He'llvfill the post, left by Leo '. something besides just an adverti.?- 
nian and 'aiitlior-translator of a new:; Bafj-qn who is moving up;to be. as- ' jng medium, and we have as a re- 
Doubleday; book .the life of :| gistant; to Theon Wright national i guit. the American system of broad- 
... Andre .-Maginpt; French defense line'tilic relations, director of the; line .•pasting Which has far and beyond' the 
builder, brought back the prize: story I in Kansas City. The press room at , highest standards bf any other coun- 
of the^^eek. when he came Jn on a |L^ G. Field ;is h^ppy. to learn the.^; try of the world; What happens to 
ri«T^ boat, from^ Lisbon. His shifts will not pull away • Bart- these; broadcasters as a. result" of the 
,!h^!L^"':;?!??^^'; t*evear; contact. maa.. at the airport; ;; issuance of,: commercial franchises 

V Party':. , ; .'for the pperatipn, of frequency., 

'Defend Your Country,' ballad .rnbdula ted broadcasting station? So 
written by Leo (brother of G us ) .Ed- far as any information is available tb 
^Wp woro . /^f^'+v,^ I wards and John W. Bratton, ;had its date, it would appear that the', prior- 

We.were:out .on; the edge pf- the ^-j^ : premiere V Saturday nig^ at lity and .developmbnt::WOTk-:of these 

the TWA-Red Cros.s party ;; in the j-bl'oadcasters; :would go. fpr naught. 

Down on tv,o V^'<T^-«f 'f^^^^ Aviation Terrace Restaurarit .at -the ■ At the tiriie when.' they, miist . step 

"own on the. edgevp^.the float .we|^j^^^^_^. j^^^^ 

ressea iijg gQQ guests ;rbared their appi-Pval..' mission; hearings and ma^ pl'eia 
The spng,: . ::heatt.-stirrer.; was; inr for new -stalipn.^,. they ■will: find them- 

■t the time with: her rag-tag clothes 
and holes iri her .shoes, but. Al's yarn 
of . the last . day : ■ Lisbon was ; a 

tay when. We. saw a British; Over 
seas plane come in and land,' he. ,said. 
Down pn the. edge of the- ~ 
coulql ;see;; a tall,^ tfiin 'man 
■ In reigal uniiformV : A sirigle. thought. 
' ran thirpugh the minds ofi, everyone 
. tbeT;e: GPod GPd! the,:Kin^ of Eng^ 

. ...^^^ . ' '.; S^^ 
. CBS' •''American Schobl of the A;ir' 
received ; official. - recbgnitiort; last 
week from Lloyd W, King, Mis-SPiari 
State ; Superiritendent. of Schpols, 
when he asked that a. supplementary 
bulletin Pf ; the 1940.-4:1 prograth be 
sent him in: prder . that it • riiay be 
piibljsheifor the BiisSpiiri Course pf 
Study of ' the Elehieiitary 'Grades 
pribr ; tp the ' ; Pperiihg of : :the fall 
semester. .; The ;new, biiiietin will be 
outliried: hy Raymond P.- Krpggel, 

flaw pQMbnt teieVisioii 
(PararooQiit) Has Right 
• To Buf Majestic Stock 

Plan^ whereby . Allen B.- . Dul^ont 
LabP'; Inc.,' in which Para- 
riipurit :Pictures holds a substantial, 
interest^ woulbl be able; to buy a. big ; 
blpck .of Majestic Radio & Television . 
Corp. shar>es:in the repf gariized cPmi; 
pany, ' was, revealed la^t ..week. ; Ma- 
jestic aDiibuncbd thaV-,to obtain pa i'- 
ticipatipri by the puMpn]t.- LabsV the ; 
-former would grant DiiMpnt ari : op- 
tion, to buy 100,000 sharps of Majestic 
at $1 each within four years from 'the; 
iidate of the oi-der. confirmirig^the prp- 
posed. Majestic reorg plan. 
. Under the plan, old Majestic stbck- 
holder$ wpuld be allowed ; tp; sub-, 
scribe tp units-befPre July 25, giving 
them: bonds and or e . share of new 
cbrinmbn. ; DiiMpnt is reported inter- 
ested in the reorganized Majestic Co. 
because, a;ccordirig to Wall Street.bei 
liefi it would; give; the. former access 
to the large-scale facilities Majestic; 
already has; for turriing put ;sets. 
■DuMont wpuld ; use such iri -making, 
television sets on a wholesale .scale, 
thereby enabling 'the company tp- 
compete with ; bthet large ■ teievisibn 
set manufacturers. . ■ - . 

LaCrosse 'Kiddie Glub' 
Ticks Off jtts 13th Y^^ 

La Crosse, Wis , July 2; ; 
;;. To celebrate.. the; 13th: year; for its 
'kiddie Club' prbgraro over WKBHi ; 

Erickson'.s bakery .ethered a .special 
state"supetvisorp^ urchin's show and party last week. 

in, cooperation With Kenneth Gra 
ham, educational director, at KMBC, 

Was attended by about 2,100 mop- 
pets, who ; jguz'zled luiich, and dur- 

CBS outlet ih Kansas City, and Har-. ling the..;:$ubsequent shenanigans 
riett Edwards., Who holds' a similar j lemonade, ice cream and cake. Prizes 

Were given foi: athletic. Coritesls. 

Ray Plamadore, announcer oh the 
'Kiddie' series. Was riti.c. 

ppst at KMOX. 

iSpme 11 states, includirig Missouri, 
have now . embraced; the 'Ariiericari 
School of "the Air'; a definite aid in 
ediicatiorial programs; ■ 

Nunn Gets KFDA Okay 

WJW's 511^41,562 

Akron, ;o., July 2. . 
. Trarisfer of controlling slock, iri 
raclib station. WJW. hei^e to William 
O'Ncil, spri pf the. president of the 

Amarillo, Tex,, July 2, 
Federal Cpminunications fcQmmis 
sibn granted the transfer bf .cbritrol |;General Tire Goi,: has been approved 
of : the . Aiharillt) BrPadca.^tirig COf p:, ■■ f . by: the" FeC at .Washington. - "The sale 
owner aind operator of station KFOA | of 53% of the 'stock was for.$'4'1.5p2;. 
here, from C. S. Gbbch^ to J. L. Nunn.: ■ The trarisfpr is -being .made to O'Neil 
Staitibiv; is housed, in . tiic- Nurin Jrfrbm Wi-. F. .Jones, : who , had 22% 
Bldgs. ; ih the.' city, and bperates .'on ' shares; Ruth Rubin; wjio. 'had 72Vi 
.1.500 kc, with 100 watts :unlimited shares,, and E. S; Shecit, ■who had 

spired, by a pPster •'drawn- by Major. , selves in the : pf, literally, a j-time. lis puUef here for Texas State I HJt''/^; shares. 

land! > The Embire 'icj crumbline^ '^^ B.y;\yppdburn, ,sMtiori.ed at dog. . fight for preferenc^^^ .their: j Net,wbr-k' group. 
TheiKing-;-' .hefi- to thke the ^lip-.- ^^Pyi^^jPr's . 1^ v.,;jimntie Cppp: ; corrim^mity.; and iriariy <>f. them;: Will ; ; ' V; . -■^-—r- 

per to Aiherica With the ' rest bf us' i iK-' Pi^rib ' mpnblogist; : the Hertz ... . dpiibt Arid;; themselves faced with" 
' It •tUrnM out ' it^ v^s thb mke ■ bf ' ^r^^- ' Ethylene. . Hplt and emcee, twb^of three timps- as. much , competi- 
Kenf, just coming dowri to open a^'^ . Also, although .they .may have 

WAVE Goes 5 KW; 

Any / policy; or . personne): bhartges 
.awai,l.a mcetiri:g of; the' Ward within 
j the next few .days,- O'Neil revealed. 
.' At . present ;Jack .Thbriias is; aclirig ; 
i.manager. 'bf WJW, having been-^ 

: Lpuisville,.; July 2 

Britjsh'^bxhibit • ''^ charity ; party, die veloped .a high degree; of efficiency i " WAVE. has;FCC .perinissiph to: re- ''sigjiedV lP . the ppst .late . in March 

Britain was ca-rryin' ' ''■"■■■'■■'''■'■] ' ': .'- ■' and 'Hstcrier;-Jbllowin;g';-throiieh /■the 

..Mrs; Mary Lari^ine Aiiio ^ex 'wife' ' •'■i'' --''i- ' '■''■± ' ' ' ■""e; of thci.r 'AM' ;facilities,;thcyv are.' hotel tb-a new-^iBOi^acre' sitP- ribrth pf 'as riianagbr.-; : ; '' :.^.:' -':^ . 

of.-Peter; came 'hori^ - ' ''the same Mcxicah^ GohSUlarAgentS .^^^ ^-across . .the;.! ;. .•; • / ..-^ ;.. -^V ■ :.;' - - ■ 

:)?%;.after;. ■■•yeW-iri -L^ She^' 'r*! -- ■e^:iSli^i:^.l:'-^£:n'-:Ail '''^<>^^^^ enjpying ;grcater .ppweri.,.Ohio;-n .fl:omi'LP.uisville. .:Station\!,:- : ■: €ppUne[ Ott Styy Paeans 

said .;the;.;British would 'd 
and; light ; dying; 

] . 'To W.cisiv Skiiipl'$S;pf ;R r ■ ■ . : •:;■ r^'New 6ricans, ..jiiiy 2..:; 

I 'ppwerfUl '.;afflU^^^^^^ 

■Sari' Aritonib. -Jiily .2; , . . . . .. . . ... .. , . . , . .,, . ..- _, . 

Bea. Moriri • Whose .Novachord prb- '; pipneeririg and deyelopmcrit work ! 5 ; kvi'.. :. (Approval: pf ■ .the - FGG oX is npw. .the yogUe here:; Fir-st^- 
' . . ..: - .-...1 '-.iii .have, .g^^ 

quiremerit tP: -ishift- the :^^ 

site .f rpiti its present dowhto.wn Ipca^ .■ >Jow' "WNOE begins installation of , 
;tiori to. one; 'where-:thef'e wpuld;^^ .... '^i' .-. 

busin( area interference .and . ; In additionv^t^ 
with:.'air\v'ay:beam.S;.) ' .;':..; .. virluaiiy every. '.slatiprj in' tlie cily ' • 
N;ew. power. -plari.t - wilt ;be .started, drfessing^^.' ^ . '.stutlib.. . WSMB,. 

.. Grover; Whaleli wa.s btit to meet . . 

.J^eon Cptnarano. chairman ,.of /the grams: ;are broadcast; daily o-yer and expense .wi 
>^t3r .Perfume- Co - who came . over . KTSA . here; has: ^had .several .bf licr ;; naught: . ^ ^ 

; company business an 'd: brought l..quarter-h.our. pfbgrams: recorded . by . / ;. . ) ' ; ,.;; 

yili-'^® and 'two: children ' who . Will [ the Mexi Pari consulate. in..|.th.;:. ' city. ' • , Te:xas C'ainDUS .jcrrics 
: .^n^in-heTe wheh.'lre returns to.- 1:he. - Mexican consulate" :-; -'-T' . **'-; ; ' , . -"^^' 
in a month,: he said.. .The own'.- recoi'dirig equipment and. thc ''^ . ;;.Sa.n AntoniOi July 2. . .. 

.'*renc.hman. is- also editor of Le -FiV ' recbrdinK^^^^^^ fbr llje. . . New ..serips" of program's.' i^^^^^^ , . „ . ... . . . ,, . . . 

: 8^ro, ;Paris -/sheet ^Said he ' lioped i ptii-pPse^f playing, before ah a'sscm^ hoard from. Radio :HoUse: on the.; witbin.the next few Weeks, and .plans.. WDSU^ .W 
. there^d he ' newspaper for him ' blv of Mexican' bbnsLilar^ aSerits .campus^ .of the. Uriiychsity/Of Texas , and ^e^timatcs; are ' for.a plant . in-; done cpn.«iderable remodelmg.v.pik; 

wneh..he.Wt hanii- 4«;4K«.w«.,i«;^^^^^^^ iW m^,., ni-ir.:inQ dnrms? the- in: Austin over Tekas Quality Net.- ; eluding equipment,-, costing in the r—-, — .:, . . '. 


thorough 'gpinglover • reporter^^ stbod ' as a ^regular part bf the eincrlain- ' ;: Broadcasl^: dP^^ natural; g?»s.;; WAVE's studios will remain /iitop/lhe bo 

Piard atthe:gahgplarik Thursday's;,lWrit^pf the; assembly. ; : foods,; te>;fiJes:;and:. basiC;;^ ..Brown- hotel.; , , .; : •;.■ ; ,.tr. 

iaking: ' her . -radip 
bow pn.VWLW'S .thrice-weekly. Aft- 
rnbori .. Follies stanza. : . : 



Mozii]^ O^ia, 149 ¥ 

After 149 years minus a ^ew 
ihonths, Mozart'is : last bpieraj ' Xa 
Clemehza Di Tito' ha4 its AmeriLaii 
premiere on two successive; Satur- 
days (22 and 29 ); It remained for 
radio to present the masterpiece lor 
the first time, with' Alfred Wallen- 
stein, . WOR's indefatigible maestro 
■ V showing : the way.^ (The first petr 
formance of the opera was in tf agiie, 
Sept; 6, 1791, :t\vo : mori 

. MOzart;? de$th, and with the ejccep- 
: tiidin' oi ari occasional playirig of the 
overture and the singinig : of an 
isolated " ', no music from- the 
opera had tyev been heard here be-. 
. lore^v,; -rCi; ']. .■ 
While it is true theVopera does hot' 
equal the masterpieces: of *p6n Gio- 
vanni' or 'Le NozzQ di ; Figaro,* it 
literally abounds -in melody, and the 
genius of its construction would .put 
almost any ,nxbdern" composer to 
shiame^;.-., ^ . 

For the ^ most , part . t^^ ; opera is 
typically iviozartian. It is .airia, diip; 
trio; . recitative, etcV- / The ; subject 

. . wKne npt filled intent 
is ' ho less interesting; than scores of 
oth6f works; in. the standard ;reper- 
' toire.;^^-. ■ .; •• 

\,, .The performance oil .this occasion 
phowed . careful : preparation and 

jmatked '. Another .. milestone, in : the- 
ipath of Wallenstein, , whose con- 
ducting V and presentation tanked 
with the best. • Of the soloists Vivian 
delia. Ghiesi .y^as probably the best 
vocally; The 'soprano Js the posses- 
sor of . a. brilliant throat, sympathetic 

'■ in quality, and . abounding in . tem-^ 
peramenf . . The only criticism that 
' might be offered of her work, was 
tliat f reqtuently ' 'her . /recitatives 

. sounded more Vei^dian than ^Mo- 

. zarticn, .but her singing of the (diffi- 
cult aria, 'Parto Partb' wais ahhost in 

. class; by itself..-^ 

' : Genevieve liowei with not quite so 
inuch voice, but with apparently 
more training, in the Mpzirt school, 
did: a very fine : job of the. most diffiv 
cult aria, in the opera,:. 'Nbn piii. di 
fidri,' and her coloratura work was. 
first; class; Hardesty Johnsbn, in the 
title role .used his clear lyric voice 
with ...much expression, and his prihr 
cipal aria, 'Se all'impero amici .Dei' 
•came o.ff well. : : The tenor is mbst. 
comfprtable in the lower: , and mid- 
dle registers, . for above the staff he 
is inclined tb strain . a bit . and the 
. voice wavers dangerbusly. "The dif- 
ficult cadenzas of the aria were; well 
Sling arid • iii concerto the singers, 
were' aU equally/fine. - The balance 
of the. cast had insignificant parts; 
which'they.all made the niost of, the 
artists, including Florence Vickland, 
Lpdema Legg. and . Jphn Gurney,- 
basso of the: Met. 

The .sudden popularity of Mozart 
opera the past, two years . as . indi- 
cated by the eho'rinpus -thrpngs at 
the .Met rppolitah, and ; the decision .of 
that ,august . body . to revive 'The 
Magic Flute* next season: indicates 
Wallenstein again has chosen his time 

"wisely. ,The pirogram stirred much 
interest, and will be revived in the 

• .fall. 

IVith Artie Shaw orch, Smoothies (3) 
■ 'Jo~hn . Hiestahd , . 


Monday r 7:30: ; 
WEAF--NBC, -.New. Xorlt ..• 

'■\:. /B.-.B.-b.:*:-;o;).: ; .> 

This show is a major' vientiire fpr^ 
Hbimel, biit. on the basis /of its debut 
edition Mbnday night (1) ^there's 
little occasion ;fbr uneaisiriess. Fpr if 
thb prbgrim lis a strain- on the spbri- 
isbr's bankroll, ; it is., unmistakably 
punchy entevtainment-r-as potent as 
ariythirig. on this Monday slate and 
among the choiiie items of the entirie. 
week's ' layout. ' .Series is .plugging 
Spam, a meat . jproduct, and should 

Srbvide a hefty sales stimulus. For 
lurns and Allen it represents a 
quick switchover sarts vacation from. 
Hinds Iloney . iand ,. Almond : cream 
.spbrisorship.'/^'^S^;-' ,:..■?■"/ '.■■'■ \^V- 
- ,Iiv pace, smbgthhess, : 'solid mate- 
rial and consistent' finish, the opehei: 
had all kilocycle marks bf -a - click. 
Instead of the usual sharpening iand 
tightiening, the production staff is 
here-faced with the problem of here-: 
after maintaining the tempo set. 

Burns . is m.c. and, besides two 
sizable laugh spots, he and Misis Al- 
ien are ih' and but of the script 
throughout. Artie Shaw, rieturriing 
to the air for the first time since his 
'retirement,' has ia large band, with 
a Sizable and: lush storing section; In 
a double-tsilkish bit : With announcer 
John 'Bud* Hiestahd, he explained 
thait he isr attempting a 'new kind .of 
music,' sbrt of a cross between classr 
ical and swing. Whatever it is, it's 
plainly of high calibre. As a themer, 
Shaw is;usirig,a slightly revised ar- 
rangement bf 'Begin the Beguine/the 
tune, bf ten identified with his first 
popularity rise. The Smopthies (3) 
have .'i. single riumber, which they 
handle :hiftily^ ■ . 
. Shaw hirhseLf has some dialog, and 
his guitarist, identified as 'Senor 
Lee,' is being built intb a cpmedy 
character. Also apparently, slated to 
become a standard bit on the show 
is a guy they refer. tO' as: the sound 
man. He wias the center bf- a fiinny 
running gag on the debut chapter. 
Commercials are aS smartly handled 
as is the rest of . the program. Fact 
that the sponsor is willing ,tP have 
his product ribbed- a bit prPvides 
neat entries for the selling pialaver, 

■ Hobe. 

With I^arry Keating, Thomas Carr 
Howci Edward C. Counter, Lpiiis 
• Ford.Orch. ;. 
3a Mihs., Local: 

Tuesday, 9:30 p.m,:;: , 
KPO, ^ San; Francisco.....;;- :/ 

Tugging at the heart-strings and 
prying into the inhiermbst circles of . 
the American family, 'American 
Treasure; Chest' draws, heirlooms out 
of attics aind basernents and. . with, 
th^m stirpriising : stories,; of tbmaricb. 
and tragedy. It's .'Hobby Lobby' 
Withou t: the freaks.; • 

. : Written by Leonard Cox,, who 
tried ;;iinsuccessfully - fbr iribnths .to 
get a hearing until Al NelsPn ar- 
rived at NBC here -arid okayed the 
idea, tlic show is based entireljr on 
the fragnients' bf history hidderi in 
weistern homes. Single mail, for 
exariiple,. drew strip; of lace ' from 
Martha Waishington's petticoat^ eivil 
war-cannon ballj- ah aiitogfaph bpok; 
of the jOs aiid ah ahcieht ' pbllce- 
rnan's , biliy carved by- an old-time! 
prison: inmate. ; -; 

Each - bb j ect "used, oh show is: hand- 
ed to ;Thbmas Cai^r Hbw; curator; of 
a local art hiuseUrh, . and Edward C, 
Gounter, Jr;, a collector, who do not until they face the mike. They 
describe it and : give their opinions 
as to what it seems to represent, 
after vvhich Larry Keating reads the 
actual story pf the Pbject. ; 

Stirihg prchestra furnishes .ai>prb- 
piriate background music during de- 
nbument. . Stdries behind: - the bb- 
jfects are what give the program its 
colbP. Items bn stiovf caught ; in- 
cl.iide.d civili-.war newspaper printed 
oh wiall-paper found; tacked bii wall 
of a dead Negrb'Si-.shack, by a ; small 
boy . 3; ;geheratibri 'agp; ■. an African- 
fettish snatched by ah American 
woman during a; jungle bil explora- 
tion . tour ;with ; good instead of ; the 
exjpected evil liicki following; an Esr 
kimo-carved;bone pipe with a metal 
bowl made from -friagments of the 
ill-fated r Wiley: PostrWill Rogers 
plane; an ;.18th . century. Jade Hprse 
and rider, and a. necklace handed 
down from Empress Eugenie.; 

Five dollars is offered for each. Pbr 
je4t - described, .: • . tVcrn/ ;; 

With Horace Heidt Orchestra 
30 Mins. 

Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. 
WEAF-NBC,;. New York 

Turns now has tWp NBC sessions. 

/ Its socko 'Pot o' Gold' has switched 
to the Blue network Thursdays and 
in the vacated NBC red Tuesday, 
niche this 'Mu.sicai 'Treasui'e ^Chest' 
has bfeen revived. It was previously 
used; on the air by Horace- Heidt 
durih,i the period of waiting for the : 
•Pot p' Gold- format to be clepired by 

' the NBC lawyers, \whb feared lottery: 
• 5 tignia; ;■'-; ;..-. ^■ :.'::, 

, Last Tuesday (25) ; the 'Treasure 
.Chesf^^ .iirifplded in drab' style. - The 
; audience, pairticipatioh aspeptr^which 
, ; is ' the; whole . show essentially> ^ de- 
spite;; a few ■.ftius.ical ; nunib.ers— :was 
obscure ; in method and, phphey- 
seemihg iri; the extreme vagueness 
(as real people) and the nearly .jcom-; 
, .plete retitence of mpst of those sup- 
'posedly brought tb: the mike .from 
. the studio public;tp be tried by mii- 
Bically-described questions,: ■Program 
. v/as sagging all the way on, the eve- 
ning- heard due to .' seeming Vinertia 
and.lack of ^spontaneity/.:-: . - 

: Heidt; got .a Ipt .out of this idea, 
originally developed during his long 
. stand i at the Hotel ;Biltmore, N. Y.,. 
blit most of the vitamins have been , 
dissipated \ by ; the- present studio 
method^ — or . lack ; of nxethod-^f the 
broadcasts. It suggests that like a 
long-run legit show, . this one needs 
a' jolt in the arm to/ overcome the 
boredom of too . many performances. 

Land. ■■■ 

With Russ - Morgan's Orch, : Henry 
; Morgan ' 
Music^. Quiz 
30 Mins.— •Lobal . ' 
vaNti PA-PI-A 
Monday^ 8:30; p.m> 
iWOR, New Yorlt 

• ; (Efwin-Wasey ) 

Billed as a; quiz show, this session 
turns out to be a muScal sfcetch 
Idea of the Vanti (beverage) spon- 
sors is • to buy up Monday night at 
Mrnhattan Beiach, Nv Y,, charge an 
admissibh of /three: bottle caps from 
its Pa-Pi-A . product, select: contest- 
ants from the ■dance floor and use 
\vhatever band is ;bobked' fpr dahcihg 
at the sppt, on the. air. Contestants 
are/allowed to decide whether they'd 
like a ^hard' : or 'eSsy' query- pUt to 
them.. Payoff is $5 or '$1; respective 
ly, if correctly answered, or: six bot- 
tles of the sponsor's: soft drink if 
they're stumped. 

As set up, with one query between 
every one or two b^hd riumbers; it 
becomes a musical 'show> the quality 
of which Will depend weekly on the 
band used. There were onliv' . five 
queries sprung, at contestantis: the 
initial airing (1), neither of which 
took; up much time to put or answer, 
M.c. Henry Morgan (nb relation to 
Russ) did a faiirly good job seirving 
;,'em up. ^. !;"• 

Idea turns but - okay, though ;the 
quiz; biilih.Ef should be minimized if 
that's all the attentiori :lt is to get.: 
It's; a cheap enough: setup' This show 
cost $15 for virinnihg contestants;, and 
a couple dozen bottles .of; Pa-Pi-A. 
Nbt much is being paid;ipr the band; 
and, the price of a; Monday nigHt at 
Manhattaii ;.Beach prbbably , isn't 
back-breakinig; At that scale' the 
iplehtiful commercials' on opening: 
airing weren^t costly and; the: tnonby 
was well. spent. : ; : Wood,; 

■I^RpESt.: wii<w,s ■• 'r ':-: 

.Curb-Quiz.-: \ ^■■ 
-15 'Mihs.-^Lbc'al ■.■.:,-■" ■';; -■■ : .■• :'v.- ■ 
Dailyv-3-''- ; ■■ -•■ -':;: ;-■■; 

WABY, Albany • 
: Curb quiz fnoves rapidly^ smoothly 
in hands vof Willis, .Who:prpbably has 
haiidled more, commercial . progEams 
than anyone : hereabouts "duririg past 
10. years. ; He possesses ia: good voice, 
pleasant; niike pefsonality and. defi- 
nite: sales ability. Flaws ; are minoi". 

Willis goes .so far as to address 
rneri arid unmarried wbmeh by their 
first names; ; even isometimes calls 
womeri with small children 'Mommy.' 
Does it- without kickbacks, too. ; He 
uses a set question (theatre passes, 
offered; for queries arid a merchari-! 
di-sc: prize for best Pf week), on each 
salvo; . rest : is more . or less . ifri-; 
promptu. Joco. ' 

- tred ;Bate, • ■yvho, ■ In 'an easy,; uh- 
spectacular manner,- has. been brbad- 
castirig. f or; NBG keen apalyses a^^ 
jreports of England's part, in the. war, 
deliyiered ; pertinent remarks abbut 
lbb!5e iise. of term 'fifth ;"coluntiriists.' 

Did so in; cbitimenting on an editorial 
in The Lbridoh Star whicb declared 
Germany wiaS. making an intense 
propaganda; drive in United States, 
using, radio and press comihentators 
to . spread istories B;rit.airi; wais weiak- 
eiiing ih her effoi-ts and was prepar- 
ing to sue. for peace.- Paper referred 
to - this , as' ;part of !fifth coluriin-. acr 
tivitiies.: :■^■ -:-/;.: .v..-/. ;'-'';- -'-: ;'- 

.Bate said - the term .was misused, 
'Prierids'; who questionied tKe^ 'timing' 
of a prograrii, whether the maximum 
effort had been put at the right' riiO- 
ment, were: not 'fifth columnists,' he 
added. Frbni this arid following ref- 
erences to civilian population, - infer- 
ence seeiried to be. Bate thbught 
Americans, were, justified in ques- 
tioning, whether. Britain had . 'gone all 
the way out'- wheri-it had tihle; : Said 
even now. he did not think; English- 
men-in-thQ-street • realized fully this 
danger which confronted them; that 
When they did, 'civlliari spirit, at 
. least* wbuld . not be found wanting, : 

Bate and bther broadcasters from 
London appear to erijoy remarkable 
freedom iri their comments .copiipared 
to thpse in Berlin or Rome. Berlin 
riiike):s from German capital, riow 
seldorri ; question Nazi stories and 

.Mel Allen did it solo jPb deSciribirig 
the; Giants-Cards gamie last Wednes- 
day night (26) over : WMCA, New 
York; , Camel cigs sponsors the 
Giants-; arid Yanks . games, normally 
over. WABC, but when night contests 
are played the broadcasts go ■ to 
WMCA. ,:Althptigh a single :voice 
over the entire game latks the varia- 
tion of. two' men handlirig the de- 
scription;- Alleri kept abreast of the 
play, (as the listener coiild tell by 
the . sound of the baitted'ball, yells' of 
the crowd, etc), seeriied relaxed and 
maintained" a;steady fire of cbrpment 
without- ever -talking: just to be say- 
irig something. / Also ^handled com-, 
tnercials, .stressing; the .sponsor's 
'slow-burning' line. . For. the -Satur- 
day afternoon (29 ) broadcast bf : the 
YarikeesrAthletics game over, -WABC. 
Allen. waS;joirie'd by Jay C.- Flippen 
iOT, ; the. :' betweeri-ih'nirigs breaks. 
Latter ; brings a thbr.ou'gh . knbwledgie 
of the game ;to . his familiar light 
bariter,.:prpvidiiig a ::sRicy touch: to 
the airings.- ■ ■ . ■-' ■ 


With John Maclntire, Jacicio Kelk, 
Warren Parker, Ray Bramley, WH- 
fred Lytell, Robert Ober. Ned 
Wever, Clifford Stork 

Aviation Cayailcade 


30 Mihs.: 

Sunday 12:30 

WJZ-NBC, New York . . 

Richard McDonagh has authored, 
with the able technical and historical 
assistahoe of jiin Ray, an excellent 
iand stirring cavalcade :. of aviation; 
history which isn't as: iacadenriic as it 
sounds. What could easily b,e a . dud 
is a vigorous,: trehchant halfrhpur 
sustainer Sunday at 12:30 p.m. It ties 
in perfectly with America's presentr 
day. alr-miridedness, accented by 
militaristic -aggi'iession on the; other 
side via blitzkriegs. Harry MiacFay- 
den direbts this series. .- 

In a capsule table of cbritents, as 
chiefly arinpunced by John Maclntire,. 
the exposition detailis " the dramatic 
highlights of what's tb conie in fUr; 
ture weeks. It's not merely the cut- 
urid-dried history of the Wright Bros, 
at Kittyhawk, N, C., in 19.04, but em- 
phasizes the ;cpmmariding; mariner in 
.which arrriy and ;iiavy' research arid 
irigenuity : has done; sb much to fur? 
ther the progress 'of aviation. Fbr 
one thiiig, it's at one and the same 
time a :very effective, yet subtle' re- 
assurarice to Americans that perhaps 
we're not as languid in. our prepared-: 
riess; that bombers, divei'is. pursuit, 
recbnbissaricc , and combat pVaines 
didn't conrte into existence with Hit- 
ler's parachute; and Stuka flyers. ' 
;; In authoritative riianner, U. ■ S; Ai 
and. U., S. N;,; experts aire cut in frorii 
■Washington; arid other, pbirits tb point 
lipi aviation's . progress. For pne 
thing. John. Q.. Piiblib iis given chief 
credit, as witness;the early post-war 
(clarrior for mail plariie'stathps. Comes 
ailso the episbde; of 1926 when some 
anpnyriious ; ICS-poUnder was : willing 
to have enbiigh starhps, (at 8c per 
ounce). stuck on him so -that he tnay 
be flown :as ; parcel ;p;ost frbm; New 
York to, Detroit;; (Several have Since: 
claimed to be that individual.) . 

' Lieut Tbwers, nipw Rear- Admiral 
John H.* Towers; the No. 1 aviation 
expert of ; the ; Navy, . thus takes, tip 
the chore bf highligntirig t^e transi- 
tion frohi liDll,:when he first dared to. 
do experiihental thirigs; until 1940, 
iinder his present, command; Fbr the 
other brartch of the service, Happy 
Arnold, how Majbr-Gbrierial Henry 
H; Arnold, chief, of the Army Air 
Corps, tells his end of it succinctly. 
Arid Fowler Bartlett, secretary of .the 
Air Transport Ass'ri,- detailed punch- 
ily: -and effectiyely: how ; there 
have been no major plane .accidents 
in commercial .aviation for 15 mbnths, 
during which period 2,50(>;0()0 pas-? 
senger.s flew over lOO.OOO.OOO miles, a 
far cry indeed frorri OrVille and Wil- 
bur. Wright of 1904. It was Capt. 
Chambers of the Navy, in 1910, who 
ericourap.ed Gr.ville Wright's seaplane 
experiments, and it was Curtis . (riot 
the Wright firm) that successfully 
pioneered plane ;takeoffs f rbrii battle- 
ships (Preserit-day airplane carriers). 

: Spieler : Maclntire uses an -air- 
:rninded ybungstei'.. capably played . by; 
J a'ckie Kelk, as his vis-a-vis for this 
discburse bn 'Wiugs Over America.* 
which, :as the; arinouncerrient states, 
'recounts the. histbry of ' :Ariverican 
dviatibn without hokum.' That's lit^ 
erally SP; beeiause the basic story is 
sufficiently wallopy to require noth- 
ing more; than shpwmiariiy- nresenta- 
tipri.; ■ Authbrs McDonagh -Ray have 
seen to that very satisfactbrilyl ' : 

• ■ . ^•:■ . ^ 'Abcl. .: 

;; Marion Claire. waS iri glowing voice 
Sunday night (30 ): on the rSyriiphoriic 
Hour, over Mutual out' pf: WGN, Chi- 
cago; Soprano ihandled several ;dif- 
ficUlt arias ; with impressive- breath, 
power, and expression. Henry. Web- 
er's batoning; w^s- satisfying.- Col. 
Robert R. McCorniiick, publisher bf 
the Chicago .Triburi.e , arid, boss of 
WGN. Gontributed - an" intermissibh 
talk ori possible Nazi methods of in- 
vading England^ , 


With Connie Haines, Pieia flpe'rs, 

'.; Frank ^Sinatra- : - 

30 Mins. .:■ 


Tuesday, 10 p;m. 

WEAF-NBC, New York 

(Lord & Thomas) , 
Squire Porsey provides (over 62 
NBC stations) .a thoroughly agree- 
able' half hoiir in the Dorsey idiom 
as a surtiriier time-holder for Pepso- 
dent's Bob Hope program; The mu- 
sical selections are nicely varied in 
pace and consistently on the sun- 
burst side. "The continuity is of -the 
saucy slanguage type, -employing 
glittering adjectives and: elegancies 
of alliteratibn like iUmpid and lucid' 
as a charjicterizatiori of- an arrange-, 
merit, . Singing, gab and CttiusiC, com- 
bine for easy pleasui^e;.- 

If proof- were needed, : this - half 
hour revealis ..t)brsev as a showman 
capable of spteadirig his carivas 
byer ai full-sized radip lot. .Larid'' 

Harmonica btio 
WABC-CBSv New York 

: ■ (Woird WJieelocJc) , :; : : 
Tpiri and Eddie PleliJil' have 'been 
duettirig- .bri their:, harrripriicas. for- 
WCCO, Minneapolis, mbi'e thari four 
years. •: They ;were selected - for the 
Al.:Pearce. program last Friday ;as 
orie of the local persoriality bbokirigs 
prpyided .by various stations.'. Air 
though a one-time .'showing, \i was 
an; event in - the ;career.s of the 
PlehalS, who •went tb ' :HollywoQd, 
where the Pear qe show originates. .- ' 
• I'Duo's cbntribiitibri ;was for ;three 
pfiiriutes, . the boys ;dbing well :ialr 
though they would proTDably have 
stood put had they ; been allotted a 
little more tirhe. More of a stunt 
than a; standout the showing nevei:- 
theless may .boost.: the Plehals on 
their way. . ;- ■ 

Ampng others; f roiri WCCO who 
have, shown on the . networks are the 
Andrews Sisters, johnny Green, 
Four . Norsemen and Eddie Dunsted- 
ter. Jbee. 

Wetlucsday, July 3, i94o 


with Joe Kelly, Ford Pear.^on 
30 MIfis. --;: 


Friday, 10:30 p.m. 
WEAF-NBC, Nev/ York 

; It's a long jump ffoiri the bld'Avei 
newspiaper- walloping Nine CrazV 
Kids: of small-time vayde (remember 
the blizzard of '98? ); to these moderrL 
streairilined, radio-spoutirig younel 
sters who, when asked a tough qiies. 
tion on something . they have a right 
not to know abPut, pop ■■ put, with 
plenty of assurance, that 'undoubt^ 
edly, what; you refer to is the Ethi. 
opian gaga -which is rapidly becbm. 
ing extirict.'- These; kids are offered 
as remarkable; If Alka-Seltzer is ai 
reriiarkable for a hangover as thesi 
snriar ties, , . then ■ the cui'e-all ; of thi 
century coriies in a long glass tube 

Unfortunately there will spring "to 
mind (that is, in inirids : tainted bis 
commerciiil suspicion) a wonder if 
kids could be. so wonderful, sb alert 
so quick, so iinhbsitatirig. Because 
:even J;ohu Kieran ; hesitates on' occai 
sion, and the fight word; sometimes 
eludes F. P. A. In short, (5uiz Kidj; 
is a gbbd layout fbr ; : cheap-pricedt:- 
addition to the audiience participaT 
tion parade, but, the first prograrii, ast 
firist: programs will be, was geared! 
up as high and as tight as a slot ma. I 
chine in a summer resort; It riiayl 
have been spontaneous, urirehearsed' 
mccoy arid 100% kosher, but if the' 
average listener can't believe it; the' 
production will have to riiake mbroi 
prbyision for 'spbntarieity.' Questions 
that reveal: cbriimori :sense: arid opin^ 
ion on current events might riiake i 
better ^entertainment . than mere 
riiernory-testirig. . : , 

Those questions aibbut Greek 
rinytholbgy answered by a seven- 
year-old encyclopedist are apt to 
nuzzle adult listeners. . (Arid who has 
those hangovers : that rieed Alka- 
Seltzer anyhow? Adulthood riiustbe 
left some: prerogatives!) • Also the 
kid? were i bit too quick to sing 
snatches frbrid faiirly obscure songi 
given but by title alorie, (Progfaiii 
has an brgari for' .accbrrtDanimerit;) 
; Lou .Cowan, Chibago press agent, 
.brigiriated this urogram, . It's 4 gbod 
idea iritripsicall.v, although :it ap- 
pears, :to havei'^ beeu hampered bV 
agencyr^r possibly network-r^reyf- 
sions. The main task is tb allow the 
innate hiimor to coriie through, to se-: 
lect the kidsmpre; f or riormalcy and 
les."5 for incredibility. The emcee was 
definitely .pbor; He was iricaipable of 
exploiting his bpporturiities.: LdJid, : : 


Short-Wave from. N; .Y. 

.30 'Min^.-'. ; 
:lVlohday, ,3 p.m.; . 
BBC, Lohdon'; 

- 'America' Darices'— -sb; this -short- ii 
wave series has it; but at this hour? 
in the afternoon it wias a cinch Erig-'i 
larid cbuldri't.: It riiay . even have | 
been that program arrangers, aware 
bf the hp'uir' drawback, so spaced the 
numbCr.s as -to show the pdividuality 
of the Ellington congregation, rather 
than its dattsapatiorii Atmospherics 
;wcfe not; kind tb the first half of the 
airing, muffling the only -vQcal of 
the session; arid, haridirig a beating tb 
Ben Webster's teriof saxing bf 'Got-.' 
ton. Tale'; piece brily reached ap-.| 
preciable clarity at the finale. :; As 
though in recompensb; the bad air- 
waves * cleared cbnsiderably. for Coot 
Williams arid 'Cbncertb' iri C arid 
■Boy Meet Horn* for Rex Stewart, 
all new stuff for ;th)s side; London's 
52nd street. Charirig. Cross, took- the 
sessibn like -gospel.^ . ; 

Aricnt this CBS ishbrtrwave series, 
one thirig the listener rasks here is 
'Why :doesn',t the; leader . speak?' 
They're accustomed to a word org 
two from the.: baton eers; around | 
town, and seemingly ; take the ab- 1 
sence of the personal, touch as a .i 
loss; Elliriijtbri, however, did leave j 
an indelible signature on all of the ^ 
ei^ht nuriibers aired; Selection of t 
'The Sergeant Was Shy' was a neat V 
gesture^ to the troops, over ^yhicll | 
wavelcrigth the session aired ' this ; 
■side.-. / ■■■■ ■ " 

'Makini^ Films In Wartime' . 
Monday, 6:30 . ; 
B^BC,: London ; ;> /:;' 

.Filmite turned this appearance, his 
secbrid on the 'Close Up' sevles, into 
a plug for. continued British produc- 
tion of filriis throughout ; the war 
peripd. Stressing ;the / prop.aganaa 
value of these ;:films when; distribr 
uted overseas, Howard's reference to 
'Pygmalibri,' ;which he . co-directed as 
well as , handling ;.playirig chore, 
Cbvered the $2,000,000 it ; grossed 
the; .U...S. These, he said; weire handy 
dollars to turri over in payment for 
American airprartes. .The Lbridon 
financial, groups dame ;in for a- plea 
riot .' to go cold • bn backirig ; hbine 
prbduct,; to-:'view: it as 'aiv-exportable 
Goriiriibdity {irid;in that, way keep :the 
cameras turning synchrbriized to the 
.wheels of the Gbverrimerit's .expoiT 
effort to increase overseas balanoes.' 

Leslie Mitchell, bn the interviewer; 
end,' lead; Howard iritp •. some cqmr. 
riient bri picture Hbward is to, make 
as: an independent prbducer, 'a"° 
listeners heard; something of the 
trials' of pictUre-riiakirig during: war- 
time,, with '.its:; blackout . of ,"$".¥' 
edorioiriy moves arid repeated caiis 
on' induitry labor all making dini- 
cult the : setting up bf a tight . schea^ 
ule. ; A Significant ; observatipn; wa^ 
actor's reply tb the qucstipn bf wi^P 
would happen tb film-making ^"^ 
event bf evacua:ti on: He . .'iaid 
riiove would be made tb Canada.. 

Wednesday, July 3, 1940 


■ ■ ■ ■■■■ i^-^ri-y 

; Th^ie i$ . little disposition aiiaong 

. innafic publishers at the pfeseht lime. 

,. to cpifriniit themselves to Jong term 
obligations because of : the. pending 

, battle between the radio interests 
find the American Society of Com- 
posers, Authors and, Publishers over 
a new licensing agreement. Tliie sit- 
uation in the publishing business h?is 
become unsettled enough to tause at 
least two publishers -to heisitate about, 
closing deals, for catalogs^^ ,^^^ 
would lilte to absorb. : '. 
: Most;Publi5hers arc pf the opinion 

. that ixi' the event the networks freezie 
ASCAP rtumbqrs out of their jsched-, 
ules the dhanges in the business set- 

..up of publishing industry -Will be 

■■■ any thing but cataclysmic. These 
pubs figure that w^hile the high eal- 

^nries • of /prGiessiohal rn'ea ^ w^^^ lie 
affected employment amlong the lat^j 
ter wUl be increased sin will be 
jnecessary . not only to readjust pitig 

• sources but makes decidedly , more 
tontnclsi Professional men will 
tierely have to go back to the harid 
way of doing things. .Instead of .de- 
pending on;.thb£(e ban4s or singers 
with 'networii releases , the . contact- 
men wi^^bave tb get but and cover 
the independent- stations with ASCAl?. 

. iicenses and practically: every . spot 
that has a band. 

■ - ; , ■ : Hblly woodi July 2. , 
. New - Decba recording plant, was 
opened here by Jack Kapp, . prexy, 
to: iakiB. care of /heavy business bn 
the Coast. ■ jpe Perry ::wiil be^ in 
;Chiarge.;' ~ - ■ ^ v.' 

. Gbmpanyvfprmerly 1^ 
in this sefctor. 

Radio Largest PaH of Society 
ihcome But Makes ^ No 
PayrpU Contribution To 

Composersj^ : jJ^ohn Paine 
Points 0ut - / : ^ 

Win. Penn (Stalkr Inn) 
Fixes That Odd Odor^ So 

Pittsburgh, July : 2, . 
All .. peacefiil again betweeri 
WCAE and. William Perm hotel,, 
.where Hearst station is locatedj and 
Battle of the Odor is no more; Whole 
thing started, some Weeks ago when 
WCAE biggies told Statler outfit that 

: they .couldn't stand, the' incineratbr 
outside the windows of the 21st floor,' 
Awhich tlie slalibn occupies. William 
Penii ignored the demand, wh6re- 
lipbn broadcasting outfit dropped alt 
air time allotted to hotel, cutting 
Lang Thompson's band oft in its last 

. Week rit : Chatterbox. 

Feud contihiaed. for. couple .of 
weeks and is np more. .The studio 
Walls now. have a new coat oi ivory, 
« conce.<:sion .of the landlord, and the 

:pipe that caused such a stink :has 
bfecome. a - pipe ot peace. And: the 
William Perin Can put its musical 
Outfits back on the clean, -fresh air 
of .WCAE whenever it likes nbw... 

,. N. Y. supreme court Justice 
Charles ..iB. . McLaughlin Thurisday 
(27) granted Eli E; Obersteih, now 
president of the U. S. Record Corp;, 
a judgment of $15,833 against Philip 
jKastel in conhectibn with Oberstein's 
$200,000 , act ion against Kastel; Lewis 
A. Jaffa, Frank Gostello, Adolph 
Kaufman, . Jack Feirtstein, David 
Palter.r' J^ick Joy and Frank Cusak.. 
Other defendjintS have ; not ' been 
served wJth the exception of Jaffa. ■ . 

The former RCA executive claims; 
damages idi- alleged . breach of conr 
tract. It is claimed that Feb' 21, .1939, 
he resigned his job with .RCA on the 
prornise of the d(Efehdants to forrn a 
I'ecord cornpany called , Disc, IriC:, 
with bber^ .to .be'hired at, $20,000 
yearly for ' five yeiar.<?, and the .. de- 
fendants agreein.g tb invest- $150,000 . 
and; arrange distribiatioh for the .new 
companj^. The defendants failed to 
go through with the agreement, and 
Oberstein filed suit,- the allegations 
cbiitihue. Obei'stein secured a judg- 
ment of $100,000 against Jaffa in May; 
1939, but this.verdict was Vacated on 
Aug. 17, 1939. 



.In . disclosing the breakdown of the 
income of the American , Society of 
G05Tiposers,. Author's a'nd ' Publish 
toir 1939 John G, Paine, general man- 
ager, deelkred that' :jt . was riecessary 
for him . to, point 'out that ASCAP 
Avas not 'aii entity but part and par- 
cel of the music , industry and that 
the figures should lie considered in 
the light each class of licensee cori- 
tribMtes to .that industry. 
'. The breakdown, he said,- shows 
radio to be a huge contributor for 
.pei:f orming rights ; and motion pic- 
tureis . a . cbmparatively small one; 
But, he added, the true measure of 
the pi ctuire business' cbntri btitibn to 
writers and publishers does not end 
the^ei Radio's sole contiiibution is 
through ASCAP, whereas the pic- 
ture -business spends'.' rnany rniilions 
morb in writer salaries; syhchrortiza- 
tion - clearances and actual partici- 
pation in the publishing business. In 
other words the filni industry has 
spent 'much more time, for the crea- 
tion and publication o'f music, than it 
has for. actual rights. .'' 

Following is the gross receipts of 
ASCAP for 1939: 

Radio -. (tolaiy; . .,. . :'. .'. ; .$4,142,024:44 

AOvei-l!,=iinp :2T7,S;i0.47.-' 
. Su<itainrhB fees. . . Sn-l,l.S".1i7 ■ 

Motion Pictures .. . . . . . . . ... 1,166,232.77 

Restanrants ; ...... . . , . . 673,787,57 

Hotels "... ..... , : . ; ; . . . . . . 226,890,03 

Dance Halls. :. 143,845.45 

Miscellaneous . . 158,973.33 

: Seattle, July-' 2. 
Jackie . Souders, band leader, is 
back where he started his career, 13 
years. ago, swinging a baton for a 
dance orch. 

■ He's at the . Clynripic hot6l,--4His 
marking hi s return to. a datlce ban 
following a half dozen years at the 

While the leaders of the ; broad- 
castihg industry arfe proceeding to 
sell independent, station operators on 
the idea of .supporting the proposed 
purchase of the Metro music cata- 
ibgs, the American Society of Com- 
posers, Authors and Publishers has 
already discounted the. deal as closed 
artd is proceeding bn the proposition 
that its repertoire will not include 
the Metro woirks for the next five 
years. ASCAP states that even with 

atres as emcee- and band leader, His- ^hc Metro catalogs out there will be 

most recent stint .wais at the Or 
pheum, Portland.: 

. Gene Sargent and Eileen r>'Hara 
are soloists with the Souders band, 
which gets Const airing on NBC (Red 
network. v.';. 



St. Louis, July 2; 

Tooter.s in Ted Weems* band were 
shaken up last week when the char- 
tered bus in which they were- riding 
to. keep an engagement at the 
Meadowbrook Country Club in St. 
Louis County was struck by a truck 
near New Athens, 111., driven by a 
farmer, Jacob SchmoU, 75, living 
near the scene of the accident. He 
suffered fractures of the skull .and 
in terrial in j uri es from; which he died 
in St. Elizabeth's hospital, Belleville, 
111., several days after the r crash. 

The, tobtcrs arrived on time for 
the local engagement. ; > . -' 

V Staffon Into Unioti 

. Kansas City, Jiily 2. 
. Bonnie King, songstress at Station 
KMBC . for past year; leaves station 
to join Bob Crosby's orchestra July 3. 
KMBC u.^ed her artist bureau 
booking.s and on programs with Mid- 
land Min.<!tre1s and Rhythm Riders, 

i as well a.s on her own quarter hour. 

' Recently she gue.<:ted on the Friday j 

' night Al Pearce CBS show. 

She ' leaves, -a program with the 
Rhythm Riders, under sponsorship of 
Alpeh Br^ii brew, for her new ai?- 
.signment. ' .Like other KMBC artists. 
Mi.<;s King i.s under personal contract 
to Arthur B. Church, station prexy. 

Total . ... . V. ... • ' • . • ..$6,511,753.59 
AsCAP's increase of radio , income 
for 1939 as compared to the preyious 
year comes to 8%. In '38 broadcast- 
ing paid $2,984,658.03 on advertising 
fees and $860,548.31 for sustaining 
fees, or .a total 'ol $3,845,206.34. 

Executive council of the contact 
.^mploy^s has reverseid its ruling on 
Milt staffon and; the latter is now 
yith the professional staff of Sha- 
piro, Bernstein & Co. The council, 
twice rejected Staff bn's application 
on the ground that S-B had not con- 
sulted the unemployed list of .the 
Union before engaging Staffon, ... 
-Staffon was formerly with Coh- 
_sp])dated Riadio Artists, inc. "■ 

'. Frert Fisher has turned over the 
complete rights Of 'Whispering 

;Gra.<:s' to .Mills Music, ' inc.. Fisher^ 
\yho wrote the tune with his daugh- 
ter, Dori5, had . published it on his 
own, •" . ■; :. >■.■; 

Kemp Heads for N. 0. 

In place of going into the- A.stor 
hotel, New Yorkt Hal ..Kemp one- 
nights and goes on ,:.several. location . 
dates; - south ward toward the 

I yelt. hotel/ New^ Orleans* w^^^ 
band opens for foui: weeics Aug. 25. 
Kerhp-. was brigihally down ,,to re- 
place Tommy, Do rsey at the Astor 
but the latter will, stick the whole 
sea.son. - r. ^i:'^' ■ 

Kerfip .spends; a • week at the Cav- 
al ier Beach Club, .Virginia Beach, 

■ Vai. opening July 8; two Avepk. at 
Beverly HilLs Country Club.. Ncw-^ 
port. Ky., starting July 19 before the 
Roosevelt. •-' ';';■■;■■■ 

British Society's Report ■ 

London, July 2. ' 
British Performing Rights Society 
grossed . $2,378;432 from the Empire 
and foreign affiliated societies in 
1939. Of -this, ambiint $1,180,000 
came from the firitish Brpadcastihg 
Co. and licensees in Eire,' Australia 
and New .Zealand, 
■ The British Spciety now has .1,861 
members in vGreat ' Britain; -. jan in- of 72 over last year. 

Ager, Yellbn & Bbrristein is 50 
availability points to the gbod as a 
result Of a ruling of the piibli.shers 
appeals ' boaird ol the American So- 
ciety of Composers^ Authors and 
Publishers. The same board has der 
cided against the protest of Breg- 
rnan, Vocfco & Conn -and the latter 
firm has ■ no other recourse for . re- 
covering some of the availability 
points that it has lost by order of 
the availability committee . during 
the past 18 months. ,B-V-C has ex- 
hausted ail channels of relief al- 
lowed it under the . ASCAP bylaws 
and the only move it can how make 
is to the courts. 

. Availability rating . of both firms 
had been gradually reduced by the 
availability committee until .it 
reached 1,100 points each. .When 
B-V-C took over the Donaldson, 
Douglas & Gumble catalojg the lat- 
ter held a rating of 2,250 points. 
Ager, Yellen &J Bornstein's high was 
2,000 points. 

The availability committee .last 
week approved the finding of the 
appeals board so that A-Y-B's rat- . 
ing how stands at 1,150 points. 

no. revision downward of the terms 
of the new..' contract. :, The Society 
has also reconciled itself to a six 
months battle with CBS aind NBC. 

With William S. Paley personally 
determined to see the thing through 
to : , showdown, the moving spirits 
within ' the Broadcast Music, .inc. 
project are confident that the rank 
and file of the' radio industry will 
come' out in faivor .of the Metro ac- 
quisitioh. . On : the ' ;. other hand 
ASGAP's tacticians have taken the 
stand that Broadcast Music has a 
right to be in the miisic business 
ahdi. that; the only question pending:, 
is. whether BMI can lawfully rep- 
resent the :. writers . involved in the 
Metro catalogs since the former, 
hav^ entered into 1 0-year contracts 
with ASCAP. It is understood that 
BMI's . option to buy is predicated 
upon Metro's guarantee to deliver 
full perfbrrriihg irights; . • 
. But Cash Is Needed 

: Within the Metro organization op- 
timism on the deal goiiig through 
is hot complete. The price quoted 
in ithis quarter is $3,750,000. One .of 
the Metro instigators of the negotia- 
tions remarked over the piast week-, 
erid that so far his talks with the 
broadcasters lias been productive of 
little assurance of immediate Cash 
but rather of an offer to underwritie 
the purchase through the 'obliga- 
tions of 74 different people.' . . 

ASCAP claims that 1 10 stations 
have evinced an interest in signa- 
turing new contracts and that of this 
number 36 are network affiliates. 



Scoring Two Indie Documentaries— 
Also "Two Legit Musicals • 

Mary Small's Discs 

Mary Small ha.s..'bcen .«et by "Fd : 
\yolf for a series of Gblumbia , red- ! 
ords. .Spngstress ha? waxisd 'Once j 
in . Lovelime-^'- .'Blueberry ; Hill.' 
'Sorrie of .'These'; Days' ; and. 'i^C^ 
Give . You Anything But. Lbye'- as 
her. first two platter.f. ' -,. . 
.'. Miss Small may , go. into thfe ',:Shu'- 'i 
bei'ts'' forthcoming .'Ziegfeld' '■ ^'oi--.'l 
l.Hes.'. ■ ■•■ .h ■:.•■.•' .■ ■: ' ' 

• Marc Blitzstein is doing; the scores 
for two ddcumentar ies being pro- 
duced by independent outfits. First 
is- 'Valley .Town;'- being fiimed in tlie- 
Pennsylvania mountains by Wi.llard. 
Van Dyke. . for the- EdiicaitionarFilm 
Institute of New York 'Oniyersity.v,-. 

.;. Other is- Paul Strand's find Le6 
Herwitz's production of 'Native Land' 
(tentative title) for Frontier Films, 
already shot but how being cut and 
scored: :. Paul. Robeson is to be 'lyric 
commentator,' doing the n'arrc(tion in 
both song and dialpgi . . 

Besides his . 'No fpr An.<;wer,! 
which a. .syndicate ;i."! tb produce 
Broadway ■ the fall. Blitzstein is 
also writing another. -»ew Tcgjt mu- 
.^ical, a.s yet untitled, ' his Gu.?.i?On- 
heim fellowship. 

E. B. Marks Mu.sic Corp. is suing 
Harms, Inc., unit of tlie Warner 
Bros, group, in connection with the 
1 after 's song, ^ "In. a Dutch Garden.' 
The action, filed last week in the 
N. Y. supreme court, seeks an .in- 
junction, an accounting of the profit.s 
and statutory .damages for each • al- 
leged infringement. ■ ; 

The melody of 'Garden' was writ- 
ten by the late 'Will Gro§z and 
Marks claims that it's an infringc- 
ment of a tune that it has in its 
own catalog, VThe latter cbmppsj- 
tion i.s by M. Werner-Ker.«;ten, who, 
according to; Marks, -wrote i^t o'n. Sep- 
tember,,: 1920.. Marks' complaint also 
alleges • that Harmis' . 'Jolly Peter' 
composition ■ i.s . lik.e.wlse an -infringe- 
ment on Werner-KCrst.ert's -work.; '; . -'. 

-'Dutch .Garden' wa.s, put oiit by 
HariKis late ' jast- yeaiti with , Maick, 
Gordon' the' )yri<;ikt. . The number 
.sold about 275,000 ciopies. ; 

Nebraska Appeals To 
Supreme Court; ^R^^^ 
Interests BankroH Case 

. : Lincoln, ' I^ieb..,' July 2. 

Appeal has been taken to the U. S. 
supreme court from a statutory 
court's decision V/hich rle^breH the 
Nebraska anti-ASCAP law Invalid. 
Move came on the final date '^,7) 
allowing for an appeal and a week 
after the Nebraska Broadcasters As- 
sociation had agreed to put up the 
money necessary for the appeal. It. 
has been intirriated that the actual 
source of this financing is the Na- 
tional As.sociation of Broiadcastcr.s. 

The Nebraska statute was passed 
iri 1937 and after C9n.siderable jockey- 
ing in the courts was last winter-, 
declared unconstitutional. The at- 
torney general's office was allowed 
but $4,000 ,to . see the ' law through 
litigation and this ' was exhausted 
during the three years of legal con- 
troveisy. '' 


Gene Krupa's 3d Date 

. .GeneyK^ .signed for • 

his third repeat , Meadowbrook, 
Cedai^'Grpye, N. J., the. space of 
a .year,- Finishing a long stand there 
Sunclay (30), Krupa is 'isct for ah 

Lincoln, Neb., July 2. 
June almost washecl,, but the losses. 
. of May" bookings of name bands 
here,, what with both Hal Kemp 
and Dick Jurgens hanging in pre 
margins at. the Turnpike ■ Casino. 
]: King's ballrborn, at .Capitpl Beach, 
• arid Pla-Mor brought in no big 
I l.ea:J!uer.s,vbut"ail':th6ir territorial ahd-; 
local • bands- . maintained [ a strong ; 
average..- ; : 

Kemp approached an .even : $1,000 
for gross, $1.10 and '$1,35 per . per.;, 
and Jui-^i'cns toted in, $750, ,.at '83c,... 
and $1.10 gate prices. Next b;g bne_ 

Kelton With Cos lo w 

i. other six: weeks beginning- Jan;. 1, 

,VIiD41, .- .First stand' began Jan. .31 ihi.s is' Glenn Miller tonight .(2),,- coupled 
yca'r. ';■. .[-with, his' CBS '•oommerqial shbt frcra^ 

Frank Kelton has left L.' Wolfe - , Krii^pa. is credited^ with doing the | her^ via.'KFABi'^.-U^^ 
Gilbert's publishing firm-to become • best 'June - -business- '-' Me | is the Turnpike -$1,500; .which 

manager' of CqsIow^ M.usi.c,': Inc..^ ^ ': ' ~ 

', He. will operate out of New: Yprk. r ! 

.ha.s done since it opened,- by Frank j is- the 'highest, price di 
Dniley, .•••pot's ' bWncr.-:-'- ' ' ^ .,•. '■ .. i a . band here - in hi.story. 

divvied up iot 
for danr" 



Wedn^^day, Jiily^ 3, 194a 

(Presented' hiereioitixi as a : u'cckly tabuItftlpH, is. the ' estimated cover 
charge :busiVicss. bei7ig done by ttatnfr boiids in vai'ious Ncio ypt/c ?io(c|s; 
i)l,njier btwincss . (7-10 P-MVi 710I; rated. Fi^nrcs after name, o/ ihotet giijc 
room'popticity aiid cover diarge. poroer idinount toccficnd and 
holiday price:).' '...^ ^ ■ . ,. 

r WifcUn Vast . Covers- 
I'liiyed .»v«rtii On Outa 

. . . • 9 675 6,025 

. . . .8 1,800 11,925 

8 700 5.875 

;..:12 2,500 19,200 

; . , 6 3;675; . 19,975 

7 ;i,55d ,10,406 

. • 1 625 1,300 

opening of Al Donahue. In last night 
(Tuesday) and out tomorrow. Buddy 
Clarke's band replaced Courtney at 
Park Central hotel, N. Y. Not the 
singer,. Clarke: was at that spot all 
laist winter.' r'y' 

Banil ''-^ 

Charlie 'BafneU 
Larry 'Clintoht . 

Hotel -.■ 
...Xihcoln (2?.5;. 50c-$n . . . ; . ; . . , 

^ , New Yorker .(400; 75c-$i. 50)., 

.T)el Courtney* .-. . .Park Central (375 ; 50c-$l) ... . . . 

jimmy Dorsey; . .Pennsylvania (500; - 75cr^ , 
Tommy Dorsey*. . Astbr (900; 75c-$l ) . . . , . ■ • • 
Bay.kinriey*. . . . , Lexington (300; 75c-$l.50). . . . 

Alvind Rayv. . iv. :Biltmore (300; $1-$1.50). . • 

Art Jarretl's nfcw band signed to 
General Afriusemerit optional .con- 
tract. • ■ /-'.c 

iClaude Hopkins now under Wm. 
Morris agency, ; Had been with 
Rockwell General Amusen,ient Corp. 

; Faustb Corbello band,-., currently 
at Hurricane, N. ,Y., signed; to Cilo- 
lumbia Records. ; i 

■ Asterisfcs Sndieaite a suppDrti7ig floar sh6w, althon0h fJie band is the 
major dfdw. 'poe Venuii in Clinion's place. Sor last 3. days.. .Les Brpion 
' vice Cho7*lie^:Bar:nct /or. first 3 clays. \' V. ■ ^ ■'.■■^ .. ^ ' . 


Jan Garber movies his crew into 
-the- Casa ,Mahana, City, July 
5. . Jimmie Lunceford follows, . • ■ 

Charlie Affuew and' his orchestra 
Will Onisli' a two-week engagement 
at the Centennial Tei-race, near 
Toledo, O.i JiUx ili '. ^ " 

Norfnandie Restaurant in 
Placed by MCA.. , - . ; '\' : 

. . Louis Armstrong -and his Harlem 
l-evue . at. Palace tliealre. Youngs- 
town, o. • . ■> • ■■;■ ' ...v 

Harold Austini, Buffalo bandleader, 
is managing for secbnd summer, the: 
ballroom :■ ait ' Crystal tBeach,' Qht., 
amusement park. / 

Joe Reichnian's- orchestra on the 
Wai'rier lot for ia musical short. ' 

15 Best Sheet Musie SeDers 

(.Week ending June 29, 1940) 

Make-Believ0' Island . . . . » . . . < . .-.>.. . • . . « • . • <■• • • • • .Miller 

Playm^ates . • • . • ...,.;>..•, . . . • . . . r • < • • • •Santl3r 

. Imagination > • . . .i <■ ' .... ..... . , ;.. . . . 1. ..• « ABC ■ 

♦Where Was I? (' 'Til We Meet Again') . .. . . ... .Remick 

•Blue Lovebird ('Lillian Russell') ............ ...... ..Feist 

Breeze and I ' ... ... . . . V'.' i . v . . ; . . i-^ . . . . ..... Marks . 

Woodpecker Sbng-^;. : . , . ./ri .Robbin* 
: ; Singing. Hijls ...... i. .;.'.:: ......... .Santly 

God Bless :Ar)ri.erica' . . . . ; . .'. . .;; .> :.>:>;..... v. . ... . . . . Berlin ; 

■ . Sierra Sue v. ..v/-.' ■. .> '..C. .-v...;. ; , ... . . .i Shapiro 

: Fo6ls Rush In . .■ ... .■...-■v . '. .> •. . ; . i .:Byc . 

■ rU.N^ver Smile Again. ...... • • • • ; • • • • • ' • . .Sun 

Shake Down the Stars . . . . , . . v ....... . * .. . V. . ..: . . . . . . ...BVC 

♦Alice Blue, Gown ('Iriene' ) .^^-.V. ... . .v.;./, .Feist/ ■ 

•Little Curly Hair - ('40 .Little'Mothers';).'. ' . .Feist; 

'Sklniiay Ennis plays the Para- 
mount theatre. Lbs Angeles, week 
beginning July 4. 

Dal: Richards^ band, now playiiig 
. oh the Panorama Roof of H<?tel Van- 
couver, Vancouver, B. ..(i.,; will not 
switch -with Len Hopkins band fronii 
Ottawa as previously scheduled but 
-. Aviil 'play twice weekly from the roof 
, ' during the , sumimer. monlhfe. ' 

Tony • Almericb , Swinffsteris set for 
summer at Casino club, new dance 
spot, in. ; New (Orleans, '' .•'.-■; ; . 

G. B. Cochran 

Continued from pagie 1 

the . ordinary standard of- living. 
• Maurice Spltaliiy orch goes' Into i % staying^at the; country house of. 
Mission inn, hear Pittsburgh, for Mnend and we had melon, salmon, 
^ ' . . . . I chicken, asparagus , and straw'berries 

for lunch with good 'wiiie and j^x- 
cellent coffee Xo follow. So. dpn't 
bother; to send .me any canned food 

wee* of July 4 and moves to Pines, 
Pitti, Augv *2 to' stay there f or ; 
mainder of butdodr season^ 

Tony Martin,: with Bob Zurke'p 
band, spotted into West Vifew Park, 
Pittsburgh, for brie-niglHer July 17. 

Howard Baum orch'vOpened two- 
week stay at . Willows, Pittsburgh, 
Saturday; . (28),: replacing ; Jimmy 
Richard's outfit; ' ^ ..." ,-' 

. Fire, believed to have been caused 
by a cigaret, destroyed the Edmon- 
ton (Alberta) Beach dancehall last 
week. ■ 

■ Duke Ellingtdn plays a hop 
Municipal Aud, . St Louis', : Aiig. 27. 
Dance is being run by the Colored 
.Elks of Which Ellington is ' Grand 
Bandmaister. ;■ 

'. Tiny ; Hili band .: opens fortnight 
stay at'Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, 
July 8, same day. that Benny Burton 
opens ^at - West View Park in tha^t 
city. , : 

Biitmore Boys changed- agencies 
from GRA to Wm. Morris: .; Open at 
Sir Francis Drake hotel, San Fran- 
cisco, July 16. ' 

;Tommy ;Tuckcr has a foUowup to 
his 'Man Who Comes AroUnd.' Calls 
it 'Man Doesn't Come Around Any- 
more.' Band iopened .at West End 
Casino, West End, N. J;; Saturday 
(29). ■■• 

Budapest String Quartet 

for Columbia Records. 


. Del . Courtney set for July 7 and 
Ozzie Nelson Jiily . 14 .at Pleasure 
B.each Park, Bridgeport. 

Leon Primk moved into Grove 
club near Biloxi, Miss. > 

, Billy Catizone 4 out of William 
Penh Hotel/ Pittsburgh, after nine 
. months for indefinite engagement at 

Herbert Fritschie orch into. New 
Penn, Pittsburgh, for indefinite stay, 
succeeding Lee Barrett band. 

Howard Becker'^s optibn lat Pines, 

Pittsburgh, picked up for another 

stretch,. , this time through ; entire 
month of July. . 

Tommy. Cullin's band set- for sum- 
mer on outdoor terrace of Glenwood 
Hotel, Delaware Water Gap, Pa. 

. Ralph Wert with Eve Fr^y set for 
indefinite run at Mt; Pocono Grill, 
Mt. Pbcono, Pa.. 

Charlie Barnet how has one of 

those institutional ; original tunes 
Calls it 'Leapin' at the Lincoln,' 

Jimmy Van Heusen- flying his Own 
new plane to the Coast to work .on 
new tunes f or Paramount film. Took 
off Saturday (29). . 

Del CouHney band currently 
working three days at Meadpwbrook 
between exit- of Gene Kriipa and 

is radio siqr hasn't 
any worries because his 
arranging, in vesiments are 



No. 1 Played Radio Song 



from Billy RoseV';NEW AQUACADI'' at the N. Y. World's Fair 1940 
V '1 AND : Still The Nation's Favorite 

t H E tf 0 0 D P E CK E R S^^ 

ROBBINS MUSIC CORPOR/lTldN 799 Seventh Ave , New York 

: MURRAY BAKER, Gen. -Prof. Mgr. LEO TALENT, Prof. Mgr. i 

Of the show business ..and what's 
going to hiappen to iti there, is little 
to be told. . . ' ■' • 

We're 'having, .superb .summei; 
weather' which, without war., ri.ews, 
would draw ^recwpts;.'. 

Personally, ,1 :WaS getting going 
agal , but': Hitler-, has put. me right 
Out. Spnie .icriehds evjen ' say . that 
niy comeback brought on. the war! 
One thing this time-^I shall have, 
plenty of . friends; to . share being 
broke with me. \ - ' v ■ 

I shall hot try- to do anything 
again' before the aulurnn.: My feel- 
ing is that all; show -business will 
have, to be cheap pnced. -Few, very 
feW people, .will be-; able' to afford 
high priced seats. - ■;- ••• .. 

The confidence here is enormous. 
Ey ei^ybddy,. every classj is siir^ of 
ultimate victory, and labor ; (organ- 
ized labor) is Working like hell. 
They're cleaning . up the. Fifth Col- 
umnists, pretty thoroughly at last 
and, as ; I suppose you know, have 
cbliected my old friend Joe Beckett, 
whose match with (Tarpentier . netted 
me a nice profit of £20;00(). ;. Good 
days! '--'H: 

Not many Americans left here, but 
the Condos boys ; seem inclined to 
stay and have been dOing good, work 
at troop concerts, Claire Luce is 
another sticker. She'is a. fine 'girl 
and likes this old England of ours. 

Harry. Foster has gone big : into 
production but.' conditions are : top 
strong: for him or anybody. . 

I've a hahlcering , for Broadyvay. 
I should, like to see the shows at 
the Fair. I hope . I'm spared to come 
over once more. 

1 read you very regularly and get 
a lump in the throat that' Broadway 
and Piccadilly seem to have grown 
much further apart since last Sep- 

- With good remembrances to all 
old friends, 

; Charles B. Cochran. '■■ 

'■ I ^ » ♦ ♦ »♦♦> f 4, ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ I ♦>♦♦♦♦ M 

Will Bradley 'Let's Have Xhother One'— 'Ypunf Man SlngsV (Col. 3.'i48!i) T 
• Ray McKinley's drunken^Voicied vocal gives .'Another! its appeal. It's a ,.: 
natural for bar coin maOhines. Band plays it in high gear, all ensemble 
except for a clipped trUnip^t at finale; Band's new vocalist, Jimmie V^^ 
entine, shows little on the reverse arid -does nothing to hel^ tune put 
of the dOldi-ums. It Wasn't Worth recording. Trombone is only break. 

Freddy Martin 'Gypsy TeorsV-'Sunnin* in Summer Sun' ; (Bluebird 10748) 

. Martin's group: handles . ■Gypsy' with ; kid gloyes, blending violins aud 
saxfes neatly to add up a ."iJiece-thiat's.smpoth relief. Clyde Rogers vocals. . 
'SUn'.^is an okay tune; neatly played. It's lifting fare, played- with a lilt. 
PiSno breaks it .after Eddie Stone vocal. . ' -. 

Jimmie Lunceford 'Easter Parade'— 'I'm Alone with You* (Columbia 35484) 

Luhceford rides the, fencie . oh 'Par&de,' .halfway between its hielpdy and 
drifting too far .Off. Neyerthel-css it's a clean-cut. .liiece that drives to a 
:good impression as it rrioves along. Jimniie; Young yoicil is. more , per- 
sonality than tonsils.- Side is clear . and -lively.: Backing; is. an innocuous 
Piece of slows tempoed stuff .that .'barely escapes being labeled : a sleep 
walker's theme; Trumpet breaks it* 

Hal Kemp 'Breeze and I'— 'I Can't Resist You' (Victor 26iS15) .: 
Jimmy Dorsey has an. arrangement of 'Breeze' to end all, versions. - It 
seems no pthei:; liaridleadeirs; care to make an attempt to .e<iual or top' it; 
anyway this . is the deadest one to c.ome aloidg. ; Arr^^^^ impressjes .ias.- 

a- stock.. Janet Blair, vocal helps toward skidding it into a sub-par cate- 
gory. ''Tiuie dc^ervie.d; better ^'t has :rriore life and is 
better played. ; Piano and Bob Allen vocal break it up. 

Eddy Duchin 'Moanin' Low'-^'On the Alamo (Columbia. 35491) 

Outstanding on the 'Low' side is buchih's piano soloing. Entire arrange- 
ment isn't far ; behind, however. It's impressive, i-inging in sThooth en- 
semble as Well as muted trumpet, sax, aivd clarinet breaks. One of Duchin'j 
better turnputis..' Reverse is slower tampoed and tees off with another 
piano bit, ; it's :comm.ehdable also. . ■ 

Tiny Hill 'Yes Sir, That's My Baby'— 'Curbstone Cutie* (Vocalion 5367) 
Hili is. a- good record seller in the 'midwest where such sWeet groups a* 
Dick :Jurgens, Ray Herbeck and others are extremely popular. Oh- these 
) two sides, .^which are good for their type, the reason for Hill's popularity • 
in that area is apparent.:; Both sides are almost pure, coi-ri played With ail ' 
appealing lift. 'Baby' . is cut in the. style and tempo tjf yesteryear with a 
. vocal by the leader, v Reverse is closely ' siriiilar; ■ Breaks iare frequent. 
Sides bring to mind a backwoods Satin^day hop.: 

War Themes 

Continued from page 1 

with the present struggle have ipeein 
received feebly at the bOxofffice/ but 
the shifting changes ;in:.the European 
Scene pi;eclude .atternptirig to mas tcr- 
mind j)olitico history. 

^ All Cut 'Way Down ' 

Virtually: . ■ all ... ne'wsreels • ha ve 
trimmed down thie amount of biattle- 
front material being; used iri reels 
during the last, 10. da^^ reason 
is that less pictpi'ially piei'fect: m^^ 
is coming in from Europe, excepting 
that supplied by the. German army, 
which ' has- logt : its audience-appeal 
for Americans; ^The; other- is that 
numerous exhibitors, Outside the 
newsreei: theatres • themselves, are 
■surfeited, with war stuff and aver it 
is abtually keeping people away. 

American n'e wsreels geherally are 
Expected to concentrate more oiv the 
Yank . military preparedness and less 
.on the: European Wounded ip ensuing' 
summer ihonths, ..^according to opin- 
ions voiced this week. 

. John Kirby. 'Little Brown Jug:'- 'Impromptu' (VPcalion 5570) . 
'Kirby outfit, one of the best of the smaller combos (6);. does a neat job. 
on both of these sides. 'Jug* atrarigenient eases along style back- 

grounded; by Spencer. O'Neill's brisk brush drumming. Except for the; 
breaks it's all solid ensemble, never going off. on a wild swing tangent. 
Coupling kicks up the pace a bit, and stimulates the same reaction. TempOi 
pn both sides good. Pack a wallop. ;-. ' ... 

Artie Shaw. 'Dreaming Out Loud'— 'Now We Know* (Victor 26642) 

;. Shaw ; is gradually easing back into pop style, 'Dreaming' .is.; at an easy 
tempo and tastefully arranged. Points up strong sax team, and vocal by 
Martha Tilton, .eXrBenny GQodrtan^^ ;v^ Voice seems stronger and 

more mature. Clarinet, sax and guitar breaks help. Violins are used oiv 
both sides. They're used most on 'Now". It's a smoothly done piece that 
changes tempo from ballad to rhythm several times. Noticeable but doesn't 
harm. : "Miss Tilton . vocals. ■■ \:: "y 

; Glenn Miller 'Pe-6-5000'— 'Rug Cutter's Swing' (Bluebird 10754) 
Two originals that stack up as neatly colorful rhythnri bits. First is 6n« 
of the tunes, written around Miner's past stand at the Pennsylvania hotel, 
N. - Y., title being the spot's . phone designation. It's a 'Tuxedo ■ Junction' 
piece, highly rhythmic With exceptionally ' good tempo. Infrequent ' 
Miller's work is the trumpet and sax solos that break the jumping en- 
semble. Reverse is silhrilar, top similar, alsO employing trumpet and' sa.K 
takepffs. Both are well played and arranged/ 

be censored hereafter as result of 
several of the other downtown houses 
showing the scenes as is. ; 
. .Theatres have ; received many 
complaints, with ; attendahce. drp)p- 
ping. .off .in several houses. ,:■ Scienes 
showing either Hitler or other iiead- 
ers of the Rbme-Berlin axis will ais^^^ 
be deleted. .[/ ^ ■ 

; MplS. Approves No-War; 

Mihn^apolis, July 2, 
Since excluding,' all war pictures 
from his Screen,-- including ' newsi-eel 
shots,: manager Roy, Slentz of the 
■ Gopher (Par-Singer '"25c loop- first ^ 
run) asserts he has had only two 
complaints -as against more than 200 
compliments; ' ■■;■.;■■.,. ■■;■ 

. 'It's the • only house here to, take 
.^iich iictiph: and : calls spieci 
tioii- to the fact in its^ newspaper dis'- 
play . ads and On bianners in front, of 
the theatre. . 

habes here . increased the. number of ■ 
.shorts on their bills. Also, small, 
towns, all through IVIichigan have 
started the use of more shorts, and. 
riewsreels;;: ;.. :..-■ '"' ' -: 
. Reports are that ftewsreels V with 
war .ijmphasis are proyinfivinipor.tanl 
lures in the resort sectors where :yar 
■cationers don't .. bother With ■ the 
ho,ws'papers . but; dp take - in.: the 
shows. •• ; ' ^ V- • ' 

Interstate's Axe on Axis- ■ ■ 

^ San Antonio, July 2. .•; 
•ihe Interstate, circuit, has an- 
iiounced that; all war newsreels will 

; Want More War Reels 

. Detroit, . July .2. , ' 
Since Detroit's major hoUses uppcd 
the amount of newsreei time, chiefly 
through, interest in -wax hiatei'ial,.-the 

The One fthd Only 




V , '•'■ ■' . -:.: 

17 East 49th St., New York 

WcJpesaay, July 3, 1940 



Concert Wk^ Paradoxes 


The most noteworthy event of an 
^mencan ^coirtert £W Tue^ 
(25) at Lewisoha Stadium, N; 
f unfortunately was . not the, mu- 
The best composition ;;was not 
Sritten by -ah ^ Arnerican.; b^t; by^ 
«ihemian, Anton Dvorak, the hack- 
s' Lrgo irom his New World 
Jmphony being the piece. 
But if American composers failed 
4ft chine, ah American conductor did. 
iSark Warnow, who . for the most 
nart has devoted, his career to the 
leridition of . .popular music, took 
over ^ihe podium from tiie^ regular 
conductor, Arlivr Rodzinski, at the 
.end the. program: to , direct Earl 
Robinson's 'Ballad .for Americans,', 
for chorus and orchestra, with: ban- 
lone solo sung by ?aul Robeson. ' 

Warnow completely overshadowed 
his soloist, and his contribution; was 
the- finest of the evening. The Phil- 
harinon ic orch estra h ad beien play i h g 
well but listlessly, under the. direc- 
tibh ■ pf Rodzinski;,:; Under Warnow 
who had b^ri cheated in 1938 by Lhe 
weather; of his chance to direct . it, 
tJie orchestra came to life, .and under 
lhe conductor's, steady beat the con- 
cluding numbers were playedv^yith a 
in and eclat which . had: been mi^-; 
ing in the earlier portion of the pro- 
gram. ; ".■ V-.:/ 

The popular leader made no sliow 
pi his job; whioh; was handled iri a 
•vvorkinariship' and ^prof ession'al ; fash- 
ion; indicating he could, go 'far in 
iJie classical field if ;he ever de- 
sired to branch but. His new or- 
chestral arrangerhent of 'Old. Man 
River,' the concluding number, was 
also a fine piece : of musicianship, 
exceedingly well orchestrated, es- 
pecially in the string section. 

IRobeson's. vocal shortcomings went 
unnpticed, to hiis enthusiastic public 
at iVast. Best of his selections, which 
included 'Water Boy' and 'Sometimes 
1 Feel Likie a: Motherles? Ghildj' was 
' an eiicore, -Scandalize My Name:': 
As. to thiev.musical portion of the. 
program two cpmpositiOiis: were 
'firsts,' but undistinguished. An 
American composition to: rate, with 
Beethoven, Bach . Brahms still 
remains to be written. First on the 
prograhi was a brief 'composition 
for chorus/ and orchestra by Roy 
Harris, entitled 'Challenge 1940;' 
Written' and inspired 'wh ile the de- 
inocracies were crumbling in Eu- 
rope,' The work is as weak as were 
some of the democracies, with the, 
opening .bounding .much like Pucj;:. 
fini's /Tosca,' and the baritone solo, 
tung capably by Petier Nicolaeff, 
hearing a striking resemblance . to 
'Peep River.' The drcheslrai con- 
clusion was .miich on the style of 
Wagner. : The choru.s and orchestra 
could haVe benefited by more re- 
hearsals, as cues were : misled on 
Kveral occasions.' 

Next tjew work to be heard Was 
William Grant Still's 'And . They 
Lynthed Him on a Tree,' for double 
chorus, conlralto solo and orches- 
tra. This, was; better; than the. Har- 
iris .work, with the .pbdernistic inu- 
f sic having more color and origihal- 
|.ity;;- . ■ 

i- Brilliant New Negro .Songstress 
I . The work of the Schola Gantorum 
end the Wen Talbert Choir was 
much better^ with the first solo artist 
of the evening to appear being 
Louise Burge, Negro, contralto. She 
is the possessor of a rich and luscious 
coritrajtp, used artistically . and with 
expert musicianship: '■. More . should 
Toe heard from her shortly. ■ 
- Jaromir: Weinberger's 'Under the 
Spreading Ghestniit Tree' followed, 
find, bore a suspicious likeness to the 
composer's: most famous .work, 
:Schwanda.' .The work was not . par- 
tfcuiarly . well knit until its .end. 
^nen with . , jiist, 'minor •deviations, 
the polka and fugue - f rdnni • Wein- 
oergers 'Sch wanda' weVie tossed in 
lor .a rousing conclusion^ 


Celeron iind Bcmus Point. Spots 
IJiiinc: Name Bakids Competiiively 

Buffalo; July 2. 
iSunrirner 'name band! rivalry be- 
tween Celeron Park, Jainestowh, and 
Casino at Bemus Point, N. Y., W$s 
r'esu m e d iSatu r d a y \ ( 29 ) With u hsh u t- 
tering of latter .daricery< . Separated 
by only a few miles, both play name- 
bands each . week-end.- Celeron 
Saturdiay v had-. Count :.Basi with 
.Duke- Ellington at Bemus. ' 
. The previous Satui\day . (22)^ Q 
Nelson fetched 1 ,484 pier.sons tb: Cel- 
eron. Sbme 350 couples p?iiS $1.65 
presale, the rest shelling but $2 at 
the . door, Itjorrey Brennan, .425-llk 
baton waver, leads the hou^e band 
on other nights. ^ : ■.-.^ V 

Cugat May Go Columbia 

Xavier Cugat may fchilt to Co- 
lumbia records nrnfiei- a deal now 
being discussed by; Music 'Corp. ,pf 
Ariierica. .:,.•/ 

Latin mae.siro has long been stand- 
ard on Victor but MCA, under its 
CBS accord, has, signed rnoft; of its 
topfljght\ artists wiih CBS' ; affiliate, 
the Columbia waxworks. 

Officials That 1^ Racing Is lllepl 


- Atlantic -City,. July 2: ' 
Leopold Stokowslii's: All- American 
Youth brchestra will do ^ts - - 
hearsing on the -beiachfront. . here, 
and also rnake- its .debut in this city.- 
Stokowiski made the announcement 
af teir Mayor Tom Taggart revealed 

local hotels would provide free 
rppms for . the .100 youngsters during 
their Vrehearsal period, July .7-20, 
andJCent's. Restaurant had; agreed to 
keep, them .well fed for $1:50 .js(. day 

Stokowski's. youngsters; ■ pick6d 
from all. parts of the country, to 
.rhake a 'good-Will'- tour ' of Laitin 
America, ;Will; rehearse :in main ball- 
room .of yConventioh Hall each morn^ 
ing, go swimming In the afternoon, 
and practice: some more in the eve- 
nin'g. -■; ''V ". ; 

When;, rehearsals:, are . ■ completed, 
the orch -.will . give public dress re- 
hearsals, in Cortventioh Hall, before 
makitig debut in Washington before 
President Rbpsevelt -'and Pan-ATheir- 
-ican diplomats. . After the Washing- 
ton concert, there will: be another: in 
Madisbn. Square Garden; N. Y., be- 
fore they sail for South. America. • 

, Thie: circuit court cf spptals in 
N, Y. MondS.y (1 ). iipheld federal 
judge Samiiel . Mandelbaum's .ruling 
of March .23, 1938, and. dismissed. Jack 
Darren's plagiarism action against 
Joe Morris Music Cb.^ Inc., Al $her- 
hnan, jack Meskiil, and Abner Silver. 
iDarrell claimed his song, . 'Does Any r 
body Want; Little Kewpie,' writteii 
in 192'7, Swas .lifted in the defendant's 
'On the Beach at Bali-Bali,' vi'rittien 

In their dbcision, the justices of the. 
circuit coXirt declared thal a sequence; 
of ..eight notes appears 'so f requently 
as to .constilyte the greater; part : of 
the two songs.; 'This rhakes lhe two, 
when rendered, so much alike :tb the 
ear that the siipippsed piracy appear.^ 
almost inevitable. Nevertheless we 
are not cony iriced . thai- thai cbnclur 
siph i^^ inesc^ipable, ais^ recurrence is 
not an inevitable ipsdge of plagiarism; 
While ihere are :ttti ehormpus nuni- 
ber of posfsible : permutations of the 
musical nptes of the scale, only a; fe\y 
are pleasing, and .moch fiewer ?till 
suit the infahtale .demalnds. of. the 
popular ear,' ; declared the . circuit 
colirt. It was als.o pointed put that 
the plairitiff-s song in several years 
had sbld only 1,500 copies. 


MuKicians : in London Slap Import of 

y'lfank-Miisic.'- -■■ :^ -■. 

: ;, . ,V ■■LQnd6n;:;On.t., July 2,-. .: 

Claiming'; thai- .'thousandE ,:C'f Ca- 
nadian dollars' are being laken from 
this cou ntr y ye a fly . by ' bi g -na m e' 
United States orchestras, J the Lon- 
don branch of the Canadian Fcdera-, 
tion of IVlusiciahs is, seeking ;th*; cor 
operation of ■ other Ca nadi an u n iph 
groups in having a ban applied upon 
U. S. musical importations lor lhe 
duration of the war. 

- In a comm un ication 1 o 1 h e 'Lon. 
don Public Utilities Commission, the 
Londoh niusicians' group has afked 
thiat Canadij^n orchestras playing op- 
posite Americian bands at Port Stan- ' 
ley, Ont., be given piatriotic billing:! 
Copies of the letter sent to the P.U.C. 
have also been forwarded to; the City 
Council and the London Trades and 
Labor Couhcii; jri. an effort 1o enlist 
the cooperatipn of those ; bodies. 
; Herman Liersch, of the C. F. of M:. 
groupi. stated that many Canadian 
orchestras heard in the larger On- 
tario and Quebec cities and On the 
CBC . network would prove to be 
equal drawing cards if thffy w^re 
given equal advertising space us 
being given in newspapers and other 
mediums to the, American big-name 
orchestras which are drawing: large 
crowds to the huge dancehall .at Port 

' Youngstowri, O., July 5, 
; Threat of Youngstown, Ohio, liie- 
atie exhibitors to complain ic. i'h* 
governor forced the Lake Milton dog 
tiack at Palmyra, bhio, to drop; the-, 
booking of name' bands ' :at) in-. 
ducemient to watching the whippHs. 
Palmyra is close enough for the 
track to cut into Youngstown the- 
atre business, yet the two spots iVre 
in separate counties. Bands played 
in the track infield, getting in sets . 
between races. There was ho danc- 
ing. : y . ' .. ; ;.;; • - ; 

■ : Greyhound racing' is against Ohio; 
state laws but inasmuch ,'is nc '16r- 
mal ; complaint had: been filed with 
: the governor its operation was .not 
hieing interfered with. Ted Lewis 
and Duke Ellington played dates tit 
the; stand; .recently. Tony Martin, 
leading Bob Zurke's band, wfjs 
scheduled for two wceiks hence but 
. was cancelled, when thje_ Falrnyia 
:^i:)?riff ordered , band policy ; wiih- 
diawn. " - 


'Want to Lead a Band?' 
Stunt Costs Sam Kaye 
50 Batons Every Day 

Detroit, July 2. 

Sammy." Kaye has got around to 
ordering his batons in lots of 1,000. 
What's more, the consumption of 
wands is going up daily. . He's order 
ing from the Conn musical supply 
house about every 20 days now. 
Kaye ea.sed into the market. with his 
'So You Want to Lead a Band' stunt. 

Now in Detrbit. Kaye really has to 
hand, out the batons with the :apr 
pearance of four would-be iriaestros: 
at every show, That accounts for 20 
of the lO-inch. wliite birch, cork- 
. handled; , specially monogi-ammed 
batons every day. But that doesn't 
count in the. more, or less important 
weir-wishiers. tiie .. old friends, . the 
press. the f riends Of people yoii gotta 
be nice to, etc., which eat.s up at 
least 30 more . day. . In fact, it's 
^growing like a chain. letter, and While, 
it's a good gag the. orders go :in faster 


■ •.- Currently -'■ 


Q)ireclwn ■ 


.Eddie LeBaron and Don Bestor 
bands almost tangled at . the Renault 
Tav.ern, Atlantic City, Saturday; (29). 
Both were allegedly booked to 
start two-week - stretches- there as, 
booked by their re?pective agencies. 
It requii'etl the local musicians iinion 
and the help of two other bandlead- 
ers for LeBaron to start the : job. 

Confliction came about when Con- 
solidated Radio Artists negotiated 
'with the .spot for an. exclusive book- 
ing arrangement, with the promise 
of an NBC remote wire. Agency 
couldn't convince NBC and as a re- 
sult Music Corp; of America stepped 
in arid , took it over, stringing in a 
CBS wire. ; 

■ Before CRA had .settled the wire 
angle with NBC it signed Bestor for 
the date: MCA signatured LeBaron 
for the same stretch and Bestor, 
wh6n opening time rolled, around, 
called the iipofs manager and said 
he'd be on hand. He didn't show. 
Though the A. C. musicians' local 
upheld LeBaron it took Alex Bartha, 
local band lead er, and Joey Kearns, 
WCAU, Philadelphia, house band 
leader, to help LeBaron open. Seems 
that to make the opening at the 
Renault he wj^s forced to jump, by 
car, from Dallas. Texas, three 
days. Cars got separated and one 
got into a crash. \As result Lebaron 
was oh hand with hall a band and 
no niusic. Bartha offered the use. of 
part of his fhylhm section anid Keftrns 
a piano player and arrangements 
until the mii^sing men showed up 
Two arrived at 11 p.rn; the same 

didn't, due 

Mobile, July 2. 
Betty London arid her- band ended 
a three, weeks' contract at the Rose 
Room, Cawthon hotel (28) and at thit 
same time, the Kansas City woman 
baton, wielder said that she ' was 
washed up for a while trying to lead 
arid look after the business end ol 
the band, 'I am through for a while, 
at least, as I find a bunch of men, 
are tough to pleas;e.' Members of 
the band • scattered widely. Jake 
Wells, pianist and vocalist:, went to 
Washington, D. C; Spud Taylor to 
Shreveport, and Rex Mori, driirhmer. 
and.jPete Collins, drummer, to New 

The Rose Roorn was taken over by 
Ray Benitez and his band for three 
weeks. "■■-'.■- 

the best leader at each show and the 
.Grlnnell ;Brbs.; company. 'making, re-.: 
boi-dings; of each amateur^s conduct- 
ing and ;'pre.<ienting hir - with the 
platter. On top of thi: the best of 
the youhg. m.aestr.os.have a final cbni- 
petition for 50 bucl^s. 

.lack French, president of the mu- 
sicia,ri.«i : local here;' ruled the Kaye 
band off rnaking any broadcasts in 
Detroit-^- liich has brought on' some 
growls from Other , visiting .stage 
bandST-but okayed three interviews 
for the 'leader over WWJ. WJR and 
WXYZ, HoWever, an^intervievv from 
nearby. Canadian . •.slatioh, CKLW, 
Windsor, ,.Oht., got thumbs down. . .. 

every time. .... 

: Here the music' hou.':eK tied in'witb-r,.^v^"''^S and . two 
the amateur band leader stunt with l^^rash injuries, 
one: giving, away Kaye recordings to . EC^stof. intends .cbnrip^ to the 

AFM, claiming :hi.s contract, signed 
by both he and the Renault, is valid 
and the fact that CRA lost the book 
ifig of the place, it couldn't 
deliver a wire was .no concern of his 

Henry Busse held over at Palace . 
hotel. Sari Francisco, until Sept. 25. . 

.Professional managers, of : music 
firms are observing the bit of -plug-; 

swapping that is now going amonff 
Fred Waring, Tommy porsey, jind 
Guy Lombardo, Some contactmen 
are even keeping a chart on the 
current operations on this : Tinker s- 
to- Evers-to-Chance song combination 
just to ^see whether In time all lliite 
leaders come out even on the ex- 
change, -:-■.■■;,;■•.•,'■' 
W.nring's firm; Words & Music, haf; 
a.s its No. i plug the numberj ,'H»rif 
Way Down the Street'. Dorsey's. 
publishing house isi the: Sun Music 
Co., which is pushing 'I'll Never 
Smile Again/ v^hile Lombardo, <;hitf 
stockholder of Olman Music, ha.s m 
deep interest in . the wtllarie of 'I 
Can't Love You Any More'. Thi.«j 
particular exhibit of logrolling, say 
the conlactmen on the sideline.s, h.'is 
.worked out nicely so far, *nd.;the: 
threesome have also not .overlook td 
their own riumbers as far. »«; their 
own programs are concerned. What's 
more, for once, each. : looks like a 
sizeable hit. 

. Paramount. Music -Corp, ■ .. : pub- 
lishing four soiigK f):(im'' 'A Night . at 
Earl Carroll', y Ditties are 'Li l Boy 
Love,' by Frank ' Loes.'-er and Fred- 
bi-ick. Hollander; 'Ont Look at You,' 
by Ned Washin^iton and; Victor 
■Ybung; 'Happy . , Times;,* by Loe.sser 
and - ..Gertrude:: ^Nitsstn, . and 'Calir 
Cbrigo,' 'oy Carrbjl Dor ens and Nilo 
Mencndoz. ■ ' 



*VdANCE WITH ME wai.z 
(Tonite at the Mardi Gras) 


"Louisiana Purcha-'('"° 


799 Seventh Avenue, New Yo.'-k City 
Charlie Warren, Prof. Mgr. 


Wedn<$9diif; July 3, 1^4Q 






Xat)ier Cugiat ; brc^i . (14) , Mischa 
Borr Orbh (G), Georges dnd, Joliva. 
: J6se\i)ii:ni Hxtston; , $1 , a?id $1.50 


It's ■ significant that a band . likq 
Cugat*s today .is not. only the Npr 1 
combihaition ih high spot like the 
Wald6ri-Ast6ria's Starlight Roof 
but, on authority of the manage 
inerit, is doing better buSihess than 
many other nanie bands ot ; the 
kilter diller and /br; smooth dansapa- 
tion school, Significant it is because 
Cue:at is essentially a .'Latin band, 
and wherie cohgarhuirtiba combos 
heretoioire ivere the belief (alter- 
nating) orchestra, here Gugat is .the 
prime draiw— and doing exception- 
ally -lyell:' V . ' ' . 

' Not that Gugat gives out all one.- 
two-three-kick or . bacardi-bump 
ihusic; but he certainly doesn't un- 
derplay it: liis teiam of 14 is evenly 
divided between U. S. and Cuban 
musicians— the Americans on .' the 
saxes, etCi^ and the Latins on the 
bongos and jpercussions. He has 
four re^ds, two brass, xylb, piano, 
bass, drums, violiri, two bongoists 
and a versatile. • interchanging tciam 
that shifts into Ave violins, two flutes 
and clarirtiet when Viennese waltz 
sets and .the .like riecessitatie; ' ■ 

The Waldorf Roof s present lineup 
is ultra and distiriguished. Georges 
arid Jaina are superior' ballroom- 
oldgists who 9rr chiefly oh generos- 
ity/ Savien riOmliers, -no niattei-Lhow 
Sveli done, are too many. . They 
should leave them hungry.; They're 
a svelte looking pair. He effects the 
semi-ballet getup that Paul Draper 
has been going in . lor, an unique, 
spec-iailly tailored gray ensemble, 
SheV. propei-ly coiffed and precise, in 
decorum and terpsichorean .deport- 
merit. Viennese waltz, rhumba, iox,. 
tango," mazurka arid fast number are 
a versatile; array all right, and, set 
them off to. excellent advantage on 
novelty arid variety,, but they would 
be \vise to cut it down, 

: Josephine ' Huston, blonde song- 
stresSi and a looker,: who- has been 
around in riiteries, vaudeville and 
legit, is now in the elass groove with 
a big. league; repertoire of : wellr 
> chosen ballads. 'Breeze and I,' 
'Yours 'Is My Heart Alone,' 'Love 
Is a Cheat' (Irving ;Gaesar's Ro- 
manian; gypsy folk song) and 'Fools 
Rush In', make f or , an excellent 
blend. Her arrangements are good, 
arid the finale 'Fools' coda, shifting 
from; high soprano to. a throaty -de-, 
livery, is a nice charige of pace.: 
Songstress at the Friday night operi- 
irig had the iriike a bit high, eclip,s- 
ing a pleasing persoriality that merits 
futier exhibition, 

Gugat features a specially ihvented 
•Gbrigat'... instrunient , that looks like 
-five;, bongos ori a pedestal, a la a 
giant xylophone. Iristelad of: harii- 
rhers, Gugat and his two bongoists 
bang oiit the . rhythms. The^ five 
oversized drums, tethriically com- 
prise two bongos, a tt-es,. a tiple arid 
a coriga, as the yaripus skinheads are 
known , to. musiciaris. It's a. nifty 
feature of his ; band! Mischa Boi-ir's 
ensemble (p) is a worthy alternating 
combo, long -a; standard iii' the sun- 
dry .Waldorf rooms, arid- cafes. . Per 
usual; Ambrose is watchfully- at' the 
door; cover $1 weekdays and $1.50 
Saturdaysii; . ^. -^ -v-Abel.' 

Hawaiian Bliie Room 

(HOTEL RpbSEyELT, N, 6.) 

his: head, hands and feet to keep 
clubs, hats, arid balls floating. Gets 
plenty of palm pounding: 

Vocal honors are divided between 
Frank Flynri of the or<:hestra arid 
Lorraine :. 6'Day; ., a looker ' who has 
nice .pipes, and got nice hand: at her 
first appearance with Fio Ritd outfit; 
"I Cried For You" is her best num- 
ber, accompanied by. Fid Aitp at; the 
piano. Flynn get3' .nice response for 
his singing, ^ ■ .■ : '• ' - - 

Rounding out show is Ibrig-legged, 
agile Walter, ; Long, who, rings the 
beU with his rhythmic tap daricingv 
Rates several encores. Fio Rito 
nicely emcees. . . Liuz, 


.(HOTEL CAIltER): "^ --^ 

': . ClerelaTid, Jmic 29.' . 
■ Bon BatVs' Grch . (4), Gdriniia; 
George AiUtori and S}iirley; Jeawiei 

Appa rently stung by the play arid 
ambUrxt of press space other hostel- 
ries . have been . ;getti'ng - with their: 
dance-dinetiesi Hotel Carter .is ^mak?: 
ing a heavy, bid for both by opening- 
its new Petit Cafe with Ddn Bari's 
orchestra. Doesn't look likie J.^Bing^ 
ham Morris, hotel manager, will go; 
wrong with Either. Getting away 
from flashy ' atmosphere 6f soine 
rivals, he has made r66m for one; of 
the; town's smartest- ir ; decor. It's 
riot big— 150 would crowd itT-^but 
with ; its bleached oak . walls, ; trap- 
pings .of silver^ blue iahd coral in im- 
peccable, taste, it hass^ari air of ih- 
viting>initimaey. ^ 

.: Brought in from Detroit!s;Wonder- 
bar-r-his real name ;iis Djerkiss-^Bari 
has. mjjie: On the ^nusicai ball than 
the average yoyng maestro. Singirig 
eriseinble of four pieces , carries . 
plenty of .originality, enough to have 
rated spots on two .of . Bob , Hope's 
broadcasts. ' . Last ■ . one, bccurring 
when iflope . smashed vaude: records 
at local RKO. Palace,, gave him a 
swell sendoff as well as putting the 
Carter on the 4ancing .nria> again. 

Foursome's forte is interpolatirig 
vocals; of all sorts vvith subdued but 
catchy instruriieiital rhvthms. Each 
has a good voice and thiey kribw how 
to .harmonize engagirigly. . 
' . As. arranger, Bari goes in mostly 
for medleysV For late sessions he 
whips up aydance tempo with more 
downbeat from a good bass player/ 
Leader doubles on sax, clairinet and 
violin deftly, while his brother Bert 
makes-accordion arid iiiano stand out; 
Shitley Jeanne., a^ decorative pack- 
age, handles solos in a clear, riiodu- 
lated soprano. A tightly integrated, 
distinctively tuneful group,, therie's 
little dbubt of it staying 'through the. 

Between sessi6ris:'darinna and huSr 
ba rid-paitner,; George AUston, put on 
a rapidfire turn of mind-reading 
.stunts arid quips. It's; got an oldtime 
vaude flavor, a trifle corny arpUrid' 
the edges, but their cbderwork is 
slick, arid girl shobts back amusirig. 
cracks' sit hecklers wlthbiit offending. 

■. . ■■ PuUen.- 

Band Reviews 

' New. Orlediis, - July 2.'. 
Ted Fio RitP Orch, Hibeft, Byrd 
and: LdRue, BoJ>hi) May, Walter 
Long, / Johnny ' 'Caridy' Gandido, 
Franli Plynn and Lorraine O'Day: 

This swank nitery ' contributes a 
tasty package , of -Tnelody and laughs, 
being well diversified eritertaiiriment 
whose every itehi registered with 
first nighters (28). 

• Ted .Fio . Ritp's crew drew large 
hoiisie . at . inaugural and Since . spot is 
only: local one dishing up liVe talent, 
without ;.stin!tirig bri thie budget, it 
looks like business Will be , big for 
the 'remainder ;bf his stay! Fio; Rito 
aggregation tosses off smooth hoof 
music that registers favorably pn 
sweet; side and ' in.: hep tempPi $ev- 
eral Viennese Waitzes, a cpncession 
to the Pldsterg.ehabie latter to desert 
tables; foir 'the .floor, a. 'consideration 
that shows discriminate thought. 
. A hoihetowri. boy paces the outfit.' 
Johnny 'Candy'; Candidb, he of. the 
.triple-threat voice* , His songs and 
parodies in Vpices ranging frbm. a 
thin treble to a gravel -thrbated bass 
■brought Vrepeated . encore requests 
li'bm -.this audience. • 

Running a close secorid for laughs 
arid applause is a novel act iu which 
. a smooth pair of halltoom - dancers 
; get: messed lip with ii- 'drunk' iii: th^' 
audience, They simirier dovvn tp ai 
hilariously funny adagio trio. Hiberf 
arid Byrd are the -sober ineriibers of 
this act and LaRue is the 'drunk' 
who tahgl^s with their routines, the 
'waiters, ringsiders arid every.brie 
else who gets in his way; Tl?ey had . 
to beg off. ' 
Bobby May. standard Juggler, uses 

: Joe .■Venutl drew .quite airi. 'opening* 
from the musfc bunch'" for his bne- 
week fill-in at the iHotel New; Yorker, 
while Larry Clinton is Mfllling a 
previously cpntracted bopkirig in a 
Chicago vaudfilmer. Per usual, the 
swing H^ifetz gives but hif tily on his 
fiddle, backed 'by a ' crack darisai>a- 
tiPn team. The ice show is back here 
for the summer, nbw presented thrice 
daily, lurichepn, dinner and suppet, 
and doii^g hangup biz. Nathan Wal- 
ley, figure-skating champ; Belita, 
British figurerskater; Alfred Trienk- 
let's coniedy on ice; Ronriy Roberts' 
acrobatic stunt ^katiixg; DuReine 
Farley and Edith Dustman, person- 
able specialists; and a ballet com- 
prising the latter two, plus Daphne 
Poole, Lillian Tribby,.Grace May and 
DeLories Ziegfeld, make fbr a so^fco 
rink irolic. Jerrj^ White (ex-Radib 
Franks) is m.c. an^ piaces the show 
well. Peter Kent's smaller unit (6) 
dispenses, the dance music at the 
luncheon sessions; VenUti'^ band (12) 
' for dinner' and supper. . 

With ; Tony Hope, Max • ; Surbln 

(rhumba) . 
Rainbow Room, N.; 'IT. 

Ray Heatherton started, as a barl- 
tpne with Paul Whiteman,^^ and has 
been in hotels, radio arid shows as. 
a si nger, last opposite: Mitzi. Green in 
•Babes ■ ■ Anris;' This marks his; 
preem as;a niaestrp. Capable on the 
violin and reeds, he plays little, how- 
ever, ' but . emphasizes , his batoning 
with f tequerit vocal iriterludes, alters 
riating with (Miss) Tony Hope, riee 
Gloria Trope,- socialite songstress 
who haridles the ferimie vbcals welli - 
Max Surbin ; is the rhurriba baridr 
within^a-bahd (6) , that altisrriates on; 
the jrel Le f sessi oris when Hea therton's 
rnajpr unit .(il).; goes. off. ; ■ • v 

The band as a dance combo;; is 
riiore than adequate, judging by the 
qustoriier response; Setup is not too 
blaring. There are two violins, bass; 
iaccordion and^ piano for the rhythnv 
section, :with the brass and reeds 
equally divided for smooth darisapa- 
tion. Young Heatherton is a per- 
soiiality at the helm, and his pwn 
vocal accoriiplishments do much to 
highlight the aggregation. : 

Specially put together for tW 
Rainbow Rborii engagement, it's . not. 
a casual combo >arid; should do . well 
with the youngsters. It's not too 
drivirig, but deli vers.sri^ippily for the 
hoof music, ideal for a spot like the; 
Rockefeller nitery arid ; fori . .class 
hotels. The B;R's radio builder-upr 
pering shbiuld help further, ylbcli, 

Itf A3f ADKiNS ORCIHEST^ (14> ; 
Riviera; Clu;b, Pittsburgh ^ ^; 
. ■ Simply by dropping ; the ^ string 
section and: adding Ray Englbrt, who guitar player and .vocals 
ist, Max AdktriS ;has converted his 
Stanley theatre: house hand: irito a;- 
first-class da rice -ou tfit, When , WB 
deluxer , . dropped shb\ys ibr . the 
summer, Adkiris wanted, to keep the' 
organization together . with ; an eye 
to resumption of flesh at the Stanley 
iri. the fall arid put the idea to. them 
of contihuirig as a cafei crew.. They 
all agreed; went into,, the Riviera 
as a test spot, and the clicko has 
been; Jiig and ihstantarieousi ' ■ .. 

That's Vnot surprising, however. 
Practically all of Adkiris' "rrieri have 
had considerable dance experierice, 
Adkins himself is a top-notch ar^ 
ranger ;iand, with; the WCAE. Air- 
liners acquired a reputation for be-T 
ing -a swingeroo whiz on bPth. the 
;clarinet and/saxi So the odds were 
all with hinni. Of course, there's stiU 
work to be .done, and lots of it, . The 
rhythms aire ..a bit rough; and the 
ensemble worlc isn't quite all it 
should be yet,. butyWith a period of 
cpritiriued rehearsingv getting the 
theatre pit stuff but of their systenri 
arid fthding the dance, floor , range 
again, the Adkins band . should be 
okay, ' 

Orchestra consists of five reeds, 
Adkins included, five brass, guRar, 
drums, bass and pianO. , Men' are aU 
expert niusicians ^and crack sploists, 
top, and they; have plerity to gb on 
with maestro's slick arrarigements. 
Sax-clariri'et section is the tops, but 
truriipets (3) and trbmbs (2)' arie not 
far behind, and .their, hot ' stuff is 
in. the groove for; the younger crowd. 
But crew's just as exacting on the 
dulcet, side, jparticularly when Ad- 
kiris is ..soloing and carrying the 
load. What crew needs moist now is 
a group of novelties, an absolute 
necessity, today; musically, they are 
ably fortified everywhere, arid-, a 
pushover, for even the most .discrim- 
inating terpei•s..^ ■ ■'■ 

So far Adkirii? . doesn't have a 
femriie warbler but is considering 
adding one. • At the nioment, Eriglert 
is carrying the vocal burden; He 
once, had a, small , dance combo of 
his own (at the Pines .in Pittsburgh) 
arid has soft, pleasant pipes that 
come through the mike effectively, 
Could Use a bit , moire, salesmanship 
in his delivery, though, it's- too 
caisual-v ;" 

Band doesn't follow . any particur 
lar .style,, preferring to keep an even 
balance, but would seem to lean to 
Gieh Gray, if any compiarisons . are 
tp be riiade, . Outfit, is being booked 
by . Joe- Hiller, CRA's rep in Smoky 
City.. Cohen. ■ 

Network PlugsJ A.M. to 1 A.M. 

Fotlbioing is a totalization of fh* combined pltijli of icU/rreiit tunes ori 
NBC iWEAF and WJZ) and CBS iW ABC) computed for the week /rom , 
Monday ihrqyLgh Sunday (June ; 24-3p) . Totdl Tcprcscrtta : accuftiulaied 
perfoinnhnces on thi two iixajor networles from B a,rni to I d.rti. Symbol * 
denotes film sQug, f istage musicals, all others are pop, JPdrenlhciic. ttumereil 
after thkiitle indicates how matiy weeks the song has shown up in .these: 
listings^: :":'.;'^ 

• • • '• • « « • ^ .< 


. ... . . Maries / 

. • • . ..ABC .«.• »,> 
: . . . . Robbins . 

■ Withiark 

Ge'rald Clark's Caiypsbers are a 
novelty at the. Village; Vartguard, in 
New York's Gireeriwich Village, with 
their Trinidad tempbs. Their mUsical 
observations and advice, . in broken 
. I'hyriies arid rhythrn.-as dispensed by 
! this dusky' crew, are riibre sage than 
iambic pentameter. 'Macbeth;' solo 
specialist, is .a . standout.; The. riice- 
looidrig tenor up frbnt, one suspects, 
is Clark, until the iattier bomes forth 
. f rprii behind his guitar in the back- 
grpurid; / He's seemingly ^he brain- 
trust of the .combo. It's a gPbd- 
huriioi*ed interlude, and already' aft 
established ;; Greenwich Village . cafe 

draw;' ■ ■ :■ 

St, Reffls hotel roof (N. Y.); is 
taking; too drastic a cUt with .Liv- 
ingstbri. Gearhart arid Virginia Mor- 
ley, coiking twin Steiriwayists, as the 
sole divertissement. . . it's ft case of 

•SWitchirtg. from a banquet ;tb an hors 
d'oeuvres. ..Paramount" director , Mit- 
chell . Leis'eri's elaborate revue, , just 
closed, ; was replaced by Gearhart- 
:Morley as a Julyr August flll-in. 
They're a. chartriing pair with their 
cPricerty dual sPlbis, arid ideal for a 
spot like the Brevbort Supper Club 
and kindred iiitirne rooms. Biit in 
the ultra. St. Regis it's tob rnuch bf a 
cheater. Wbu Id lie bettfer, since Gas- 
ton .LaUryssen,! maiVagirig directpr .pf 
the hotel, 'irisists it's a necessity, just 
to try and. get by .with the rial 
Saundors dance;. band. Either that, 
or ^idd a class ballrpom tearii which, 
with the piariplpgists, wbuld be a 
nice interlude withbut' tipping the 
hjitt ori the budgetitis too drastically. 
As it is, theV dp top .much and. don't 
arrest sufficient interest.' . Per. 
usual;* Miss Morley is a phbtbgenic 
soloist whPrates a screen test Abel. 

./.■'TITLE .; "; 

Breeze arid 1X9) .'.; . 

Imagiriatidh (12)' . . .... . . . ,. > ... ; . . v. . 

I'm Stepping Out with a Memory Tonight (3) 
Devil May Caire (5) .V. . ._;;:,:..,,:.. . ; ..,. . ... . . 

You're Lonely arid Vttv Lbnely (7 ) , . . fLa. Purchase. .,; Berlin , . . . 

Meet the Sun Halfway (8 ) , . ; ♦If I Had My Way , . .... Santly ; . . . . ; . . 

Hear My Song, Violetta (6). ; .;,....,;.., Crawford; 

Danny Boy (It) .... , . . . ; . ... ./.v. vV.. . American . . 

Fools Rush In (5.) V ... ; ; . ;. V. ; ; . . . i-.-:, . , ..... •:; .v; ^ i BVC »';v. , ; .;. 

I Cap't Resist You (6), ,. , y/, . i . . . . . . . ;Ager . ; , 

Sieri*a Siie (8) . . . . i ; . . 

I Can't Love You Anymore. (9 ) . . . i . . . . . . i , . . ..; . . . Olman ... .;.: : , . 

Wbodpecker Song (18). .v. . , ...Robbiris .. . ... 

Blue Lovebird (7)v. ,*LiUian Russell;., . , . . . . ; . . , . »;,^ Feist ... 

Playriiates (14) . '. : i;. .; . . . .v. .. ,;.. v. Santly ; . . . ;. . . 

I'lri Nobody's Baby (3 ). . . ♦Andy Hardy Debutarite'. . .. . . Feist ... 

My! My! (12). i.*Buck Benny Rides Again . .i ;. ; .Famous; 

Wheire Was I* (13), . .♦'Til We Meet Again . .. ...... . . Reriiick .. ... . ; . 

You Can't Brush Me Off - (5). , . tLbuisianai Purchase . . i Berlin. :. , ; . .;. 
Make-Believe Island (10); . .. . . . ; . .; .. . . , ... ;. .. .Miller,.;, . 

Say It (12), . .♦Buck Benny Rides Again. .,;;. , . ,. . .FampUs 
Shake Down the Stars (14) .; . , . . . . . . ; . . . . ....... .; ;;. BVC. . . . i . , . . 

Tennessee Fish Fry. (7) . . .tAmericiari Jubilee, . , . '. ; Chappell; 
Yours Is My Heart Alone (9),. .tLand of Smi!^es. . . . . ; Harms ;. . . . . . . 

I'll Never Smile Again (3) . . , V; v ; . . . , . v, , , , . ;;;:. Sun . ; . ; ... ... . . . 

Halfway Down the Street (1) . . ;; ; . . , /. /, . ..... . . Words & Music. 

Haven't Time Be MiIlionaire..(6); . .♦If I Had My Way. .Santly.v . . . . . . 

Tonight (Perftdia) (B) ; ..;.; ;;Sbutbern . . . , . . 

April Played the Fiddle (2).. . . ♦If I Had, My Way . .'. . . .Santly . 

Nearriess bf Ybu (3i) ;. . > ; ^ . ; . ..... . ... . . , v ., . ... . ... . . .Famous 

All This, arid Hi^aveh Too (2) ; . . ♦ ATHT. , . . . . . . . , . . ; . . Remick . . . . . . . 

Fable of the Rose (2), , , .... . . ... . .;.,,.;;.... . . ..Harms 

Her Name Was Hosita (5) ...... . ....... ... ; , . . : i ...... Shapiro . .;. ... . , 

Madame La Zpngai (3).-. . . ; .v; ^. >.; . . ..... . . . v;. . . .BYC . ; ; . : . . . . 





;;■ 9-- 




Music Motes 

Richard Haiffeman cpmposing riiu* 
sic for 'The Long Voyage Home' at 
Walter Wanger's. 

; iCius Kahn/ Broriislau :Kaper and 
Earl Brent ' dreaming up songs , fPr 
'Go West' at Metrb. 

;Leo Forbstein doing the. rriusical 
■score for 'They Drive by Night' at 
Warners. .. 

David Snell cpnipbsing .the score 
for Metro's. !Bad. Man of .Wyoming.' 

-'Miaka Recdrdj-Iiic,. New York, has 
been dissolved. Sydney M. Spector,- 
521 Fifth avenue, N..Y. C.,. filed the 
papers. ' . ' 

: Arin R,oneH , wrote words and mu- 
sic for 'We. Win;, in Love,' currently 
being sung ia-the stage miisical, 'The 
Merry Wives Swing It,' in : Holly- 
wood;- • 

/ Jimmy McHugb wfitirig the music. 
fPr the. Kay Kyser picture at RKO; 

Franz Waxman supervises the final: 
scoring for Metro!s 'Sporting Blood.' 

Phil phihah got the scoring job on 
Hal Roach's 'Captain/ Caution.' . 

: Andy loria's song, 'A Million Moons 
Oyer Hawaii,' is due soon for intro- 
dUctibn and publication , by Bing 
Crosby. Meanwhile lona and Lew 
Pollack cleffed another ditty, 

Al Newman, Is doing scoring' Jobs 
on two 20thTFox films, 'Public Deb 
Np. r and 'Young PePple.' 

' . David . Snell was handed the scPr- 
ing job pn 'The Golden Fleecing' at. 
Metro.. : ''^ ■ ■ 

David Buttoiph is arrariging th^ 
musical score for"rhe Man I Mar- 
ried,'- formerly .'I Married a Nazi,' 

Lasses./ White, sold two .songs for 
use in Republic's 'Ojclahomai Out- 
laws.' Ditties aire 'Minstrel : Over- 
ture' and 'Way Dbwn in Texas.' 

Murray Wizell riPw with MiHs Mifr 
sic prof essiprial; dept. ; • 

:CharIes Rihlcer, Feist contact n\ari; 
operated on fbc-- a spinal ailment at 
Post Graduate Hbspital; NeW .York. 

Jphniny Mercer and Ji m my Mc- 
Hugh will do the score 'of the next 
Kay kyser picture for RKO. v 

Paul Mert* doing the musical 
scoreVfor 'Before I Die' at (Columbia. 

Petei- Tinturia \yriting- ditties for 
•ypung Bill Hitkok' at Republic. 

Faiiiiousi: will publish ./fPur turies 
f rbrii • Parampunt's 'Dancing 6n a 
Dime.' They are 'Manana,* 'I Hear 

-Music,' the title ' hu'mber : by Bur • 
ton Lane arid Firahjc Lpesser, and 
'Loyable • ' Sort bf a Person,' by 
Lpesser and /Victor Young, 

Clifford Sh»w, of WAVE, Louis- 
ville, sold to' G. Schirmer & Co. his 
'Vienna : Fragment,' Beirig. released 
as part of a 'Dances of .Vienna' series, 
by the' publisher. \ 

Millis Music, . Inc., is publishing 
'South of-; Pago Pago,* tune in .the 
Ed Small picture of the same name 
which United Artists is reieasl,ng. 

jimmy yan Hcusth to" "write tunes 
for 'Lbye Thy Neighbor' at Paia- 

Gcor|re il.'BrQwii, Jiiles Styne and . 
Sol Meyer doing songs for Repub- 
lic's 'The Girl from Havana.* 

.. Gene .Autry. and Johnny Marvin 
cleffed 'Oh, Oh, Oh,' and 'On th« 
Range,' tP be surig in 'Ride, Tender- 
foot, ; Ride.' - 

Ted- J. Grbiiy-a,. Metrp'a -music 
manager, in France, now in'New;Vork 
indef. ^ '.■ 

Church Protest 

.Continued from pare 2; 

Canada's lat-gest riiorning paper fl« 
nally cutting his statement and re. 
legating, this tP the 'letters to the 
editor' departrinient; Impasse gained 
momentum^ however; when th» 
churches took up Webber's battle, 
Feared Sunday PIx 

Pulpit blasts charged that the pro- 
posed traris-Cahada benefit was the 
thin edge of the Wedge for Sunday 
pix in this cbuhtry:- Suggestion was 
made . that if the film industry 
:wanted to make a ; contribution to 
Canada's war chest, the Way to do 
this was donate part of their prb;- 
ceeds bn one of their legal b us t ries 
days of the week, 

Such opppsitibri saw several the- ; 
atre owriers / the ecciesi- 
asticai. bahdWagoriv ; Upshot Was; 
that a general meeting was called 
here arid benefit date has beeri transr' 
f eirried to Monday, July 15, at 10 p. 
Representatives of the film industry/ 
have left headquarters here by plaive 
and train to handle the ;bfganizatipa 
work.across/ Canada. A tax of 2c . 
seat has been levied bri: all theatres;, 
to cover costs .of pirgahizatioii> the 
traveling expenses of visitin 
natipnal . adyertising, etc.- , 

Admissipn to theatres wiU; be free 
but audience mUst. buy War Saving 
Stafnips at the boxbffice . with which 
they... will.' Teceive , courtesy tickets 
with the specified number of stanipfil 
Statiips sell at 25c; each; with:;. $1 
\yprth beirig wprth $5 seven years, 
hertce. : iiikely that adniissibn to the 
smaller houses will be twb stablP? 
(50c); with scale rising to as high as 
$4 worth bf stamps at key ; theat i-es 
where stars are making persohala. 

i;^e<1p^6<Iay t July 3 v 

MU$IC 37 

Mercer jSt.M firm hap heard from »nother quarter Jn the 

inatter of haying a ^p^^^^ right to the title, 'I Am ah Arrierican^^ Boston 
IVliisjc COi. last \veek advised M- .& M that it has been the sales agent for a 
nuVnlb^r with the like moniker s^^^ 1938 and that the copyright on the 
tUne is owniBd by iKe American Pahegyric Asspciatioiii a^'jpatrjbtic group. 
Famous Music Gprp, has beeh the sales Sgent since 1933 ot still ah otheif 
•I Art) an American,' with Marie T., Laying, the writer, hbld irig the , copy - 
right; to this 6j)^. It's the M & M version that has bieen gi^tting the plugs 
biit the isimilarity of titleis hasj caused much cpnfusibn for music dealers. 

; Two bf the major phonograph, record companies have let doiiOn the bars 
sgainsi. patriotic or war tuhfes. Victor is having Gordon Gray record it. 
While Gene Krupa hais bem CplUmbia. 
. .. As a result of the cohflictfe in titi.e Mercer. & Mbrris has chahiged the 
caption ofl its pw to /'Shoui Wherever/ Y May JBe-r^I Am an 

•AiYi?"*^?^';: v .-■ '/^^ 'v'- v-'. " 

' Tlie latfe Dr. Will . Grpsz, whose .'Make-B^ 

today, had this tune picked" by Jack Rbbbins f rPm a flock of mianuscrlpts. 
Reason for its pbst-mprtem hitdoit>.is due to the gre g'ivein the riurti. 

ber in its preparation. For example, Dipmeriitfo Sayiho. Rbbbin rniisic 
: alitor, switched^oiie phrase. Vernoiri iDuke contributed the: verse/ Nick 
Kenny, the lyricist, subrtiitted 'sqine 20 titles - before . Rbbbihs those one. 
•Honejfjnppn island' was the hearest^^ until tjie puMisher hiddingly accu.sed 
the N; y. Mirror's radio editor .and lyricist that he .(Kenny ) .was building, 
himself up fbr > fi-ce trip to that Georgia.retreait for honey mooners. 'Make- 
Believe island- was the final title./ Joe ^McCarthy also put ' in.' a lineoor 
two; ditto Bobbins, WhQ. has beim prPne to . switch phrases and titles. ■ Arid 
finally, in prder to get awiay from any suggestion tljat it smacked too'.much 
of 'Harbor Lights,' which .Girpsz also coiripos^^^ again given a slight 

B\vitch in terhjpo, .Milier Music/ian affiliated Robbins-Metrb firm, publishes 

. Baf)d leadei; Who has come Ijp among .the: le^^ .only the last year 

isn't . carrying his new-foiihd: ,s easjiiy, . Recently ^ he ■played $ 

week at a deluxe theatre ii) a key city and after opening show; head of cir- 

. cuit direCtihg.the hopse, went backstage to see )^ 
of suggestions. That's the usiial procedure; Exec./w.asvtPld that the mig^^ 
iqna^) of music .was -'res^^^ Ijeft orders hot to be.^disturbed.. Op^rr 

atoi burned jpleniy.- a .told, all- within hearing distance that' band had 
played its last date at his hoiise. Biihd leadei-^s personal rep heard . about 

.incident .few {minutes jater. ihurfie.dl^ put the. biee in his charge's bonnet 
and sent him flying: tvi/P blocks^ ^^^^ to a restaurant, where: theatre biggie 
Was lunchirig, -with profuse apoibgies^bout. his behavior, -Exhil)' smiled 
it off but 'lis said he hasn't forgottert, remcmb 

iihow biz Svho haVe. played h ready for the. customary 

conference- following .the bpc'hihg show. - ^ / /. 

' Result pl. Martin\Blpck's-21-jstation band- pppulairity poll again put Glenri 
Miller's band- at. the top of , the ba)id hdap. - Block's votes were gatheried 
via his National Bi.scuit .Cp. transcriptions and the Jive Make-Believe.; 
Bfllirboni show on WNEW,- N. Y. Block left on. a. vacatiPrt. trip (with rnpre 
farewell speeches than a Shakespearean attbr.) tp; the ;Coftst after the poll 
was completed, Friday H28), 'gue.5t . bandleaders, etc., taking Pyer, spieling 
hi? record'-show.' '■ . ; V-:' ' .:: ■ \ 
. Miller drove in first with 44t446 votes, Tommy i)orsey iollowed with- 
23,645, Benny Goodman,; 16,321;. Spmm'y -Kaye, 13,854; Kay Kyser, 11,619; 
Gene Krupa- 10,10.4; Charlie. Barhet, 8,460;^^^^^^^ 

5,532, arid Jan Savilt, 4,377, were; the first 10 . Of the newer bands, which 
hopped up considerably as - compared . \y ith last yiear's standings, Woody 
.Hernrian was 14, Hai'ryi James, 13, and Erskine Hawkins, 16th. 

Band Bookings 

pinky Tpmlin, July 19i week, Ori- 
ental theatre, ehicagb; 

Will Biradley, July 19, Manitou 
Beach, '• Rochester, ,N. Y. .,. ' 
r Bel Courtney, . . July / 6, Ocean 
Beach Club, Ocean Beach, N. J ; 13, 
Dornjey . Park; ' Allentovi/ri, Pa,; 27, 
four " weeks, Claridge -hotel, Mem- 
phis. : • -y ' - " 

buke Ell ingtpn, July 26^ week, 
East\ypiDd Gardens, Detroit; - Aug. .27; 
Municipal Auditorium, St; Louis^ ' 

George HaU, July 5, Ocean Beacli 
Fieri.. Cleat Lake, Mich.; 6, Lake 
Breeze hotel, Buckeye Lake^^M 
;jp, ■Westmiprit' . Grove, JbhTistpwn, 
Pia.; 11, .Crystal Pai:k; .B,,: Gqniiber-' 
land, Md.; . 22» Sans ; Spiiici Park • 
WjJkes-Barre, Pa, / ..•;■>■". V'-.^ 

Claude Hopkins, July 3; Rosedale 
Beach,: MillsbPrp> DeK ' - , ; 

Ted .LeMyiyy- July 6, B^mus Point 
Casiripj Bei"us Pointy 11, Co- 

Ibniai ; .iiptel; . Rochestei-, .: ; Ind . i 14,: 
Modernistic . B:,: State vF.air; Park, 
;MilwaM.kee,.- " 

George O^^ Aug. 3/ Val Aii: B,, 
Dei Moines, ■•:. ;■- ' ] . 
. Riamph Ramos, July 6^ Northmoor 
Countiry: Cllub,' Raviriia, .111; ; 

Johnny LoTig, July 13, two .wieeks, 
Hunt's (ZasiriPv Wildwobd; N^: J, : 
- Lani TVicIiilire, July : 10, ' indef., 
Willows,-. Pittsbui-gh, ; . : . . . / . ' . 
- Glepn. Miller, sept./ 5, week^ RK<D 
BbistPn; "Sept, 13, week, riipp thea- 
tre,' :Baltiri)bre...'. 

' . Terry Shairid, July 16, three weeks, 
Aragbn-'Bij-rChicagb;.";'-/- v^^ / 

cts Looking Up 

".(.6. Pence. . Numbers )'- ' 

'lireams - Grow Old'. . ./Feldmah. 
.'Don't Pass Me', ; 
: 'Made . Me,"Cai:e', 

'Arm in.. Arm',:.:, 
/^Cur tai n : Down' ,/ 

.'No Souvenirs': . . . 

•Oh! Johnny*;;.,:. 

'Singing ijin's'.., . 

'Boy On Lieavie'. : 

. , .:, ;'..,Norriis 
.,..;:; .Wbod 
; . VCiriephbnib 
^.v,;,; Wright 
;*..■..;■■,, .Day: 
. . : .Cbririoriy 

•Mocking Bird Larie';.Wide. World 
; ^ (ShUUng; :Nunibers>:/ 
'Woodpecker iSPng'v • • . • ? Sun 
'Fallirig in Lpve"; . . .v^. , . Maurice 
:: -^Nightin gale' . . ; , . v ^ . .Maurice- ; 
.'Oyer Rainhow'./; ; . . . . ;i)ay ' 
"Deep Is Night'v : i . v . ; . v .Prowsfe 

Probably serising that the effect of its; strict enseriible arrarigeriieritis 
rnay. be palling;. Glenn Miller's, band is gbirig in more arid more for sol o- 
iristturiiental 'breaks .of late. One -pf.. the most, appealing things: about 
Miller's band, which helped, to push: hirri" to. the top, and; which showed in 

^either his sweet or swirig 'arrangements,' was the : fine color arid harhiony 
he derived from arrangementi^^xalling: for various sections of the band! 
to work as linits: Rarely did he m«Ske prbyisipn for iristrumenti^i "breaks. 
: . Gurrently the leader is strengthening the spotlight pri various ;members 
.cif his group and has made several ehanges to bring ih 'takeoff' men; Num-; 
bet of his latest records . include, solos on. druriis, sax and trunipet, includr 

,.ing- one long one on recent recording of 'Bugle Call Rag,.' som.ething . never 

; before; .encpurilered 

.One of the major pro.blertis.^ in. musician circles thesje days are. the 
cbanical puryieyorE of music. What. the rie\v. .AiFM prexy^ James C. Petrillo, 
wili; ::ciiri do abPut it is-the Nb. 1 ;iopic for discussipn iri the trade. these 

Petrillo's advent to N. Y; the week before was heralded by Phil Spitalny 
•nd his all-femme band hirn at the i'lation, playirig 'Hail the Chief,' 
aided by Rudy Vi'llee, Abe Lymarii the Dprsey brothers, et al., among 
thoise preserit iipon his^ • 

How.ard Benrieti, who: retired frdrii the fieiVd pf successful mvsi.cial comedy 
composing 2i5 years, ago to join his father in a Schenectady contracting 
business, has. resumed spnjg- writing. A number of his compositions have 
recently been featured, by the WCiY Little Cbricert Orchestra arid by the 
group Which" Edward A. Rice directs on the prograrii called 'Silver Strings,' 
fed by ! WdY.'tb; NBC red. A ha'f l^our, consisting of specially-arranged 
excerpts, from . Bennett's. 'Rorinance,' 'Nocturne,'; *Pekiri Episode* arid 
•Dreams,'; was aired on NBt.; Bennett, a pianist, did rid compoising:. foi; 
-3Dniore;than 20 yeifirs, but took: it up ai^ain fbllowirig the -death'of his wife in 

•j938.:;".;;:. ■- :/• ■ -y--^-; ■:^'■■^^;.:■•^■.-.■■:■:wv ■/■./■•;.■.- ■ 

: Decca Record?: has vvithdrawn the recoi-dings of the song 'WPA' w^hich 
Irkicd .New York local 802 of the American Federatiori of Musicians intb 
icfiuesting that isuch action be: ^ Victor, which had a; Gleriri Mi^^ 

■ version , of the tune • ready for release wiil not .let it ! go . put. . Decca's cut- 
lings w etiE- niade by Jan BaiV itt> -Skeets TollDerl arid Louis .Arnistrong-JVI ills 

.Brotheiss.:'. ;■ V .-.■.:;'/. .::'-'. : ..:■-.-;/. '.■ -:/•..■ /:":^ :• :••? ./ /;•■■■■-■---:-.-■ 

Coljurilbia; Rebords: hpd ;fexpe'cted to m.rtke; the . tune yyith revis-ed ;lyrjc)s. 
That will be shelved, top. V/-/^:'' /: y.. : ' ■.;■;• ■'-■/■-.'•'■':/-..-'; 

. Contract .tiff :" bet w^^ .General 
Amusement Corp, arid Artie ■ Shaw 
is nbw in the hands of James ' Pct- 
trillo, head bf the. ATrieriban Federa- 
tion of- 'Musicians; ; jLatter lias up- 
held the legality of. Shaw's bbligia- 
tipn to the . bboking. office but has 
deferred action.- GPiC claims ;that its 
/managerial! cbntract with .Shaw has 
three years Mo go and is insisting 
that. Shaw, .vybo has now returned to. 
activity, vgo thrOugh with it, 
; G AC took its case to :the. union 
after Shavy was bboked on the new 
Burrii: and Allen, show (Spam-NBC) 
by the. 'William . .Morris ; off ic.e. ^ Lat-: 
tep office is al.«:o supposed tp haVe 
booked Sha:w into the; CGcoan,ut 
GrpVe. Lps. Angeles, opening date as 
yet indefinite/ ! 

Shaw-Lana Turner Split 

Hp.Ily wood, July !2V. . . 
Coast . report^ • have it that Artie 
Shaw and: Lana Turner, Metro; starlet^ 
married last February; are ori. the 
verge pf splitting ujp matrimonially: 

Catalina; Cal., July:2. 
After . much- ; Qh-and-offragaining, 
Benny Goodm"ari[''S:- band gdeis pri 
nptice.^uring .the month ;^ August,- 
biit thai does hot . rteart :the maiestro 
is retiring pr' the Gopdin^h brchestra 
is breakiri;g up^; 'The maestro mtJst 
go into the Mayo clinic- in Rochester, 
Mirihi; . for a checkup On bothers 
spine : sciatic nerve condition. 'This 
is a. switch on preyidus plans to 
.check in. at a Boston . hospital ?ind 
thehce;to Mairie to recuperate. 
>::^Deferr]rig aU ' medical plairiis,.:" 
laterminute deial just set by Miisic 
Corp. dt ■■ America for .;Gpodmari. to 
ihake fHit Parade' for Republic rig^ 
after he closes here- at Si Catherine's 
hotel,;, in Ayialpri; on July, 14. The 
;film will consume 10 dairs,; to. be IpU 
lowed by a .Week of bne-riighters, 
previously set; whereuppri; the Gopd- 
nianites go on. notice. ^ ■ .'. . ; 
, Maestro gave , the band iti? notice, 
last y^eek, in anticipatibri of the July 
14 closing here, .until the Rep film 
came - along,: whibh sets it ;back. ; :/:; 

Goodman is due to ; ;ga intp 
Meadbwbrook, New . Jersey rpad- 
hptise. Sept 3, inaugurating, that/irin -s 
fail season. PropbsaJ to book the 
band with Ziggy:: Elrtian at .its helm 
couldn't be cbnsuriimated due to the 
price differeritiai ;wiien. dance pro- 
moters ^vere apprised Gpbdmian 
would not be. with the brjgariizatipn, 

Halfway through the sUmriiet 
son, the one-hight dance hand busi-r 
riess. around the country is generally 
Pffi . Unusual; ampurit ; pf "r^in and 
cold wbathe^ iis vesironsible ;for :.the 
greiater J part of .:;the poor /take; ^dip-; 
pins tnariy .-prPmoters >yeli jritp red 
ink. : One' Pennsyivatii : operator 
claims to be alniost $40,000 |n the 
hole . dlreadyv /.buti. like . all of the 
spots, is jopking forward to ti)e h^ 
day ■ stretch: b e g i n ii i n g ! ^tonight 
( Wednesday.) to! help pull, out, ^ .y 

iPrPhnipters ! ; are .squawking that 
some bf :the guaranteed dra names 
are overpriced; and^ they , get hurt 
when business; is. hot cpmmensuriate.. 
\yith repiitatibriS. ■ ..One of thC; big- 
gest, names in the ■country trbkked; 
west recently arid left- a. trail- of. red. 
behind; hirii; ' As a ;. ryie : however; 
\yhen suph ;top harties take'a .diye of- 
ficbs: which book them: make 'adjust- 
ments! : to. eniaible ; the pronriPtet ^to 
malkb; Up: sorne: of the. ground. 
Latter is eurr.eritly a ystandard prac-r ; 
ticelwith soihe'lagehcies; ';;: 
\ Strsinigely ehpugh it's a . group :bf. 
rriecliurn. priced crews .that : are being . 
more. successful, .p,h the average, than; 
.the tPp : flight grPups. . Woody Her-; 
man, -Gene Krupa, .et'c;» arb: listed in! 
that categoryi Only ■ park :, to fade 
from . the picture: entirely, after . it 
wiais; clipped three or .f puir times runr 
ning,- ; was; River.side ; Park/ Spi'ing-; 
field/ Mass. . it stopped P.sinig niime 
.bands. ..■■!•:-.-.'' 


Flying Across ;Lakc . Saves Time Biit 
Law Prohibit*.' 

Merie Jacobs to Mah^^ v 
Noble, Hoagland, Iaim 

Cleveland, July 3. ; 
Merle Jacobs, . who . quit! !MCA'S 
Cleveland! offices to go into :the:per- 
sonal-band-nianagemerit.- field, has 
taken under his wing Leighton.!No,- 
bie's outfit; noy; playing at Cleveland 
iiotel's Bronze' Room. Also .signed 
Everett Hoapland, , one-.nighting at 
preseril, and Criyde.; Lucius to manage 
their crews. • ; 

: .Desipite the split. JaGob.s is lb .wbi"k 
• in! corijuncfion with MCA, which I 
bPpks the' three: crews, following ex- 
arrtple:, of Seyrnoiir Heller, .-who - re- 
cently left MCA tp manager Ted Fio 

Rito;!- .v- ■ J 

■ :! :Reg Cbriripriy.:LondOri- music .publi.sher,; had soriie $3Q,0()0.-.jn/'the ,U. S; 
Mvbich the British goyernmentmade hifri convert into pbunds only; recently. 

.Meantime he's .in! New; York! hov^ with only ribriijnnl funds,' under existing 
Britjjih i.a'wsi iri the inidst Pf .bonsumnrialing a: d^^^ !ia take. o:ver a U, S, 
firm^-with Irwin Dash. Latter is !a5,Ebcia|€<i with! Connpljy's London ;musi.e 
publishing interej^ts. ;/ / ' y)l^'':'-''\^ - '..-;;; 

(T'lrrntimicd f fom :pagie J-:— 

; . Santly-jpy-Seiecf, Inc., is restricting the..air perifprmarice of. '1 GanM 
Indiana: :;Off My .Mind,^ a !Hoagy CarmicHael cohnposition, until ;the trripL fof 
July $b: that the phonograph ifecording compariie? can haye something' of 
an edge in !:i.nerchandi6ing . their-. veV.sioriR of the tune. . .It'f a tAvofwe.e^^^^ 
fidyarilage/sirijje'the .disb!r aiie'set !fpr th<::'niiddle oflhismpnth. _ 

. fiicbar.d Mbhaiijpt, •reiugee.-:(aHhou,^^ Aryari.y cbmp6.i;ei' from Berlin, 
h'ls been conijriiissioried by the.,Radib!C,ily Music flairto,: do .anot her 
overture fpllbwihg the success of ..his rece!ht 'Maririka,' :ihfer.e.... .Schitmer ':i,S: 
Publishing..]attet/!Mbhau wa.«. a proriiinenl, teTman fi,l/n Vcore writer be- 

glaci; to. a.ccept. thj.s ' acldiiiprial 
nue;/ ...■;'; ,- . :■ ■■ 

.; The Fj-\yiri,:..W.asey ":ad .:a-gency -is'^' 
.explbiii rig -Q yydbl i . a mqng - plher" .: ac- : ' 
counts;' !in':; this. .ir)anrier.'.';'.j, ;:W^]Iier- ; 
Thomp.spri ha!s! -,'5V;-\' ■ arcoiinls, in- j 
chiding and .vHorJick's. ; Gay- .!! 
m" , :is - iising ..Anson Pyer,-. 
fpreriiosl ;ioi'a:l !;cnrloori:Kst„. for o6m-.!. 
edy •eartabns', :;.a !l.a •;Di..eney, - .io , push ' 
ito B u.«ii I'a d i o ..•••ct .s, '- M alh er fc C/ow -/ 
thei', hijjgbsl! local'! .pu!blieistsv:' have ■ 
ijohn 'P...!Myer.<- scr.i'ptlifiS; tf; series i-^Pf 
• shbri.s, "■ headed - .'by loca 1- fi'i rri! -.slarsi 
bOGsli ng iiiix , a rid . are . al so .' look in g 
Efler; the ' piibVieify- cl; a ., bi^r . -arrna-." 
Inent company.- ■ - • 1 

Clevelandy: July 2. 

: Autp drive from Cleveland td i^prt 
Stanley .Pavilion in OritaVio, ' which 
Howard Baumen ^handles, for MCA 
Pffices !here, J.5 .such a tpugh nine-- 
hour grind that the ti'^'^^ booker who 
makes it weekly .decided to, find . 
short-cut for;~bands going up there; 
: Discovered, by! Ibbk i ng . at- a . rriap,. 
that flying di.stance across Lake .Eri|e 
was only about 60 miles against, the 
,250-riiiie j-oiindabout rpiite ; buses 
must follow.: .Owner pf a. large corii- 
nfiercial airplane gave Baiiriierf ari 
attractiye rate to fly up !riiU.sicians 
but there Were a. couple pf catches* 

DcpartrnGnt^ Qf . transpbrt ihfo.rmed' 
\) im. that si rice IPprt Stanley y/as riot . 
.gn official Gianadian port : of : entry;^ would be soriie redtapb. • - Spe- 
cial ..custbmis.:. and ; imrnigratioifi of fi!- 
C:iiils, , he -was told, Wbuld have .to bie 
sent^ fforii: 6e{roit. tb -okay the, hbrn'-,. 
looter!5,V bond their . iri.struriiehts arid! 
get their John !Hancpcks. pri a ;d.pzen 
special . dbburiients, Aft€|r.. gettirig. a 
load of the extra r^d-tape lengthenr; 
ing his .short-CL't/ Baumen . disgust- 
edly. /thrc:w : the flying idea iritp the' 
lake, ^.so .bands gbi rig.' to the Ontarib 
pavilipn will still .^hav.e, tp: drxy.e .up 
the! hard. ■way. .:!!.;' ; ■!,. .:! 

■'!' !; / Boston, July, 2. .:-: 
Backers: of a. phPnograiph rccbri 
selling project callinig itself the Com- 
mittee for the pevelpiDrnent of A p*: 
preciation; of . Music has turried; to 
radip to 'SblLits! ■wares, following the 
refusal pf Bbstbii ri ewspapers to take 
its advertisirigi : . The local - papers 
took" .the stand that the committee's, 
low price of $l.i69 for three, br fpur, 
12i-irich records ivas nPt for the best 
.interest bf. local record distributors,; 
The eJtcepiiPn! tb thiis. bail Avas the 
Christian Science Mbnitorl ; 
:: The . chagrihed .prpmoters bf the 
cliassicE^l records sales ;,driye found 
support for their feud : with the Bps- 
tpn dailies :amohg some s\>buf.baa 
papers. . . The Reading CJironicie, for 
instance,.; editPrialized: 'Urif Prtunalei 
ly ..pressure brPught "to. bear ppoh 
Boston newspapers: through .some 
lai;ge adyertisers has pireverited the 
advertising: of the sale of records, 
arid tiierefore infoirriiatioh has: had 
to 'be di.sseminated: through! the ra-; 
dio and !by. 'vy.brd of riiouth. i . ... Iri ; 
Boston, 'the center;, of music,' this 
co-tOperation is; refused.- However, 
music: lovers of Bpston vare too many 
and! tbo astute to perniit its press to 
prevent the. enjoyment . bf this fine 
music' " I' 

Local disc dealens state that no- 
body is trying, to 'preveht; Bpston 
music Ipyers from 'enjoying, this .fine 
music'^ All- they, are interested: iri^ 
isf to protect themselyes against the 
undetlbading kt cutrates of carloads 
of - recbrds . bought \ip yirom oyer- 
Ibaded dislribs in other piarts, of the ! 
.cpunlry.,!.^/!.- ;..■! ■•■-.;,.',;■■ ' 

BOB lEEMS Mates 

^ENERAt'S ClliV^ W 

pWeiis' Standi Expahded 

;■ •:■ /' ^;/, ^S^o rFriariGiscb," Juiy;^2/V: 
. Gwens-' $trand Exparided is ..<!et ;(br 
' addition! !;<-ix " Aveeks.^.'at.. the; -St. 
Fi'ancis;.':SaiiI Fr:anciscb. :,;:■; ■:...-■ ;: 
; ■' Ne'iv! :Oweris';:. sprig,. 'Poi'," My!' Boy, 
Wili Make -a: Man of-^'Y introduced 
herb: with' Kenny Allen ..sirigiri"^.. the 
iyrics, is gettirig ! across with! .the 
sun Francisco crowd. 

General . Arriusement; Cprp/ Ppehed 
!a new pffice in' GJricinhati !M!onday ! 
,!<1:>; ! .B6b Weems, formerly in. New 
.Ybrk. ijut in: the past severaV months.: 
.but on: tiie road, will head 'the! lay- 
out. .116; had ibecri iandwiiching his 
working that territory with lobking: 
oyer :ihe advisability - of establish i rig 
tHe new .hranch; . ";.;';. 

Ann RiGbardsori, office head in 
New York, went west for ! yaeatibn 
at Frbnch! Lick iSpring.*-, also ; i'top-. 
ping •at- opening,.:!; ■ ■ /'; ■// ..' V ■ ! 

:.fl.>en V ;G r ay ; - inc.,,. d i ssol ved,, at -!. A ) f 
! .bpriy,' N-- Y. . 'P.apers filed, by.^ .Gray's' 
! attorney '•$!,-!Ly!decker' &■ ■ Vbs&y ":wip£'d! 
j ort;dc,id' setup.. ! Main! prganjiatipn .iis 
ICiisa Loma Orchestra; Inc. ; : /• " 


Wednesday* JviXy 3, 194a 


• Hartford, July 2. 

Validity of the Conhiecticut layv, 
pi-ohibLting the ;• emplpyment of 
lemme entertainers or musicians in 
restaurants; cafes; dining rooms : aild 
niijht cl ubs, W?»s upheld, by^ the state 
supreme court' last .week. 0^ 
of court .Was unanimous. Law, ihovvr 
ever, doesn't , prevent f emme-. enteii- 
tainrnent ■ ftt private parties,^ b^ 
4uets,..etc. - ■ ■ ■ ■ '• ■■ ■ 
■ Leav^i t\vo moves open to fern me 
en terta i ncrs; -One an appeah'to the 
United S;i.aLtes Suprencie Gourt^ 'claim- 
iiii* unconstitutionality, -and ' otlier 
action V the 1941 legis^tqre: \^ 
ta i ne rs A re p inning tlieir hope' pn th e 
latter and are prieparing for an ex- 
parisiye propaganda rnove and lobby- 
■ing';.- 'x. ■ ■ 

As a resialt of the; court- decision. 
State Labor Commissioneir Cornelius 
J. Dahaher,; Monday (1), iahnouhced 
that, in view 'of the decision, his of- 
flce wQuid take an active part' in the 
prosecution of the law, . Pribi' to the 
decision , the labor office had acted 
only, in case of written coinplairit.. 

The law prohibits the empiloyrnent 
of women in the yiaried- establish - 
merits between the .hours of 10 p.m. 
aivd 6 a.m. Only exceptions are em- 
ployees of hotels and those. . wfipse 
work , classifies them as public ser-. 
vants, nurses, doctbrs, hygiehistsi, .etc. 

-.Hotei'-'Dod^e r^■ ..'v'' ' v-'v 

Feeil ihg that it will be a long time 
before, any direct.: change: will bie 
made in the law to .allow feminine 
entettiainment, several rpadspots ^rid 
niteries have' already converted their 
establishrriehts into hotels, thus piit- 
ting: themselves outside, the law in 
the presentation of f erriale . enters 

Two spots in tie.rritbry surrounding 
.Hartford have already Ipsen .con- 
verted into, ■hotels— the Chanticleer 
Inn, at nearby Rocky Hill, and the 
Villa Marie,..^ in; Glastonbury. 

All that is necessary to Opierate as 
a hotel : '. to ,have seyeral - rooms 
available for transient trade an da' 
liquor lipenise granted ; tinder the 
hotel provlsibns: of the liquor la \y.. 

Court reached its.decision after de- 
nying, an appeal by Beatrice Dou- 
cOiirt, of- Bridgeport, : f or ah. , in-; 
junction ; aigainst the State Labpr 
Department:. vMiss pbucourt, ; a mu- 
sician/ .had Tsought a. permanent 
injunction, that Would aillow her, as 

well, as other femmie enterta|iters,:to 
woi-lc. after 10 p.m. 
\ Court told her that if exceptiorife 
are. to - be made,. rit is for the legis- 
lature; to inake; thern;. Also.pointCd 
put that the jegiislature .had in mind 
this prevcntioii; of ' immprality which 
miftht result frpin the employment of 
women after 10 at night. 

Saranac Lake 

By Mappy Benway 






Philadelphia, July 2. 

Cafe owners .went on a booze-buy- 
ing .spree Saturday. (29) in an effort 
to stock up on wet goods before the 
higher liquor prices with the new 
defense tax tacked oh went into ef- 
fect yesterday (Monday ). 

Thie State Liquor Controil law lim- 
its the amount of whisky owned by 
a retailer at any one time to 100 gal- 
lons, and virtiially every nitery oper- 
atpt; had bought up t6 the -limit. 
Some were reported to have built 
storage vaults or ^afes on their prem- 
ises to keep added stocks bought on 
the q. t. 

. Prices on lOO-proof liquor in Penn- 
sylvania were hiked $1.28 a gallon— 
the state adding an extra relief t^X 
on top of the Federal levy. Oper- 
ators of midtown cliibs and hotel bars 
sa id they would probably, be forced 
to the prices 6f Scotch drinks a 
nickel. The usual surnmer; slump in 
biz could hot stknd a general" tipping 
of prices, they: believe, 

London Ciainp-Down On 
Italians Hits Nite Spots 

London, June 18. 

As a result of the clamp-dpwn on 
Italians with that country's entry into 
the ..\ya^, yery few pf the firstrate 
nite spots and restaurants missed a 
visit from Scotland Yard and then 
lost figurehead; Among them 
there's Italo Zangiacomi, general 
manager of the. Piccadilly hotel since 
1927 and before . that 'Jack' of its 
Grill for 17 years. The Monseigneur 
lost its directors Gualdi and Cazzani; 
iormer, ran the Embassy Club when 
it was in its. heyday. 

The Quagiino Bros, .were also 
caught up ■ ' : the net,, along .with 
Fausto Stocco, generalis.simo of the 
Cafe Anglais^ The Monico took a 
swift farewell of manager Pani 
gardi; the same deal . going to 
B.eninl • of thelHungaria 'Restaurant 
and to Bianchi, head chef of the Cafe 
Royal. Coverage of the catering 
trade by authorities was so cpmplete, 
if the name closed with a vowel so 
did. the joint. 


Saranac, July 2. 
Jackie R-Jberts,. ex-NVA-ite who 
was booked for a suinmer ruti ■: of 
ozdning, jgot an okay and left for 
Long Island. 

. Danny Sulliva n, . of the Sullivan 
acrobats, is, on the upbeat. 

O/ J; Bach .carnival, playing prie 
week here under the auspices of 
the Odd Fellows lodge, makes it 
open house for the colony. 

Mrs. Eugene : Pla Izmph, ; who has 
been flghtihg a siege of setbacks, is 
now getting .minor Her 
husband, Eugene,, music arranger, is 
also here for trea tment.^ They are 
at 24 St. Bernard street. ' : • 

Earl . La ri more, who did; tricks 
with cards and coins in the old days 
of vaudeville; is about ready to get 
his go-home diploma from Traudeau 


Paul Gillory, who was here for 15 
months; is Louisiana bound with aiUi 
solute okay. Ditto for Adrian Jaffa, 
who is on his way ; to I*a.ssai9> N. J, 
Among those at the Will Rogers 
who are up for mild exercise are 
Bina Rogers, iyiaxine Miller, Marie. 
Froom,: Patricia Wallace, Max 
Smallens, Al Walken Cliff Heather 
and Charles. Howard were handed 
a time-table and an; okay report. ■ 
Peggy McCa rthy . came back; for- a 
checkup, which was good. She - 
turned to N. Y. 

Write to tWse . who are ill. 

The Ho^wood, Cafe 
In Galveston, 
By State Rum Soldns 

:it .-■ ' Houston, July 2; 
Hollywood Dinner Club', Sarh 
Maceo's swanky, itery located on 
Galveston Island, just outside the 
city lirnits of Galveston, was raided 
Friday .night (28) by state liquor au- 
thorities; They seized^^ a quantity of 
assorted liquors and announced that 
cancellation of the club's licefnse .ta 
sell light wines . and. beers would be 
sought. ■ 

Gerald Frankli , district supervi- 
sor for the. state liquor control board, 
who headed the raiding party, said 
that operators of the club claimed it 
was being operated a private es- 
tablishment, oi>en only to members, 
but that he found ho barriers or 
guards to prevent anyone entering. 

Under Texas law, liqupr may be 
sold only at package stores and not 
by the drink. 

: The Hollywood Club was reopened 
recently, after having been closed In 
1936 when state rancjers clamped 
down on gambling. Richard Him- 
ber, whose band reopened the clizb, 
was ptaying his final night, when the 
raid came. Glen Gray and his Casa 
Lpma prch opened the following 
night (Saturday), : , 


(From Varietv) 


CafiP pi.erre. T. 

A. few months ago Carol Bruce 
wias a fugitive from Larry Clinton's 
baiid and her bookings were sparse. 
She started swingrsinging 'Louisiana 
Purchase' in the Irving Berlin mur 
sical of . that name, among other 
tunes, and today Miss Bruce is on a 
bicycle between special recordings tor, 
G. Schirmer, screen tests and dou- 
bling ihto. niteries. , Spotted here by 
Felix (Fefe) .Ferry, who transplant-, 
ed his activities to the swank Hotel 
Piijrre from: the Monte Carlo, now 
closed for the season, it " • a timely 
and shbwmanly booking. 
■ Miss Bjruce is • in the 1940; idiom, a 
personable 50ng ; sty list with a ■ fine 
sense of tune values and, withal, an 
S:a, carriage and showmanship that 
are undeniable. She registers here 
handily, , running the girtiut of tunes, 
like this 'Louisiana' number, 'Aint 
Necessarilj' So' (medleyed with other 
Gershwiniaha). 'Lover Come Back to 
Me,' 'Madame La; Zonga,'. etb. She 
has ah able assist Bob Knight's 
new sextet lUere, a snappy dance or- 
chestra, the. maestro handling an 
electric steel guitar with unusual re-: 
suits. " 

As evidenced in the Berlin musical, 
when the firstnighters suddenly 'dis- 
covered' her, Miss Bruce proye.s anew 
that she's star timber, certain to be 
heard, from in' short order. She's 
photogenic and her couturier. knows 
hdw to set off ; tier cha.sSis for best 
values. . Abel. 

Comedieniie . . 
8 Mins. ' 

BaliibDW Room, N. T. . 

Yola Galli has been around, nota-. 
bly in London and Paris revues foi- 
C. B. Cochran , and Gliffflfrd C. 
Fischer. She's back in New. York by 
way of the Copacabana Casino, Rio 
de Janeiro, and the Brazilian in'rtu 
e nee is what gives her , an e.ntirely 
new aura, for America, capable for ; 
presentation in niteries, yaudfllmers, 
or almost any place. 

A: personable blonde with a - war.ih 
personality, she gives eniphasis ta 
the native samba, does ■ a ^Broadway: 
Samba' (special), and cuts up with: 
a reprise of a native hit which Elsie 
Houston. (Riiban BleU) and Carmen 
Miranda ('Streets of Paris') first, 
brought to America. In betweeo she 
does : snatch 6f 'Ciribiribin' and 
'Donkey Serenade;' ' ; 

Comedienne has fortified herself 
further with, a canny change of pace 
in her songalog. . She can play the 
class and the mass joints with' equal 
appeal. ' / ' Ahel. 


K&zoqi Cbniediana : . : 

7 Mins. ■ 

Rainbow Room . N. Yi . ^ 

• Reputedly alumni.- of the ; N. Y- 
WOrld's Fair,; where they did a pitch 
selling musical kazobii; this male trio 
'---riow in ^White ties' and tails, of all 
things— arie as effective in the snooty 
Rainbow RoOm as on the midway. 
The formal attire pi-esumably a 
curtsy to the Roeket'ellers, but the 
effect might even be more height- 
ened if they worl^ed in;': Flushing 
Meadows mufti . . , ■ ... 

However. 0>e clothes don't make 
the act. It's their capers with ka- 
z6os| simulating trombone, triampet, 
'6tc, The be-spectac|ed . one is the 
fulcrum of . the trip. A second also 
cuts up. and third, back-to-audience, 
is exclusively at the . ivories. The 
No. 1 boy does Busse, McCoy, Wayne 
King and kindred takeoffs. ' Their 
stuff is unadulteraftd hoke and. in- 
stead of pitching for the dimes, - in 
peddling the kazop.s, as imaginably 
they did or could, their routine is 
a forthright . presehtation fpf lafTs. 
It givo§ the Rainbow; Room's new 

show a, and. funny ijtart. Abel.; 

Dancing: ' " 
i;! MlDS.; Full ■■■■■ 
Apollo, N. Y. : 

Osten.sibly a native dance in the 
conga .rhythm, this is really a tlasli 
turn to get the guys out front on 
edge: After a longish routine by the 
house line in West. Indies native 
garb, the giirl is •oit for some ultrii 
wriggles in mihinfium togs.- She has 
pale skin, ;with an okay figure, and 
she goes through writhings and 
bumpS: that: leave nothing , to' the 

Chocolatfe-skirined male.; ijartner. 
then does a hectic eccentric dance; 
after which the. femme returns for 
a .frenzied session with him. At 
times it might be satirizing a nativa 
dance orgy . and at other moments, 
it's little more than- a cooch. turn. It's . 
good stuff, but may have to be toncid 
down some in other houses. Kobe, : 

'American ft Iniis • were menacing 
decent British homes,' said G. A. At- 
kinson, England's persuasive critic, 
in crying out against 'the torrent of 
sophisticated barbarism', flood' '-r his 

Radio was dying out, a New. York- 
subway guard confided. . The : radio 
supplements were the first to be dis-- 
carded by the. hpnie-gping crowd, he 
sa id. . . Formerly they we re religi bus- 
ly read and retained. : 

Mimic • ■' 
8 Mins. . 

Rainbow Room. X. Y. 

: Lloyd was once in the Orson Welles 
Mercury Theatre group, but notably 
has been identified with Herbert Jjar 
cpby's spots, the Ruban Bleu and 
Brevoort- Supper Ckib, N. Y., whei-e 
he impressed more as .'sophisticated.' 
In cafe slang that means ; risque. 
T.hat\s tabu here, .but lyianaging; Di- 
rector ' John Roy r ightf u I ly pegged . 
; him as facile and elastic, that 
[Lloyd's tiakeoffs with a peanut but- 
j ter sandwich: man with the; jitters; 
and boy-with-a-piece-of-string are 
as pure as 99 44/1009;:. 
. A personable youngster, totally 
uninhibited, looking well in a dinner 
jacket in that Noelcoward manner^ 
perched on a stool for his peanut- 
butler routine, he holds 'em from 
the start. . ■ . j 

Lloyd is another in the emphasis- ) 
on-comody motif of the new show 
he;re' He's an okay cafe performer j 
and has plenty to take him out of 
the groove into a wider sphere. . 

■;■■■'■'•;■ ■ Abel. 

. The cream of the vaude theatres 
booked in the midwest by: the Cus 
Sun time was to be booked in the 
future -by the Chicago •. Keith-Albee 
office, according; to reports,. 

' According ' to Sime's • review in 
VARtETv, George:; White's 'Scandals' 
looked and sounded -is though the 
in tent Ay as to ■. get by titi a , reputai t i on; 
'Artists and /Models,! however, won 
his; approval. 

Parroti Stripper 

Leon & Eddie's, N. Y. ':.; 
: Yvette Dare's sarong-snatching par- 
rot makes this more than just a irf^^^^ 
act. The gayly-hued bird is perched 
on a portable ..pedestal, arid;'', well-, 
trained manner obeyis her cues to 
snip off the sundry veils 'n' things, 
for the finale deshabille. . 
■ It's an artistic presentation, suit- 
able for vaudeville and fair.s. as well; 
as niteries. But is most effective in- 
intitrie: rponris. Skillful lighting fur- 
ther aids the general effect. 

She differs from Rosita Rhycs'i 
dove-act in that the doves serve aj 
cover-uRpiers. whereas the- perroquet, 
in this instance-, assists in the peel- 
ing. . Abel. 

Accordion ; 
10 Mins. 
ApoKo, N, Y. -.. 

Three white :lad.s tear otT .s'xnis 
really resilient tunes, one hand lint; 
the melodies on a standard accordion, 
the other two backgrounding oti 
much larger instruments. They sen - 
sibly' keep their numbers fairly 
sliprt. usually grouping several, 
tunes into each arrangement. 

Turn would be improved by a few 
novelty touches, but is okay as is .for 
vaude or; niter-y dates. Deservedly 
.solid click when caught here. Hobs. 

10, Mins. 
Apollo. N. Y. 

Standard ■ lifts, balances, etc., are 
done by white duo spotted in the 
Negi'p show, here. Boys Work in 
front of a drop, with the colored 
.house line. backgrounding. . . ;, 
- Ah okay turn for its typei Hobe.V 

Best Coffee in England 

Ltticester Square 

WAtTER (Darey^^^^^^ 


Fox bought West .Coast 'Theatres, 
Inc., for $8,000,000, deal calling for 
the takeover, of 100 theatres. ; 

Charlie Chaplin's new film, The 
Gold Rush,' received a rave review 
at Graumah's, Hollywood, while 
'Paths of , ; Paradise,' with: Betty 
Compson, Raymond Griffith .and 
Tom Santschi, Slsp got a neat rat- 
ing upon its debut at thfe Rivoli, New 

Tha Charleston was increasihgly 
becoming th«t„ raga throughout the 
U.3. Many conteista bdlng ; organized 
in dancehallfl, eta. r 







ARTrtliR VRIKpf.l)NI>, PrMldont 

1 800 West Madison Street 

Chicago, HI. 

W^diic'sclay, Jiiiiy 3, 1940 



^. -iFrpm all appeakriihce 

the A''^^^*'^*^^" '^''^^^ from oiie 

^;^^^(>_^th^ Ijabitual disin liis; 

Last siuniner> wheiv Ani^riciin.iX>/uiid'.'6f^ V 
. (iiii^iiitegirated fojld)^ 

jpoin ted out; tliat thq faults, lay pri liiavily Avitli Uve Avorkiiig- hiiehi- 

bershlp : wlio. tiier^ly ;pajd tlieir\ and let ^tlieir imlGii 'i^uri 

^viil^-tiillyv Xbey ' a^^ ./got . no ansAvers^^ 

iinlil it was too ' ' ' " ' 

. ' The cause and effect of the AI'VV'c'Nplosiou should have been 
;i ;siifYicieut:: lesson td- ^the 'pcrloniiiers; oonicenied; "Hc^wever;, 
\\dieti ACjVA Avas substituted 1)y the Associated. Actdrs & Art- 
ii^tes of. iAivi;^rica, the probable ^- nj|embevslvip Ay a^ w a rii take^ 
: a' Avorkmg iiiterest 

^tual' ^ccurrente/.^\....r -^^ :^ ■ 

Dick Barstow Dowblmff--^ 
As Producer and Dancer 

Dick .Bai'stow, who's been doitig a 
single since dissolving his dancing- 
acj; . with.; sister Edith, closed a live-, 
month engagement . at .Frisco's . Bal. 
Tabarin ..aid Merriel , Abbott^in 
.producing, the dancGS for the/'i)ude. 
Ranch* reviie at the Palrti<>r .Hpiise, 
Chicago.. . \'i 
' :: Dancer is/alsO bpoked for 'a return 
-date at . thie .same hostelry's Empire 
fl6o,hTi;opehihgiomOrrpw. (Thursday)' 
; along 'iV ith. Ray ; Nofale's orchestta. 

V Jittle tliis wdrning. took effeti; 

bp^ratioHS of the A0VA;. operated; by nqi> actors^ 

It is $50,000 in debt. Its losses up until the. economy drive put 
julo effect a couple of weeks ago totaled $7,000 per niqnth. 

It is ironic, m vieiv pr the shouting last sirninier that an ac- 
tors turion should be. run by- actors ;^iul. not stageha 
the A(j VA^ i^^^ tp a great extent by non- 

jictDrs. Regardless of their, siiicerity and application to their 
v^ork, the khov^Iedge ef non-pros of prOfes.sional probleins, trade 
jnatters and tactics must, be dubious. > ^ "^'^ 

The aijpqintnient of Hoy t S. .iradddck as AGVA's national 
executi^evsccretary' vvas the uhiph'^ first^draft 
outside: of "the show business. This in itself might have been 
okay, but then Haddock stepped, outside of the .profession for 
tome. of his chief aides. r ■ .' ; y.'-''^ ;••>■.•' 

The result, is that Graham Dolan, a- non-performer, is now 
executive secretary of the Chicago local of AGVA ; Kenneth 
Howard, also never an actor, is ACiVA's national organizer 
avid is now acflyely. in diarge of the .Los Angeles: local. There 
ati^.qther.nbn-act^s ih with- Jpseph..iChrlich,, operating. in New York. ; ' 

It s6 happeh.s that the national board of A.G^a A is composed 
chiefly of working actdi's; TjVey ■ are sti U in the fortunate, po- 
sition of being able to put AG VA on ia proper keel. 

As an actors' union run. by actors. :[ '. 

. Sudden announceineht' that an ice 
revue sponsored by Sonja Henie and 
Arthur : M. Wirtz, although she will 
hot appear In' it, would be' istaged . in 
the Center, N. y., resulted in mys- 
tifying those ^ connected with .'Ice- 
; apoppin,' which was supposed to have 
.been definitely set for the house,; Olsen 
and Johnson conceived the idea, and 
. their attorneys, Cutler & Mailes, have 
■ hotifiied. thiB. Rockefellers of their in- 
tention to seek an order of feStraint 
if the Henie show is substituted. 

. Contract for . 'Iceapoppin' was not 
actually signatured, but was submit- 
ted in printed form by the Rockefel- 
ler office arid ret>rinted when changes 

. were made. Suddenly negotiations 
ceased and it was stated by Rocke- 
feller .Center that contracts had been 
signed by • itis jBicecutive manager, 
Hugh S. Robertson, and Sonart Pro- 
duction.s, of which . iyiiss. ..H6riie- an 
Wirtz are the principals, . . ■ 

, It is averred that at least 20. con 
fererices had .been held between the 
.Olsen ahd Jphhsori gr^^^ connec- 
tion with 'Iceapoppin' oyer a peribd 

, of months. Comedy ideas, bits and 

; gags had been reveal ed by O. ■& J., 

; stars of , 'Hellzapopin,' at the Winter 
Garden, rN. Y.; also plans for a varied 
Ice revue which was to be .presented 
twice daily at $2.20 top; : 
■ .] Wirtz js . a young Gh icagoan who 
operates several rinks and shovvs, iii^ 
eluding Miss Henie's, 'Hollywood Ice 

, R€;Vue,V which girpssed^^ 

::-ing. one Aveek at : Madisonv S^^^^ 
Qarden last Januarj', . a new higli. 

'Same outfit got $180,000 during' its 

r Chicago date. Figured that the 
drawing possibilities , of xink shows 
attracted Rockefeller Center, . : 

.■ . Leori Leonidoff, Radio City Music 
Hall production chief, will stage the 
touring ice show topped,- by Miss 
Henie, which is due to open Oct, I. 
nnd will also figure in the Center ice 

J^cyue, Robert Stoltz, Viennese com- 
poser now in New York, bay do the 
music for the Henie outfit. . ■ / 

Bifference of opinion over staging 
appeai-g »to« have . stymied the 'IcCr 

apoppin' deal. W, G, "Van Schrnus, 
Music. Hall's managing directof, told 
Olsen and Johnson that he was to 
have the last word iri deciding what 
was to be used in the revue, to 
which they demurred. He also 
wanted Leon ILeonidbff, to put the 
shoW , while the duo favored 
John Murray. .Anderson and Losee, 
O.&Ji. had half dozen, song numbers 
readiied and orchestrated arid,- with 
associates,, expended cpiri . in pre- 
paratory efforts. 

Sonart's Setup 

Chicago, July 2. 

Spnja- Henie and Ariliur Wirtz^ v.p, 
Of the Gh icago.Stadi u m and producer 
of ice, shows, have formed a corpora- 
tion known as .Sonart Productions to 
produce ice shows in the Center the- 
atre, New York. Leon Leoriidoff, of 
the .Itaiclio. Gity, Music ; Hall, will 
stgge. :. ".'-^ 

• Policy, will be on a '.fiiekly.'.cliange, 
basis, the chortis. - remaining over 
frori^ week tp! week, but W^'ri 'riew 
routihcs;- rieW • hcadliriei-s^ ind 'spe- 
cialtie.s. AH talent is being booked 
through tbfe Skating Avtists -Agency. 
Inc., headed by J; Arthur Fri iedlUrtd 
'y Wirtz has produced the .. Spnja 
Henie .Ice ' ReVue, the. Internaticirial 
Ice Revue and the All Star European 
Ice Show., Thiij : i.s the first associa- 
tiori of 'Leonidoff with the Wirtz 
group, the previpus Sonja .Henie. 
.show's, ha.ving been staged by Harry 
•Losee.- '-^ '■ .■ ''. . ' ' •' 

Chicago, July, 2, 
- P«5titipn-is being "cirGulated aii'iphg 
local Ame;rican Guild of Variety 
Artists' mernbership asking the New 
Yoirk board : of 1 AGVA to remove 
Graham: ID'olari- from his. position as: 
exec.utivcs . secretary Of : the. Chicago; 
pffibe. • •■ ' - -;-V^ .7.V; ;; ' 

Basis of . the petition is tliat Dolan 
has -no ' iriiraecliate . recognition of the 
problems encountered by the AGVA 
members theatres,, cafes ;-;a 
hotels, \ 

■. There's been factional, strif 
tweieri: 'Chicago 'and NeW' York for: 
soriie time. It all ;.cariie tp ,;a head a 
couple of weeksXgd with. the 'resig- 
nation' of Leo. Gyirley, •executive 
secretary of the Chicago local, which 
has been rife with pplities. since its 
iiiception. ;'. \- 

Salve for Admirals 

Red: SkeltOn; current on the 
stage of the ParanidUnt, N,' Y., 
bias written ; , check to Bob, 
.Weitfnari .for $10b, askitig-.that ^it 
be turned ovCir. to the ushers Of-, 
the theatre, r ' 

He does a piece of business in 

■ his .act .ribhihg the. 

he doesn't want 'em to take it 

■ too literally. ■■;;■■;:■ ■ 

Froin N. Y. to Indpls. 
For r Political Show 

•.. Indiariapolis. July 2. 
' .Vaude played an unusual: role heri; 
•when \ . -Ben ■ , Yost'.?' ' White Guards 
jumped frorii New, York to appear in 
10 minutes of. .son g for ; the <ppiin irtg 
of the State PeriiPcratic Convention 
in , the Gpliseurii. 6n the State Fair 
Grounds ' "Thu rsd'ayV : ( 27 ). , ': Act ' was, 
booked in .by; local Burlqn, Agency, 
which has been covering a regular 
circuit of Pempcratic meetings over, 
thie state. . ■„ 

During the past few months- a Unit 
headed .by Barney Barnct .has ap- 
peared at 185 political meetings. 
Unit is tagged 'Streamlined Revue,', 
and consists of - Barnefs Music; Vir- 
ginia. Howes. , dancei" . Buddy 
and, Jean, roller skaters; ■; La Verne 
Lamb, accordion; Lcpna - Travis, 
dancer, and Deapon . Harfiptpri's 11. 
Cottdri, Pickers." Performers are paid 
Oui-of 'campalgh funds, as admisaion 
to rhee tings are cuffo. , 


prrr agents revamp 


Pittsburgh, .Tuly 2. 
Local agents have reorganized the 
EritertHtirinient /Mianagers Ass'n,, ' ,a 
move made necessary by new setup 
created here by: entry of the :Amer-' 
lean Guild of Variety Artists in field, 
arid named Steve ; Forrest, ' veteran 
Pittsburgh a.gcnt. pre.sideht. - Other 
officeris are Jack, Bowman, first yice- 
. president; Sid Mark second v.pi; 
: Peg Lariagari, secretary and trcas- 
' urer, and Anne King. Larry Kcrinith 
i and. :Dpn D'Carlo.: directors, ' 
I ; ACVA,,: with, an ey^ to getting.,, its 
j aciiyitiesimore widely kripwh , in ■the 
i local, press; has appointed Jean Fple.' 
local niagician, publicity director. : , 

The Ainerican Guild of Variety 
Artists and BHly Rose, : whiijh:^ -Only 
a. couple of rrionths ago engaged in 
a ; ; narnercalling match ' and then 
signed a contract, , again on the 
Verge pi an outright battle; AGVA 
last week issued a fprmal statement 
accusing, Rose. ;' of nuriierbus viola- 
tions of the-coritract at,:'his Aquacade 
at the N. Y;. World's Fair, but took 
no direct action. • • ■ , 

Rose,' heatedly- denied the charges 
and, after a cohfab with AGVA of- 
ficials, agreed to rectify any alleged 
injusticies. • ■ According tO^ the, union; 
if. Rose fails on payday this week to 
reimburse merribers of the Aquacade" 
company for, money .allegiedly- with-, 
held, there, will be a strikie. ■ 

. AGVA's long-standing disagree- 
ment with Leon & Eddie's, 52d ,street 
riitery, N, Y., also fiiare into a strike 
last : week; but '■. ''' quickly settled. 
.'Uriipn has been demanding a con- 
tract designating the spot as Ciasi3.. A, 
thus involving miriiriiums of $60 a 
week for principals and $40 for 
chorus, with limited number of per- 
formances and' other iriestrictiohs. 
There were rhutual accusations, and, 
when an agreement was not reached, 
a strike was called last Friday night 

Nitery management as.ser ted non^' 
of the pei-fornfers walked out, but 
the union contradicted that with -the 
declaration that all the acts \vere 
on the picket line. Regardless, of 
that, the strike lasted less than a 
half-hour, after which the manage- 
ment, and AGVA agreed to mefet 
today (Wednesday) to negotiate; de- 
tails Of a conti'act, and, i f fail i ng to 
come to terms, ?p siibmit the dispute ; 
to the State Mediation board, 

, Hoyt . Haddock, AGVA executive 
secretary, has sfettled several of the 
issues 'with the vaudeville: circuits, 
but a couple of points remain to be 
agreed upon. Figured that every- 
thing but the rnatter of the disputed 
!)% bPoking fee will be- ironed out 
within a,: week, and that the.Teniain- 
irig' iis'sue .w.i]l«.be .'jiubmitled to arbj- 
tration. : • • '■ ■ ,: - . • ■ 

■ .Economy drive . of the Annerican 
Gui.ld of. Variety Artists; .Icurreritly 
underway, is .being jirpnipted by the 
union'.s indebtedness totalling $59.- 
POO, plus:; the , fact •, that it has been 
Operating in the red at the ' rate of - 
$7,000 peic,: month. .. Union ,'expectiS; to. 
achieve. suf^eierit cuW^ it 'into, 

the black.: •■ 

Latest ., aiffected }>y .. the . economy ■ 
drive are attorneys I. B. KOrnblum 
arid' Robert KpriiisV ^bp resigned on 
the. Coast over the weekend; Korn - 
blurii, who is executive secretary of i 
the American Federation of Radio 
Artists ori the .Coast, has been pinch-! 
hitting as executive and attorney for 
the AGCA local Jn Los'Angelea siii^e 
the formation of AGVA nearly , a' 
year ago. He was active in the bat- 
tle between the Four A's .and the 
.stagehands, . following the disenfrin- : 
chisement" of the Artierican Federa- 
tion of Aptorsi' .^ ' v, . : 

. It is reported that - there will be 
fiirther 'ecoriomies in . L;A., , with- rat 
least: One organizer, arid .several mem- 
ber.s Of the, office .staff islated to go! 
; Similar retrenchment took place 
in Chicagb a couple of -weeks ago;, 
when Leo Curley iresigried , aa exec ut 
tive secretary of that local and , Gra- 
ham: Dblan, a non-actor, organizer,- 
took his place. Now there are re- 
ports that Hoyt S. Haddock, nation a.1 
executive secretary, is maneuvering 
"Tom Kelly out of . his post as execu- 
tive secretary, of .the ;Philadelphi 
branch,: . • ]■ ■■ . \ - 

The, economy wave, in fact, is 
stretching right ddvlfn the, line, into 
the New York local and national 
offices. Charges of waste have, been 
especially .flung in this . .direction, 
. where it is. claimed those in vcharge 
went way overboard on the - budget 
by handing out salary increases when 
the Union's incoriie failed to warrant 
them, .- ;' 

Charges are also being levelled 
against AGVA because of alleged, 
domination of the hatiprial organiza- 
tion by::rion-actors,' In this respect 
it's pointed ottt that Haddock,iiyri» 
never an actor; ditto Dolan and Ken- 
neth Howard, national organizer and 
now .in charge in LoS Angeles, Joseph 
Ehrlch, an organiser in New York, 
likewise has never donned the greai* 
paint. .,- ; : ■• 

Charges have : also been made at 
the meetings of AGVA's New York 
local board that the latter is domi- 
nated by perjPprmers who lean great- 
ly' toward communism, and who, 
never Irripo.rtant in the- acting pro- 
fession, are now. dictatirig regulations 
to the more frequently working and 
better e.stablished' perfprmeris. 

Joe Flauiii Quits North 
Partnership for Ingals; 
20-Year Bond Severed 

Belle Baker III 

■ ' '^ " Atlantic City. July.2. ; , 
Belle Baker, who . came ^here Fri- 
day (28) to featare 1.946 pp^mrig of ■ 
ultra-smart. Bath ani Turf Club that 
night, 'was stricken :with bronchial 
ailmen t ' shortly ' . a fter a rrival . and 
ordered to bed by . doctor,, Grapie 
Barrie .substituted. 

Miss. Baker . said she hoped to be 
able fo sing again'by tomorrow night 
(.Wedn/isday.). * .' ; ► . - . • . 

Philly EMA .Vs. AGVA Deal : 
■ Philadelphia. July 2. : 
. ' Member.s. Of ' the Enterta inmeri t : 
Managers Assn', : (bookers) will meet 
the Piarly pai- 1; of next, week to de- 
cide upon what steps to take tp ;cpm- 
bat What they tcrm\ are-, 'ijn fait coh-,' 
tracts' imposed Upon them by their 
franchise- with, the Aineriqair- Giiil^ . 
of • Variety: Artists,. 
; The ten-percenters, are reported 
■ wholly .dissatisfied with, the contract 
forms which: they are obliged to Uise 
under their agreement with the ac- 
tors' unibn. .,; They claim that the 
contracts force them into the guise 
pf , -einjjioyers,' and not 'emplpymcnt 
agents' a's .Ihey. are defined under the 
State law. This type .of -agreement 
.will force tliem to pay .social .sjecufily 
arid; unernployriient taxes for • per- : 
formers, they -declare.-, . ' 

The; bookers ai;sp .cpmpl.a.ih th,at 
their work will be hamiiered by- the 
red tape entailed by the .stipulation, 
that demands that . all contracts be 
made :iri ;dupiiicate: arid riiust be "ap- 
I proved by , the local AGVA Office 
Ibefore they .beeome operativ'e." 


:Cai-V Rose/,- magici.ainj . pr^ 
ally, v his - inj ii nclipn plea : 
against. Paul Rosini -and:the Rairibpw 
Room , . is.'', .V Y,, y esterda y , ; .( Tues. ) . i n 
N, Y. supreme court, when ' justice 
Peter ; SchmUck; ruled that no ir- 
reparable damage had been shown, 
nbr had. unfair competition been; - 

yealed. .■ :■■, .'•■'■^ .;':' :..^;..-; ''. 

.The Coijrt : points out that the de- 
fendant has used the ; name . Rosirii 
since 191.5, and that the plaintiff and 
defendant are friends pf Ipng stand- 
ing, having been in the sariie '.act 
together in 1933 ••under the nari)e of 
Carl and .Paul Rosini & Co„ at which, 
time the plaintiff paid, for . .all the 
advertising. The complaint; adnriiis 
the .a'ssbciatiori; but declare.s , Paul 
Rosini Was hirod as an as.sistant, and 
it- wa.S during the associatiPri that the 
defendarit learned the tricks of the 
j iiilaintiff; which he is now acciised of 
' having Incorporated in hi* act. 

The . last of the old-line vaude- 
ville agency partnerships in New 
York .split last week When Joe 
Fla.iim left Meyer North to become 
as.sociated .with Miles Ingalls. ,In- 
galls recently resigned from .Music 
Corp, of America to; return ais '«ri 

j'indl ;ip-percehter.-; 

;- North and Flaum were- partners 
.for more than .20 •year.s, principally 
:dbing. biisiries.s With LoeW's when 
that.- c.irti.u it' had; cbn'siderabie^ 
time and a' franchise system.; for 
agents, v .; They •; remained together 
Ibng after the bpttbiri , dropped but", 
of vaudeylUe arid most partnership! • 
split; up because; of ' the . dwindlihg ; 
cbrrimissipns. ■ . 

Ingalls bias set ..up . temporary, of?, 
flees in the Astpr hotiel, N.; Y- " 


Mobile,- Ala.j July 2., 
Gene Austin lost a ,' lawsuit here, 
in circuit court (28) to Mr, and Mrs. 
Billy "Wehile. The Wehles cbritended 
that Austin was in -debt' tp them to 
the extent : of $8,500. The coiirt^ 
after hearing argHments;-,in the case,' 
gave ;them a . judgriient for $7,814.80, 
Au.stin "iannburiced: he would appeal 
the case to the supreme court,; : . 

; ..The: .suit against Austin was filed 
;.wheri he was ;Showing, here: ;-for « 
week's, staitid. His tent outfit :wa.s 
attached and put on ice for a v^eek 
^rid th€lr^ rifeSiJed 'oiT bond.* y - ' ; 


Wi^dnesdiiy, July 3, i94a 

^^^^^ ^ TO 

NEXT WEEK (July 5) " ' 

Niii'neralB in. conniisctioh with bills , belovv indicate opening: day of; 
■'^'•hbw, whether full' or 

Imv Ballet Oro , 

Swiinpe. Ina 
CliarMa Evans 

• '-.■.Topsy'jf ;■; 
Blnlne & jSlaine 

3. ijoiihisllculed 

WlUhire lionl 

Fiftuald & Robert* 
' Gum ^Arndeliri Ovo .. 
Victor Hiiro 

.'TCay Qretrory 
. Alei'ry .Mnos . ■ ' 
Slao Meyers Oro - 



. state (li) , 
Holeh Reynold Co 
Paul Syd ell Co 
DioBA COcitello 

Hen.tiy' . Toungnf»ih .■ 
Teddy. Powell .Ore'-. 

Capitol <») 

.Bob . Crosby Ore ; ^ 

XBW YOBS ciinr 

pAramonht (3) : 
Orrln .Tuckier ,Orp . 

BnffalO (S) : - 
Bob'-Hnnrion ' 


;;' ',;Clkloafto (i);;- 
Rochester .v' 

be Marcos 
Gloria Blake: 
Johiiny .Woods., , 
Bob .Whalinv Co 

^Strand (S) ; 

Bob Crosby Ore . 
i Sailors . 
R & V Plckert 

■■ .T'Earle (S)--. •■ 
NJiek Lticas • 
West '& Page ' 

6ae F6at<.<r Gls . 
Murtagli Sis 

■■ {^8)' .' ■ 
Garfleia Swift' I 
John ' Gallus ' 
Gae. Poster Gtp 
Clyde. .Hager Co 
4 Franks' 

Uaalc Hall W: 

Jan. Peorce 
31aue1lne B Katson 
B'.ll Mafaaette' 
Myton Stellln . 
Copt John Tlel*or 0 
G Westmoreland ' 
Karloa Pefersori 

..- BOKT (6> ■• 
Corrino Mora: . 
tyhn, Roycei.S: V 
Paur Regan- 
'-Jinxiny .' Hadreas ' 
Gae Foster GJ*" 
Paul Ash Ore ;. 

Steel Pier (7> 

titine & Ward 
■ J & M Mulcaj; 
KanaEawa 4 • 
(One t» :flll): 

State (9-13) 

Arthur LaFle'iir 
.^lack . Bro9 ■ 
Wells & 4 Fays 

.Hlppo4r6iiM» (S) ■ 
Major Bowe^ U : ■ 

' Orlentnl (6) 

FuBzaflre U 


tafry Clinton Ore 
Valentine Vox Co 
Barr ifc Estea ■ 

pnEIIiAi>E)L.PHtA , 
Cannian (B) 

Vallee & tioreen 
Ginger Dulo. ■■ 
Prank ConvUle ' 
(Two to fill) . \ . 

WoOAside Park . ' 


tane & Ward 
Ginger, Dulo .: 
Frank Cdnvlllo Co- 
Kanazawa 4 : 


Broadway (6 only) 

Lane '& Ward 
Parker & Fredericks 
(Two;to nil) 

willow GroT«< Parb 
(7 ortly) 

T6y & Wing 
Frank ConviMe. Go 
(Two to (ill) 

(4 only) 
Vallee. & Doreen 
Stone & Barton . 
3 Mack Bros 
tTwo to fill) . ; 


Armando 'a . . if andella 
. Pedrlto Ore 
Aiin Beasley- 

Barney Callaat'a 

Ann Pahtier 
Ireiie Barclay. ■ 
NelUo Paley . 
• Carter & Boi^le ' 
..Virginia Gibson 
Porothy-Blaina • 
Ijoretta I<ane. ; 
.Freda Sullivan' 
Ruasell &; Farrar 

. Beaclicbniber' ■ 

. Sonny IC'endig Oro 
Chavea Ore'. 
, . Uutiiba Octet 
'"LoAhn Sla- , -. 

. Bill MrU»lottl>, 

• . Don • Sy'lvio Oro - 
. . . ..Aflgelo Ore - ■ • - 

If .Pat Williams :■■ 
\ Jjyhn & Marlon - 
I ' Mary Jane Brown 
. Billy Cascade 
lloya GlfTord . 
Barbara liaiharr . 
Bill's Gay 60'm 

Charles StriekiaRd 

Gua n^icke 

ICthel Giltott 
.. Billy :.L(trraiha . 
. . Fre.d .'Bishop. '• ' 
. -Spike Harrison- ■ 
. Jfqroia Wlllard . 

llarry .Boniielly ■ .. 

BerniO: Crrauer 

.Ciafe'. Society:.' 

' / rifeaidy Wil3on>6rC'' 
- Hazel Scott . 
Gbldeii , (fate ,4 ; . 
■Al|>ert Amnioha ' 

'' . . I'ete - Jolinsbn: • 

. .Cliatenii ia[«^erne 

horothy Tanner- . 
. Jdcciuellne.Deauvllfe 
Ciabrlel DeVella ; 
Maurice Sbaw ■ 
. ■ -.Ijom.' Leach':- '-. ■ 
- ■' jlminyi £:ri|caon ...- 
-' - Jack- ifesslhg. . 
' . Sai.m Grassla 
' Club Carayah 
Joo Colllris: (>rc! . 
Arthur Barnett ' 
^ Itlta Rehaiid : 
Ruth -Winter ' 
Cjblaiilta r^^nezfa. 

Clnb . ;Oaacii(f» , 
Don iflguel Orb 
' Marie del .CAr^ep : 

Nedra.: Madera 
Mlml . 

Cabun CHBln'o '. 

Consuelo 'Moreno 
LOa OJedau . 
Uolores Laufell 
pon Caaitnova- .. 
Diamond: -Horseshoe 

Noble Slasle Oro 
Don Mc.<{rRn<i Oro 
Blanche King 
Gilda Gray ' 
'Eddio Leonard 
Julian Eltiiige 
Harland JJiicon 
Prof: LambertI' 
Wlnt Sliaw 
Hbrton Spurr 
Dave Mallen 
Herman Hyde'. 
Sally*^^ Burrell / . • 

' : ■ ■ Ei. .ciiico... 

.Don • A'ibei-tb Ore 
Antonio Eacudero . 
Maria. Morales ■ - - 
.Merpcdes Reyea 
Amelia . Cellnda , ' 
Jifflti» Siiarcz . 
libs ,A:(tcca!i . - -. ' 
Aldo. cfloyo ': ' . 
Beleti Ortega,'. '.■ 

- El iSIoriwiRo .' 

Dick Gasparrb .brii 
De Marcos •' 
GUn : . islahdl: Casino. 
(Neiy Roclieller N Y y 

Bobby Byrne 6rc\ 
JPancho &' Dolores ' 

Greeowlrli i'illiige 

;■ . :Cnslnp-- : 

Diana Del - RIo ' • ' 
Hutl> Kidd; . .. ',. .' 
Mary Jano'.:Br6wn 
IJInda March' 
Frank MOCormlcU . 
Sylvia-Barry • . 

~ HuvunavMadrld ' . 
d. De La Rosii Or'e 
J.uanltO !i!anal»rta Or 
SargiO. drt.a ' 
IVJCiirlija 'Serraiio /; q 
Artiiro. Cbrtcz ' 
EsteUi &: Papo 
Aibertb - Torres 
Liollta Moy'a;! 
Luis ftljos ,' 

talckofr HojUM. ' 
Joe-' Marsala . Ore '■: 
Hotel; Ambasttaiior 
^Lirry SIry Ore - • 

'll'utel- ANtor.. ..' : 

Tbinn'vy D.oraey Ore 
Moil «• Kojart. 
'Paul .'Remp3.''Co : 

'Hotel Belmont-' - 

Ai.vMehcQnf Ore '' 
Zlto Ore .' .- ■•.,-•'• ' :' 
.Grace Vaii'^hun- 
llcliriont '.Itnlla'deers 
Joe Howa.r'd 

/ ilotflvlteli'-edere' '. 

' Ron .Per'ry Ore-,; 
: Hotel out more 

Aivi-no 'liey -Ore.' 
Kliig-.Sls-' . " ' 
Dick . Morgan ' . : . ' - 
Skeets Herf urt . 

.^Hptel ItoSNert 
' (Brooklyn) . 

Brtdle i/a'ner..<)ro- . - 

Hotel jlrevoort . \ 

Gett Llo^'d - ■;■ 
PaloTiio . -' 

Sam Ray' ' . • ''. / 
V'eira- tj'artoH 

; iiotel, Edlaoh . 

Gray Gordon- Ore . ■ 
Hotel. Essex HOum 

Al KavsUn Ore 
Pat'tl Morgan .'. 

Hotel HnmeHtend 
• (Ke»v Gurdena) 

.Bill Lester Ore.,. . 
.Frances Miller 
'Lietf' Caudell-- 
Nick, king . 
Paul Anthony •^•-' 
Prof Harwal :\ , 

. .Hotel. Lexington 

Ray -McKlnney Ore 
Honolulu . Mn:.ds' '. 

Hotel -.Lffiroln 
ciia'rlie BArnet Ore 

Hotel McAlpIn 

J -Mess'ns'r. •Otc- . 
Jeantt* ' D' Arcjr .- 

Hotel . New . .Vorker . 
Larry Clinton Oro 
Bellla .' '. 

Alfred -.Trenkler'. 
Kathan .Walley " . 
Edith Duslman 
Roberts & Farley 
Ross Maciifffth.: 

Hotel. Pnrli Central 
; (Coconniit Grove) 

Buddy Clarke Ore 
Betty . Allen : . : 
Helehe Standlsh 
•Scat' Powell . :-.- 
llharley Bourne. . 
iisterbr'k ,& Farrar 
Gypsy, Leo 
Bunny Howard 

Hot el peiinsy I vb hl^ 

\Tln-iiny boraoy Ore 
Ralph Rotgers Ore 
Helen 6'Conhell 
Boh EbecjB ' 
Uiiddy Schut£ 

. . Hotel Pluza 
Dli'ic-' GasDarre Ore 

Hotiei SayoyrPlasa/ 
EniUo Petti Ore 
Httdegarde ; '; 
■ Hotel St; George 

. ' (Itrooklyn) - 

ZJ'nn Arthur Orb ■ 
Muriel Lane ' ■ 
Tommy Taylor 

Hotel St, {tlorlta 

&ddl<i. 'Va'r'7oa Ore ' ' 
Marceila H.eiidrlcks 
ICmlle BOreo' . 
O;bnt!alo.& Christine. 
. Hotel St Regis 
Hal Saunders Ore 
.Morley & Gcarheart 
■RHa L'up.Ino 
Virginia Dolf . . 
.Barbara Woods ': 

ilotel Taft ; 

F.ranlcie • Ma-steris Qr- 
Hotel Woldorf- 

(Sturllglit Roof) 

Xavler CuRat.Or'e 
riaul. & Eva Reyes 

Georgea ;& ".Talna.'. • 
Josephlho, .-Houston '. 


Eddie Bush Ore 
' Fausto- Ciirb.ello' Or 
.Ann Franclne - 
'.R'omb Vincent. 
•Panchb & Dolbrea. . 

Alma- Ross. ' ■ . " -. 

Lollta Cordoba ; 

Marishinbs '. *':- - - ' 

. ."-v'-lja.'"-Cpii»a V :' 
..Nahb Rojilrlge Qte " 
EUseb Grehet ore . 
Victoria Cordova. 
Clro Rlmae 
Jiianlta : Juarbz 
Geo Negrete ■; ' 
itoslta. Ribs. .: : ^ 
Chlqulta Maria' 
Aid a Al vare/ . . 
;Charllo Boy* 

„''-.''La ".jklarqulse '■ , 

• Wililarai Palermo O. 

.Muriel Welch , 
Chris Curtis ' ., 
Frances COnho'lly 
Jeanne' Jordan .... .' 
- Larue' .-'.. : 

Eddie Oavia Orb ' 

Val, Ernie' O^c- 

'-' ' L'e'.'.Co.q Biauge '; 
;Nlci<'i! Itayinbhd Ore, 

Don' Martbn -brc ' 

Cecelia .Leb.-: 

Ti.sdaie a •' .' . 
.Carlne- .■■'■ ^. - 
' ii^ ' Ruban. Blea _,' 

Rasha' & Mlrkb. 
PaUla Laurence .-•'■■ 
syjvle St Clair. 
Stuart Rbss . 
Hayward . & . Allen 

Leon . ICddle'a. ^ 

Eddie bavts . 
J^ii Martin Orc-.V .■ 
.i) del' (jkrmen Ore ■ 
Luba. Miallna ' 
Kjenee LaMa'rc -3 . .-. 
Jerry Va'hcb ' .' 
Joel i Ahhett 
Norman & .McKay. 
Xldo Beach ciab: 
E Madrlguera 'iOrc' 
Patricia Gllriiore 
Sarlta. Herre'ra 
Pedro & Olga 

Place .- Elegante ' 

Ernest Friinz Oro 
Will. Farrell . . . 
Vlnce.nt- do Cbsla.' ' 
Art Tubertlnl 
Tino Borielll . 

' Queen '. Mary , ' 

Jbe Ellis Ore .' 
Ginger Wayne' 
Kay Parsons 
Carol Dennlson ■ 
Cona.uelo [■"Ibwerton 

Rainbow Grill 

: Barry WInton Ore 
Marlyhn &■ Michael 

. . Balnbow ' Room . . 

Ray Hcattiertbn Or 
Geo Lllbyd, 
3 Pitchmen ,' 

■■■■, (•«.' i>e', -N.a.) 

Leo' .'Relsmon Ore ' 
Pahcho Ore . 
Ruth Petty • 
Jaclf Durant-' 
. Vera. Niva . ' 
Arnaut, Brba 

Ross-Pent on .Farms 
(Asbuiy Park. N.J.) 

;^ddle Oliver Orcj 
FernandCanay' Ore . 
Job E Lewis ;-. 
Terry Lawlbr 

Stork. Club 

Ernie Hoist'Ore '■ 
Aiin Kicss- .. ' 


Nicholas b' AmIco O 
Adelaide Moflett . 
Lb per- & Barrat " 
Village -Barn - ' 

Arthur. Warren . Qrc 
^ndrlnl Bros' 
Blaine Miller 
Willie .Solar 
Richards & Ctir^bn 
Sons . Purple. Sage ., 


■ Biiimore^Bib>vl " 

'(f atbl" King ' ' 
Gwyiine • 
Vaf9lty:.» .; 
Perre A Rcnno 
George ''Weadt 
Rudolf Frlml One 

/"^ife- ■l-rt;;:RtBj;e '^ 
Park . A ve Boj-a' . ■ •; '. 

.''Cliib' iliill -.'.' 

Bill /Thurman .' 
yvbiine KOiilaitie. 
Joe. 'Wo'verion- 
Nel Orllchi aVIo'' 

■■. , Coconnui Giroye 
Jiino' Pleken's. 
Edyie'.D.uclilii .Ore - 

; Eiirl . CnrroU 

Btfi't \Vheeier. ' -';. 

I'Varicls - & <-i'ray ■ ; 

Harik -Laaa . 

Slate Bros. • '. 

l^ay. Carroll -.■'• '. 

France.! ta. MallOy. . .' 

tib.b Hi'.otriley,, ' 
■ Fralison ^ . ..,'. - .. 

Bob .vviUlams 
.Red Oust ■ 

Miller & Readtn 
-Sterner'SIs"' - . 

Bill Br'idy. . "• . , 
-Lollta' & Ardb. 
jlea.n Tlglib: 
Edward AguUai* Or 

Minhy Strand Ore 

.'I'foreqtine Garden 

"Elinor Troy ' 
XTG H'wood Rev 
baryl Uarpa Ore 

Faith Baton . 

Grace Hayes Lodge 

-' Grace" 'Hayes: ■. •■ '." '.' 
Sibyl. Bowan ' 
Jeffrey GUI • • 
Nick. Cochran Ore , 

,Sed Stanlcy:6rc ]/ 
.'..*. .' - !.«;' Conga ' ':.'■' 
I5rn estol: & Tai'y a . 
.Wa.'lljf : Vernon. 
Piiiil Neighbors Oi' 
I'hUIl pi .Lopez Ore , 

- :.I>nrls.'.j|nn- "•• 
tl.cnry Henry'son ' ' 
■ Alines ' Torrjo.Ul . ■ , 
JXenry Howard ; 
PhU Ryder 
Hbward Blair . 

D.oniiiiic - ■ ■ 

Marg'rlt* * M'rtlner 

•ErJc -Mnssey" 
.Henry Mbhet .. ' 
Chuck: :ttonry. .Ore.: 

._■..-'.' .•• flevoii;' Seas^: ' 
Lrilian I3li>spn , , 
-Bob Mathews ;. 
,-AIIss' 'Av'alan- " • - ' 
Puana'nl' : ..■ <'; ■. 
'Johnlo BrJehi" Ore 

Slu'P^^ Alaxle'a . 
Lewis & Moflire . . 
Margie-; Ger rtitsoii , 
Oslilns & Lessy - '. 
Maxis' - RosenDlooin- 
Cullen Rlcharda . 
Jerry Brandbw 
J ftlley Scot.t.,Orc 

Sbniei'set ilbiis*.' 
Hairry Rlngland 

A.iiibnsMidor Hotel 
-.'(l*um|> lloon*) 

I.ou- Xf.olden. Ore . :, 
Virginia .'Uuys' / 

; : iiiainarrli Hlotel 

y (Walnut KtNtin); / 

Hadiej; <ji»' -. - 
Leonard Keller :-Orc 
..Marion • Hol'iHea 
Noil .ft-Noltoji 

. • Blacliltawk 

'Bl^e ..Barron- .Ore' ' 

Marroh Mann 

Orrin & Hetty 

Blaiilntbne Hotel 
. .. (Uallneiie Rm.); ^ 

Dale. .E.varib'' ■ 

?lln"er ^ . Earl . Ore . 

' Bon Air ■;. 
Do' Marcos' - ' -. 
Al Bernle 
Gracle Barrio'. .' 
.'4 .Anvhassadoi'etle's 
;Bob«. Gl» . . 
Clyde. Ltions 6rc -- 
Bre\Wrt Ilotel 
. (Crystal Room) 
Dorotiiy . Djivii . ' 
Cecils Plttniah- 
Joan " Baylor ■' 
•Vlio Manciul . 
:Bm Blacldo .. : 

-- Brbadmont ' 

Pib Wiiitman ' 
Kyra Loii. . 
Sharonc. Stringer' 
Whitman GlS'- " 
'Herb Kudolph'e' Orb 

■ .' .-"Chei! 'Paree . ' 
.Harry Rich man: -• ' 
Coblna Wright. 
'Dean .Murphy . 
Lucleii A^hoiir' .• 
Carole: & Shbrod 
Evans' CIs - - .' - 
Lou Breese Ore . 

', 'Club. Alulmihri ' 
Ethfrl; Brown: . 
Ma rion Mborb . ',- - 
Sadle-iitfiore' -:. - 
Bernard, &'.- Ilenria ' 
Berhib Adler 
Lbtiise- Lucano. ' 
Inez Gambbr 
Effle Burton 
Paullette La Pierre' 
i>ave Unell Ore 
.Ooretby Dale ■ - 
EJdaIr 'l^oth Qro ■ ;. 

Club ftiiliuet ^ : 

Patay, Mac- 
Betty Sax'bn .- 
Ruth GrayVell . 
Jeanne Bell ' 
Sherry Wyhh . 
Phyllis Jjobles • .' 
Annette Kennedy. '. 
Art Fischers Oro 
,D'»I. Efite's -■' ■'' 

Colony Cliib ; 

Carl . Ravazza ' Ore- 
Owen & ParU 
8 La Playa:s 
' Coloalmo^ - 

Eddie White 
Ada Leonard' .. 
Inga Uor'g ; ' 
Weber Sia 
. PronapTj Gls > 

: - Citib .DeilMi' 
Dorlse Bradley 
Marlon - Abartiathy ' 
•'Wesley Long • -. 
ChlRpie' HUr,> 
(' Jitterbugs 
Hhythrii Willi 
Ch*rlf'f- Jsori -- 
'!•(»( t?llfGl.. 
Ked. 'Sauri'dersi.. Ore.' 

Cbngro'HH' Hotel . ' 

(Glass Hat Rm) 
Johnny Bang a' 6rb 
. (Peacock' Km)- ' 
Joe. Vp.ra . - . 

Edgewater Beach : 

Hotel, / 
. (Ueach Wnlk^ 

Burnie Cummjhs .O 
CiSnrile Barlcaii 
Walter ('uuvminge 
DoOeen Gls ' •• 
Herb Poote V 

, 885 Club 

-Zelda Santley 

.Tosophln'e .' Del-' M-ir ; 
Don- Ramon .-Ore 
Johnny Hon lieTt 

' Fritnke'a Casino - 

Mary Camp ' 
Diane .Gllflbi» ' '■ 
Don' & .I-ee . ■ '' 

'Kay. Kirrol -.. '.. 

-Helen IPcix ' ; 
Buddy Kirby 

:DlcJ{ Conrad . 
Bob Tln.9lf y' :Orer 

- Graemere .• Hoi el- v- 
(Glns's House :' Rni) 

:Ha.l "■ Muhroe Ore 
VV-ynn Fa.lre.' 

Nord Richardson 
till rry'i* !Ni'w. Vork 

Ral>h CooTt .' ' '.. 

'Mildfe.d' Parr. 

Pat'rjtila Perry ■ , ■ ' : 

Pedro & Lul ■ . 

Dorb t hy ■ Joii cison ' 
Mel Gole Ore : 
Three- Talents ' 
Hpveler Gls 

■ .::fiii 'iiiiit'.'-' 

Wllilb Shore. 
Mary,. Grant ■ 
CoiMvay:.SIs .' •.'..■': 
Keraten Gls.' .- .. 
. Jimm.v.'-Oassld.y 'bri* 

;" '.Ivanhoe . ' 

Ffbfence Schtibert 
Al- Trace Ore . ' .' 
Holly". Swanttbn 
Helen ' SUiiiner 
Al Velrra Oro : 

Manuel Contreraa;6 
.COhcliita. ■ :'" ■ '-; ., 
lsoi>el . de- Marc.b - 
Hyrry. Llml^n. ' V' '^ 

Hotel L» iliille, 
(Uliie Front Room) 

Jack Citapmiih Ore . 
-Lllterty Inn . 

Roma:- , ■■ ■ • 
Roberta' '..V . 
Tod' Sm.lth ' ' y.i 
Jane Lavonhe ' i^j ■ 
Roma'. " ■ -■';.-••'■- - .■".•:'• 
D.aniiielle • 
Don Dunn'' 
Jli\»tTjlb O'Noll' . .' 
Earl Wl.'ey Ore: 
: . Millstones::' - 

Prank' bbhla- 
Terry "- Terrell ' ' . . 
'■Art' Meb.''?'--.' ''" .". 
'Mndeitne 'Uewis ' 
Bol> :Wray Ore ; ; 

^Morrison Hotel 
: (Boston lOyster.- 
., 'Ho'use)' 
Maojtrea ...GOlih'elf '' 
: Old Heidelberg ; 
Mary McCiorinack 
Mada me .Lucille. '-- 
Krahzel-: Ore-:' ' 
Raoiii -iCantrow - 
Sally Sharrat 
Helen Westbrbbk . '' 

I'nlmer. Hoiise 
• Kinpire; Room . 

Charles Baum. Ore'. 
'Gary Stone ' 
3' Arnold's . ' ■ 
Dorothy., bale 
Bob Dupont 
Abbott ' Dancers 
Phil Donley Ore. . .- 

. Sherman Hotel 
.(Celtic Cafe) . 

Gene. Kar win Oro '-' 
■ Jaros-'. Sis- . . 

\ (I'ahther Room) . 

Alice 'Kavan 
Lee' AViley -' 
Sliiir Smith Ore 
Bud('l Fre.e'man Ore 
Jitterbugs .'. 
■Gloria.' Faye. -. 
farli'Marx - ': ''•.'•.•: 

: 'Silver .Cloud 

Stair '&.T-e'e '; 
Bin Samuels • . : : 
'PlB.lre Hayes • 
Murray Parker' 
Babetto.Gis / 
Ray Stelber' Ore' :.. 
' Elinor ' OanlelS' • 
Ha>:el Zalus: 

6p« Club' 

Billy. Carr • 
-Marg.-e(' Fabor. Gls 

Ijill D:iwh 

Sally .iv'eith .. 

Jo Ann Carroll 
. Marrie- . 

Jal Lieoa 
-Pa' Shaw ' 
: ("aW>i; ciiavpelle 

liolier.tu Roberts 

Don & Bett>- Lynne 
. B'Ools Burn? . 
' Alysb Serf. • 

Sol l(iH;e:Orq 
-Tripoli 3 ■ 

' " .Stevens -Hotel- 
(Cnntlnentnl ;ltbnirn) 
Grir Wliliams Ore 
- Walter Klhg 
Bob Kirk ; : 
.Biiddy M.arlno 
Dick Burldey . 
Mill, De-WTIt't ■ .. 
Crystal Cook 
Jorri'. Gerard . 
Red Wllsbri Ore 

Swlnglnnil ' 

Johnfiy 'Long Or.c. ' 
Gebi-ge Gould. ' 
Pops &' Lurlo - 
Biitterbcaria & ' Sue' 
Nick Brooks Gls . 
Tlioinpiion's- IS: Club 
Ray Ravnold's: 
. S I e ve '-St Ul Ian d - Ore ■ 
DI Nov).- Twins ; 
l.buiSe Shannon' '■ 
: :Tlielina . M:i riand - , 
.Pat 'Tlibmns : , 
. ' All Curdy •'.; 
.,::'';:;•■ ■ Yar.':^ 
Dortas .Wittti^h (Ore 
:Janlna (>nI<oda 
Haus ' Mueiizer-"'-' 


':':: Aiiclibrage- 
. Elmer :tloffti)an - . 
Pegijy Jloi-gbVi- 
Gl e m . W 11 1 1 am a . . p r c 

. :.Arcndlit .'. 

Bill, siiannbn . ' 
Miles &. Jb-Anti . ; 
Dot^'Landy' .. , ' 
Orlez' & O.lg* . 
Al -Blanc,. ': ' 
Jolinny..:Ca'rlIn. Ore. 
:: .jBnrguniiy ' Room ': 
Bellevue-Strutfbrd : 

blek :' Wliartbn.'S 6rc 
Fred ;'Nlo'a'l(»^i.(t . ' 

Cadiiino ::ira«!erii ; 

:Eddle ' Thomas.' 

Beth. Calvert ': 

Marlene '• ' 

: 3 -Loose Nui? 

..i Oa.dUIac:(;b(iu6Ue3 

.Palher &■• Forrest* . • 

itendrifiues.ft A 

Bill Gatea Ore 
Cednrwond Ciibln 
^(Malaga; N, J.) 

Pat rrocolU , 

Nllilcl Nlkolaf: 
Betty 'WiUla'ihs .:'. 
'')<'ra'nlcle SeiilutH '■: 
Walt 'I'em pie Oro ; 

..■.".''..'.;-.':. Club 15 '- . 

Dick Thomas 
- Marian. .Rbherts ' 
M.ardo '& Co 
Jerry Delftmr Ore. . 

'\^ '.':■' Club: Buii ;•;''' . 

La. Co'niXarra . -,' 
Allen Fielding's. Orp 

' Jbhhiiy - &';<Je.orge '• 

"Dixie Dbhbitr 
KyUim'iires •^ ' 
jei-ry Lester.' . : 

'Dr; • Giovanni ' 
Uoiv... Reiialdo, Ore ■ '" 
Crbsvent -i>og Cuitiii 
(Gloucester IlKlits. 

v. J.). 

Jba Kraft -Ord.. . 
Julian & C Hall 
Tom Turner - 
Marilyn Dale; 

' '.. Ennbnssy': '- 
Ge'o'Cil^^m^'' • ' '■ 
Sua Ca^^y.l• ' 

Betty. Carlyle 
.Mildred Fentba . 
cure Han 
Arlehe Thompson 
-Florenee Vest bit . ' 

. Judy Barrett . 
Billy Maples : 
Curt. AVeller Ore . . : 
Vlrrthla Renault -. 
Adele Norolla 

. Ijb'retti Lane ' ' '■ 
Pedro Blanca'fl : Ore 
Carmen Mohtoya ' 
Mary WUilama 
Trudy . Martin 
Pedro Blanco Ore 
Ererarreeh . CaAluo- 
Kay Allen : . ; . 
Earl. Ijoach' >: 

'Josejthlne Loach :': ' 

• Jenni,. Lee' 

.Tbiii ' Barry 

' Lciia> Rose'- ■- . -- . ... 
Vlvla-n - Vance -' '■ 
Pat Sheviln; Oro 
"\ ,-..'' 1553. 1.»cuBt .':' .^ 
Pbla ;Mb»toya 
Both Chum's . .; 

. Muriel iJIarrlson . 
Sue: & Pepper : 
Helen: Wilson . ■ 
Bubbles Shelby 
Evolyn Bi-aidley . 
Betty .Stone \ 

Betty McKee . . . 
Kay; I jivcrly 
Kings Of : Swing Or' 
Hotel Ben rrank'Un 
. . Garden Terrace 

Yai vErnie 0fb;: 
- ■ ; -■ Guy 90's 
Ciitc WlMlari)* , Orb. 
Charles ' Harmon . 
Eitrle Ratne ' . . : - 

'■ ;.:; ..; '• jHenri>^- 

Andre A FriinCes .' 

Ray; O'bay 
Al Blank :. . 
Erhle AfctSee- . . . • 
Chas ' Verne.'s Orb' .'.: 

(ti: Walton: BooiP) 
Vlhcent Rljizo Ore . 
Jliiimy Blake .: - 
Herbie Dubrow " ; 
Van & Allan . • 
Helen . Heath^ 
.Leon ' & ' Naoe:'.'.' 
Cass/'FrahkUn ' 
Lois. Harper- 
John De Vant 
MarJ'orle' Klngat.ey.: ' ' 
Gldmnur :g1s (J*) 
Neil FOrttaiiie Qro' 

Jnni Session . 

Dayfe-'N'e-wm^n : ' .' ''- . 
krechmer . . 
Freddie KbrnCeld ' 
Mux .Spector 
■J I'm'- Thorpe. : ..' 

Irvliig Braslow Ore 
Dlmas . £ Am la 
Dona. -Bruce'' ' -' 
Violet LewendeS^^' ' 
"Doris king ; 
Vernon. McGovern -'. 
■yy.bnnettea. " 
GIbria Dale 
: Mthiter Club ; 

MlQbael Travis pro. ': 
Eleanor: ObOld. ' ". 
VInda SKechah '. 
.fcvelyn. Lauclialh' : 
-JoaMUrt. 'Sli«»rbr: : 

Cliarlle Galnos Ore 

Cashie- Coalello . . : 

Pert Williams 

Olive Boyd ■:• ; 
: Era:nk' Pohtl : 

Bobby Wiilte 

Pete Hiycs 
; Barbara. Richard's ' . 

Rubfe; Johnny. & B 

Harry Kose 

French . Follies - ■ 

Mike Jaftree 

Lexington Trio " 

.. Lido Venice 

joini Joseph Ore 
Frank Hail . \ 
.Carmen. Chita .. 
.Dillon . &,- Parlour . 
■ Al.argle Sinitii : 
Dee Rogers . . ^ 
Littii' iRnthslieller ' 
. .1 Paganos'-' 
Jorry & Turk 
Frai'Ices Leslie 
Ann: How.ard -'"•' 
Grace Brian .- " 
■i Ink Spots 
Vlolor' .lltigo Orb ■ - 

.-. Minstrel . Tavern'' 
Allan & Parker 
Ed McGoldrIrk 
Margio- Mar((i» :: 
Cissie Loftiis 
Marrlo'tLla R'-.m Ore. 

. IVInnoa Inii\ . 

Way ne - <t .Kenon 
Jiick. Hiitthlnson 
Diiio' & Darling 
Nancy N..eweU , 
Dianne Ubchell 
Fratiit CutVeo Oro 
Edyfhe Sajjade .' 

MLontcbntery 's 

Vi'ckl'Codi<er' ■ 
Ja.iie Mitchell .: 
bonna. T^ee . . '. 
Dottle Paytori . - 

paiui'Moiu' :; "^'r ■ 

.Pe'nn .'Fay . Ore ; 
' Open Door. Cafe 
Billy Hnys* Ore 
DJck 'Tlioma's 
.'Burns' Jfc Bartiache' 

Vlckl.. Cooper 
Uadellne Sherldaa 
Rita Roberta 
Billy Lea 
$ Yvonettes ' 
old Curered tVagon 

Leo: VCt)llo Ore , ; 
Ro1t<lv KH(;tI<)au . 
.fiilldi;ed R()gors 

' Piitnnibo'a „ . 
::IIow.aTd kcytiolds 
Beii Perry 

3 Thunderbolts ' 
BlaokblrdH • , 
.iterances. Dlya..'. 
Mazz.b'iiR'. & : Abbott ' 

, .bahcers - 

Peacock tinrdrhs . 
Earl- Denny Ore. 
'phllaidalQltla Kbom 
Uayea , Watson , . 
. . 'I'urple Porby : 

Jean ' Laniay ' 
Maxine Scbtt - . . 
Jackie'' .Evans ' . 
.Irvlrib' .;' ' > ' :.•.■'.■ " 
Mbriy .. Burk's : Ore ; 
Sunnyrltou ..- ■ 
BlUy. Newaoma . 
:Niin Getty '•.. - " . ; ■ 
Margie. Mealy 
Bo tiy' Mealy-. . > 
Alice, .Gormley . 

\ Red Lion lian 

:E<1: C ha in befS Otb . 

j:ob Foulkner 

Dot Wilson ."■ ; ,, ' 

Frafik Dumbnt: 

Billy Burns 
'Tpny . Gallagher . .: ' 
Streets of Paris : 

Ml id red ' .Behaon ' . 
4'- t'harma" 
Mildred LpwIs': : 
Vlrjpliila:Wbrth ., '. 
:A^nh' P'agan " - ' . . ' ' 
Mary B.oren ,. ' 
Bob Mahoffy ,'... 

'Rendcsvons ' 
(Hotel Senator) 

PearV WIUIaina ■ 
Beale. Street Boya 

,ai»tlinat>;8 '"- '. '. , '. ' 

Sputola's ;: .■ 

Sii.Man: Ji'ang - . ^ • ; 

Hifil HoiTor : ; 7 :. 
NIrio Niinnl' • - 

: :':; - .j9to'rli;Clob'-^ ;; 

.4 Moderneltea'. 
Bili./ Daniels '• 
G.blllna * Pbterson- 
Billy 'Beck:/. : . :'g . --'. ' 
Esielia.:SlOan. '.' 
Henry I'ai rick Ore 

' / Stamp's (pnfe. 

Bert Lem'lsh-:Ore ' '. 

Be.r.nle';'.Allen;^.^:.. ; 
Jbe Altea ' '. 
Marjorlb HIght : " 

4 Novelettes 
Stamp's Trio ', .. 
Evelyn' Reagen'.,. ' 

' Silver T^ike. Inn 
.; (Clementon) 

Arlotib Adair ' 

.George' -Reed' '• 

Motter.,& Bngel. .. 

A'tidreW-Sldano' ' 


M Famlllant Ore 

/20th Century 

Bobby' Bernard' . 
Toppers, ; . ' 
Ruth- Phlillps 
Hariy Dobbins Ore 

.'.: Venice:/ tJriiie;-'-:- 

Job; Rcliiy : " 

Venice. Swlttjfsterii' . 
'Vlckay.'Lahe .■ 

Tanya Garth • 

Barbara &.. Margie" 
. Klng .Sis.. . 

/■' Viking -'Cafe. ',';^ 

Boiinte' Staur't' 
Murray' Parker ' ,.• 
'2 -Tbhes Tp: — ■ •'■: 
Takayaiha '-.' ; . ' 
Vinrent & Lane. 
Phlllis. Lane ... 
'■Job. Vernpn: . brc ' ' . 

'Warwick :ilotei 
Herb liagehpr Ore 
- Weber's ifol . Bran 
. . Camden 

'Jules Fl'acco Ore . 
l-eonard ' 
.Gua.rdajrien (8) • 
Mario'ri ' ' 
'Hazel .'Mangfeati' 4 ' 
Tia' Woods ,' 
Syd Golden ., 
Pat .Sulllvari" 
Tdd. &■ Julia 
Jatik Smitli 
Dave I'etbrson '. 
'Elmer Poii.zor 
Dons Elliott 
Rtths'r Eldoradlans 
; : Wilson's 

Joe 'liotjuth, ., m.o. 

2 • Ja.cka . y ■ ■■- 
Laddie I^.a.mblrit: - 
'kirk -& . 'Laurence . ' 
Allen;' ^' 'Lee « ' 
John- RenO; : ;' 
G.eo; Baltii'y Ore ' i 

Jos.e • '- ;. 
Jose & Jiilla 
■ Grace -Collins . 
'Lenta .'- ■ ' ■ ' 
Wee. Willy -: : 
M.bry- -'.Navla,- Orb , ' 

.Aerial Ballet . 

Will Aacho 
Al Fremont: Oro 

: , .'New.' Penii.' - 
Herb FrltaoKia 6rc 
Don Andrea 
Markt: Mhryis -•.' 
Rinchart & Mason 
•Larry Neale ' 
Freckles 4b Fussy : 
Maek \& Fayb • 
"' '. . . NIzb'ii' .C«f« ■ 

Al Marslcb Or'b 
Bob Carter 
Crapelle & Hannon 
Betty McGlura . 
PoU Mar Gls 
A.ncelo. pi. .Palmar : : 
..':'■' 'Nat iionsa. 

Jim' fiuchanoh 
Harry Nobokoff: ■ 
Ted SBlako 
Rbdgers 4Sc Spruce 
Milly Wayiie . 
Hbhey >:Boy: .- 
Buaizin .Boe3_^ Ore .. 
■' :. ■ .;Prchfi^' 

Jlmifiy Gambia. b'r.c 
Jay ' Lorlns ; 
Chuck MlUer 

■-.'' rinea '' 

Howard Beckbr ; Of 

Mac Uarris ' ' 
Bob Stalil - 

Max Adkina Ore. 
Vaciit Club ' 

n . Mlddlemn h bra 
Galentl £ Lobhardo 
Jackie Hell or 
Wanger Gia; ..• 
'^ V.Hky-Vue'- ■'-: . 

CyHl Woisiman : Or 
Helen Toung; ... 

- i'nlon: (irlll - 

;A«=t .Vasreiio'.v. - ; ' ' 
Frank :NuiiHe. 
Mike SanOritto: " 

^,;-:. :V|lla;'Mfldrld: '. ':!;. 

■ Job . Shnfer. Ore. - '■■ 
f'arm'elltn .A t ee 
Betty Nylatider. 

WblMter liall .V. 

George' ; Weber pre 

:-.;iyest;- View, .■.-..'. 

.Clyile'! Tvnigiu b(;o ' 
li;:.Albart;is "■•■;•'■;■- 

'; ■•- .''"'iVUlttws' ■'.'>' 

-Howard .:Bauin'.Or-e . 
Jeait' Bbaz'.' 
Mti?!?, Asloi'i „:. ' . 
3 Bautusliolls . 


Alpine Vlllqre 

Ottb Tliurii Ore 
Robberta ft WUite 
Kathryn Kink 
Carl .Mueller 
Mildred Sniilb. 
Myron Ryan . 
Margaret Aemmer. 
Herniian pii^hher 

'.: Airway Club. 
Troy:*Singer Oro ; 
Judy IJilack:. ■ .■'.•. ■ 

;' ;';':Coileife- iiiii -'- 
Nortnah ..Drill - Ore." ' 
IBonnlo - La Vonne - : 
Bddle Rati. : 
Giorla Vale 
Lois Miller, 

Freddle^s Cafe ; 

Laurehe NcVell ■ ' 
kitia .Trio - •. ■ ■ 
Alvlrb Norton . 
Derlo'iKersten .Lliie - 
Eddie Barnes. ; 
Art ;Lackey Qro 

Uunna Griila 

I^nny' Coiyer 
Pat Ryan . .. 
Joy Robinson : 
Rubertliib; ' 

. Hotel Allerton 

Johnlc, S Steele . 

': Hotel carter: ' 
Doh' Bar! Ore 

Hotel Cleveland 

libighibn. Nobler Or 
Chjck -Floyd 

' Hotel-' Sterling 
Marty Lake . Ore 

Ilotel \it(ulleii(it>^ ' 

Henry ('Incioiiti pro 
.Ruaselt Swann 

Carol- 'Kinif .. . '■, '; 
\ Sarai' :Ann .M:eCalio .• 
'.'. .:.1lo4ipi' Sia>ller'- ' '.'' 

Manny Landers bro; 
..•N'elsiili .Preaaely • 

. ...'..lack.' ';&' Eddie's 
'.Broad way Blllib V . ; 
;liubertin'o,:. iioberts 
:Bebe '''' ■' .'.: 
Sammy. Llpximiin - 
Arietitt Itlca . Ore . ' J 
Lindsay's Skr-^Club; 
Tna Mae . Cariialb ; 
■Roy Raj-Aor' ' 
■Peorl ' .]>o^..ubca.• 
Judy Preston . ^ 
Harold. Simpson 
'■'.AionnVo's *C*i»f« ■; 
. Erri.le -Taylor. Pre 

Alounds <;iub ... 

Sid Prus'.«in 'Ore. 
■Samniy :Wal.sli '■' ' 

Likia 'Jahuury 
-Pierre, '.it Harri.*-; : 

Three, idlers ' : 
.. ' Ohio yiiiu ' ; 

'Austin Wy.l.iiii Ore 
Harry . Stevens.' 
Lillian ;t!a'rmeti- 
Mlhcon .Du<»- .'.' 
(} Luf-ky ()!»<• 
Mickey. '.ktiit'' 
: Soiitliern 1'ayern"' 
IjOo Allen, .Ore .. 

. Thirtyi-Se yen t'iub ,: 

Oarroll Cra'pblle ' . ' 
Juno Vale, ;..-'.■. ' 
Hejon-. Hayes ; ' 



. Anchorage. ; 

Sill - bicklf^r Oro; - 
lyiU'. 'liScirey. \ . - 

.Arlington Lodge 

bale Some'rs Ore - 
.BiJl.ty;l>miley. ;' 

liajconiides . 

Johnny .wiles'. Pr.c: 

: ;Blil Green's . Moljeaii Ore . 

Boogie- Woiogle Club 

Boog Sherman. 
"Regglb Dvorak 
.Max.^^imbn. ' 

Bishop Bros ■ 
:Bali)h \Voifraini ': 

■ - '. 'piah 'Pace- ' ,- 

Charlie. Jennings Or 
Ruth . HeUneynian . 
Rodgers: & Wayne 
Bertha. Peyton 
Jlinuiy Harper : 

Cliib iyetlto 

Freddy Castle Oro- 
Tdhby Rives 
iMo Parltef '. 

. Cork . and IQottle 

'Franic Shean :ij . .. 
Htiilel llenry 
(Silver <JrlII) 

Nelson Maples'. Ore 

:. :''.(Gay'.90's) 

Dorothy' ifesbl It'". ■. 
Evergreen Gardens 

Earl Tttto Ore . 
:Jlihiny, Baldwin 
r^rank Coti'nelly - 
iSwff'ti ;H-nrding 
Nenie Walt'p.ri.^'' • '.; 
Billy Br.bbks; 

. Hotel Roosevelt: ' : 

'3'SU't)3.' ' •. 

Hotel tVm. Penn 

' XCohtlnentui Bur) 

.Wartiia Shiner : 
Harry Big-ley 
Ray Catlzbno . 
Steve . Mathews , 
Mike Shamrella ' 

.. . Kennywood . 
Johnny' Long Or.c ' 
Helen ■ Young 
Paul Harnion . 
Swede Nellsen ' 
Jack BdmbndsoB : 

Bonk'-Cadlliac Hotel 
.; (Book Casino) .. 

Lowry Clark OtC' 

(Molor Bar) 
Vic AbbfiPrc ; " 
; Blossom Heatli .' 

Carrol & - Gor'man . 
-.Frances -McCoy.: ', 
' L'ydia &' -Joresco'.: 
Cbuhtess E v L.obeh 
Fran if -Pay he-' 
Ruby Pre ' ■ 

."'.. Bo.Werjr - .- -■ 
M^itbn" Berie; . 
Fonda '& St Ciaire 
Simpa'n Marionettes 
.Hadio Jesters (2) 
Gloria!, Shayhb .■ :■ [. 
.'Roberta . Costello . 
BbweryetteS (12) 

- Jitterbugs ; (8) 
Johnny.. King 
Chas' Carlisle 
Benny 'Resh Ore . ; 

.; . Ultae'. Lniitern .' V 
iCarl Thbrsen. ' 
Ryck & kayo ... 

- Jiick Tei*ry ■ \ 
' Freda- Lay.ler. 
Glamour Gls «) . 
Frank Temple 
'Lee Walters .Oro 

Corkto^vu: Tavern : . 

biek- Itavilnnd- 
Dlck Newell 
Don. it Ruth. 
.l<eblane & .Duchii'nt 
Margio Ray 
6 Ves'tors; 

Eddie Brat ton : Ore 
":: .'llund'a-: :'.; ^ 
OI'A : Timers 
Ann Dhyno 
Tweedy Sc)»wartzO 
I>bndon Chop. House 
Pura Reyes :. .' 
:C!het Bverhai:dt 
Rogcrs^Sianlcy Ore 

"■'■',. May^alr 

.Gil Rn.vo . . 

Elton & Rlt^i' . ' 

Joo A.lien • . 

Ella liong 

Majl . ;. 

Phji-. Qjsen'.Oro : 
.■■!;-.'■•. Hibroceo': '-' • 
- 'A ni OS- ■ J,-t robs.' - . . • 
■ Kldiiie .Castle.: 

C & R jetvitlna . . 

Bobble Jtreer . . 
•^Marfc -Fl.scJlcr - Pro ,. . 

-' : ■-;N.cbioio's-. ■ 


Jim'tuy Yamamata ';; 
Jack: Newhiita , .. 
Dl ^Giovtiiiiil - . : '" 
Ray, Viii-'iin Orb 
:'< -Nbrtliwotid' Inn '. ; ' 

/r';* L^T:iR ■ ■ 
r>r>n iS: J "Wlrlhman 
(5i':iil!; & .Dai-unii 
Bl'h; 'Ynuiij; Oro. 
. '.Pulm.-iieach: ' ,• - 

Bol)i>y Jones - 
n.Mlfbrd .t \Vallace 
,4 Bructs-Kea; 
Monnli» - Drake • 
Don Pablo Pre 

JIurk's Rfdford Inii 

:Ma(; MotJi-iiw O.i'c, 

Club Roytile 

Eunice'. Ilc.-iiy: -: 
..lacic Marsiiatl: - 
.Taivner tJia- -:: :' 
-l.)'lvou,» ■" 

Preslon r^amhert .'• 

Rovaletl'ea . ' 

Carl .'Bonnfr Oro 

,.' Sah l>legb . 
Al . Verdi &■ Dolorns 
.Voi'ke & "r.rf!wls .': 
Marie: K.uhlman .' . 
G'e':oriie PresneU. ' 
A V' Alexan'd'oc Ore 
' . Wlilttler Morel . 

! (Gold Cup ICuotn) 

Londdnalres . - 

N0W 3t Rtwf Nitei-y 


Constrbctioiv of ;a )i?oifiiiple gljjssr 
enclosed, aii*-conditi6n€d nitery,' ai; ia 
cost of $65.Qpp oh' the roof of the 
nirie-story Hotel Cihase; overlookini* 
Forest Park ia the west end, is neap- 
ing epmpletiohv and floor shb.w EIC-' 
tiyUies Will be transfei:^ 
ground floor tp' thy upper regibnsv : .- 
ImproVeinisnts, according to Sarii 
.K.Qplar, pfeiz: of 'Hotel Chasei, Inc., . 
.will make, this spot ^the ^flrsC' ;of its : 
kind in. ,the U.Si and will a 
date .rnore ciistomers thaii the :dbwn- 
stairs: q>iarteps.i. .; • is skedded 
lat:a this - month; : Koplar - said- thii 
roof quarters wili be.? lised through- 
out the 'year.' .■;:.-':.'-'.;.:■ 

Ben., .pollaiik^ playing at .:$ylVaii. 
Beach, hayshprev: resort on thi^ out- 
skirts of Houston, Texas, w i II be i-e • 
tained for> a : setjoind week, and 
Johnnyj SiiUivan, Houstbn-born brr 
chestra; leader, will retriaitt :at th^ 
Old Heidelberg for a fificond y^eek. 




'IScrcp BboJc,* WT-th' Seiiha: Kaye, 
Hilda EckXefi James arid Mildred 
MulCdVt Jan . Peefce, June Farrest, 
mile Fisher, The Top Hatters} Music, 
Hall Syrhph under Frank NQwicki's 
direction; 'Tofft. Brown's School Pays? 
<rk6) I revieuied in .yA!Ri£:'jt:v issue 
of June 26. ■ 

it anyliody notices— or : cares-- 
there is a tendency at. the Music. 
Hall to use titles, for the .^tage shows 
.which are marked by unimaginative 
repetition of the: trite! For. exiarnple,: 
Russell Markert's spTightly cbllection 
of items this, week has the . pointless' 
and frequently used description, 
'Scrap Book,' The Board of Direct- 
ors; ft may be .suggested, could do, 
bjelferthan thiat.-;. , ; .'; ^ ^ : '. 

Gorp$ de Ballet opens first with a. 
Chinese tableau and ballet .\hait 
'w6rl« otit enteirtaihingly after a slow 
beginning. Selriia Kaye and Hilda 
'Eerier participatie. A top isessidii is 
provided by Jarnes and .Mildred 
Mulc.ay,' ' applause-inducing ': masters 
of the mciuth organ, ah instrument 
Of small renoWii, . but iinpl-essive as 
;thtey martipulate itrr:-: • ^ ; . ; 

The nostalgic 'Notes of Romance 
has Jan Peercie, that iockerob tenor; 
' and June Forrest and Nelle Fisher 
in- a bit of Viennese setting. The 
Top Hatters, sensatiprial rbllerskating 
girl' and boy, perfbriit: bn- .a sinall 
circle Cpairited white) and they start 
with gasps, and gb . ahead. ^from that 
point to leave the audience unable 
to adequately measure the plaudits 
such skill and daring ..(jompeL . ; ^ 

For the climax the Markert girls 
46 their stuff <in white and red ,cbs-. 
tumes. seen sevieral times bfefbre at 
the Music Hall) and the show, which 
has been upbuilding frbni, the; third 
or iburth jmiiiite, is closed smartly. ; 


IndidriapoliSi Jiinc 28, . . 
(Juhilee Follies' ioith : Strf Marion 
and ' Cli^ Hali, Princess - Chiyo, 
Rddney and Gould, Beii Beri, Jpe 
Termini (l^o ; Billy Samuel, Line 
ilQ) ) ^Lucky Cisco K^^ k20th) . .- . 

l^ick Bbila hag . assembled a Svell- 
: rounded .aggregation of acts, and 

adding a few. musicians tb .the pit 
.'orch, puts on. his entire revue iii. 

71. minutes ' of acceptable .stage f are;;' 

- House , idea seems to . be; tb- add- ,a 
. line of girls- to -acts: and tag it with 

a. revue title, this one being 'Jubilee 
Follies,'- But that's a& near as/: the 
resemblance comes to revue, ' ' 

Line of 10: femmes cavbrts in thrfee 
spots; in opening with drink, rbutirte, 

. middling witli standard kick and 
Closing in.- military . number.; Prin- 
cess. Ghiyo;. billed as doing ah e?fotic 
dance of the. South Seas; tosses in a 
strictly American song, a ihodern. 
tap and fast, twirl, causing the audir' 
ence io vwonder if the. SqUth Seas 
have gone . that .; modern, l Rbdhey 

, arid Gould; regulars at. this, house, 
also at-ie in. the dance division, d.pihg 
slow comedy work . with .eccentric 
terps, and- getting' sortie giggles with 

. their. ;hands and feet mixup.: Billy 
Samuel . taps.- . a hd does ■ ; some aero 

. dancing,, rnixihg in- uriorigihal gags, 
IJas : .comedy : possibilities ~ ; and . is 
youngj but should get some he W, mi-; 

, teiriaL ; • ' •. ■ 

(Comedy has . its inning; with Ben 
Beri,. who, does: some iiifty juggling, 

- mixing ih iiquipS' which give color tb 
his tUrin. -Sid Marion and Cliff Hall 
exchange gags iri- middle ,of show 
which are mild ribticklers;, but they 
get going later with an old ; army 

-game' bit,, gobd^ for plenty . of 
chuckles. HaU particularly, could 
use new ihateirial as his natural: flair 
lor comedy deserves a belter break, 
; Heaviest mitt winner is newcomer 
to Jiouse, Joe Termini; With a 
natural pan - for chuckles, he gives 
added measure with playing of fid- 
dle, banjo, straight guitar and ' an 
amplified guitar. Joined later . by 
. fexiime who : siiigs and. whistles , arid 
. male stooge whoVharmbniCaS- ■ Best 
■"■ m his act is his ; silent, iriiitatioh ot 
Bonnie Baker singing 'Oh Johnny' 
while femme 'fills in the vocal parts 
■ Off stage. ; ■ ■ ; 

Shoy/ deiserves . better • than the 
thiii patroriage at third show operiihg 
day, Friday v(28 ), but natives have 
.been stung on the revUe; titles re.r 
cently . and may be shy of laying^ 
down . the coih until - the ^advance- 
.:^uard reports, • ,' : Kitey, ' 

-. . Washirittont Jtine ^^. 
.^-Eileen Rrtfer; .Four . Franks,- -John 
Gallus, Garfield Swift^.Cylde.'Haqer,: 
Sixteen Gde Foster GifU: 'Man. Who 
. ..TalHed' Too. Much'' ■ (WE) : "\ 

" Gombirialtiori of 'July 4 and war 
consciousness brings ' up ■ heavily 
patribtic reviie- this. ;\Vce)f; Weekly 
.community sing. stunt uses six. scriii- 
ipatriotic ; standard, ;ditties arid .'-fihale 
mtrdducing hevv tune,-by, Ira Slius- 
ter, "r Am 'An Aihj»ricari.' ■ In latter,. 

- une gals, in red, white and blue/ 
, drill against elaborate set With flag. 

-motif. ; AlthQUgh stagihg:; and smart 
Use of .the damUs give appearance 

■■■ Of ..ample bulk; three of the foul- 

.■ acts are.; male singles.- 

Rbxyette Eileen Ritter launches 
setup; with regular -sing 
stunt; u-i^ing 'Columbi ,'• !My. Mai-yr 

lanid,' 'Carry Mei Back to GV Vir- 
ginhy/ 'AhchorS; AWeigh* and 'Dixie.', 
Line, which poses beside screen dur- 
ing audience Warbling to help give 
Volume, swarms back ihtb garden 
set for brieit formation tap in long 
white ruffles and organdy muffs.. 

Four Franks provide \the opening: 
specialty,; capitalizing smartly upon 
their versatirity. In rapid succes- 
sion, mixed quartet /offers unit and 
single. , instrumetital-singing-hoofing 
stuff. . SoiTie of it is n.s.g.,. but it all 
moves quickly- . and . total registers 
solidly,. ■;■;..■■,:>■, ---. ^/y- /■ 

. . John Gallus . iollowa to cjarinet 
.While . using- .instrument, as mouthr 
stick f or ball-balanGing ;;and . bbuncV 
ing. Sounds ^ aren't always; music, air 
though he prbves. he Can reailly play- 
before starting the ball stuff, but as 
a stUnjt it's -novel arid clicks,, He 
finishes strongly by,;clarinetirig. ' with 
ball- balanced bri end bf the t'boter 
while-working 'line*: of eight li2-inchr 
high giii puppets in precision tap 
With other ; hand. Latter is more 
adapted to night .club^ /than thibatre, 
but by working oh raised' platforih 
it's still a colorful hovelty even to 
the balcony. Four linegals in hobps 
arid ' . pantalets ' iritrbduce baritone 
Garfield; ; . Swift : against . showboat 
backdrop, gals sticking to ;pbse. 
through 'Make Believe' and ^Why Do 
r Love:you^' riielting bff ias he opens 
up in 'Or Man Riyer' to get .top apv 
plause^ of . He f ollbws . with 
' Eyes', and takes , side mike^ to 
warble 'Her Name Was Rbsita- as 
traveler .. opens on } linte : • strikingly 
posed under individual, . ■var-i-cblbreci 
overhead spots. Gals in striped 
rhumba'4iil'^'esses rattle gourds fin 
spectacular routine, to 'Beguine,' 

Clyde. Hager takes it next for his 
.standard pitchman' -bit;- bpenihg suit 
case^ tb sell . his - ^'painless paring 
potato jjeeler'.' and ;give - away 'absb- 
lutely free' .everything from ' 'Pinkr 
ham's passion pills' to 'stylo fbuhtairi 
peri which spells; as it writes.' The 
old 'g'way boys, - yarbothei' me!' arid 
the stobge - whp - gets - smeared with 
the Arabian; .wphder sbap ate still 
surefire,':; ' ■•;•.■'., -.. 

■ Curtainis then spread on full-stdge 
set with Greek temple backdrop. 
Letters spell P-E-A-C-E arid .Swift, 
in White military uhifprmV.warbles 'I 
Am An American,' .. taking in everyT 
body frbm 'the farms to. the/faC- 
tbries,' Line, closes ; bill With mili- 
tary drill, jhighlighteid: by simart preCr 
cisibri -taps.: ' •■ ■ - ■ ';.:•■■••.■ . ;•■ .~, 

Biz shbw CaUght, Craig ' 


XOWERi % C/ 

•.■■'. ■■ '• . '. Kansas- Ciiy^. Jufie 2^ 

Evelyn Brent with Harry F:6x and 
Gene Fields, Olympic Girls (3) , jock- 
soh and tfedrai Lester- Hdrdino, Billy 
sears, .Hotise Line ' (8), Herb Six 
■House OrcJi; - 'Girl; in 313' (ZDth) . K 

It's - a xeturn" to the established 
policy of combining trib of standard 
acts, an amateur' cohteist wiriner, and 
the houise riegulars intp 50 minutes: 
pri Stage; at the Tower this week; 
Show: fbilows a few weeks of units; 
and bands and;had a gobdly pace set 
for. it' in advance. This Orie holds' its 
sbwn-niceliy,'-., ' ■ 

'Yankee • Doodle Revels' "was sug-' 
gested. as the. title, ;With ' .'tlie 4th' 
-cbriiirig as ■ the . closing' day. of the 
shbw's week, and ; girls are in the 
riibbd ' ' With a : drurri-beatihg; khee- 
Jifting ■ . niirhber. Glymplc . Girls 
three-some ..opens the -list of. stand- 
ard acts with acrobatic routirie set in 
White ; bathing ' suits. They're ade- 
quate and rightly spotted.' , 

iackson ahd Nedra get off sbme 
belter than average dahcihg, ; and. 
Nedra adds . to. the act with her fig- 
ure. They enter iii a double roiitine, 
each takes a solo tUrn/and Wind up 
together oh pair of miniature steps, 
Lester Harding, resident m.C,, con- 
tributes a baritone -'Say ; It' aS his 
entry, cbnfining himself to a single 
sprig iri place, of the dub he usually 

; Harding- - then, introduces - Billy 
Sears, iS-year old frbm Topeka, 
kansi, : as the ariiateur discovery of 
-;the .^Yeek and ■ yburigster.., . pro.YCS: 
okay. 'He; does heat batpn twirling, 
though ■• preseritatipn needs to - be' 
woi-ked oh, 'Gnly doing a' few mi n- 
. utes in his first prb. appearance; here,. 
Mary Graham Minoir's liiiegirls shoW; 
theinseKes in a ballet nurriber .set to 
'Tales of a. "Vienna. Woods,' and aydi ^ 
Ciioe ■• gave; mbre ; tl.vah: its - usual; re-, 
sponse. : One .of; the girls' .best efr 
iortd.:. ;.■.;.;: .;;■/• ■;■>:■;:,;;--■■ 

• Balance of show - is taken over by 
the . "standard . Evelyn .;. Brent-Harry 
Fox: compariy, '.first bit: .beiiig a . Solo; 
,bf riiimicr.y; arid. i.nlpte.*;sions by Geni? 
Fields. PrcsiBntatiQh revolving. around 
'.Wish Up.pri ' ^Star;' permits hi-s .cri- 
;try into ihiitalions.of film stariand 
pblitical figures and he . came: off 
with ai good . reSponise ' after inlro- 
ducirig, ■ FoK at ■-.this, slibW:- ,- Fox's 
chore is ■ ah 'Ida' in : the - Eddie 
Lebuard-.Trianrier, and then he- gives; 
over to foiling for. Miss Brent, (.Mrs. 
Fox) •; upon her . ehtryr. Patter-.. and 
, hiUggihg wi,th ; Fox brini?- but; some 
I good matenal, s.bnie justfair. Fields 
: dpes a VLionel^ Barrympre. aS ; -Miss 
I Brent works oiit a scene from one of 
i.her filri^s. . 'Silver; . Horde;' Act. is 
! smoothly kiiit.;; . .. 
■■■ Finale to. •'An-chors ..A'vvciglj,: ...with-, 
cirls clogging, rina.kes .f ull use' of set-;- 
ting 'in a flag motif, ;ahd Sears frbhts 
it well \vith- his flash-lighted baton, 
■ - . ' ■ '■■ > Qiiin. 

Ray Kinney brch (12) witJi 
Aloha. MaidSi Meymo Hplt, Alfred 
Apakd;: The . Brickldyers, Busier 
Shaker with- Olive & George,; Georsrc 
Givot;-.'My Son, My Sml XUA):. ■ 

: . The State': is' servirig a hiildly. eri- 
.tertaining: 50-riiin.ut6 stage show- this 
week ;tQ accori\ii»ariy .'JViy Sbn.' 
Doubling from the Lexington hptel, 
New- .York, Hawaiian Ropm;; Ray 
Kinriey's band fprms the nucleus .of 
the layeut,:' Setup isn't too ^strbrig 
in nariie value or really .sock per-, 
fprmahce appeal,: .but; it- satisfies and 
seemed; ; very. ' (enjoyable to a fair- 
sized audience when caiight,.; . ', 

Kinney's, work . covers, the las t half: 
-hour.; or so, teeing off in ah impres- 
sive native Hawaiian .settirig. formed; 
by. a palriitree-decOrated scrim- and 
a rain- effect. . Gorhbined with kin - 
ney's. ..'Aloha' .-theme- the . visual 
miarks- leaVe 1 i ttlie . ■ doubt .as to : the 
band?S .:. Ha'waiiati . style,;: but the' 
opening number is a j arring note in 
the face of all that local atmosphere; 
Instefad :,of emplbylhg. an ari-ange- ; 
merit, using expected '•.wailirig giiitars 
and soothing island . .music. Kinnby 
downbeat, adds - iip. tb an Hawaiian 
versibri (if an ' American jazz tune, 
the accent being, bri/ drums and a 
hprn sblp;' ' '"' -^r/'o-. 

..With that put of the Way, hbwever; 
the band - arid its sUppbvtirig. 
of : swivel .- hipped; ;;• grass.-- Skiijted 
ferpmesi, the , ..: Aloha -.Maids, .: also 
doubling from tlie. Lexington;- bifild 
all the way id a strorig finish, .. Gals 
work •;. in ;:several ; ;places, ' back- 
grbuhded -by choral shiging/ ■ Meymb 
Holt, one .of the five, gets solo ;spbts 
arid: goes. .bver . neatly r with .a; straight 
South' , Sea ■ Routine: and : aripther; 
•cptriedy seiSsipri ' wherein :-'shc .grac.e:^" 
fully interprets the lyrics pf sprigs 
surig. . by ' Kiiiniey;.^ She's ' clfeveri 
kinn.ey .'handles sorigis. in nice voice 
but , his: irivariably : leaves 
pne in- the dark: ais' to: nanies and 
titles. Alfred Apaka; clicks With the 
one .'solo; song; effort he's allotted.. 
Does' 'Make: Believe Island' .down 
; front- with neat barid backirig, , 
. Outfit stacks.:, up ; infipressively, 
being able tb switch easily .from the 
island, style . tb; ;rhythm ; stuff. . It's 
coihposed of .;; five ,ex-Geprge./ Hall 
men; -pn ; three saxes, triiriipet arid 
pianb, while reriialning fpur rhythm, 
drums, bass, -and ; two guitars (bne 
electrjic)- ^ are :handled by natives/ 
Final band, tune is smart, all five 
girls W-prking;maraca5 fpr good ef- 
.fect.' •■' • ■ ■ : .■- .. ;' ■ ■.:::■■-. 
. Gp'ening setup, The Bricklayers, is 
a staridard dog act This is its sec- 
ond stand here -insik riioriths. :Dis- 
playing ■ . a -pack . of well-trained 
terriers, - setup, gbes over easily, . 
setting is a: biricklaying. construction 
job, the hpunds, in, cpstume, being 
the cbnstrUctprs,; Layout is ; smart, 
tbPv. iri ihiat it's hpt just; a series 
bf; tricks; There's a; slight stery. in 
the - 'fprerrian,' ,whp's' always ..bend- 
ing the elbew at-a nearby pub (part 
ef the scenery), the wprkman in^ 
jured, by falling material, his Wife: 
being called and -theriv the arrival of 
an ariibulance pulled by a dog rriade 
Up as a; hbrse; Good stuff and: solid 
fpr . kids particularly,. Finale; has 
hpuhds 'leaping V . prito swinging, 
trapeze-like ; platfprms;. transfejpring 
them frpih one side /bf the stage to 
the other,- .'. ■ 

Buster • Shaver ; and - midgets, Glive 
and. George-; retain ' their 5taridar4 
singirigi-dancing tiirh; ; "Varied dance 
routines, done fairly sriibbthly' and 
with much audience appeal, high- 
light- '.'...:•-■;. ■■ 

, Geprgi^ Givbt has a tpugh; few 
rniniites warming up his listeners 
but pnce. it's dbne he has clear sail- 
ihg, His -rputlne. pf garbled, English 
is - familiar: .by new but he! has tb 
rely much; 'iripre ' en gags tp get pVer; 
In this ' instance the warm-up: 
prpcess is fpi-'ced by. weak material 
at the putse.t. Inipreveis as. he gbes 
alPrig, hb-wever, and : at. the finale he 
was clickirig-; here. Fer the bbwrpff 
h'e -di-pps ihtb straight talk,- expressr 
ing thanks arid: intrping Kinnfey. 

-..;■;■ Wood;- , 


. CJiicagtb, June 30. ' 

. ':L«?-.fy. /CUrtibn -Grc/t (15) 'with 
Helen - -So thern, ; Barr arid EsteSi 
Valentine, [ Vqx\ and Ruth Denny; 
■Aime <yf Xyindy lPdpldTs' (RfCO). ;. 

. Following a stay.e.-.rliei' this; season" 
in; the Panthep .Room of the local 
Hotel Sherman,' .v/hei:;e; he;d at- 
the wiiJket, -Gnritpn' bring's his. band 
tp' the ■ Oriental jpr a 'vv'eek's /stand. : 
Outfit -indi^cates.'- .plenty of .audience 

iiSatisfact'iPri'.'- Barid;'flew':ih 'frbm the 
Hotel- .New ^Yorker . - ( N; Y.) • for this.' 
pre-i.b.ooked,' .' dale, .: ihterruptitig. its' 

'.Gotham rvin; jo.e 'Veriuti's: brch s.Ub-: 
stituting..fpr...the solp...week, - ; .. 
- ; -While, p'rim'a'riiy: a • daricb ..aggregq-.: 
-tibh, .. . CJinlbri -• orchestra - V :comes. 
through :with corisiderabie entertain-, 
ment-- . .No-.tiviestipn ajapvit the listpn-; 
ab'ility.-bf ; the; .hand' i't.<:olf,.;. In; addi- 
;tiori,.it ha.s:;pcme gbod ..Speci.'il.fy.wb'rk 
in; ;gr.pUp.<; 'nml, sjngles, ' v/ith \ Jini'my 

: C-Urry- trombbiTi.j.ivt. 'partJc-ularly.. scor- 
ing with h^s' cornedy vo.Gaiizihg, , 

j cially . the' 'operatic burlosqiie ol' - the:- 

I 'Little Fishie.<<' ',nuni her . -.Th i,*^ i r clover 

..stuff; that could be developed fuvtl'icr;: 
:Heleh '. Sothern, . fwrnrne •:vpcali;st 

I ;\'tlte.:ban^;. turn,s-;in .a;^ 

.'■.session,- ,■■ ■;' '■■' ':■ 

Specialty- t<;\rn.s-. are. the dance act 
of -Barr. and E.stes- and the', vent r.iio.'^ 
quiff) 'Wlfhtine ..Vox.- lifth arc 

standard . it> vaudeville and. come 
through sblidly. Male of the duo 
has a; good comedy .appiearance and 
handles .his dancing neatly. But he's 
trying ■ to break into talking cpmedy 
and has far to ; gp if he . wants it to • 
mean ariy thing. Has a; I t bf , gags, 
but;; riiust learn how to tell 'em. 
Ferhme is a rieat-lookirig dancer. 
. Vox hahdles. hiiS'dumimy well. Run- 
ning gags are good, enough except 
for an vOccasiorial slip into ■ blue stuff 
which is riot suitable for this type; pf 
wprk. Vox .g),sp continues his. pld; 
stUrits, the", drinkirig 'and talking bit ; 
arid the dpuble. harriioriy Vocalizing. 
Ruth- Denny ;. is fairly new to the. act 
and Comes up with . an exUberarit. 
.nersonality - Which puts her pVer.:sat:- 
isfactorily. on. w'arblirig, : , ~ • . - : -■. - • > r 
: : Business fair at supper ; show Sat-^ 
.urdav; ..: .::,:-. ' ! ; > Gold.' ■ , 

,Andy ':Kirk. Orcli. (14) ;;Jniic Rich- 
niond, , P,ha . Terr.etl,- Vibicin/ Harris,, 
He6:.,&' Lee, ;JdKn Mason, ,Johnny 
ViSfttl, ;Wo?;clle Trioi Flashe & Siinda, 
House Line; ^Half a ■Sinixer' (.1^) .- . : ^ 

/ / As ;usUal- at . this rHarlerii 'iheav.eri,. 
the. -staige- 'show riins. -about dbiiblie! . 
.^the. tinie - it -Should. ' . Probably the 
-custpriieri think 'they're -getting' a 
-.bargain, but : they'd , have . :just- -as 
much entertain merit;: only better-^, iX 
about 45; • minutes ; were; trimriied,: 
Trouble isn't tbb;many.. acts; it's that 
the;, acts .; ;them.selVes rarely know 
when tb stop; They .go: bri . and pii 
till a. dazed spectator is on. .verge ;of 
■cbllapse. This is mpre or less .true 
of thenv ail,; but particularly.: so - iri 
lhe-;c*iSe' of ' the cpmics, :"'/jio -mistake 
vulgarity, fer humpr: and then be- 
labbr a: ppint :until even a.gbod joke 
becomes: dull. . ; /Staging; ' is/ still, 
skiriipy, but better than usual. 

. After; play ing the .< frbm the 
piit, Andy Kirk's orchestra is pnstage 
fp'r' the latter iarid bie'ttcr pprtiph: pf 
the bill.:. Recently but pf : the GPt- 
' tpri Club, N. Y.,: kirk fpllpws 'cus-; 
tohij oi thiS - hbiise by turhiilg Ipbse 
the . .brasses ,to tieklq the :Harlerriites 
; but alinpst blast ,the eardrums' bf the 
casual -visitor; ; Band has passable 
.arrahgements, a nice, rhythm section^- 
excellent ; ; p i a ri;i- st in Mary Lou 
; William.s . and /a. / Sock . additipri in 
Flbyd - smith, -Vwhb evokes eloquent 
nielbdy and weird effects.'fr.bjn sev- 
eral 'different ; kind5 . of • ; electric 
guitars. June Richmond, a .portly 
■shPuter;. ignites the heiise as Usual, 
but Pha;;'rerrell- fails to. come:, up, to 
his noisy -resception. ; 

■Top bits in the first pbrtibn bf the 
show are the • ;;Novelle .'Trip (NeW 
Acts) , Flashe and Sunda (NeW Acts) 
and .^: ripVeity. ;opener; by the house 
line. Novelles,/ white, have an ac- 
cordion :bffei:ing, with clickish music 
nicely presented arid the; knowledge 
of Avlien to leave Flashe arid Sunda 
are an/ exbti.c . dance offering ; calcur 
latied -to get the gents stirred up and 
send 'end out talking. Paii:. can daricie 
well -eno.ugh -and they ad.d. a;cpuple 
:pf expressive; bumps to a native 
cpnga rputirie. '--/-' 

Hpuse line's novelty nUni bier is the 
opener, /.with .the. ;gals doin'g ;a tap 
routine .while bouncing hiige rubber 
balls;. ; in simple . and : 'complicated 
rhythms...'. More: ambitious than 
usual fOT: the- hpuse and a de;";erved, 
click with v'the; addiehce. , -Fer -the 
rest, there is . a standard gyrhnast 
act, He'e- and; Lee- (New Acts); '.more 
pfferings- by. the hbuse line;, a shriU 
femriie vbcalist and the -usiial asisbi^t- . 
nient of alleged . cbriiedians hammer- 
irig at faitigued . material. .'; He and 
Lee cPriipi'ise the bill's other' ofay 
turn. -■ ; : ' ■ ■ ■ Hobe. ■ 


Bob : Crosbiy's Grch (15), tinfV 
Doris Day; Rollo &:yerna Pickert,- 
Trixie; Three Sailors; 'The Man Who 
Talked Too Much' (WB), reviewed 
iii Variety this weekj ' 

. . .'It's not . pften that .the Sti-arid 
comes Up. lam;e .pn/ its: elevating :pit, 
;which. contrasts this show's 
quality Vail , the-: riiore sharply - with 
past iaybTats .hei^b. A; riiajor -iportion 
of the weakness -stems from': the ia«t 
that . Bob erpsby's band lacks spark: 
as stage - entertainment;/ secpiVd, the", 
maestrb's: siriging is' so sub-par that 
it can be taken as a gag; . 

'Bahd's /rather negative itage iih^ 
p'ressibn: is all the ihbre- surjprisirig in 
View bf 'some of the excellerit musi^ 
cians in ; the . crew, including ; Jess 
Stacy, piano; .Ray BaUduc, drvirhs; 
Eddie. Miller, sax; Bob Haggiart,, 
and - . -: Muggsy:- ; Spanier. ■ trumpet. 
.There's,..some :dash. .iri the janiming 
;quaTtet arid bctet grpupings, but the 
rest pf ; the musical oiutput is : more 
ballroom .than;theatre, / 
- .Crosby'^ fenime vbcalist is i Doris 
Day,- a Nell Brinkley blonde who's 
.more; sight; than, sound. 
She sings 'Shake ': Dowh- the ' Stars;* 
'Six. Lessons ; Frbm'^ Mmb: LaZbnga' 
and 'Si Si' in fair ' fashiori. : 'Most : 
important bf all,; however, .is her 
.mfty appearance. .She /might be a/ 
picture . ;bet; .;if looking , afe- 'well 
.through a;iens'as she;doeis from the 
■balcpriy.; '; ;. ; ,_. • .v -/ ^.-:;-: 

."Threse Variety t,urns- make ui) the ' 
.rest. pf. . the shbw;- and in " much 
as all are . along ripvelty: lines, there - 
really Isn't very . ihuch variety^; 
Trixie;; juggler, appeared lat .nearby ' 
Lpe w's State Priiy a few weelcs- ago! 
With : her plates,/ balls, etc. She's a 
cute little femihe and a- fast wprker, 
Rollo arid Vema. ■ PiCkert, : mixed 
team dahcing on /stilts/ - are held to 
three minutes/ arid get bVer as well 
as possible. The girl is a beaut arid! 
beth Ippk very ypUng. 

-The Three Sailors,/ standard; 
knockabout ; aCrb tui'n f or years; 
don't appearv:sd often on Brbadv/ay 
any nibre/but iappariently are' just as ever. Their screwball 
Cpmedy clicked all the . way Friday 
night (28). / . ..' 

\ There's . alsp sbirie comedy iri jeC- 
tipn up ahead - Via three bandsnieri 
dping.; ah; imitatibri of Sally '.Rarid's 
fan -dancing. . It's small -timeyi lif e'- 
pf-therparty :: stuff, With the • bpys- 
rpllirig .tip" their' trbus^rs'tp the knees 
arid each/ manipulating a pair , of . 
small fans.. 

Shpw Clbcks in' 59 minutes: bUsi- 
iiess; only fair opening nisht.-. Scftb. 


•\.:' - '.Ghicoeb,. Ju7ie!-:20; - ■ ; 
Georjje . WhitcV . *ScanfItf ls' • *37) 
With Ella .Logan, Ben Blue, Ross 
Wyse, Jr. & Co, (2) , Kim Loa SiS' 
ters (4), Knight SisterU i2), Chris- 
tine Fofsythe, Billy Reyes; Craig 
Matthews,: 24 Girls; -^Safari'. (Par)^ 


. '"(NEWSREELS:) ' 

/ EnriiphTasis/ On: the ' United States' 
heed; for a maximum, aeceleratioh of; 
defense, preparations i.<5' the major 
subject on this" week's Emba.ssy; bill. 
The contrast from the programs of 
niore recent -weeks, in which : the 
foreign eihbroglip has been the main 
source pf the: hews, serves to poirit 
up the iriternational :s.ituatibri,; in 
which the Yanks miay uHimntely: be 
th^ focal- ppirit' ;;■ ' ■ . ' ■; ■ . - .. ; 

The Republican National Gbnveri- 
tibri /ih :PhiIa:delp;hi'a would, under 
other circumstariccs; take the spbt- 
lighti/but ; the - reels, are giving the- 
Wiilkie- hbrninatibri,. etc. a decided 
secondary rble :d,ue to the pbviotisly: 
mbre ejctenUating circiiinstances^sur-' 
TouThding , the posaiblts ; iriclusiori of 
the.. -United. ■ States..; in the present 

•Wbrldvcri^is/; ; '; ■;,'/;';' ■ 

-. . While- ... prepatatbry.': moves. ;, have; 
long- ?ihqe. been, considered , mpre or 

-lc;:s . standard frbni; a /prbpaganda 

.. vie wppi ri t, .;'.'■. -th ese -da i's . the ;;'sp^ 
ing;of .American 'd(?fcrises ih'. the air,: 
land arid - on':: ;si?a/ haye , grim; under- 

: tbrics'. .k'eyribting.- the defense', films 
is the March Of Times ' latest -release.. 
.'The ■ United /States;; Nav-y^l94D.; . ;;■■:. 

A fii'^t -ihsi^iht .iritb this personality 
b£ .Weride:!! I.. .Willkie;; js .; gleaned 
froin; the. / .reel interview../., (Me'trp)' j 

'u'p'bn hiis 'tiiariH-. ybu*'- speech fpllbw- i: 

;ing the /nomination'; .'He '.'vUggcyt?/ a :' 
pcr,sfi,n.aljiy;.; - 'that : ..'riG...; Republicaii.'i 
nom inee - has en j oyed- in', ri'iariy: years, .1 
.-'There:-..' very little.:' else oh Ihe'-biil 
that's of /pairticujar 'ihtereKt,. with the I 

.best "br ' the '; lighter . touch e.*; being ! 
given .-over .to the .prcparatioris ;fQr. | 
Ihe./fbrthcbinirig' ..Max- ' BaerrTpny ■ 
Galcntb 'light;'.; the -v/inner ■;tp;'-m.oet'] 

. Jbc La u i fp r the ' heavy we i gh t ; title. . I 
At; that, '.however, ifs .so much- puf- | 

.- fcr^o;'- • • '. "; ■ :■ ■ ■■:/'- .■ :': 

With the. -exceptipn bf Willie and 
Eugene Howard and Anh Miller, thi.«j 
is practically the same shbw that 
played fpr $3.30 at the legit/Erlanger 
just a few mprithis agp, / Oh: that 
scpre ;alpne the show figures as a: 
heat ehbugh bargairi fpr the; 75cv 
mpb; but, in addition, there is suf- 
ficient ; enter.tainmeVit ; and meat to 
keep the :audience happy; at all tiriies. 
■Most Of the slow stuff frpm the legit 
Versipn had been removed, the re- 
mainder being . 'bkay. Skits and 
blackputs; have been chbpped lb « 
single-Q, Which is sufficient. .; 

It adds /up new strictly as a regu- 
lar vaude .unit With the fbrriier $3.30 
tag, the ; Gebrge White, mpriikei: and- 
a cpUple pf riariies to . giVe , impbrr 
tance. /•' ;' 

. Straight variety/ acts, click stead- 
ily. Knight Sisters scpre excellently 
With their : hand-tb-hand . adagio 
wprk,.;dbihg that arb u*!ually 
reserved fpr hien.-. Rps,s Wyse; Jr^, 
and his feriime ■partner ; keel 'erii 
over •\Vith. , their acrobatic hoke. arid 
knbckabbut; Wyse.'s falls are un- 
matched -in vaudeville and .he it; 
steadily; develbpirig a/ cpmi.c. / apv 
prpach •that'.s stirefire. Gal, .itfo, is'a 
real a.^set; iarid tpgether they wprk up 
.tb ;cihch-vappeaj, ; .. .-, ■.; .■/•/ /•.: .. /^ ■ 

vKim Leb Sisters have been areUnd ,. 
in yaUde arid . units fpr .years now,;' 
and. they are still, doing their dance . 
bit with :fbur dummies and ■vocalize 
plbaSantly enbugh ^ ph a couplc'. pf 
chpruses., In additipn,. they m.c, oc- 
casibnally.- :; Bill . R^yes..:is. a ;juggler, . 
but was pff the: shpW On ppenihg day - 
due, to / illness. ; H^'-.gdes/ in . on the 
shbw today ( Saturday) . ,- His- ; 'rohi - : 
edy.; , talk ■ a.nd . general' all-around 
juggl'iri;g;a'r'e-.sta'h,dard, • "■/..:'■,.■ 

"/Christlrje vFofsythe'- is' .dOing'.'''thb. ■ 
tap. .rb.iitihes, ; formerly - th.e \v:prk of.-- 
Arihi.-.Millei';.. in this - show. Miss' 
Fbrsythe is/a very-tall ..girlv-has a. 
gpod knpwledge:e£ tap dancing but 
heeds plenty -.;pf' -schop.lihg;' in show-.' 
rnari.^hip' ; ■ and delivery; . ; .Graig 
Mathe'w;s ; ■ -vpcals; •';exCisllentiy .: 'and : 
: makes a clearirctit appearanice; - ■/ 
■ ; ;Ben''B]uc- -is-' the individual ...stand-/ 
put .iVith.. his ;reg,ular - vaudeville 
routine that.; h?is /been/ tried, and 
proved fpr years. .. He.- .socks on; the 
•taki^dancchall bit and • thfe ~ comedy 
Ru.^siari'v terp. ; /Ella .Lpgan. / Jcioks : 
,bellcr Uhan . ever", arid, cleanjed up 
• - .:; (.Gpnt.ihncd/bn 'p..age; 47);.. ' 



Wcilnesday^ July 3^ 1940 

Estimates tor Last Week ;. 

Kcu; C (comedy) i/D idrav^^ 
(repue), fli.. (musical), F - (farce), 
O (pperettd). 

T>ub»rry Was a Lady/ 46th St. 
. (30tlv week) (M:-1,375: $4:40). . More 
f avorable . weather . early • in . week 
made for. strong attendance; slipped: 
off last half , but takings topped" pre^ 
vibiis Week; $2a,500. 

',HeUzapoppin/ Winter Garden (95d 
week) (R-1,671; $3.30)!. . Longest run 
musicial retnaihiog;. is rUnner-up in 
irnattier of gross and may extend, well 
intov next;, season; getting repec^te^s;. 
quoted exceliient $24>500. . , 
: 'Keep Off the Grass,' Brpadhurst. 
After playing six Weeks, suspended 
Saturday (29 ) until niiddlie of Au^- 
gust; business had beeh improving,, 
but; shut down to evade July and 
salary cut - plan snaggisd; estimated' 
around $18,000. 

'Ladies In Retiremeiit','* Miller (l4th: 
weak) (13-940; $3.30 )i Picked up and 
held niost of first half • gain with tak- 
ings around $8,000; with house , and 
show- under, some, management okay 
at ' that lev€!l and 'engagement; indefi- 
nite; '. ■.■ 

Xife With Father,' Empire (34th 
week) ' (C-1,095; ' $3.30); Tops the 
straight; plays, and only variiance is - 
number of standees; rated at $18,500; 
figured to eaisily .top year's run, 

'Louisiana Purphasb.' Impierial (5th. 
week) (M-t,45.0; $4,40). Sensational 
: draw with hordes of standees attend- 
ing; nb .other musical even close to 
pace of hewei' arrival aind i gross 
again well over $34(000. 

'Man Who Came to Dinner,': Music 
Box (37th week) (C-1.012;. $3.30), 
Holding its own, ; though eiarly 
straight . show leader .. has beien un- 
der early . pace; close to, $14,000 
. quoted . and expected tb stick into 
new season. . ■ :■ 

'Separate, Rooms,'. Plymouth . .(14fh 
week) (C-1,075; $3;30)., Last week 
claimed to be: best grosser since 
Opening, . with takings approaching. 
$(5,500: making some mbneyv and miay 
stay .through summeir. X 

'The Male Anim9l/X Cort (25th 
week) (G-;i,064; $3:30 ). ; Has scored, 
.good run, . and should lastr through 
summet; business off fbi. some 
. weeks, but operating •rproflt .right 
along; $9,000 quoted. 

'there Shall Be No Night,' Alvin 
(9th week) (D-1,S75; $3.30 >: Led 
straight show division for time arid 
now riiriner-u^; slipped under $16,- 
OOO for. first time; low for engage-, 
ment, but still okay;, after next week 
Saturdays will be dropped. . 

'Tobacco Boad,' Forrest (251st 
week ) (G-i,l07; $1,10). Nb telling 
how long champ drama stayer will 
stick: around $3,500; Operation mjide. 
possible, because of low costs, . . 

'Walk- With Music,' Barryiribre 
(4th week). (M-l;104; $3.30^). Suspen- 
sion of two musicals until next niOnth 
may- help this one; which started 
very lightly; with cast*oh cut salaries 
. may " get by at -approximately $8,000. 
' . Suspended Musicals 

•Higher and Uieher'; dated to re- 
light at- iShUbert Aug. 5. ' 

'Keep O.ff the. Grass'; slated to re- 
sume at: Broadhurst about Aug. 15. 

V:7-.' :'Louisvill(Bi July ■:2l-. :.- 
;; Second .week of the six-week^sum-; 
riier • bperetta ,. : . . . ^ ^t . Irbquois 
Amphitheatre/ which ..being: pro- 
duced by /-the Shubierts, .\y;ouiii(i , yp 
with a nekr.-capacity house Siaturday 
(29 ) ' fbr^;'Th6 Firefly;' ' HighligbtS; of ; 
the .opeiretta, were Alexahdtir Gray,;. 
Bernice Glaire,vJack Sheehari, Pbug- 
las .Leavitt, Hope Emeirsbh, and the 
siettings by Rollo Wayne. Several 
cuts weire niade in the original rscore, 
and 'Donkey Serenade,', from the- 
.M-G . film, was interpolated. . . 
: . Weather: :was.- cool all .week. ' .but 
did hot deter patrons from filling; 
niost of ^the , seiats.-; . Threatened rain 
did not materialize and . no perfprmr 
ances were- lost. Estimated gross on 
the week was. about $12,500. •'Any- 
thing Goes,' third week's bill, opened 
Monday - (1). ' . 

L. A.; 'PEOPLE' FIRM 56 

Los Aiigeles, July 2, . 

"TwO-thirds of town's le^it Js cen- 
tei-ed in the Hollywood sector. With 
tlVe Irelighting (1) of El Capitan with 
the . Al Woods production, IGoodbye' 
to Love,' starring Joah Blondelli and 
•'Meet the People,' at the Playhouse, 
Latter . added .better than • $5,000 last 
week; with about three iribre stanzas 
to go; Jack Laughlin's 'Tattle Tales', 
continues at. the Miayan, kept alive 
iriostly by service charge ducats.; 

. Biltmbre starts its 1940-41 seasoii 
July -is, when Gertrude Lawrence,, 
hopping direct from . New ■.ybrk';^ 
opens 10-day fun in 'Skylat-k.',; . 

jpad BlonddTs love/ 

Chances . of legiV .actiyity., in 'thea- 
tres . adjacent to the. razed; elevated 
line ait 53d , and Broadway, New Yb 
are beirig.dicussed on the Main Stem. 
People • show, business with ah 
bye 'to possible re.aity bargains are 
those cphcernedi being aware that 
the banks pwriing' several , theatres 
have indicated they, are in the mood 
to receive oftets. ;':' 
/ Banks have .taken pver nearly 50% 
of the legiters diiring ' the past ' 10 
years through mortgage foreclosures. 
A realty upturn had beejri expected 
but; nb such :deveiopment appears 
to' be in" sights Insiders state that 
the banks Sre tiring of charging off 
losses on theatres . which are tenant- 
less mipst bf ' the time and are ready 
to unload. •; 

Houses expected tb- change hands' 
are the New Ybrker. arid A.delphi, 
both^ on 54th street, arid the. Broad- 
way, at 53d .- street. The Manhattan 
(fbrmefly Hammefsteiri's) is also at 
the latter, junction but is under lease 
to the Columbia Birpadcasting Sys- 
tem', s 

Those considering making offers 
for thb properties 'point put .that all 
f bur houses . are liot far ; f rbin 52d 
street where . the Alvin is spotted 
Latter is accepted as being the legit 
outpost pri Broadwky, It'has ample 
capacity; while the theatres one and 
tvvo blocks north have as many, 'if 
riot more, seats. . 
. Number of bank-owned theatres 
within the /Times Square zone are 
, being bperat'bd ; by; managers under, 
a guarantee, of . fixed; Charges plus a 
percentage bf the profits. 

m f nsco 

sin Francisco, July 2. 
Bay eity .didh't takb, as. Expected, 
to tQscai: Wilde,' which. w°^"d up 
Sicond-final . \yeek . .with ; estimated 
$j,opp, at the Curran.: Jban Blondell 
in. 'Gpbdby'e to' Love,' at neighboring 
Ceairy,' was ■?! little better - with ap-- 
pirbximately - $6,000 , on sirtiultaitebus 
siicond-firtai stanza. ; : y ^ 
: 'Meet the .Pebple' bows .into .Geary 
July 22, : with. Gertrude La Wrericp's 
•Skyiark' set for Cuirran July 29. ! . 

'Margin^ 6(/^(?; in B'k 

': Brooklyn, July .2. 
Glaire BbO.the's ""Margin ' For y Ei'- 
rdir' invaded the • Brighton: theatre 
and got approximately fine $6,$0() 

-:<<pedinig:';'w'eek.-v:' .■■■.:'•!:■;'.'"'. 

it is being held over another 
stanza. .:Managemeht plans to'^follp.w 
V'\ •^h Molly Picon's 'Morriing ; $tar.' 

A Revival for B'way 

■ '-Oscar Wilde' may. be. Repeated on 
Brpadway next Reason. " Play . was 
bresehted at the Fulton, ^NiY-i' in .the 
faU of ' 1938 and scored a sucpess, 
with Robert Morley, English actor,- 
prirtbipally credited; with the click, 
'Wilde,' whiGh was : presented, by 
i Nooman • Marshall, y Was not . sent.- to 
the road last seasbn...-r. - ' ' 

f<3ilbert„ -Miiier .'.was principally 
1 cbhcerned. - " 'the presentation : of 
j \Wild.e,* ' although- .hiis riiame. was. not 
I; mentipaed • in the .billing, . Marshall 
I opGrated the Crate theatre^ London, 
• where;; 'Victpria ' Regina' .;was firjst. 
shpivn;. , He . turned it: oyer to Miller 
'whose' preseritatioii oyer' here, with 
Helen Hayes starred, played tp ^^pn- 
satipirial business - at the ^roadhurst, 
and on tour; 

Strawhat Bookings 

Fired Stone; -Ah Wilderness;' Berk- 
shire Playhouse/ Stockbridge; Mass., 
July S. "y 

Eric Linderi, 'Another Language/ 
Maine Civic theatre,: Portland, Me,/ 
July 8.-.,. :^>^ "■:::: . ■;.'. 

Francis Lederer,; Claudia. Morgan, 
'No Time for .Gpmedy MapleWood 
theatre; Maplewood, N. J., July 8. 

Lenore Ulric, 'Her Cardboard 
Lbvei',' .Cohasset, Mass.; July 8; 

Louise Gampbell, . Hume Croriyn, 
'Golden Boy/ Lakewppd Playhouse, 
Skowhegan/ Me:,: July 8; : 

Constance feollier;: 'diir Betters/ 
Bucks County, playhouse. New Hope, 
Pa;, July 15. 

Betty Hutton, Libby Holman, Ralph 
Holmes, -The- Greeks Had a Word 
for It,' Marblehead, Mass., July 22; 

Amherst Mass^ Sees Live Actors, 

\ ' Minneapolis, July ?. ; 

Responding - to the iirvitation of 
Mayor George .E,. Leach of Miririe-^ 
ap.olis, : mayors . of 11 other Minne- 
sbta cities pledged themselves to ; ^id 
organizing) .Of their cpmmiinities fbr 
suppqirt of; a . state-wide . drarna^^^^^ 
stock cpmpariy. Troupe would be or- 
ganized; by. Henry ; Adrian and . pro- 
duce locally sbven; New; ' Y&i'k suc- 
cesses arid tour, the circuit .-with 

them;." ; .■. ■.■•■-'.!.'■■ .: '.-■ '■■"'y 
• Machinery is being, set in ;inotibn 
to, enlist sufficierit; subscribers to ihr- 
sure the ■venturb. Each play Would- 
start; in Minneajiolis arid St Paul, 
then . visit V. the bther - c itibs. They 
would • be :presented at ' intervals of 
approxiihately one a inorith, < 

All the mayors agreed there is .'a 
large pbtehtial audience throughout 
the state which wants to see- plays 
On the liyihg- stage,' Adi'ian hopes to 
bring a total of 17 towns into the 


Chicago,. July, 2. 

'Life with Father' continues its 
bright pace in the 1,200-seat Black- 
storie,-; coming through last week 
with apprpximately $14,000 and in- 
dicating plenity more staying power 

Al Jolspn musical, 'Hold On To 
Ybur Hats,' has been put back to 
July 15 in the Grand Opera House, 
its opiening coinciding with the get 
away of the Democratic National 
Convention here; " ■ ■ 

Slwwmen Step Up War 
; Havens for Kids 

'Tpurlngr Out of Frisco 

San Francisco, July 2. 
'Oscar Wilde,' with Laird t^regat 
in the title part,:, cbmpjeted a two- 
week: date here at the Cjurrah^^^ 

Plans ,caU f or. toufirig ■ the .westj 
with a Broadway, showing' later. ■ 

• The American Theatre Wing of the 
:AUied Relief Fund is stepping up its 
efforts tp help war unfortunates. 
Heretofore wpm'en pf the stage have 
been the principal participants, but a 
men's division bf w,k. showmen has 
been formed; 

, Among the first objectives is to 
find havens for child refugees from 
Europe. Number of players have 
signified their Willingness to take 
in at least one kid refugee. First 
group of youngsters, from abroad, 
mostly from England, arrived In New 
York Moriday. (1). After the .war the 
kids may be repatriated, but!, if par-s 
ents are 'not located they are to be 
adopted by temporary foster parents. 
; Men's division announced that all 
people of .tihe theatre/, not only ac^ 
tors, but managers, musicians, ticket 
sellers, .press agents, stagehands 'and 
others, are invited to join - the . Wiri^, 
membership being $1 per year. Male 
end's committee not only takes in 
authors, managers and players', but. 
also , cpmposers land, riewspaper peo- 
ple affiliated with show business. 

: Drive for mertbbrship: will include 
road and summer theatres,. So-called 
'audience units' will be recrliited in 
the stra'whatsv Although nori-theatr 
rical people will not be. members 
of the Wing, aid in one form or an- 
other will be . welcomed, Gertrude 
Lawrence donated her salary to the 
; Wing when appearing .in 'Private 
Lives' at Cape Playhouse, .Cape Cod. 

Wing, had its . day at. the World's 
Fair yesterday (Tuesday), Tickets at 
$5;. each were sold, entitling/ bearer 
to lunch and admission! to a I'ock of 
.shows and cbricessibns, all dbnated. 
Stated that the value of the tickets 
apprpxirnated $20, only cost to the 
committee beihg 50c for entrance to 
the Pair. .-. 

.-Amherst;; Mass., July 2; 
This staid New England yilla|ge 
isn't easily ruffled. For more than 
100 years; it f\as echoed to the hell- 
raising of Amherst college studes 
and remained calm. . It ha^ had its 
local sensations and c'ommunity 
cri'ses, and outwardly it gave no sign. 
Like the picture of its patron, BarOn 
Jeffrey Amherst, which adorns the 
sign butside handsome Lord Jeffrey 
Inn, it rerriaihed impasw^^ 

But , there was an intangible feeling 
of. excitement; in the air. last 'week. 
Its curr'ents :rippled . albhg the wide 
streets,' across the shaded lawns arid 
pbrietrated Uie sedate h'ohies bf these 
tough -crusted Yankees. And . so on 
Monday night of last week (24). the 
citizenry defied the hisses bf a June 
shower to asserrible in Kirby Memo- 
rial theatre on the campus and: see 
the first real .actors tp come here 
within memory. It was an occasion. 

The = stars were syivia Sidney, 
gayer and riiuch prettier thaii her 
films had led them to expect; her 
husband, Luther ' ■ Adler; of that 
Group "Theatre of which they'd 
heard, and seve^ral others familiar 
through' appearances within mbtor- 
ing distance at Stopkbridge. ; This 
was ■ Broadway — Broadway and 
Holly Wopd-f-ihe real thing at la^t. 
Amherst wasn't going to miss it/ and 
Amherst didn't miss it. 

Afterward they talked it . over in 
the .; wbn't-be-tbo-impressed ■ manner 
bt all audiences.. Yet they . liked it. 
they agreed.: Som.e -thbught. the . play, 
S, N,. Behrman's . 'No Time for 
Comedy/ was disappointing 

Deer Lake theatre/ hear Orwigs- 

. .. ^ New l/burg. At Green Hills Lake, in a cori- 

York critics had ^^aid p^^ verted barn, 'High Tor' , " being 

the same thing a year before, but"! staged by S, Wesley McKee; . The 

Brandy Winers, of Wilmington, Del., 
boasting a cast of 125 people, will dp 
'Pirates of Penzance' July 25-27. 

tlie people pf Amherst wbujldn't "have 
known about that. Anyway, - th^ 
liked the acting and th6 actors. Aii 
although they Wouldn't have ad- 
rri.itted it to a stranger, they, liked the 
injection of life the company had 
given, the tbwri/. ■ 'they hoped it was 
going to bring business to their' 
stores arid restaurants and boarding- 
housclike inns. Yes, Amherst thought 
its first taste of summer- theatre was 
all right; :.. 

B. O. Good Despite flain 

Considering that it was only' the 
first week of a;, new venture, that .it 
rained every night, biit Saturday,, and 
that- the war neWs and the broad • 
casts from the Republican conven- 
tion were crimping theatre attend- 
ance everywhere, busiriess Was. -en- 
couraging. Receipts for the opening 
week . were several hundred dollars 
above expenses, ■ audiences were 
pleased and •word of Hhe theatre was 
spreading over the rolling, wooded 
hills and through the neighboring 
towns,, as; customers from Northamjp- 
ton. Hoi yoke, Spririgfleld and even 
Hartford proved. 

But if the town liked the actors, 
the actors reveled, in the town.! 
They'd never seen such a theatre. 
Nothing in New York could compare 
with it; they agreed. Its superbly- 
equipped stage, luxurious ' dressing 
rooms, well-planned workshop, 
ideally-built auditorium and perfect 
acoustibs were a trouper's dream. 
They also found the village pretty 
and the townspeople surprisingly 
friendly. Only one flaw marred the 
setup; not by influence, bribery or 
cajolery could anyone obtain a bite 
to eat or a drink after riiidnight. Fpr 
post-perfoj-riiance nourishment Or 
fun, one had to go to one of the 
nearby hamlets, -. ''- ';-; 

. This. w.eek .manager Harold J, Ken- 
nedy is presenting Edward Everett 
Hoirtoh in 'Springtime for Henry'; 

ture dealings and guide the council 
in regulating the managements. 

As of Monday (1) there were 7$ 
spots operating under Equity ap- 
proval. Of these, 58 are Class A, 
seven are Class B, six Class B Modi- 
fied arid seven undbr -special '. con- 
cession. Expected there will be ah- 
other haU-dozeri dr so to post bond 
and thus obtain franchises. 

"• Oconbmowob;.' sited '; -' 
- :/ . " / , Chicago, July 2. 

Thoda tocroft, chief bf the Gbach 
House: Theatre at Oconbmpwbc, 
Wis., Trhidv/est's tbp/^^^ 
spot, has set the following weekly 
production schedule for the summer 
seasbh which, gets underway July 
1^: 'Get Ready to Live/ by. Sarah 
Grebrihill; 'East Lynne,' with a nevir 
acting version by Thoda Cocrpf t; 
'Summer Heat,' by Everett Gliass;-! 
'As the Twig Is Bent.' by LiUiartr 
Beyori! TTibmas; ''Very Liberal Arts,' 
by Muriel. Roy Bolton, and 'Safe 
Grossing,' by (Cour^enay . Savage. .'■;'.' 

These and five other plays ara 
eligible fbr the $300 Mar j brie Morit- 
gomery Ward Baker award. 

Pa. Theatres Hit by Weather 

.-■ Reading, Pa., July 2. 

Three' surrimer ; theatres., are now 
operating in this locality, but busir 
ripss is hard hit by cold weather and 
intermittent rains. ' •'.■' ' , •.' ' 

.Ruth Chattertpn is in. -Noel Cow- 
ard's; 'Private Lives' at ; Kenley'a; 

/ (This Week) 

Yppcncd Monday (1), unless other-' 
•;■ ■. -;■ toisc noted) 

'Mr. and Mrs. North,' Owen Davis 
adaptation of stories by Richard and 
l^rances Lockridge, a t Lakewood ■ the- 
atre, Skbwhegan, Me. 

'Maseppa/ by H. oM, Milrier, at 
County theatre/ Suffern, N: Y. 
(opened last week). 

'Two Weeks with Pay/ revue as- 
sembled by Ted Fetter and Richard 
Lewirte, at Ridgeway theatre, White 
Plains, N. Y. (opened last week).; 

. (Next Week) X; 
( Opening ] July 8, unless otTierwis* 
noted) ' 

'Four Cheers for Mother/by Philip- 
Dunning and L. G, Lighton, at Red 
Barn theatre. Locust Valley, L, I, 

'Cafeteria/ by Leyia GeOrgie, at 
County theatre, Suffern, .N, Y, . 

•Our Girls/ by Conrad Seller, at 
Starlight theatre. Pawling, N. Y.." ' 


St. Louis, July 2. 

: Ziegfield's 'Rio Rita,' presented for 
two weeks in the Muncipal Theatre 
Assn.'s -al fresco playhouse in Forest 
Park in 1931, and again in 1933, re- 
turned last night (Monday) for a 
one-week stand. Balmy weather 
lured out opening mob for approxi- 
niately $4,000, good. Piece marked 
final appearance . of the season for 

Rbsbmarie Brancatp, who clicked in: 
next ; week Taliulah Bankhead in 'Naughty Marietta* and repeats in 

'The Second Mrs, Tanqueray,' the 
following Week Jane ;Gowl; in 'Cap- 
tain Brassbound's Conversion,' .; 

7 ;/ Equity Gathering Data 

With strawhats steadily ihcr easing 
in . number and importance. Equity 
is extending its; watchful eye in 
their, direction, "gatheifini[ . datii , for 
futurb guidance and preparing to 
deal with, viplatibns of its rules. The 
asspciatibn's 'council, diStu^ at 
recurrlhg. instances of members ap- 
pea ring in unlicensed .establishments, 
is -makiiig ; ready to; discipline Such 
. irifractiorts 'of tho' regulations, , : 

The . organization is also compil- 
ing facts and" figures, to an .extent 
never before attempted, on all sum- 
mer theatre employmerit. Edward 
Everett Hale,;; Equity's ' i-epres.enta- 
tive on the subject,, is keeping a 
record of ■ bvery . contract, engage- 
ment, the ;Salary involved and any 
other perjtinpot ..irif ormiatipn. Come; 
the season's end;, the association will 
have a mass bf statistics which it 
hopes, will help the .members in f li- 

the romantic role with Lansing Hat- 
field, who also bows out of the; lopal 
picture with cufrcnt engagenrient 
: Cass Daley, bombastic comedienne 
who ;was sock in 'Marietta,' continues 
right on in role, of .Dally Bean, It 
is her last chorb .bf ;the current sea-^ 
son. The ;Debpnairs click with 
riew eccentric routine"; . / !, . ; 

Audrey Christie and Jack Good, 
together with Bobby Jarvi^i; click 
during the 1935 season., handle the. 
comedy ^ roles acceptably.' Thalia 
Mara and . Gisella': Gaccialariza,. bal-;. 
lerina.s; ;are okay.; with .their; rputu^ 
Al Wh ite, .. Jr;, and Lew Chr isteriseiv- 
whip . up their cplorful interp of 
'(3ongo' for the- line. " In support are 
Blob; Lawrence, Jo.seph ■ McCaulay; 
Al . . Downing, . Fredeiriek . Perssbri, 
Karen Lynd, and '■James : Gillis. - 

First local presentation of .'Apple. 
Blossoms' ended one- week stand 
Sunday (30) with ari estimated. take 
of: .$35,000. Low temiiei'ature. durinc! 
first fbw hight.s: chilled; payees, but 
as weather .warmed u p customers be-^ 
came more numerous.; Aijproxiiriate-; 
ly 60.000 . saw piece. ; : . 

Wednesday, July 3, 1940 

Ip i scholarly, essay oh ;th^ .status- pt the drama in relation to democ-' 
racy iand the effect of the war upon both,' Brooks Atkinson in the Sun- ' 
;jiay (30) N. Times wrote in parte f 

To the vast ma|ority of playgoers the theatre is part of the amuse- 
inent industry/ By wit,^;^ theatre, \vhen it 

is lutky; gives playgoers a, go^ time. There is no- reason why that 
cheerful iurictibn pf .the theatre should Nor heed it be 

cqhtemptupusly disnriissed as an escapist retreat from maturity . . . 

Mt. is logital to expect that ih .tihie our drania will be enormously 
. ;affect€d by the fall of France- r. . Npne" of the other; victims of con- 

■ qucsti heart-breaking though they^;m^^ has :Crack6d the structure ■ 
.4>f diempcratic thqhgM so deeply,, as. this quick. Qpllapse. of a great 

■ arid -yeherated'- nation.- - ■ - ' -7 

.; ^'The democratic way of life, is prirnjarily cultural; the drama 'is Pne of , 
• the aGtive forces in phlture.' FrPhi now on there. -AVi be heed of 
. driaihaiists with imagina^ creative ideals. , in Gerrhariy, Italy, and ■ 

Russia the crejative drania has long beieri dead.^^^^^^l^^ 
a matter of ;«nPrm6us irhpprtarice diifin^ the chaptie fury of wartime;;.- 
, but it is . a. synii)tPni. of . the cultural death that- demptracy ; cannot 
^;.-:survive;-'- .--^.-.x x .^vV ^ -. : 

•Gliaim of Pauline Lord, in the mat'' 
ter of her appearance in 'Siispectl' 
which cicscd- at the- iPlayhouse; N. Y., 
after a ; brief . engagement during 
spring,: was settled, by arbitration. 
Actress claimed $300 which was cut 
liom ^her salai'y,. cpnteinding that the 
slice was to apply only if the play 
extended for two weeks . starting 
from -.the .. date, of: .reducfiPn.;^ . She 
wa:s awarded one-half of - the claim; 
, . .Arbitrators ■ yuleiij . ..that ' both s she 
arid the; had. been, lax 
in making thC' deal. .!'Play pi:igihated 
on the Coast.. ...^ ; 

Fast Rduting 

Suinmer's hrtajpr -diisappbihtrhent 
came Saturday (20) with the sudden 
suspensiPn of 'Keep Off the Grass,' 
Shubert - produced revue ' at', the 
Broindhurst, . N: Y., at the end of the 
revue's sixth- week. It >vas. repoi'ted 
that the. mknagenrieht, ih anhouncirig 
that 'Grass'.' would resume about the 
middle of August,, figured to; duck 
ipossible red, . operation durihg JUly, 
rated the dullesit month for theatres. 
Now. it ^appears 'grass* may not sprout 
anew next hiphth. ' { : ■''' ' ,\ ' '^ 

Early this week some repprts were 
to the effect that 'Grass' is nPt cer- 
tain of . resumption. Also said that 
the management is seeking, to con- 
tact Maurice chevalier, in France, 
with an offer to join the cast. 
• An Vtteihpt /was' .made to" keep 
the show open thrpugh ; summer, 
the . management proposing a sal- 
ary cut. After ' spme difficulty 

..precipitated- by Iw^^ 

: cipals. 'the slice was virtual ly set and ; 
then came the sudden order to shut 

, dpwh. Company went before Equi- 

. ■ ty 's cuts board, where it developed 
that ilka Chase and Larry Adler, 
hai^dnica.special'istt. refused 

: ceptra cut in any lorm. A reduc- 
tion of [ Pne-third of all prhicip.als' 
salaries ; was : originally; planned, 
which would have drpjpped the pay- 
roll $2,200 weekly, the management 
later agreeing to a 25% clip. 

- Okay Press . 
Understood that Jimmy /.pUrante 
■ «nd Ray Bolger; show's, top names, 
'had previously cut their saiiarieR cPn- 
. siderably. 'Grass' drew a . favorable 
press, but sobn after opening ;bu5i- 
hess became top-heavy, attendance 
bieing light on the lower flopr. Gross 
had, been improving, howev6r, and 
the . closing order, was alL the more 
bitter to the company.. 

Miss chase was made thie butt of 
the folding by the chpristers, who 
had aided her in Red Cross work. 
"The girls purchased yarn at her sug 
.gestion and devdted their spare time 
(Continued on page 44) ■ 


The. Boyar Associates, 'new legit 
prbductioh group, have chosen a sec-- 
ond play for fall t>resentation; It is; 
'World, of . Their Own,' by Gabriel R, 
(Roy) Walling. Author is a former 
actor who has. been a play broker 
f pr ' sPme seasons. 

Groupi . had already anhPunced .a 
race track pliay called 'Bangtails.' 

New Suit (or $100,000 
Vs. Shoberts in Boston 
On Ticket Manipulations 

Boston. July 2. , 
A $100,000 damage suit - has been 
:birpught; V Suffolk County superioir. 
court: aEtainst the .Shuberts by 
Thomas F. Murphy, ticket ageh t, air 
leging vjoiatiph. Pf the Massachusetts 
*antj.-trUst' law ' which / prohibits 
combinations-: from. - restraining, trade 
and: conspiring to. \ control prices. 
Named . , 'defendairils are - the Shu- 
. bert Holding Co., , Herrick's. Inc., 
Boston Plymouth, theatre, Wilbur 
theatre, Ihc.,. Select-^ Theatres Corp.; 
and Martha Levy., 'V'; 

.Current suit is the. se.cohd actiPn 
Instituted sinbe the Shuberts gained; 
cpntroi: of the Herrick ticket agency 
and- .irked .other ticket;, .brokers, by' 
taking first choice, of seats for piro- 
dUctioris. ■ playing Shubert houses. 
Practice of. reselling tickets to' other 
agencies at 25c per ticket premium 
was especially annoying. Miss Levy 
• is in charge : of the Herrick office 
here. - :^ -.- 

This .suit is brought for- jury trial- 
while another suit filed ia^^ in 
equity has been pending, but has not 
prPgressed 'sihce briefs were - filed. 

-Murphy and four other local, ticket 
agents were • ■ .-plaintiffs- and : the. 

; sahie.."de.i'endariis. vVcre 'narned''ih..the 
case, except Miss Levy. 

Equity's basic agreement, with the 
•managers, which cariries With it an 
accprd between the League of New 
York Theatres. and the association on 
the ticket code, will expire Sept, 1, 
but as yet neither body has ppn.";id- 
ered; extensipn of the ..pact. Indi- 
cated that some Equity leaders f ayor 
retaiinihg the code; although others 
have' viewed ticket control as rather 
.outside the keri pf actors' activities.. 

Proposal to iraise minimum salaries 
of players from $40 to $50 may delay 
extiending' . the basic agreement, 
whiclv stipulates that Ew^ not 
change policy during the season. As 
the boost is slated to come up for 
consideration early in the hew sea- 
son, a stipulation covering that pro- 
posal may be inserted in the agree- 
ment, should the managers as.sent to 
such provision; . That the\ showmen 
would object is a definite .possibility. 

With the new state la'w limiting 
premiums oh tickets to 75c over the 
boxoffice price possibly functipning 
by the time the neW seiason begins, 
the code is regarded as supplemehr. 
tary in some quarters. However, the 
code contains provisions not con- 
tained in the " statutes,'; iiicludihg the 
prohibition againsjt ticket buys, be- 
lieved to have caused high prices 
some years ago. . . 

Last season EpUity ; balked; at juT-; 
ther participation iii the, code uhti) 
i revisions were rhade.- ■ Principall.v:' 
I added was an 'enforcement author- 
ity' .'or .board which hand viola- 
] tions of the rules. Change.*? took 
' some. time,. 'and;it was hot. untjl .No-. 
' verribCr that -the iiiPde ■formally was 
■^ declared', ph again. During the - sear 
'.son the:. board penalized three, a gen-; 
' cies. which had ticket allptm'erits 
: withheld for short period.*. ,.■ With 
.; theatres at low,, ebb there, ha ve? been 
:'rj0..recent board seissiprts. '.- " 

There was an upturn on Broad vyiay 
the early half Of last week, with cool 
weather; a factor. . Although attend- 
ance dipped durihg the final- days, 
there were gross, gains for some 
shows; Current week .started .with a 
continued ' weather b.reak, ! but . mah- 
agers anticipate a drop-, in ; business 
Which; is traditional Over.'. the. Fourth' 
of July CrhUrsday ). ■ : ■ ] [ 

. Betterment, was not credited to a 
visitor iriflux;; fPr up to date hotel 
occUpancy ' ■ . - away Under normal. 
Ihsiders say .that rhidtowh hotels are 
housing 50% fewer guests than last 
sUmnier at this time,;. when capacity 
was registered by the .best Vpatrortn 
ized spots: One popular hostelry 
■claimed 72% :oCcvipainQy later last 
week, but another was 52%.' . None 
was capacity. .. - . 

V Potential if jiot actUal. legit show 
patronage has come from expatriates, 
now back on this side because. Pf the 
war. Revealed by the social register 
that 700 . familieis ; have ..been re 
patriated,- such names appearing in 
th^ book recently issued. As they are 
persons of means, it i? assumed they 
are- theatr.e'-goers. Most of the . re- 
turned socialites . residing, on 
Long Island. ' 

: "There .are .11 shows remiiining on 
Broadway, two less than , the same 
week. last season, and 10 of the pres- 
ent list should : survive the summer 
No new attractions are due until 
September, but two musicals, 'Higher 
and Higher' and 'Keep Off the 
Grass,' Which .-susijended, are.; sup. 
posed tp relight during - August.; Lat 
ter; howeyei;,. may not; . ;' 

Refugee Players Find 

• Teddy Hart, the sawed off 
comic last seen :;'Se€ • My 
Lawyer,'; wanted tp know hOw 
;iie,' cpuld brea^^^ a jump from 
-PeekskiiV .N. Y.,' to Mt: ' Kisco 
nearby. Harry Frazee, prpgrann 
■ directoi: for CBS, r who 
queried oh the inatter, replied: 
- 'Just jUmpl' . ' ■. . . 

How quickly click musical cpme- 
dies can recapture- production put-.\ 
lay T . is indicati^d by the earning -cs-; 
pacity. of VLbuisiana Purchase,' im- 
perial, N- Ym and 'Du Barry Was a 
Lady,' 46th Street At its present 
gait, 'Purchase' will" be oh the right 
side of .the ledger by the end of -- 
August or early September, mean- 
i ing it will be out of the: red in 11 or 
|-.]2 weeks after its Broadway debut. - 
; *Du Barry,' now in its 31st week, 
won back its production cost ' 15 
i weeks. ■ ' . , 

i; 'Piir chaise,' which drew an operr 
ating profit from its initial . Week: out 
I Of town, cost approximately $88,000. 
l :*P.u Barry' , had about ' the .same; 
budget, but the Imperial can grpss. 
; more than- thfe 46th Street.. Formerly, 
I When production :.Was>- inore lavish 
Varid musicals : had ticket scales at 
I $5:50 'and : $6,60 :topv the cost of tnu- ' 
■ sical presentations :Tah. more than 
I double that Pf ei.ther 'Purchase' . 
! 'iSu. Barry,V which :arC ;$4.40 top. 
. [.- 'Purchase' and 'Dxi Barry' are 

. - ' I jDresented by B. G. (BUddy)- De 

, J.Sylvaj'.being his first managerial .ef-. 

Shakeup .at the . World's Fair -forts; Latter show is- said to be 
'American Jubilee' has virtually dev\v/holly;his, while the former, which 
huded the front of the house, staff. ; hys an Irving Berlin: score, has the 
The let-outs are in line with orders i composer as a 50-50 partner. 'Pur- 
from Harvey D. Gibson . to bring , chase;' . which has- bceh topping 
■about, general economies. They, ex- i Broadway ' since openihg, bettered 
tend to other departments, ; but the $34,000 last week, said to be a house 
slicing at the Fairs own ma.ior show record-. Standees Were the rule at 
concession .are regarded as unduly all performances, their beihg: 87 on 

excessive and may hamper the. han 
dling of -Jubilee;' Only Nick Holde, 

the hoof . at last Wednesday's (26). 
... , ..u ma'inees and 90 that evehirig.v . . : 

general manager,.; remains; pf the •. it was figured that the. turnaway; 

at 'PurChcse' would help other mu- 
Orders were, to -cut $1,000 y/eekly : ..sicals, but the suspensiori of 'Higher 
from the front of the house and i and Higher' and 'Keep Off the Grass' 
resulted in sunimary dismissal . of j foiioweiJ/ It's now expected that" 
Holde's assistants, John TUerk and j. these closings will; benefit the bal- 
Mike; Gavanaugh, also Carl (Dqc) ance of the skimpy summer bill of 
Hunt who handled the yisitins pr^ . . ' , : . ■' 

and. Charles Washburn, show's press.| 'ijellzapoppin,' still turning excel- 
agent; - All were dropped without : jent profits at the Winter Gardeh, is 
notice, but demanded ;,and got one. credited' with getting back its in- 
week's pay. According to estimates vestment faster than ahy musical on 

by showmen along the. Great White 
Way, 'Jubilee' is ih the operating red 

record. That, was rnade possible .be-' 
ciaUse it cost less thaa any other sue- 

around $100,000: « .cost. |48(^000 to ^ssful re^vue. eyer^s^^^^ Settings 
construct . and .produce. .Weather is ^.^^^ some' costumes came' Put- of the 
mpstly blamed for. the offish .attend- ; shUbert ; storehbuse,: : having . origin- 

ance at' the calyacade; which . drew 

I ated in at least hall a dozen previous 

raves Jn^the press. ;^^i^J^^s m^r^-^^lMxa^^^ 

Tour Falls Through 

Refujgee players who^ appeared , in 

• 'Reunion in New York' at; the Littlei 
' N. Y.^ last; winter are laying off and 

reported in finairicial distress. There 
were two; plans for; appearances 
through the : summer, but neither 
I materialized. "Troupe was slated for 
i summer hotel dates, but failed tp 
I accep*. offers by the May 1 deadline, 
j They held off because of the promise 
of regular theatre bookings in Boston 
> arid Philadelphia, but neither date 
i vyas consummated. 

! ; Most of the refugeies are from 
Vienna. Their first appearance was 
at the Music Box last summer, back- 
' ing coming from people of the . thea- 
' tre. The revue at the Littlie .was, 
: financed by business .-'people, said to 

• be-of the garrneht Both at-. 
. tractipn5.^ended ih the; red. 

sOme time every other day since the 
Fair opehe.d May 11. 
. : Dismissals were madev at the - 
stance of Joseph Upchurch, Unknown 
in show circles; . He was forriierly 
with -the , Fedieral HpUsing Com- 
mission in Baltimore. Fair head- 
quarters creidits him with the 'typical 
American family' idea as a draw: and 
Upchurch is supposed tp be a -pro- 
motional director.' 

was: dolled Up 
i during the winter ; and is; currently 
billed the 'New Hellzapoppin.' 

Defense Fond Tax 
Won't Affect Legit; 
Brokers to Pay 11% 

$29,463 TAKE IN '40-41 


Win Equity Concessions 

Admission provisions of the Gbv- 
'- ernment's defen.?e fund tax will hot 
i materially affect, legit shows, 
I tickets, for the drama having been 
• subject to a 10.% levy since the first 
' , . ' " j World War. When the tax ceiling 

rfiL C.4 ^ -D ^• t i i. • v u ' was drODpcd to 40c some vears ago, 
f^^^w Rehef Fund, which has ; j,^^ balcony admissions at that 
completed Its eighth season will be jevej Were started by managements 
extended through the 1940-4.1 period . some low^cost shows. < - . 
For the season just .end-sd, 14 Icgit : ■ ^. . - - -.. , , 

performances; were given : in aid of i T^^^}^ so- priced now also come 
the Fuiid. Total b:o: was $28,5:n and I i;"^^ 1^ 

the sale of programs netted $932. It ! Monday (.1) and which affixes a 10% 
' was ; :the. secohd best showing since j ''^ V "?^f' i^f ""1^-^- 

the Fund was^organizcd. Mbfe ad- ' -{Kfi-'e'L'wtfVi?^^^^^ 
vancpd to nl a vers is reo'ai'ded bv ^^erate hasbeen lifted tp 50c by; tlie 
yanced .to players is ie„aiaea oy . attractions which were using the 
recipients to be, loans - ral^^ ^O.lcentcrs. Under this boost the 

;:Gutright.dpnations antta fair amoun.V'^G^^ 

of repayments have been - made by extra nickel goes to the manage- 
those who went off relief. - . . .- ^p^'^^. -•• . . • 

Ifs^ indicated there will be more ; - wrinkle- in- the new regUlalions 
charity moves- for stage relief . ; calls for the collection of 11% oh 

rural summer .theatres: than hereto- 

/ticket agency .ptemiunis.- Instead of 

Two alien, actor."? won concessions 

i Levehthars Bronxer 

) • Bian.dt iBrp.e. h^.vC leased to Jules 
i Leventhal v the Windsor, .. Bronx, 
-'N.';Y., for the.-sunirher, for prC.sent'a- 
. tion : of : legit ' shows -.'. ' a weekly 
- basis. ;;Fjrst. vvi}^,.be 'Margin for Er- 
rbr.-'-'oiaening July .15. Other.': ;.set. in 
, the order . ' ' ;whijch they will play'r 
are ■/ 'Morning ..Star,' .'Pins -. and 
Needles' - and 'No time for Comedy.' 

■ ' Leverithar, has the. theatre., f^ 
ly . on' - the; so-ca lied '.subway; circuit' 
until Sept 14. Brandt? take it back 
then and on Sept 19 return vaude- 
ville and; pictures, to the hoiK*^ . at 

, pop prices. '-■ - 

fore . At least' one .surnn^r ^pot w.^^ jAoc being due on each- ticket sold at 
hold a benefit/ for the .Stage - Relict,^ mwe than the bcxoffice price. 
Fund and collectionf will agam be . an e-tra cent will be payable, while, 
for. appearances .. " . .summer stock ;. made at -ihterm)ssjpn:s for the;Aelprf . jpjp. .^jcj^gYs.' g^^^ 
from'! .Equity's ■' council last- '- week.' 1 .Fund in ; many.- of .the- h instead of 5c'-'will 'apply..' • As' there 

. "rhfey;. are ■ Otto: Prcminge.r^^ Most u.husual anhOUncenieht irorn : ■ agehcicsVin bnly -two or three 

.: rector,- iand - Sara. AllgbOd, formerly ; the . is.t'raw.hats corrtes from : Walter cities, the' levy is expected - 
of;. the: Players, they will re,- 1 Arrhitage, ..-■Whb ' ■ is;' ^conducting the ; to -bV picayune,. ^ ,the' cuitpm'er pays 
Kpectively: appear- '. 'Margin foi; Country theatre, Suffetrj, N'. Y. All 10%. on the full amount charged, but 
, E.rrpi•^ and:: 'Shadow;" ahd..Substanc^ - net proceeds during the 11-wcek . under' the law the broker must pay 
■Equity rules, bar nb.hrC'tizen-. players : .season will be donated to the. Allied the- extra 1.%'Pn the prbhiiUrhy; ' 

from' stock., either .summer outfits pi: . Relief Fundj he declares 
rogular;..'c.ohipahie.s. ' but the. regula-- j 
.tiort ; i.s yirt dally. ^ inpp.crativiB in the' i 
latter; field,- ■ which.', 'has. --'nar.fowed^ 
down to -. a ; few: scattered .. . outfits. 1 
.■Therc.:;a;!'e;:; h:oweveri . more ihah 80 ' 
.surinmei- .stf)tks; iiv action or about to.- 
'start, and the total may tph: lOQ.;; .; '■ 
EXplaiheci-:thut the: exceptions were 

.rioliywOd; July 'Jf. -.- 
Hollywood - Theatre ■ Alliance -• ac- 
.qiiired- 'Zero Hour,' a ne w' play 

made in the a<<es' of -Mi.s? ' Allcj'ood by George Sklar and Albert: Maltz. 
and Premin'f.'er becau.<e-they. are;;api,i to follow. 'lyrbct. the People' current-, 
pearing in th;e ,sarr)e -p;aris;'orig)nated i )y: in its .s:cventh month at the. Ilolly.- 
: bv- them; -and;' there is/prOvisionVih :.wo 

i'.the .rUle.'i f()i- iiuoh appcj^ Both ! 'Drania - i.s .slated - to ppen h'.te in 

j ttOt'k:£howin(:s are. for One week. I' , - ; 

Norton Still In Hospital 

. William G, Norton, hianaigei* of- the 
MUfic. Box. Ny Y., wh.0 .was Operated 
bh two w^eks ago, is :slil I in the-Hos- 
' pi.Ja.l ipx joint Diseases. • . ' . ." 
' Paticht' ha.s a room with a view, 
a'l so; porch p r i v i 1 e'gcs , b ut :' h as been 
■too ill. to take ' advantage of. that 
' N(irton,; however^ started a gag. about 
, 'Hcrina.n.-'amohg the. nurses; also sUg- 
.'.pc.'^tf.d -.a rf viic . skit • with ^ eve:rybpdy 
I .showing -their operations. : •. 




1 . 


1 -' 


Skowhegan, Me^ junie. 29, .' 

Oiiniiedy In ■ three acta by Vincent Price;. 

Ri'i.sonlea by. talcew-obU Playel-a; s(a«cJ liy. 
[olvlUe' Burke; pettlngs, Ghtirles Perkins; 
at Lalce\\'6ud playhbute, Skowhegnii, Me,-, 
June 34-2(» ,lf»40.: *l. VO. -top. ■ 
I^tlv. Mortimer. , . ; . . . . . ..... . . . - Attn Mrtai.m 

Dplla . ,1 . . ; .Musii WUlIuina 

Kovlea, '. ..... ... . . ; . . •> . . .Uoiallnd Ivan 

Laura WorililUK^ . . • .'MiirKaret Callahriu 
Peier Mortimer; , . . . . . . . .Owen Pavls. .Jr., 

Jim Mortimer. , , ; . ; ; ... . Frank Wlloox 

.Jn.;Uli:,U"ranc.i;i, , i . .. .Louise Campbell 

aVf" Simnu . i . ..Vincent .I'rlfC- 

Actpi'-ivritten . offering registets as 
weak and ami teur.ish, 'yet made fair- 
ly tolerable ■ summer-thea^^^^ 
Lalcewood's Usual smart staging and. 
several good . performiances. . Play 
"won't, go any furthier> however. . 

iPlot emerges as riiisty and dif- 
f u'sively talky; whicH is . seemingly , 
due rnore .to author's paucity of in- 
spiration than to ;any- attempt at Te-. 
wi-itihg ; Chekhov. Poetic son o^ a 
screwball mother and : ia . hypochon- 
driacal father has : careei'-vs:-mar- 
tiage trouble, with childhood sweets 
heart wearing four engagement 
Tings at one tiine: as walldng .syiiibol 
of lad's ihabUity to makie up his 
mind. Part of poet, hot clear as 
written, is made even more.tiresome- 
iy mysterious by Owen Davis, Jr.'s 
reading of the lines. Climax, whidh 
arriVeis after papa's tossing a need- 
less collapse from heart trouble/ has 
the poet impulsively carrying the gal 
iliOuise Campbell) off the stage in 
the direction of the nearest preacher, 
the romantic snatch apparently inoi- 
iivated, by liothing. more profound 

^ thaii. a: bout- -of nerves. ■ • ■ 

" Thie author , injects hovel elements 
Into the : faimiliar proceedings by- 
switch of career-marriage dilemnia 
to son instead of to traditional daughr . 
ter; and by providing the pater -in- 
stead' :oftne matei- with the weak 

. tiqker; Additional note of novelty , is 
furnished by author-actor Price sin- 
gling ovit a slim; rather uhnecessary 
role for himself —that of . the poet's 
Greenwich Village roommate. ; 

Ann Mason's mother rolie is the 
istandout acting job,, with the other 
femmie cast members failing to .rise 
aboVe the handicaps of their mate- 
rial. Davis, Jr.'s yoiithfuV manner-^ 
lisms are likeable; but another, win- 
ter in, Hollywood doesn't, seem to 
have supplied thie vocal variety that 
he, has lacked in the past Frank Wil- 
cox (the father) makes an iiiiper- 
fectly imagined character believable, 
sharing thie acting honors with Miss 
Mason. Price's performance is not 
too seriously rendered. 

■ Two siets, by Charles Perkins are 
well designed and executed. Melville 
Burke's direction is . up to usual 
stahdard. . . Dono. • 

MR. knd MftS. tl()RtW 

.- -Skowhegan, Me,, Jiily. j: 

Comedy "by . OWen • Davis, based, on ' stories 
by Richard -knd Frances Xockrldjc; ■ 
senled at I^tkevvobd theatre. -Sk.owhefedni 
Me;, - July 1, 1040, : Features Joyce Arling, 
Albert Hackett. tthd Vincent Price. 

follow technical " clues mulled 
over ad infthitum. . : 

Most -serious casuiilty Is the initial 
charm 6£ Lockridges'. characters. 
Needs thorough ovcrhiiulirig by a 
lighter hand, which might put crimi- 
nological elements on more dfcAnitcly 
comic' plane. 

.■ Acting, honors go to Miss Arling 
and Hackett, .while others just . ade- 
quate. , Set is good. ' Donp. 

Captain Brassbouhd's 
GonVeirsion ; 

. ; f'dnbetpnv N. J.,'Jtily 2: v.: 

: Warren P... JIunseli. ..'Jr;, presents. JariP 
Cowl, wltU Arthur 'Marsetsoii .lunl Ce.cll 
Huranhreys, Jn Die George Bernard Shaw re^ 
vlvai. Dlveciod by.llaiiy liUerbtti; •»ulllnfr.» 
by. ■ Brudrprd .lAshw'o.rth. ■ Preseht<<d . ot 
McCarter theatre; iVIncelon; K.- 3..;. July :!; 
lOKl, . .■ . ■. . -.- . • ■ ■ 

Leslie R-niiklnV... .St.: olailr Bayllcld 

F«1U. DrWikwater. . . . . ; .... ..,H;ile.' No'rerosa 

Hfts^ati: . i-'i . ... . . , . Allen Luddon, 

Lady, eieely Way'nctiuet;-. .', Jario (-owl 

Sir -Howard Ilalhnh. . . .•; ...Cecil. Iiumi>hroys- 

Mar'zov..' . w . . i . ..... ... ; .-.£>iiniolVOclv<j 

Ciglptain Brassbound:, i , .Arthur. .MarKOtsori 
R'edbrook. . . :.. ... ^. . . . .': Thomas .HaslliiKs 

Johnson. , . . . ". ... . .■..CUarlcs Newman 

Osman. . .•. . , . .Zachary • Scott 
Sldl el Ass'ir, . . ... . ; . . . ; . . .Lou P6lan 

Gadj of ICiulaii. ... . ; , . .ErHni •..Xo.sijxur 

Petty Oftlcer; . .,: . . ; ; . . . , . . .'Z.achary .Scott 
Capi. Hanilin.K'eairiiey. .T:i>bert B. Wlllianis 

•Goodbye to Love' (Joan Blotidell) 
■^El Capilan, Hollywood, ; •■ 

>Hold On to Your Aats' (Al Jol- 

sbn, Martha jRaye, Ruby .Kee^er)— 
Ciss, , Detroit :(l-6); Grand Opera 
House,- Chicago; (7 v.; ' ; 
: 'Llfe^ with Fatiher' — Blackstphc/ 
Chicago. . 

'Meet the Peoplit'-r^Play 
lywood. . . . 

Play Out of Town 

Hold On to Ydur Hats 

Attiempted . repeat of a "tiif e . With 
Father'- \ fbrinulai with :, characters 
from the Lo fckr idg4: stories in 
the New Yorker mag, -registers -as 
dubious for. Broadway in its present 
form, Chi Idless title couple,: while 
no Glcii e- ce Days,, hold . interest; as 
played by Joyce Arling and ' Albert 
Hackett, but proceedings soon .be- 
coirie corny whodunit. 

gated to the background, while col- 
legiate policeman Vincent Price .un- 
legiate policeman iVhcent Price un- 
divertingly takes over. . Mystery of 
who killed stranger found in couple's 
apartment is : solved after hard^to- 

With . Jane Cowl olh hand to ih- 
augutiite her . initial tour . of the 
straNvhat circiiits and lend- added 
glamour to the occasioh,. Princeton's 
sunimer theatre- Was launched last 
night (Monday) at the McCarter 
with the saime , exacting standards 
that prevail during the winter sea- 
sOi). ' As a curtain-raiser, producer 
Warren : P/ Munselli Jr., son of the 
Theatre Guild's.; business manager, 
and former producer of the County 
Playhouse at Westport, Conn., pre- 
sefits ai revival -of 'Captain Birass- 
bouhd's Conversion.' I t is planned .to 
altiernate shows wieekly, at the Westr 
port arid Pirinceton playhouses. / 

Theatre Guild is . understood to be 
interested in this ^ G;, B- Shaw 
vehicle with pr-Ospect of starring 
Miss Cowl in it on Broadway in, the 
fall. Thanks to ia third, act that, gives 
Miss : Cowl ample opportunities, 
resurrectiori of the early Shaw bpus 
bids fair to brighten many, a sum- 
mer everiing in the .one-week straw- 
hat : stands.. ' Therie. is considerable 
doubt, however, whether 'Conver- 
sion' will stand -up as Broadway f.are 
at this late date^- when international 
incidents are a dime a dozen. / 

Not in. years has Miss Cpwl ap- 
peared in anything as amusinff as the 
third act of 'Conversion.' She was 

in fine forril opening night arid urir 
doubtedly both she arid the play will 
gain added lustre as the ■ season 
progresses. . Few of the sumriier 
theatres, however, wiU be , abl6 , to- 
give it the productibh that: it is eri-: 
jpyirig, this week.. ; Measured by the 
standards Of: the average converted: 
bairn that makes up the sUmrrier cir-: 
cuit, it . woiild be unfair to cla.ssify 
the McCarter, With its - excellent 
stage equipment, as a s,trictly surn- 
mer theatre. Moire than: a; dozen 
Broadway, shows preemed at this 
playhouse during the past sijaspn'.. 

. . As pasturized ehtertainmerit gOes, 
'CJohversion' holds ujp better than 
wpuld :be. expected, despite the 
rather first two stagnant atts that 
riiake. for better library, material. 
Miss Cowl at all times is the center 
of attractibri as- Iiady Cicely Wayne- 
fleet, ^ whose- excursion : into the 
Moorish hills with Sir Howard Hal- 
lam (Cecil Hurriphreys). .creates, a 
situation that extends around the 
globe. : The supporting cast, par- 
ticularly Humphreys, . is excellent. 
Arthur Margetson, : as the piratical 
Captain Brkssbound. is at all times 
convincing, as are Tliomas Hastings, 
Charles Newman arid Hale Norcross 


\ Detroit, July 1. 

. . Mu'slca;! comedy In two -actii.VCl^ .iscerifs); 
book by Guy Bolton, Matt Brooks; Eddie 
l^avls* music, Burton Lnhe; Jyi lcs, . 13; .Y. 
llarburB; ■ .costumes and scenery,-; .Uaoul 
I'cno. Dii Bols; diinres.. Cnthcrlne Ltttlelleld; 
book staged b/ KdRi^r MaoGreKor; nvuslcal 
direction, Al . Goodmnh; entire Iprortuctlpn 
sui)ervised- by GcorKlO' )rale.: - At Cnss^ De? 
trolt,,June 30, two weelt.s: IS.S.'i .top. 

. .'...MUTgarot Irving, 
I . ..Gil Lamb 
.■ , . , .Gcori?e - Church 
;:. ...V Jack- Whiting 

... . ; . Martha- Raye 

. ,' 'Jinx! FalkdnburB 
'. . . . Joyce Matthews 

Thca Pinto 
, . . . .- . : . Lew. Et'ielea 

...... Arnold M.bss 

. ... . . - .'. ,'Al . Jo'ls'on 

V; ... John: Randolph 
. . Joe Stoner 
,.. ....Marty Drake 

.... Bert Cordon 

(The Mad RusslnnV 
'. ; .■. vLlori'^l Stahder. 
. . ; . '. Ruby .' ICeeler. 
. . . . . .Sid :C«ssol 

:,. .William Kiiluva 
; . 'JlnX' falkeiibure 
''Frank .Va9.i 
Virginia "Vass 
I;ouisa Vass ■ ■ 
Emily' Vass ' 
i. Sally Vass 
Marty pruko; 
Lou . a'toner ■. ■ ' 
,Jde Stohor.. ': 
. Marisla Greene ■ 
. . Anita Jakobl . 
. Irla. Wayne. . ' 
,Janl3 'WilUama 

Sierra , 

•siimv. ...v...-...:,;:;.; 

■'Loh! . . . . ... ...... . . . 

Piete. i.i,. .y. 

Mah'ilc.'.'i','. . ;.. 
1st Dudctte.:.-. ; , . .;. . 


n<t Dudette.-. . , ; . . . . . 
Sheriff... -i. >'.;.. 
Fernando.'. , .'. , ;. . . ; . 
L'oiie Rider. ... , . . .". ; , 
Radio ATinouncer 
'.Shop' Mortln. 
'Old Man' HaSvklhs.. 
'Concho'.'; .. . .' ; . ..... ', ; '. 

^Dlnky:;.. v.... ; 




Rita,. .i. 

YassFiimlly. ... 

Radio' Aces. 


AinerlcA's Dlstlrictivs Entertainer 

Mgt.: WM. KENT 
1776 B'way,^New York ; 


. ;;^v' Ogunquit,,Me., June 27, 

;Sei'lo3' of. sUietches In monolofj by and with 
Jiiiihly Sa.v'b;'. presented and devised ' by 
■Savo; soDJT. ' Rbdpers. and Hart;, ut the 
Ogunijuli ;PliiyhoUse, Oeunquit, Me,, opeh'- 
ing June 2i, '•It),' . ■ ^. . \ 

■ ■ jiniirhy Savb's first, strawhat try is 
'.diversified : /program , ■ of ..Vaude 

.sketches with f arniliar, alteriiately ■ 
tragic-comic ihanriers, . resulting ■ in 
mild cowbarn: ie.venihg. : :For soloingj 
-rieviie, :as .it- staridis,. will .find it; em^' 
barrassing on Broadway, 

Thirteen .'se.ctiohs, ■ .with.;prolog and 
epilog, should be . j)i-uned :cori.sider.^. 
ably. Iii. present -form , and -length, 
show brings home that Savp needs 
difiectiori and baekirig" of large com- 
pany' for proper showcasirig. / 
[ . Several nuriiberis,' hotably , the: 
. Swedish, and-. 'Childhpod,' . - both 
, .cpriiic, sock over, but ser-i'pus themes' 
j are handled cluriisily-. Song by: liod- 
i gers aiid Hart for one of latter failed: 
! for, the opening, to . arrive/, arid sub- 
;:StitutiOn of pop balliad in midst of 
, heavy ; characterization had sad re-:' 
suits. Reliance, on ponderous props 
j.mililiates. concert against bpokirigSi 
:i although .this seeriis sole future for 
production; ; . 

1' First, nigh ters! braved frigid tem- 
pierature of uriheated theatre to sit 
through to end, which ./may have 
niore. sigriiificance' than . the afore-, 
mentioned analysis. -Don. 

When Al Jblson cariie out ; at the 
conclusion pf the 'Hold: On' to Your 
Hats* preem and applogized for the 
spottiness of his $100,000 irivestriient 
it Was just a dramatic gesture. . For- 
giyeri by theri wais the spottiriesis .in 
the conquest by j)ers6riality, pleas.ant 
music and as lavishly; dressed i shp\y 

to come along . in moons.-: ' Jplsbri 
knows - he - .has sorriethirig including; 
more hard work. .;.-;.. 

The personalities which, triumph 
over ; a plot, . wa;tery as consomme 
even for a musical, are his and eflfier- 
vescent Martha Raye's, riot ignoring 
the specialty contributions of the 
Radio Aces^ Gil Lamb and Bert Gor- 
don. .' 

Detroit, - home of 'The Lone 
Rariger,' drew the Opening of; a story 
about 'The Lone Rider,'; gun-shy 
radio hero sUcked into the real wild 
west. It starts brightly; wiith a radio 
rib scenie/'but thins, out for. most of 
the first act,;cominglback in thie sec- 
ond stanza; ; Jolson, back after riine 
years off the boards, picks up where 
he left; off. The old verve; still 
there and-; plenty of tiiries . ar b. down 
his alley, 'Walkin' Alorig Mihdin' My 
Business,' 'Don't , Let It Get You 
Down,* 'Would You - Be So. Kindly' 
and "There's a Great Day Gomirig, 
Mariana,' . And , at .thie . finale, long 
after midnight,- at the. operiing, he's 
: reprising his paist to the : overboard 
audiences. Miss Raye lends plenty 
with songs, dancing arid hoirseplay to 
elbow right up next, to liirri :f6r ; atr 
tention. Some pf their spark and 
fire may eventually transfer to Ruby 
Keeler arid Jack Whiting, who dance 
prettily, but aren't co? ing through 
strong > eriough in the romantic by- 
.play. ■ .■.■'■''.■;''.■'■ 

With .good riiusic, cortiedy verging 
well into the blue, arid costuming that 
bring? an audible gasp and everi ap- 
plause, this should ^shape up in a: 
hurry into the hit . class. . It's still 
plenty rough, but has ;the~ elements 
■Urhich ; should, knit . together . iri the 
two . weeks here to make another 
Jolson'hit in Chicago and, New York; 
The core of the plot; with its parity-: 
wiaist radio heiro, probably can bie 
steeried f ar enough away f rorii ."Buck 
Beririy ; Rides Agairi' -tb - give: it the. 
filni possibilities s;aid to have caught 
the attention- of 20th :C.ehtuiry-Fox^ ; . 
'---./ y ; :. ■'-■." '■ ■ '■-. •PooIe'T. ■ . 

Marta iEggert, who- withdrew itom 'Higher and< Higher' .before It sus- 
perided at the Shubert* N. V,, until Aug. 5* lief t the cast, ; In which she Wa? 
.•{tarreid, to accompariy her husband, Jan Kiepura, Polish tenor, ltd South 
Anierica. , They signed a. jolrit contract; for appearances theire bef 6^^^ . 
entered the Dwlght Deere Wlniain inusical. During the season Kiepura 
gave 32 concerts, net receipts of 22 ^^g^ relief. 

i/larie Nash,, who replaced Miss Eggert; will appear in the same part 
when 'Higher' rislights. ;She will be- featured alorig with Lief vErickson 
and Lee Dixon if the latter rcturns tb the; show. ; Jack Haley and Shi^ 

■ilbsS''will icp-star.:- ■■■-'■.'';-.,'■.'.■ 

;;Wiman!s office remairis ;open, staff being on a year's basis, /which 
usiiai iri shoy/ business. Bpxoftice at the SHuberit offers tickets for jAugiist: 
perforhiances. aind reports some; sailes are: being; rinade. ;.: \ 

Pisbussi.ons .by Conigrcssional cpnini^^ which ended- with the' liro- . 

yisibn to: aid uneriiployed aptors being strickeri ;frorii the ; relief bill, de-* 
velbped opposed argumerits, especially from' ^yeiste^ri -legislators. One pf 
the latter declared that if the conimittefe irisisted on iriaking special classifi- 
cation fior actors, he 'Would.' insist on sirtiilar cphsiderati other classes 
of persons in need, traveling salesmeiri for iristarice- 

Argument of the opposition was that actors should ■ not be . singlied out, 
any mpre than others who, due tb' lack, of their usual occupations, ; werit . on : 
the riclief pay rolls O&y doing other kind of Avork. ;: 

The Shuberts are moving ;theiir New York scenic: studios and property ; 
rooms from West 47th itreet to a on thie West aide'. New site 

is on 38th street and Was occupied for a Iprig tinie by Millard France it 
Sprisi Latter firm has; not. figured in prpductiori; lor some -years. iThe .Shu- 
berts ialso have a Warehouse in Greeriwich Village but nriay switch to tlie 
'Mtlv'street'spot.;':;.'-' ' '. -^/^'-'v ^ ':-;,'-'^ 

The property is owned by F. M[. G'GOnndr, Who leased it to the Shuberta 
for five years. He was fbrhiet'ly 

and also a coriipany manager. - 

While Moss; Hart and George S; kaufnian are finishing lip a straight 
play,: Hart is also interisively, mastermindirtg a 'rieW type musibal,' as he • 
calls it, Which he is authoririg with Kiirt WeiU - (music). It enribracea 
Siirvdry new dejpartures in stage, technique ; frprn scenery (not projected, 
but sorirtethirig akin to it) unto wHtiri 

it eriiphiasijjtes the^ Usage bf i lyrics to iriotivate the story, and dei)art from 
the .accepted staridard of ;nt.iisic6medy techriique; : Iva Gersh>viri doing the 

lyrics. ■■;':;■ •.,■-;' .■.:/ ..-'V-:; .-.■■'•'.;'- ■■'-'■■^ ■ "■^; '".;; ■,'-•■ ■..■ ■■ ■ • •'■ 

The Irving Berlins nibved into their heW r^^^ in the iCatkkills oyer 
the Weekend. He . Avill, cortirriut^ to BrbadWay a: icoiiple ipf days : a week, .but 
will eoricentrate pri tunesniithirig his rieW . Broadway riiusical, having set 
back a 20th-Fbx fllmusical corrimitment until Winter; Show riiay have the 
Playwrights Co. member-directors (Sherwood, Rice, Behrrtian, et aL ) doiriij; 
the skits to Berlin's music, produced by the Playwrights. ' Idea is a satirical 
revue. ' r- ■ ' - 

; A srieak thief . entered : the. dressing; rooms of riiale playcfrs in 'Separate 
Ilooms,' Plyniputh, N. Y., on a recent Saturday afternopn after' they- had 
been paiid off and removed; the .coin from the various pockets. Only Oni 
hot nicked Was Edward Dorsey/who had his coin with him on stage. 
• But two days lateir, upon Returning to his home, Dbrseiy found the apart- 
ment had: beieri: ransacked. 

Al Hyde, Broadway bcxoff ice treasurer, has returned to NeW York after 
being serioUsly iU in Cleveland^ - He had gone there to take a position but 
was. struck by an auto heat the railroad station ui)ori, arrival A coinpoimd 
leg fracture sent him to the hospital fbr two rnonths. 

AriTiSlrong Voted fmj 
Of Masflp 

;;- : V :HollyvvQod^ -july 2i'' 

E;obert.,;Ar.riistrorig. wori .tirie; ptesi- 
dericy of ;the ' Masquers ; i;ri 'a . photo 
finish With vEdwa.rd ' Arri.old. • Alari 
Mowbray -,; be.baiitte / vice '.•president; 
Staniay ■'Taylor, •secretary;; .HP.waid 
Henshey,' trPastirei:- . Joe : . E. Bro wri, 
recording secretary, arid Frank Gam- 
peaiux, librariari. , . ■ 

New ■ dire;ctorate consists ol Harry 
Joe Brown, William Ili Davidsori; 
Jariies Normarily, Joseph Ratliff, Ben; 
Shipriian, . Clay Clenient,.; Chiarles 
Middleton, Ilussell Hicks, GUS Glass- 
mire, - John .Sheehan. Frank- Flyrin, 
Etne-^t Hilliard; William DUriri, Ber-: 
toil Churchill and David Thompson, 

Jimmy - Gleason may return to. 
Broadway as; a director -producier 
(ript- actor): . with 'Nice Weather 
We're Having,' : coauthored by him 
and Jerry .Hprwiri. . • 

Carl and ; Mrs. .- Fisher ; (Mary 
Mason) and the. Walter Wagners, 
clippered back from Bermuda. 

Charles K. Gordon ■'. has ai play' 
(from the French) primied for Broad- 
Way production. ; ; 

: Brenda Forbies mentioned as re^ 
placement for Ilka ■ Chase in the 
scheduled reopening of 'Keep Off the 
Grass' in August. 

Linda Lee uriderstudying In 
.'Louisiana ;Purchase.' ; She was 
vocalist on the Bob Ripley radio 
show, arid, with Vkginia Campbell, 
did a sister act iri the legit , 'Medicine 

Hume Cforiyn in N. Y. for few 

davs last :Week from Skowhegan, 

Me;- ; .' 

Gladys Hiirlbut writing a new play, 
this one a serious drama, at her sum- 
mer hbrtie at Woodstock, N. Yi 
: Carol Bruce, featured in 'Louisi- 
afia Purchase,': is promised a stellar 
role by ;Buddy de Sylva in his next 
Broadway musical. 

'Grass' Folds 

I Cbiitiriued firbiri jpaere 43. 

to kriitting. ;; Chorus took; the starid ; 
that, iniasmuch as it had supported 
Miss V Chase in : hei' chiarity drive, .she 
should reciprocate by: helping :therii 
keep' their ; jobs ;■ during . surnrtier by 
. agt'eeing to the salary ; revisiori. They 
so .stated' in a note; sent her. signed 
'Meriibers of the' Eriserin.blo.' ~ : Actress 
■was chagrined overthe cbmriiuriica- 
tion arid, termed. it an anoriyriious let- 
■teiv r '■ .■ .■■■■ •■:'.'.'•■■..;■ .. -;/,,^;- 
; ^Durante may go id Hollywood dur- 
: irig the layoff, having ;fe.ceiv;ed ft: film 
bid. He also has nitery; offers from 
the .middlewest. ; Closirig of ; 'Grass* 
is tjie. secorid musical to susperid this 
summer, 'Higher arid Higher' havr 
ing left ;thfe list tWo; weeks pre- 
viously, arid is dated to relight at the 
Shubert Aug. ■ 5. .Managements . of 
both shows discounted the vchances: 
of business from ;World's Fair visi- 
tors arid the ending of. the school 
term.: ■ ;.;.•■ 

With /BitfteM^^^^W^^ 
To Run Three Weeks 

/ . Central City, Okla;, July: 2. 

This little riiiriirijg town is oric« ;: 
more busy with final rehearsals for 
the; operiing of :. the Ninth Annual 
Play Festival, Jiily 6-27. Because, of 
the success of last yearns festival, 
Frank St. Leger; producer and dii-ecr 
tor, and Felix Birentiario; stage direc- ' 
tpr,:are back for the secprid successive 
year .and are doing ;Friedrich Sine-, 
tana's comic ope^a of bid Bohemia, 
'The Bartered Bride.' ; Last yoar St. 
Leger and Brentano presented to 
more than 13,000 'The. Yoeman of the. 
Guard,{ and with- thousands turried 
away at the bpxoffice the- play, festi- 
val will run three weeks this year — 
a week longer than last year. ■ 

Metropolitan' Opera stairs carry the 
principal : parts in 'Bartered Bride.' 
For the first tirifie a native (joloradan, 
Josephine' Antoiriie, cOloraturo so- . 
praria of the Met, will have the - 
feriim'ie lead role. John Carter, also ' , 
of the Met, has the-, male lead. 
Others of. prpriiinence in the cast arie 
Norman Gordon^ bass-baritphe; Louis 
;D.'A.ngelb, . ; bass-baritone;; : Louise 
D'Angelp, ; sppranio; . Philip Diiey, 
baiutbne; . Helen .;Olheim, contralto; , .. 
George RasPlt, tisnor,; and - Thelrtja. 
Votipka, soprano.' lyipist of the chorus . , 
has been picked locally.; ■ 
■' Central City has other attractions; 
The Tenor .bouse, historic ;four-story ; 
hotel (without an elevator), the old : 
mines, the M-cFarlane foundry, an- 
cierit saloons along steiep .Eureka • 
street, donkey carts,, jjibneer diancihg 
in the old livery stables, tlie placer 
diggings, the Glory Hole— all these 
riiake. ; Central City .the . principal 
tourist ' attip^action in ' the state. Tlie ;; : 
Teller - House.' Night. Club , will ' be 
open ;ori Thiu-sday and Saturday 
nights during the ^festival and will 
feature Frances Maddux. 
. The old opera house, where "Bar- ; 
tered Bride' will be given is 62 years 
old and is maintained in nearly its 
original condition. ; Seats are ' still 
old hickory kitchen chairs, the same 
.as when the house opened. Several 
Denver merchants guararitee the fes- 
tival against losses; 


"Wednesday; July 5* 1940 



Barney Kiawans returned from 
flshinu trip. . / i , > ' v, v, 
. Jean Durante arrived from Holly- 
. wood last: Week. . - ■: ' . , ; : : > ^ ..' • . 
r Monroe Greenthal bac^^^ after five 
weeks on the .Goast. : . 
^ Lady Mehdl (Elsie de Wolfe) 
cliopered. in from Lisbon; 

The ^ddie Josephs in- town,, the 
busiest of Holly woodians, 
' ' Wi^llace Munro had cataract re- 
; moved from eye. His >yife is seriously 

^ ^^^iRcpiubUc tossed a , cdcktail pairty 
Ibr Onia Muhsoii Monday afternoon 

: ^^lioxiiis Armstrong and Ethel Waters 
follow Orrin Tucker into the Para^ 

Vmoimt. '.: " ■■'■■"1 
.Evelyn Dick, Music Hall pubhost, 
taking couple: weeks oil at her home 
in Indianapolis. : - •■ - \ ■ " ■, 

Joey Deutsch, ticket ^ broker, ; who 
^was • seriously „ill laist year, h^is added 
. 40 pounds in Veignt. ; ^ V vlo, 

• Carniel Myers .and her husband, 
Ralph BlUTTi. Hollywood agent, in 
town on a brief visit. , , 

.liTTi Luridy, with U A on the Coasts 
has returned \vest after his first 
eastern visit in thrfee .yeiars; . . 

Add signs of . the times: store in 
Tinies Sqiiiare advertises in window, 
that Spanish is spoken by clerksv 

Disrupted ' U. S.-eohtinehtai com- 
munications, due ip HiUei^s blitz,, 
jazzing up itiany shpv/ biz deals. . . 
' Biz in th hiteries picking up. 
: ■ Seeins the .;boys. arid girls want to 
forget the world's w.orries for a few, 

hours. ■:„': : ' ^'i ■ ■ i, - 

!'Roy Davis wais inadvertently ' re- 
ferjed to as Roy Evaihs in the review 
.. of the Hippodrome, Baltiniiorie, last 

■ 'Week. ~ 

: Barbara ('Shoohy':) . Blair; back 
from Europe where the fbriner radio 
/ comedienne had been . sojourning for 

fome time. : . ' . 

Jcvry Horwini playwright, and 
; Harry Friedman; HoHywopd news- 
paperman; makipg a swing of the 
New England strawhats by motoj. 
. Fred . Schia^ff er, head of RKO's 
pressbook department, headeid for 
Pcmaquid,: Mc, for IpbstfSr fishing 
during vacation accompanied by the 

.'1 missus. ■ • •■ 

Lsiurence Beilinsbn, Screen Actors, 

. Quild attorney, east for brief busi- 
ness trip. Says it's a private case, 
but. confabbing with execs of other 

Julian T. 'Abeles, copyright attor- 
ney, ; smashed' hi.< finger in the door- 
^ of hi.s car; second time such accident 
occurried: 'within the . .past couple 
morith.f. ■ 
Eimque Baez, United Artists man- 
' ager in Brazil, in New York . for 
homeoflrice huddles, left Friday (28) 
: for his headquarters ; Rio de 

..Sammy .Weisbbrd, of the William. 
; Morris office, to: the Coast for sev-; 
eral weeks on a Cbuplie of deals and 
his. periodic visit;- Due back. in about 
a rrionth.. 

V . Brock Pembertbn fagged put after 

• fitteiiding ^ Republican, conclave • in 
PhiJly. So hot in Convention Hall 

. :: that televisibn lights were turned off 
at times. •. . • 

Leonard L. Lev inson,. co-author 
With Don Quinn . of . the Fibber. Mc- 
, Gee and Milly radio show, coming 
. to N.Y;,with his tamily, J;^ly: 10, for 
vacation. ■■/ 
. Forthcoming tbiir by Leopold Sto- 
koNiyslii and his musicians through 
' Lal'iri-Aiiieric'a has inspired a film 
story ciirrentiy. being oflered 'Several 

■ ma.ior studios. .'. . V'^'. . 
. Surprise . popularity of the Ijlte 
.;Dbu«;las Fairbanks ijfodUctipns, at 

the Museum of Modern Art since 
May 1, has" prompted Museum 

. officials .lo extend the series' an- 
other month. 

Ralph Rolan. fbrmerly special ad- 
vertising-exploitation rep f br RKO, 

. .back :in N.Y. after sojourning in 

. Mexico City for the last few months. 
.He scripted for Liberty and Colliers 
.while in Merico^ 

Bet weeii h is new Beverly Hills 
home, just ptvrchased, . a rented BeV- 
hills-pl.'icc under lease, and his pres- 
ent hotel apartment in NiY., Ira 
Ger.shwin is maintaining three homes, 
until he gets back to the Coast. 
: Pat Rbpney's COth birthday July A 

.. also celebrates his 50th year on 'the 
stage, starting with the Robney Eam- 
il,v ■ in . vaudeville. . He's current at 
the' , Diamorid Horseshoe . nitery, 

■ which will celebrate the event. :: .' 

Xyrin . Farnol has. obtained ■ a 
iTibnth^s leave bf. absence frolfri 
. United . Artists so that he hiay take 
. thie prescribed peripd of .^training at 
. -the Critizens Military ^Training Gamp,: 
Plattsburg; . N. Y., ■starting Friday (5). 
: • vBpb. Wllby -has ■returned - to At-; 
lanla' after -spendin.(» a few days in 
>Jew ■york:;iast Aveek contactihg the 
. Par -h.P.,. Abe Blank, who was also 

■ in. ha.s gone back tb - Des Mpines; 
..... making , a stopoff at . Philadelphia 
. ■ first.---.. : ' '. . ' ;.- .--'.•■; 

by taking oVer Rjbbbins at RobbiQa- 
dale, Minneapolis. Euburb, 

Col. H. A. Ciole of Texas; nitiohal 
Allied States* leader; Ed. Burnell, 
Chicago ekhibitbr, and George Gran- 
strpm, W. L. Hamilton and Harry 
Dryer, Twin City theatremeri;- visit-, 
ing: W. A. Stefles- at the latter's^ 
northern Minnesota country estaie, 
■Leo . IVIurray, Ijyceum: manager, 
back from ; combined New York 
hoiieyhioori-bujsiness trip, kays he has 
eight rbad shows, definitely booked 



for next season, including 'Skylark,' 
■Tob Many Girls,' . 'Tobacco Roid,' 
'Little. Foxes,' 'Man Who. Came 'to 
Diriher,' 'Pins iand Needles* and :Life 
With Father/ First jiamed starts it 
off Sept. 19-21. 

: Paradise Club: opened Friday (28)' 
for 26th summer with Bardu ^li's 
band; . . ' " . ..- 

. bzzie Nelson's orch began week's 
date at Hamid's Million Dollar Pier 
Sunday (30). 

Novelty Wonder Bar reopened for 
season Saturday (29). with Bill San- 
derson as rn.c;. 

George Hamid host to 2,000 Jer- 
sey Boy Scouts Friday . (28) at third 
annual; party .ion 'his; pier,- . 

"Ted and Linda, Briice began; danc- . 
ing . engagement Saturday (29) . at 
Ritz-Carltbn' MerryrGp-Round Bar. 
: Tony Martin the chief attraction 
on Hi'imid's Pier July 4.- Next day 
he will play at Gateway Casino, 
fabmei's Point.: ■ 

ipi'eanbr Lewis, daughter of Mor- 
iirner Lewis (Wielland-Lewis thea- 
tre chain), married Tuesday (25) to 
Richard A. . ker, JII, of philly; 

■ Philippa $chuy}er; eightryear-bld 
Negro prodigy, pianist and- cbm- 
poser, drew 700. at concert sponsored 
by Phi Delta Kappia Tliursday (27), 

Van Alexander's orch arrived" Sat- 
urday (29 ) for four-day engagement 
on Steel Pier, Today (Wednesday), 
Will^Bradley 'brings his o.rch iii for 
a Week. . • -■_ 

Harvey N. And ersbn, . theatre op- 
erations . director of Wielland-Lewis 
chain, won Rotary Cliib. golf tour- 
ney last ; week; . George Wielland 
back at desk after illness. 
: Hamid-§ Million Dollar Pief tb 
present Intercollegiate: Drama Fesr 
tivai. Started, this week with the 
Blue Masquers of University of Bufr 
falp, playing 'N-ight Must Fall,* 
: Wagon Wheel, offshore night spot, 
opened Saturday (29) with Joyce 
Darling's all-girl. orch. Marian Mack 
an^ ' Billy .Rose (nO ' relation to the 
Broadway showman ): featured. . 

■ Mae Desmond Players of Ph illy 
to present season of stock.^ starting 
July 11 on Ventnor Pier. They will 
turn over 40% of gross tp city gov- 
ernment during their 10-week, sea- 
son. City will supply electricity and 
a doorman. Starting with 'Yes, My 
Darling Daughter.'. 

George Raft returned here for first 
time, since 15 years ago when;., he 
was a hoofer ait Evelyn Nesbit's Sil- 
ver Slipper . Club.: Latter closed 
four years a^o. He, Sam Ledner, 
Bob Hope, Dolores Read and Jerry 
Colbnna held a. reunion party at 
Rilz Carlton Merry -Go-Round Bar. 

G.O.P Convensh 

Continued .front pape i - . ■ 

.'.By Les'.-Ree.s - 

. RliO . briahch held jiinriual: picnic 
- at- Bass Lake.' . v . ' . : City Variety club . sponsor- 
ing: biaseball game tb " 

. Minnesota Amus. -Co. club staged 
farewell parly for Barry Burke, city 
• district manaj^er, -who resigned. .- . 
''Volk. Brbthers,; local indies, in- 
creased their circuit to five houses 

important as selection of the nominee 
was uncertain until the very last, 
In 1936 it wis in the bag for F.D.R, 
iand the meetingis were a mere for- 
mality, each adjourning early enough 
so that the delegates could step out 
in the evening. . .. 
:• On top of this nitery biz was fUrT 
ther soured by the oVerzealousness 
of tho police department, which 
clamped down the lid last Saturday 
night, putting the chill oh any week- 
end gaiety by the visitors; ; r 

ipirectoi- .of iPublic Safety James 
H. Malone later announced that the 
police who raided central city spots 
had misunderstood his prciers but the 
damage had. already been : done.. Ma- 
ionS siaid.ihe rfieant pnly that clip- 
joints be shuttered.- ; ^Instead th^ 
tectives visited ie.vefy place :iat 1 am. 
iand ordered the customers out. , In 
many cases the patrons were forced- 
to leave unfinished driiiks on the 

table, ■■i^.-::'- : '^[:\: 
; Waiters, taxicab- drivers, , bellhops, 

checkrbom attendants and others 
serving the. visiting flrenrien all icom-^ 
plained that .they had . their worst 
week in the matter of tips. : Nickel 
tips for a party of. five dinlBi-,6> were 
cbmrriori,- waiters -refk),rte.d.^ -.^;^ 
; • All in .allr. the .entertairiment:.. in- 
dustry :was ibf the opinion that its 
contribution - to the $220,000: kitty 
that was raided; to ;bring.;the ;concla^ 
here, was money waiited, Only the 
hotels made a killing. .. Virtually 

/every hostelry /ari;^ apartment house 

milk ^ wa'si filled to capacity for the entirb 
week. ■ . 

The - Cotton Club and several 
smaller niteriiesi- shuttered fbr the 
summer "on Saturday night Some 
will never reopen, \ . 

Florrie Forde left $20,000. 
Savoy Grill, - in the front of the • 
hotel, has .been shut. 

'The Theatrb Wartime' . was 
theme of Fbyle's monthly, literary, 
luncheon. . 

John (Tony) Downing, with the 
John B. Myers office, is lieutenant in 
the Royal Air Force. 
: Harry Foster, a captain in the last 
war, is rejoining., the army as .lieu- 
tenant in. the Auxiliary Pioneer 
Military Corps. ■ 

- Maircel Rogez, who\s 'going. : to 
America, will wed film-: director 
Wesley Ruggles upon her arrival, 
according to reports. ■ 

Carla LehmSnn. formerly of Wihi- 
peg, signed by Michael Balcon for 
the lead in present Ealing Studios 
productibh, 'Sailors Three.' - i - ; 
.: :Dick Henderson is .in Wembiey-: 
hospital siifferihg from - a fractured 
arm: - sustained . in :eHcbunter . with 
automobile i- in i th^ blackout. .. 

Richard Taubcr playing . his first : 
three-a-day datie at the' Theatre; 
Royal, Dublin. Week of 'July . 8. Ex- 
pected to get. $6;000 for his end. -. 

.'Too Many ■iHiisbjrnd.s;' . being, read- 
ied for in England, . must be 
released here under the title, 'Two 
Husbarid.s.' . No explanation given for 
the switch. - i - . 

i Pen Tennyisbn, Cd irectbr of recentr 
ly completed 'Convoy,' film; around 
tNavy'.s; work in home waters, called 
by . the Admiralty to take - up his 
cbmmiasion iri the .service.' "' 
: :T\vo Cities : Corpi. ^.signed . George' 
Hayes, Gibb McLaughlin, ; Eyerley 
:Qregg. Beriiard Miles,: to: important i 
siipport ■rples in i 'Freedom Radio.* 
Pic draws . Columbia release.' :; ;. 

■ Marta Labarr J withd rev; . ' Yf roni 
Cicely Courtneidge-Jack . ' Hulbert 
filrriusical, 'Under YPur Hat/ to . re^ 
turn ,tb,i ..and ' France. Re- 
placed by Leonora Cprbett; featured legit original; . . : 
i Joynson-Hibks, 'formerly i Home 
: Secretary. ' legally representing 
Sam Gpldwyn and David O, Selz- 
nick, who were instrumental in thei 
.Gpldwj^n-Selzriick ' 'Contiraband' pic- 
ture; with Lou Jackson; 

Filming of !Garrisbn : Follies,* mu- 
sical, at Walton : Siudibs, proving a 
.break for yaude. actis. Signed thu.s 
far are Ann Lenner, . S^lviai. Kella- 
way and Leslie, Nicholl andt-Martin, 
Harry Herbert, Mackey's Band, 

Walter Mycroft couldn't get :to 
terms with 'Valerie Hobson and Rex 
Harrison for; starring, roles in As- 
sociated British 'Piccadilly,' and 
closed deal - with Judy Campbell 
and Sebastian Shaw to repliace. . . ' 

Sean O'Casisy's play. 'The Stars 
Turn Red,*' banned by the Lord 
Chamberlain from performance at 
the Welwyh Garden City Drama 
Festival by the Unity Players. Show 
had a private production recently.. . 
■ After two weeks at the Cafe de 
Paris; ..doubling in Charles' B. Coch- 
ran's 'Lights , Up;' week at Streatr 
ham and Gblder's i Green, ; Evelyn 
Laye set for vaudeville tour; on Moss' 
Empires and General Theatres 
Corp.. for .10 weeks. 

Shaw ^ has ; written ;- two .extra, 
scones for film 'version, of his ;legit 
favorite, 'Major : Ba.rbara.' Extra 
characters have also - been created, 
and of these Ronald Squire draws a 
butler .rble,. rWith' Edward Rigby 
signed, to play.; the nightwatchman. .. 
, Producer-director John Baxter 
completinij; player roster on 'Crook's 
Tour' ':with Abraham Sofaer. Morris 
Harvey, . Cyril Gardner, Leon de 
Pokorny, Finlay Currie. Noel Hood 
and Gordon McLeod. Script based 
on original radio yarn, aired' here, 
and purchased by British National. 

George Black has bought musical 
written by Nat D. Ayer. an, Amer- 
ican, but resident here. Ayer wrote 
'The Binp . Boys .Are Here,' one of 
the outstanding successes of the 
Alham.bra. during. , the last . war. 
Present' .show is probably destined 
for London Hippodrbme,' to follow 
'Black Velvet* . . 
. De.snite European ■ turmoil. Ga- 
briel Pascal is. gQin;i; ahead . w.iih his 
next. picture, Bernard ShaW's 'Major 
Barbara.^ with cast now on Ipcalioh 
at Dairtington Hall, Devonshire. In 
addition, to hi.s associate producer 
berth, Harold French assigned . a.s 
i dialog director on 'Barbara.' Freddy 
.YoDng .: draws. • director.; of. photog- 

here this month to address film .ex> 

change managers and ; i newspaper 
lads in . interest of Variety Club. 

Plans being drawn for a hew rriod- 
ern air-conditibned building for UA 
branch' office. Will be short dis- 
tance from present quarters, on film 
row. ' ■ ''-'^i. ■ . ■ 

Dick Martin^ former exhib in East 
St. Louis and St, Charles, Mo., tem-r 
porarily managing the Laclede :here 
for.; George Speros. and George 

Frartceis Buss, localite, returned 
from New York to ready for lead 
role in 'Church ' Mouse,' to . be pre- 
sented by Civic theatre, strawhatter, 
starting Tuesday (16). 
. Cast of 'See My Lawyer,' current 
at the Civic theatre, v^iU give bene- 
fit performance Sunday (7), entire 
proceeds being donated tb the Red, 
Cross. AH seats will cost $1.25. : 

. Bessie .Ash and. . Dbrb ' Minkin, lo- 
calite viivory*. ticklers, . appeared as 
soloists . With Sti : Louis .sy mph . 'a t ial 
fresco, concert in qiiadrangle at 
Washingrbn University last week. 

Among biit-o/-to.whers shopping in 
film row recently: Oscar Turner, Jr.; 
Chester, 111.; Caesar . Hunt, Rolla, 
Mo.; Merl Burdett of the- Biardett- 
Musser circuit, and Noah Bloomer, 
Belleyille, 111. - ■■ ';;,::■ - ■:;^;^ : [ 
- Av Sidney . Johnson, manager; pf 
the Shenandoahy St. Louis Amiis. Co. 
rialJe, made the grade to train at. the 
' Citizens' . rhilitary. vcampi, .. Leav - 
.worth, Kan^i, next rnonth. He; Was- 
one .of: 11; from 128 applicants,, to 
be accepted. . ' -'-.:.' 

. 'Mornings At Seven': in rehc^rrsial 
;for Town Square theatre, strawhatr 
tefr. tast includes Al Hohengarten', 
Mary Blattner, Anne Jennings, 
Ralph : Cook. Helen Blanchard, Eula 
Morgan, Blandfbrd Jennings and 
Wesley Gore- Run begins Friday 

(1.9). : ■ 

Clyde. Lucas spending : hi.s "spare 
time making model aeroplanes. 

William Morris,- Jri; and Nat Lef- 
kbwitz in for b.o. of Chi operations. 

Joe E. Lewis Corhes. into the Chez 
Paree for anbther stay starting: Aug. 

30. '■ ■ .'• 

Lou .Epstein coming back tp Chi; as 
company manager .of the Al Jolson 
show. ■' • ■ '- 

. Charlie Einfeld in for , regional 
Warner theatre meet . headed by 
Jimmy Cbston. 

Emory i Ettelson, former booker 
v/ith the ester h Vaudeville .circuit, 
ill at Edgewafer hbsp. ■ 

Biggest cocktail party in i history of 
local . show business was tossed for 
,Grad Sears by Jimmy Coston, with 
more than 500 people turning out for 
the affair at the Blackstone. 

Mario Silva . filed suit for divbrc*;. 
- Lou Hbltz bought a home in Bev- 
erly^ H-ills, 

. . Clark Gable shopping fbr; a ranch' 
in Arizpria. .; 

Jeffrey Lynn visiting the folks in 
Lynn, Mass. i; 

Billie Burke doing a biography of 
Flo Ziegfeld. : - 

Ray Milland back on the job after 
a leg injury. ■ ' ; 

. Cesar Romero out of the hospital, 
after typhoid. 

Jon Hall: injured by a premature 
blast of powder. 

: Grover Jones fecuperating from a 
major operation. . - 

Bert GilrPy ' hospital . with 
stomach trouble. '' ' < 

Eleanor. POWell left the hospital 
for a month's rest, . . . 

Irving' Briskin on a month's yacaT 
tiori at - Lake Tahoe. • 

Alice F^ye home froni : the hos- 
pital after operation.- 
. Earl Baldwin heading fbr :Maine to 
work on a screen' play. • 
■; Lucia LaCert.b changed her fllrin 
name" tb Luicia Carroll 

George O'Brien sprained his knee 
in an accident on ioca'tibn. . 

James Stephenson .going east for a 
month on the haylbft circuit 

JeiT Lazaru.s,- back frorti a. world 
cruise, writing screen material. - 
, Dee Lawrence (Mirs. Herb Drake), 
joined the RKO publicity, staff., i, 

Y. Frank Freeman back at his. after Manhattan huddles. 

Mel Stamper .checkiied out of Para-; 
mount's . camera, department ' after 13 . 

Al Mannheimer to Siam for three- 
month vacation from his Metro writ-, 
ing job. 

Arthur S. Lybns entered a crbss- 
coniplaint in the divorce action filed , 
by Ila Rhodes. 

• Irene Dunne voted the. most un- 
derstandable actress . at California 
convention of The Hard bf Hearing. 

Lpuis B. Mayer put his foot in. a 
gopher hole on the Hillcrest links 
and came up with a' swollen ankle. 

Byi Hal iCohen 


Continued from page 1 . 

St. Louis ^^^^^^^ ^ 

i,,:^'' By Sam X. Hurst 

-Peanut Grove, South .St. Louis 

'mtery. has folded. ' ' ' 

' Mother of Jim Gatcly, booker at 

Republic exchange here,' died. 

. JVIrs.. Ben rRpbin.s, wife of the local 

.UA' br'anch .'managei-, :out 

pital. ; ■;. :--..■ • 

Tony - Scarpelli. looking for an al 

fresco, nitery spot here, to : operate 

■for summer,; . : ■ ' 

. :Hcrnrtan.''.Seis.s6f s,. 'riianager ; bf ■ the 

Varsity theatre, has bccoroe father 
I of ' a- daughter. .-.' ^ 

j Lightning.' Started . fire .ih Sauter's 
: Park, .South St.'. .Louis amLisement 
■ Center. Damage .about -51500.:. - .; ' .. 
,1 .- Frank Panu.s . directing St Lpui.s 
' WPA crch which began i Series of 
•'''Cuff'o:si.irhmer ' Gohcerrs last-week: pn 
I roof: of YMHA' building, '; '. 
.1 - . Art ^Silch, rnanaj'cr - (.f the Rio, 
: iNorth . St .Loiiis. dftJuxe "h-abe; ..soon 
„'..t'o .be . benedict,. Hi? . inlcriclcd . is 
i Dorothy ' Mark, M ( iberly ,' Mo. 
J- Walter Wangcr skt'ddcd. for visit 

shows as possible, biit that may be 
limited by the Lunts' determination 
to do rathier lengthy excerpts from 
•the play, rather than short sketches 
in the; dramatic spot on a variety 
program. Play Wright is contributing 
ail his royalties from th,e drama to 
the Red'and is understood in-, 
tending tp dp the. same with the 
radio fees.: • 

until • persuadedi to. appear on' the 
recent Red Cross benefit program, 
the Lunts were said to have bben 
terrified at facing ; a microphone, 
but were subsequently amazed and 
impressed al the huge re.sponse their 
appearance •brpuight That was; the 
deciding factor in their determina- 
tion tp make a hurriber of additional 
radio appearances. 

Sticks' Two Spectacles 

Two patriotic or historic spectacles 
are due to be shown-in the hinter- 
land next 'season, one; being 'The. 
American W.ay.' presented at the 
Center, N. Y,, last year, . and ' the 
Pther 'American; Jubilee;' currently 
showing at the .Y; World's Fair. 
Albert ' John.<;bnj : whb directed .the 
latter shbw, has . prbppsed. to take it- 
pver pn a royalty basiS; .. 'Jubilee' : 
uses an ; enormous stage, but Jphn- 
spn believes- it . can. be eflfectiyeiy 
presented with ; small settings, in 
auditoriums, "'i.;' - ■ ■/■■■■ .;'■.''••..:.■ 

Rights to; 'Way' have been secured 
.by ' Jerome . 11- Cargili, :\yhp an.-i 
nounces it will be shown •similarly 
under auspices of local Chambers of 
Commerce or other .' ' ; organiza- 
tions. He : proposes . to recruit local 
ensenibles and 'some . iJl ay ersi, ; prob- 
ably touring the leads. Cargili, who 
his figured in : the Staging of pageants 
in various cities, proposes: loi have 
two sets ;bf (Equipment 
'Way' in two .spbts at the same; time.: 
He says that. -Way' will be a factor 
in an Americanism: drive and that 
more tbart; 30 towns ha v^e .expressed 
■ in the idea. . .. ■ 
V Mi.Chael Todd to tour his 
three 'Gay New- ,• OVlean.';' ,sliows. 
Combined, the. plan ii.s to show them 
in' places other than theatres; His 
oonc'cnaed ' 'Stv.qcts -of - iPati.s'. also % 
the e.xpo..;inay, go put as a vaud^;unit 
ih the fall. '- -. 

Band leader Johnny Long lost a 
$1,500 fiddle last Week iii an auto, 
crackup. ■ 

.ii Harry Wailton, late of Dick Star . 
bile's band, is Brian. MacDonald's 
hew pianist • ; 

Owen . Cleary, of Fulton theatre, 
pulling but of a dangerous, illness at - 
Mercy hospital. 

Nitery owner Al Ritz arranging 
vacation tb coincide with Lions con- i 
vention. in Havana. 

Yacht Cliib opening: its new but-* 
door Patio Barge with big' show to- . 
night (Wednesday). 

Jackie Heller:, quits • brother's 
nitery July 18 for a week at Leew's 
State in New York. 
. Carlo Pugliese, who Operates a' 
downtown restaurant, has taken overi' 
Riviera, Aspin wall roadhouse. : 
; ./Dillon .O'Ferns has given up act- 
ing for . a post with / Pennsylvania- i 
Central Airlines in Washington. 

Fbx Chapel Playhouse doing 'Room 
Service' this week pn heels of 
opener; 'Invifatipn to ai Murder.' 

Tom . . Ripe, . husband of Claire 
Cupps, former dancer, is- William 
Penn hotiel's hew sales manager; . 

The Dalton . Bradleys here from 
Los Angeles for ^ visit with Mrs. 
Bradley's sister, Mrs. C, J. Latta, 

Harry Seeds* lad, Marty, and 
Eleanor Wolken were married June 
26 and are honeymooning at the sea- 

Donald Steinfirst, music critic, 
back home after Westporting for 
couple of days with the. Fritz . 

ByJBarry Martin 

Dr. Louis Levy reelected president • 
of Memphis Symphony orch. 

Oscar Morgan, Par's sputherh divi- 
sional sales manager, in ;town. ;. 

John Sloyan. Variety Club stew- : 
aird, off tb Hot Springs for the baths, 
.. Howard Watigh and Homer Hiscy 
home from Warntt- ;confab in Chi- 
cago. •'.:'■•■. •■ .' 

Little Theatfe's sumnier produc- 
tion of 'Drunkard' a smash hit at:- 
Cjcrmania Hall .■ -' i- . 

Lou Smith of (Columbia's ftolly- , 
wbbd praisery . huddling" with, local for first time;; 
. W. A. Scully here to ;: once-over 
Uhiversal's new streamlined -.feXr 
change with Frank: McCarthy. . 
: Don Gautier arrived from New 
York "fori .Gornedy leads in straWhat 
mu.sical. season put Overton Park, 
way. -. "■ ,:■ --■ .-.■■ 

- Col.. Cecil E. Vogel of Loew's State 
Vfioatlbninf; in Kentucky and Indiana. 
E, Fry of . Loew's Louisville standr 

in;.' in.. .: ' ' .:-.':-.. ':.. ;. 

.; ChUrlo.« G/Morgian, .succeeding. L. H. 
b) IV a.s Civic Theatre nrexy: . Ross. 
•IVIathfvv's renamed Little Theatre, 
.ho"'!:^.;^;^ -,second.- ferm.' ■ ■; - ; 

: Clvde McCoy oneried on Peabody's 
. Piahlaf'ion Roof Friday; <2?i)\,. Ranrty., 
Week:.' bnnd Dreemed .' on Stirlite 
iXaot Claridgc next day, ., Mr-Co'y - 
\-iV; > Buddy Rogers; Weeks for Pinky; 
Tomlin.- .;. 



Wednesday, July 3, 1910 


fore joining Metro. lie went with 
Wanger in 1935, 'Trail Of Lonesonie 
Pine,'' ''ShaRhai' and 'History Is 
Made at Night' being;; ji is best-known 
; pict urets. Leaves a .w ido w and..' a 
sbri;,;'-- . ■'• •■ ■. . . ' : • 


Ben . Turpin, 71, film comedian 
with ;the; crossed eyes, died Monday 
■(1 ') in tibllywQpd of heart disease; 
Biographers, and .. friends, . .always; .rcr 
ferred to him as beiiig . around six- 
.years younger than \ really . jivas, 
■ Turpin wasn't bo.rn ..trossreyed.. 
. While ..playihg. ' a Vjiappy Hooligan 
role, his right .eye^sIippiGd o.ut o^^^^^^^ 
after he had beeii holding it ^olt : 
center:' to;c ■ theS vch^ract^ti^ation.;. 
Normal visionTi.eyer , was restored 
but/this disability, actuklly improired 
his valiie. as ; a -comediiaii aiii; boosts 
his salary. 

He was one ...of. the first siapsticV 
comics! ph, : ttiie. .screen, ^'.basiiiij-; his 
comedy routine's around' his . askevv 
ieyes. He always ; was/the man who 
did '.every thing - wrong. Turpin did 
.not swre inataivt : success.' in filrhs; 
however, and. there was ah interUp- 
iioh to his . picture ciarcer . wh^^ he 
went back to. theatrical troupinlg. - • 

Playing an unimpbrtant. ■ pic^ 
Job led to Turpih's •success,'. Iht^^ 
duced to Charles ..Gbaplih, they , ih- 
stantly.l took a. iiking to ..each' other; 
with .Turpiri getting his .first ;gobd job 
with . the ^English comedy star aind 
J^ack Se'nnett.- He : made . short: 
comedies With Mabel I^ormandl, Ros- 
. coe" Tatty; ArbuicWe and p Se«- 

nett stars. ' ■. • ;'. ; ■ 

Turpihi Whb Was , considered h.and-. 
aoirie V in. .his.-youth, after .. ;short 
career as . a hofab got the . yen to 
become ah actor.' , He naturally- was' 
comical, could - do tricks, coniedy 
liiilis arid tht6,w his eyes out of lihe., 
His first . vaudeville act was with .a 
partner, teain getting . $20 av week. 
Eventually, he. wound up. with. Sam 
,T. Jack's: btirlesque. Then hfe. hit 
oil the Happy. Hooligan' - character, 
which he- .played ■ 17 . consecutive 
years . 6n the ' road; Final, picture iii; 
which Tarpin appeared "was 'SapS; at 
Sea,' Hal Roach, ' .prbdilctioii in 
which he plalyed a bit rol^. 

, COLGAjt-BAKEit.-.;' :-. 

Colgate Baker, . eis, retired, critic 
and play Wright, died June 2,5 at the 
, Home .for Ihciirables, 'Bronx, N. ' Y.. 
He had suffered from paralysii for. 
niore -than'a year, - 

When the old New York Review, a 
weekly theatrical paper, was founded 
in 1909, he jpined the staff as drama 
critic, and remained .with the paper 
in that and other capacities until , it 
^ ceased . publicaition; " 1931. While 
working in San - Francisco as a ."Te- 
porter for the Chronicle he iriariried 
Frieda Gallick, an actress, for whom 
he later wrpt6. a play, 'Love's Great 
' Lesson.' 

Born in Kobe, Japan, the son of 
Colgate fiaiker,: a tea importer, he. 
was educati?d at Yale University and 
later attended thieyUnited States Mili- 
tary Academy it West Point. Due 
to poor health he wais forced to yrith-; 
, ■ draw from the ;academy. Subse-, 
quently -he joined the riegular army 
and saw active service, in various 
caihpaigns.. Some of his other plays 
included 'Williarii Pitt,' which dealt 
with the life.of the British states- 
man, and 'Children of. France,' A 

Siirvi-ving are two daiughters* Mrs. 
JTorman McEvers, of Bridgieport, 
Conn.i and Mrs. Arthur Babcbck: of 
New York. 

legit tragedienne, and ; vvhb. flchieyed 
a worldAvidc rcputatibn as a cle- 
sigher and .builder pt bridges, died in 
• Lp.s 'Angeles .Jui-ic. - 20; '; ' . ■ 

Thoiigh he . was . educated , in iCraT 
. PoiaiH}, liis birthplacOi and 
studied piano - under the- tutelage of 
Gasimir Hofniann,: father, of ..piariist 
josef tlolmann-,: ncitlVcr . music .rior 
the .thcal re; appealed • ■to. V him as a 
career', . -W.h(?ri ...hi*; mother ;niade her 
first -tour of .-, five Ij,; ;S/ : he . served ;'as 
her advance manager when only. 15! 

As a member of Ih'e civil engineer-- 
iiyg; firm oi George Wi^M 
assisted ■-in"'. the construction of 'the 
Union Pacific bridge, Qmaha, one of 
His 'first iohs'.-.^' Later, he;. -formed his 
own company whiehi biuilt score's -of 
sp'ahs- thrbughout. the U. S.- As .coh- 
sulting .(engineer,.', he . w associated 
in . the... building;, of : gan Francisco's 
Trans-Bay Bridge. New York's: Man- 
hattan Bridge and . other famous 
structures, ; . . 

■ . , His. widow , .and; three children' by 
a ; fti-st rnartiage ^ &u rviye.; : ■ - :V 


Walter Heimore , died; in Heriefqrd- 
shire, England/ June 4, 

He .wrote, rnariy sketches and sev- 
eral times cpliabOrated witiv novelist 
Eden Phillpotts iii writing plays. 

, Mrs, Minette Brazie, 37, secretary 
of Actors Equity in Los Aiigeics for 
past eight years, died there June 23 
as result of aii accidental gunshot 
wound, ' . . :, ■•■ .i .-.-i ' 

Jack Adams, 49, stagiehand and, 
fprnier .big-league^^b^ 
June 24 in .',HPlly'wbod after a Ibn^g 
iUness;. " ■ 


' ; Paul i), Cravath, corporation coun* 
sel and known in show business . as 
president of the Metropolitan '.Opera 
Assn. at thie time of his; death, also- 
.as; ia partner , in the firin of CraVath, 
De Gersdorff, Swaine & Wood, which, 
has represented several film com- 
panies, died at ' his. Locust Valley, 
L..I., estate Monday (1 ) shortly after 
.suffering, a heart attack. He would 
have been 79 years old on July 14. V 
, Counsel for many large corpora- 
tions, 'ihcluding Bethlehem Steel, 
Westinghouse Electric, International. 
Harvester and Ji P. Morgan, Cravath 
became head of the Met in . 1931, fol- 
Ipwing the late 'Otto Hi Kahn's resig- 
nation fr<)m that post. . -' 

Services . are being held from, his - 
Locust- Vallej' home this afternoon at 
3; Widow, daughter and three grand- 
children survive, - 

Mother, ,73; of Geprge Abbott, 
playwright, prpduber ahd. direotbr, 
died June 24 at her home in Ham- 
burg, N, Y, Also surviving are her. 
hUsbihd,. George B. Abbott, another 
son, Berwell . M. Abbott^ and - a 
daughter, Mrs.. Isabel Jurgens, of 
Montciair, N,--J, - ■ ■ ■. 


. George -Hackathbrne, 44, stage and. 
screen actor, " di^d Jiihe 25 in Holly- 
wood after a- prolonged illness. He. 
had been in pictures since 1920 after 
a . career as :a boy actor and •vaude- 
ville troiiper. ' . 

His first important scre'eii part was 
the title role in 'The Little Minister' 
for Famous Players-Lasky. Other 
pictures, in Which: he appeared were 
'Night Life.' in . New York,' 'Merry- 
Go-Round,' . 'The Turmoil,' 'Capital 
Punishment,' 'The Sea Urchin,' 
'Wandering: : Fires,' . 'The Lady/' 
'Human Wreckage' and. "The ' Mag- 
nificent Obsession.' His last Was a 
bii part in, /Gone with the Wind,* 


; Nicklous Leiendecker 55; for years 
a trapeze . performer with leading 
circuses; under the name of Nick 
White, died recently - in . a . DeiiVer 
hospital, of » heart attack. He was 
business agent and publicity director 
of the. billposters' union in Denver, 
connected; with the National Western 
Stock Show and for two years was 
manager of Eldorado Springs, sum- 
mer resort near Denver. 

Surviving are his , widow, son, 
daughter, tniree sisters and a brother. 
Funeral services and burial in 
Denver.' . . 

Mother, 84. of Flpi'eriGe A uer. legit 
abtross, died after long illness 
June 27 in New York. Also stirviying: 
are. t" '^ other daughters., Annette 
Auer-, ai.\i Mrs, Blanche Friedman. 

Mris. Howard; J. Green, 68, mother 
of screen writer-play wrigiit, died in 
Hollywood June '29, 

. Mother of Shirley Saling, WBEN 
(Buffalo) singer; died Friday (28) iR 


Eleanore Hoffman to Jack Kelly 
in. La Crosse, Wis;;. June 25. He's 
announcer at W;KBH, La Crosse. , 

; Viola Mitchell to George Fearn- 
side, in; Pittsburgh,, June: 23. Bride 
is: a. .concert yipiihist. ■ ■ - 

Francesca . Bruning - to John D. 
Beaufort, in Brooklihe, Mass:, Jiine 
28. Bride is le^t actressrhe'is;N; Y,' 
drama , critic ; for. (Christian Science 
Monitor, i -. 

Nancy McKenna- to 'WilUam Gay, 
June 28 in Los Angeles. He's super- 
visor of annbuncers. at KNX there. 

.Frances Reid to Philip Bourneuf, ih 
New- York, June 27, Both are legit 
players. ' ' 

, Arnold ; J.. Bernstein to jeanne 
Mary Postley, at Scarsdale, N.. Y., 
July 1, Gro.Pm^, $bn of David Bern- 
stein, v.p. and treasurer of Lpew's,^ 
is: an attorney,, associiated- with . Ju- 
lian T. Abeles. . 

WB 's Legit 

.Continued from page 3, 


Jess Adkins, 55, joint owner, and 
operator of the Cole' Bros, circus 
since 1935, died of a heart attack 
June 25 in Hey Wood Memorial hos- 
pital, i-Girdner, Mass., shortly after: 
the opening of the circus ther e. ,Pre- 
vib,ijsly he had erijoybd gobd health, 
- In partnership with Zack Terrell,' 
he kept the Cole ciircus arripng thb 
nation's top rankling outfits in face 
of bitter opposition from the Rihgr 
ling combine. Sffveral years ago the 
; t\vo organizations engaged in a 'dir 
cUs' wa? * which grew out of con fl ic t 
irig route schedules. Situation was 
adjusted; ' 

Among the more notable conflicts 
■ was one that occurred four years ago 
•when Adkihs and Terrell , bbokcd 
their circUsVirito the old Hippodrome, 
If. Y., coincident , 'With the Ringling 
.stdhd at the nearby Madison Square 
Garden. With Clyde . Beatty as its 
ace attraction; the Cole, outfit woiind 
up its stay with a fair gross.. ; Last 
February a $150,000 firie in the virin- 
ter quarters at Rbchester, Ind., re- 
sulted in the loss ot many ; valuable 
animals. - - - . -''' 

He leaves his Widow,. Mrs. Theresa 
Adlcihg; a- soil, Thpmais| and a daugh 
ter, Patricia. - ' - 


Frank Hortpn, 54, legit actoi-, died: 
of a heart attack June 25 When, he 
was taken ill on the street hear, his 
home in Astoria; L; 1. . ; ; ' 

Bjbrh. in Dublin, Horton came to 
the U.S, in 1915 and. appeared in 
such .plays as 'Roads ^ of Destiny,' 
•Little Old New Ybrk,' 'White Cargo* 
and 'The Crook^ Convention. 

Funeral serviciss were held under 
the aaspices of the Actors Fund and 
burial took 'pliace in St,- Johns Ceme- 
tery, Birobklyhv 


.. Mrs, Sophie 'Withers. 90, onetime 
stage actress, died at Glehdale, Cal., 
Juiie 29. - 


• Thomas J. McCormack, 31, singer 
in New Oirleans' French Quarter 
nigiit: spots, died ih that city Thurs- 
day (27). - Cause of .death was diag- 
hpsed as cerebral hemorrhage. . ; 

. Body isent ;.to Mpntgomery, Ala., 
for funeral seiryices, - ■ 


Ralph • Modjcski, . 79, - son of the 
la te iVIme. ' Helena Mbdjeska, noted 


Alexander Toluboff, 58, art direc- 
tbr for Walter Wanger, died' July 1:' 
in Detroit. Previously he had been 
with Metro, where he handled art on 
major pictures fpr nine years. , 

Toluboff, born . in Lublin, Russia, 
was ail architect ' and engineer be- 

dUctions yet., preisented. Whether 
Warners will have as many .attrac- 
tions, next .season' depends on .de- 
velopments;. .- 

. ' Firm's- first offering in September 
will be 'Jupiter ' Laughs,' an Flnglish 
play by Dr. J. A, Cronin, which 
will have Reginald Denham on the 
directional <end. London has not 
yet seen 'Jupiter,' which was. tried 
out in the pirpyinces.; WB's New 
York office, which is casting the 
show, has two other, scripts under 
consideration. ; It's.' not settled yet 
whether the . picture - company ; will 
again be concerned with George 
Abbott productions. ■. 

That the. 1940-41 seasbh may get 
underway somewhat eairUer than'the 
past several sesisbns is indicated in 
other . offices. -Playwrights -Co. . is; 
casting for *A, Journey > to : Jeru- 
salem,' also due in September. Ab- 
bott at, present on the Coast for the 
filming of 'Girls,' may tee : 6ff with 
another musical, either a tune ver- 
sion of 'Much Ado Abbiit 'Nothing'' 
or 'Pal Joey,' a .Rodgers arid Hart 
riiusical from John O'Hara's book; . : 
• Another early, musical l.s 'The 
Little Dbg -. - Liaughed,' slated- by 
Eddie Dowling. ' September, tbo, is 
to introduce' 'Hold On to Your 
Hats,' the Al Jolsbn musical - which 
opened in Detroit Sunday. (30). Still 
other musicals expected ih^ early ;f all 
are "The Funnies,' with . Ed Wynri; 
•New Faces of 1940,' the. delayed .loe 
Cobk-Patsy ;,KeHy starrer, .and pos- 
sibly 'Two ' Weeks With Pay,' a 
reyiie which tried out last week In 
White Plains,. Mentioned, -'tpo, .for 
the first part of the coming season 
is • a; 'Ziegfeld Follies' by the Shii- 
berts, cast lineup at present being 
Harry Richman, Bobby Clark and 
the Howard Brothers. 

ANG Convention Battle Seen 

Full-dress battle for conti-ol of the 
American Newspaper Guild -is a 
cinch to break out at the ■ annual 
convention opening next. Bilohday (8) 
in Memphis. , Battle lines are clearly 
drawn between ' present 'adm.ihistra* 
tive group and oppositibh marshaled 
by six of the .12 International Ex-, 
ecutive- Board members. : .- ; ; ', 
■ Leading fight for' the. former are:^ 
Milton Kaufman, executive; vice-, 
presiijlbnt; Victoy Pasc\ i; secretary- 
treasurer, . .aiid Morris V^atspn ; v.p,, 
all backed by tlie New York Guild's 
bloc of votes and supported: by v.pis 
Connelly Of tips Angeles, Cambzzi 
p f Seattle a nd Su Ilivan of Boston , 
Qppbsition ; leaders include Harry 
lilartin of .'Memphis,^:pnly^,nbmjnee 
for the presidency thus far;; ;VV^illiarn 
Farsori of Philadelphia^ I. L.- Kerien 
of Cleveland. . Harry Wohl of Chi- 
cago, Julius ;Kly man Of St; Louis and 
Roger Irwin of Toronto. -- 

Kenneth Crawford of Washington, 
,successPr to- Heywood;! Broun as 
president,; is declining reelection fpr 
full tei-m in office whic^i is nbn- 
$alaried. . c . . .:-\-- ~ ;■' 
.: Charges of . communism ih Guild 
leadership, >raised by Westbrpok 
Pegler and /Editor & Publisher, cut 
a big figure in the New ; York ..local 
elections, but .are not expected to 'dp 
so in the natiohal scrap; Fight there 
is primarily one made - by group, of 
board: members . charging adminis- 
trative-staff, vvith inefficiency, - ppli- ■ 
tics and Ipg-rplling, 

Cpnvehtiph Will be; first CIO nar- 
tional, meeting in Tenhe.ssee, first 
Guild: huddle, iri south. Election of 
oiacicers . is scheduled for Friday (5)> 
Peabody hotel will be the scene. 

-, - M.. L. Ahnenberg's 3 ITears - 

.'Maybe my businesses outgr(ff\v my 
bbokkeeping' Avas the way Mpses L, 
Ahneriberg: descl'ibed his indictment 
for evasion - of income taxes upon his 
jkrraignmeht.; On Monday. (1), in 
Chicago ; Federal, court," the former 
newsboy, - who became a publisher 
and rriade millions ihrbiigh his. vari- 
ous, turf,; ihfprmatipn bureaus, came 
to. a final accounting. Judge Jarnes 
W. "Wilkerson sentenced the 64-year- 
old publisher to three years in prison 
on his plea of guilty to. evading $1,- 
216,297 in income ; taxes. . . Ah Annen- 
berg bookkeeper, . Joseph E..,- Hafner, 
•Wias sentenced to five ^months in 
pirison.,' ■ . - 

Setting bonds of $100,000 and- $25, 
060 for Annenberg and Hafner, re 
spectively, the court granted a, stay 
of execution for ?0 days; tase • 
yolyed the largest income tax prose- 
cution ever to be held' in the U. S 

Annenberg has agreed to give the 
Governinent $9,500,000 . in ; the next 
seven years in settlement of all tax 
Claims against him' since 1923. . 

on the screen as. well as the drama, 
inistead of restricting himself to tUii 
"latter only as did Nathan, 

Kaufman also reps London and 
Australia periodicals in Hollywood, 
but the coin embargo necessitated 
these new connections. ' 

5th Column Libel Suit 

• Joseph Curran, presidehl of th.* 
.National Maritime Union of AjiteriGti 
filed suit Saturday (29) in N. Y. su' 
preme court against Walter Winchell, 
the Daily Mirror, Inc., Radio Corp, 
of'.' Americia, ' Natlo 
Corp,, and Andrew jergens Co. 
seeking damages of $1,000,000 for al- 
leged libel. Libel is claimed to have 
occurred in! Winchell's broadcast 
over WJiZ June 9, and in the Mirror 
on June 10. -.--'■.- -■ ,-.-7 

The • plaintiff avers . that in. th« 
Mirror story,, under a title of 'The 
Walter Winchell Column vs. The 
Fifth Column,' the writer charged 
the- plaintiff . withi being engaged 
in subversive activities, • sabotaging 
American vessels, and 'Fifth Column 
activities.' All of this is false, ma- 
licious ; and ..defamatory, , plaiatiflt 

Suspends for the J>urati6ii 

,.'I1. Messagero. ('The . Messenger'), 
leading ; Italian language weekly 
published at New Orleans; by CoU 
Paul Mbntelepre, on Saturday (29.) 
in a page one' editorial announced 
temporary suspehsipn of the publi- 
cation for the. duration cif the War ; 
abi'pad. -: ■ • ,v- 

'The only Interest " and : the .- only ' 
einptions , y/hich should ; move , it 
American citizens: are the 3iitere;;t 
and love of this country,' Col; 
Mbntelepre wrote. ?We believe that 
we are going through extraordinary, 
tihies which require unity of eft'orts, 
unity 61 sentiments and Unequivocal, 
attachment to this land of our birth, 
to this land of .Our adoption.' 

He added that decision to su.s-- 
pend publication of the paper wa.5 
in cbnsbnrnce with sUch sentiments, 
and vvas 'lopking forward to the. 
great interest and : safeguard of 
America.' .'-• '. - " ' 

Everett Lewis sold his song, 'Ar- 
gentina Tina,'; for .use in Uriiversal's 
'Argentine Nights.' ' ' v. - 

-; :.'-. 14 Gel News Awards 
~ Two hundred newspapermen, news- 
reel men and radio newscasters at- 
tended three-day - National Head- 
liners' Frolic ending Sunday (30), at 
which plaques were awarded 14 for 
outstanding -work during the past 12 
months. ■ 

Ampng Avinners we7*e M. D. (j-lofine 
of News . of.' the Day for 'Awake 
America,' judged best domestic news- 
reel; Arthur Menlcen of Paramount, for filming of British, evacua- 
tion of Nanisos during Norwegian 
campaign; , General Hugh Johnson, 
for his daily coliunhs in interest of 
nation's welfare and defense; Herbert 
:L. Block of -NEA, for drawing, show.- 
ing bolt of Nazi lightning striking an 
umbrella; Angus Perkerson of Atr 
lanta* Ga-;- for outstanding Sunday 
magazine section;: Wiliiaiiri L; White, 
of CBS, for broadciast laist Christmas 
Eve directly from trenches in Fin- 
land; Westbrobk .Pegler, for exclu- 
sive dornestic hewS coverage; Wilbur 
Arthur, for biitstanding foreign cor- 
respondence; Robert Stevenson of 
the' Waterbury, Conn;, iR'ep.ubliean, 
fpr oiitstaridihg :public. service;."Cl,hC- 
f ord ; Day' of United Press, for, -best 
foreign riews reporting; Leo Lieb -of 
P.M, for best still photo (while with 
N. Y. ; Mirror), and Howard Blakes- 
lee,,. /Associated Press scierice editor, 
for his work in scientific^and .medi- 
eal reporting. 

Kaufman's Coast Berths < 

- Wolfe Kaufman flew into- New 
York from Hollywood last week to 
close two deals with , Friday and 
Newsweek; to Represent' both on the 
Coast. - --.-'v. ;' •' -.;'... - 
: For Friday, Kaufmani . ex-VARtpTv- 
mugg, will do two features a mohth. 
For Newsweek, he will cover pre- 
views, news, etc, ~ Tom Wenning is 
the eastern reviewer, . John O'Hara's 
joining of Newsweek,; in place of 
George Jeaii Nathan (as elsewhere 
detailed), will, round out that de-. 
partment, as O'Hara will- comment 

Get Together Kiddies ;" ,,■ ■ 

General . Hugh Johnson and West- 
brobk Pegler, in their United Featln a 
columns, have frequently had coii- 
flicting opinions, but an unUsuai ono 
cropped up last Friday' in their, re.r 
spective. analyses of the conduct of 
the Republican Natibnail Cbriventioii 
in Philadelphia. Johnson, thought it 
was .a quiet affair;, pegler called It, 
iri teffecti noisy. ' 

: The ;columns, appearing one under 
the other ih the . syndicate's New 
York- outlet,, the- /World -telegram, 
thus had a particularly startling ef- 
fect to the' reader transferring h Li 
eyes from Pegler, who leads . the 
daily's, cblumnar page, to Jphnsoii's 
pillar, immediatiely underneath. 

It's not Unusual for the Brpadway 
chatter and gossip columns to con- 
tradict or repeat on each other,' but 
riot with comnientatbrs like the 

. Watts' Itinerary 

Dick Watts shoves off this week 
f rpm Hplly wood for Mexico City to 
report the presidential election 
July 7, for the N. Y. Herald-Tribune. 
Watts is presently covering , tlwj 
Coast, studios : for his sheet. ; 

He plans ' visiting the Orient 
again; - ;. - 

Advertising: for Authors 

,> Business is. so; dull Vilii-cerlaiu 
play brokers arid authors' agehciea 
that they're . scouting and even ad- 
vertising for clients. 

Dir. Edmprid PaUker is typical of 
the InternationaL : literary reps "in 
America who, with fpreign Ayr itera . 
stalemated by the war, and non- 
pf pductivity in London, Paris, .Ber- 
lin. Vienna and Budapest, finds him- 
self not too active. He's soliciting : 
U. S. writers, Icnbwn' and^ unknown, 
to take up the slack. 


Mr. .and Mrs, 'Robert Quigiey, 
daughter, in Hollywood, June 23, 
Father is film directoi', 

Mr. arid Mrs. Ernst Fegte, daUgii- 
ter, in Hollywood, June 28. Father 
is an art director at Paramount. \ 

Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe Reiade, daugh- 
ter, in Hollywood, June !25. Fatliei- 
is on Universal publicity staff , •; 'i 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. ■;Bruc'!5:ner,v 
soh,' in Philadelphia, June io; Father 
is -with National : Screen Service salei 
dept. - 

Mr. and Mrs, (George. Duhing. 
daughterk June.' 30,, in ; Los Angeles.. 
Father is arranger for Kay Kyser. ,; 

Wean^^eday, jiily 3, 1940 


. - Robert Milton's Proposal ■ 

: ■■' ' .'New York. 

/^p. you. know/ the modus tipefa.ndl 
the jTiajcrjty of schools devoted 
1() the dramia 'Ijniited to ;two liries 
apFi''<ifit-'h- ' the . fivst. is. .to . assign 
pliidehts ceriain roles, teach them 
t(j . :)-ead their' ,}rnes, ;^ them 

■ • the f UTidam^ntais .of acting,, and ^ 
{vtniviaViy present, them'' w a re- ' 
(Ti^ndatit;: prettily, engraved ; diploina 
■find, th^ sehoors; dubious blessing. 
Xhf y iire' then left. to solve for them .- 
seive.s-the pvobiclm ot breaking .into 
Iht-j til^atr^: without practicat experi- 
•t^u-c.'-. : ^ . ;v.. ' ■. ' 
V Th'e/other'' to : alio 
.-watch . the v rehearsals and . :p.yoduc- 
tioHs of Slimmer and" other thMatfe?, 
: -iMith ' a . fleeting— perhaps .sincere.— 
hope that: . . . oi: later the: you 
fi:kp.j>aiits' . Will . by their • own Efforts 

■ J iewh- the j r ob j ecti ve; - 

:T6 .rty- 'mind,; n.eittier Of . - these 
ipelliiOdy; ; giyes : the; v roiirid^drOiit 
knowledge;.' nO^cessary;. .'tOy > . ; stage 

. ^Hr>?"r. ...hence .my desire; , to ' giye 

. thc.«e . potential ; actors and . actresses 
a- ciiance to a'jjpear " . the. plays, and 
TDusical .cOmedies.I intind tO; pte&ent 
m-xi witTter, -when I' shall endeavor 

,|P: i-eci'tate the ;atm6sphere o^^^^ 
I'i j rice.«!.s theatre productions as they, 
were ..preseiiited-^: b ' G;..' Wode- 
h(iuse. .Terome Kern, Guy 
Triyself:;- '-.-w; ■■ 

\yt "always held, a ' brief for the 
flawless, ^ closely knit .theistre. and its 
7 esiilling .friendly .^ahd . pleasant . inr 
tlimacy./ 'If ;yo.u ^can HstOre iC nVxt 
"AvJbter,'.,. ..writes- Walter . Pritchard 

- EjiUi.ri in a recent letter , to. me,,'.;*the 
puTolic; phbuid; rise and: call, . yoy. 
Wessed.?;- ' 

■ 0 A firieat (Seal of' ;the ::ct^arm: Vanid 
. quiility of .the PrincOss; theatre pro- 

(luctions .was :due 'to the fact that 
1 had .crjeated a. school which; .served 
fi.t- a lWb6ratO)ry for the finding, a.nd 
:VlWc,]oping; of actirig . and; niusical 
tiilentv . So from these .co.nteniplated 
fKlivHier'' there, should .. eiiierge in 
liime .a permanent American , the'a- 
.'tie -with' lis vitally-important: y/ork- 
. shop Where .may . be recruited .soiine 
of .our Ifiilure professional talent.; : . 
• . 'What convinces me 1 am 'on the 

right ti"ack jk .s quick backward 
glance, at the personal history of 
the Robert Miltbn-John -Murray . An- 
derson School of the .Theatre. Bette 
Davis, Paul .•; Muhi,, Katharine > Pep-t 
.■burn, Cole Potter and Joan Blondiell 
are h\ few oi the; then-fledglings i 
.can >.ecall at this y/riting.; .'Why 
shduJdn*t ;'hi.«:tory . repeat itself? ; ,'.;: . . 
; If yoij : .:are^'in abcord -.^itli'^^m^ 
; views :,;and . recognize .the .exigency 
of . findi ng and ^'developing ne\y. 
talent; / and' keepinig an mind my ; 
past achievfeirierits^ as' " dirfctor - of 
the Jtheatre, and motion pictures,; I . 
shall indeed be::indebted .if yOu tan 
I .spare '.some - space to my ; jjr eject. 
' •■;'•.-.;•'..■,: .-■;' JRobert'.JWUtOn, ;:; 

;'.:Nbt:: an '01d,\Sphir;.:v.' • ;.; 
. '; ■ ':^don,;^:E^ 
■ E.difor;rVARl?!fY--.. ■;'.;."■■''■ 
; In your issue of 
side .Stufr, Music,.; you. state Shapiro 
Bernstein & .Co.,;;6ur American rep- 
resen.tative!5, are .currently woxkihg 
ori One Of biir songs -written sOme 
time agor. by Jimmy K and 
Miohael Carr, -. namely '.'Her Name 
Was Rdsita-,' jmplying thiaj,' it .was an 
bid .isonig. ; We should like, to p.oint 
out that this sOng . was actually writ- 
.ten and published here in Februairy 
of this year, and bjpcame' one of. the 
top song^s of this country. • :' 

- These two .writers' have given 
America .spm.e great; songs a rid, the. 
.Peter ;Maurice Miisic. Cp.. has been; 
xbsponsibie for some , of AmeTica's 
biggest songs, namely;. 'South Of Ihel 
■ Bord'e^.V;; ;'My ' Prayer;' ' ;'Gindefeila' 
Stay .ih'. My Armsi'. v^iPertny 'Sere- 
hade,' '*Red Sails in thi? Suiiset,' 'Isle 
bi Caj^ri,' . 'HatbOr Lights,' ' etc., and 
our. writfers are riot working wholly 
on Avar sori^s,. as you imply: Right 
at this: moment :>*e .ha.v V ^"'^ 

2; so'ngs in this country, which; ajre 
not appertaining to -war. : Gne is a 
waltz:; entitled 'If I Should - .Fall, in 
Love Again- and. another is ;ia : song 
called 'A Nightingale Sang in Bewk- 
eley S.qtiare,'. and We hoipe .10; give 
America even greater- songs in the 
future. ;..• ^..- --^ V;::"'-;- '■ •'/./ ;■ 
TKc PcteT' Mtnir\ce MusHq Go,; Ltd.. 

■■ ■ ^By\J.- J.,: Phillips, , . 
./ General Manager. 

his impressions; of: various types of 
sleepers andi the surfire "comedy 
hoofology. Has audience with him 
from the teeofF, building: skillfully to 
a begoff. Bad spotting places , a.k: 
''; here for considerable let- 
dowh. iiOt aided much by band's suc- 
ceeding attempt at comedy \vith *A11.- 
Americah Girl,' using trick hab, inr 
dividual choruses, ; march-arOund, 
etc. A bit off the cob, .; 
.: Screarri number featuring isorne 
sockb hide thumping by Carroll 
ciOseis ;doings;, It's okay, but too late. 
, Wi th : cbn.s-i derable reroutei ng and 
better ; selection, of riymbers; show 
coiild Ijc whipped into a' more ef- 
fectives try. Stubhblders at> this 
sho.vw were 'rather unresponsive, .v 
;,: Biz jiist; fair, ; ; , ■. Burrci. . 


ConUnued. from page 41\ 


wjlh lhis audience: on her individual 
vocal- style.- 
.Sctriei-y is meahirigless, with sOiiie 

; hanging .pieces fbr the. backgrounds. 
Costumes are, also without.much dis- 
tinctidh, except for the hats with the 
lyrics of \Arfe:You Having Aiiy Fun?' 
Ghoriis is large for ff, unit, biit 24 

. pills handling ;ordiniaTy . steps : in ; a 
languid and disinterested , inanner 
fife just twice as biE^d as 12 girl? do- 

.'JriR the same thing. 

Business good at last shbw Friday 
■my. :G6U. ' 

ROXY, N. Y. 

octet in - collegiate gairb, v^^ings a 
medley of old tunes .;and ;i-eappeai's 
in the finale; following, the Maisohs, 
for a' brief VOcal signbff. 
.;; Gil and Bernice Ma iso.ii. featured, 
have a "neat- dog act arid good talkl 
Gil. Maison handles the ; whole act 
himselfv.with Bernice ;merely assist- 
ing. Layout features a terrier that 
does everything .contrary to. orders 
and a couple of Mexiciah hairlesses. 
Over .powerfully,; Char, . 


. Moke and Poke, .Gil .ar\d .BeTnice 
JW(xj,von, The : Del - Rids, Willidfn 
Beyer^s Yo Yp, Ben YosL's- New 
YorkcTSi Gne Foster Girls, Paid Ash 
■ House Orchi 'Sailut's Lac?li(« (20(h); 
rt'piewcd in y.AKi^rx 

• .. 'vv- Bfili'iinore, Jiiii.'c 30... 

• ifll Do>ia;ine Grch ;(]3). PJiil Brito, 
Pa ti KedliitQ, Virginia McNniiphton, 
Al Nor man: 'Thdse Were the-Daijs' 
KPdr): ' - . 

. Stage show is. singularty sockfui: 
Fanchon & Marco has rounded tip; 
.several turns wli|ich provide nOvelty 
ifnd variety^ v^hiie the VGae Foster 
line excels in ' two' neatly Cbhceived 
loutines. -There can be nO complaint 
fiorri. the customers sO far as the in - 
person part of - the, show is . cbh- 
.cerhed,. but ; il!s unlikely that ::many 
customers -Will iDe; drawii due; to the. 
weak lure of the film. ■ . " 

The -Foster girls tee . Off with a 
military, tap, wearing cbstunies : that 
suggest mouhties. Their* taps got 

, them stirorig .returns- at this show.. 
Line . 'backgrounds ^ ^ . .Heyer.'s 
equine act :oh its. inception;^ returning 
later .with -a male quartet to polish 
things off. Quartet, as rnOiinties,: is 
•part of .Ben- Ybs.t's; N<2w Yorkers 

'grpupi consists, of four ineii 

•and four-vvomen. ^ 'v 

' Yo Yo is Heyer's danclng.bangtiaili 

vTepresenting the; last .y/ord in train-, 
ihg. Act. has . playerf" here before; 

•The: Del Rips receive ^ productipn 
backgrounding .for their slick acro- 
batic turn,, in which / the.' routine is 
hot ohly. -diifferent but ejcceedingly' 
clever. ; -Trio is .two men; and a girl. 
They scored /heavily on ■ the final 
show Friday ..(28).. 
: Moke and Pokfe,. two .colored lads 
.<ponsored by Nat Nazarro, manager 
of Buck, and Bubbles; for:. years, are 
.long on dancing, but pi:etty short on. 

; the singing. 'The ■ btick - ahd ' wing 
number is a' piiiD, while -the jitterbug 
routihe with one'. Of ^ the boys as. a 
Harlem la.'is p'rovldes .a further socki 
V ■Yost's, New :YorIrers are.; worked 

. into Foster, line's-" second humiber, in 

•which the girls employs latge rubber en effective manner. Yosts, 

Al IJohahlie has/ a .Avorkmanlike 
combo, suitable enough for .straight 
dahce or radio s'tiht, but ].ef t to hold 
dovv;:i the major responsibility of. a 
vaude laypui, outfit f.ilLs a bit short. 
Stronger specialties would .help con- 

sidefably. Gurfent .spotting of Vir- 
ginia McNaughton, -capable . hoofer, 
and . Al Norman,^ with hiis comedy 
and eccentric legmania,., gives layout 
soihe, highlighting but not enough to 
rihg .the ;bell- fOi' the entire bill. \ , 

- Of ; personable appearpncic 'and 
presence, Dbnahue- emcefes w.ell, 
Band opens with; swi.rigy arfange- 
.ment of 'Southern Pride/: getting the 
mbj^t •Ou.t of .the goOd but rathei-. top- 
heavy brass~ section, ot ■ ' '. .: Leads 
into session of Vocals; by Phil Br'to,- 
Who gives . out 'with . -'Yours Is My 
Heait ^ Alone,'. 'G'ver And '■; 'Over 
Again'; and 'Wind - and Iflain,' all . tO; 
fairish response., - Crcvy's ; \v-Orkout 
;on 'Bugle. Call ,.Rjig' follow. .' " 

. Welcome .spot • .here... ■fbi:. 
McNa ugh ton.- in- ..brief . .«e.ssion of tapr 
pery: solB with' some ballet 
technic^ ■ that; proves ' eA'cctiye. • and 
audiencerple'asing/Setu.p . could start 
building here; : b\it :trumpet • iiolo of 
'Soy Meets Horn.' .while . okay as 
rendered, i.s; not. . the right .ariswer. 
;Same 'for .rather . ov'erlong ;.seKsio.i> of 
..more \by .Pali ' Ke^ili.rig, 
\vho; follows.; ; 

. ■ ..Later; Mis.s kejititig.'band'.s fcmme. 
warbler, cfo.e.';: 'Alice, Bltie. Gown,'. "Six 
Lespoh.s'' 'and . Ih'q:. inevitable 'Oh, 
Johnny '. i'h «w.hichr eh.'.irlcy.'. Carroll, 
step.s down from hip'di'.ums for . some 
fairly 'cOmic. byplay.; Another- band 
number. 'Gheioitce." is. a miide-to- 
or'der n e i or piice 'C h a n gi ng i n ter^ . 
lude. by' Normfin. .; . -; ,; 
; -He takeF hold .ijuiicikly with >sessioa 
of gagging:, some of if rathtr ci.byi6u.»;. 

.:■;■. '. -..'■'•■- .■■;•;.--.. ■ ■^Cllevbiand- ; July'; 2, :. 
'iFreakiest weaihe^ .; .experiienced 
since ]i)36', \yhen rain-storms nearly 

wiashed the . Cleveland Expo into 
Lake Erie, is . again putt ing; the blitz, 
on every /putdoor attraction arid 
-^amuseiTient; park ; . ; ;thjs ; part.- of 
Northern Ohio.. .Hardest one, hit or, 
Water-soflked is; |Ca'n.'Pack';s' summer 
ani:phifhiea.tre, ; a,, 'c siipier-. 
jitrawhatter.0.f;3,(lOQ seat?, ' which 
its .Opening of .'Amer.ic.'in.; Way' post^^ 
ppned, twice bv- -miniature. ;;clpudr 
bursts.--' ■ i- ' .'.^ ■.- 

Cast. . of .;.2^Q;^". gue^iVdirected hy^ 
Bernard. . Szold lrpm N ew ; Orleans, 
had rehearsal; sked ;totally lipset last- 
week by stea;dy ; downpours, which 
ciit altendahce down tO .950 when 
KaufmahrHa.rt .sbpW : finally got-tin- 
derway Sa-tiirday (29 y. Gancellaiion 
of two buldobr concerts, a ballet'and 
two other: events as- result of rain 
.discouraged .civic, sponsors, 'so miibh 
that they may - drop isorrie of the al 
■fresco; productions planned for riiner 
week season...:..' ■ --- .. '-^v. 

Proprietors ' of nine ' anius^rnent 
pai'ks and nearby, .'hummer resort."- 
have adopted 'Singing; in .;^tbe> Rain' 
as their; therne song, hut. .sing; it; iri 
lugubrious tones, • Through 'May 
weather was ; ' phenomeriaily cold 
that pl;ark ballrooms.. coiild have' inade 
a fortune renting mittens,, to the few 
rug-cOtters brought; out : by pre^^ 
;soh bands; ; But what made Ihe. im-^. 
pre-sarios. more worried and ; cprices- 
sionai.res punch-drunk ■ vyas the er^ 
ra.tic weather during' June/ .which 
put them through tiie wringer. Out 
of 30 . day;s, , jupb Piuvlii? annoi.nted 
l*?.. of therri ■'.witb ;enoug.h rain to 
scare away clance crowds; .That gave' 
the boys only one sunny; weekend 
in June , to fecbup, IJufortuhaiely,' 
natives : decided tb .open their' suhir 
mer- lake - cottages "that; weekend, 
making bu.Sines?, s. h.; .at ouUioot; 
ballrooms. :-.: - ;;.. / ^ 

Biggest one denied by conliniial 
.showers is Cedar Point, which opened 
a ; ; 4.0db-rapacjty; dancery vy-ilh 
policy of . name ; bands. Resort's 
manageriierit . is reported to be con - 
.sidleririg some ciits ;in ;miisic . budget 
if ; weather ; doesn't 'breflk rights So 
far the July lineup for the Point 
consi.<ts of ;.Hal ,Ken>p currently; Jan ; 
Savitt, July- 5-11;; Woody . Herman, 
July 32-18; Jimmy porsey fpllowed 
by. Bob Crosby, for July 26. \ , 



.With rairi; Vhurting ,buBine-ss Icur 
■ ■V , i days ;;liast . .weekj • midway 'c'price.s- 

lOK SJ. MIDWAY M ^- the N Y ^yorld s Fair 

'.;.;. ' -.'•; - .;- ; . ; i taced the additional . headache 

- ' - : " . ^ ' ■/ ■ (-week: of;; realighinig ; their ehtii-e;;&d^; 
San: Francisco, July 2y- - mLssibri. jprice. structure; to ;corifbr>Ti 

■ vifith the, new Defense Tax. " ■;;fi\''e; 
crowded days. . Amusement. ..staff,; 
headed, by George: P. Smithy jr^ ar/d; 
Frank .D. .Shean,;' worked ovej-time 
shifting .scales- for sorne. 40 or more- 
attractions so as to. be ready jyiror 
day. (1). when; the.'ncw tax be chm* ' 

.' 'Figures hovered, at comfortable 
levels last. ^^week ;it San Francisco 
Fairv. general ;cDnditions considered. 
Billy Rose's: .Aquacade got. close to 
$52,000; ; 'Folies , Bcrgere' ;; cDlleeted 
$19,500;; while ,the Faii -s own 'Craval-.-: 
.ca;de- pulled $I3;7d6. . Salici's Puppets 

drew^ $3,850, -with . Stage • 9s take 
quoted at $2,800. \ -; 

.;With .mariy shows having; a. irriini- 

Stage . 9 show; 


On B'way Bankni|jl; 
LiabilflieSj $122,2^ 

.. Interriational Odd if ie?; - inc., 1600; 
iB:('oad.way , Jvj . Y.-, ' fi.led-' ' - voli i n.t a ry 
-peii tibn of ; bankruptcy:, in N; Y, ^fed- 
eral.. court lyjonday. '(-] 1. ]istiriK;;a'.ssetK 
of $4.00*;:.and.- jiabiHtif^s Xif- 22,231. 
Cprpor.atib^i. ;operated . Pi ipley !s Oddi- 
.tbrium.. ■',':''•;..,.. :•:.;• ■■■' -':;..:•■-- - .- :-:;;,--^' 
, - Robert Ripley ..iy. it.« ]arge.<';r .rred^ 
.i:i6i% being -Owed sif)4;5.()0, ;er'ed^ 
-ilOrs are; the- ;1J; • S,, Govern.m.cnt for, 
taxe.'y : and . unempToS^meht .in-siirancc; 
;^$933; ;t-r'osi- ik 'Brown', -latidlord, '$11,-' 
;855. Secured cred itors, are ; Koehler 
Mfg.- Co;, holdiiig •« fhatttil mortgage 
, worth, ;$2i;8tf0 - :f (<r ' u;' 1 iab !*iiy ' of $ 176;: 
j.and-.;^Artkraft;;'.51rjiir,ss Sign Corp., 
holding a.'chaitc.l mf)ripagt of ':$19,500 
on a '■$l,000.;iiabilily. : / ' ..... ; 

:, bth er a re - .bu\ \<^\ ii s, R i pi ey ; $1 ,65(1 ; 
Mlizak'-Goi p..' S2S2: 'T'rt-vitw; Theiitre, 
$40; StatioTi: WHOM. . 575; ,N. V.; THc- 
atre iPi-ogram.^' ?5fl(); . W.. Gi Gret-'ne- 
', . $4,000; R; j; Hyland- ;$2.0(U);- 
Alexander ; Me.ver: $582; Joseph Hil- 
ton;;$49p; .and (j.eoiVc Weidn, $600. . 
■y Assets -corisiM •/;,i\S3,(|0C 'in '.fixtAircs 
and $1^0C .in j/ci soni.l-;pi;pi.;triy. ■ • 

son -is. as uncei'tain as ths 'war ;new 
with ; show^ .:riot doing betltr 
■ft-ith dbuhie that .attendance on' the; 

' Atterida'nce i's; ;gaming on week-.- .inunt scale - Of _2'5c tb-;.^0.c,' the .ne w 
.ends; cbn.cessioii": b;. b; advahcing ac- •;; tax on aniuseirients. taking; in allrac- 
; cordingiy. ;. ■ ;! tions do;wn to 2~lc m 

• I DOrine McKay; :from 'the ■ RKO lot^i'^^^® - readjusting. ' -Each .; coi^ces-^ 
has. Teplaced. Marion; Marsh, in the : was,. confronted with -ihe 

■ ' - P.roblem of absorbing the tax. where 

the operation!, permitted, . .tacking . 
' Oh . additional ; pennies . and -facing;; 
: possible. .buyer resistance to. ;the ' in- 
:i creased; net, pribe.(.including.^ 
; Sole.; con$Olatioh • for the ;c<ince.s- 
; j sionaires -. during those; ^ five' :htctit 
' day.s .was; that. they; obtained . a ■huge' 
:j;propoftiOn '..■of- the 'iaix'fi altt-ndV; ' 
.•. no.- matter, small; •' For-: jhs.iiance,; 
; ..- ;- ■;; ;■.;• .;-;...-:;■■;;.; ,V. '. ; ' - ■ i'laist; Wednesday, when:- w 
'■'.■-.■■; -.■;;';'■;'-.' i \ ;■'■ ]y ' ■• ; .^^l ■exposition -'^atO^^ 
.\ -.'; ■; .;;• .; ' : ■}■ -;; ;;^ ■ ■ ■; ~ - j:mj<^pris,' . many; ;;:m'idway. bperatbrs' 

: Detroit, July 2.. ..,! claim they- d 

/ Vito -Mblfi, under; in?Wuction> -from ^^ys;^ ' Thiey' m-W 

the - executive .secretary and^^^ outdbpr-.j conlehd that 'the ;fai.r. crbwd^^^^^^^ 
division of :the. American Giu'ld of '" * 

Variety ; Artists,; was in - Det roit last 
week . and. . called on the . Wavne . . 
county Trade Labbr :teoard to ">ip^;: "'"'^"''P^-, : - ■ -. ;- 

pie;al;:-;for ■ 'assistance -;' ' .!'the^'AGyA.|;'. - ^ , -yiilagreis; Siky,. at:.25c'i;..\:'v;. 
;campaign :againist ; Barrtcs .& 'Cii -- I ' Alf villages' on the Great 'White 
ruthers F>,ii; . Booking office; ofv^Chi^ ;. Way decided/ tb; : stay' . at : thev2Kc 
;cago/-; '-\. ■.■ ;:• ; ;;;;; ''•. price.v adding on the'- 'iJefense. Taix 

-I^ank/ Barleli; . jiresideht of .. 'the : 9^ V3c; making .it 28c ; tap for the^ 
Labor Board, jpiromised i6o<;^^ support ;.P"stomei;s.^ Several other; altra 
■in the -eampaign.' and was rP'°hs alsO weht to 28c. : Those at 28c 
also assured by Roy-.C^arroli, of the;' ^'^^'^^ ^^"clude.. Winter Wbnderlarid, 
Building' • Service; /Employes; Jack i ^^^ncrng vC Midget Village; 

Fevenz; of the Musicians lOcalV Ed [^"'^.^^'s ?ungleland, Gay .Ne>y ; Or 
King of the-lhternational Alliance of i Jean.s and. Living Magazine C:b.yer.< 
Theatrical ;Stage Employes local, and r"^J^^2e ; . operators- : claimed their 
Pat Zimmerman,- Of the Interriiitional ..oyerhcad would not jsermit dipping 
BrotherlioOd of :;Electri(;ai . Workers ; ^" '^^p tp absorb - the 3e; ; 
localy ; ; i .. The big shows, with a 40c ge^^ 

: :: Melft is ;uhders.too<3; to ha^-e. ob-^ .- admi.ssioh :;icale, also added ori .the 
tiained . simiiar Okays Of .cpOpei aiion; ; tax. .Thus the iAquacade, 'Streets of 
and Support frorn, unions '. Mil-:; Paris' .(in;Hall of .Music) and Robert 
waiikee and Poriiona, ;Cai; " 7 Ripley's Od.ditorium^ opened iip 

: Monday .'With a 44c. fee, 
tax. .. Because , the state - cliarter ^ -1 b 
the .fair , describes it a;s non-profit op- 
eratiori,;.. exposition : obtained riilirig 
, iWonday. (1) 'thatrDefense tax is not 
'.applicable tO 'Ameri.tari • Jubileie' .anil 
; all fair-sponsbred attractions; • 'Jubi- 
. lee'-m.inimum stays 
.! Parachute' Jump '. dropped its 
,;q noted price tO 36c ; absorbing the 4c 
/tax, leaving the total at 40c. I'werity 
;FbHpwing . a .raid here last .week I Thoq-sarid Legs. . . .Under '. the; ; - Sc-a 
on the Cetliri-Wilsbn,, \vhen 12 j; (Dream ' of Venus ' J-eason), 
men. were ;arre.sted and- a lot of al- , Zbrima; and ; Wall: of Death; are 
leged ganibling paraphernitHia seized.- ^ arnbng the attractions staying • at 25(-, 
'Allegheny; County; District . Attbrney '.-absorbing the .3t- tax, .Forbiddo n 
Andrew' T;; Paf^k |ri.struclt;d his de-^ . Tibet and; Hot and Cold, both girl 
tectives io; crack down on question- .shows; dropped their scale to ; ]5cv. 
able games and, enl.ertainme,nts bp- |.xVvoiding,riew .taxation. ;; 
eraicd at . carnivals. . Piirk- prderGd .; Majority of .; the. rides, :.which hiid. 
his;chief of county sleuths,; Jerry L, ; been scaled at; 25cs : reduced- their 
Deasy, close .up gambling- games . a'dmi.ssions . to 2,0,c; ' which, i.s; lint' 
and lewd .shows, 'especially in midr j the neW tax. minirnum; . They, fig'i. 
-ways whose stands; are not .sponsored : ur€d..2Sc toO much bf a tap, arid by 
by legitimate cOnrim unity Organ iza- l^i^eping the total fee at 25c, only 22(r 
tionSi ;-^:'-.- - ; would come; to them; ' ; 

. 'r.\vo allegedly n'iide worribn idanc- ' Bars and restaui^arits. ab.sprbed iriV • 
ers'we;re: held ori a;district;attorriey.V (Tease iri..liqiior tax ps, and.:/d not 
detainer at a Rankin ' cai-nivai. '■.spbn-.--f^'Jt-p ;.:.; i ' . 

. sored ■ by the*" Police ' D^pai tmerit ■ : ■ /Actual attendance at the , ;eip(i,si-' 
- there- ' Th.? police .said 'the pi-bcced.s i t.ionheld clbi-e to 600,000 forthc week 
Wre 'ibr 'a ?woi-thy cavi'se/ the piVr-, ^"(^frig-/, June /SO^^ ;with ;.- .; surprise, 
chase of uniforms for the Hankin ''^'»"owd ,pf 'nearly 200,000 packing the . 
high school, barid", but Schobl- .Super- ground.S; on Sunday (30)... T.h.realen- 
iritendent^^D. ; j;.. ..Sullivah denied .Jrig weather;; held;;ih€. Saturday .gate ^ 
khovyledge of this 'plan, ; '■- - , ' ';. , to . 126,000, ; Bairi. was ILsted; as 'the;; 
V .AfterHhe Vfaid oh :th^; ''"«?5f^- .Wr .dismal :;a-ttendance ..on , 
son; groiip,-the show.: movod frorn the ^o"d?y ■ Wednesday and Fj.i-: 
Nbrthside diptricWo the kast Liberty ;^^»st week: ;• Sandwiched, in;, ber ; 
show ;grbunds for ;ariother wbek'K- . ^^.^en t^A^o. rainy ;;days, Thursday >, 
^gagemerit,;biit there /v-af: iib 'sign .of 34.806_ -proved -the .biggest; -weekday ; 
a . wheel ' : anything at /thc^ l^itcr--^^Jli^-29^iday). thus .far this .yearJ ; . ; ; 
loca.tibri ■ '/ ; - - ' ; :*VJth. July 4 .commg . oh'- Thursday;' 

.- '. V:.':" •■ ':r/- y ■ ' :theV.fa;ir;. manageriierit. Ibbk^;;f0r; t) 
'-• -: .-; .biggest.' attendance/^pf .the' .y^ 

;. , .v.;cek. ;DespiW .'an' evident; u^ 
}.:■. in ■attendarice,;. f urther ;trinri'ming cl 
.. ■ y'ail.i ''; going- for'wiarci.-;in /-severji!;! 
dfcpilrlments. - ■. ; ';- ' 

Pa; Prosecutor Cracks 
on Carnivals' 

. .PitLsburgh,. July 2. 

Top S.F. Fair Show 

-; ;; ■/-■■',. -San •Franei'sc0;-.J.tily-;.2; ''': 

Liim and Abrier,';Ari(;ly';D^;\-ine;.;iml 
i the -Merry ., Mac.s' , headline hillbiliy - 
i contest and' .barn .dt^bcq show- yt\ tot, 
.Treasiir:e .Isiand Gbl)s'eVirn/Ju tw t;.' 

COnibina tipn admi..s,sibri ticket- goocf 
for Fair, Lum ; and, Abner- -j-'hovv ciri'd. ■ 
Biirji; .Dance bting- oflert cj lot-J '^ 
Scpiiratclyv il'i. $.uJjP; ;' - :' , 


- - Chicago,; July. 2. 
Rill' Biirdo; band- leader, .has - wril- 
il-n a ;riiartial tuncitigged ."Sw ijig 

.put; Gariada/. ;;;.: ; ' ■.;;.- ,'• '.;;' 

Srmg- ha.s.. . been / presented, tb 
■prt riiier ;John .Bracken'. 'of; J\lani1 oLa.' 
who accepted. 'the sang in' boh.iill ■cf 
the. DcViniiiion,;;; . -,;-;;- ;-. ' 

■i;'^. 48 PSfiijSfr Wecfnesday, July 3, 1940 




HERE'^S a message from M-G-M to you: 

WE'VE got ou^^ 


WE^ VE job to xld and -re ttieetitig it 
WITH everythi 

WE'RE making great entertainments 

And we 

NOTH ING can stop good pictures! 
LAST week we launched the big musical 
"NEW Moon" {Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy) 
IT'S a box-office sensation everywhere 
AN D has electrified every Film Row with 


ANOTHER sensation just opened is 
"ANDY Hardy Meets Debutante'' {with Lewis Stone, 
Mickey Rooney and all the folks plus Judy Garland!) 
YOU will see for yourself that it's the - 
BEST of the happy Hardy hits and a 
GOLD mine for. these times. 
WE^VE got more 

FOR release during the summer nionths ! 
AND remember that they follow a 
WHOLE year of consistent successes ! 
WE want every man and woman 
WHO reads this message to be 

with us, to place 

in us* 

WE have made our plans for next season on 
will be one of the greatest years in show business. 
IVIEANWHILE the Lion is ROARING right now 
AND it's a comforting sound that means 



Jeanette MacDonald 
Nelson Eddy 


Lewis Stone, Mickey 
Rooney, Judy Garland 
" •• 

Watch for 


the Surprise Hit! 



. Greer Garson 
Laurence Olivier 


Ann Sothern 


Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, 


William Powell, Myrna l.oy 


Robert Montgomery 

■ T 


....... .: . 




: Jh'nl>l.l.sli<»(l . W<"ekl.v at ] 5* VSVest .'46tt» ..street,. New Vrti-k, N.. Yv, .hy A'arlijly; - !AnhuaJ subafif fiVl i(»n. , 1 1 't. .HfiiKlf*'. (-intl/iji 25 OeiiU^. 
■ ■KiilereU a j- S^cotKjrClaias . mitter D'ecehibei' ,?2v. 190r>;' at the ■'Post Off lee at ts'ew York, N,. Y., unrtdr ilin! act' of .iliii'ch' 3, 1879. 


VOL. 139 NO. 5 



Jimriiy Pprsey's band wiU hop^fo^,a orie-ni^ht datfe, from New York 
City to Houston, Tfexas,>hd Ijack to satisfy the whim of a. society wo- 
matVs teen-age sbm ^ Bpy - is Jirnmy GardtTei-; Playboy wilV have, n,o: 
' gi'oup. but Dorsey's for his birt^ and he's .^arranging for a 

July^22 celebration, althoUgh.his birthday. is ac This ' 

so Dorsey can play for him. ■■ 

Band is to get $5,800: for the stand, which includes the price of. 
chartered airplane ddwn and back. On top of that the buyer Wi.ll 
assume the cost of boarding the band over night. July 22 is a Monday, 
iaiv evening oh which : the band is normally at work at the Penh^ 
sy Ivan ia hotel. N. Y. Dorsey will hire a substitute crew for that night. 
It's almost 1,900 miles tb Houston, meaning the band will coyer about 
3,800 miles to play five hours— :10 to 3 a.m. : - 

All Bands Playing Sheboygan, Wis., 
Must Include Four Patriotic 

bolUr-foir-DbllAr Quiz Rat- 
ings Exceed Cosily Variety 
Radio Programs— -rGuester 
Bookings in 1936 and 1937 
Totaled 1,555 and 1,650, 
Respectively — Oyer 200 
Q^<and>A. Shows ;Npw, 

Stamp of Approval 


Sheboygan, Wis., July- 9. 

This city of cheese, chairs and 
childreh has a large percentage of 
Gefman borri and. German descent 
included in its 40,000 population, but 
the city council wants the world to 
know it is for America flr?t, and. to 
that end has enacted an ordinance 
making it mandatory for all bands 
to include at least four patriotic 
numbers in all concerts given here. 

Band leaders have all been no- 
tifted they must open their programs 
with 'America,' close the first half 
with -'Stars and Stripes Forever." 
open the second half with . 'God 
Bless Atnerica' and close, the concert 
with *Stai--Spangled . Banner;' 
• 'I-t is imperative, under preseiit 
world conditions, that we, as citi- 
zetis of these United States, should 
express in every way possible our 
loyalty to this country,' the ordi- 
nance declares. 


London July 9. ; 

The seemingly \ inconceivable 
ot yesteryear is being threaded 
with the preparedness of today. 

Arrangements have been made 
by 10 picture units to catch the 
ttrst air raid on London. - 

Legit Bug Bites 2 New 
Kid Producers Stemming 

Scions of wealthy families, and 
both said to have considerable finan- 
cial' resources of their own, William 
H, Schmidlapp and Albert M. Kier, 
of Cincinnati and Pittsburghyr 
tiyely, are expected to figure in 'next 
season's Broadway productions. 
Youthful managers, who are about 
24, , • to emulate Dwight Peere 
tContiriued on page 45) 


•Duke Daly band, is getting a 

■heallhy push On the start of a sum- 
nier long • staiid at the Providence- 
Bi Itmore Hotel, Providence, ' R. . T.. 
thi:< week. Fred ; Stone, Daly's 

r fatherrin-law, is making personal ap- 
pearances at the hotel ;for the band's 

■ill itial . stanza, Daly is mari'ied to 

•Paula Stone, ' .. 

" Crew did a short stretch at the Fa- 
mous Door, New York, last wi n ter. .. 

Upwaii'd of 60 star^ and feature 
players -are appearing in the country 
show-shops. have contracted for 
such showings, the combined name 
lineup equaling, If not topping, 
Broadway in the height of the. sea- 
son. It indicates that the better 
knowns. well as supporting play- 
ers; are- receptive to. the strawhat 
idea (n order to escape summer dol- 
drums. ■ ■. ■., • ■ : •■ 
. There are, however, corhparatively 
few names from the Coast appearing 
in the eastern hideaways this season, 
wheresis last summer there were 
around 26 Holly woodians in the 
sticlcs. Some studios favored such 
appearances between studio lapses, 
but appear .to have bepn too busy on 
other matters lately; to pay attention 
to sunimcr slocks. , 
; .Salaries are not comparable to the 
figures" coinmanded by name people 
for . stage or . film engagements, but. 
the aniounts paid .in some instances 
■ are quite large. Contracts . of a 
number call for -iinimum oJ;$500, 
ACdnlinued oh page 46) 

A comparatively small number of. 
persons, with the number getting 
smaller, are concerned with the pro-! 
duction of • the 200-odd sponsored 
programs oh the American radio net- 
works. Network programs, now re- 
quire some.. 1,200 actors and ; an- 
nouncers, some 300 script writers, 150 
producers and about 100 production 
executives employed by advertising 
agencies. - These figures are . as of 
June, 1940, and represent statistics 
extracted from the records of the 
broaidcasting industry as kept by, and 
intended for publication in, Variettt 
Radio Directory, the next annual 
edition of which is shortly going to 
press in New York City. . 

It is revealed in this season's data 
that vai^iiety shows have dropped 
^from 63 to 48; ne\.' commentator 
programs hiave increased from 10 to 
22; and quiz (audience participation) 
shows jumped from 27 in 1938-39 to 
37 in 1939-40. This trend in the kind 
of programs and the number thereof 
further aflects the numerical em- 
ployment of professional persons. 
Guest star employment is notably off 
from, say, 19.36 and 1937, when the 
rotating celebrity was in biggest de- 
mand. Thpre were 1,555 guest book- 
ings in the one. season and 1,650 in 
the next. This season's tally will be 
below ,1,000 appearances. 

Audience participation appeal to 
advertisers needs ho elaboration; it's 
the economy of avoiding the pay ^ 

(Continued pn page 18) 

Wendell L. Willkie, the Repub- 
lican presidential nominee, has 
definite appeal to the femmes. 
The- younger distaft. ; ide say he 
is a 'cutie pie.' 

Expression appears to have 
emanated frdm arnong Broadway , 
chorines: ^ 

Since Nevilre Miller, president of 
National Assn. Of Broadcasters, sug- 
gested five months ago that" stations 
join: in a campaign of tolerance, 
'more than 600 programs designed to 
promote better relations between the 
various faiths have been broadcast 
by nearly 300 . American stations.' 
This statement was' made in a riecent 
release of Religious . News Service 
(affiliated with the National Con- 
ference of Jews and Christians). , 
. Taking part in the tolerance cam- 
paign via addresses, round tables, 
etc.,' have been laymen, business 
men, . merchants, a Supreme Court 
justice and others. The Federal 
Council of Churches assists in the 

jap -Boys Town* 

■ Tokyo, July 9. . 
Tli^ iBoys Town' film,, based on 
the Nebraska' youth home founded 
by Fatliei- Flanagan, has paved the 
way' for . a kindred institutipn in 

'■ Iwao Takasljima ; now . striving 
to. youth, in Japan along . the 

Same lines as Ih^. Boys Town, Neb., 

Pa ul W hitenian w II I definitely not 
return to the band busines.'? with 
the outfit he put on 'vacation' while 
he went to" the Coast to make a pic- 
ture. The combo has been dis.bahded 
permanently and its members have 
obtained or a re . n egotia tine: f of spots; 
with other orchestras. , . String of 
fair jobs and the Ritz Carlton hotel, 
Boston, stretch . he . was supposed to 
be- booked for have all been ' can- 

t/eader. i.s currently on his farm 
at Stockton, N. J.. 'and is reported as 
desirous of doing radio work only as 
a guest conductor with a house band. 
The personnel of his New York of- 
fice -has also. been, laid Off. ' ;'. 

Korda's 'Bethel' as Play 
On B'way Prior to Pic 

Alexander Korda will probably 
enter the legit production ft^ld in 
New York in the fall, it was revealed 
this week. English film producer's 
initial ventCire would be 'Bethel 
Merriday,' dramatization of the Sin- 
clair Lewis book to" which hfe owns 
the screen rights and which he will 
also picturi/.e, .. . 
i ; Korda has Iht'ee and p6.ssibly four 
: pictures On his- shooting slate prior 
to. 'Merriday.' Inasmuch - as he will 
thus not be able to produce it until 
next spring at the earliest, he feels ; 
it would be ad vantageou.s to give the 
tale further buildup by plitting it on 
legit boards in the meantime. Pro- 
ducer has ail o|>tioh on .Le.wis: -serv- 
, tGontioiiedon page 20) . 

Showboat Evolution 

Lynchburg, July 9. 

Captain iMilford Seymour , is mak- 
ing. his last trip up the Rappahan- 
nock with; his.floaiting. theatre, whose 
.appearance!? at .'riv&rtowns- ih Virf 
gin i a; Ma ry la tid, North Carolina and 
South Carolina were so regular in. 
seasons' p^^st that , ' set their 
calendars .by it. 

Seymour intends to beach the craft 
on the. banks ot the West River South 
of AnnapOli.s, Md.. in. : the late fall 
and.rerioyale^ it as a film'grmd. 

Hollywood, July 9: 
An all-British picture, with an al l-^ 
British . production personnel, 
eluding producer, director, writers 
and players working without salary, 
is about to be . rnade in Hollywood 
as a contribution to the British Re- 
Uisf Fund. ■ Practically every British- 
born member of the film colony has 

Robert Stevenson has passed up a 
job as director of RKO's next Ginger 
Rogers starrer to produce the bene- 
fit picture. He is currently assign- 
ing writers to build an original story, . 
purely entertainment, without any: 
symptom of propaganda. It is hoped 
to raise $1,000,000 for the fund, 
through RKO distribution. 

Idea was worked out at a fheeting- 
in the offices of Eric A. Cleugh, Brit- 
ish Consul in Los Angeies, attended 
by most of the prominent Britons it* 
the film industry. It will be car- 
ried on by those, beyond the age of 
31, the current limit under Eng- 
land's army and navy regulations. 
: In addition to the impending pic- 
ture, BritOns here have been con- 
tributing handsomely to. the relief of 
(Coptioued on page 46). 

Vision JHachines Arouse 
High Hopes for Casb 
Payoff to Music Biz 

The music men becoming 
hopped up by enthusiastic claims 
from the juke-box film promoters 
who set forth a potentiality of 500,- 
000 coin -machine picture gadgets, 
each averaging $20 weekly income, 
.On a ba.sis, foi- the 
use of copyrighted music, the pub- 
lishers foresee vast incomes. The 
5% is what Mu7:ak> pays oh bn aver.- 
age for com mercia l itse of carined 
music. '■' ; ■ ' ■■' 

What the music men like best 
about the sundry sound-vision IG 
mm. filrhS is that they can control it, 
via their song copyrights, unlike the 
phonOgrapii records, where anybody 
can wax tunes by ..simply paying 2c 
per recording, 


. Arthur Byrori, Sr.,^ veteran of 50^ 
odd years on stage arid screen, is to 
appear in a radio series written by 
Arthur Byron, Jr., and Philo Higley, 
in which the elder Byron will irh- 
personate, a legit star who retires to 
the. Maine woods after . 50 .years of 
trouping. ' ' Makihg^^ the idea even 
mor.e sugge.slively bioRraphical js^t 
circumstance that the first broadca.sts 
of the series will occur July 19 and. 
25, respectively, over station WLBZ, 
Bangor, Me, 

Byron .will be supported, by Alan- 
Power, Frank Wilcox, Virginia Dun- 
V (Continued on page 4G> 



Wednesflay, July 10, 1940 

•/ ' Chicago, July 9. 

C(invfr»iin(iS! Pembcrals\ will have 
1 vy 6 j egitinmalt shows to amuse them 
•when their, hominatinig . gathering 
K'ets Ainderwa.y ^ -at- the . Chicago. 
Stfidiurn M'oiiday ■ (15); .. Thiey are the : 
ccTnedy, 'Life W 

' jftidst of a Jong run !at the ■ Blaek- 
kI onie,' wh ile the ; Grand will open the 
flay the , Convehtidn starts . with the 
Al jolson-Riiby Keeiej--Mai-tha:Raye 
musical, 'Hold Onto Ybur. Hats/ 

:.M()re:$o than 'iegjt, hite cliibs will 
iie eoine rylJ blast, ;witiV:Harry,^R 
man headliniiig at the Ghet Paree, 
Ra^ Noble's or ch and Shpw ?t the 

; F.alrner Hbiise'? Empire Rppni, Glenn 
IWiJltjf's band tlie Sberinan Holers 
eblleise Irin ■ and Gr'iff . W illiams'. brch 
in the . . Stevens hotel's . Continental 

Blackhawk cafe continues, with the 
Bltje Barron orch/ VWilli Shore a:)id 
Plances; Faye^ the Show at the 

■ Hi-Hat;. Ada Leonard- and Jackson, 
Sione and^ Reeve, tojp .Colosinno's 
siiow. Horflce • Heidt's \ birch i:pmes 
into- tlie EMgewater -Beach ' hotel 
the open-air; Beaqh walk ori- July 13. 

■ 606 . Cltab I9 offer the 
, iiiggest array of .strippers' in town; • ; 

"Two rbadhouses are the big Bon- 
Air, ■ with Clyde : ;:Lucas Orchestra, 
. Frank jParker, Dr/ Giovanni^ Gower 
and >teanne\ and Steve Evans, and 
the y ilia V en ice, whj ch goes In ipri - 
marily: for .undressed feriirriesy. . . . 

In addition, there . are iflock of 
ininor niteries and cocktail spots 
with entertainrnent,. " There has been 
a yeritable flood of these in the .loop 
and the near-nbrthside during this 
past lew mpriths and more are open- 
ing up every day. ■ 

On: the gambling side the conven- 
tiorieers are going to iRnd it tough to 
get any , action on dicej roulette ■ qt 
.blatkjackj as the heat is still on in 
town, with . noiie. of the nitery Or 
straighl casinos open, Outsidie of the 

■ county a couple Of spots are sneak- 
jjig, but they, aire fax but. V : 

At the Chicago, Airena, there iis a 
etuhmei: ice show tagged 'Ite Vani- 
ties.' It opened July 4 and is schedr 
. .uled io run through until L^bbx Day. 


Tbedire Mtinairer Bdck y iVHliams 

V . -Hrts^ His -.Mahids - Full 

' r (Sari Fra^^ 

."When they .threatened him over 
the telephoiiefBucky Williams, man- 
ager: of the Newsreel theatre, could 
takfe; it, . especiaiiy since, tvi-b . G-meri 
happened to -be .silting 'in :his,:C)ffice 
at the time. .But when one .of 'his 
customers started chasing .hin> Virith 
a:knife, it v,'ais just a little too much.: 
The .cusibmer, said to be a retired 
ipavai Officer; fronni .Oakland/ became 
pverwraugHt after- viewing .war subr 
jiects:. and went berserk; Pul.ling a 
knife,; he chased thrfie employees, in- 
cluding \yiliiarns; but' bf the theaire 
before Officer Bill Hensel inter- 
rupted. Gent is now . under observa- 
tiojh in. psycho; \yard; \ .. ■ 

, Only Other distuibahce'iriside the- 
atre lately.: occurred when ;one fan 
got his feet; ^and;. ejcpripssed ; a, 
puhgent opinion of Mussolini; '. No 
one ;r(espbndecl and balm- returned, 
to Wlliiarns' i-elief: ■ 

/ Outside, street-fighting was.a con- 
tributing; factor toward discpntir\u- 
ance Of ^ sidewalk leJctur'er . who. 
analyzed spot news with, relation tb 
reels on view inside^ Spieler, Gebrge 
Swasey; is said to ; have spent 12 
years with. U; . S.' Chamber of .Com- 
merce :in - Paris, aiid blocked' : side- 
walk with his cprnmeritary, A prbr 
Nazi remark by one auditor netted 
him ;a Severe beating at hands- of 
other listeners, which wasn't,;exactly 
the' sort of bally :^yilliams was look- 
ing for. This .we William^ is re-; 
viying March, of Time's 'Inside Nazi 
Germany.' "; 

Mrs, Emlyn Williains Has 
Montgomery's NX House 

• , Robert Montgomery ; has • given 
over the use of his home at 'BreVvr 
ster.rN.. V.,- to Mrs. Emlyn Williams, 
wife of the London actor, and the. 
couple's two children. Mrs. Wil- 
liams and: the children arrived in 
New York , Saturday via Canada, 
They are staying temporarily with 
Janet Cohen, of the : Brandt and 
Brandt agency, at her Pond Ridge, 
Conn., farm. Williams ' serving 
with the British army. ,.: :• 

Mrs. Williams plans to arrange for 
an American ^rbdiictioh' of 'The Corn 
Is iSreen,'; av>thbred by' her husband,' 
who also' wrote. 'Night ; Mijst Fall,'; 
'Corn', ran 700 performances in Lon- 
don and was halted by the war. 

Jill EsrtiGrid, Englfsh.:legit and film, 
actress and former wife of Laurence 
Olivier, arrived| jri Montreal : last 
week with .hcrK and Olivier's :child. 
They plan coming into, the U riiled 
States. - : - i - ' 

Tuirpin's Pie-Throwing 


Joe Cook has decided to dispose of 
his ; unique estate and home in the 
: cou ntry billed as 'Sleepless Hollow' 
and locaited at Lake Hopatcong, N. J; 
The comedian explains that inas- 
much : as his children have grown up, 
except the ,, ybun^^est son who is at 
school, most of the. year.^he no longer 
feels the need of the place; Whilie' 
the .spot is but 48 rriiles from Broad- 
way, he has used it the ycar-rOund. 
This has kept him a bit too far from 
.show business and the comedian fig- 
ures he will be more free to accept 
engagements when the place is sold. 

Cook's place/. • which covers .17 
acres, is being offered for sale by 
Joseph P. Day, as agent! Some in the 
'proiession may have more preten- 
tious establishments on the Coast, but 
lew- are as complete as Cook's, . with 
its stone house, two other buildings, 
hoat house and nine-hole golf course. 
Latter has several trick holes, in 
eluding an almost certain hole-in- 

Cook has entertained thousands ojf 
guests,, including name peoplie in 
■.- (Continued on page 10) 

Tribute; Stars Missing 

Hollywood, July 9. 

Notables , of the custard :pie film 
era came back out of the mists of 
the past to pay a final tribute to their 
cross-eyed pal, Ben Turpin, whose 
funeral services were held at the 
Church of the: Good iSheph'erd. in 
Beverly Hills. Players of the more 
modern generation ;~ were .ahseht; 
Pallbearers were Andy Clyde. Char- 
lie Murray,. Jimmy Finlaysori, Billy 
Beyan, John Waldron and Del Lord, 
all prominent in silent pictures. , 

Among the mourners were , Dot- 
Farley; Buster Keaton, Snub Pollard, 
Al St. John, Hanic Mann,. Joe Mur- 
phy, Vic Potel, George. Gray, Vernon 
Dent, Eddie Quillan and his father, 
'Dad' .Quiilan, who had played: with 
ITurpin in the old days. 
: Charles Chaplin was not there in 
person, but sent the largest . floral 
offe^-ing, a. seven-foot standing spray 
of roses. 

Maeterlinck Fleeing. 



Glenn Miller Would Stall 

Lincoln, Neb,, July 9. 
Glenn Miller has several dickers 
with film" companies, but slates he 
had iiyo. .worries in closing, ,; One, he. 
wants the right picture, and secondly 
he '.wants; staggered ' arrangement, 
on the payoff, so he won't get stuck 
Jbr the bulk of it in taxes. 
; Miller said he'd prefer to have the 
pay withheld . for a year or so, sO if 
he's past his hot streak, it'll fall in 
the breach, • . 

Maurice Maeterlinck, Belgian 
dramatist, best known" for his 'The 
Bluebird,' i.« on a small Greek packet 
sailing from Lisbon, called the S. S. 
Nea . Hellas, and due in. New York 
this weekend.. .; i:.: - : . 

Like many another, he's 
seeking a haven ' f roYn . the blitz iii 
the New World.' Mrs:': Maeterlinck- 
much younger than the 75-year "old 
playwright, is with' him.; ; 



. Detroit,' July 9. 

Windsor, Ontairio. just across, the 
river from here, a;gairi is beginning 
to figure in: reports as a likely, center 
fp c film p^-oduciiori. Untii the de- 
pression blacked out the plans s:ey- 
eral years ago.: the Ganjidian city-, 
where plenty ; of ca p i ta 1 is cen te red , 
loomed; as the most important of the 
Ca nad ian towns under corisideii-ation 
by important companies. 

The war, and the flowing of both 
director ial land other talent to Canada 
with ihe threat of; the blitzkrieg , to 
England,, again has brought it. to the 
fore in film •.cohsideratioh. ■. h^s riiid-^ 
Canadian ■ locaition, close proximity 
to the Uniteii; States ah<i.i^^^^ 
chanical and technical setup make it 
the best bet fOr the location of hew 
companies, either by British inter- 
ests or; American studiOs. 

Under the stimulus of war, Wind- 
sor, riO slight center of production of 
the mechanized .means ol warfare, 
has become - one , of the Dominion's 
most vital .citie.s, which is not uniih- 
portant in the lure it is having for 
all types of interests. ,; 

Its closeness to Detroit, for instance, 
would, give it'an .early dravy On the 
technicai;and staff resources of three 
b£ this country's larigest industrial 
film, studios— Wilding, Jam Handy 
aind Industrial PictVii-cs. It's jipo^^^^ 
on the niap also shows the; ease with 
which it could draw" talent troin 
either the west or east coasts, ; 

Delroiters and the rest of Michigan 
are watching developments with 
'keen interest. This state; : too; had 
extensive motion picture ariibitions 
and, like New York, tried to wangle 
the location of. one of Hollywood's 
major outfits when California ; tax 
levies hinted : bf the possibih'ly of 
their moving. Michigan has felt 
that it has plenty of versatile scenery 
—^-everything., from : deserts in the: 
dune country to the largest seacoast 
of arty state in the .union and figures 
this wealth of landscape would be a 
big boon to the neaiby Canadian 

Hollywood,. July 8, 
Metro will play a tune of about $3,000,000 profit if everything is har- 
mohiouc In its deal with Broadcast MusiiC, Inc. 

Here is the musical score: Metro bought 51% of the J'ack Robbins 
melodious outfit lor $75,000, and out of the profits paid $400,000 for the 
Leo Feist fiifm, $100,000 for Miller Music, etc. Now the. film 'cioinpony ; 
is negotiating to sell its. tune interests; to Broadcast outfit for about , 
$4,250,000, -with a cut of $750,000 going to Robbins lor his orighijil 
holdings (about 26% )./ [Further details in Music\^^^^ 


The first film to use TWA's strator; 
liner promises' to be a release by 
Republic Pictures,\ according to cam- 
eramen at work at the airport last 
week. For a Republic, reel, camera- 
rtjeii clicked cargo-handlers, pas- 
senger agentis, plane mechanics and 
hangar rrien— all of : it hackgirbund 
under the auspices of Consolidated 
Film Industries, Of Fort Lee, N^ J;, 
which controls Republic. While the 
cameras .were on /the 'apron shooting, 
the Boeing super-charged transport 
happened ■ ^and the meh eagerly 
levelled their (lens thata way; ; Arthur 
J. Miller Of Confilm, was in charge 
and , cani^riamen- the job; yvere 
Larry .. Williarris and George Wellr 
stead. The finished pic iS:^to have 

World's Fair setting,: with .airport 


Patricia Morisbn. Hollywood star- 
let, came in from the Coast Saturday 
on a United Mainliner. : She said 
she .was in New York to greet her 
cousins from England, Dennis and 
■'(.Continued on .page 18) 

For First Time in 25 
Years, NewsreekOIC 
On Prize-Fi 

For the first time 'in. 25 yej,rs. 
S. newsreels weie able to cover a 
prize fight in. its entirety when Jack 
Dempsey appeared In his 'come- 
back' against 'Cowboy' Luttrell .last 
week in Atlanta, Ga. Federal law 
prohibiting interstate shipmehts Was 
repealed by Congress recently ; and 
signatured by : Roosevelt in time to 
lift the ban. ; . ' :- . ■ 

The reels ran into difficulties be- 
cause the fight promoters claimed 
Fox Movietone, News of Day and 
Pathe h^d not been, given; formal re- 
lease On the pictures. "After each 
was threatened with; a $50',600 , dam- 
age suit, all' three decided not to 
release the subject. 
: Param^ount ;wen't,- ahead- and;'. - 
leased the films: cla iming . it obtained 
I initial permission to photograph the 
boyt. Promoters also photographed 
(Continued oh page 10) . 

Mike Todd, Harry Pincu^ 
Playing Hospital Route 

.; : Montreal. July . 
■iBeau Geste/ banned; h^ 
son following protests by the French 
consulate, is likely, to, be shown in 
Canada In the near f iiture; Fi 1 irn W as' 
evidently okay as far ". censors 
were concerned arid with fjili ; :of 
France there does not appear- to 'fee 
any .reason why 'Beau' should not be 
shown, especially since. Frenchr; 
Canadian censors apparently did hot 
find that French susceptibilities 
adversely ' touched. 

Advance lobby : .display; ' 'Beau 
Geste' has already gone up at one 
of the first runs- here. . .. 

WB'9 'Devil's Island' A>ain • ; 
'Devil's Isiarid,* Warher - Bros,, fiim 
which ;was Withdrawn jn'Febniary, 
1939, following protest; from the 
French; Embassy, v^ill go; back into 
circulation . with a preem at the 
Glbhe, N, Y., on Saturday (1,3). WB 
execs refused, any comnrieiit ' the 
action. It is aSsviihecl, h^^ that 
isince the changes in :Frahce as .re- 
sult of Hitler's conquest, "the stiidio 

, no longer feiels obliged to continue 
the courtesy it extended the former 
French; government. . 

Picture, starring Boris Karloff, was 
exhibited widely throughout the 
country before-being booked into the 
Globe .originaily. and withdrawn. At 
the time, WB was exporting film ib 
France, . French Embassy, acting 
through its consul in Los Angeles,'- 
indicated: the picture gave an exag- 
gerated idea of conditions in the 

1 penal colony'; There were no for.- 

j mal protests and no official action 

I was taken oh the matter. 


. - •. Hollywood, July 9, 

, . One; film studio in the" Valley is 
taking preparedness very, ^eriovisly. 
"The front office ordered a 1 list of all 
workers of military, age, and then 
circularized each to devote one night 
\yeekly to training. , . ;. ; ' ; \ 
Some opposed it, but the order 
goes if a majority are in. favor of the 
defense proposal. 


Checks Off 2Gth 

' V Hblly wood, July 9, 
Gregory Ratoff, director at 20th- 
rbx since 1937, checks off the. lot on 
completion of his pilot role oh: 'The 
Qreat.: Profile,' with two jobs in. the 
(Offing; ..,..•;■ •■.■.> 

First is. a directorial deal with Co- 
...lurnbitJ, '. after which ,He..,.rhoyes, to 
- j'aramount . on « producer-director 
: commitment 

ilelu.rns io .London, fi-^oiii Paris After 
. Bein; Reported Missing: 

London, June 25, ■ 
: Setting of Alice Delysia for lead in 
musical yersibn of 'Cradle Snatchers' 
brought grief tO; Jack Wa:)lei- who is 
presenting;. Actress .returned .to 
France irbrhediately bh comple 
deal and-' then" was posted as 'miss- 
ing.' ■'/ :;•■ ;;'. .;. ■ ' ; ■;.;■ '■^■■'"V 

After, a nightmari.'-h journey .she 
returned safely yesterday . (24), ter- 
minating.: three-<lay crossing with- 
out adequate iood. and ho sleep. She 
had made the /jjOurhey to; ge;t her fl4- 
year-old i^rrioiher but of Piiris, 


Rosita: ;M6'feriO.-;Hen^ 
j. Madeleine Carroll,! Louis VemeuiL 

. Detroit, July 6. 
. :ysing political biggies -arid, the 
heads OJf large organizatiohs ;for: 
'gueist captains,' inland (^hesariing, 
Mich., is going tb break records in 
the fourth year, of its 'Showboat.' 
The 90-fobt homemade craft is tied 
up in the town's Siiiawassee Ri-yer. .:/ 
Typical of the devices used lor 
whipping, up 'crowds : from its eh tire 
section of; the. State is having Rotary 
ni^hl, for July 14 which wilt over-; 
flow its 7,000 seats during the twO- 
hour show. Jimnny Stevenson; WJR. 
radio cbmmentator, is the 'guest cap- 
tain' for the. night; . 
^ .Other- devices are haviiig Murray; 
D.' . Wagone.r, state highway 'com-: 
missipner,.' as 'gue.?t captain b^^^ 
in the thoii.sands of . employees Of; 
this heavily-staffed department; : fol- 
lowing with Gov, Luren Dickinson 
as another guest captain arid then 
taking - over the; American ; Legion 
groups by having its' chiiefdom ' at 
the helm. ' ' 

^Michael Todd, the- No. 1 showman 
at the N.Y. World's Fair with three 
major and one rninor concessions, 
was operated on late Sunday night 
(7) at Polyclinic hospital, N.Y., for 
acute appendicitis. He was taken ill 
suddenly that morning. His condi- 
tion yesterday (Tuesday) was good. 
:;An.other^Broadwayite.- in; a hos- 
pital currently is Harry Pincus. 
agent-brother of Joe :Pincus, .of 
20th tFox films, Pincus is in the 
Hosp ital- for Joint Diseases^ uhder. obr 

'Gone' With the Nipponese 

'. Tokyo. July 9. 

'Gone With the Wind' (M-G) will 
be translated and . filmed by the 
Kyoto studios, of the Shochiku Mo- 
tion Picture Co, with a Japanese 
cast. '--/l C 

"Talasub Osone will direct. 


•July 12 (Nevr'York to Venezuela) 
Ghiarles McEtOnald (Santa Rosa). 
" July . 5 ■ (N ew; York to; Buenos A ires) 
Herbert Janssen (Santa Elena). 
; July . 5 (West Indies Cruise) J. ,K, 
Robertson (Santa Paula). : 

J lily 5 tLos Angeles lb Honolulu ) 
Lana Turner (Lurline). 

Jessel Calls Off Dinner 
Dates for Studio Stint 

Hollywood. July 9. 

Geo r ge Jessel 's commitrhents as 
dialog director and writer on Hal 
Roach's 'Road Show' caused him to 
cancel toastmastbr;. dates in Akron 
and Youngston, O.^ and Pittsbiirgl-j. ; 

Comedian will take a fiying trip to 
fill ah engagement at the Bankers 
dinner in Philadelphia, Aug. 21, after 
which he will air back to the studio. 

N. Y. to L, A. 

Stella Adler. ", 
George Colouris, 
Walter. Craig; 
John Houseman. 
• Gertrude Ltiwrehce; 
George Raft. 
Irene Rich. 
Gradwell L, Sears. 
Lou Smith. '■. 
James Strodck. 

^L.A to N Y 

Basil Block.: 
Lou BrOck, . 
' Joe. E; BrOwn, .' ": 
Eddie Cantor. 
Howard Dietz. 
Betty Field, 
VzMXeXXe Goddard, :. 
Arthur Hutchinson. 
Brenda JToyce. 
Elia Kazan. • 
Nancy Kelly. ^ 
Alexandier Korda,. 
Tyrone Power. 
H. Allen Smith. . 
John SwopeT ';^' ;;■ 
: Herman Wobber. ;'' 

Wednesday, July 10, 1940 



Aniericaa film executives are studying closely the reaciion of foreign ■ 
couiitries to their product, as a result of the Eui opeari conflict, to deter- ;■ 
ni i lie whether ;they'^w^^ to continue'- the/popiilarity of ttoily- '.>; 

wobd product outsiide U. S. bouhdaries.; It may bie that the predpmi-- 
hiincf! of; American pictures, developed in, the face of restricti^^ 
verses legislation,- etc., In the! last 22 years will, be ; sy/epV. aside by ^^.t^^^^ 
ciu:r«^nt war just as the World Wai the U. ;S: film business, to 

secure its iRrst\firm hold in foreign lands. Others the position. • 
of the ^industry will bet aided, b^^ warfare.- ■)■.■ 

in l9li and until 19.17, no Americatv stai's iheant |much in foreign 
marlcets; , Italian, French and v some German pictu 
field! One distrib .recalled that\Mairy Pickford, Doiiglas^^^F^ and 
William Farnum films hardly paid .for the cost of. distributing there; 
The .war prpvid.ed the wedge, for American product to build in popu- 
■ larity; -"..-v; ' : ; ' ■ ■ ' /'^ ..- ; . 'w-'- 

• . Albahyj July 9. : 
; Declai-atiph that she has a. $75d-.aT 
week ■ radio - contract on; wT>ich . to 
support her son>. Koran 'Midvahi; 
was made by Mae Murriay- last iWeek 
as site reopened : her .fight in ' su- 
.pi-emfe court here fpir custody of ti\e. 
hoy. Former ;' screen stac ■ testiftied 
;thafc the. .termer, beginning ; next 
liionday (I5), is with the Grant Mel- 
ville do, and calls for $750-a-week 
for the first 26 weieks and $l,560-a- 
.week for a second: p«eriod of the 
^am« length/. She - will be featured 
In radio playlets;, she said*/ 
. Hearing; which lasted: most of the 
day. was adjourned after Miss Mur-: 
ray's testimoiiy until, tombrrow 
:( Wednesday), / thei " 13 - yeiar - old 
youngster, whose: father; is Prince 
David C. . Mdivanl, divorced fr<im 
.Miss Murray 'seytiral years iago, Is 
.by court order in the custody of 
• family iii Averill Park, N. Y., with 
. whom, he- testified at a previous 
hearing, he .wo.uld prefer living. 
Mother and son failed to exchange 
evjen a glance in the; courtroom last 
(Continued on page. 46) , 

Sally Rand, Nixed By 
LaGuardia for Fair^ 
OK for NX Hotel Deal 

Sally Rand who couldn't wave; her 
fans at. the New York World's Fair 
reputedly becausei. of Maypt La- 
Guardia 's nix of such high jinks on 
• tha. Flushing . Meadows, is virtually 
moving in next door to the expo 
when she opens July 17 at the Cocoa-. 
nut Grove, (roof) of the Park Cen- 
tral hotel, In Manhattan. Her deal 
calls for ia minimum of 11 weeks, 
with ; four-week options thereafter, 

guarantee and split of the Grove's 
business and its adjoining cocktail 
lounge; Miles ingalls set the deal. ; 

The fanner will- move into the 
roof nitery virith a troupe of 20 girls. 
(Continued on page 16) 


A trade, which has caused some be- 
Puzzlement in 1?in Pan Alley • is Fred 
, Fislier's turning over of all rights tb 
his latest tune, 'Whispeifing Grass,' 
.tp; Mills. Music, inc., ih return for 
the. copyright . on . 'ChicagoC . Mills 
«cquir^d •GrasS^ and Conveyed the 
^opyright : of 'Chicago' last week. 
The swap took place, kt Fisher's in- 
sligation, just. as 'Whispering Grass' 
was beginning to: show signs of be- 
. cohnmg 81 best seller., •. 

Fisher explained that^ 'Chicago' is, 
.Mve only one of his songs for which 
he wrote both melpdy and lyrics and 
.PecausiB Of that he wanted to' own 
the copyright. He also has an idea 
; »t reviving 'Chicago,' which "he wrote 
1^ 1922. duting; the Democratic Nar 
tionai. (Convention, which opens July 

Fisher inade the proposition to 
Willis after another publisher had 
. offered, him. an advance :of $1,500 for 
.-Grass'. Letter's lyrics are credited 
, tu Fisher's .daughteri Doris, arid the 
. original title page ^ Carried '^le iih; 
/print Of . the Fred Fisher Music Co., 

Well Running Dry 

; •Hplljnvodd^ July '9.; . ■ 
. After 15 yiear*. of doirig. a .solo 
Job;, on .their: comedy situations 
and scripts, Amos 'hV Andy have 
\ flhaliy .called in a collaboriatbr. 

He is Bob Ross/ wrhd will con- 
tribute ideas knd also put In ■ 
tinve Qii.piromotiori and publicity. 

Pienty of. mystery stories, if scripts 
Cart be bbtaitied durLng the coming 
season; .wili . spice the comedy for 
which 'all studios have been clamor- 
ing since the reaiizatldn of the past 
month that; audiences don't, want 
war themes. . Comedy-whodunits, In- 
spired by Paraniourit's success, with 
'.The Cat , and Canary* and ' 'Ghost 
Bi'eakers,' are, particularly in de- 
mand ; by producers. 

More of the same type . stiiflf. as 
the: two. recent . Bob. Hope -pictures 
is, in fact, so' much i^desired that at 
least * two companies, Metro and 
Parampuht, have their New York 
; C^onlinued oh page. 46 ^ 



Henry Be.i:nSteih, :French: play^ 
Wright, arrived in Nfew York Mon- 
day ;(8) . f rpih England after 'escaping 
Kazl would-^biEi assassins who had 
threa'tehed to kill him for writing ah 
ahtirHitler play \vhich enjoyed a 
successful run in Paris. His 'Elvire' 
ran at the Ambassadeurs from Jan. 
2^ until -June .7, after ;praetically 
everybody but the actors had evac- 
uated Paris.' : 'The company was 
magnificent;'. Bernstein said. 'They 
; kept playing • until the Germahs were 
35 miles frpnv Paris.' ; 
. - Shortly after t.h^ play's opening, 
the, Berlin, radio blasted Bernstein,; 
threatening , to kill. Wm .When they 
took Paris. Playwright's plans are 
indefinite,: may .be an American pro- 
duction. -pf'EIyire,'' he siaid. ; . 

Mr?. DahVs Gaf e i)ate 

. -Fail, kiver, Mass., - J uly .9. . 
i ' Edith Rogers^Dahl, General Fran- 
co's; phptogcriic flndr opiened Monday 
(8); in Rathskellar here after. ;three^ 
week engagembnt With .her violin iat 
the Hangar,- smail nitery in Acush- 
.net,' :h,ear: New* . Bedford;. .Mrs;.,Dahl 
was a. two-week bbldover .' : the 
Acushriet . spot •• after playing ; .five 
riights ea:rlier in. Baylies Square the-, 
atre. New Bedford nabe. : 
■ New Bedford ■and Fb'll 'River.' press 
vei^ydihJihucndbvioh piiblicityi: ■ ' 

Uhpff icial Rfep orit Follows 
: Word That Reich Talses 
Ovet* 20th-Fpx .Exchanges 
in Belgium .ahid ; Holland 


.Banning of . - all .■ Anri.ericah ■ films 
from' Naiirconti'olled territory was 
urioMciaUy •repprted in N; Y.. this 
wieek, but lacked, official -conflrmaition 
either from V/ashingtoh or . homeof- 

fices, Bar on U. S.; product sup- 
posedly is predicated on the fact that 
nearly every . . producer \ has been 
makii'ag yehicles critical of Naziism, 
In leading industry ; circles, th? 
feeling yesterday (Tuesday) was; that 
if an edict agaiinst tr. S. . pictures, had 
nbt beeh issued it would . be biily a 
matter of . time Until , such action Is 
iaken. by .Hitler. • Fact that several 
cornpahies had been gettiiig word 
through regularly from Brussels .of- 
fices indicates business . : is going 
ahead as usual In part of Europe. 

Reported igeneral ban, without 
mention .of Specific cpuntries, fol- 
lowed ; word fronri abroad that the 
Nazi goveriiihent had taken pvier 
some 20th-Fox bxchahges aiid ; pic- . 
tures in. Belgium, arid Holland . par- 
ticularly because of 'Four- Sons' and ' 
'The Man. I-<3^Iarried,' fprmerly .'I; 
Married a ^ Jfaiisi,!. • Homepff ice of com- 
pany .claims that iio pfficial word, has 
been received regarding this German 
action, '> 

; It will be recalled that the. Hitler 
government clamped the lid down 
on American comjpanies which were 
critical of; his regime and forced 
them, out of Germany, Whether sinil- 
lar action against these distributors 
(Continued on page il) 

Monte Praser's Broadway 
Beachcomber Ruled No 
Opposish to H'wood Cafe 

Federal Judga Edward A, Coniger 
in N. Y. on Monday (8), denied an 
application for a : temporary injunc- 
tion against Monte Proser's Beach- 
cpmber Restaurant brought by Cora 
I. Sund, ■ doing business as Don's 
Beachcomber, Hollywood, The plain- 
tiff seelcs a permanetit injunction, 
accounting, and damages against 
Proser's N, Y. establishmen t . charg- 
ing . misappropriation of . the name 
and recipes for food and drinks of 
its restaurant. 

In denying: the injunction request. 
Judge Conger pointed put that the 
plea of. unfair competition did not 
hold water as, both restaurants were 
(Coftthiued, on page 11) 


David O. Selznick Is due in New 
York from the Coast today (Wednes- 
day) with his family, . They ' are on 
their Way to Redding, Conn., wherie 
Selznick has rented an estate fpr;the 
surnmer, '.'.'J:/ . ; 

During his;, vacation, producer will 
begin work on two stories, : 'Jane, 
Eyre,' ; whicli is expected to •. be his' 
ne j£t . Rlih, and 'Joarn ot . Arc,' which 
may follow it. Work will ; consist 
mainly, as he puts it, of 'infilti'yting 
myself with the, lore' surroundiug: 
the two yarns,. . ■\- . ^ 

Par Cuts Dymtryk 

;. ■: :;/,'';■ ;. . Hollywood. July. 9. 

Paramount • dropping Edvvard 
Dymtryk as;, director, when his cur- 
rent contract expires in a.mohth.. 
■: He was upped from .the cutting, 
department to a'.dircctpr'shiD. itl; th6 
Harold Hurley unit a 'year ago.; 


Detroit, July 9, 
Screening of .'New Moon* for 
the critics here Was nearing its 
end. Along came the moment 
when the screen issued flie prbc- 
lamatipn, . "Tha .' . French peopl« 
now are. free.' '•",-';' 
• 'Well,' that definitely dates the 
picture,' a voice in the- darkness . 
drawled. \ ■ \ 

ParV*,: July 6. 
' . (Via Berlin) 

Show businesi here 1» springing 
back to nbrmalcy-^r; What ap- 
proaches norrnalcy undCr exceed- 
ingly abnormal conditions — with 
amazing rapidity. Mainy theatres and 
music. halls havlB reopened during the. 
past few days and more are lighting 
up hourly. Move toward rehabilita- 
tion of the amusement industry was 
given additional impetus yesterday 
(FridcJy) by an order from the Ger- 
man military governor extending the 
curfew to 11 p.m." . 

. Theatres are all doing excellent 
business under the limited operations 
possible, Much of the French popu- 
lation which evacuated the city has 
now returned apd everyone who can 
afford it appears to be seeking some 
form of minor 'diversion. Cafes and 
restaurants which are open are well- 
patronized with a mixture of Ger- 
man soldiers and French citizenry. 

Despite the extension of the cur- 
few and the fact that many arhuse- 
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As president of Equity; Bert Lytell 
responded vigorously to the charges 
of Representative , Lam b ,e r t.s o n, 
Kansas Republican, that actor- 
Communists had taken over key 
positions in the association. Lytell 

did, not whitewash those named by 
the legislator, but; declared the acr 
cusations were without prpof. He de- 
clared he wpuld welcome an investi- 
gation, indicating that might be done 
by the Federal Bureau of Investiga- 
tion, for its time for all 'to come out 
ih their true cplprs.' ' ■ ; ' 

Lambertson's charges virtually 
took in theatrical talent unions ■ in 
general. He also named George 
Heller,- now executive secretai-y- . 
treasurer of the- American Federa- 
tion of Radio -' Artists, and Hoyt S. 
Haddock, executive secretary of : the 
American Guild of Variety Artists, 
as Communists. . Of Haddock, Lam - 
bertson said.he i§;:'a fprmer CJ.6. 
organizer of distinct Communist 
sympathies whose appointment was 
protested by the American Federa- 
tion pf Labor.' ■ A few weeks . ago, 
during an AGVA board meeting. 
Haddock and others in AGVA were 
accused of being Reds. Haddock de- 
nied the .charges, answering, 'I'm 
not . f mart enough to be a Com- 
munist.' [Haddock's : further ideas 
(Continued on page 20) 

HERSHOLT'S $10,000 WK, 

Hollywood, July 9. 

Monetary prptectipn against, aiiy - 
eventuality which, may cause a sus- 
pension bf . his sponsorship is af- 
forded Jean Heysholt in his new con- 
tract with .Chesebrough vaseline,, 
which carries up to January of 1942. . 

If, for any reason; Including war, 
the program is dropped, Hersholt re- 
ceives $10,000 for every 13-week pe- 
riod during life of the contract. ' 

Tapt. Bligh,' who last strode the 
deck of that mutinous vessel, the 
Bounty, for Metr-*, will ; probably 
once again take command of It. But 
this time for. Paramount. The f am jus 
character/.is beings written by James 
Hall and Charles Nordhoff into th'^ir. 
coming book, 'Botany Bay,' to which 
Par has a grip on the screen rights; 
.' 'Bay,' technically,., is no sequel to 
'Nbrdhbff -and /Hairs'. 'Mutiny on the 
Bounty,' inasmuch . as the period it 
deals ■with .is;.i'm^ediat.c]y; prior to 
the, incidents told " 'Bounty.' ■ It 
takes place in the same locale, how- 
ever, and leads up to the other story. 
Verbal ;putline, from .which Par pur- 
chased its .hold .,. on .the tale did not ■ 
include . the character of . Bligh, , but ' 
the studio \?. understood .to have 
asked the authors. to wprk the;. tyrant 
skipper . in; as' the role is figured-- to ; 
have big explpitation value. , . . ' 
. Par doesn't actually own the story, 
yet, but has a tricky agreement, hot 
exactly an option, which. .ip;surcs ob- 
taining it; if it so. de.s.iresv after it is 
first . published in sciual . f oiro, ; p 
ably in the.- Saturday Evening Post,, 
and later as a book by Little, Brown. 

.Nordhoff and Hall, , whp had de- 
cided to end their writing collabora- 
tion last Winter, have been .rejoined 
by the film and publishing interest 
in the ; story which they developed 
m-^ntally several years ago. They 
are now in ..New ;F!ngland. working 
.pn, the ;ac.tunl. writing: arid hopi?t. to. be 
finished by Janiiary to retur'ii to !. 
theirihomcs In Tahlli. 

Trade Mark RegleterCd 
PubllNlied Weekly by^VAUIEXYj Inc. 

Sid Snverinari, Presidont 
154 Wcat 46th Stroet, New Yorlc, N. .x: 


Annual. .Forei 


.Single. Copies, . , . ., . , ... . , . . 

.ii Ceiila 

. No. 6 - 


Advance Production Chart.. 16 ■■ 

Band Reviews. . . ::, . . 

. .. 34 

Bills ................ 


Chatter 'v. 


15 Years Ago. , . .'."'. 

.... 38 

..Filni . B.opking, Chart , . . 


Film Re-viewS, ... , . . ; . 

...... 12 

Hpuse Reviews / .... , ; . 

.....40 ' 

• Inside— Legit . . ... ... . ; , 


inside— Pictures ; . , \ 


Inside— Radio , . . . ... 

'. . . .. 28 . 

International News , . . 

.... 13 

Literati • ■;. . . .;■.',-, . ', . \. 


Legitimaite , . : 

..... 42 

Music ;. ,. , :■. 

. . . .. 33 

New: Acts. ., 

• i « « • '41 

Night Clubs.., 


Night.. Club Reviews: 

. . . 3G 

Obituary . , .', . . . . ;. . 


■Outdoors . .-.' . :. 

..... 47. 

Pictures , .... 


Radio , . . . . . .... . . . . 

..... 23 . 

Radio Reviews, . .., .; ; .. 


Vaudeville . , . . . . ... 

. .... 37 ■ 

V.^RIKTV K.-^DiO in K1<('T0K\ 

' (i'uUlls.Heil 1 n N. V. utinu.aUyj 
$5. per cop); ; 


, , . . Jiff, -ji ■ — Jli; . thrclttn • 
(FuWlshnd In; Hollywoocl' Uy ' 
. ■ - Dally 'Variety, Ltd.). 



Wednesday, July 10, 1940 


Iranco-Bn^ Clash 
Poses New Probieni 

Ihiiief StOTted It Major ^ G^ 

operate in Order to Pnce« -D6virn— Matter 

.of Horse-Tj^ftdinjf 

]\4ovemerit for an interchange of 
information . concerning film, deals 
mjide witlt distribuitorsj started 
aiTlohg inde^)endentis, is : arousing 
considierable speculatibri because of 
the possibilities of jrinass resistance 
for the salesmen . throughpiit the 
country. If progressing to any point 
of importance, such, an Exchange of 
film deals, deinahds by distributors, 
performance of a given jbbmpany's 
product the prior yeati etc.,: stands 
to place the film-peddler up against 
new obstacleis. . 

While there are doubts oil both 
sides among 'exhibitors as well as 
distributors, on the ptheir /hand if 
enough exhibs band together to give 
each other the benefit of their tran- 
sactions, and. experiences, it is:: hot 
altogether Wmlikeiy the larger af- 
filiated chain buyeirs: might do the 
same thing among themselves. Major 
chairjs usiiaUy ;pay for film 

which goes to . the indie under per- 
ceritege deals at 40%: 

Although the average large buyer 
keeps his deals to himself, very often 
because he has bought carefully or 
ha^ been, given, an edge, all axeithe 
figuraitive .common enemy .of .the 
di£trib and, in sdine cases,, affiliated, 
buyers are said toi have yrorked in 
icahbots ..with others in or^er to con- 
trol terms. Claimed, also, that major 
chiiin aflUiates have also cpoi^erated 
with indie chains in their territories' 
■in order .to hold the distributors. 
dO|Wn.',"-' ..: ■ .' . 

l^.at.tlhe the Cressare On ■ 

NoAv that; the film, comjpanies are 
demiahding hijgher prices; extended 
time and lower splits, the indie buy- 
ers hdtably^ight be inclined; to .co^ 
'operate aniorig each other, in what 
would ambuht to 'indirect buying 
power' or pressure. In other words, 
if the word went around; among a 
lot of , theatre owners that Company' 
A's pictures didn't do well this, sea- 
son, -figures or, some other infprma- 
tion concerning pert prmahce . at the 
boxoffice being .given,_ that company 
would .face heavy resistance. . If a 
representativei number of , indies, 
thus interchanging information on 
deals, performance^ etc., began pro- 
viding resistance, cpntriacts at lower 
terms might have to be accejpted or 
sprrie compromise made. Fewer con- 
tract rejections might result. 

On: the other hand, : the .exchange, 
of info should work to the advan- 
tage .of another company that had 
delivered satisfactorily in accordance 
with deals made. Instances .could 
occur also where -one exhib csfti 
prove he has done well with a given 
company's product, while . another 
hasn't, this in "turn giving the dis- 
trib some leverage. 

To just what extent exhibs would 
be willing to reveal what pictures 
^ did for them, what the terms of their 
deals were, what adjustments were 
rnade and the like, is highly prob- 
lematical. \ An exhib in close coiri- 
petition with another in the same 
territory might be; agreeable to 
cross-checking, contracts, terms, de- 
mands for the new film, etc., and 
he^also might nqti This depends to 
some .extent on whether the exhibs 
In the; same tbwhs . spoke, to each 
other and; whether . bne felt he cqul d 
butsmart the other fellow on buying 
anyway. Many exhibs feel they are' 
shrewd; buyers and can battle - bar- 
gains with the , distributors, which 
others cannot succeed in; getting/ t d t 

. there are bases also where friend- 
khip with- a Salesman or even a home \^^^- f'^vm, in charge , since . Ryan's 
office distribution executive gets one I ^^P^'"''"''®'^ has returned, to his forr 

jimmy Rooseyeh 
Has W 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ F^^^ 

James RoPsevelt revealed Monday 
/(8) that . -he;- has 10; thyee-inihute 
shorts;; :f or;, the; Mills. , Novelty Co 
completed and Ph; the shejf; ,;He de- 
clared he- has; ah ;order } for 30 mbre 
to be delivered on Aug. 15. Beyond 
that, he said, there's nothing definite; 
except " an agreement ;to turn ; put 
more; of the briefies - f or . coin ma- 
chines whenever .Mills wants them 
Juke-box .. manufacturing ; ■ ; qiutflt 
dbiesh't; expect to ; have its . devices 
ready until late Jn the yeaf,. Roose- 
velt, stated, ; and until then the films 
will remain' in cans. . He said he 
makes each one oh a flat fee, hp 
percentage hieing involved.' ; . 
: ;Plans follPwihg the : cbmpletion of 
'Pot. b' Gold,' . . his first feature pic^ . 
tiire- are being left in\;*fluidity,'.; pend-; 
ing ;wprld . events, the producer as- 
serted.; Film based bh the lioralce 
Heidt air show will ' go before ; the 
ciameras Sept. 1; he said; He'll fly 
back to the . Coast this week, tp wind 
up scripting and casting before July 


Presideht's son refused to publicly 
discuss-.the activity of the fiilm busi-^ 
hess^ in the nation's defense plan,.' al- 
though It is understood he confabbed 
with his father on this, subject over 
the holiday weekend. ; Arriving in 
New "Vork early last week, he went 
uip;to Hyde ; Park July to attend 
the dedication of the. new librisry. to 
house the; Presideht's papers;; 

Roosevelt's Globe .. Productions 
opened offices in New ; York last 
week. . Roosev elt took over part of 
the Sam Goidwyn suite in the United 
Artists building, which he used while 
employed by Groldwyn,. He also 
nah^ed David ' Griesdorf his eastern 
rep, ;Griesdorf v is former; United 
Artists, branch fnartiager in .Winnipeg. 

New York office will handle only 
matters concerning, regular produc- 
tions releiased through UA, and will 
have nothing tp do' with Roosevelt's 
ventures into Vpiroduction of briefies 
for coin miachines. ; 


Efforts of Mayor LaGuardia to 
bring 'film; iproduction to; New ; York 
have apparently been laid away on 
ice for the time being or; at least, 
will continije in more modest style,- 
Suite of offices in Radio City, which 
.were opened tp ; push the campaign 
in the heat of ftizzoner's ardor last 
winter, have been quietly buttoned 
up ;and the staff returned to its regu- 
lar duties. 

pepartment : of Commerce, which 
was set, up to bring any sort of new 
enterprise to New York, but of which 
the film division, was the major part, 
is continuing its activities in more 
fertile spheres. It's being rim, how^ 
■fever, from the private offices in Wall 
St. of George Sloan, recently /named. 
Commissibrier of Commerce by; Lar 

.Radio City offices hsd ; been vir- 
tually- morgue-Tike since the- resigna- 
tion several months ago of Clendenin 
J. R 

Capra Starts FiU 

•; Hbllywppd, July 9.. 

Frank; Capria sent his high-budget 
picture, 'Meet John ;boei' ;bef ore the 
cameras ; at. Warners . ; yesterday 
(Moh.) with <Jarx Cooper; and , Bar- 
bara .Stanwyck in the top , spptsV ■ ■ . 
, .Ijate. additions td the cast include 
Mary Garr, Sterling Hollbway,;Knox 
Manning, . J; Farrell Macppnald/ 
Gene MPrgan, Sarah ;; EdWards, Ed- 
ward -Hearhe, Benny Bartlett; Bess 
Flpwers, Lafe Mckee, !Edward Mc- 
W'ade and John VMcMahus.: ; . 

Rodgers-Hart Working 
In N.Y. With Brock On 

Because Rodgers iand Hart have 
other Brp a d wa y commitments, 
coupled with an antipathy to wbrk- 
ihg and living in Hollywood, Lbii 
Brock .Will work With them , in New 
York on the; preliminaries ^^ttendant 
to the RKO' fiimusical he's preparing 
for September start. ' Tentatively 
titled 'They Met in Argentina,' tag 
will have to be changed due to a 
wave Pf Argentina film titles ;(20th- 
Fox, Universal and others). 

Brock did the original idea, ber 
sides prPducing; Jerry Cady the 
script, and Rodgers and Hart will 
complete their score in the east, 
filing it : either by rnail or, more 
likely, collaborating with Brock, who 
will fly back and forth. 

Frank Veloz . (and; Yolanda), re- 
tired ballroomologist, will essay his 
flrist Hollywood dance-staging job ; 
with this film. Maureen O'Hara will 
be cast opposite Albert Vila; new 
face from South America. It's all 
part of an MCA 'package deal.' 

Brock produced the first ' Astaire- 
Rogers-Youmans fllmusical for RKO 
in 1934, 'Flying Dowrt to Rio.' 

RoiandV Bilingual 

Hollywood, July 9. ' 
Gilbert R;oland does a . double 
linguistic; role in 'Gypsy Cavalier,' 
English . and Spanish; Paramount is 
shooting . the picture in both lan- 
guages. •;. ■/■ ■■ :': 

Three more roles in the offing for 
Roland are in 'Cortez, Conqueror of 
Mexico,' to be produced by Alex- 
ander Korda, and two Metro produc- 
tions, "Tortilla Flats' and 'The Life 
of Simon Bolivar.' *; 

Laudy Lawrence, Metro's Euro 
pean manager, headquartered ; in 
Paris, Is due in oh the Clipper from 
Lisbon this .week with his wife anc 
their four-year old son. Arthur Field 
his aide and brother-in-law, will be 
with him. . Mrs. Field preceded them 
to the States recently and ' ■ cur 
rently in Calif prnia, expecting i 

; Mishap with their car, through 
running out of gas, delayed them 
about two ; weeks on the; trip frprn, 
Bordeaux to' Lisbon. : 

Stuck in Lisbon right now^ await 
ing space on the Clipperis, are bank 
ers Robert Lazard (Lazard Freres) 
Maurice and Edmpnd de Jtothschild, 
Rene Clair,;; the director; Le: 
Straus, who headed the Columbia 
Pictures unit making v them in 
French; Robert Duvivier, the direc 
tor; Maurice Cheyalier, Nita Raye 
and Max Ruppa; his manager-secre- 
tary, and other prpminents. . 

Sacha Guitry was in Biarritz, 
ready to . leave the country, but' de 
cided to return to Paris; ditto Elvira 
Popescbi Romanian actress. Who has 
been prominent on the French stage 
for mbre than a decade, who like- 
wise, is returning to the ex- French 

capital. ;. ,., ;■■■;;; 

.r A hazaird how for American friend s 
of departing French show people, ie 
those bf French; citizenship, is the 
fear 'that if France and England 
really clash in formal war, it may 
well mean :that the clippering show 
folk could be taken off in Bermuda 
and interned' as: technical enemy 
aliens. - ■ 


Hollywood, July 9. 

Two animated features a year, in- 
stead of one, is the new schedule at 
the Walt Disney studio, with 'Fan- 
tasia* and 'Bambi' slated for release 
during the 1940-41 season. Increa.sed 
production ii made .possible by the 
concentration of all departments; in 
the new Bur'bank plant. 

'Fantasia,' $2,000,000 Musical inker 
with arrangements . fay Leopold 
.Stokp\yski,:; is .due. for release in 
October after, more than two years 
in work. 'Bambi.' another $2,000,000 
job, ; \ slated for completion in 
January. . ■ • .. 


Hollywdpd, Jiily 9. 
Dean Olson, son of California's 
Gov.; Olson, who vrecentiy ; graduated 
from the University of California 
here, has joined 20th Century-Fox, 
. He will work In the clerical divi- 
sion pf the production department. 

On Heels of McClinHc 

. . ;.Hdllywood. July 9; 
Film industry must submit to «. ma- 
jor operation or; ; face economic 
death; in the opinion of Edward 
Small, United Artists producer.' ih 
a signed statement to the press. 
Small urged a general [slashing 61 
salaries, elimination bf the : double 
bill and closer cooperation between 
producers and exhibitors. ':/'■■. 

'The operation,' he said, 'may not 
be . a pleasant one— opieratibns sel- 
dom .a ire-r-fout; the: plain fact is that 
in the face of a crisis su&h . as now 
confronts our great industry, there 
is no other course, left open. ; A ma- 
jor readjustment must come swiftly 
if it is not to come too late. Top 
salaried producers, executives, stars, 
directors, writers and all others will 
have ; to realize that they not 
worth today what they were worth 
yesterday. Thus, a person who was 
worth $100,000 per picture ; ix 
months ago is today .actually worth 
about $60,000. "The same rule «p« 
plies to every other wage earner in 
the bnsiriess,' 

Exhibitors as Well as ; producer! 
must set their houses in order. 
Small declared, ; condemning dual 
bills as a mark of poor; showman- 
ship. ; ;■•..;;■■■■ ..;■■.;;■"..;;:■;■ •■ . ' 

'They are • also . a mark i bf greed,' 
he continued. ; 'There are times- In. 
every; biusiness when it is essential 
to lose money to maintain stand- 
ard, 'Too many exhibitors wera un- 
willing to lose money on this basis, 
becanie panicky and turned to doii- 
ble-bills, dishes, autonipbiles, st'ovei 
and a thousand other things at; ,a ■ 
time when they should have turned 
on all the power ; of showmanship, 
it was the easy way, but like every- 
thing that comes easy, the eventual 
price is a costly, almost destructive 
one.' ; / 

As. a cure fpr the ills of the pic- 
ture busines.s. Small suggested an; 
immediate ; 'industry ; piarthership,' ; 
based on a three-way platform :; 

1. — An immediate healthy cut In 
all motion picture salaries, . begin- 
ning at the top. . 

2. — Elimination pf double bills,, 
giveaways and other so-called stim- 

liiants. .;■ ■ ,;.,.;■ 

3— Sharing of .problems ;; by all 
branches of the industry. 


man a better deal than another can 
Wrangle, * Such a buyer no doubt 
will not want to tell what his 'edge' 
was, .partly ; because the other .guy 
in his teirritpry or someone else 
■ served by the same exchange bias to; 
make up for it. .' '\ 

The setup of deials with the majprs 
are such that even some :of ; the. large 
partners associated with; Paramount 
but doing their own buying, refuse 
to reveal the terms for the benefit 
of brother-partners in the Par fold. 
Others do report their deals to the 
home office, ; 

V The Allied States ;Assn,^ national 
exhibitor organization and various 
territorial associations, are pushing 
the idea of ah : interchange of ' - 
fbrmation among exhibs,. now. only: 

on film deal^. but in other directions I ^ Fair's showmanship. . . 

mer. duties in' the Department of 
Welfare, ;' 

ing unauthorized assignment 
of contract and asking $50,000: dam- 
ages, Edward Sheldon has set up a 
counter-claim Guthrie Mc 
Clintic along with Charles Frohman, 
Inc,, Paramount Pictures and Gilbert 
Miller. Action was started in New 
.York supreme court as result of Mc 
Clintic's suit against Sheldon and 
Margaret Ayer Barnes, authors of 
'Dishonored Lady,' which was; dis 
tributed by: Metro when made into 
the film, 'Letty Lynton.' McClintic 
began suit about tWb weeks ago ask- 
ing for half of $137,000, sum recov 
ered by Sheldon and Mrs; ' Barnes 
;frohi; the film in the 'Letty 
Lynton' plagiarism - suit, i-- -' 
Besides makitg a general denial 


; Page 13 
•Page 13 
.Page 23 
.Page 23 

Toscanini's Goodwilier 
Wartime biz bad, London' exhii * \eoi. 
'' Bob Hope's radio dicker; .^;;>i , ;. 

CBS and Par stock sale: .-/r'-.i: , 

Radio reviews: Abbott & Costellb, George McCali, Evalyri 
Laye, Jimmie Durante; Rochester, 'Wings for America ' 
Lief Erickspn, 'Hollywood Dreams,' 'America Sings' '.. . . . . .Page 24 

BML^eal...,,,,......v....:..;..........;;.:.^ 35 

AGVA ...... . ... ... ..... .; . .'. .... ■ . . .: .V. . . Pace 37 

Old Friars Club changes hands."'....-....; ■;: :;^ Page 38 

New acts: Warren Hymer, . . . ,'■;. , .. ... , , . . ; . . . ' Page 41 

Miriam Hopkins faces charges, . Page 43 
Gillmore's^alary cut tp;ease:4A^s strain; ; . . . . . , ;, ..'.!.'.'f.:, .I'page 43 

....v.. ;,;.;!.. .;. ,•,.;;. . . .-.Page 47 

of charges, Sheldon claims that Mc- 
Clintic breached the contract beheld 
upon 'Dishonored Lady.' Situation 
IS similar to a case where a property 
owner chases a burglar, with a 
neighbor trying to trip him and toss 
pbstacles in his way but when the 
property owner finally recovers his 
property, the neighbor rushes up 
and claims he is entitled to divide 
the property with the owrier. That 
is, the way Arthur F; Driscoll, of 
O'Brient Driscoll & Raftery, summed 
up thie case this week. 

Sheldoq claims McClintic tried: to 
assign: the original contract dated 
Dec, 5, 1928, without written consent 
of the authors. Also that the assign- 
ment was to Charles Frohman. .Iric , 
and that it Wjent from this firm to 
Paramount and Gilbert Miller, also 
without written approval . No con- 
sent was given for the ^English pro- 
ducticn either. '. ; : . ;;.:/ 

Production of. the play in England, 
it is alleged, also failed to follow 
stipulations as to cast, arid director 
regarding changes and that its pres- 
entation actually destroyed the valu- 
able goodwill the play possessed in 
England, /: o- 

Sheldon also claims in his counter- 
action that McClintic; and hi.s 

Hollywood. July 9. , 
Financial difficulties .•which.- have 
held up production by Franklyn 
Warner's Fine Arts Producing 
pistributihg Corp. are said by War- 
ner to have been cleared Up. Three 
films on which; he has been promis- 
j hg to begin production for the past ' 
six months are now reported really 
nearing that stage. . 

Pictures which are slated . to go 
ip to work the old Grand Nh- 
tional lot, which FA has taken over^ . 
are 'Flying Heels,': 'Red; Gardenia* : 
and 'Derelict Alliey.' Otis Garrett 
and Maurice Kahn : to direct 
them. ; ■ ; 

FA. organized following the ' 
bankruptcy of Grand National, has 
been, existing seven films .for- 
merly distributed : by i that, outfit.. 
Principal income-maker ha.s been ;; 
Anna Sten's 'Exile Express,' which 
.stairted through RKO nabe circuit 
in New York yesterday (Tuesday), .; 

Franchise-holders throughout the 
country have been doing some 
squawking at the failure of the 
promised; hew pictures to . be de- 
livered to Supplement the ;origjhal • 
seven.' Beefs have not been too ;^ 
serious, however, the siates- 
rjghters have' nb investment in the 
FA franchise, . ; 

in' in the Saddle 


signees gave comfort and aid to the ;i the lot, 

Hollywood, July 9. 
'Ragtime Cowboy Joe,' last of the 
Johnny Mack Brown western series 
■ for the 1939-40 seasbn at ■ tfniversaV, 
rolled yesterday (Mon-); without Bob 
;Baker; ,Who. Wbuhd up his contract • 
as a featured player arid checked, off 

enemy when 'Letty Lynton: was pro- 
duced and the copyright infringe- 
ment suit was started by the aii-' 

(Continued ;0n page 14) 

Baker.' ;.fbrmerly ; starred / in: . 
western . series fpr Trem . Gar r.'s Uni- ; 
ver-sal unit, is negotiating for a. group 
of . c.Pwi^oke starrefs with another 
studio. : .• . ' ' " 

Wednesday, July 10* 1940 


■ ;rri art effort to bolstiet domestic 
Income, ' Several major ' film ' cbhi- 
panies • are ; mulling ' possibilities 
of expansion in the rura^l market. 
An adtiial survey of the nation's 
h.ititerlands . has been started. , ; For ^ 
eigh vmarkets ^arie, drastically off; 
while the other two., main markets 

' • ; sees the .big city i^eat the satufatioh 
point on patronage and the tieigh- 
bprhpbd arid suburban, classed as 
■• nearly saturated. : ; 

Preliniinary survey was niade^ 
- one maj or ct>n^Pany under the guid- 
* r aiice or -Mi . A. Sterner, p£ ;-Gurtis 
■ . : Publishing Co., MVho has produced 
.basic riacts/ on this rural miarket . no t 
generally familiar to . the industry. 
UnderStoodv that' Minnesota, Penn- 
' sylvahiai. Maryland, and New York 
>vi'ere covered,is.;analysis.^^^ .T^ 
: V : sliows that , approximately 85%. ; of 
"U. S; cb.inities are chiefly of entirely 
. '■ ■• ■ riirial. . AjsO: that: either the pi^eseiit 
adVettisihg-publiclty ballyhbo ovor- 
' looks potential farmer patroris, ;. 

there is a dearth of • cooperation be- 
. ■ . ■ twceri th6 'key .city .exehahige.. and 
■.these. smaller accounts., .'■. ,- 

B.ocausc. of the pireserit . s 
. : cbrries tealized^ from :these. sriiaHer 

■ theatre^, spme.-with ■only- night 

. lormahccs;; most ekhi.bitor opinion is 
' thial tliey are^pushed around, not" by 
neceisity,. but : slrhply lack 
of / cohsideratioh. Result has been 
iritfre or lessi/'routine operatrphs. with 
. : inuch patronage; ./gping. . :to. larger 
nearby towns. 

Poiiiid : Mian Plenty. 

.Main factor which' has. prompted: 
. tttentibn to the rural . field . is; the 
conviction, among some executives, 
that it .is a.'riegleqted .is6ur.ce of rev- 
enue, .Also that it may ; be h.urscd 
. along into - healthy condition ii 
. ^properiy handiedr v: . ..' .• .' •; '■,' ^ 
..Survey undertaken so . far shlbw5 
. vthat nearly 27 key exchange'; cities 
::. have ■rural population potentialities 
ranging fvpm .30 to 76% of the total 
. ; ; area cbvered, whil.e only -th^f BostPn;: 
New Haven, New. 'York, Chica^^ 
Los Angeles exchanges, have negligi- 
ble rural • population .. from .wh^ 
bus! ncss . is ; oljtairied, Also, th is r e- 
. sume reveals; there i^ a rural pppii- 
lation of 53,800,006 out -of -tht na- 
tion's 130,000,000 total. Of the Ui S.: 
/ - total,^ 36,900,000 is credited/ with bc- 
. liiff in the 100 largest cities of the 
country. Considering the film rontals 
obtained from the small exhibitor, 
the .distributor is inclined to bclicVe 
something should;^^ and can be dbiie 
: about developing regular theatre 
patrons. • ■. ' ■ • ■ . 

One. exhibitor interviewed clai'med; 
that if he could get people in froin 
the rural., areas ^served by his thea- 
tre once per week, instead of twice 
mpnthly, he. -would be able to in- 
^ crease his business 33%. Further 
angles developed in the prfilim sur- 
, vey indicate that there are, 35,200,000 
pwctical potential rural ticket pur-. 
: chasers each, week 'in the ; U. S.,. as. 
compared with the elaimcd total of 
.85,000.000 motion picture theatre ■ ad- 
in jssions; sold weekly; 
■ Biff;-. Farmer ^ i'rade 

; . A distributor reported • that . 65% 
-. Pf the business: in 'bis .territoi-y coriics 
.■ r theatres catering to the faritier 

. . . wade, Another indicated; that, there 
' v^re plenty of : modern 'theatres in opr 
. y eratipn. but that the .problertV is^to 

. ^"cteaso^attendariee .by one means or 

•■vanpther.., ; ^ ■■■■ - a 

^ • AlP^e , . these lines, th^ idea of 

. jV^»iy dtstf ibutors in : key centers is 
that Ihey would , be able to increase 

. business 'and. subsequently -secure 
fetter; • rentals; once the cxhib i'm- 
Pvo\'es.,.his: b.o. .'. trouble today, still 

.another, distrib averred, is that the 
oig companies - lieglect . everything 
excepting key .: cities in developing 

.^"Sumer .demand. Same exchange 
njan .Stated that ;th'e bulk of sales- 

. Tpen used but of . his office .cove.r the 
rural district,, but with a minimum 
o^r^copperatipn on ad-publicity hVat- 

- small community ;exhibitbr ad- 
: "}!"=d that iany increase in business 
at Ui3 house would have to.; come 
(Cohtinued on page 14) 

; Holly\\ro6d; July . i9. V , 
Beverly Hills, particularly th 
. Oxford exchange section, was 
practically without telephone 
service for two hours while 20th- ' 
-Fox monopolized the ..\v ires to 
/call 900 extraS: for three produc- 
tions. v ■ •' 1.. • • . ; .; 

Atmosphere actors were need- 
ed, for 'The Great Profiie/ 'Brig- 
I hatii Young' and 'Down Argen- 
tine Way>' ..... . ; ' . ■ . 'ir-'y 

■. For the seventh timej; trial of. the 
GqverhnVent*s-.,ariti-trust . suit 'against 
e igii t j or: film • companies, and ex- 
ecutives was; adjo.urned (8) for, an 
additional week by Judge Henry W; 
Goddard, ih • N. Y., federal court,; 
upon applicatibn of J.; Stephen; 
Doyle, special assistant to the attor;^' 
ney , general, who declared .that pros-, 
pects for: ein^ing the 'suit by.' consent 

.decree continued favorable; On this 
statement Judge 'Goddard . set next 
Monday : fl 5 ) as the ; hext trial date^ 
Gontinuatiohs; are anticipated, A\'eek- 
ly through . the. summer until : the 
Work of ..'drafting a decree; is comr 
pleted by justice Department and 
lUnv deferidaiits' cbunsel. ■ 
• Daily conferences among attorneys' 
resumed yesterday in the : Bar Ais- 
SQciation fildg., after. a weeli's^.i^^ 

.riiptipri ;due to . holiday and the; long, 
wcdkeiid. . Although . no detailed 
statemeht was . forthcoming after : the 
meetings, conferees on both ^ sides 
privately. ;expressed the. belief that 

■ agreement .Pn major . points ha 
reacHed. -Some sections of the con- 
sent decree order are in - tentative 
.draft form! No eflor t will be made 
to polish - the worddge-. until the 
piecework,, as distributed, among sev- 
eral sub-committees, has been ' cpmr 
pleted. ■>;■' " /';■ ■'■.•■,• 

As the. coriferenceS: progress, and 
the ImpGrtahce. of the .arbitration; 
machinery itself on couriT 
sei; there is a., feeling,-; growing rap-: 
idly that the filni: industry in the 
future will; bear" heavier pubiic r^ 
ispbnsibilities. With the cstablish- 

v^ment , of ' loeal' arbitratibh boards , in 
:\ (Continued oh page ;lGf : o ' , 


. ; S. A., Lynch, . Paramount- -theatre 
partner, who; . has acquired ;contrbi 
;of the Florida E^a^t -Cbast irailroad, 
is p.iaiining;.to eitehd'it s6;that t^ 
cart be' ruh •frbni .Miami;.ali'the ;w^^ 
to 'Chicago.: ' He is; also, discussing the 
ixissibilily. of similar ;scr.vice,;.through 
to New York, providing arrangements 
can be made. . .; '■ ■ ^ - '" 

; €britrol' of the Fl(?rida line,;: bper- 
a tiiig ■ :iat. present : , ;f arther ' north 
than ; Jacksonville', was. arranged by 
Lynch throiigh J. P. Morgan Co, ' 



' ;;'; ; ■■; Hollywood,; July ii,: '' 
. . 'W'arners renewed Mark :Hellinger's 
associate ; producer contract for one 
year, making it, three in a row;. . y . \ 
Last three Hellinger ;'prbductions 
are ■; 'Torrid '/ .Zpne' ; /iihd - ; 'Brpther- 
■ Orbhid,' currently in;, release^ and 
^They;- 'Drive-^'by ■.•.;Nikht;.; .recently 
finished. '■■■. ;■■ ; ■:: '■ ' ' ^■ 

ShowdoVtrh oh the Situation 
Due Within Next Fe^ 

; Months--— Mbve ta Limit 
Twinnings If They Can't 
3e Kayoed Entirely -,";.- 


Number of pbllsi oh the double fea- 
ture situation, - spbtlighed in ' the 
trade ;cui:ent]y; promises bring a 
showdown on the question during- 
the next few months. Summary of 
industry opinion ;seems tp indicatie 
that something must be. done ■ tb iirnit, 
twin, bills if complete abolishment, is 
not feasible, ' , ■ . 

, Film bijsiness' is convinced that the 
oniy.; two " ways of sbivih dual 
headache are (1) cboperatipri.among 
;exh'it)itors, arid : (2) assistance by the 
distributPr.' Just how the amount 
of dualing Pi" actual stoppage is to 
be accomplished through t^ese two 
mediums .never has been success- 
fully worked out to' date because of 
the .threat; .of, .actiori,. by: :the: Depart- 
ment of :. Justice on ; ;the' , anti-trust 
angle.. .- . ; 

Industry heads realize that; as long 
as a theatre is free ' to dual, the com- - 
petitive; situation- is such that it will 
break down, any individual effort to 
reduce dpublc-feaiturmg. Exhibitor 
ofganziatibnS; and distributors; have; 
beeri. aware that duals hurt business 
and have been .; striving to find a- 
legal way to effectively restrain the 
t'winners, . . ■ ' ■■ . 

Per tinen t -■development in recent 
weeks is growing conviction among 
old-timers iri^ the business that dis- 
tributors might arrange • a contract 
setup to curb heavy dualing. Same 
thing' was tried in the Middlewest 
some years back when film boards of 
trade were legal but, at that time, 
the' distributors, became leery of its 
legality and halted the: practice.. : ; 

Basic idea on contract control is 
the penalty idea whereby the ;. ex- 
(Continued oh page 14), ' 

New York Journal- American yes- 
terday (Tuesday) began drum-beat- 
ing a presidentiarbbpm in a big way 
for Joseph P. Kennedy at the Demo- 
cratic National convention next 
week...; HearstHdaily devoted half its 
editorial ; page to a strong plug piece 

and giant photo of the U. S. Arhbas- 
sador to Great Britain. 

Kennedy ; widely kribwn in the 
film business as former prisz of FBO, 
former prez of Patbe, author of a ; 
sweeping report ;on .the- cbnditibri of 
Pairampuht, made for its trustees in 
bankruptcy, some .years ago, arid, 
mbre recently, for his work to revise 
the British quota act. 

.Journal-American sees as Ken- 
nedy's- chief -,virtue,::aside from his., in- 
timate .knowledge of European af- 
fairs, hi.s- fre'qUently.^fivoiced. deterrri ir 
nation that the United States should 
not get into the war. Sheet Contrasts 
him with President Roosevelt in this 
rissppct. ; ;■■. 

Jourhal-Americari takes the: "pr in-, 
cipal cause for opposition to Ken- 
nedy by ; the. horns— the fact that he 
is Catholic. ; It quotes the March 12 
column of .'William Randolph Hearst, 
who declared: 'That is hot a cau^e 
for opppsitioiv but for congratulation 
and ■support, I.America . has: hbyer 
had .a Catholic president. That is so, 
arid pieirhnps; -that -is' orie reason \\'c 
could well have one now. 

Nat'l Squawk 

■: Sam ; Gbidwyn's blast on dual- 
ism appears in today's (Wed.) 
Saturday Evening Post. ;• 

Producer has been ardently 
campaigning Against twin-bills as, 
an industry evil. 

RKO Ends » 

RKO release schedule winding up 
the ; rernaiiider; ;bf the : 1939-40 ; season, 
issued on Monday (8); reveals the, 
company will deliver only 50 of the 
58 pictures it carded at last year's 
sales converition. ■ Precariouis situa- 
tiori created by the loss of foreign 
markets is: credlted;fwith taking ; the 
bite out of the slate. ; ■ ; ■ 
' ; Defection was entirely among the 
indie producers whose, output: was 
prbrnised tb' supplement. 'the wori^^ 
the studio., IlKO;'plan,t itself will 
have delivered " its . entire comrriit- 
ment of 31 features by Aug. 30. Five 
of the six George. O'Brien westerns 
which it , promised; will also have 
been delivered, with the final one 
calendared for Sept. 27. - Some ; of 
the features sold on .1939-40 contract 
may likewise be- delivered after the 
season has techrjically closed. 

Indies, were schediiled to account 
for 21 pictures. Of those originally 
promised; only 10 will be delivered, 
but the films- of two additional pro- 
ducers plus one extra from Herbert 
Wilcpx . will bririg the total from in- 
die ^purees; to 13, "Wilcox's added 
starter is 'Queen of Destiny' (nee '60 
Glorious Years'), which he pro- 
duced in England in 1938. It Will be; 
released Aug. 2. The other two pic- 
tures added to the indie slate were 
'Isle, of Destiny' frbrri Franklyn War- 
ner and 'Beyond Tomorrow'- from 
Lee Garmes. When the latter two 
pictures were added to the RKO 
.schedule: it was stated Warner and 
Garmes would each make three for 
the company, but there are no more 
from them listed either on this sea- 
son's schedule or next. 

Among those pictures which will 
not be" released, at least until after 
tlie close of the cUrrent season, is 
(Continued on page' 14) 


;;/ . Hollywood, July 9. ■ 
; Shifts on producer row at 20 Ih- 
Fox moved Lou M,oore, former aide 
to John, Stone, into the Kenneth Mac- 
go wan office, while Robert T;;Kane,. 
former production •chief iri - England, 
stepped -,.into:thG quarters left -vacant ■ 
by - Stone's departure. ,...-';■.;■, 
; ; Macgowiri 'is V 

schedule of big-money pictures, ;in- 
cl uding- 'Brigham Y ou.rig,' in ' its last' 
;stages- " of-' , production, : ,■ ;'Brboklyn 
' Bridge';';; 'Hudson's . iBay . Company,'*,. 
'Lucky . Baldwin,' 'Belle Starr' - and 
■'The Great Broadcast.' 

Lubitsch-Lesser's 1st Duo 

,'-.■-;_ ; Hollywood, July 9, 

Ernst Lubitsch ;has . decided on 
'Sumrner yacatibrt* and 'Divorces' as 
his first two 'in:; association with Sol 
Lesser for United Artists. Latter is 
ari adaptation of '; in ' the Dark' 
arid tpplines go to Merle Oberon arid 
Melvyn Douglas; ■ : . ' ; .■ ,: 
. , ;Ladisiaus Fodor, ; author . of .'Vaca- 
tion,' is also screenjD.laying it. .; 

Double features have so gotten out 
of hand that distributors as ,well as" 
exhibitors are becorriing alarmed 
over the policy, with result that ef- 
forts here and there are being made 
to try to get back to singles. No 
solid front on the matter exists, how- . 
ever. Far from it. ■ '-,'■. 

Having spread like wildfire dujring 
the past few yiears, duals 'are .now- 
being played in slightly more 'than 
8;70p theatres throughout the coun- 
try, according to a reliable .distribu- 
tion check covering air of the states. 
Remaining ;sOlp-film territory is be- , 
coming mpre and more vulnerable 
to the advance of the twp-for-price- 
of -one • policy, prediction . being, that 
if something isn't . done' the whole 
U. S. may go duals and that, in turn, ; 
will bring on triples. Whole south 
is included. ..-,-;■' 

The 8,700 houses in duaisi.reyealed 
by latest checkup, represents ;slightly 
more than 50% of all the accounts ■ 
in. the country , and this takes . in 
houses, many in the single category, 
that: play pictures only one, or two ■ 
days a week. Also theatres in the 
south catering to colored audi-*- 
ertces, all of which are single., : 'So 
f ai:; as importance of playirig time is 
concerned, it is believed ; that the 
dualers would represent about 75% 
of the whole. This is due in part 
to the fact the entire south is still 
single-bill and scores of rininor play- 
dates figure. ' 

; ■ There are .1, 200'. dou^^ in ; 

New York state alone and aroUnd 
;650 in the Chicago : area, latter 
. also including numerous triple-bill 
houses. Triple bills are also used in 
some other parts of the country. 

■•'■-■ ; , • Few Singles Lef It . ; 

Right now the only , single-featUre 
territory—left is Pennsylvania, a few ; 
spots in Kentucky, portions qf South-; 
erri; Ohio, Tennessee, Minnesota, 
North and South Dakota, a part of 
Oklahoma, the Washington terf-itory 
and the southern states from the At- 
lantic seaboard through Ttfxas. 

5,000 Five Tears Ago 
• ; There were less than 5,000 dualers 
.five years ago, the- growth of the 
so-called evil : having been terrific 
since then, with triple bills also 
coming into the picture when the 
competition becarrie tpUgh. ; As of a 
couple weeks ago there were 18 the- 
atres in Chicago alone playing 
triplers, ' 

While efforts have been made in 
various territories io erid duals by 
agreement among the theatres to 
outlaw them, these agreements have 
never held. Latest effort in this di- 
rection is being made in Wisconsin, 
. with periialties to be imposed in the 
^verit of viplatiori. One of the trou- 
bles frequently has been not only 
to keep theatres in line that have ■ 
agreed to try to end duals but to 
■ stop ; outsiders, not parties ■ to the 
agreement, from coming in with 
duals; •■.;-,;■■.■'-. 

Independents whb would like to 
go back to singles blame . thg large, 
chains and the latter say, in rebut- 
tal, that indies; (and cheap admis-, 
siohs by latter), forced them to veer 
away from singles. Recently' there 
was a meeting of chains and indies 
served pUt of New York, called for 
the purpose: Of mass agreement on 
ending duals, giveaways, etc. De- 
clared that the rhajor. chains , were, 
unwilling to give up dbuble bills, 
although ready to .go along with the : ; 
indies, sb far as bank night and the. 
like .were cpnccrned. ; Presumptipn. 
was that thies.e major chains - d idn't 
want to go back to singles because 
it would lessen the number of book- 
ing dates for th eir own pictures and - 
those of other majors that had been 
contracted. , '■;■;: :: 

:'- ' -While some di.stributprs are fight- : 
,ing to Wipe out duals, others are not; 
discouraging them; "This- is particu*- 
iarly true of bompariies with" .large 
programs and a goodly number of 
'B' : pictures tajlored fPr double billr 
ing.: ^ 

The .greater the ■nuriiber of twin- 

(Coiltinucd Pn page 14) ;; .:...- 



^dnesday, July 10, 1910 


Minneappiis, July 9; 

N;Y. Theatres/ Stagehahi^ 

■ When Northwest Allied this week ! nrAwin^ TJd NcW Goiltract 
:(10-ll-) holds its- convention to \yhich aWing up c w VVV^» 
. all independent .exhibitors, have be^ 

invited/the cry will be raised that, 
while ;theatr0s are doing their share 
for riatibnal defense, ,\a 
which ;have been weaiiiihg^.m ftlin 
patrons away, also: should contribute 
instead of ..being iallowed to iescipe 
. the- 'def ense! tax,' ■ Even' the fact that, 
a. hiirriber of .the independents have 
embiarked in the bowling business 
side line . .will not . preyent. the 
resolutipn's adoption, according .to 
present iridicatipns.jC 

Advance- indications aliio are. that 
the independents will fight for 25^ 
33% filni- rental reductibriis and thej 
elimination' of percentage -in order 
to - preyent .w^^^^^^^ bankruptcies 
aiiionig iridepehdent. exhibitors,'; A.s 
;.a means of accornplishing, these goals 
the theatre/ owner^ will consider , the 
.organization of ' a filnv-buying group: 
under Northwest^ Allied sponsorship. 
Another ^iirbposal is for aii individual 
exhibitor strike agiainst o'qffendirig' 
, companies. . I \ 

,. 1$ MM, Oppitfsitlon^^ '^^^^ , : ; 
., The^J .pre up. in 

.arms because; 6f~ 16 mm. -^intrusiop' 
and- will cairupon major distributprs 
to cease th4ir distributionis; ; Secre- 
.tafy Ashe claims that . "'^'^y ^of the 
major (Companies are distributihg 
' their, features of ' comparatively re- 
cent theatre release in' 16 mm.; 
to rioh-theatrieai . ^accounts. . These 
16 :mm. features are being, shown in 
' tents, n igh t c.lubS, , etc., a nd cohsti:- 
tute 'uhfair theatre bpppsitibn,' sec- 
retary Ben Ashe asserts. . 
^/ With president W. . A. Steffes re- 
•tirihg from active participation in 
organization affairs, as vrell as re- 
signing hiis bflfiqe, because; of ill 
health; a bitter fight is in- prospect 
■fbr. control of the body. A' high- 
; salsiried executive secretary has been 
. proposed tb ^runi, the.orgai)ization and 
Ashe, the acting secretery, has re- 
sighed as general : manager d£ thie 
Benhie. Berger Iheatre circuil to be- 
come a candidate for tlie post. 
. Ashe will .be opposed by Spl, Lebe- 
doff, anti-Steffes inisurgent, ' who 
chatges that Ashe is Steffes' aiid 
' and will continue pre- 
.vious . objectionable pplicieSi. Ashe 
; iaiid thPse .behiriC bim wish to con 
tinue the close national Allied States* 
ties, while LebedofE- urges "a , sever- 
ance of those relations. . The Lebe- 
dofE program calls for no salaried 

- se.cretary^ district headS; to govern 
the boily, economical operatiori.s and 
. low.dues. If he loses his fight against 
Ashe it is indicate^ that . he will try 

. to,- form a rival, organization- of in- 
dependents built along his proposed 
lines, and devoting itself mainly to 
siich . local prbbliems .as film rehtalS; 
. clearance, etc. . , 

Scrap Over Ofificera 
A scrap is in prospect over the 
jprocedure to be followed. ,Sbn\e bf 
.. the prb-Ashe crowd wa^nts to resti-ict 
floor: discussions and voting to- paid- 
up Northwest Allied members. If 
this is done, Lebedpff and ^is fellow-, 
insurgents, would face certain defeat, 
it's believed. However, Ashe , him- 
self has expressed the belief that all 
independents should take part in the 
electipn of an executive secretary sb 
: that the latter .would be a represen- 
tative Phoice and be able' to enlist among the independents. 
AiShe is beiieyed a siire winner and 

- It*^ is indicated that. E. L. Peaslee; 
Stillwater, Minn., . exhibitor, ' how 
vice-president,; will be elected presiV 

.. dent to succeed S^^ 

, Even some pf the Steffes crowd 
feel . that, the brgiahizatibn hasn't 
given - ieribygh attentibn to country 
exhibitors' and the lattpr's problems, 
but has confined its activities mainly; 
tO; the Twin.-. City situations.: .Also, 
sbrhe of thern feel that the executive 
.secretary; should have no . theatre 

. corinectiohis whatsoeyer and. they arie 
iukewarm: to Ashe because-he owns 

■ a theatre. - .' ■ ■ 
' The ; iBxhibitors Were; prepared' .to, 

''' set wheels^ in motioh to riih . double 
features completely out of the terri- 

■ tbry, toyUrge' the' reestabH - of 
: ; 6rbitrationi to ;reiterate a ita^hd in 
; favor of the Neely bill and-to plan 

C<K)perMibn with .the .gov- 
ernment in . its.; .'suit 
against major distributor^ the ex- 
tent of sending a ; deiegation to' the 

;^riar along with the ; wfihesses, who. 

! have been subpiaenaed: , Abratn\-F. 

.iWEj'ersi. national ..Allied. .StatesV geri^ 
eral counsel,' Was > expectied to; be, 
preserit along- .with, H.;. ivi. Richey, 

■ RK.6 executlye; a. former Allied: of- 
Mizh '■' .■"■'. ■■ ';■" A;.^-'- .'--^ 

A. hew^ contriact ^.between, 
York theatres and the stagehands, 
Lbcai No. i, to run for two years and 
providing for a week's vacation with; 
pay- starting this .summer, ,is. beihg 
.drawn, up following negotiations, that 
haye . been"? successfully ...cpncluded. 
"The ;agreement; .Will ^embrace heigh- 
bprhood as well : as - downtown- ' film 
liouses. . ■.■Where relief . men.- are -used; 
the vitcatiori to be given • will'.b.e in 
accordance with the time put' ih over 
the year. 

.;" Same basic scale as before will 
prevail, running to ' a maximurn of 
$71.24 for beads of departments; 
$68.84 for electricians, and $63.50 for 
W^ular stagehandis, ail based bn a. 
five-day week. Number of days put reUef men varies. . . 
, In prbvidih^. for ;yacatiohs, the 
theatres are to be provided with, a 
men to fill the shoes of . the No. 1 
members: taking .thi week off. and, 
where ; possible/ department heads 
will move up - second : men .to their 
posts while they're away. .~ - • , ' ^ 
. Operatbrs . how get . two weeks off 
with pay "and negotiations are on 
with the engineers calling for 9 week 
off at established salary. ■ 

Detroit, July 9: 

America's new rigid border laws 
requiring .expensive' passports and 
visas of most .Ganadiails ' has. dealt 
amusement biz here a severe blow. 
It; came on top of the already high 
discount nearby Windsor, Ont.. resi- 
dents had to take on their money- 
ranging fronti 20-22% recently, 

■TypicaV of how the hew law and 
the discount- has '.. cut off : Canadian 
patronage was shbwii>ber<e ;Dpminibn 
Day, equivaileht of Americans' Fourth 
of July when the acirbss-the- river 
visiting usually was ^heavy. . . The Fox 
theatre .e'nded the day with exactly 
$i of Canadian money in its till ' - 
stead of the usual $400 to $500 .on 
the Canadian hbliday. 


: . . Minneapolis, July 9. 
Sonne of the exhibitor leaders Here 
are prpposing a move to ; put radio 
opposition on the same defense tax 
footing as the theatres. They be- 
lieve that, especially if additional 
revenues must be raised, theatre ad- 
mission taxes should not be boosted 
further - until such a source as radio 
opposition is tapped. 

The proposal that these exhibitors 
have in mind is for a license or an^ 
nual tax for radio owners similar 
to that which obtains in some of the 
Europeart nations where the govern- 
ment operates the broadcasting. In 
effect; it's, ppihted. out, radio owners 
would pay a nominal sum for their 
radio entertainment-^f or the privi- 
lege of listening-in— juist as they to 
pay for other amusement. 

it is known that some of the: lead- 
ers in the rnovement have held con- 
ferences with several Minnesota 
congressmen ; on . the subject. The 
congressmen in question are report- 
ed ta have looked favorably bri the 

■"• ■. ■'/:■;.. -r'A -.. • ;■ Ghicagb, July 9. , 

Primarily ia meeting of Parambiint* 
midwestefri ^partners to discuss bud- 
get and general operating problems, 
weekend session held here included 
in attendance Sam Dembow, Jr., and 
Leonard Gbldenson from the! Par 
home office: John Balaban, operator 
of the B. & K. houses; John J; Friedl, 
who is in charge of the whole: north- 
west; Earl Hudson, bperatbr of the 
Par Detroit, string; .Jiiles Rubens of 
Great istates; and; Sid Meyers, who 
came up from Miami, 

Understood that plans • are to be 
set .lip for more stringent economy 
all down the line and arrangements 
carried . out ■ on several, property 
deals, notably involyiqg Minneapolis 
and Miami. 



Regular quarterly, dividend . 
$l,62?/i on the preferred stock was 
declared last week by Loew's direc- 
tors .at the . meeting • held Wednes- 
day (3). ., 

Divvy is payable Aug. 15 to stock 
on. record July 29. 

Studio Contracts 

■ Hollywood, July 9. 
Ptggy Diggihs drew a player con- 
tract at' Warners. V 
. 20th-Fox hoisted Lilyan Porter's 
player option. ; 

. :Ben Carter inked, an actor deal at 

; . Peter Christian Behn's minor cbh- 
tract With W approved by 

Superior court. 

■Warners signed Jpan, Brodell td,;an 
acting deal. ' ■';:.;'.•■;. 

Laird Cregar drew a player ticket 
at 20th-Fbx. 

" Warners handed player ticket to 
Anne Edmunds. ' , - \\ 
' Sighe Hassb drew an acting part 
at RKO. 

-■ Metro.; renewed Robert. Planck, 
cameraman. •'■'.-■■■ 

: Dpnald Meek . sighed. ;by - Metro.: 

Cprnel Wilde inked ' player deal 
at Warners. ' •:'-. •; \':" ;. 

: Metro .; renewed Albert Manh- 

Minority Stockholder 
Suit vs. Con. Kayoed 

Minority , stockholder suit against 
Consolidated Film Industries, Inc;, 
Republic Pictures Corp. of Delaware, 
Setay .Co.) Cajp Co. and officers and 
directors of Cbnsolidated, including 
Herbert Ji Yates, was, .dismissed 
Wednesday (3), ;in;.N, Y. supreme 
court by Justice Carroll G; Walter. 
The suit, based on several causes of 
action, sought the recovery of ap- 
proximately $2,000,000, claiming 
waste and mismanagement, and 
losses in various stock transactibns. . 

In his opinion Justice Walter cited 
that 'with respect to Consolidated' s 
acquisition of the stock of both Gajb 
and Republic, the sole ground of 
attack, is that such stock was not 
worth what Consolidated paid for it- 
Man if estly, however, . courts . of: 
equity, although alert to. see that no 
fiduciary obligation is. violated, do 
not sit as super-appraisers in cases 
bf difference of opinion between 
minority stockholders, and their 
duly elected directors. The- ques- 
tion, here therefore, is hpt one pf 
value, but one of good faith and dili- 
gence, and the court's function .is at 
an end when it sees that , the direc- 
tors acted honestly and diligently 
and With an eye single to; the best 
interests of the corporation.' The 
charge that the directors performed 
services for the . subsidiary corpora- 
tion's and should have been paid by 
them, rather than Consolidated, Was 
dismissed with the remai^k. that 
there was no evidence given to sup- 
port that charge. 

In conclusion, Justice Walter de- 
clared, 'Stockholders of Consblidated 
other than the plaintiffs Ixave not 
ohjected to any; of the transactions 
. here ' cpmplained of, although hav- 
ing knowledge of. the facts, and even 
the plaintiffs delayed, their attack 
for a periPd of about twb years, and 
as neither fraud nor. concealnient is 
here; alleged or proyed; the acqui- 
escence of the majority is conclu-. 
sive upbn the . plaintiffs, complaint 
dismissed,' .";'•• , 

Other Consblidated stockholders 
had brought ;other charges,y which 
jiisO; were •tossed but^ the .most ini- 
pprtaht of these coniplaihihg about 
the sale,, for an alleged inadequate 
price, of the .stock; of the AmericHn 
Reebrd' CbirpV in 1938. This, and an- 
other feature bf 'the .abtioh which 

Lefty Has the War AO Fipred Out; 
Use 'B' and T Pix as Gas Boinlis 

By Joe Laurie, Jr. 

' ■ : ;. -':■- ■■;';;;■: '; Cbolacres, Cal., July 9. 

Dear Joe: r-'r/ ' '...';■■-- .;.>.^ ';.... ' 

. Well, since my operation I have Jjeeh trying to . take things easy as the 
dpc told me to be tareful especially pE lifting anything heavy. Well, I'jiV 
just lifting the receipts every night and believe me they ain't very heavy. 

■ Eyex-ybbdy in this town is talking about war .and nobody wants to go into 
the theatre to dp any listening. Aggie .Kai joined the Red Cross' chapter 
here and is busy all day knitting and making bandages. Junior has popi 
gun and is banging away at every thing; and everybody, making fprts outta 
chairs and tables,; Our Legion post here is very active, and we drill iVearly 
evej-y day. When some pf the old boys bend their knees you'd think fi re- 
crackers are going off, -but it's only their bones. We stand at attention but 
our uniforms are -'at ea5e.'. . After the drilling is over we^g^^ 
instead of the battle and 'chew the fat': for free lunch. • : ' •:■ ;: 

i: herded all the im-mature actprs of the town and put on a. big show for 
the Red Gross and refugees and the place was jammed, aind at raised prices 
tbo; .It's funny that everybody wants* a" show for. their dough when they 
give to charity. After listenihg tp some of the local talent I dug up 1 almost; 
be9ame a refugee nriyself, bat I had to sti<ii: around: and watch the box- 
office. It seems that friends and relatives take pleasure' in seeing their 
friends and relatives make a show of thernselves, and pay money .for it, 
too. Aggie sez they, copae. just to have something oh 'em for the. rest of 
their lives. After the show thpre were over 20 guys enlisted; I gue^s they 
figured wair couldn't be any Nvbrse. 

Speaking about war and preparedness for this country it gives sHbW 
pebjple a great chance tg help, especially ,the vaudeville folks.. For ihstahee . 
if all the hoofers virbuld send ' : their 'taps' off thieir dancing shoes to Uncle 
Sam, he'd. haVe tons of scrap iron for niunitiohs. The understanders of 
acrobatic acts can be trained to catch parachuters bri their shoulders as 
they cpnje dpwn and br^ak thpir .legs; We can put aU the harmony, singing 
trips together and use' .them as sirpris, and they also would frighten, the 
enemy. '' Get' all the sbpirarios together that can hit the high C's and have 
them do harbor patrol duty.; And use the bass singers as depth bombs?. 
The red-ribsed comics cail_form a regiment of slapstickers, hit the enemy 
with slapsticks that' shoot, alrid besides causinig a lot of damage they ■wPuld- 
also^get-iaugh^.;';.'''!.!^;;'^':'.. . ■ ■, ■•' .■' . ,; 

Strippers As Advance Guard.- 

The strip-teaise gals can act as advance guard and get the enemies minds 
off the battle; jugglers can juggle hand-grenades;, sharpshooting acts caii be 
used as snipers; the .picture producers can donate their B . and . C pictures; 
to be. used instead of gas bombs; midget acts can' act as spies among the 
enemies': chndren; ; the exhibitors can give their red ink- as blood trans- 
f usibhs; we can use the hearts pf radio advertising executives for bomb 
shelters, and the musipal acts can ;play the enemy's peaice pvertures'. J 

We'd still have a terrific reserve of itionolbgists, mimics, sister acta, 
sketches, and animal acts which pari, take bo>vs after it's all over. If they 
used theatre^ dressing rooms for barracks, and the stage for a drill ground, 
I know a lot of actors would be glad to enlist-— if they didn't have to do it 
through an agent. ;■..'' 

To make . things worse, we're in for a couple of weeks of, politicians 
throWirig word grenades at us every 15 minutes on the radio. It's tbo bad 
that iguys like Freddy Allen and Jack -Benny are off the air; wfe; can ;use. jt. 
load of good laughs these days. SEZ ■ ' 

• '■ ■:';■.■■ : , ■ Your pal, 

"•; :. : Le/ty; ' 

P. S. — Goodman Ace sez, 'A girl's wbrd bf hbnor is 'NO'.' 

hcimer's writer ticket. . 
: Spanky McFarland's neW ;Tninor ; charged "losses Ihrbugh loans to Re- 
contract with Metro up for superior J public, were declared . by the court 
court approval. ... ..■ ; ':, ;/.;.. ;,, ;j to^ hold . rip . water,,; arid the' sale and 

Warners lifted Robert; Rbssen's Ibans were made in the best interests 
writer option for one year. ■ .'- 1 of Consolidated. . '.; •.' . - - 

• Coverage of European conflict by 
U. S.. newsreel presently is merely 
a matter of ■ getting the material 
provided by the British government 
newsreelers. All the newsfeels had 
beien ousted from France and; Nazi- 
dominated territory,;' with /bulk of 
.creWs and officials due back in U, S. 
this week. Nazi military, camera- 
men are doing the coverage.'. Spain 
has a tight censorship. 

A few-~newsreel clips are avail- 
able f rpm the Balkans but no ships 
are obtainable for regular .ship- 
ments. Gerriian rule also has halted 
any material from Scandinavian 
countries ; unless the American reel 
wants; to accept Nazi . coverage. 
None has lately. 

. An additional headache for' the 
newsreel executives is the repbrt 
that Brazil will nbt permit U. S. 
reels to show anti-Nazi or anti- 
British material. Action reputedly 
is thus taken to maintain strict neiu- 
trality . in that country. • 

; An' additional encroachment of 
coverage by. American newsreel 
crews is reported ' ; Japan, where 
all newsreel. .■actiyities: were con-: 
sblidated junder the Doriiei- Service, 
semi-pfficiai Nipponese riew.s agency 
Rtile is that; newsreel companies 
must buy material f ' this: mo - 

handling ; newsreel relations for the 
Republican campaign cbriimitlee. All 
this fuss over television .may result 
in concerted action' .by' -the feels, 
because they claini - .tb; be ' servijig 
some 72,d.ob,000 patrons weekly as 
compared with less than 5,000 tele- 
vision sets in usage. , 

:•:„■' Pblltt<^l Spot ;■■ 

; As if this ; wasn't enough trouble 
for one ;we!Bk,' newsreel .editors also 
pointed out that' they have been 
shbved about on the domestic front. 
At a" recent battleship iaunching, 
they discovered :usual chbice camera 
positions occupied by'; television 
crews. Where they were held up 1.2 
hours . by nayal censoring; pf coufsei 
television .materiar went through;un- 
hiridered. ■' ■";...; ;;■.•-■'■ ; ; 
V News.reelers also were . consider- 
ably irked by . the attempt of the 
television boys to grab off best lo- 
cations at the Philadelphia G, O; P. 
convention, . .Thejr, -claim that pnly 
quick action ; by Alyn Butterfteid, 
fofmerly with ...Pathe and Universal, 
gave them a break. . Butterfield is 

OWES $108,191 TAXES 

; A tax lien for $108,191 wa.s served 
bri; IVTonday (8) on author : Rafael 
Sabatini, a nUmber of whose novels 
haye . been filmed. N. Y. federal 
court lien, was filed by James J. 
HOey, Collector of Internal Revenue 
for the southern district of N. Y. It 
represents ari unjpaid income tax of 
$9,2,286 plus; $15,905 interest due on 
earriirigs from 1922-1929, and from 
1931-1935. ;■" ■ 

;Scaramouche,' taken from Saba- 
tirii's .novel of that riarrie, was a b.o.. 
smash in the riiid-i920s, as was 'The 
Sea Hawk,' fllined both in silent and 
talker, versions.: ■ 

Nick, Weston Indictment 
Goes to Bat Around Aug, 5 

/■ ■-. ■"■ -'.■; . St. Louis, July 9. 
■ John P. Nick and Clyde A. Weston, 
former, heads of lATSE, Local No. 
143. recently indicted by the U. S. 
grand jury here on , Federal anti-- 
racketeeririg 'charges, jpfpbably wU^^ 
go to bat on Aug. 5 before U. S. Dis- 
trict Judge John Caskie Collet. Last 
week the judge announced that the 
defense would have' until today. (10;) 
in which to file all motions iand they 
will be heard '10. day^ later/ In the 
event all ^re overruled the case will 
start in August. . : •• . 

A plea of Sigmund Bass, defense 
. counsel, that the settings be deferred 
to permit; further . study. , o f . Ih e anii-. 
rial'keteering act, passed in 1934,. was 
nixed by the court. 

Wednesday July 10, 1940 



Philadelphia, July 9. 

The Pennsylviailia Board of Mp- 
iion picture Censors on Saturday 
(6 ) served notice oh distributors and 
exhibs of Ift nim. films that here- 
after none will be allowed to be 
shown unless they have the ap- 
proval of the pic-ganderers and pay 
the reguiiar $2-per-reel censoi- ■ fee's. 
At the same tiriie' the board inti- 
mated that the same stand- would 
be taken on the question . of hiclciel- 
ih-the-slot maichiheis as soon as they 
makfe an appearance In the State. 

The showing of 16 rnm, fllrns* 
mostly in upstate driverin. theatreis> 
amusement pairks, taprooms, etic., 
has been worrying exhibs in the 
area. Some of the 16 mm. pix have 
been on the salacious sid6, and the 
action of this censors will put some 
of the , tavern-shows put of bUsinesSi 

The slot-machine gadget distribLiT 
tors are-expected to be socked with 
Slate and" municipal taxes as soon 
as they start in business, here, , 

The State alrieady has a $25 an- 
nual levy oh all automatic aniiuse- 
nient devices (pinball machines, slot- 
machine phonographs,^, etc,). 
tax on, the pix machines are. exr 
pected to be even higher. In addi- 
tion the Philly city council, deep in 
the fed; has been reported jreadying 
ordinance taxing slot-machine 
pix. The Council hft^ hit the satura- 
X\6n point, as far as Ordinary sources ; 
of taxes go, ahd haye been on tjie 
lookout for k hew reveiiue-producer. 
The pix gadgets look like, a naturali 
they say. 

$400^000 Foreclosure 
Brings Receivership 

: Philadelphia; July 9.. 
.XT; S. District Court Judge George 
Welsh on Wednesday (3) appointed 
three receivers for; the Carman thea- 
tre. North Philly vaudftlmer, with 
authority to continue operation of 
the house pending the foreclosure of 
a $400,000 mortgage or other meas- 
ures to conserve iriterest . of bond- 
holders. Those appointed are Jay 
Emmanuel, George McHugh and 
Norman P. Fcrnon. Legal property 
to the $1,000,000. house, built in 1928, 
la in the name of Greorge T. Graves, 
but the real owner, it is claimed, is 
his father-in-law, William C. Car- 
man, of Ventnor, N. J. 

Judge Welsh's action was taken 
with the consent of both Graves and 
Carman. The suit asking the re- 
ceivership was .filed a year ago by 
three bondholders living in Wil- 
mington; • They asserted their in- 
vestmcnts were jeopardized by de- 
faults interest payments to the 
sinking fund and failure of Graves 
to pay bonds at maturity. 

Graves and William Ackley, man- 
ager of the house, will continue in 
charge of its ■ operation under . the 
supervision: of the receivers. ■ 

Not That Bored 

Harold Smith, Hays Rep 
In Europe, Due Home 

Harold Smith, Hays office repre- 
sentative in ' Europe, ^stationed' in ; 
/Paris, is due in this week- from Lis- 
bon. :.; ■ , • , 

. He has , been recalled from his 
European assignment until further 
notice because U. S. majors haven't 
sufficient business to keep him; bui>*y!. 
f urthiermore, Smith was interested 
m getting his family safely estab- . 
:: lished in. this country. ■[ 

Garfield Chore Switched 

Hollywood, July 9. 
John Garfield switched from Ti- 

■ «sta in Manhattan' to 'East of the 
RiVer- as his next starrer" iat War- 

. ners ■ slated to roll July 15 as Ha r- 
lan Thompson's first producer job 
9n,the lot. Raoul Walsh directs. 
_Ida Lupino, originally assigned X6. 

. /lesta,' shifts to 'River' with Gar- 
field. ■ 

Los Angeles, July 9; ' 

John Miller's feelings, ■which. . 
he claimed were wounded $20,000 
when he saw the. short, 'Your 
Town,' . are still bnassuaged. 
Judge Thomas C. Gotild tossed 
the case out of Superior court 
without leave to amend. 

Plaintiff had used Fox West 
Coast Theatres, operator of the 
Alexandria, Glendale, where the . 
film was shown. He claimed he 
had paid for entertainment and 
was bored. 

Zanuck's Sale of 1,000 
20 j'ox Higlilig^ 
Report on Stock Deak 

. Washington, July 9. 

Sale of 1,000 shares . of 20th 
Century-Fox common by Darryl F. 
Zanuck highlighted Securities & Ex- 
change Commission's latest report on 
insider.'s thujsactipns, . which un- 
cloaked; dealings in paper of eight 
film concerns; ; Semi-monthly: .rei- 
capitulation issued Tuesday (?) 
showed, as far as scope of rnarket 
operations were concerned. May was 
the liveliest rnonth "this year for 
ground floor occupants qf picture 

Zanuck's block was dumped, /May 
22, leaving him . with 92,130 pieces 
of common. He .also has 21,946 
shares of preferred. 
. Other transactions were; 
' Universal Corp.— Nathan, J. Blum- 
berg got rid of . 500 voting trust cer- 
tificaties, keeping 13,000 in addition 
to his 10,000 warrants. -Preston 
Davie picked up 200,- 'swelling hii; 
batch to. 2,200 certificates. He also 
h jls a finger in. Standard Capital Co., 
which accounts for 26,500 Of the 
proxies and 111,283 warrants. . \ 

Coluhfibia — Abraham Schneider, 
engaging in more; May. operations 
than any ptiier . fllrn figure, .gained 
504 pieces of common by the ex- 
change route, and bought another 
800 -tickets in five transactions spread 
over 12 days.. His acquisition of 1,304 
shares gives him 1,404 now, and his 
swap of. certificates deletes his hold- 
ing of this paper. In addition, 
Schneider has 7,500 wairrants. 

General Theatres Equipment— Ed- 
ward C. Delafield picked up 100 
pieces of the nonpar-value . paper, 
Earle G. Hines 500 and R. B. Larue 
100. Gives Hines ,1,500, Larue 500, 
and Delafield 100. 

Loew's Boston Theatres — Making 
biggest buy ini many months, the 
parent company, Loew's, Inc., con- 
tinued acquisition of the offspring 
and took over 17,067 share of com- 
mon, one block accounting for 17,058 
of the net gain. . Now the top con- 
cern has 117,406 shares. 
'■■■] Monogram — , Thomas P. Loach 
picked up. 300 pieces ■ of common,, 
giving ..him. 700 on top ..of his 6,173 

Paramount — Duncan G. Harris 
. purchased flOO common tickets, boost- 
ing his stake to 1,000., His portfolio 
also contains 200 ishaires of second 
preferred. - 

TrarisrLux Cbrpi. — Robert Daine 
■ peddled 200 shares of common, cut- 
ting his interest to 2,800. .. ■ 

Picket Lines Removed After 
Three Weeks When Labor 
; . Cpnlacl Agreed to ' Sit 
in Arbitration-T— Producers 
and Screen Writers Reach 
Tentative Uhderstianding 



Los Angeles, July 9. 

■ ■ Charles R Skouras handed over 
$19,635 to . American Legion of Calir 
fornia, representing 50%. of the re- 
cent collections in Fox- West : Coast 
theatres for the double beriefit of thei' 
Will Rogers Memorial and the Le- 
gion relief fund.- 

.Of . this. .sum,. $1.6,554 came ' .from 
the Coaist' houses and $3,081 from in- 
dependent theatres. : ' 

Hollywood, July 9; 

Strike- of employees at Central 
Casting Corp. has been ; called off. 
Workers returned to their jobs yes- 
terday (Monday ), following; an as^ee- 
ment to remove ;,picket^ lihes if Pat 
Casey would sit in on negotiations 
and aid ih 'furthering a .settlernent' 
of differences .between the producers 
and the Artierican; ' Federation • of 
Office Employees. , .Arbitration will 
start this week oh differences be- 
tween tyro groups on minimum wage 
scales, hours for casting directors 
and demand for two weeks' vacation 
with pay. . ' ' 

Less than 24 hours after Casey had 
arrived from New York, where he 
discussed the situatipn with interna- 
tional heads of the studio unions, a 
deal had been set for return of the 
workers to their jobs.' A producer 
cominittee headed by' E. J. Mannix, 
Metro general manager, ahd Fred. 
Pelton had been dickering with the 
union for three weeks,, and had final- 
ly appealed to ' Caisey by long-dis- 
tance telephone when it became ap-. 
parent the - strike might spread to 
the studios and tie up production. 

The contact between Casey and 
Elma Goodwin, prexy of the AFOE, 
was arranged by . Herbei:t Sorrell, 
business representative . of Moving 
Picture Painters Local 644. Although 
Local 644 is not affiliated ' with the 
Central Labor Council, which had 
endorsed the walkout; Sorrell .had 
announced his members would not 
cross 'the picket lines if the strike 

(Continued on page 18) 


. Screen Actors Guild has started 
the machinery rolling for the fran- 
chising of agents in New York who 
deal . in picture talent. Application 
time was set for July 5-Aug. 5, with 
the deadline for all such 10%ers to 
be licensed set at Aug. 20. 

Like . the agreement between SAG 
and the agents on the Coast, SAG 
licensing of agents in New York 
calls, for 1,% : of the reps' gross conrv- 
missiohs from nj^cturertalent ; deals to 
go to. the SAG. However, 'because 
there's admittedly less business of 
that type ; done in" N: Y, than on 
the Coast, SAG has lowered the 
mihinriurh agents' fees to the union 
from $50 . yearly to $25, Mrs,' Fior'- 
ence MarstOn, eastern SAG rep, is 
handling the N. Y. licensing. ■ She 
expects around 125 applications. 
. All of SAG's sister unions ih the 
Associated Actors & Artistes of 
America have passed resolutions that 
their rhembers will hot permit film 
deals to go through any; agent not 
franchised by SAG. .. ; ' 

Fun at the Ojpry 

An eastern independent chain, 
operating . 35 theatres, reports i 
one of its managers had . to sub- 
due a fist-fight on account of the; 
new tax. ': ; ; ;., ■ . ~ ':>v ^. 

. It . was between two . patrons. 
One came up to the boxoffice 
and refused to pay a 3c . tax on a • 
30c, ticket, whereupon the patron . 
behind him, , after explanation 
had been made it was all for 
"American, defense, tpld' the rnan 
he should pay it. When the ar- 
gument against paying the tax 
began, to get a little, hot, the im- 
patient patron behind suggested 
he .was probably a Bundite and 
the fun began. : ■ . : . " 

Van Schmus in Hosp 

W. G. Van Schmus, managing . di- 
rector of the Music Hall and Center, 
Ni' Y., and director of .Rockefeller 
Center, is, in St. Luke's ■ haspital, 
N.' Y., f ollpWihg an operation for an 
internal disorden Reported doing 
all right, . ' ,.■ 

About aVyear ago. Van Schrnus W 
suffering frorn a heart; ailment which 
has entirely rightied itself. ;V : 

Rep^ Take^yer of Its 
St/L. ^change Makes 
16th for H.O. Operation 

. St. Louis, . July 9. 
• Nat Steinberg and Barney Rosen- 
thal, co-dwners of the local Republic 
.Pictures franchise which covers east- 
ern Missouri and southern Illinois, 
disposed of theii: holdin|{s; last week 
at a New York powwow ahd the lo- 
cal branch, to be operated by a sub- 
sidiary . corporation organized sev- 
eral months ago, is the 16th acquired 
by the parent company in key. cities. 
Steinberg will continue as .manager 
but Rosenthal, a vet in the midwest, 
has temporarily resigned to vacation 
for two or three months. 

Upon his return here after relax- 
ing^osehthal will determine whether 
he wili tSefcome associaited; with the 
Republic exchange or engage in some 
other business. Steinberg and Rosen- 
thal worked; together for- Universal 
years ago with Rosenthal the man- 
ager and Steinberg the ace sales- 
man. Later they entered the indie 
field as partners, separated but re-! 
turned after a brief period. Wheh 
Republic Pictures began attracting 
national attention the partners ac- 
quired the local franchise and built 
up the business to one of the best 
dividend producers ■ this territory. 

Ley to Butte, Mont.: 

Butte, Mont,, July 9. 

E. M. Loy becomes branch man- 
ager for Republic :here as successor 
to Bob Boomer, who is stepping- oUt 
of distribution to devote his" entire 
time to theatre interests .which he 
has . in Montana. Loy was formerly 
in sales with Paramount and 20th in 
iDenver and Salt Lake territories. 

The Rep Butte exchange is part of 
the' J. T. Sheffield . group of fran- 
chised branches in the northwest. 

Theatre operators, irti states that 
have local . tax as well as those 
which haven't, are juggling ; their 
scales following :the imposition! of .a 
10% Federal tax from" 21c up, with 
rnany reported to . be in a quandary 
as ; to ; ho\y; to; adjust; admissions to 
iVieet the emergency. All had 
five days to prepare collecting the 
tax, and while the great majority 
simply added the tax onto present 
boxoffice prices, much rrtastermind- ■ 
ing.of arithmetic tables is following 
in the' wake of that move. ' 
. ■ Exhibitors are trying to; figure piit- 
how . they Can: best rearrange, their 
prices so; that the tax added to ad- 
mission scales does not leave .them 
with a srhaller net price .than before, 
after bookkeeping is taken into iac- 
count. Thus, in some cases the pen- 
cils and paper are bringing out' odd 
figures such : as 31 or 41, 22, 27, 47, ^ 
etc. It rdoesn't stop here, but also 
is^laking in fractions of cents,.' with 
a view to figuring but How even 
amounts can be arrived at to avoid 
•the hahdlihg of .too many pennies. 
Dubious as to this being practicai Or 
possible unless some way of frac- 
tional absorption is figured. 

The general tendency seems to be - 
not to take'' advantage of the tax at 
the b. p. since it is in the nature of 
national deferisiB; and every thirig in 
the other diriection^ii^ of. 
the theatre, operator 'wpiyd: b^ un- 

When scales have- siettled down to 
:a perrnanent state, it is believed that 
more theatres ; will increase from the 
20c exemption figure than those that 
come down from 25 . or 30c to that 
level to espape payment of the new 
Fed levy. ■'''■'■■i. , ... 

The Independent Theatre Owners 
of Ohio, Which has been keeping ex- 
hibitors cloisely advised on the tax 
matter,, hopes that 'theatre owners 
will cooperate "with the Government 
by adding the tax to all admissions, 
of . 21c pr more.' ' / 

Where it is possible to do so, the 
ITO of Ohio also urges that those 
houses which are charging .20c will 
increase the price to 22c and collect 
3c tax for a total of 25c to' the par 
tron and. 'thus do their share to- 
wards .helping oiir country in this 

Some exhibs are mulling a price 
like 27c, which with the necessary 
tax would bring the total to the fan 

(Continued on page 16) 

WUlie Bioff's Move For 
Release Again Set Back 

/.'_'. :- phicagb, July 9. 

Willie Bioff ■ will have to serve out 

. the rest of his sentence. ; This was 

: ind icated 1 ast . week when Chief Jus- . 

tice John Prystalski of^the Criminal 

Court . denied . petition for .a .. writ 
of habeas corpus as filed by .Bioff's 
new attorney, Walter Butler. .: 

Petition stated that original charges 
agaitist' Bitfff in the/ pandering .case 
' of 1922 were ba.sed on defective in-^ 
formation, particularly in that there 
wa.s no proof that Bioff knew thjit 
the $29 he took were the earnings 
of a prostitute, . . 

' Judge Prystalski threw out the' pe-. 

ition; quickly, making it unnecessary 
! fdr Assistant States Attorneys James 
'. Cunningham and Walter McCoy to 
I present any arguments against the 
:'[ petition, though they cairine to court 
1 prepared; 

Par Executives Would 
Continue Round-Table 
Talks with Trade Press 

A round-table discussion between 
top Paramount executives and rep- 
resentatives of thfe trade press may 
be held every two months or so: for 
exchange of infprmatioii, idea.s, etc. 
V A few weeics ago, when Y. Frank 
Freeman was iri . the east, sudh .a - 
luncheon, . running thrfee hours, was 
held with; Barhey iBalaban, Neil F. 
Agnew, J- J. Unger, Charlie Reagan, 
Oscar' Morgan, Bob G.iUham and Al 
WUkie attending .in addition to Free- 
mah. Problems and . 'plans o were; 
frankly; and. openly discuJised. 


A Writine Job at 

Hollywood,; July 9. 

Nine : ne\v ; scrib.i^s', most of them 
collegers, matriculated ' in, Metro's 
junior, writing department with hopes 
of making the varsity. 

Freshmen are. Jean RoXiverol, 
Stanford co-ed and daughter of Au- 
rahia Rouverol, literary.: mother of - 
the Hardy family: David Sheppard. 
and Edward C. K. Read, Harvard; 
William . Stucky, . Yale; Robert Min- 
ton, Princeton; Marvi : Bbrowsky, 
Steph en : Callahan, James tt: Hill and 
Russell Rouse. ::^ 



Wednesday, Jiily 10, 1^40 

Buffalo, July 9. 

They*re, thinking up . peW ways, to 
pile- on grief for. Ibciai amusement 
entrepreneurs^. .. Buffalo's . Public 
Works Comiiiissioner has.- just begun 
a detalled.-survey \by . three, .flying 
squads coniposea iol .po.iiicei fire and 
.biiildiiig inspectors covering the 
town's ';600 thjBiatres,.. skating, rinks,, 
dance halls, .taverns . and other places 
Where peojple gather after .dark. . . 

The pei-sbhhe^^ squad cpn- 

taihs a i^epresentative .of; the pblic.e 
depar.tihei.nt, .the city license, division, 
fire ..prevention . service' aTid depart- 
ment of public works. They AviW. 
work' nights . rhaking a icpmplete: in- 
spection and checkup of atteridahce 
at each spot; flqbr space, mimljer. of 
exits, license: cbmpliancs and struc- 
tural ■ features, w^ a probable re- 
vision bf city ordinances in prospect, 
ifhi\e the-Public. .Works :;Cbm 
sioher .stated; the inspectibn was 
chiefly to gathei' Jhf of mation,. he 
added the stinger . that if any. seribiiis 
yiolaitibns .were . uncovered, arrests 

would fbllOW; 

■ Seneca; • formerly - operated . by 
Gamrhel Circuit, taken ' Sol 

Baiyes who' aisb operate 
' janies, ' 'Syracuse,; closed;; for sum- 
mer b^Jain^s. Constantino. .. 

CommuhityivSolvay, \N; Y,, sold: ; 
; . Jpylind, ; ...Spfingyille, , . reopttned; 
after remodeling, coritinuinig opera.r 
tidn under Peter Biferella.; 

; Janies Q'Shea, son of Metro Dis- 
trict manager E, K; O'Shea;; learriiiig 
ejchibitibn; end of business .Hi' SheS'S 
Buffalo 'undeir supervisibn of W;illiafn 
Brett bf ShearPatiamPurit chaih. : ■ . 

Get Together Boys 

■ SaivT^ranciScp;. July 9: -. 
■ pari McLean; ; drawing fcpn^^ 
erablie conime'nt with: his :' 
war! poster, at ,the ;Emba3sy. 
Lobby: frame, roads, ' 'We do; not 
show War nfews, Read your pappi:: 
or listen to-the radip for war de- 
velopments.' . in ;; stnaller copy, 

. display, explains, ' *We ;belie:ve ; . 
theatre - is a place for. relaxation 
and ;enjbymeht :;arid .has no ,p 
for' the horrors of battle.' . 
. trext- ddbrj ^ Strand ^ plugging- 

; 'Wars News' on; marquee. ;. 



; . - ; . Baltimore, July 9. 

Hollywood film fita;rs arrived here 
today (Tuesday) to. take part in the 
progi'am in - connection ^ with the 
premiere . of .'Maryland,' 20th-Fox 
film abput thoroughbred hunters, to- 
morrow evening in the New and 
Center theatres. Arrivals included 
Tyrone Power, .Brenda ■ J oy c6 and- 
Nancy - Kelly. They will be guests 
tonight at a dinner given by Alfred 
G. Vanderbilt at Sagamore Farms, 
Gov. jlerbeirt . R. .;b*Gbnnor; has ihr 
vited- them to the executive man- 
sion- at Annapolis. Richard Greene 
was unable to come east. ; . ■ 

Homebffice officials expected ' for. 
the %emiere- are- Hcrnian • W 
who has' .1-eturned :■ from the ; west 
Coast;. Charl«es E., ' McCarthy and 
Wjlliiam Sussman. 

Misses Joyce and Kelly will, be in 
New York Friday to attend the 
opening of .the .film at the. Roxy 
theatre, v Power planes . directly to 
the Coast from here. .' - V 

Hamptoifs Shift 

SiJartanburg, S. C, . July 9. 
Nelson Hamptbn, former manager 
of State, Wilby-Kiricey's new local 
house, has assumed his duties as pro 
motion man for Spartanburg Herald 
Journal. Resignation was effect July 
1. Clyde Wooteh. formerly manager 
of Rialtb, Danville, Va.,: scheduled 
to join local W-K. managers' staff 
during suminer. Meanwhile, . Jimmie 
Cartledge, former manager of Carb- 
lina at t^exington, N.. C, has taken 
over State. Buddy Turner, formerly 
assistant manager Carolina and State 
here, has 'resigned. Will reenter the- 
atre business later; 

W. C. O'Shields ; has opened new 
TucapU, S. C, house- 
Carl Glick, New York, resigned as 
rhanajger of Town, Columbia, S. C 
Frederick Coe, Nashville, Tenn., suc- 
ceeds. ' : 

North Carbliria, Inc., re- 
building Carolina at Hendersonville. 

Strand ' has installed new cooling 
systetn. Suvern Allen in manager. 
New sound equipment installed at 

■ , Fisbman's New One 

Bridgeport, July 9. , 
Fishmari Theatres, Inc.',. operatprs 
of Community , Fairfield, have bought 
a ■ large plot in same: town for ■ site 
of another theatre, . to be used for 
screen and stage sho-ws. Property's 
' on Boston 'Post Road. ; 

Chicago, July 9. ■ 
Motion Picture IVIachine Operators 
.UniPh, a local of the Ihteriiatipnal 
Alliance, of Theatricai Stage Em- 
plpyes, .lias ■ taken, ofticial cognizance 
of the coming motion picture rnuSic 
machines, and has; informed all local 
distributors, that the unipn expects, 
to place its men ; bh- the ; operation 
j ob on these machines. : ■ - : ;, 
. , jfphn Brown, chief exec of ;the o.p- 
eratbrs uriibn, . has • stated that While 
ho terms ; have been decided upon, 
the ;ajnibn expects its members to 
Ijave supervision oyer . operation of 
from five to eight machines per man. 
. Ihira-uriioh problehi may be en- 
countered orx this, since the present 
record juke boxes are being serviced 
in riiany parts of the country by 
riiembers of .the International ;Bro- 
therhbod of Electfical Workers, but 
it is understood that settlement will 
be made to-: smooth out these jUrjs- 
dictibnal clairrts between the lATSE 
and the IBEW. ' 

Pittsburgh, July 9. 
; According yto Lawrence Katz, 
iATSE fep in. this district, his " pr^- 
ganizatigji will, demand that its .men 
be ;;placed in charge of servicing 
those new coin-in -box sound' films; 
Katz is in conference with union bf- 
flcials arranging to put maintenance 
men into ■;. action as .soon as ma 
chines are installed. 

When it was pointed out to him 
that musicians union has no cbritro! 
over places where there are juke 
bpx^s, katz said .this -was: different; 
;and that IATSE. has' complete juris- 
diction over anything using; . films 
for profit. ; 

Pix; Claims No Booth Changeover 

Cleric's OK 

An eastern exhibitor didn't 
date 'Strange Cargo' due to fears 
of ; bppbsition aiid. bans against 
it, but was told he'd have to pay 
fbr it. :-■'..■■ -' . . '. : 

A local priest, backing up the 
exhib, went, to the Metro ex- 
change to , insist that the exHib 
be freed ftorh having to pay f oir 
the . unplayeid film. ; Metro, in 
turn, urged the priest to see the 
film/ He okayed it immediately 
and Said hie'd ady ise his congre- 
gation to go to see it. 





Vincent Sheean's autobiography, 
v:^V /Personal History,' may yet - be 
' filmed. Walter Wanger started to 
picturize it last winter, but he had 
it rewritten repeatedly with chang- 
ing events In Europe until he 
suddenly found himself not with the 
Sheean , story at ' all, but Wih-" an 
original. .• So" he tppk the . 'Perspnal 
History', title off and called it . 'For- 
eign Correspondent.' It'll be released 
by United Artists, .in the fall. 
Npw Wianger has come, to the re- 
■ alizatipn that he still .has an excel- 
' lent story in ISheean's book and haS 
again put it bh his schedule iii its 
original form. It*? probable, that 
not such ' a thorbugii rewriting ^ job 
as Charles Bennett and Joan Harri- 
son's will be done on the. second 
start. .;; .■;;■;. ■;■; ; ;.. ,'.^ 

' 'History,' if. ' Wanger goes thrpugh 
with it, will pi-Qbably . be tlie third 
■or fourth piroductiph on his future 
schedule.' .Other . stories which he 
owns are 'So . Gallantly Gleaming,' 
•Life of Gpii: Fremont' and .'Dynasty 
of Death.' Latter is a; flaying of •mu- 
nitions makers and Will prpbably be 
postponed ; in light of- current events, 
it is .understood.- ' ' , 

■Wanger is. expected in New York 
about Aug. 1 with prints ; of 'Corf 
respondent*, and; 'Long . Voyage 
Home,' which . John Ford made 
under his banner. His business 
manager, Clarence Erickson,' arrived 
In, Manhattan Monday (8); for hud- 
dles \vith Harry Kosiner, eastern 
rep, and UA execs. ■;•' 

Hollywood, July 9. 

With iO . pictures fbr the 1940-41 
prpgrarn practically completed, five 
in production and :t\yp more ready to 
start within a 'Week, tJniversal will 
have about $5,000,000 invested in the 
new season's product before the end 
of thjs month. • 

Virtually , ready for release are 
'When the Daltpns Rode,' -A Little 
Bit of Heaven,' 'Argentine Nights,' 
'Slightly • Tempted,'. 'South of Ka ' 
ranga,' 'I'm Nobbdy's Sweetheart 
Now,' 'The Muhimy's Hand,' 'Mar|;ie/ 
'Winners of ; the West,' and a serial, 
'Junior G-Men.' 

; Currently in work are the Deanna 
DUrbin starrer, 'Spring Parade;' 
•Hired Wife,' 'The Leather Pushers,' 
•Ragtime Cowboy Joe', and •Seven 
Sinners," sta^rinjg.' Marlene . D 
Slated to start next week are 'Fire- 
man Save My Child' and 'Where. Did 
You GetThat Girl.' 

Ed Stein Leaves Goldwyn 
Who's Doitig: Gen*l Axirig 

■ Samuel Goldwyn, ^yho has long let 
it be kn,own that he intends ^ to pro 
duce no ;mpre pictures until .both 
world cphditibris:and his priyate bat: 
tie; with' United. Artists resolve them- 
selves,; took ' one further .step to re- 
duce operating, expenses last week 
He r'elieaSed Edwin C;' Stein, who has 
served for about, eight months as 
New York .p. a.. Stein joined Joules 
Levey yesterday (Tuesday) to do 
promotion ..and publicity ; on 'Boys 
from Syracuse*' : ;'-.-''_;^ 

Wifh virtually all bf his players; 
directors arid techriiciaris loaned out 
to other studios, Goldwyn: is ; now 
understood also ready to relinquish 
rights to stories whicji he owns. Most 
important property is the Brb^d\yay 
stage hit, 'The Little FoxeSj'. which 
he^ purchased last winter f pr $100,000. 

The niimerous motions ih: Samuel 
Goldwyn and GoldWyii, Inc., against 
United Artists Corp,, London Filrri 
Productions, Ltd., and. Alexander 
Korda were.; decided Friday (5), by 
Judge Vincent L. Leibell in N. Y. 
federal court whose .decisipns split 
the requests pretty well down the 
middle. The producer and 20% 
owner of UA seeks to .break his dis« 
tfibutibh contract with the company 
which wa^ a 10-year document, until 
1945 tb run. 

:. Judge Leibeir first dismissisd Gold- 
•wyn's complaint, on a techni»ality, 
but immediately gave him the right 
to restate his charges in 20 days. .UA 
had claimed that- the. original com- 
plaint stated three charges all jum- 
bled into one. The judge agreed with 
this view, and stated . that Goldwyn 
must, in separate causes, state, first 
an action; for an injunctiph to re 
strain UA . from interfering with 
Goldwyn in his 'attempt . to secure 
exhibition or distribution elsewhere. 
Secondly, he must state, an. action on 
his distribution contract for an ac- 
counting by UA- under the 'favored 
producer tlause, and include; in this, 
his action, for $54,559. allegedly due 
under that conti-act. Later he must 
state a cause of action seeking dam 
ages for the alleged interference 
with the distribution bf 'The West 
erner.' : . ; ' ,;' -. •■■ 
, Next application; by UA to' strike 
certain portipns of the complaint 
was both allowed and disallowed. 
The first point was a report to strike 
that part which dealt with certain 
provisibns bf the Cinematograph 
Films Act of England, which is al 
leged. as inducing a' contract. This 
the judge denied, finding that it was 
a. proper part, of the- cornplaint. He 
did prder striekeh/t)ut that part .of 
the . action which; charged - that, re: 
lationships between Goldwyn ■ and 
UA tb be a fidicuary- one. 
. UA's request for a bill of particu- 
lars was denied, . Judge Leibell dci- 
Glaring, 'The allegations may be 
quite general, , but I do. npt believe 
that they are so ambiguous; and 
vague as to be incapable of 'answer, 
. 'On the bther hand,' continued the 
judge, 'the - particulars sought are 
most spebific, the deiftands being; 
rnbre in the nature of proposed in 
terrogatories.' The judge cohcludec 
this pbrtibn by suggestions that UA 
secure its. .answers by means of. iri- 
terrbgatpries. ■ ; ; ■: ■''. ■".:■ ■. .'■ :.:' ' 

As tp the request of Kbrda am 
Lo.ndon .Films .fPr a; distnissal of the 
complaint, Judge LeibcU dec idee 
that since • no . relief was sough ; 
against them; he • Would graht ■ tha.t 
;application. Attorneys for Gpldwyn 
had admitted in court that no ;relie.£ 
Was spught against Kbrda, but in 
view of the^Federal coiurt's Delaware 
decision, which requested they be in 
cliidcd, both; Korda arid his company 
were named in this action, 

Despite ;the .dismissal- of the action 
agaiiist Kordai and London Films, the 
court ordered their cixamination be- 
fore trial .as sought by Gpldwyn bn 
the grouhcis that they are iiiateria 
withesses,; The' judge stated; ; 'I .am^ 
of the opinion that the motion to 
examine Kbrda and London ;Fi.lmis 
should be granted. Counsel are di 
rected to arrange for the examina 

^ Kiansas City, July .9. 

; . Monroe Rubinger leaves the puTi- 
iicity department - of the Wavrjer 
Kansas City exchange lor Chicago 
where he'll be. in charge Of publicity 
for the midwest division. ;; 'Territory 
comprises ; Miliyaukee,. Minneapolis, 
St. Loiiis, Omaha, Des Moii>es, K; C, 
Memphis and Indianapolis. .He re- 
places Fred Bartow, resigned. As- 
sistant to Rubihger with bff ices iri 
K. C. will be Martin Weisefl, -who 
comes in from the Cbast where he 
WaS assistant to Sam Clark in Los 

Bob Haley returns to Chi for RKO 
with , the closing of ihe .Orpheum 
^tere,; , Previously -was rtianager In 
1939, and returned recently to relieve 
; Lawrence Lehman Syho- has .since 
seen; under doctor's 

ion at such time as Kbrda may be 
in. N. y. City. He. should produce 
such of the documents requested as 
are in his possession, or in the; pos- 
session of the American companies 
involved. If any of the records are 
priveleged, or if . the ; examination is 
so conducted as to pry into the. busi- 
ness secrets of Korda's companies, he 
may then appeal to the court for 
aid.' . , 

Partial Vlclory 

; Philadelphia, July 9. 
The tfriited States Circuit Coviirt 
of Appeals on Tuesday (2) gave a 
partial victory to Samuel Goldwyn 
in his suit againsj;; United Artists: in 
which he is : seeking to' be released 
from a distributipn contract which 
.has five years to run. "The Appellate 
tribunal, in a decision read by Judge 
John Biggs, Jr.;. bverruled the Dis. 
trict Court of Delaware which dis 
missed Goldwyn's case last Dec. 28 
on the grouriids that Goldwyn failed 
to include Douglas, Fairbanks and 
Alexander Korda and their re.specr 
tive corporations as 'hecessar-y : piaf-r 
ties' to the case.' 

The Circuit Court declared that 
Fairbanks, Kbrda, London Films and 
the Eltpn Corp. ; (Fairbanks' com- . Findlay, O., July ff. 

pany). Were 'neither . indispensaWe. ■ ; Howard Wilson, local .theatre man- 

Successful productipn in, film giv-. 
ing three-dimensional pictures froin, 
a single print and ; without chfiii^ 
any booth equipment was repprtod 
last week by Ed wiii H. Land, ihyeii;- 
tor of Polaroid, in .receiving a paiei tt... 
for his hew 'yectbgraph.* While birly 
tried, on a labbratory scale thus f.-i i\ 
invention will be offered to the pic- 
ture industry in the hej<t few months, 
being the first time that depth acent.? 
on the screen have been developed 
sufficiently to be feasible on a Avidt- ' 
spread scale. ' ^' '■ '\ - 

Trpuble pr.evipusiy Ivas :-that irir 
dimensional ; films ^required double- 
projectors .' in the theatre . boot h 
whi/ih would entail ;millions in tli 
U. S. alone for the change. . Per- 
fection of the Polaroid prbcess elimi- . 
hates such booth shift, dual picture 
effects being .,' accomplished . by. a . 
special :caniera . arid by printing the 
t\yp films on polarizing sheets, which 
are subsequently combined on a sin- 
gle motion picture fi\m strip. Proc- 
ess thus- far still requires .<;pecial, 
polaroid spectacles for the audience, 
but eventually that may be over- 
come also, . 

Development of . the ; process has 
reached: the stage where it " is .now- 
ready to .turn ove;' for commercial 
develbprhenti In some quarter.^ thi 
week it was predicted that it will :be ; 
offered the market by next Christmas, 
at such a low cost as to make three- 
dimensional pictures as ; ;f€a5ibie; - 
early color films. Several mbtioh; 
picture equipihent companies, iiicjud- 
ing Westiern Electric also ex- ; 
pected to. hay e their three-dirnen- 
sional sound on. a workable, com- 
mercial basis by that time.; . 

If sufficient interest is shown . in 
the ' new :disco'very,: it Is, understood: 
that Polaroid people are prepared to 
go forward on such 'a scale' to 
make the new . depth-on-the-scrcen 
productions possible for most, major 
companies. Ultimately, depending 
on : the pb^utarity of three-dimen- 
sion pictures, the new polarized 'ma- 
terial would be made available at Ih 
same costs as Technicolor stock. 
■ 'Vectograph* reproduces two-eyed 
vision of real life. : instead of having 
the suggestion . of depth, as in pres- 
ent, screen vehicles, people and ob-; 
jects in the new vectograph appear 
as they 'do in reality. Realism of ne\y ^ 
process .is described as arising from: 
the fad that it permits two distinct 
pictures to occupy the same place, 
at/ the same tirne, .without distortion 
of tone, Ibss bf detail or other inter- 
ference. • - 

;in the new process, two views 
needed for • reci-eating the! ■ siense .cl 
depth are taken. With ; ; . double 
camera with two lenses as far apart, 
as the human eyes. 

nor necessary parties' to the suit. The 
Circuit Court, in sending the case, 
back to the lower court for a re- 
hearing, advised Judge John P. 
Nields of that court to watch what; 
evidence is presented in a separate 
suit brought in New York by Gbld- 
wyn against UA, Korda and London 
Filrns. v;.' . .f^. ':- - ,-. • ;. \:: 

Goldwyn, in. his original suit 
against .UA, charged that the com- 
pany " had committed breach of 
contract by consenting tp the foj-ma- 
tibri of a separate producing com- 
pany by Fairbanks and Korda with- 
out his (Goldwyn's) conseriti This, 
in . effect, he said negated • his, ; con- 
tract arid, damaged his: interests The 
distribution contract was drawn :up 
in 1936 iand \yas to expire in 1945. - 

On Mbn,day (8), Judge .Leibell set 
Korda's . examination for July ' 11 . 


Louis Hymari, exec assistant to Sol 
Lesser, will return yto the Coast n ext 
Week after about six weeks in New 
York on' details; in cpririeetion with 
release of 'Our TpWn.' ;• ;. ^ 

:Hynian while east, also aippointed 
Fred J. McCbnnell eastern rep. Mc- 
Cbrineil was rifiost recently- president 
of Record; Pictures. 

Reitz's Post 

Bellevue, O, July 9. 

'Glenn Reitz,' Bellevuc, O,. named 
riianager of the State and Ohio thea^ 
tres . in .' that :city, owned '■■ by the 
Northio. Theatre Corp.^ bf Cincinnati^. 
Succeeds Jbseph Scarilan, who re- 
signed to ; accept a similar position' 
at Zancsville. :• 

'Old Mill Stream' Preem 
May Be in Findlay, 0. 

ager; has gone tb Holly wpod to try to 
bring the World premier, of 'Down 
by the Old Mill Stream' (Republic) 
to Findlay. The f anno us song was 
inspired by; airi . old mill along the 
Blanchard River that runs through 
the city. .:; ' - ;.' 

. Tell Taylor, Findlay composer who 
penned the liries of the ballad, died 
a. few years ago while he was negor 
tiating with a comipany to Tri?.ke 
a film of the song. Gerie Autry will 
star in Rep's version: 

Jules Levey's Indie-Made 
>Sy^ciise Into N. Y. Par 

■ Negotiations have been concluded 
for the .booking; first-run in . New 
York by the Paramount bf Jules 
Levey's 'Boys from Syracuse,' his 
maiden effort as a prpducer.. Levey, 
Who is in' the' east, liersbrially. hart- 
died; the deal Withi Leon rjetter. of; 
the Par h.p. and Bbb Weitman, man- 
aging director of the theatre. Pic- 
ture is being releas'ed by Universal 
under a -one-picture, deal With Levey, 
former general ; sales .rivariager .of. 
RKO. • ■;■:[ . : '. . '. ". - . ; 

• "; Deal with the Par is ori . a percent- 
age basis,,and calls fpr a ciami-riitmeDt 
of two weeks, with a control, figure 
ori; the holdover .tp .goyern- whether 
it will go a third! "Setting of: Iht 
contrpl .. figure, yet : to be; done, ;; de- 
pends ori; the stage show tp he booked 
in with the film. ■ • - 
, i'entaiive ,date fpr 'Syracuse': . 3«= 
July 31/ although it niay be Aug. 14- 
it would be . the first outside b uy by 
the Par in .m ore : than twb years. 

\rcdiicsdayv July 10, 1 94a 


Chicago, July 9, 
Current Indications point to one 
of the happiest boxoflice weeks the 
loop has encoantered in some time;. 
When hiz is good, all attractions look 
dood and the eurrent; showis arid pic- 
tures impress as pretty strong stuff 
all dowh the linei 

bri Saturday (6 ) another ipicture 
entry, 'New Moon,' came into . the 
United Artists and joihed the big 
boxoftice parade. . This will; be the 
top straight flicker item, 

Stage shows iare, accounting for 
business in the three variety houses, 
with Rochester and the DeMarcos 
getting coin for the Chicago, War- 
reri Hymer and vaude in the State- 
Lake, arid particularly hot bOxoffice 
wallop IS' the Tunzaflre' unit at the 
Oriental. House Currently retreats 
from its former 65c top policy arid 
returns to a price scale of 25c day- 
times and. 40c nights, whiiH puts it 
back oh a competitive/basis with the 
State-Lake/ ■ 

/ Estimaies for This Wieek 

Apollo (B&K) (1,200; 35-S5-65-75) 
—'Susan' (M-G). Moved; here after 
two fairish sessions in the United 
Artists arid doesn't look for much 
coin here at so-^o $4i500. Last week, 
Turnabout* (UA), good $6i700, 

Chicago (B&K) (4,000; 35-55-75)— 
•Orchid.' (WB) and stage 5ho\y. 
Rochester arid DeMarcos punching 
through to happy $35,000. Last week, 
'Safari' (Par) - was boosted by. 
Getirge 'White's 'Scandals* to fine 
$39,d00, - above expectations. 

Garrick (B&K) ' (900; 35-55-65x75) 
-r-'GbDSt Breakers' (Par) (2d wk). 
Second week here after neat, stage 
show session at Chicago and garner'^ 
ing good $3,500, after satisfactory 
$5,400 last week. 

Oriental (Jones) (3,200; 28-40)^ 
•Sandy Lady' (U ) , and • 'Funzafire' 
linit. Strictly the stage which is 
doing the trade- currently, getting- 
Strong $19,000. • Last week, 'Anne 
PoplarsV (RkO) and Lairy Clinton 
orch, mild $15,100.: 
: Roosevelt (B&K) (1>500; 35-55-65- 
75 )-^'Mor-tal Storm' (M-G.) (2d wk). 
.Holding to good enough $7,000 cur- 
rently, after turning in .neat $10,800, 

State-Lake (B&K) (2,700; 23-40)-- 
'Dark Command' (Rep) and vaude. 
yrairen iHymer and Estelle Taylor on 
stage aiding for satisfactory $17,000. 
Last week, 'Two Girls' (M-G) plus 
Cab Calloway orch, bang-up. $18,500: 

United Artists (B&K-M-G) (1,700; 
35-55-65-75) — 'New Moon* (M-G). 
Started, out fast, looking ahead to 
bright initial session of at least $14,- 
pOO, :bi'illiant, Big femme and eve- 
ning play. Last week, 'Susan' (MrG) 
yroiind up two-weeker at $5,900, 
-^'Pas.sable. ■■■ .. 

rwooda (Essaness) (1(200; 75-$l. 10- 
$1.50)— 'Gone' (M.G) (24th week). 
Remarkiable run has no: end in sight 
at priesent'. Has slipped off in past, 
but every time house got ready Jo 
chaihge pictures the public 'reaction 
doomed biz. r Currently going to 
$8,000, splendid, with last week com- 
ing up with great $9,400. 


providence. July 9. 

(Best Exploitation: Loiew's Siaiey 
Andy Hardy Meets: Debutante,' at 
liOew's State, is hottest thing in town 
andv helping house to an 'in the 
:cloiids' take. Hefty response to 'All 
Jnis, and Heaven Too' earned film a 
holdover , at Majestic and it'.s still 
going strong. Strand is bolstering its 
V^ar. bill with Baer-Galento fight pics 
and holding own. 

Members of the Loew's State staff 
enioyed a holiday at the city's more 
popular beaches and combined bus i- 
hess^ .with pleasure by plugging 
f3J>a.s ^current attraction. T 
. supplied its guys and gals With over- 
size .beach balls . upon which the 
:. Andy Hardy bill was imprinted. Not 
^ ^^^^■i to." 16ok at gals helped stunt 
, iiicely. Pretty thorough Vjob of cor- 
wi"^ windows and counter displays 
in downtown department stores was. 
also done. . ■:..:-■..•■■ 

Esiimates for This Week 
ftnY^lll®*^ (.Fay-Loew)v (1,400; 28-39-" 
sS^-rNew. Moon' (M-G) . (2d ruri). 
watoi weather apt to hurt a bit; biit 
spotting good $2,500.- Last Week, 
^^"sanV^(MrG) and 'Beyohd Tomorr 
»ow' (RKO), nice $2,800: 
Tf^^y s^; (Indie) , (2,000; 15-28)^ 
. i^eopard Men' (Select), 'Hold' That 
. woman (Pro) and .weekly .serial, 
^ventures of Red Ryder' . (Reji). 
:«<ttQrts to attract juve trade: catchiri,£; 
noid.flnd giving: house swell $3,500. 
a,?^^ 'Carson City Kid* (Rep) 

:|Jdjj^ i^ast-: . Alarm': (Monb),; good. 

<Fay)^f2^20d; 28-^ 
lr?^*Y^",^^o' <WB) :(2d wk). Hold- 
bI? steady pace: for swell $.7,000, .after, 
.grajifl $10,200: in opening stanza. 
•M,~i**v.(Loew) (3,200: , 28.-39-50)— 
Debutante' (M-G) ;and 'Phan-.. 

ton : Raiiders' (M-G>. Mickey 
Roohey's hot piace for this time of 
year skyrocketing take to :$16,50O- 
Last week, 'New Moon' (M^G), swell 
$12,000. . ; 

Striind YIndie) (2,000: 28-40-50 )-- 
'French Without Tears' (Par), and 
'Mad Men Europe' (Col), Also 
Galento-Baer, fight pic. . Attracting 
fairly steady trade for $5,000. Last 
week, 'All Flesh' (Par ) arid 'Graridpa 
Town' (Rep), plus four-rday .appear^ 
airice of Duke Daly's orch on .stage, 
fairish. $5,000. ; : 


.: Boston, Jiiiy : 9. 
Cold, cloudy weather.: (ori^ the holi- 
day (4) gave all; film stands a great 
start, but the. ensuing sun over the 
weekend . burned 'em out. . 
. Although 'Edison , tiie ]\4an': took 
a , cut with' the rest !of the shows, it 
is by fair the biggest thing around 
here ciirrently' arid: is lifting the Or- 
piheum "and State to nifty . takes. 
Estimates for- This .Week ^ • 

Boston (RKO) (3,200; 15-20-39-44) 
^'Island Doomed Men' (Col) arid 
'Girls. Road' (Col), duial, with Baei:- 
Galento fight pic. . Naturail for this 
house arid, aiming: at dandy $8,500. 
Last week, 'DivorceriieritV (RKO) and 
'Not Tough' : (U), dual, ade.quate 

^ Fen way (M&P) (1,332; ^ 28-39-44- 
55 )-.'Mari Talked Much' (WB) and 
'Manhattan Heartbeat' (20th). On 
the skids . for. around . $3,5(j0.: .Last 
week, 'Queen- Mob'. (Par) and. 'Wo-, 
men War': (Rep), ditto; ■ 

Keith Memorial (RKO) (2,907; 28- 
39-44-55)— 'Tom Brown' (RKO) arid 
'Private Affaii-s' (U). Running un- 
der par; about $11,000 expected.: 
Last week, 'Favorite Wife^ (RKO) 
and 'Sandy Lady' (U) (both 2d wk), 
okay $13iU00. 

: Metropolitan (M&P) (4,367; 29-39- 
44-55)— 'Untamed' (Par) and 'Gaih- 
bling Seas': (WB).. On. the down- 
grade, for about $11,000.: Laist week, 
'Ghost fireakers' ; (Par) with Bob 
Hope and: cbrnpariy on stage, big 
$50,000. . 

Orpheum (Loew) (2,900; 28-39-44- 
5!)) — 'Edison Man* ; (M-G) and 
'Fiorian' (M-G). Big noise in town, 
aiming at hefty $18,000. Last week, 
'Doctor Wife' (Col) arid 'Mule Team' 
(M-G) i fair $1&,500. 

Paramount (M&P) (1.797; 28-39- 
44-55) — 'Man "Talked Much' f WB) 
and 'Manhattan Heartbeat* (20th), 
.Very soft, around $5,500: Last week, 
.'Women War' (Rep) and 'Queen 
Mob' (Par). $5,600,. n.g. 

Scollay (M&P) (2,538; 28-44-50)— 
'Saifari' (Par) and 'Those Days' (Par) 
(both 2d run). Poor $3,500. Last 
week, 'Brother Orchid' (WB) and 
'Our Town' (UA) (both 2d run), 
$4»00d. ■.■ ; .'.': 

State (Loew) (3,600; 28-39-44-55)— 
'Edison the Man' . (M-G) and 'Fiorian* 
(M-G). - Very good $13,000 possible. 
Last week, 'Mule Team^ (M-G) and 
'Doctor ..Takes Wife' (Col), $10,800, 
■fail-;. .■.:"' 

'Dr. Wife'-'21 Day^ Dual 
;finev$23,000 iff Bidyii 

; Brooklyn; July -^9. . 
Fabiari Psiramount is. tops this week 
.with 'Doctor Takes- Wife' and '21 
Days Together.'' . Loew's Metrbppli-^ 
»tao is second with 'Edison the. Man^ 
and 'Saps 'at Sea.' 

Holdovers at :RKO,~Albee and Fa- 
.bian Fox will d6 fair biz; 

: Estimates for This Week 
.. All^ee^ (3.274; 25-35T50)-^'Favorite 
Wife' (RKO) .and 'Into f lease' (2d 
wk:), plus ■ Baer-Galento . fi.ght : pic.: 
Fair $14,000. Last, week, good $18,- 

:ooo:: ■ ■•:^-^-. '■■ 

Fox (4,089;- 25-35-50) — ^Safari' 
(Par ) arid 'Clangs Chicago^ (Rep) (2d 
.wk;), V : Satisfadtdvy: . $14,500. ■ .Last 
•Week nice $16,500/ ' 

-Met (3i6.18; 25-35-50)— 'Edison Man' 
(M-G) and 'Saps Sea' (UA). 'Gpod 
$18,000, : Last Week '.Waterloo Bridge' 
(M-G) arid^" 'Black: Friday' (U); fine 

"$ . 

Paramount (4,120; 25r35-50;)-:-'Doc- 
ioi' Wife' (20th) arid '21 Days' (Gol ): 
Excellent $23,000,' -Last Week 'Brother 
orchid^ (Wb) arid 'All FlieshV (Par) 
■ (2d wk.:>. riiild $14,000.:: : ' :• . . : 
. Strand (2.870; 25-35-40 )r-'H6t.Steel' 
( U: i . and ^O.n .; Spot' . /Morio). .Dull 
$4,000. Last week 'Passport Alca- 
traz' (Col ) and 'Ski - Patrol! (U), 
mild $4,000. 

First Riins on Broadway 

(Subject to Change) ■ 

Week of July 11 

: Astor— 'Gone ^ With the Wind? 
(M-G) (30th wk). ; ^ ■■■ ..' 

Capitol 'SUsan and God' 

Reviewed in VAi^iBry, Jiine 5) 

. ^Criterion -T-^^ -^^^^ Were the- 
Days' (Par) (13). 
■{Rtviewed in Vamety, May 22) 

Globe— 'Escape : firom IDevils 
Island' (WB) (10). 

-Mrisie MaJI-^'All This- and^ 
Heayen Too' (WB) (2d wk), 

Palace^'A Bill . of . Divorce- 
ment'' (RitO).'^- -■■:': 
(Reyievoed in VjimEiY, March 13) 

■ Paraimount — 'Ghost \Breiakers' 
(Par) .(2d wk). . .; 

Rialtor-^'You're Not So Tough* 

m m-r . :..■■:^^■ ■: v '-: 

Roxy-^'Maryland' (20th) (12 ). 
(Reviewed in Vahiety, July 3>':. 

Strand-:^'My L6ve Came Bacfc^ 
(WB) (12). : . 

{Reviewed in Variety, June 26) . , 

V ; ■'■••.;: Week -of Jnty U 

. Astor— 'Gone With the Wind' 
(M-G) (31st wk). , V 

Gapitol. -^ 'Susan arid God* . 
(M-G) . (2d;:wk). ; ^ ^ ^ 

Globe— 'Girls of the Road' 
iCol) (20). ..• 

, Music Hali^-'All ; This,, arid 
Heaven Too' (WB) (3d y^); 

Paramount — 'Clhost Breakers' 
(Par) (3d Avk).; • 

Bialto:^'Millioriaires in Prisbn' 
(RKO) (15). 

. .Roxy— 'Marylarid' (20th) (2d 

• wk).;.- :•■■" ;-::^-- v. 
.- Strand— 'My Love Cariie: Back' 
(WB). (2d:wk). - 


■.y ■ Lbuisville,' July 9. 

:: 'Aridy Hardy Meets Debutante' is 
Wrapping up aiU the loose coin in 
sight in the current Session, giving 
Loew's State a swell mark for a 
hot, summer week. Mickey Rooney's 
pull' seiems to be stroriiger than warm 
Weather iand counter outdoor bp- 
pbsish, !Our Town! slumped after 
hefty, opening at Strand. Latter arid 
Mary . Anderson, operied riew pics a 
day early to grab the Fourth of 
July trade. 

.Kentucky reopened. Thursday 
(27), with additional 280 balcony 
seats, new riiarquee, new lobby, and 
the house entirely furnished .with 
new seats; 

(Dutdoor opppsish. potent this week, 
with double-header ball game Sun-^ 
day (7) arid Larry : Sunbrock'5 Hol- 
lywood Thrill. Show at the: State 
Fair Gtpurids. Sunbrpck's Car crash- 
ing jamboree was heavily -plugged 
on all radio stations. . 

Estimates, for This Week 

BroWn . (LbeW'srFourth Avenue) 
(1,000; 15-30-40) — 'Ghost Breakers' 
(Par ) and . 'Queen Mob' (Par) ^ Bob 
Hope and Paulette 0oddard continue 
to draw fair trade after moveover 
from Rialto. Pointing , to $2,000. 
Last week, 'Turriabout' ' (UA) arid : 
'21 Days': (Col), ; light $1,500 on 

Kentucky (SwitoW) (i;i00; 15-25) 

— Rebecca' (UA) and- 'It's Date' : (U), 
split with 'Primrose Path' (RKO) 
and 'Doctor Wife' (Col) . Strong 
lineup of picsvfoi: reoperiing of house. 
Upwards of $30,000 ' .spent to. refur- 
bish and enlarge this subsei^uent 
run. Should :cop fine $1,700. 

Loew's State (LoeW's) (3,100; 15- 
30-40) . .'Hardy : Debutante' (M-G) 
arid 'Captain Lady' (MrG). It's 
Mickey Rodney all. the: way this 
week, 'arid indications are that grbiss 
Will probably e<iuai cpriibiried . take 
of all downtoWri first-runs. : Aiip- 
ing :at ;swell $10,000, or -over. Last 
week, ■New..Mbon': (M-G), fair, $6,- 

-500: ..->■-:■.,,-■: K 5- 

. Mary Anderson' .(Libson) (1,000; 
15-30-40) WMari Talked MUch' (-WB). 
(Jpposish from . acrpss street at 
Loew's State strong factor in light : 
biz here; Probably . $"2,700,- riiild. 
Last week, . 'Gambling Seas'- (WB) : 
and. 'Fugitive Justice' . (WB), had 
nothins pri :ball.. :. This house estab- 
lished . as single: bill spot and dou-. ^ 
bles are never prpfitable.. ' Light $2,-; 
500-iri -.six •dayS;: . . 
^ Bialto (FPurth; Avenue) (3,400; 15- 
30-40)— 'Private ■ Affairs'' (U) : iand. 
'Anne Poplars'. (RKO). Only $5i5()0i 
poor, Last week, 'Ghost Breakers' 
(Par) and 'Queen Mob' (Par), best 
iri^ - town grabbing fine $8,()00 and 
moveover. ^ 

- Strand : (Fourth Avenue) (1,400;' 
15-30-40) — 'Our Town' <UA) . and. 
'Pop Pays' (RKO). After : strongs 
opening, biz just shrivelled; up With 
coming of couple- hot days!., butlopk 
is.riot. forte, for more than. fair. $3.,- 
000. Last Week, 'Sailor's Lady^ (20th). 
arid .'Lucky CJisco Kid' (20tjHJwiifiht- 
weight $2(500; \ 

(Be^t Exploitation: Music Hall) 

Orily .two shows are ■ getting any 
business in the dbWntown New -York , 
sector. They are 'All This, apd 
Heay.en : Too,' : -riew arrival at the 
Music .Hall .arid '(Shrist: Breakers,' 
backed by powerful boxpf flee draught 
in Orrin 'Tucker and Bonnie Baker, 
ait the Paramount . Both theatres; did: 
serisational business on the . Fourth , 
of July holiday, as did other houses, :, 
but for latter it Was relatively: ai flash, 
in the pan. .'Private Affairs,* which 
opened ki the Roxy on firecracker 
day, was strong at the first -tee, but- 
after that went to pieces^: Even 
though scoring, over $8,000 the open-: 
ing day,: on ari. eight-day. stay thie 
result will be only around $26,000. 
'Mortal :Storm,' winding: up its third 
week at. the straight-filrii Capitol, is'- 
ario.ther that Was strong ori the holir; 
day, but has beeri; limping ever sirice 
for a total of less thain $18,000 On' tht^ 
Week.;..'-. .V'; ''-^ -::. 

Glotidy,.thfeateriirig weather ori this 
year's Indeperidence Day. jproved 
riianna frprii Heaven, but on the 
week-end it . Was too riice. tp; fool 
around, with :theatres, only the Par 
and Hall getting any busioess.. 

Both 'Heaven' arid ; 'Ghost* ;rei 
ceived. unaniriious praise f rorii the 
critics, Th^ Daiyis.rBoyer starrer 
brought the . .biggest July 4 business: 
the Hiall has ever had and on thei 
Week it looks to be the biggest for 
any in which this holiday has -fallen. 
Iridications point to $105,000. Record 
for; any Fourth of July: week was 
$104,000, established : by 'HUman 
Bondage', (also Bette Davis) in .1934.; 
'Heayen': is a long film; riirining. 140 
minutes, but audierices dori't seem to 
rifiind it. : No reaction is noted duririg 
Ithe running except for; some sriif- 
fling, and bri the finish there is ap- 
plause. ',. ^ 

■ 'Ghost Breakers* and the- Tucker- 
Baker combination' drew oVer $12,000 
on the 4th at the Par; Hitting $60;000 
on the first week ending last night 
(Tues.) is sensational, establishing a 
new summer high, for the house since 
the pit-band policy Was iriaugiiir'ated 
nearly five years ago; . . 

The neatest any other ; sumirier 
show has come to it was 'Artists arid 
Models,' plus Phil Spitialny, i which 
got $54,000. in August, 1937. On drily 
four occasions in close to. five, years 
has the grPss rriounted $60,000, in- 
cluding New Year andThanksgiving: 
weeks. • That's saying something, and 
proves, -as Bob Weitman says,' that if 
ydu give 'em What they want they'll 
come regardless, 

: Holiday riieant a good opening day 
for the State, Which has 'Waterloo 
Bridge.* plus Jay C. Flipperi and 
Betty Hutton,: but on the week, end- 
ing tdriight (Wed.), take will be dis- 
appointing at around $18,500. , 

Heavy advance Campaigri: by, War- 
ner Bros, flgured. on . .'Heaven,* plus 
Ideal run iexplpitatiori by the Hall. 
Theatre, emplbyed a larger^ ad cam-, 
paign than normally. Par also, ably 
exploitedjts shoW. 

Estimates for This Week . . 

Astor (1,012; 75-85-$l.i0-$1.65-i 
$2.20)— 'Gone' (M-G) (30th Week). 
Last Week (29th)i over the holiday,, 
better than $8,500, fair, profit. 

Capitol (4,520; 25-40-55-75-$1.10- 
$1 .25 )--^'Mprtal : Storm' (M-G) (3d- 
flnal week). Eve of the holiday last 
Wednesday (3); helped end the sec- 
ond Week at nearly $30,000, -but While 
July. 4's busiriess was stout, the final 
semestei:. will be . less than . $18,000. 
On the 2i-day iengageriient over; $80,- 
000 spells a goodly hunk oif black. 
'Susau and God' (M-G) moves in 
tdniorroW (Thurs.), 
, Criterion (1,662; 25-40-55)-^ 
'Wagons Westward' - (Rep.), Looks 
fairly good, about $7,500. Last Week 
'Queen; of Mob' (Par), under $7,pOO,. 
/Dicture having.. ..Weakened toward: 
finish. - .■ t 

Globe; (IJOO; ;25-35-55:)-^'FUgitive 
From: Jiistice' (WB); pretty slow, 
less than $5,000. 'Lost Horizon' 
(Col) (reissue), did rather Well for: 
this time of year, $6,100. :, House on 
Saturday (13) brings; ; in 'Deyil's; 
•Islarid' (WB) Which Was riot shown 
in.. New York: when released -last 
year; due to prPtests from the French 
government. It played some daties 
elseWhere throughout, the . country; 
however, before, being Withdrawn. 

PalaCe (1.70(); 25;^35-55)-:-'FaVorite 
Wif€^ (RKO.) (2d .run ) and 'Murder 
in Air' :(WB) : (1st ruri),'dualed, plus 
Galerito-Baer fight filriis. . Maybe $9,- 
800, very: good. ' Last ' week : 'Torrid 
Zone' (WB) (2d rr.uri): and 'Sandy 
Lady'; (U) (1st' rurii), $7,300, riiildish. 

I>ara:mouht (3|664; 25-35>55-88-99) 
:^'Ghost. Breakers' (Par) arid, ori. 
stage; Orrin; Tucker ;and Borinie 
.Baker (2d -week),: Begins .second 
round today (Wed,), aft^r sockirig 
through, in smash f ashiori to $60,000 
the first weeki; ending last ;. night 
(Tues.). This is the best surrimer 
week the house has had under its 
present pit-band policy; . The second 
.stanza of.: 'Safari' (Par) : arid Eddie 

■ ( 'RPchester' )' Andei'son McFarlarid 
.Twins.' Red Skeiton and Judy Starr, 
$29,000. fair enough, \ 

■Radio City Music Hall (5,980; - 40- 
60-84-.99-$l,65)^'Heaven Too' (WB) 

and- Stage, show.' . Arid; biz is also 
heaverily, lookirig a, very smart 
$105,000, which Avill be best for any 
July 4 week in the history of the 
theatre. Holds over. ; Last week, 
'Tom Brown's School Days' (RKO ), 
only $6I,(HW, poor. 

Riaito (750: 25-40-P55)— 'YoU*re Not 
So ; Tdu^h' (U). Opened Monday (8 ) 
arid started oft pretty . Well; perhaps' 
$6,500. 'Spie^ in Air* (FA ), With the 
Galerito-Baer fistic short;; $4,500; riot 
so hot for, five days. ' 

Boxy (6,8361 25-40-55-75 )^'Private 
Affairs* (U). arid stagie' show. Goes 
eight days but only arourid $26,000, 
very, disappblnting, 'SailPr*s; Lady* 
(20th) withdrawn after six days of- 
red, $15i000; On Friday (12) 'Mary- 
land' (20th) takes hold. - 

State (3,450; 35-55-75) 'Waterloo 
Bridge' (M-G) (2d run) and vaUde 
with Jay C. Flipperi iand Betty . Hut- 
ton headlining. Even: With the holi-- 
dky ais a starter^ Iddks orily $18,500, 
much urider hopes; 'My Son' ; (UA ) 
(2d rim), and; on stage, George. 
Givpt, ;Ray Kiriney; others; $22,500; 
good. -;'■';. 

Strand (2.767; 25-50-7S-85-99) 
'Man Who Talked Tdd Much^ (Wti) 
and Bob Crosby (2d-final week); 
Taking a nosedive ori the. holdover, 
under $15,000. . The first week, erid- 
ing with July 4, was; $31,000.-. fairly 
good. 'My Love Came Back* (WB) 
and Riidy Vallee operi Fi-iday ( 12 ), 

Pittsburgh, July 9. ■ 
Biz generally shaping up okay 
this week. . With both Fulton and 
Senator shut for the sririimer, leav- 
ing only five fl^rst-ruri spots doWn- 
town, there's a little extra biz 
around for the .stay-opens and 
they're each edging in a bit more 
than, their share.; .: 
: Currently, the siirplus is going 
chiefly to the Penn, Where . 'New 
Moon' is cbrikirig. the tbWn and giv- 
ing .thiit spot its best gross in a 
blue moon. An easy h.o. and on- 
present shoW;ing should make : ai 
three-week run of it, at least. 'Turn- 
abput,* at Stanley, well liked, but 
dPirig orily fair. :■■ 

Estimates for This' Week 

Alvin (Harris) (1,850; 25-35-50)— ^ 
'Marihattan Heartbeait' ;(20th) arid 
'Not So Tough' (U), plus Baer^ 
Galento fight pic, Lgtter helping, 
but not too much; On four days 
looks like $1,300, Cijtfirent bill fol-. 
IdWed reissue of 'Waijciki Wedding* 
(Par) and 'Wagon's ; Westward* 
(Rep), which also got four days arid 
had , fight pic, tpo. About $2,200, 
with Bank Night arid a holiday (4th); 
Last week, reissue of , 'Thanks Mil- 
lion' (20th) -and 'Lucky Cisco Kid' 
(20th), under $3,000. 
' Pehn (Loew's-UA) (3i300; 25-35- 
50)-^'N€SW Moon' (M-G ); A coffee 
klatch for the MacDoriald-Eddy fans 
arid they're turning but en niaisse; 
Biggest weekerid. hpuse hais had , in 
several moriths arid at present gait 
should have ho trouble cracking 
gr.ieat $17,500. Last week. .'Ghost 
Breakers' (Par); good $14,000; 

Ritz ( WB) .(800; 25:r.35-.50)— 'Ghost' 
Breakers' (Par). H;o.: from- Periri 
and the Hope-Gdddard clicko has 
lot of , stuff left, as pretty close to 
$3,500 here will testify- Last Week, 
■Susan' (M-G), h.o. from Stanley; 
only, fair at $2,100., 

Stanley (WB) (3,600; 25-35-50)— 
.'Turnabout' (UA) . .■ First weakie Wb 
deluxer has had sirice going straight 
.pjx . month ago;. Coriiedy grabbed 
swell, reviews, but riot milch rnore 
than $7,500; in sight, ri.s,h. . Last ;; 
week. 'MPrtail Storni' (M-G), .great 
$15,500;;- .•■.-':'':.: :; ■• .- .;':•:■ 

; Warner :XWB) :(2,()00; 25-35-50)— 
'Mortal Storm- ' :(M-;G). Moveover 
f rprii. Stanley, provirig'.- plenty profit- 
able for this spot. Should, pass $6.- 
Od.O^ with .ease. Last . week, ., second 
here but thii;d downtown, (previous- 
ly at Perin),: 'Favorite Wife' (RKO) 
wourid up. sensationally; at oyer $6,-;- 
000 and cPuld have stayed, btit prod- . 
iict jam shoved it out.: On down- ; 
toWn run; 'Wife' . ^knocked down 
around $30,000, great,; ;. 

Picher^ Hudsion 

.: . Hollywood, July 9. 

; ■ Irving Pichel; gets the director as-; 
signment: on 'Hudson's :Bay, CJdrii- 
pany,' high budget exploration . tala^ 
slited to' rolt atv 20tri-Pox Juiy^27:.^ ■ 
.Dean Jagger Is iJenciled for: a top: 
role.-. . "■ . 


ire4nee<]a j, July 10, lOia 

Best July 4th biz ^inc(e 1933 Is 

■helping send this . week'^^ .grosses. 

back in; the. Wack; ^and ;l?ringing ;th^;. 

..firs* sniiles 6n . the, fa:pes. ot dpwn- 

tpwp/ithieatre managers iii; nearly; 

two •mio'rit^ Cool ; weather,' which 

i 6 postponing the usual July exodus 

to vaeatibh . spots- plus - a - rbuhd of 
light pix, in'coAtrast; to last' week's 
heavy fare/ also - helping th^ cash 

■registers. ring. ... ■ ; ; - 
: Toppihg: the. .heavy . grosser?, is. 
'New Moon,' at Boyd. Aliso iii the 
top money, is- 'GhOst Breakers;' Lat-. 
ter pic -shows the biO, fluctyatipn- 
of a iVame. Less than eight: riionths 
ago: Hope-Goddard duo's ..*Cat . and. 
Canary' played thfe Earle as a filler- 
in between staige shows. " This 'week, 
on - straight, film basis, Hope is 
drawing as much, as stage show and 

:'Gat and; -Canary* combined. 

; Estimates for' This 
' Arcadia .(Sablosky)^ (600; 32-42-: 
57)_-».Waterl06 Bridge' (M-G). (2d 
wk.), : Bright .$3,'?50.. "Operiing ■ sesh 
likewise good $3,900. . : 

Boyd tWB) (2,560; 32-42^57-68)— 
^New Moon' (M-G). : Popularity of 
home-town team of Eddy and : Mac- 
Dohald is -proveii- by soclco $20,000. 
Will h o. probably two more weeks. 
Last - week, poor $8,500 for. 'Siisan' 
m^G)- (2d wk.).;' ■ • 

Eirie (WB) (2,350; 32-42-57^68 )— 
^Saifari' (Par ), Handled unkindly by 
crix and getting 50-sb. $12,000, Last 
week, 'Heaven Too' (WB) (3rd wk.), 
dipped to sad $9,500 at road sho.w 
prices (75c-$i:i0). / : 

.Fox (WB) (2,423; 42-57^68)--: 
•Ghost Breakers' (Par). /Hope's big 
radio f dllowing turning otit to seiid 
this ohiHier. to $18,000. Will h o. 
Last week, Toui* Sons' (20th), me- 
diocre $12;4()0. , 

Kariton (WB) (1,066; 32-42-5*7i-68) 
—'Brother Orchid' (WB) (2d run); 
No worldbeater $3,200. Miles ahead, 
however, of last week's terrible $1,-. 
400 for five' days, of 'Biscuit Eater. 
(Par). It's believed to be low. recr 
ord for this house; ; ' . 

Keith's (WB) (1,970;- 32^42-57-68) 
^'SuSan' (M-G) .(2d run). N.s.h. 
: $3,600.-.: Last .week's- second turn- of- 
• subsequent run oiE 'Favorite Wife' 
(RKO), hefty $4,700. 

Stiuirey (WB) (2,916; .32-42-57-68) 
—'My Way' (U). / Draft of -(Crosby 
riot what it. used to be. Fairish $12,- 
000. Lkst week, 'Our Town' (UA) ; 
even worse with $11,700^ 

StaJitdh (WB) (1,457; 32-42-57)— 
♦21 Days' (Col) and Baer-Galento 
fight pic. Neat $5,200. Last week, 
■Adventuress' (20th), so-so $3,800. 



': 'Indianapolis, July 9, 
J lily , ..usually ii pretty good 
mbu-t'li ' in tlie downtown theatres; 
and. this week's figures are- begin- 
ning to show . ■ alluring upward 
cur ; The natives are. used to the 
sun by - this time and go to the cool 
ifilrit .caverns to give the epidermi? a 
chance to cool off. 

All credit can't be given, to the 
calendar, however, for , marquees 
nave some strength to add to the 
pull. Tilie to tradition, 'Andy 
Hardy' leads the pack at Loew's. 
Ben Bernie's orch is dusting off seats 
unused ;f or. several Weeks at the 
Lyric,, with 'Hot Steel', filling, in time 
between stage shows. Circle is about 
normal dualling ' .'Untamed' and 
Those Were the Days.' : 

Estimates for This Week 
Circle (Katz-Dolle> (2,600; 25-30- 
40)— 'Untamed' (Par ) ;. and 'Those 
Were Days' (Par). Average $7,500. 
Last week, 'Four Sons' (20th) and 
Girl 313' (20th), fair, $6,900. , :\ ■ 
Loew's : ( Loew's) (2,400; 25-30-40) 
— 'Andy Hardy Debutante' . (M-G) 
and 'Captain Lady' (M-G). Very 
nice $11,000. Last week, 'New. Moon' 
(M-G), nifty $10,500.. 
Lyric: (Lyric) (1,900; 25.30-:40)— 
riot Steel' (U) and Ben Bernie's 
orch; House : Well in black to tune, of 
$11,500; Last week, 'Lucky C!iseo 
Kid' (20th) and 'Jubilee FoUies,' 
carmine $7,000. ; 

'New Moon' Dual Tops 
Port, Ore., at 

Portland, Ore., July 9. 

The Fedei-al Defense Tax land con- 
tinued hot weather aren't doing the 
atres any favors. Parker's Broad 
way met the challenge with 'Andy 
Hardy Meets Debutante,* which has 
its loyal followers. 'Ghost Breakers' 
Is proving good h.o. at the Liberty 

ThjP big Hamrick-Evergreen Para- 
mount held a world premiere of 
'Untamed,' with^ ' personal appear 
arices of four stairs as operiingr-day 
dr&wing card. For two perforrpances 
Patricia Morison,. Ellen Drew, Susan 
Hay ward and John HOwaird at)peared 
on the stage,- besides being feted at 
lunch and a press cocktail party. 
Estimates for This Week 

Broadway (Parker) (2,000; 35-40 
'50.)— 'Hardy Debutante' (M-G) and 
'Captain LadyV(M-G). Getting usual 
Hardy family followers, and more 
for satisfactory $6,000. Last weekj 
'Our Town' (UA) and 'Phantom 
Raiders' (M-G), good enough $3,600 

. L i b e r t y (Harhrick - Evergreen) 
(2.000; 35-40-50) — . 'Ghost Breakers' 
CPar) and: 'Biscuit Eater' (Par). Win 
ning second week, $3,500. Last week 
good $5,400, . V ; 

M a, y t air (Parker - ; Evergreen) 
(1.500; 35-40-50). — .. 'Mortal Storm 
(M-Glw and 'Gambling High Seas' 
(WB). Moved over -fr.oih UA for 
second stanza and doing okay $2,500 
Lait week, 'Turnabout' (UA) and 
'Fugitive from Justice' (V/B) held 
only four days of a second week for 
ai'ound average $1,200. 

Orpheum (Orpheum Co.) (1,800 
20-30-40) : -r- 'Carolina Moon* (Rep) 
and 'Ski . Patrol' (U) with vaude 
Average $4,000. Last wee' , .'21 Days 
Together-' (Col)- and 'Stunt Pilot' 
(Mono) -with: vaude average $3,500. 

Paramount (Hamrick .- Evergreen) 
(3,000: 35-40-50):— 'Untamed' (Par) 
and 'Chan's Murder . Cruise' (20th) 
Opened strong and /expected to do 
fine $5;500. Last ■ wieek, 'Favorite 
Wife' iRKO) -and 'Lone Wolf Meets 
Lady'- (Col) closed a third good week 
for $3,000. 

United Artists (Parker) (1,000; 35- 
40-50) — 'New Moort' (M-G) and 
'Love, Honor' (U). Hitting great 
$6;600. Last week, 'Mortal Storm' 
^M-G) and 'Gambling on High Seas' 
( WB) got ax'erage $4,000 and moved 
to the Mayfair, - , ' ■ ■ " ' .- ■ -V 

•Safari', (Par) and ; 'Alias Deacon* 
(U), $9,500, good, U 

Brandeis cMort Singer) (1,500; 10- 
25-35-40) — 'A'nne Poplars' (RKO ) 
and 'Flight Angels' (WB), plus Baer- 
Galento fight. About. $6,000 indi- 
cated. Last week. (75c-$l. 10), 'Heaven 
Too' (WB), $7,300, way under expec- 
tations at the prices.. 

Avenue - Military - Dundee . (Gold- 
berg) (950-600-800)— 'Rebecca' (UA). 
Will run all week; expected to bet- 
ter $1,200. Last week .'Irene' (RKO) 
and 'AH True' (WB). split with 'Mike 
Men' (UA) and 'rnvislble Man': (U),- 
gOt a little over $1,000. 

Slate (Goldberg) (90Q; 10-20-25)— 
Johnny Apbllb' (20th V 'Man Dakota' 
(M-G ), split . with 'Slightly. Honor- 
able' (UA) and 'Congo Maise' (M-G). 
Nice $2,000 looked for. Last week 
Df . Wife' (Col) and 'All True' (WB), 
split with 'Chickadee' (U)- arid:'MiCe 
and Men' (UA), fair $1,800. ^ a : ^ 

Town (Goldberg ) ( 1 .500 ; 10-20-25) 
—'Covered Wagon Days' (Rep). 
Enemy Agent' - (U), and 'Chickadee' 
(U), split with 'Early Arizona' 
(Mono) and 'Go Chase Yourself 
(RKO), one day. arid 'Ghost Valley 
Raiders' (Rep) 'Mice and Men' (UA), 
hree days. LOoks like fair $1,800.. 
Last week 'Lightning West' (Cap), 
Death North' (.Mbnb) and. 'Invisible 
WCari Returns' (U). tripler, also in 
tri- weekly change with 'Praire Jus- 
tice' (U) arid 'Curtain Call; (RKO ), 
and 'Straight Shooter' (Cap). 'All 
Came True' (WB) arid 'Angel Texas' 
(WB), all of which got slightly over 

$1,700. :■ - ^ 

' . ; : Cincinnati, July 9. 
Great- biz ; on 'Andy. Hardy Meets 
Debutante,' at Palace, is holding 
front-line ■ trade up to the okay fig- 
ure which the Fourth helped boom' 
for last week;, ^Disappointing is 
Safari,' at Albee. 

Lyric is chucking In the. Baer- 
Galento scrap clip with: 'Outsider 
and 'Saps At Sea' to so-so results. 
Estimates for This Week 
Albee (RKO) • (3,300; 39-47.)— 
'Safari' (Par). Very poor $7,500 
Last week, 'New Moon' (M-G), fine 
$14,000. ; ; •':• - 

Capitol (RKO) (2,000; 39-47 )-t- 
'Ghost Breakers' (Par) . Trarisferred 
from Palace for second week. Good 
$5,500; Last week, 'Our Town' (UA) 
(2d run), six days, terrible $2,500. 

Family (KKO) (1,000; 15-28)— 
'Hot Steel' (Mono) and !Big Stam- 
pede'- (WB),. divided with 'Gaucho 
Serenade' (Rep) and 'Take Oath' 
(Ind) . Okay $2,100. Ditto last week 
on 'Saint. Over'. (RKO) , and 'Pass- 
port Alcatraz* : (Col);:split with 'Last 
Alarm' (Mono) arid 'Murder Air' 

Keith's (Libson) (1,500; : 39-47)— 
'New Mobn' (M-G). Moveover from 
Albee for second week. Fair $4,000 
Last week. 'Brother Orchid* (WB) 
(2d run), slow $3,500: 

L jrr ic i (RKO ) ( 1,400; 39-47 )— 'Out- 
sider' (Ind) and; "Saps Sea' (UA), 
dual, plus Baer-Galento fight pic. 
So-so $3,500. Last week, 'lil Days' 
(Col), dull $3,000. 

Palace (RKO) (2,600: 39-47)— 
'Andy Hardy Debutante' : tM-G). : 
Great $14,000. Last week. 'Ghost 
Breakers' (Par),. dandy $12,500, 

MacDonald-Eddy a Tonic For 
Mpk, Pulling in G 

1 $8,0110 

. . Buffalo, July 9. 

Old Man Weather is head man at 
the downtown show ; shops. : First 
swelteririg blasts of the season hit 
the b.o.'s hard. ' 

'Andy Hardy' seems to be holding 
'Well agairist the trend at the Buffalo, 
although indications are that . the 
final' figure will . be not especially 
fancy. : Little Jack Little in person 
is helping hopup the 20th Century 
to middling brackets; . ^.^ 
Estimates for This Week 

Buffalo (Shea) (3,500; 35^40-60)^ 
•Andjr Hardy Debutante' (M-G). 
Holdirig good pace arid will prob- 
ably see neat $14,000. Last week, 
'Mortal Storm' (M-G), got strong 
play, $14,300. 

Great Lakes (Shea) (3,000; 35-55) 
—'Love Came Back' (WB) and 'Man 
Talked Much' (WB). Grasping for 
$5,000, poor. Last:: week, 'Sailor's 
Lady' (20th) and. '.Queen Mob- (Par), 
gloomy $5,400. 

. Hipp (Shea): (2.100; 30-45)— 'Our 
Town' (UA) and 'Turriabriut' (UA) 
(2d run). Turning in nice $7,500. 
Last week. 'Ghost Breakers' (Par) 
arid 'Torrid Zone' - (WB) (2d run), 
fancy $9,000. 

Lafayette (Hayman) (3,300; 30^0) 
^'Petticoat Fever' (M-G) and 'Stand 
Up- Fight' (M-G) (2d fun). Fading 
to $3,300, awful. Last weelc, 'Lost 
Horizon' (Col) and 'Awful Truth' 
(Col) (reissues), hefty $8,700 

20th Century (Dipsbn-Basil) (3,- 
000; 30-40) —'Can't Fool Wife' (RKO ) 
and Little Jack Little's orch; High 
temp will hold; gross to fair $11,000. 
Last week, 'Divorcement' (RKO) 
and 'Pop Pays.' (RKO) (8 
down to torpid $5,000. 

(M-6) arid 'Pop Pays* (RKO) $5,300, 

Liberty (J-vH) (1.650; . 30-40-30). 
'Turnabout' (UA) (2d week). Paced 
at $4,300, good. Last week, : $6,300, 

Music Box (Hamrick-Evergreen) 
(850-30-40-50): 'Mortal Storm' (M-G) 
and 'Pop Pays' ; (RKb ). Moved from 
Fifth, looking for okay $2,100. Last 
week 'Ghost Breakers' (Par) : and 
'Biscuit Eater' (Par) good $2,300. 

Orphieum (Hamrick - Evergreen) 
(2,600; 30-40-50). 'Sailor's Lady' 
(20th) and . 'Saint Take.s Over' 
(RKO)." 'fS-vpect poor $3,000. . Last 
week, 'Lucky Cisco' (20th ) and 
'Queen of Mob' (Par) $2(600, no dice. 
:. Palomar (Sterling) (1,350; 30-4(1- 
50); 'Gambling on High Seas' tWB) 
arid 'Gaucho Serenade' (Rep) with 
vaude. Eyeing, fair. $3,000. Last 
week, 'Giarigs of Chicago' (Rep ) and 
Count Berni, Vjci's Comedie Fran- 
caise' stage unit clicked for $6,000. 

Paramount j(Hariirick-Evergreen ) 
(3,039; 30-40-50). 'Untamed' (Par) 
arid -Sandy Lady' (U). Advertising 
former as world's prerniere, iising 
fouj: iri. the cast for personal. See 
okay $5,100 ahead; Last week, 'Our 
town' (UA). and 'Giirl iri 313' (20th) 
slumped to $4,300. 

Roosevelt (Sterling) (800; 21-35). 
'Favorite Wife' (RKO) and 'Meet 
Again' (WB) (2d ruri). Quick come- 
back for . ^ 'Wife' . which .recently 
finished seven weeks at Fifth Avenue 
and Blue Mouse. Getting big $2,800, 
holding. Last week, 'Buck Benny 
Rides' (Par) and 'Farmer's Daugh- 
ter' (Par) (2d run) fair $2,0Q0; 

Winter Garden (Sterling) (800; 16- 
35); "Rebecca' (UA) and 'Star: 
Dust' '(20th) (2d -fun) i ' Headed for 
good $2,200. Last week 'Strange 
Cargo'. (M-G). and 'Alias Deacon' 
(U) (2d run) $2,000,; good. : i; 

$9,500, Okay In Omaha 

'; .• : • ■ Oriiaha, July 9. 
V (Best Exploitation: Omaha and 
.Orpheum) : 

The Omaha, and ; Orpheum,. Tri- 
States downtown deluxers, joined 
forces in a 'Laff Week' stampede 
Which had a stimulating boxoffice 
effect bveir the Aveekend.' "The Crhpst 
Breakers' is at the Orpheumi and 
•Andy Hardy Meets Debutane' , at the 
On^aha. . • . -' : 
' Publicity chief Ted Emerson coupled; 
all the advertising in newspapers in- 
to big flash ballyhoos, with . 'Laff 
Week' predominating in the captions. 
"There were some ' street gags, too, 
but .the ne\yRpaper flash was sensa- 
tional enough to start a little busi- 
ness blitz of its own. . 

: Estimates for This Week 

Oniaha (TristateS) (2,000; 10r25-40) 
-r-'Hardy Debutane' (M-G) and 
'Phantom Riaiders' (M-G). . May 
reach good $9,500, or better. Last 
week 'Brother Orchid' (WB) and 
'Way Flesh' (Par); $8,800, fair. . 

Orpheum (Tristates) (3.000; 10-25- 
40)— 'Cihost : Breakers' (Par) and 
'Bisquit Eater' (Par). Will touch 
nearly Jl 0,000, fine. Last week 

'NEW Ml 

WITH $8,000 


Seattle. July 9. 

Opening of Lake -Washington float- 
ing bridge, which ,- Charges : a toll, 
proved the outstanding grosser over 
the holidays. The bridge, at 25c per 
car ^jid drivei:, played to 30;000 autbs 
the first three days. Nifty weather 
further - lured p rospective theatre 
goers to the country and seasidgs- 
: 'Turnabout' surprised in its 'first 
week bj' holding steadily and spurt- 
ing at firiish for dandy $6i300; so it's 
holding. . 'Our Town' did the reverse, 
after good bpenirig. but dtie to prod- 
uct shortage, inoves to Blue Mouse 
for. 2rid week. 'Mortal Storm' got 
moveover to Music Box, : Aside ttoin . 
these three downtown houses all had 
new bills for. July :4 \veek. - - 
Estimates for This Week . 

Blue Mouse: (Hamrick-Evergreen) 
(850; 30-40-50). 'Our -Town' (UA) 
and 'Girl in 313' (20th). .Moved from 
Pairamount,; indicates fair $l,80d. Last 
week, 'Four Sons' (20th) and 'La 
Conga --Nights' (U) (2d week), slow 
$1,400; \:< ■ ■■.-• •:/.- 

Coliseum (Hamrick - Evergreen) 
(1,900; 21-35). 'Edison Man' (M-G) 
and 'Million B. C :(UA) (2d run). 
Expect good $3,100. >-iQSt week, 
'Cyclops' (Par) and. '40 Mothers' 
(M-G) (2d fun ), $1,'?00, bad. . 

Fifth Avenue ' (Hamrick - Ever- 
green) (2.349; 30-40-50). 'New Moon' 
(M-G). Anticipate .strong $8,000 and 
holdover. Last week, 'Mortal Storm' 

• Baltimore, July 9, . 

Frigid, temperatures oyer the 
weekerid holiday kept them in town, 
with downtown exhibs benefiting in 
proportion to: product on- tap. En- 
joy ing an excellent respbnse is "The 
Ghost Breakers.' at the oversized 
Stanley.' Also: corisisterit is the comibo 
Hipp, with a layout consisting ' of 
'Anne, of Wiridy Poplars,' : Major 
Bowes' 'Prizewinners of 1940' and 
the Baer-Galento fight pic. 
:■ Rest of town just fair, with Keith's 
and the New advancing their openr 
ings to midweek. . 

Estimates for 'Thiis Week 

.CNitury (Loew's- A) >( 3,000; 15-25- 
40)— 'Kfew Moon' (M-G) (2d wk.). 
Holding quite steadily at $7,000, 
after ringing up an excellent, open.- 
ing round to $11,600. . 

Hippodrome (Rappa'pbrt) .(2:205; 
15r25.35-40-55-66) — 'Anne Poplars' 
(RKO) plus Major Bowes' 'Prize- 
winriers of . 1940' unit, arid: Baer- 
Galento fight pic. (jetting fair 
enough $12,000. Last Ayeek,' "Those 
Days' (Par) plus Al Donahue's orch. 
Mild $10,800. = 

Keith's (Scharibevger) (2,406; 15- 
25-35-40)— 'Way of Flesh' (Par)' 
Opening ;tomorro\y (Wed.), after 
halting stay of -'Alias Deacon' (U) to 
uneventful $5,100. - •- - 

J^tw (Mechanic) (1,581; 15-25-35- 
55 ) — 'Maryland' . (20th ). Getting 
world premiere tomorrow (Wed.), 
with Nancy Kelly, Tyrone Power 
and Brenda Joyce skedded for p.a.. 
at p.m. show scaled at .55c. 85c arid " 
$1.10. Follows 'EarthbOUnd-' (20th), 
which , ambled along to unexciting . 
$3,500. ■ ■ \ 

:■■ Stanley (WB) (3,280; 1 5-25-35-40- 
55)— 'Ghost breakers' (Par). Good 
$11,000 a cinch. Last week. 'Brother 
Orchid' (WB). pleasant $7,800. 

Minneapolis. July 9. 
Aliriost every week there : comeji 
along in these depressed times at' 
least one outstiariding boxoffice per- 
former capable of giving gro.' ■ x' 
seriiblarice of vigor. oLast week it 
was 'The Ghost Breaker.' The 
rent pride and joy is 'New Moon.r 
rieal surprise boxoffice perfbrme'r, 

Otherwise, . it's the same old sad 
story, with only the Aster dual jand 
'20 Mule Team,- at the Gopher, caus- 
ing anything resembling a stiiv 
'Safari' and 'Biscuit Eater,' the latter 
highly praised, are having tough 
going. ;;■ ■;';.'. ■ _ • 

Estimates, for This Week 
Aster (Par-Singef ) (900; 15-28)— 
'Million B. C^ (Par) and 'Passport 
Alcatraz' (Col), dual first - run.s. 
Strong line-up for this house and 
will ' run full week. May reach big 
$2,400. Last week, 'Chan's Cruise' 
(20th ) and 'Fugitive Justice' (WB), 
dual first runs,. $1,500 for six days, 
fair. '•- - ' '-.-■:'^ .[ 'V-. 

Century (Par-Singef) (1,600: 28-39. 
44 )— 'Ghost Breaker' (Par) .(2d wk >. 
Moved here after big first week at 
State and still rolling • along.- He?id- 
ing for okay $3,800. Last week, 
•Waterloo Bridge' ,.(M-'G). (2d wk), 
$2,200, light. ■ : , : l 

Esquire (Gillman) (290; 28 1— 
'Hell's Angels' :(Astor) (reissue) (2d 
wk). iSlippirig - aftier healty : initial 
canto. Going eight days in second 
week and should . f eiach satisfactory 
$800. Last week. $1,400, good. 
. Gopher (Par-Singer) (998- 28)— 
'Mule Team' (M-G). Very well liked 
and Wallace Beei'y. an apparent card. 
Stretching toward nice $2,500. Last 
week; 'Those' Days!. (Par), pbOf :$li200 
in five days. 

Orpheum , (Par-Singer). (2.800: 28-. 
39-44), — 'Safari* (UA) arid Baer- 
Galento - ftftht filrii. Bokofficc :i:e- 
sults here indicate that a strong pro- 
gram of shorts— and many of them— - 
are not sufficierit to bring: 'em iri 
when the feature is lacking in pull-- 
ing power. May build, but light 
$4,000 looks about all. Last week, 
'Mortal Storm' (M-G), $5,000, fairly 
good. . ■■;:■■'..- 

-State (Par-Singer) (2,300; 28-39-44 ) , 
-^'New Mobri' .(M-G)r Seems to be 
what they want and reuriioiv of 
Nelson Eddy and Jcariette Mac- 
Donald iapparently striking respon- 
sive chord. Glinibirig to $8,000. good. • 
Last week, 'Ghost Breaker' iPar), 
$9,000. big. -.: . 

Uptown (Par-Sinjger) (1,100; 28-39) 
'Fivorite Wife' (RKO) split with 
'My Son* (UA). First neighborhood 
showings fot good $2,200; Last week, 
•Edison Man' (M-G) split with 'Fa- 
vorite Wife' (9KO). $2,000. good. 
; World (ParrSinger-Steffes) (350; 
28-39-44-60 )— 'Biscuit Eater' . (Par ). 
Critics lavished praise on., th is One 
and customers like it, but the turn- 
stiles aren't clickirig. Headed fof 
light $1,000. Last week, 'Over Moon' 
(UA) : (2d wk ), $500 iri four days, 
light. - ■ 

Cook^s Honte 

. Continued from page 2. 

Reels' File Pix 

^Contiiiiied from .page 2. 

show business and out. His parties 
have ' been - . elaborate ; and :bf ten 
started at an open hearth, where he 
specialized in : barbecues. There are 
two places for : the thirsty in iadd i- 
tion to the barbecue spot. One, 
the main , house, is Kelly's; a nother. 
in what was formerly the bain. 
Shultz's. "Taking his guests from one 
place to the Other, accompanying the 
costume gags of his assistants, has 
been one of .Cook's delights. In 
Shultz's is one of the finest collection 
Of beer -mugs in exiistance^ the steins 
being in all sizes and totalling more 
than 500. •• ,;:_^-:- 
; The COok parties were unusual, 
too, in the fact ' that ■ he would .in v ite 
groups who were acquairited :with 
each other, or engaged iri the same 
line of endeavor, Sometimes they, 
would riews^>aper people; :-s;oirie-; 
times authors, also , radio. writers aiid 
exiBCUtives. :His collection of gadgets 
is vastand there is a sound-equipped 
picture theatre that seats all of 12. 

Before the 'Hollow' goes to other, 
hands. Cook plans a farewell, piirty, 
which he says will probably -, last for 
24 hours. ' • . ' 

the fight as a short, although ..a 
heated argument whether their 
cameraman waS; ■ ■ qualified union 
man almost stymied matteris. . 
■ Several of the news^eels have ad- 
vised key cities to check on. old 
state ' laws which may prohibit e'x- 
hibition of fight - films. ^ The f: feels 
have been , unable ; to ascer'Cain .defi- 
nitely on all states, but fear that 
^exhibitors niay' . fi n d old ' statu t^es rul- 
ing .out .-pri^.. ring, battles. 
• A-isO the reels plan making more 
elaborate preparations for coverage 
on future' fights, now. that the Fed- 
eral law :has; been wiped off the 
books. "They anticipate - somie diffi- 
culty from promoters of larger 
bouts because film rights always 
have provided extra gravy for: the 
fisticuff gen try.- 

Jack Dempsey, who receritly as- was Luttrell, who werit out in the; 
sumed the active management of his second rourid. 

Broadway cate, upon the closing of. 
the Eighth dVeriu jB.stablishme^ 
priming for a limited- return :to the 
bbxing ring,: He decided to go lour- 
ing after knocking out Cowboy Liit- 
.trell 'in ./^Atlanta . early .week. 
Former heavyweight champ.i^ train-: 
ing in the gyri\riasiurii daily and ha.? 
engaged ji handler : to travel: AVitlv 
him. '■ :■-' 

. Champ wants- to get hunk ^v.itl^ . 
some wrestlers who got fresh .with 
him when he referced cbritesl.<v -: \ 
which they appeared. : One of 'erii 

Wediie$diiy, July 10, |940 



San Francisco, July 9. , 

Diespite tariff ic . (ient caused by 
FoUi th of July buis'ness at the Fair, 
which left Markiet street virtually de^ 
seited the liQt afternoon sun, 
gVDsses held their own fairly well; 
Fox and Golden Gate eyeii doing a 
little better thisih: ariticipate.d, 

Roadshow engagement of 'All This, 
and Heaven Too' (WB) was 'disapr 
piiiiiting -at Warfleld, drawing no 
Jripie than is expected for ^cur^ent 
niijveover Week of ' .'New Mooh' 
(M-G). Reserved-seat run ■ of Ra- 
chel Field: opus lasted just one week; 
-. N<1 squawks from public: on ne.\* 
deiense tax. all houses using ^idd 
fl^Uies exeiept'. United Artists, which 
is charging ,35-40^50, ihcluding tax. 
Estimates for This We^^^ 

Tax (F'Vf'C) (5,00ff; 33-39^44)^ 
'Haidy Debutante' (M-G) and 'Fu- 
gitive Justice' (WB)f Looks like 
41^,000, excellent. Last week *New 
Moon- (MrG) and 'Gambling' (WB), 
better than anticipated sit $17,000, 

Golden Gate (RKO) (2,850; 39-44- 
55)^'Country Romance' (RKO) plus 
vaude; Kiddie revue* Willkie - in 'In- 
lorinatioh Please' and Baer-Galento . 
fight; pips: one-day personal, by Getie 
Raymond; boosting take to pjeasant: 
$15,000. Last week .'Pop Pays': 
(RKO ) and *erazy. Show,' better 
than expected at $13,000: 

Orpheum (F&M) (2,440: 33-39-44) 
:'Awrul : Truth' (Col) (reissue) . and 
'Girls Road' (Gol). * Figure about 
.$6,000,' fair. Last- Week . -Private Af- 
fairs' (U) and 'Can't GiVe Anything' 
(iJ), n.s;h. at $5.(500;. - . . 

JPi^ramouni (F-WC) (2,740; 33^39- 
44)— 'Safari' (Par) and 'Adventuress': 
(20th) (2^ wk.). Below expectations 
ia^t week at $13,000, with $9,000 
forecast curi-ently^v V, . 

St. Fraiicis CF-WiE)- (1.470: 33-39r 
44)— 'Ghost Breakers' /(Par) and" 
'Lutky- Cisco ^Kid' (20th) X^th- wkD. 
Staying fourth week for anticipated 
$^,000; sarhe as last Week. Bob Hope 
feature holding even pace. . • 

United Artists (Cohen) (1.200; 35- 
40-!50)-T-'Millibn B.C.' (tJA). ^nd 
'Saps Sea' ( UA) (3d wk, ). Considr 
erably below anticipations last week 
at $7.000. : but; 'remains, for third 
;stanza. with $5,500 in view. " Fifst 
week garnered $12,000. 

Warfleld (F-WC) (2,680; 33-39-44) 
-^'New IVIoon' (M-G> and ^Gambling 
Seas' ( WB); ^Moveover from Fox 
expected to - : annex : $lO,00O. ■ . Sahie 
ftjjure quoted lor last week'^s road-' 
:3hi>W of 'Heaven Too' (WB) at 55- 

.75-1:10.:. ; ■•■ 

Kansas City, July 9; 
First-rUn . 'apctor .now niiriibers 
•only five houses with shuttering of 
: th* Or ph eum. Hoi^se was open last 
. week with . i-oad showing Of. 'All This, 
and Heaven Too,' and started week 
with some assurance. . Biz dwindled 
and pictured moved oiit Ikst Tuesday 
(2) with; take considerably below 

; In the picture this week are New- 
Tnan. with 'Safari,' and Midland, with 
new Andy Hardy . releiise. Perpien^ 
tage of biz i.s about equal, but Loew 
house will top bh larger capacity. 
, M>mat«s for This Week • 
Esquire (Fox Midwest) (820; 10- 
28.44)— 'Gangs .Chicago' (Rep) and 
Baer^Galeiito flght pic. Boxing films 
aiding, here and carrying tb fair 
week at $3,200. ; Last week; 'Flight 
Angels' (WB). an unusual attraction 
in this Fox house, but had fair play 

at $3,000;. '-.^rv.'^ 

.: MldlandWLoew's) (4.101; 10-28.44) 
---'Andy Hardy Debutante" (M-G) 
^nd ^Saint. Over' (RKO); Gbmbo 
ntade ijo.<(!jible here by closing of Or- 
.*pheum, Which releases RKO product 
to opposition houses. Holding pace 
. of usual Hardy films. ' Big ■ $11.500: 
Xast Week. 'NeW Mooii' : (M-G ); 
;i>roke hbiise custoiTi .to play single 
feature and garnered one of the; sca- 
; "s best totals at $10,500. . 
V. NfeWman: ( Pa r^rnoiint (1.900; 10^28- 
44)^'Safari* (Par); .Nice $7;500; 
fou' week,; wound up 15 days for 
Ghost .Breakers' ^ (Par). . Second 
TVeek,; neaft $6,000. . . :' 

V|On»lieunni XRKb): (1,500; 55-75- 
51.10). House dark.- . Last week, 
:%aven Too' (WB). Closed alter 
week's .run at ihpreased .pricies. 
Opening days played to fair biz, but 
dwindled sharply and moved ~ out 
after $7,000. far beloW expectations. 
House likely to remain dark till iall. 
^ Tower (Joffee) (2.110; 10-30 )-^'Sap.a 

.i>ea (UA)>, with vaude and beauty 

; contest on stage. A'Vjerage $6.400.. 
Last- week. 'Girl . 313' (20th) and 
vaude headed by Evielyri Bient, iiv 

: same -groove. $6,500. 

-^^Ubtowh (Fox Midwest) (2,043; 10- 
f^"**)— Anne Poplars' (RKO ). Splits 
toe usual day and date arrangement 
with Esquire tenip6rarily; Slovv go- 
ing,. $2.700. Last week, 'Flight Ah^ 
gftls' (WB). fair $3:000. 

Key Gly Grosses 

Estimated Total Gross . 

vThfi* Week; ..,..';|l,43!d,20«. 

• ( Bttised .on 25 cities, 166 thca-.: 
tres, chie/iy first runs, including. 

:n. y..).[ ; ■:;.3;- , 

:l'otar Grosis S»me Week 
■ . Last Yea;r ■.V./:.|i,il24,6bb 
(Based on 24 cities,;i5tt theatres) 

Washington, July .9. 
Steady . rain for. nearly three: days 
sent: librde',ot;E'ourth. of July visitors 
scurrying ibto the; theatres, shoving 
nearly alt laist vveek's' grosses over 
ejtihvates. Old Sol returned to glory 
over the weekend, though; and this 
stanza Wbh't; be -anything to :re-: 
•rnembet^^■■-' ' '• 

, Only: two : hew films are oh; tap, 
and ' they :'re • kieepirig the tvvo vaude 
spots neckband-neck, with no\;help; 
froin ; the . footlights. . At the Earle, 
WB , spot, it's 'Untamed,': and at 
Loew's Capitol it's 'Safari.'. Palace is 
holding. 'New Moon' second week 
sind still, dbing bkay, despite unnfierr 
ciful socks froni critics. 
. World .premiere of ;,'Rampart3 We 
Watch,' postponed ; twice by Keith'is, 
is' noW .skedded . for, July 23. ; 

: Estitnates for This Week ; 

'Capitol (Loew). (3,434; 28-39^44-66) 
—'Safari' ( Par ) and vaude. . - Ade- 
quate .$15,000. • Last week; 'Susan- 
(M-G ) aiid Sbeila Barrett, big $23,- 
000:' ■ ■ . -x- '. ' ; .■ 

Columbia (LoeWr: (1,234; 28-44)-4 
'Mortal Storm'. . .(M-G) (2d run). 
Back doWntown after .two oke weeks 
ait Palace and will hit averiage $4,500. 
Last week, ^Edison Man' (M-G) ;(2d 
ruh), good $.5,00bi 

, Earie ( WB) (2,216; 28-39-44-66)— 
'Untamed' (Par) and vatide. . Oke 
$15,000; . Last : week. 'Man Tilked 
Much' . CWB) ahd\vaude, light $12,- 
eoo.:-;. ^- ■■. -^i;..--..: 

Keith's (RKO) (1;830; 39-55)— 'Fs- 
vorite' Wife* (RKO) :(4th wk). 
Shoii Id see tirofi tab le $6,000, Last 
week, good $8,500. 

Met (WB). (1,600: 28-44)— 'Ghost 
.Brekkens'. (Par) (2d run). Back on 
rriaihstem; after; nice week at Earle 
arid will earn nice $8,500 f Or 10 days. 
Last i»??k, 'Brother Orchid' (WB) 
(2d run), passable $4,000: . . 

Palace (Loew,) (2,242; 39-55)— 'New 
Moon' (M^G) (2d • Wk); ; • Critics 
Walloped, it. but holdover should see 
solid $10,600. Last week; strong: $18,- 

■000.;- .. ~ ■ ■ :. • 

Best in lienTer. $11,300 

Denver, July 9; . 
'T.Wenty>Mule .Team' ; and 'Anne of 
Windy/Poplars' are easily doing the 
beist biz in toWnt With nibst of thie feeling the long Weekend 

EstimaleV. for This We?k 

Aladdin (Pox ) (1,400; 25-40)— 'Lost- 
Horizon' (Gol) and 'Awful Truth' 
(Col). . Good $4;600. Last week,. 
'Doptor, Takes Wife'; (Col), after a 
week at the Denver, only, fair at 
.$3.000..- ■ 

Broadway (Fox) (1,040; 25-35-40 )— 
'NeW Mobn' (M-G) arid; ;'Florian' 
(M-G); After a week at the dr- 
pheum, doing good $3,000. \ Last 
week, 'Mortal Storm' (M-G) and 
'Can't Fool Wi.fc' (M-Ci), ; after a 
week at the Orpheum, fair $2,000.; .- 
: Denham. (Cockrill) (i;750; 25-35- 
.40)— 'Safari' • (Par). . -Nice $6J500. 
Last Week. 'Ghost ; Breakers' (Par ), 
Okay at $6,000 ' it,s .second vveek. 

Denver (Fox) (2.525; 2!>-.35-40)— 
'Brother. Orch id' ( WB) and 'Biscuit . 
Eater' (Par). Fair $8,000. Last Week, 
'Four Son.s" (20f.h) and 'Sandy Lady' 
(U). .so-so $7,500. .. 

Orpheum (RKO) (2.600; .25-35-40) 
—'20,-Mule Team' . (M-G ) • arid 'Anne 
of Windy Poplars' (RKO), line: $11<- 
300. Last week. 'New Moon' (M-G) 
and 'Floriau', (M-G), nice $11,300. 

Paramount (Fox) (2.200; .25-40 >— 
'Sailor's Lady' ■(20th) and 'Murder In 
Ait-': (WB ); Fair ■$.'?,500:. . Last Week, 
'Turnabout' (UA) and 'Wagons Westr 
ward' (Rep), fair S3.500. 

Rialto (Fox) (Wis; 25-40)— 'Doctor 
Takes Wife' . (Col), after a week at 
each the Deliver and Aladdin, and 
'Men. Without Souls' (Col). Good 
$2.000., Last week, .'Torrid Zone' 
(WB); after a week at each the Den- 
ver and Aladdin, and 'Fugitive from 
Justice! (WB), were fair aV $1,750. 

'Ghost* Getting: Bangup 
$4,100 to Lead Lincoln 

. Lincoln, Neb., July 9. 

'Ghost Breakers' : had the . only 
holiday (4) opening, and result was a 
spanking good start at the Stuart 
to assume the lead: for the week. It 
vj/WX probably come in with $4.;i00. 
even though vying With 'New Moon' 
in the same price class. 

Autry is the action kingpin of the 
Week, He's in 'Gaucho Serenade' 
at. the Colonial, arid his bid serial,; 
'Phanto.hri. . Empire,' is being redone 
on the same screen. . 

; Estiniates for This ;Week 

; Colonial (Monroe - Noble - Federer 
(750; 10-15)—' G a u oho Serenade' 
(Rep) arid 'Sabotage' (WB), split 
With 'Prairie. Law (RKO) • and 
'Woman Love' (RKO).; Good $900. 
Last week, 'Code Cactus' Vic) arid 
'Secret Four' . (Film Alliarice). split 
with. 'Cohvictied Woman' (Col) arid 
'Texas Stagecoach' (CoD, light $7010. 

L i li c oi 1 li ■ (Paramoun t- Cooper ) 
(1..503; 10-25-35-40)— *Ne w Moon' 
(M-G). Good $3,800. Last week, 
'Favorite Wife'; (RKO), stayed nine; 
days for first h. of more than 
month and got sWell $5,200. 

N eb r a s k a (Paramount-Cooper) 
(1,236; 10-20-25)— 'Florian' (M-G)— 
and 'Trouble Shooter' (WB).: Slim 
$1,600. Last week, 'Lucky Cisco' 
(20th) and 'On Own' ;.(20th), very 
nice $2,600 in six; days, 

S tu a r t (Paramount -■ Cooper) 
(1,884; 10-25-40)— 'Ghost • Breakers' 
..(Par); Started (4) with a bang, arid 
will -have ho trouble .getting $4,100, 
very good. Last week; .'Four .Sons' 
(20th), stayed biit four days, brbdied 
to $1,700. ;-. :- ■ 

I Varsity (Noble-Federer) (1,017; 10- 
20-25)— 'Wagons Westward' (Rep) 
and 'Out West Peppers' (Col). Fair 
$2,400. Last week, 'Curtain Call' 
(RKO) and 'Reno' (RKO), poor, 
$1,600. '■ . . •■ ■. 

Cleveland, July 9. 

By snapping on its footlights again, 
with' Red ; Skelton; and Hattie Mc- 
Dariifel stage-rieedlihg 'Private Af- 
fairs','; Palace is stepping up into good 
coin. Returns nothing, like those 
made by Bob. Hope's p.a; three weeks 
ago, but still Way over anything else 
in town. " : -■. - 

'New Moon' is giving State its 
first big h;0. sirice -Rebecda,' arid hot 
enough for a shiftover to Stillman. 
'Torn Brown's School Days' is doing 
kindergarten biz at Hipp.. 

Estimates, for This Week 

. Allen (RKO) (3.0()0: 30-35-42-55)— 
'Flight Angels' (WB). Nice $3..500. 
Last, wee'k, 'Brother. Orchid' (WB). 
on second shot, ran up to: good 

Alhambra (Printz) (1.200; 10-20-33) 
—'Hot Steel' (U) and -Isle Doomed 
Men' (Col) (2d run). Fair $.1,800, if 
it lasts; Last week, 'LaConga Nights' 
(U) and 'Dark Command' (Rep) (2d 
run), $2,400; fine. \ . 

Circle (Marmorstein) (1,900; 15- 
35)— 'Girls Broadway' (M-G ). ; Go- 
ing back to singles for an experi- 
ment and around $2,800 will be okay. 
Last week, 'Midnight' (Par) and 'St. 
Louis Blues' (Par) (reissues), nabbed 
around $2,100, so-so.. 

Hipp (Warner) (3.700: 30-35-42-55) 
—'Tom ;;Brown'; (RKO), J[«Tameless 
.feature being cooked by heat, $8,000, 
below average. Last week, 'Four 
Sons' (20th), satisfactory $10J500; 

Palace (RKO) (3,200: 30-35-41-55- 
60 )— 'Private Affairs' (U) and vaude, 
headlining Red Skeltori and Hattie 
McDaniel. Opened Fourth of July; 
For eight days, $15,500 looks prob- 
able and . not * bad. Last. week. 
'Aririe Poplars' . (RKO). was one of 
those things best forgotten, ;poor 
$3,000 in six days.- . 

State, (Loew's) (3.450; . 30-35-42-55) 
-^'New Moon' (M-G) (2d ■ wk ). 
Punchy musical responsible, for ex- 
cellent $10,000 on h.o. ; Last week, 
great $16,500. . .; 

Stillman (Loew's) (1.972: 30-35-42-: 
55 )-T-'G host . ; Breakers* , ( Par ) ,(3d 
wk). Good third week, $.1,500. after 
collecting an extra;' sweet $6,000. last 
weeki - 

Broadway Grosses 

Estimated Total Gross 
This Week. . . . ; $279,800 

(Based oii W theatres) 
Total' Grb^sls Same Week 
■ ; -Last ■ Year . . . . . $2.')9,700 

if Based on 11 theatres ) 

. ';,; ..'; ■ ■■■ Detroit, July 9, 
Fox currently has ;(iab Gollowaiy's 
-band,; Which; earlier, in the season 
Was in at the Colonial, near down- 
town : stronghold of valideville 
through the winter, and biz is okay; 

Grosses continue healthy, ; consid- 
ering the •- season and the falling off 
of Canadian trade through the" new 
rigid border laws; ^ - 

Estimates for This Week . 
Adams (Balabari ) ( 1,700; 30-40)^; 
'Lost liorizori' (Col) and 'Awful 
Truth' (RKO) (.revivals), : Bolstered 
with Galento-Baer. fight filrii, but; ex- 
pectations aren't above fair . $4,500. 
Last Week, 'Gangs Chicago' (Rep) 
and 'Wagons Westward' (Rep), poor 
$4,000. . . ' ;:;;- ■:: - . .:;• 

. Fox (Fox-Michigan) (5,000; 30-40- 
55)— 'Sailor's Lady' (20th) and Cab 
Calloway- band; . Headed for good 
$24,000. Last Week, 'Earthbound' 
(20th) and Sariiriiy Kaye orch, $23,- ; 

000. .■■ -.•■;^-.-..-. ..:.;.: ;■ ■■■: 

Michigan (United Detroit) (4,000; 
30-40-55)— 'Andy Hardy Debutants' 
(M-G) and . 'Capt. Lady' . (M-G). 
Looking for healthy $14,500; in eight 
days. Last week, 'Susan' (MrG) arid 
'Phantom Raider- (M-G), good $13,- 

500. ■ ;;:■. 

. Palms State (United Detroit) (3.- 
000; 30-40-55)— 'Mortal Storm" (M-G) 
and 'SuSan' (M-G)~;; Pair a corii- 
bination of last week's toppers at 
Michigan and United Arti;sts and in- 
dicate^ ok. $8,500 for eight days; 
Last week, 'Favorite Wife' (RKO) 
(2d run) and 'Biscuit Eater' (Par), 
good $9,000. . 

United Artists (United Detroit) 
(2.000; 30-:40-55)— 'New Moon' (M-G) 
and 'Divorcement' (RKO). On way 
to big $12,000 arid probable hold- 
over. Last week;. 'Mortal Storm' 
(M-G) and 'Opened Mistake' (Par) 
(2d wk.), good $7,000 on top. of first 
week's $11,000; 

'Stonn' Okay $7,000; 
Mont'i Outlook N.G. 

Beach com her 

; Continued f roni :i»ase 3. 

located : ' the; continent :. from 
each other, and had different 
to.nners.- On the food question the Were in in. Chinese rts- 
t a u rants be fore e ither ; the; pla in tiff 
or :. deferidant ;:iarrie ; into existence; 
and, on : the charge of .enticing em- 
pioyees from the plaintiff, : affidavits 
of the defendant showed some had 
been discharged, and .some had left 
the pla intiff's. cmplby before the de- 
fendant" was ; incorporated. : ' ;-. 

Lastly, the judge reriiarked. an in- 
junction Would render irreparable 
damage:; to the ; defendant, forcing 

Montreal, July 9; 

'Mortal Slbrrn,' at fjoew's, is lead- 
ing, with . 'Ghost Breakers' as fair 
second at Palace.- Bialance poor. '. 
, Outlook, in view of fine weather, 
holidays and heavy slump in U. S. 
tourist biz, is not encouraging. 
Estimates for This Week 

Palace (CT) (2,700; 25-40-55 1^ 
'Ghost iBreakers' (Par). Pointing to 
fair $5,500; week, 'Four Son^j' 
(20th ), 30-30. $5,000; : • 

Capitol (CT) (2,700: 25-40-55)— 
'Engli.shman's Home' ( Col ) and 'Sec- 
ond Honeymoon' (20th). Not sO hot 
at $3,500. . Laist week, "21 Days' (Col) 
ani .'Blondie Budget' . (Col), Weak 

$3,200; •'• '-"['r-J 

Loew's (CT V ' (2,800; 30-40-60 )— 
'Mortal Stonn' (M-G). , Pacing f6r 
good $7,000. Last week,- ; 'Susan'. 
(M-Ci). (2d wk). faded to poor .$3,000. 

Princess -(CT ) (2.30O; 2.')-.1'4r50 )— . 
'Dr:- Kildare' (M-G) and 'Phantom 
Raiders'; • (M-G). • / Best . hope is 
nnediocre $2..^00. ; Cast week. 'Adven- 
turess' ; (20th) and 'Shootin' High' 
(20th); poor $2,200. 

Orpheum (Ind) ( 1.100;. 2.')-40-i)0)— 
'M il lion B;C.' ( UA) (?,d ' wk ). Likely 
$1,500, good enough, after good 
$2,500 last week. : ; : ■ .-- .. ■ 
: Cineriia; de Paris (Frahc'e-.Fiim) 
((500; 25-.'^(j)^'Paradis Perdu' .:.(2d 
wk). Fair $1,000, after good $1,400 
la.s't week. '-- - 

St. Denis (Frarice-Fi I m ) ;(2;30.O; 2,5- 

■ Los Angeles, July 9. 
(Best Exploitation: State) . 

Most of ' the first-^i'uns: are fpiling 
up; substantial profits ciirrentlyi ; de- 
spite out-of-town exodus occasioned 
by the July Fourth holiday and ris- 
ing temperatures. "Fox-West Coast 
acers- are extendiitg their week to 
nine days arid will give -Andy Hardy 
Meets Diebutante' . close to around 
$32,300 on engagement: ■ Paramount, 
RKO and Pantages are; holding over,; 
with 'Gone' winding up two weelcs 
repeat at United Artists (10). to okay 
returns. ;■;. \ ■ ' '. 

Long ; run; attracfttoh.s are rapidly; 
petering out. They include 'All This, . 
and Heaven Too,' at Carthay,- and 
'Our Town,' at Four .Star, Wilshire, 
on; .moveover,- ' doing - okay with 
'New Moon.' 

Because of length of title, 'And.y 
Hardy Meets /Debutante,' Fox-West 
Coast: introduced entirely new .type 
of ri,ewspaper advertising, specializ-- 
irig bn spreads in all papers. In ad - 
. ditiori. exploitation departrrierit un- 
der George Wallers werit heavily 
for grocery aiid market tieups, se- 
curing over 200 rriarket Windows, 22 J 
jewelry stores, pet shops; etc. Gang 
also sent out 10;00() postcards to 
feriime graduates, iri; the Los Angeles 
sector, these reading: 'Are you the 
girl Andy Hardy; is looking for '^'- ; 
Estimates for This Week 

Carthay Circle (F-WC) (L518; 8.1- 
$l:10-$1.65)— 'Heaven Too' (WB) (4th 
wk). Sliding rapidly and may come 
off within couple of Weeks. ' Current 
stanza, aided by good start on holi-v 
day, may hit $5,500. Last week, dis- . 
.appointing $5,700; ■ 
. Chinese (Grauman-F-WC) (2.024; 
.30-40-55-75) — 'Andy Hardy Debur 
tante' (M-^G) and 'Lucky Cisco Kid" 
(20th), dual. Good start and heavy 
holiday trade piling up excellent 
$14,000 in • nine days.. week, 
•New; Moon' (M-G) and •Phantom. 
Raiders' (M^G). very good $11,900. 
.: Downtown (WB) (1,800; 30-40-55- 
65)— 'Man Talked Much' (WB) and 
'Pop Pays' (RKO). Nothing, startlirig 
and will wind up with weak $5,200. 
Last week, 'Brother Orchid' (WB) 
and 'Sandy Lady' (U). sixrday sec- 
ond week, okay $4,500. 

Four Star (UAr F-WC) (900; 30^0- 
55)— ^Our:Town' (.UA) (3d wk). Hit- 
ting the sikids and makes way (17): 
for •Mortal Storrri.'.; Ciirrerit stanz! 
looks like poor $2,600, a f ter weak 
$3,100 on second. . - 

Hawaii (G&S)' (l.lOO; .'i0r40-.5i>-75> 
—'Lost Horizon' (Col) (3d wk) and 
'Take Romance' (Cbl >. ' Reissue will, 
add another good $2,500: currently, 
after Ayinding ;uo second week with' 
very good $3,100. ■ 

Hollvwbod WB) (2;75r,- .30-40-.'"«'^ v_ 
'.Man;Talked Much' (WB) arid 'Pop 
Pays' (RKO). Looks like only $5,000, 
■ribor. Last Week (six-day holdover), 
'Brother Orchid' (WB) and 'Sandy 
Lady' (U), fair .$4,000. - 

Pantages (Pan) (2.812: .30-40-.')!>)-^ 
'Favorite Wife' (RKO) (2d wk) and. 
'Beyond Tomorrow' ( RKO ) (2d Wk). 
Second week: headin-* for good $8,500. 
Holds third week. First stanza piled 
up big $16,409. 

Paramount (Par) (3:595; 30-40-55- 
75)— 'Ghost Breakers'; (Par) (2d wk) 
and stage .show. Looks like orofit- 
able $14,500 oh holdover. , Skinny 
Ennis orch replaced Mattv Malrieek 
combo for second stanza. First. .sOvcn 
davs WQurid no. with big .^1 9:000. 

RKO (RKO) (2.872 : .30-40-55-) : — 
'Favorite Wife' (RKO) (2d wk) and 
'Beyond Tomorrow' (RKO). Should 
hit excellent .$8,000: on .secorid week/ 
and hold;?. First brought bi? $.15 50(). 

Slate (Loew-F-WC) (2.414; .'50-40 • 
;5.5-75)— 'Hardv DebOante' (MrG) .->nd 
,'Cisro Kid' .(20th ). dual Catting fine 
.'^18..'{00 in nine days; L3st week, 
' New : Moon' ( M-G ) a nd : 'Pha ntom 
Raiders' (M^G); yei-v tfori.f1 ?il4,!lOO..' 

United Artists (UA-K-WC) (2.100; 
83-$1.10-'l!l.(55)--^'Gone'; (.M-G) ;(>^cpeat. ; 
run). ; Secorid-flrial siariza;:.^With an 
extra -. da.y Ioolc.">- like ' ^veryr- good 
^"110 600, First week, disappointing v 
$7,300. .■ ■;: •■■■-■•■ ■: ■ ■ -.,:: ■-..;; 
; Wilshire (F-WC) (2,29(5: . 30-40-55 > . 
—'Ne W Mbnn' (M-G ) a rid . 'R^lriers' ; 
'(M-G), Looks ; like- riirrt $7..300 on 
nirie' daiys. Last week;;'E'>rthh'^urid' 
(20th) and ?Four Sons' (20th), $2,000, 

poor. ...V ' ; ■- - . 


.Continued frDiii pj^ge 

in recently acquired Nazi-cdntt'.oHed 
ter r 1 tory w i 11 be taken p rp bab ly wi U 
develop in the next fe\y days. ; ; 
Another censoriail wrinkle, result- 

34)--'3 Mousquetaires' ;ana ^Milady' i '"^^^ 

(r.evivaJ ). About $3,200. n.H,. Last I veloped this week when a nutnber ot ; 

South ' Aniericati : repubiic.s- WBrtt 

avowedly ..• opposing 9,\ I production.** 
hayirtg a pro ;yr.con -bias on the. pres- 
ent conflict. A coupla of Latin- 
Ariierican nations turned, down' 'The 
.<ih6u:ld; :lhe plaintiff' : prevail at the. • Lion . -Has \yirigs.': thay felt 

it Was too pro-^British, Fpr the sam ; 
reason, they, promise further .re jec-' 
tioris' o.n anti-tSFazi films, all based 
on the neutrality angle. 

week, ;'.E,sp6ir' aiiid; ^Yaise Ete'rnelle;' 
fair $4,100 

the ' closing of .it.v busfrie.^s, and 

trial," it can then ;.secu re damages. 
: Plaintiff entered busines,^ in Holly- 
wood in 19.34;. defendant established 
its bu'siness in,' 1939. .- 



We^Incsday, July 10, 1^40 


Hqllywood, July 9. 

' Wntrifr ProB, rtlenst of Mkik HelllnKer 
|)nuUiotlun. Slars Oeorge nnfl, -Afih Sherl- 

.'«lHnV. l«Ja Luplnvi , Humphrey : BoKnrt;'. fea- 
tures *'*•/>*, A Um Hftlc, I^OKC*ie Karns, 

. John ' l-liel. . Ulieolea by : ilaoiil Walsh. 
Screenplay by Jerry WnIO . und Bltibard 
Maciiulay. b«se<l on novel by A; I., Bez- 
Kcrldee; oarner'h, Ai'tbur Edenon; editor 

Thomas. RIohtii'dB. rievl*\v«rt at WB Hol- 
lywood July . It, - '-lO. ,BunnlnK Uhie,-^»3 

Joe Fabilnl. ...... , 

Caijsle' Hartley:, ... . 

r^anti Oarlspii. . . ... 

Paul. r«brlril. .....<. 

I'ean Knlirlnl.,. .v. 
Kd C'rtrlsen. . . ; , . 
I.rlsir McGurn, ,. .'. .. 
. JH ajf I'y': JJcNa ri\ . . 
Geop'ge Roodolof '. . . 

...... Georse Raft 

Ann Shei-l«liin: 

.. . . ... .Ida r.uiilhp 

; H.urriphrsy JJbgart 
. ;....<jRle Pajre 

. . . . . Alan . Hale, 

Ituscde Ktii'ns 
. . , . . . ..lohn I^llel 

, ." . .' ,«j;eoi-$,e Tobias 

JFast ' moving and aciionfui melo- 
drama of " long-haul trucking biz. 
'They ..i)rjy^^^^ en* 

'. ter^inment content, Will, i garnier; 

. profitable returns in key , and subse- 
qiient' runs.. Strong marquee yalues 
In Rait, Ann Sheridan; Ida Liipiho 
and Humphrey Bdgert' clrich it for 
fiumiiier bciokingSi 
. Story, bflf the; beaten trficki divides 
into iwo sections, but .With a neait 
dovetail to weld 5 it togethiEr; First 
half: is. adventure of Raft- arid B6-: 

: gart as . brothief s operating -free- 
lance . high-way truck,, culminating 
with an asleep-at-the-wheel: wreck 
in wliich Bogdrt., loses an arm and 

^his. Gesire for further highway, gdr 
vehtiires. Second half is. deyo tied to 
the triangle melodrflima, with Raft 
bri.. the receiving end of piefsisterit 
dnibrbus advances of the - married ; 
Mi^s. Lupino. . Ldltefc is ■ a . :witcliy 
wiench wh^p: murdbris her husband . 

■ arid gives Raft a half-iritejrest in the 
large trucking .; .bviisiness in '. an "at- . 
tempt to Win him. . That failing, and 
with Raft maryirtg ; Ann;. Sheridan, 
Lypinb accuses him of cbhiplicity in. 
husband's murder. ; - Strain: drives her 
inane;, ■clearing Raift .for., fadebut 
clinch ;with' Sheridan.: ■ 
Under; prbductiort guidance of 

. Mairk Hblliiiger, Rabul Walsh pro- 
vides deft direction that: accentuates 
dramatic mbmbnts arid, msiintains a 
^ippo tehipb throughou'fc Script, by 
Wald and; Macaulay is dbcidedly 
workmanlike with riumerous snappy, 
and dt times spibily dbuble-entendre 
lines iritcrwbven. .: 
. .Raft holds , the spotlight as the 
vigbrous and determined, trucking, 
indie battling agaihist adversities to^ 
consunimate, a dream Of owning his 
own fleet; He turns, in a topnotch 
performapce.. ' Equal iri importance 
is .Miss .Liijpino who tui'ns on . her 
dramai)c :taient6 for an exceptional- 
ly outstanding portrayal, unsympa- 
thetic thbugh it is. Bogairt is . ex- 
cellerit as the hard-wprking driyer 
and. Raft's br.other« providing studib 
with .angle he .can easily graduate 
from gangster, .and heavy , assign* 
ments. Misis. Sheridan is.bkay, mairii 
ly for love iriterestj pvcrshadoweid 
by thC: stellar . performaricei of Miss 
.Lupino. . Kariis and Hale click along 
the route with comedy lines aind 
situatioiis.-,: ^ ; ■ Wolt 

Pr id^ and Prejudice 

- Metro-GbUl\vyn-^irayer releape of : Hunt 
Ktroitiber^, protluctlpD.' .. Stflrs 'Grefr Garsiin 
.end' .Laurence Olivier. Directed by Bobert 
5i.- Leonard.; From hovel by Jane Aiisten; 
di-amatl^llon liv.Helen jerome; 'coreetiplny 
by.-AIdous Hvixl^y ■ iihd Jane Mnrfin;' ram-: 
ei'iT.' :Karl'. Freund Kco.rev Herbert .Stothn.rt 
editor, Koherl j; Kern. Freviewcd In Fro 
Jrctlon Room. Ni Y. ,■ Jiiiy H; ■ '40. Auhntng 
time, 117 :miKK. ...... 

Elizabeth Bennet..i 

Mr. Da.rcy . . . . . . . J. . 

Mrs. Bennet. . .: . . 

IjOdy. de Dom-Kh. . ; . 

Jane.'B'p.nnet.. . . .... 

Lydl^' Beiinetv. . . . . , 
. Miss BirifTley , -. 

Mr. Bennet,..,...;.. 

Mrs.. Collins. 

KItt.v Dcnhpl. . . 

Mary Bennf t . ....... 

Mr. ninBley. . 

Mr, Wlnkhiim 

Mr, rolllns.. 

Mr. Denny......... 

Sir .WmitinvLUfHs.. 

Mir. Phllllpsv. 
• I^ady Luc«H. , .-.;. . . . 

... . . . .■ iGreer Garsdn' 

, .. , . Laurence Olivier 
...... ;Mary .. Bolahd 

. .; . ISdna May Oliver 
.^Maureen Q' Sullivan 
. .-. .Ann Ruiherfonl 
. . . . . Frieda. Ine^cort 

. . ; . Eclmtihd Gwenn 
. .... Karen . Morley 

. . . .•..^.-.lleather An^el 

. ; ^Marsha. Hunt 
. .Bruce Lester 
. :. . . K*! ward Ashley 
.../.Melville Cooper 
......Marten Laniont 

E. E. Olive 

. . ; ....... .May Bentty 

... .Murjbrle. Wood 

geous gii'l. In conseqiuencc, the film 
is something less than satisfactbry 
entertainment, despite, set- 
tings, costume.*!, and an acting en- 
semble of unique talent It is also 
much too long and Avbiild profit from 
some vigorous pruning. 

Olivier iappears very unhappy m 
the role of Darcy, rich young bache-? 
lor* who ii? first spurned, and then 
forgiveh for his boorishriess, conceit 
and bad manners, 

Ther6 are some good performances. 
Mary Boland is a fluttering, clucking 
mother of a brobd of young women 
whose a im is matrimiohy, Edna May 
Oliver, as the domiriantLady Cathe- 
rine, conibs on the scene, late in the 
story: ■ and . makes ; for spme much 
needed merriment. .Melyillb Cooper 
does a good comedy bit and the' Ben- 
net sistersj as played by, . Maure^'^ 
G'SulIivan/ Ann Rutherfol-d,. Mar.sha 
Hunt ; arid Heather Artgel, prpvide:; 
charm arid: pulchritiide. - 

In the telling of the .fetory, wi.tli its 
riiinfierous lesser plots and complica- 
tions, Robert Zv Leonard . has found 
it's necessary, in thie direction to flll 
his- screbn with many characters, arid 
the romance betweeri Miss Garspn 
arid Olivier Ibses force arid clarity; ;. 
: But for audiences that are clamor-: 
irig fdr films ::far removed: from, pres- 
ent-day- conflicts and problems; 
'Pride andi Prejudice' fits perfectly 
into the formula. It is about people 
andi;life of an England Of which only 
rhembriei remain; . Flin. 


•.AViifner . Bros; :r(I?nKe'- of 'First; National 
produiflon. Featnres Konald Ueagan, Eddie 
Fby, jr.. ■J.'imes-.SteiinenKi) ,-. l.ya .L^'s, .lohn 
LItel. Dlieoted liy iLewi. ;S.«llci\ OilKlhul 
Boreenplay. ■ by . •Bftifnonil .'^chroi'kt .' editor,'; 
Frank Magfee; d'lalOB dlrectorr JIarry Sey- 
mour; rnniera," Ted McCord; ■ :At Val,Tce._ 
N.; Y.. : week .luly V, '40, aled. ' R'unplnt' 
tlmc, ,»IV MIJVS." 

Br.'i«!<t. Bancroft '. ; . .'...".v.. . .' .TtohalO ReaKan 

Snxhy . <:■:■: . . .-. '. . > . . . . . John I.itel 

MlKlH Ulker. ::.'. . . . .-; . ... . < , i : ; . ; .Lya.;i<ys 

.Toe '.Grvoy'.v.... .' . . . . . Jiiine.s Stoi'hensoli . 

(i.nbby ■WXters; .,; . . i-.^ . . . . . .Rddle Foy.: Jr. 

Doctor FlnchUy ... . . ..Robert AVorwIclc 

Riimford. . . . , .. ;,.-.:. .'. . ...Victor ZIrnmermnn. 

Admiral, AVInfleld. .V. . ... .:..vv.\Vllllrtm C.biild 

Comm.inflpf AViiyne.-. > .'; . .KArifieth Havlan 
Hollcl <:'lc'ri< . . , . : .. . ; . -FriinU, AVIIcnx 

np'orpte , Hayd«n. ... . .'; .... i »;Ovi:»>n Klnpr 

.lohn kr inicr. ..... . . . . ;• . . . .Dlclc ..Rich 

Ctttn. . . ; . , .'. .... . ... ... .("bill les RroUalw; 

Dolly, . ... v. . .-. . .ileleh' t,ynd 

Miniature Reviews 

^ ^irhey Drive By Night' (WB). 
Melodrama starring George Raft, 
,' Arin Sheridan, Ida Lupino and 
Humphrey Bogart.. ' Okay' b.p. 

'Pride and Prejui:;ce' (M-G). 
Greer Garson and lUiurerice Oli- 
: vier co-starred in.clas.sic novel of 
bld-tinie Eriglish society. 

•Murder In the Air' (VVB). Ron- 
ald Reagan jputting FBI finger 
foreign spy ring.. iWild dualcr. 

•Out West With the Peppers* ' 
(Col). Third of the series. Thij 
^ -^bst infe^ibr of; the jot 

•Spbrtlnr 0lol)d^ (M-G )/ Fa- 
miliar racehorse . formula - prp- 
' vides -■ moderatb. ;eri^rtairiment, • 
, fbr/ program; ,suppbH. 

: ^Scatterbfaiu' (Rep). ^ Judy 
: Carioya :iii- light programniier 
for family, and rural audieri 
. Fuffltlve • from \ Justice' ; ■ 

{. (WB)... Fast-moving ■killer-thrillr 
. br . rating high among the ;B' fpd- 
dbr; ■ ■': ' 
'The Retiiirn of Wl id Bill' 
■ (Cbl). Chb'ap western starring 
Bill, Eliibit Strictly for the kids.' ■ 
•One Man's Law' iRep), Ordi- 
: nary : western; vpatterncd;^ 
familiar; lines, - with Don ;('R^ 
' Barry as star. 

'Stagecoach War' (Par). Wbak- 
ie in the '.Hop.a long' ,Cassidy . 
• 'ries. ■■: ■■ - 

X •GisUght' (Anglo^^mer;). Brit- 
' . Ish-mfadb adaptatibn. ^if stage hit, 
: and clickb. ■ Stars ; Diana . Wyri- 
:yard, Antpn Walbrobk. , \ 
;■ • 'The Case of the . Frighte